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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Chase - Chases Big Brother Adam

Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2010 11:06:32 -0500
From: Dan B <>
Subject: Chase's Big Brother Adam

I was pretty wiped out after my morning sex with Colt and Chase. My
parents came back from shopping just after the two cuties left our camper
and I went down to the shower house and cleaned up. That evening the two
families had a cookout at the campground recreation area.

Chase, Colt and Adam were there looking good as usual. We all ate and had
a nice time talking and laughing. After a while the three boys and I went
to the Game Room and played pool and ping pong for a while. It was getting
late and Adam came up to me and said, "Colt and Chase are tired and are
going to bed. You must have worked them pretty hard this morning."

I grinned. "They almost killed me. That Chase is a sex maniac."

Adam laughed. "That kid is hard all the time."

Then he stepped close and lowered his voice. "I'd like to spend some time
with you alone," he said.

My heart skipped a beat. "I'd like that too, what did you have in mind?"

"I told Chase and Colt it was my turn with you and they agreed. Let's take
a swim and then have a sauna."

My cock twitched. I could see Adam and me naked in the sauna making love.
"Sounds like a good idea to me," I said grinning.

We packed up all our cookout stuff and the two families walked back to our
campers. "We're going to bed," Chase announced. Then he winked at me and

"Arby and I are going to take a late swim," Adam said. "Anyone else want
to go along?"

"I'm going to bed too," Colt said with a half smile. No one else wanted to
swim, thank God.

Adam and I got our swimming trunks and headed down to the indoor pool.
Actually it was an outdoor pool with a big screened building built around
it. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to enjoy yourself with all the
mosquitoes. At one end it was built into a sauna too. That was where we
planned on ending up.

We got to the pool and went to the changing room. Adam stripped off his
clothes and I stood there drinking in his beauty. Holy shit he was a
looker. His dark hair framed his gorgeous face and he had a few hairs
around each of his nipples. Under his arms were big patches of dark silky
hair that stuck out from his armpits. From his belly button down there was
a nice dark trail ending in a thick bush of dark brown pubic hair. I
didn't think I'd ever seen his cock soft and I loved the look of it. He
was circumcised and his cock hung down between his legs and looked like it
was about 5 inches soft. His big balls hung behind it and the head was
slightly twisted to the left. I knew why because I'd seen him jack off and
knew he used his right hand. His thighs were strong and pretty much
hairless but his lower legs were covered with a nice covering of dark hair.
His feet were very pretty, with nice even toes and trimmed nails.

"Are you going to change or just stand there and perv me," he asked.

"Sorry, you're so damn beautiful I was just caught in the moment."

Adam smiled. "Get undressed Arby. I want to see your beauty too."

I began to undress and Adam smiled as I pulled my shirt off over my head.
We are about the same height but Adam is much more muscled than I am. I'm
smooth on my chest and belly but have a pretty nice patch of armpit hair
too. My bush is smaller and more compact than Adam's also and my cock is a
little shorter when it's soft. My legs are less hairy too. When I dropped
my shorts Adam smiled and reached out and took hold of my cock. `

"It's amazing that this little thing can grow to the size of that monster
you have when you've got a boner," he said grinning.

"Little? Who you callin' little Willis?"

We burst out laughing and both pulled on our swimming trunks and headed out
to the pool. There were a couple of kids on the diving boards and an old
man swimming laps using a boogie board as a float. We dove in and swam
around and laughed and talked and soon the two kids left. The old man
finished his laps and headed toward the changing room. Adam moved close to
me and put his arms around me.

"Did you ever think you'd meet three brothers who did what my brothers and
I do?" he asked.

"Not in a million years," I said.

"Does it bother you?"

I thought for a minute. "You know at first I thought it was kind of creepy
for you and Chase to be messing around with 5 years difference in age, but
now I think it's an amazing thing. All three of you are so open and at
ease with it. I'm just glad you decided to include me."

Adam smiled and leaned in and kissed me. "We saw you the first thing when
we pulled in to camp last year. Chase came to me and said, `let's get that
kid in on our sex games.' Colt was all for it and in no time we were all
naked together."

"That was amazing. In fact all of our time together has been amazing."

"You and I haven't had our own time...yet," he said.

"Let's go to the sauna."

We swam to the edge of the pool and got out and walked to the sauna. There
was a changing room outside it and we took off our suits and grabbed a
towel each. When we walked into the sauna we were surprised to see the old
man sitting there naked. "Hi boys,' he said.

He was skinny and his body was white as snow. He had white hair on his
chest and gray hair on his pubic area. His cock was small and shriveled up
but his balls hung down five inches. Adam smirked at me and we walked over
and sat across from him.

He looked us over and smiled. "You guys are lookers aren't you?"

"What do you mean sir?"

"I mean you're good looking kids. I bet you get a lot of girls."

"Yeah, we sure do," I said.

He nodded. "I used to too. Had me a pretty good cock but now it's all
shriveled and useless. You guys use yours as much as you can when you're
young. Once you're old they quit working."

We laughed. "We'll be sure to keep that in mind." I said.

We sat there for a while and Adam put his foot over on mine and rubbed
it. It felt nice and I grinned at him. He rubbed me some more and I began
to get a boner. I tried to hide it but the old man saw me. He grinned.
"You guys maybe want me to leave."

"You don't have to leave sir," I said.

"Hey, I'm old not stupid. I messed around with a buddy or two when I was
your age too. Have fun boys."

He got up and walked from the room. Adam turned and leaned over and kissed
me. "I want you to fuck me Arby."

I put my arms around Adam and we began making out. His cock began to grow
and so did mine. In no time we both had full blown boners. We turned
toward each other and sat on the bench with my legs around Adam and his
crossed between us. We put our arms around each other and kissed and
played with each other's cock. "I want it in me Arby," Adam whispered.

He stood up and knelt on the bench. I got behind him and pulled his ass
cheeks apart. His hole was beautiful. He had a little hair surrounding it
and his nuts hung down between his legs. I leaned forward and licked his
ass crack causing him to moan and groan. "Oh Arby, that's it, do that."

I licked Adam for several minutes and then moved up and put my hard,
leaking cock to his hole. "Are you ready?"

"Go ahead, but go slow," he whispered.

I put my cock head at his hole and pushed and it slipped right in. "Oh
man!" he gasped.

"Should I pull out?"

"Fuck no, keep going."

I began to push and then pull back and soon I had my whole 6 inches buried
in his beautiful ass. "Oh man that's a hell of a cock," he said.

My balls were slapping against Adam's balls and he reached back and lifted
his up. "That hurts," he giggled.

I fucked this beautiful boy for a long time, leaning down and kissing his
gorgeous back and running my hands up and down his muscles. Soon I knew it
was time. "Adam, I'm about to shoot," I said.

"Come on my face," he said.

I pumped into him a few more times and then pulled out. When I did he lay
over on his back and scooted down between my legs and opened his mouth. I
jacked myself and my cock began to shoot cum. The first squirt landed on
his forehead. The next two went in his mouth and the last couple went on
his chin and chest. I milked out the last couple of drops and stopped.
Adam leaned up and took my cock head into his lips and sucked on it. "Oh
man, that's wicked," I panted. Finally I had to pull it away from him
because it was too sensitive.

I looked down at this beauty with his face full of cum. "I missed," I

"Clean me up," he said.

I leaned down and licked my cum from his forehead and chin and chest and
then we kissed. I lay down on him and we lay there sweating from the
fucking and the sauna. Our bodies were glistening with sweat. "That was
incredible," he whispered into my ear.

"It was for me too," I said.

We lay there, our heartbeats slowing. "Adam will you do me now?" I asked.

He pecked me on the lips. "I thought you'd never ask."

I got off him and we wiped off our faces. Our hair was plastered down and
we were wet with sweat. "I want you to fuck me from the front," I said.

I lay down on the bench on my towel and raised my legs. Adam knelt between
my legs and bent down and began to lick my balls and then moved down and
licked my asshole. His tongue felt incredible as he lapped at my butt
crack. Soon he scooted up and I felt his big cock pushing into me.

I closed my eyes and he pushed his cock into my ass. It was great as he
went farther and farther until I felt his balls slapping my ass. He got
into a rhythm and leaned down and we kissed. I sucked his tongue as he
fucked me silly. I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me hard and
fast. "I'm about there Arby," he whispered.

"I want it on my face like you did," I said.

He fucked me for a half a minute and then pulled out and began to furiously
jack his cock. I leaned up and closed my eyes and opened my mouth and soon
he began pumping cum onto my face and into my mouth. He squirted six or
seven times and then slowed down to a dribble. I leaned forward and took
his cock head into my lips and sucked the last few drops from it. We
collapsed on the bench, sweating and panting.

Adam and I lay there bathed in sweat, covered in cum and kissing when the
door opened to the sauna. "See I told you so," a young voice said.

We looked up to see Chase and Colt naked as the day they were born, both
sporting boners, grinning at us.

"What the fuck are you two horndogs doing down here?" Adam said getting up
from my chest.

"We thought we better check and see if you drowned," Colt said smirking.

"Looks like you did cum," Chase said laughing.

Chase and Colt came in and stood in front of us. "So I suppose you two are
all out of the mood now," Chase said.

"I'm about done for," I said.

"Me too," Adam said.

"Well, I guess Colt and I will just have to blow each other then."

The two of them grinned like fools and lay down end to end on the bench.
Adam and I stood there watching as they began to play with each other's
cock and then sucked each other. In no time Colt began to groan and we saw
Chase swallowing his cum. He took his mouth off Colt's cock and in no time
Colt was swallowing. They each milked the last drop from the other's cock
and then sat up. "There, I feel better now," Chase said grinning.

Adam and I just grinned. "What a couple of horny little shits," I said.

We all went to the shower room and turned on spigots and got under them and
began to wash off and cool down from the sauna. I stood there looking at
these three beautiful boys, Adam, so close to being a man, so prefect and
handsome, Colt still boyish but soon to be a beautiful young man too, and
Chase, thin, youthful and adorable. There were so many boys in the world
who were missing out on the fun and beauty of boy to boy sex but not these
three. They were getting everything they could out of their youth. And I
was lucky enough to share part of it with them. I couldn't wait for what
was in store the rest of the week.

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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Chase - Chases Big Brother Adam