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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Civil Air Patrol - Civil Air Patrol 5

Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 16:58:54 -0800 (PST)
From: dick gozinya <>
Subject: Civil-Air-Patrol 5

Warning- This story depicts sexual encounters between grown men and many
young boys. Both of which are gay. If you do not want to read this
material or you're under the legal age in your area for this material then
DO NOT READ ANY farther.

I love email! Let this Minnesota guy know what you think about the story.

Civil Air Patrol 5 - Lets go flying!        by        

Dave and Stan (Adults)
Rick (19 Years old) Stan's lover
Nathan (17) Camp counselor and Rick's lover
Chad (16) Stan's new found friend from camp
Stephan (11) Danny's new found friend from camp
Danny (10) Likes Stephan but is Dave's Lover
Sean (7) Dave's new found friend

Chapter 5

That next morning I awoke to the sight of three prepubescent boys, three
teenagers and two adults all lying on the floor sleeping totally naked.
Not one of us were hard. Every cock in the place was as limp as they can
be. Danny, who is 10, was sleeping next to his 11 year old new found
friend, Stephan. Rick and Nathan, who are 19 and 17 years old were
entwined but sleeping peacefully. Stan, an adult friend, was resting his
arm over the chest of his beautiful 16 year old fuckmate Chad. That left
me (Dave) and my very young new friend Sean. We just met yesterday and I
was able to befriend, play, seduce and fuck him all in the short period of
five hours. Out of all the boys in this room Sean has become my favorite.
Don't misunderstand me. I know I came to this camp with Danny as my lover
and I do love him. When we are making out there is passion between us.
But last night, little 7 year old Sean, was the most sexually satisfying
experience I have ever had. My balls actually ache from the two loads of
man cum I pumped into him. First, I nearly drowned him as he tried to
swallow it and the second load was shot deep inside that virgin boy ass of
his. This is an experience I must repeat.

The sun was shinning and there were people moving about outside making
noise which ended everyone's peaceful sleeping. Every boy in this room
took the opportunity to look around at everyone else cock wondering what
the day would bring. Nathan, a camp counselor, ask those of us visiting
the camp if we would like to join them for breakfast. After everyone put
on their swim suits and shirts we all strolled down to the cafeteria.
While everyone was eating I asked Nathan if Stephan, Chad and Sean could
join the rest of us including himself over to our cabin on the other side
of the lake. Nathan said it was ok but the kids had to be back at the camp
by 4 o'clock because the camp manager was due back at 5 o'clock.

With very little preparation we all jumped into our speed boat and headed
back to the cabin. Upon arriving there the first thing everyone did was
removed their swim suits. No one had to say a word everyone just started
to strip down. We began to lie around the sandy beach and soak up some sun
ray talking about where each boy was from and what school they went to. I
learned that everyone here was from the same metro area.

"So, Danny! You went missing last night with your new friend Stephan.
What did you guys end of doing?" I knew this question was going to
embarrass him but it had to be asked.

"Nothing. Just kicked around the camp," he said while looking down at the

I knew better than that. I knew from the smiles on each boys face last
night when I started getting the ball rolling between those two boys by
making it look like Danny had touched Stephan's dick in the water. Then
watching Stephan returning the favor.

"Stephan!" I exclaimed to get his attention. "Is it correct that your 11
years old?" Stephan confirmed this. "Are you old enough to make cum yet?"
I asked very directly causing Danny to give me the wildest pleading look.

"Ya, I guess," said Stephan. "Dave are you in love with Danny?" he asked.

"Yes I am. Without a doubt." Looking Stephan direct in the eye. "Why do
you ask?"

"Well, yesterday when you two were playing in the water and I swam up to
you two underwater I saw something. I don't know if I can say it."
Showing some nervousness.

"Go ahead as say it. The answer is yes." I gave him the answer before he
asked the question. "Did you try it with Danny like I did?"

"After a while Danny finally let me." Stephan proclaimed.

I looked at Danny to give him a good smile showing that it was ok if he and
Stephan fooled around. "Well kid, was he better than me?" All Danny could
do was say nothing. He couldn't hurt either of our feelings. "Don't worry
sport because me and Sean tried a few things last night too. In fact
everyone here last night was getting it on." Sean was sitting in the sand
making small mounds with his hands but he got up and walked over to me to
sit in my lap. I love how often small boys need to be held. I like
holding his young body to mine. It makes me feel so alive. While holding
Sean in my lap my other hand would freely move up and down his leg making
Sean sink into my chest. Everyone else just smiled at me even Danny did.
He wasn't jealous one bit. Danny understood that we can love each other
and still play around like he did with Stephan last night. The sexual
tension in the air was getting thicker by the minute. I am fondling Sean's
2" boy cock and have it proudly stand tall. Rick and Nathan started to
kiss while touching each other. Stan was moving toward Chad's cock with an
open mouth while Danny and Stephan were watching everyone else.

"Come here you two," pointing to Stephan and Danny. They both approached
me and Sean and took up position in the sand. "You and me will swap for a
short time. Danny you and Sean are together and Stephan and I will try a
few things." Without any coaxing Sean and his lust for cock immediately
dived for Danny's limp dick and began to suck strongly as Danny opens his
legs wide. I took up position sitting next to Stephan to ask him if he
wanted me to fuck him like he saw me doing to Danny underwater.

"Yours is so big. Do you think it will fit?" Stephan questioned.

"You saw it fit inside Danny and he is only 10 but your 11 so it should fit
even easier. Do you see Sean there sucking on Danny's dick? Notice his
cute little butt waving in the air. Last night I was able to fuck him and
he is only 7. So, come on and lets get into the water." I stood up and
held my hand out for him to place his in. Lifting the boy up we both
walked into the water. As the water line was inching up his legs I noticed
that his butt was very muscular. I am sure he played soccer with those
legs. Stopping at a water level that just covered his navel I take up
position behind the boy and reach around to hold his dick. It was already
half hard and I began to pull on it felling it swell inside my fist. He
was a little larger than Danny but not by much. He must be about 3-1/2" in
total length. But unlike Danny, Stephan was cut. His head was firm with
no loose skin. I take over the masturbation with my left hand and with my
right hand I begin to feel his smooth firm ass and playfully tickle his nut
sack from behind. Moving further up to slide my finger into the valley
below and search for the boys hole. The tip of my finger begins to push
inside him causing the 11 year old to arch his back and push against my
finger. I push deep and finger his hole for more than five minutes while
watching everyone else getting hot and heavy. The boys on the beach either
have a mouth full of cock or are burying their tongue inside their friends
butt hole. Danny was lying on the beach with his eyes closed enjoying the
feeling of his cock getting sucked by a very horny 7 year old. Rick and
Nathan had stopped and they began to watch the two younger boys. With a
quick glance to each other they both got up and laid next to the boys.
Rick instructed Danny to suck his cock while Nathan lifted little Sean
mouth off of Danny's very hard cock. Sean looked frustrated because he
wasn't getting any cum from Danny but little did he know he was going to
get a mouthful from Nathan. Danny and Sean began to work their mouths over
the teens cocks while holding the heavy balls in their little hands.

Now that Stephan, who I have been fingering, is ready for the next step I
spread my legs and position my cock at the crack of his ass. "Pull your
butt cheeks apart for me." I instructed the young lad. With both muscular
cheeks open I touch the head of my cock to his skin and slid it down to his
anus where it centered on his hole and began to push forward. I grab both
of his hips and draw him slowly to me. His cherry is tight but the head
parts his lips to open and glide around the mushroom head. The cool water
has become a lubricant allowing easier penetration. With a few slow jabs I
continue to push my cock into the boy. The anal ring had no problem
opening up for the invitation. My shaft slowly sinks in inch by inch. As
it slides in I actually can feel the inner contours of his fuck hole with
my very sensitive cock. His tight anal ring messages my rigid shaft as it
finally buries itself inside the boy. My tight ball sack is now pressing
his very sweet boy butt.

"Are you ok?" I asked

Stephan turns his head and nods yes while reaching around to feel my cock
buried deep inside him. "Wow! your in all the way and it didn't even hurt.
How big is your cock?"

"It's average for a man. You have six wonderful inches of my man cock
inside you right now. Are you ready for some good fucking?" I knew the
answer was yes so I began to pull halfway out and slide it back inside.
Using shorter strokes and then building into long strong strokes I and
fully fucking his body. The water between his body and mine was churning
created by all the quick humping motions. I continued to plunge inside the
boy for another four minutes. I was approaching the "no return" point so I
stopped and pulled out from the boy.

"You feel very nice. I could fuck your ass all day if you would let me but
I want to suck your dick. I want to taste that sweet boy jizz of yours," I
said while guiding him over to the dock. I lift his body up onto the dock
in a sitting position, his legs hanging over and into the water. I am
still standing in the water facing him as I grab each knee and push his
legs open to watch his boner and balls flop downward. With a light kiss on
his knee I continue to kiss up his leg and inner thigh. finally ending up
at his hairless balls. With a lick on his shriveled sack and up his shaft
I waste no time in sucking the mushroomed head into my mouth. Sean moans
loudly and leans back supporting himself with his hands behind him. My
tongue feels every contour of his boys cock, even the small veins that are
pulsing with sexual heat. I continue to lick hard and suck even harder.
My lips firmly around the base of his cock I pull back so the head is just
inside. I am sucking so hard that my cheeks are concave trying very hard
to actually suck out his boy cum before he is ready to explode. Up and
down my mouth moves making love to his little boy pole. His legs tighten
and the sounds he is making tell me he is close. Finally, his toes curl
and he throws his head back screaming loudly when the first load of thin
cum hits my throat and then another and another. He unloads everything
into my mouth. I can taste the sweet nectar that came from this immature
boy. When the boy stops pulsing I let his cock slide from my lips and
watch it flop half-hard down to his leg. I run my tongue around my mouth
and savor every drop that coats my teeth. Finally swallowing without
loosing a drop of his seed.

"I can see you taught Danny how to suck. You are just as good as he is."
Stephan smiled down at me with his still very boyish face.

"I taught him everything. You two will enjoy it no doubt." I said while
touching his young hairless body.

Everyone on the beach had unloaded one way or another but I still hadn't.
I asked Rick if he and Nathan would get the video camera and come back to
the beach. As they were retrieving the camera I lifted Stephan off the
dock and back into the water. We both walked back to shore. I stood next
to Sean while he playfully fingered his own little 7 year old cock. By
this time Rick and Nathan returned with the video equipment and started to
roll the tape. I took Sean and laid him down on the sand then repositioned
myself so I was sitting on his stomach with my groin toward his face.

"Sean I am going to cum in your mouth but only if you want me to." I said

"Ya. Do it just like yesterday. I want to suck on your dick. I want you to
cum in my mouth." Sean said very seriously.

I looked up at everyone standing around us and said to them and the camera,
"he really wants my mancock inside his mouth. He loves cum so I am going
to give him a mouthful." I raised my butt off his small stomach and
position myself on all fours. I wiggle my knees so they bury themselves in
the sand on each side of his body allowing my flaccid cock to touch the
boys cute little nose. The child's small hands reach up and begin to pull
on the hanging cock watching it harden in his tiny fists. The loose
foreskin begins to stretch as the head of my cock widens, forcing its way
past the wrinkled skin. The end opens showing the young tyke a pinkish
head already slippery and shiny from the precum he loves to taste. With my
long cock as hard as a board hanging horizontal over the whole of the
child's face, Sean begins to message each ball that hangs heavy near his
chin. Rick was moving around Sean and I trying to get every close-up shot
for future watching. All the men and boys around us were watching, rock
hard and stroking their cocks as the small child beneath me pulls my cock
head to his lips to flick his tongue and taste my man-seed. Unlike
yesterday, he used his tongue to lick the piss slit and tried to lick
inside. He then worked the tip of his tongue in between the foreskin and
mushroom head tasting the juice as he swirls around the whole head.
Needing to taste more seed he opens that cute mouth of his showing everyone
his two missing front teeth and begins to pull my cock into his mouth
forcing my hips down. The thin red lips of this 7 year old tyke closed
around the head forming a perfect O. Sean starts to suck just on the head
trying to squeeze every drop of precum from under the foreskin. I rock
forward causing my hard dick to slide into the hot little boy mouth. I
have 3 inches in when the camera gets more close-ups of the little boy
swallowing the nice mans cock. The guys around us are talking to each
other and to me about what a hot little cocksucker he is and how they would
like to try it. It seems that little Sean is the hit of the party. I
slowly fucked his mouth now sliding four inches in. Stan asks if he can
take more of my cock so I begin to show him. Now five inches have passed
his lips. The child's little tongue is working magic along the length of
my dick. After a minute I was able to slide all my six inch man cock down
the tykes throat. My heavy balls were resting on his chin which the camera
and all the guys could see.

"Wow!" said Chad. "That has to be the hottest thing I have ever seen.
Swallow that big cock little boy!" he instructed.

Everyone else was stoking their cocks long and strong as they watched the
small child swallowed the length of my cock. His small nostrils were
flaring trying to get enough oxygen. I continued to long dick his mouth
and then pulled out while holding the base of my cock with my right hand.
I playfully teased him by moving the head around his face and lips. He
began to move his mouth trying to catch the head of my dick.

"Lift your head Sean," as I pushed some sand under his head to prop it up.
As I did last night I again sat on his stomach and then moved my cock to
his lips while I as kneeling over him. The camera was still shooting so I
picked up the child's head with my two hands, he opened his mouth full of
baby teeth and swallowed my cock. I developed a nice rhythm of fucking
while watching the whole length disappearing into his throat.

"The men and boys that are around us were saying things like, "fuck that
little boy mouth" and "kid suck hard on his hot cock" others were telling
me to "cum in his throat." Finally they all started to chant, "cum, cum,

With everyone talking dirty and the feeling this tykes mouth had on my knob
I was beginning to boil. My nuts started to squeeze all by themselves.
The powerful spasm at the base of my cock started to push the liquid treat
up the shaft and finally hitting the end of my engorged mushroom head
spraying inside the back of his throat. I quickly pull out and placing my
dick-head on his bottom teeth, with his mouth wide open, the second spurt
hit his top lip and flooded into his mouth. His mouth was small enough
were he needed to swallow my jizz for feared of it spilling out. Locking
his lips and swallowing the other boys were in such disbelief that he was
swallowing mancum at such a young age. The third spurt of my cum landed on
his cut little nose and upper lip covering it completely. Sean didn't want
to waste any of it so he opened his mouth again allowing everyone to see
his cum covered teeth. I moved forward and buried my cock down into his
throat not letting anymore mancum go to waste. He continues to suck every
last drop from my pulsing cock. It was a beautiful sight watching my big
cock flowing into his little cum covered mouth. The camera was close
enough that the whole action was taped. I had finished pumping my load
down into him and was curious how long it would take for him to let me go.
I stayed in this position as my softening cock was being milked for every
drop by this cute blond angelic boy. He continued to suck on it even when
it was fully limp which made for a really neat sensation. The sucking
pressure was actually pulling on my limp dick making it longer but it
wasn't giving me an erection.. I could feel it slide over his tongue and
into his throat. In between each sucking motion my cock would retreat back
to its flaccid state. I finally pulled my limp cock out from his suckling
mouth. With two fingers I gather my spilt seed that covered his nose and
upper lip and fed it back to his willing mouth. He continued to suck every
drop until his face was clean again.

Every one of us were tired and decided to take a quick nap before lunch.
We all gathered in the cabin and the little tyke that just swallowed all of
my seed wanted to sleep with me. Danny didn't mind so as I laid on my back
and the 7 year old climbed up onto my chest and laid tummy to tummy with me
still both totally naked. The only thing I could do was cup both his sexy
butt cheeks and fall deeply asleep.

I love email! Let this Minnesota guy know what you
think about the story.
Civil Air Patrol 5 - Lets go flying!        by        
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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Civil Air Patrol - Civil Air Patrol 5