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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Cub Scout Circle Jerk

Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 08:50:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Karl L <>

This is a story of complete fiction about sexual contacts between young
boys and a teenager. If this is not your cup of tea, off you go to find
something else to do, but please remember that fantasy can often be better
than reality.

Boy, it was hot outside! Even at 8:00 PM, when the sun was starting
to set above the deep forests of northern Wisconsin it was baking. It was
the third day of a weeklong Boy Scout camp at which I was serving as a Cub
Scout troop leader. There were two different sections to the camp, one for
Boy Scouts and the other for Cub Scouts, with a path between them that was
maybe half a mile long. The point was to keep the little kids from
pestering the older ones, or at least that's what the other troop leaders
told me. This was my first year supervising the Cub Scouts at camp. My
name is Eric Stevens, and at the time of the camp, I was two weeks away
from my 19th birthday. I had completed everything that a Boy Scout can do,
rising all the way up to Eagle Scout. Don't think I'm a nerd, though,
because I'm not. I wrestled all through high school and did all of the
weight work necessary to become state champion in my weight group (145
pounds). From my weight, I guess you can tell that I'm a little guy. Just
5'4, to be honest, which sucks, but my muscles look real good on me, or at
least that's what guys have told me. I've got brown hair and green eyes.
I've known that I'm gay since I was like seven years old and started to
notice other naked boys in the locker room at school. Let me quick tell
you a story from my own days in camp before I get to the main event, so to
speak. I think I was 11years old that summer, and I was sharing a tent
with a kid called Eddie. I was a horny kid, learned to jerk off long
before I had sperm or anything like that, and one night after he fell
asleep, I slipped my hand inside his sleeping bag, carefully touched around
until I found his tighty-whities, carefully moved my hand up to the front
of the tighty-whities and found that he had a boner in there. My heart
pounding, I got inside those shorts and gave Eddie a blowjob. I'm pretty
sure he shot a dry load, and for that matter, I've never known whether he
was actually awake during the process, but we never talked about it, and
Eddie is a big skirt-chaser now, so what I assume was his first blowjob by
a boy didn't take.

Anyway, there we were at camp, me and a dozen Cub Scouts. Despite the
heat, we had a campfire going, both to cook our dinner on (hot dogs on
sticks, that kind of thing), and also to keep animals away if there were
any. There were two other Cub Scout leaders at camp, but we took turns
taking a night off and going into town for a couple of beers, and this time
both Bob and Jake had gone off together after I reassured them that I was
perfectly capable of handling the boys. The kids were age seven to eleven
or so, all of them good kids from good families. Our troop is in Lake
Forest, Illinois, which is one of the richest towns in the whole United
States, and the boys all came from the families of investment bankers,
doctors, lawyers and so on. All of the kids turned up at camp with
state-of-the-art camping gear some of it not really in keeping with
the Scouting spirit of frugality, but who cared? I myself had something
like a proper bed in my tent. No more sleeping on the ground in a sleeping
bag for this queer.

We were finished with supper and had buried all of the leftovers, packing
everything else away carefully as we had been taught to do. Most of the
Cubs were wearing just their underwear, because it was probably still
around 85 degrees outside. I had a ratty old pair of gym shorts on and
nothing else, but I was still sweating like an animal. We were taking
turns telling ghost stories, most of them pretty lame ones of the type that
an eight-year-old can come up with, but some of the kids were pretty good
storytellers, and I could see a lot of shivering around the campfire when
Nathaniel Goodard IV (if you please) was talking about a witch and her evil
ways. Nathaniel was 10, and he was a complete little nerd, with glasses
and braces and probably a dozen pocket protectors stashed away somewhere.
Apart from Nathaniel, if you're keeping track, there were the following Cub
Scouts around the campfire: James Bryson, seven, blond and cute, Timmy and
Roger Nelson, age seven and identical twins with red hair and freckles,
Billy Smith, eight with a crew cut on account of his father being a Marine,
Tony Marinara, eight, a spitfire of a little Italian kid, always ready to
go on the next adventure, Sammy Lipschitz, eight and a tiny little Jewish
kid, Emilio Esteban, nine, with black hair and deep black eyes belying his
Venezuelan heritage (his mom won the Miss Universe title before she moved
to the States), Julio Perez, nine and Emilio's best friend, also with black
hair and eyes, Jerry Fleming, ten, with flaming red hair and a grin that
never left his face, Dusty Aarons, ten, with floppy blond hair over his
eyes and an unbelievably sassy mouth, and Pete Zane, the only 11-year-old
in the group, brown hair and the beginnings of what appeared to be a fine
body on him, as much as a kid that young can have a good body.

When Nathaniel was done with his story, I noticed a bit of giggling going
on between Dusty and Pete, and when a moment of silence occurred, Dusty
gave me an innocent look and said "Mr. Stevens, could you please tell us
what jerking off is?" Pete was sort of sputtering, so I had a pretty good
idea that he and Dusty were perfectly aware of what jerking off is, but I
said "What do you think it is, Dusty?"

I could see him blushing from clear across the area in which we were
sitting, and then he said "I think it's something you do with your dick,
but I don't know for sure."

Tony Marinara, of all people, piped up then: "You rub your dick with your
fingers and then it feels real good." I was amazed. Eight years old and
already knowing how to masturbate? Of course, I learned to do it sometime
around that age, too, so maybe it wasn't that uncommon, but lots of my
friends have told me that they didn't start until 12 or 13. Anyway, Tony
was grinning as if he had won a lottery or something, and my heart almost
stopped when I saw that he had his hand on the front of his tighty-whities
and was rubbing the object inside.

This had to stop. "Guys, I don't think this is an appropriate thing to be
discussing," I said. "That's the kind of thing that is private."

"Aw, come on," said Pete. "We won't tell anybody. Dusty was just kidding,
we know how to jerk off. We do it a lot."

"Together?" This was Jerry Fleming. "That's so gay!"

"Shut up," Pete snapped at him. "It's not gay if you just do it and don't
touch the other guy!"

"Is too," Jerry insisted. But it was pretty obvious to me that his dick
was thinking about something sexy, because there was a very interesting
bulge forming in his underpants. My mouth was completely dry, and I had to
think about math equations or something like that, because my dick was
thinking about the same thing, and I wasn't wearing a jockstrap or anything
under my athletic shorts, and even the slightest bit of bone would make the
tip of my cock stick out. Not to brag or anything, but I've got nine
inches of cut hog between my legs, and I've been putting it to good use
ever since I learned how. I had a bunch of fuck and suck buddies all
through high school, including Justin LaVerne, who was the captain of the
wrestling team, the butchest guy you ever could hope to see, girls flitting
around him constantly, but with an itch in his butt that could only be
satisfied with a dick inside it. The first time I fucked him was when we
were 15. We were in the basement den of his parents' house with a couple
of beers which Justin had filched from his dad's stash. One thing led to
another, as they tend to do, and two beers in Justin announced that he was
horny and wanted to beat his meat. I pretended that I didn't want to,
because I didn't know what this kid was all about we were pretty
evenly matched on the wrestling mat, but it never occurred to me that he
would ever want to spring bone in the presence of another boy. He called
me a woos, and then it was a matter of pride. We got naked and beat off
for awhile. If he noticed that my dick was already hard when I pulled off
my jeans and jockstrap, he didn't say anything. Then, with a lot of
hemming and hawing, Justin indicated that he would like me to stick my rod
up his butthole. I must have looked surprised, because he immediately said
"You don't have to if you don't want to, but my brother does it all the
time, and I like it." At that point I had experienced a couple of circle
jerks with my friends, usually inspired by strip poker, and I had sucked a
number of high school cocks guys who I spotted giving me the eye in
the showers after gym class or practice. Not to brag again, but my dick
started growing fast just as soon as I hit puberty, and at age 14 I already
had a good five inches down there. The thought of Justin's brother, who
was three years older than him and a legend at our school (class president,
captain of the gymnastics team, captain of the debating team, straight-A
student), fucking him got my engines revving, and a few seconds later my
dong was buried inside the tight warmth of Justin LaVerne's asshole, and it
felt just about as good as anything else. Justin was on his hands and
knees on the floor, and I was behind him. As I fucked him, I reached
underneath and found that his dick was rock hard, so I jerked him off while
pumping in and out of his butt. We cummed together, me fertilizing his
intestines and him making a huge mess all over the carpet which we had to
clean up with paper towels. Justin told me that if I ever told anybody, he
would kill me. I said "As if," and that was that. I've fucked Justin
LaVerne's ass probably a hundred times since then, even though he's had a
string of girlfriends and is planning on getting married this fall. He's
already told me that he expects me to fuck him on the eve of his wedding,
just to get that out of the way.

Anyway, back to the campfire. I could see that a couple of the Cub Scouts
were getting aroused, and obviously they were the ones who knew what
jerking off was. Equally obvious were the kids who didn't, because they
were looking around with confused looks on their faces all of the
seven and eight year olds apart from Tony, and also Nathaniel. Figured for
a bookworm. But Sammy Lipschitz's eyes were riveted on the front of Tony
Marinaro's crotch, and the Nelson twins were looking pretty interested,
too, so what could I do? Thinking about algebra equations wasn't really
what I was interested in doing. So I said "Look, guys. If you want to
jerk off, that's fine with me, but I can't be part of it. That wouldn't be

But Dusty Aarons was having none of that. "Come on, Mr. Stevens," he said.
"We won't tell anybody, and I bet you like to do it, too, dontcha?
Besides, I've seen older kids doing it before."

"Yeah?" Jerry again. "Like who?"

"My brother, dipshit. That's who."

Jerry shook his head. "So gay, dude!"

Dusty gave him the finger. "Fuck you, Fleming!"

"Yeah, I bet you want to," Jerry sneered.

That was enough. "OK, guys, stop that," I said. "You know the Scout oath.
Remember how it says something about being friendly?"

Jerry looked abashed. "Sorry, Mr. Stevens. I didn't mean anything. Um, I
mean, I've jerked off with my brother, too." Jerry's brother Anthony was
half a mile away at the Boy Scout section of the camp, and he was quite the
little stud at the age of 14. I could imagine him and Jerry doing the pole
rub together, and it was a fine image.

"Mr. Stevens?" This was Timmy Nelson. "I don't know what you guys are
talking about. What is jacking off anyway?"

"Before we go any further with this," I said, "I want your solemn promise
that what happens at this campfire stays at this campfire. No talking
about it to anybody, including your brothers, got it? Scout's promise!"

Twelve hands rose with two uplifted fingers, and twelve voices said "I
promise." So what else could I do? I gave in.

"Timmy, I'm sure you've noticed that sometimes your penis is hard, right?"

"Sure," the little boy piped up. "It's hard almost every morning, and it's
hard to pee." There was some giggling, and Tony said "You just pee in the
bathtub when you've got a boner. It's easier to hit." And then Pete said:
"Timmy, doesn't your dick feel good when it's hard?"

Timmy thought about it and slowly nodded. "Yeah, I guess so."

Dusty chimed in: "Well, when it feels good, you just sort of rub it, and
then it feels even better."

"Like how?"

Dusty shook his head. "You're such a doofus! Like this!" And just like
that he stood up from the log where he was sitting and pulled off his
Batman underwear. What appeared was a rock hard penis, maybe three inches
long, with a pair of little balls hanging way down. Dusty took his dick
with three fingers and started rubbing it. "Just like this," he said, his
voice a little ragged already.

Nathaniel Goodard IV gave a little cough. "How many penises here are hard
right now?" he asked in a solemn voice as solemn as a 10-year-old boy
can get anyway. Eight hands went up Dusty's, Pete's, Jerry's,
Emilio's, Tony's, Nathaniel's and, a bit to my surprise, Sammy's and Roger
Nelson's. Maybe Roger knew something his twin brother didn't know, I
thought. I didn't put my hand up, because I was still concentrating with
all my might to keep my hog docile. I still wasn't sure that I wanted to
do this, but my balls were telling me that they needed emptying big time.
I hadn't cum for a couple of days I mean, running after a dozen
prepubescent boys all day really knocked me out, and I went to sleep every
night in the wink of an eye.

But then Dusty said "Come on, dudes! I don't wanna be the only one doin'

The Cub Scouts looked at him and then at one another, and then Jerry
shrugged and said "OK, I'm pretty horny, too, but don't nobody touch me!"
He stood up, and off came his underwear. I couldn't help but gulp. At the
age of ten, Jerry Fleming already had a good five inches of boner between
his thighs, not a hair in sight, but a dick that a kid three or four years
older would be proud of. Pete jumped to his feet and stripped off. A
complete pencil dick thin and maybe four inches long appeared.
Nathaniel took a bit longer to strip down, because he alone was wearing his
entire Scout uniform. Nathaniel was a fastidious type of nerd, but when he
got naked, he revealed a very nice and quite fat cut penis. Tony
Marinara's Pokemon underwear came off to show a perfectly hard, perfectly
proportioned little boy penis. Emilio and Julio grinned at each other like
the friends that they were as they pulled down their shorts, both boys
laying bare uncut penises which were still small, but looked like they were
going to turn into Latino whoppers. When Roger and Timmy got naked, they
were still identical in every single way except that Roger's little dick
was standing straight up, and Timmy's little dick was hanging straight
down. Billy Smith had a button of a dick, probably thicker than it was
long, and it wasn't very long at all, but who cared? A naked and horny
eight year old? I mean, come on. Sammy's penis, obviously, was cut, the
kid being Jewish, and a good size of a dick for another eight year old.
Last to strip down was little James Bryson, who looked a bit scared, and
when he took off his tighty-whities, his little penis was as soft as it
ever could be, but then he looked over at Dusty, took his dick between his
fingers, and in about three seconds had a nice little boner there. I
turned my head and saw that Timmy Nelson was getting into it, too. He and
his twin were staring at each other's penises and fingers while they rubbed
themselves to happiness. Now there were twelve erect Cub Scout penises and
one not yet erect Cub Scout leader penis around the campfire, and I was
just about to decide to just let the kids get on with it when Dusty piped
up again: "You, too, Mr. Stevens. Come on, it's lame for just us to be
doin' it."

But before I could decide on what to do, tiny little James Bryson gave a
whimper and moaned "I think I'm gonna pee!" And the his little body went
completely rigid, and he almost keeled over as for the first time in his
young life, he found out what joy your dick can give you when it's just it
and your five fingers. James shivered for a good thirty seconds, his
fingers a blur on his little boner as he masturbated out his dry orgasm,
and when he was finished, he took a big gulp of air and said "Wow! What
was that?!"

"It was an orgasm," said Nathaniel, who was busily massaging his own dick.
"Did you like it?" I rolled my eyes. Such a nerd!

"It was awesome!" James avowed. "I wanna do it again!" And sure enough,
his little dick was still hard or hard again, and off he went.

Dusty hadn't forgotten about me. "I'm gonna cum real soon, Mr. Stevens,
and I wanna see yours, too!"

So I stood up and without any further ado stripped off my athletic shorts.
There was sort of a collective gasp as my dick rolled out and quickly
inflated into its full nine inches. It had been a fan of boy dick ever
since I sucked off my friend Eddie during Boy Scout camp, and it was happy
to be released from its confines.

"Wow, that's HUGE!" That was Pete, who was staring at my cock as if he
wanted to swallow it up. "That's the biggest dick I've ever seen,
Mr. Stevens!" There was a chorus of "yeahs" from around the campfire. But
then Julio Perez said "I seen a bigger one. It was at the swimming pool
last weekend."

"Who cares?" Dusty grunted. He was furiously masturbating his little
boner, and it was obvious that he was in the throes of something real nice.
"I seen big ones, too, but Mr. Stevens has the biggest one here."

"Duh," said Pete. "Like he's a lot older than us. I bet we're gonna have
big ones, too." That was the end of the discussion, though, because all of
the kids were getting near their orgasms some of them, like James, for
the first time, others just doing again what they had learned to do
sometime earlier in life and were enjoying once again. "I'm next,"
announced little Tony, and his sexy body bent nearly double as the force of
his orgasm ripped through him. He was hissing something in Italian as his
balls tried to empty out despite their being empty to begin with.

And then Jerry piped up again: "Let's take turns," he said. "I wanna see
each guy doin' it. Who's next?"

Half a dozen hands went up, and Jerry looked around. "Dusty, you go," he

Dusty smirked at him. "Isn't that gonna be too GAY?" But it was clear
that he was within seconds of getting there, so he shut up and
concentrated, and half a minute later he moaned "Here it comes, dudes! I'm
gonna cum!" And sure enough, Dusty's hot little body got all tensed up,
his hand a blur between his legs, and then he was yipping at the moon like
a coyote and rising up on his toes as the excellent feeling slammed through
his body. I could see several of the boys just standing there, not
masturbating, and I knew that they were just waiting their turn. It's
something I've always known once you get a guy's dick hard, you can
get him to do just about anything.

"Pete," Jerry announced. Pete stepped forward and actually took a bow.
"Watch this," he said. His dick was long enough for him to get his whole
fist around it, and he was cupping his balls with his other hand as he
pounded his pud. "Here it comes," he moaned. "Here it comes, here it
comes, here it comes!" He gave a couple of ragged gasps, and then he, too,
was in the arms of ecstasy as the orgasm smashed into his sexy preteen
body. "I'm cumming," he moaned. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!"

"Julio," Jerry said. And Julio said "Me and Emilio together, amigo." The
two Hispanic boys stepped forward, Julio masturbating with his right hand,
the foreskin slipping up and down his cockhead, Emilio a leftie, ditto, and
like good friends who do everything together, they cummed together, too,
actually throwing their hands over each other's shoulders for support as
they trembled through the blast of fantastic sexy feeling that was coursing
through their hot little bodies. Pete and Dusty were back on their log,
lazily stroking their half-hard dicks as they watched their little buddies
get themselves horny.

"Nathaniel." Nathaniel stayed where he was, his feet fixed firmly on the
ground, legs apart, and his face screwed up in furious concentration as he
more massaged than stroked his fat penis. He grew more and more tense, and
then the orgasm hit him, and he thrust his sexy butt forward again and
again as his fist massaged an orgasm out of his organ, a grunt of "ugh"
with every thrust.

Jerry looked around, his dick so hard that it was standing almost straight
up. "James, you wanna go again?" The little blond seven year old nodded
eagerly, and we all watched as he spanked out his second dry orgasm in
seven or eight minutes, his face angelic as he moaned through the wonderful
feeling that he had first encountered just this evening. I noticed him
peeking at my hog while he was having his orgasm, and I didn't even have to
touch my dick, it was happy just the way it was. Besides, there was no way
I was gonna cum before all of my Cub Scouts had their turn.

"Billy." The eight year old said "OK, I'm ready," and the Marine's good
son grunted as he massaged his balls with one hand and rubbed his fat
little button boner with two fingers with the other. "Oh, yeah," he was
moaning. "Oh, yeah, oh, yeah!" His knees buckled as the dry orgasm
blasted through his hot little body, and he almost fell over. "So cool,
sooooo cool!"

Jerry didn't have a chance to say anything, little Sammy Lipschitz said "Me
next, me next," and so the group turned its attention to the little Jewish
boy as he two-fingered his nice little cut boner and within seconds was
shaking and shivering as it made him feel as good as he had ever felt in
his young life. When he was finished, he looked around at all of us in a
daze and said "Oi, vey!" I had to laugh, and so did the Cubs.

That left the twins and Jerry, and the twins, like Julio and Emilio, said
that they were gonna do it together, and I watched entranced as the two
perfectly identical little boys rubbed their little boners in perfect sync,
and what's more, Timmy and Roger were cupping each other's balls while they
did it. After less than a minute, Timmy said "Ready?" and Roger said
"Ready," and like the two Latino boys before them, they held each other up
as they hammered out their hot dry orgasms. It was a site to behold, I'll
tell you that, the two little freckled Dennis the Menaces pounding out
their bone-crushing orgasms.

Then it was just Jerry. "OK, dudes," he said. "Watch this!" It looked
like his dick had gotten about half an inch longer just during the group
masturbation session, and Jerry pressed it up against his stomach as he
stroked it with the palm of his hand. He was running his other hand over
his chest and stomach, his head was thrown back, and his eyes were screwed
up tight. Like Nathaniel, he was doing little butt thrusts as he pushed
himself toward his fantastic orgasm, and when it came, he groaned
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw shit!," and then it was there. Some of the boys actually
applauded as Jerry Fleming trembled through his boy orgasm, and horny
little Tony Marinara announced, "I cummed three times already." I believed
him. The little Italian boy was a real firecracker. He had scars all over
his body from falling out of trees and just messing around like an active
little kid will do.

"OK, Mr. Stevens, it's your turn." Dusty again. His dick was up to full
bone again, and it was clear that he was one horny little kid. "Do it!"

It didn't take me very long either. I had purposefully kept my hands off
my hog while my 12 cute little Cub Scouts masturbated out one or more dry
orgasms as I watched, but now there was no denying its needs, and so I
stood up, grabbed my dong in my hand, and went to town with it. Every
single Cub Scout was transfixed as I rubbed the nine inches and fondled my
balls, and more than just a few of them were masturbating their
prepubescent penises as they watched. I felt my orgasm starting down in my
toes, and then it came up through my legs and into my balls, and ... "Watch
this," Pete said, his hand rapidly jerking up and down his four-inch pencil
dick. "He's gonna have stuff come out of it!"

Well, yeah. The first blast of cum sprayed out of my cock with the force
of a jet rocket and blasted straight into the campfire. I could actually
hear the hiss as the thick liquid hit the flames. The first shot was
followed by ten more (I've always been a big cummer), and during the thirty
or forty seconds that it took for my hanging balls to empty out, Pete said
"I'm cumming again," and Dusty said "I'm cumming again," and little James
said "Me, too," and nerdy Nathaniel said "Likewise." And as I writhed
through the best orgasm I could ever remember having, I'm pretty sure that
all twelve Cub Scouts were doing exactly the same.

Finally, when everybody stopped panting, little Billy said "Mr. Stevens,
what is that stuff?"

"It's called sperm," Dusty answered in my place. "We don't have it yet
`cause we're still kids, but we will. You make babies with it."

Billy looked at him, astonished. "But when will I have it?"

"Probably when you're 12 or 13," Jerry said. "My brother had it when he
wasn't even 12, but he's a freak." And then Jerry Fleming gave his big
preteen dick a shake and said, "Well, I guess it wasn't that gay after
all." That got everybody laughing, and for the next ten minutes the Cub
Scouts horsed around and made jokes and giggled and guffawed. They were
still naked and hardly even noticed. Then it was 9:00 PM and time for
light's out.

"How many of you guys are gonna do it again before you go to sleep?" This
was Pete. There was a chorus of "me, me, me" all around the campfire, and
this time the Cub Scouts were unusually quick in going for a pee, getting
their teeth brushed and their faces and hands washed, getting into their
PJs and slipping into their sleeping bags. They were four to a tent, and
as I patrolled the area I could hear excited whispering coming from the
tents. The Scout oath speaks of being trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.
From that night forward, my Cub Scouts were trustworthy, loyal, helpful,
courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave and reverent, but they
were dirty and sexy little boys, because you don't think for a minute that
they didn't want to have a circle jerk again the next evening and then the
next, do you? It took a bit of convincing to get my two fellow Cub Scout
leaders to take off again and again, but not too much. After all, going
into town for a burger and a Coke is better than watching twelve kids going
about their Cub Scout business, isn't it? If they only knew.

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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Cub Scout Circle Jerk