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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Father And Son Camp

Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 22:30:21 -0000
From: David Gough <>
Subject: Father & Son Camp

Another work of fiction (or fantasy) also see 'Bath Time'

Mum and Dad separated when I was young, mum got custody of me. I used to
see Dad a couple of times a month, but it was never easy with Mum so Dad
never hung around, just picked me up, took me out for a day here or there
and returned me home by sunset. I enjoyed my trips out with Dad, I always
felt free then, but we were never allowed any meaningful time together,
until ....

Mum met a new guy and fell head over heels in love, suddenly I was an
encumberance and was seen as an obstacle. Mum's new fella didn't take to
me (nor I to him). I had kept Dad informed about the developments at home
and he was anxious about my well-being.

One saturday, when Dad was due to pick me up Mum had lost her temper with
me and virtually propelled me into the arms of my Dad when he arrived,
shouting "I don't want to see that brat again until Sunday night". Fine by
me, I thought. Dad and I had a great weekend, during which we talked about
a forthcoming Father and Son camp being organised by my scout group, we
were both keen but had to get it past Mum first.

I had to bide my time, until the moment was right, before I could raise the
subject at home, but my patience was rewarded (I also think that Mum was
pleased to be getting rid of me for a week). Time soon passed and the trip
was upon us. We all gathered at the appointed campsite armed with our
tents and equipment and set about pitching our tents, Dad and I were a bit
crafty and managed to grab a nice spot in a clearing with the river only a
few yards away.

After setting out the camp we all gathered to discuss the programme of
activities for the day and were soon involved in all sorts of games Fathers
versus Sons, Father and Son teams etcetera. Being mid August temperatures
were high and by the end of the first day we were about ready to expire.
Lots of us headed for the river to cool off, which ended up in a water
fight. It was a great finish to the day's activity. We all returned to
our tents to dry and change as we were soon going to prepare the evening
meal (en-masse). Dad and I retrieved our towels and began drying off by
our tent (there wasn't really room for us both to do that inside) to my
surprise Dad just dropped his shorts right there.

I must have looked shocked, he said "don't be shy, nobody can see us over
here, and anyway, its all guys here". So I did likewise and hastily
covered myself with my towel. Being only thirteen I was very conscious of
my changing body and a little concerned that my cock had gone rock hard. I
had recently started to notice men's bodies and seeing Dad naked had
triggered an erection.

Dad laughed at my modesty and by slight of hand had stole my towel in a
split second. Dad's eyes were glued to my cock and said "my my, you are
growing up fast" I covered myself with my hand. Dad said, "you don't have
to do that, I have a cock and it gets hard too you know". I was
embarrassed and stared at the ground "Tim", Dad said gently and I raised my
eyes to see him with his cock standing out horizontal to his body. He gave
me back my towel and said that we should dress and go and join the others
and help to prepare supper.

After supper was over we had a camp fire with lots of singing. The fathers
were drinking beers, the sons were not (well not that they noticed). So
after a long and eventful day we headed off to our tents. Our sleeping
bags and foam mats were already laid out in the tent so all we had to do is
undress. Dad said that he would undress outside. I was pleased because I
could then undress privately inside the tent. I quickly shed my clothes,
pulled on my tatty sleeping shorts and crawled into my sleeping bag.

Dad opened the flap of the tent and threw his clothes in a corner, from his
siloette I could see that he was naked. He just lay on top of his sleeping
bag and said "Its too warm to sleep inside my bag, I'm staying on top". It
was not long before I was beginning to overheat and quietly slipped out of
my bag and laid on top. Dad must have still been awake, he said "good
night Tim", "Night Dad, I replied", he then lent over and kissed me, to my
astonishment, on the lips.

I must have had a nightmare (not my first), because I woke up very
frightened and panting, Dad put his arms around me and pulled me to him. I
nestled into his chest and slipped back into sleep.

I am not sure if it was the light of dawn which woke me or the feeling of
pressure on my stomach, as I became more awake I realised that I was still
wrapped in Dad's arms, with my arm around his waist. I realised that the
pressure on my stomach was not only my bladder but also my Dad's rock hard
cock. Dad was breathing heavily, I was sure he was still sleeping, I
stayed as still as I could, enjoying the sensations I was feeling. My
never failing morning stiffie was poking out of my shorts and resting on
Dad's leg.

Dad's cock was wet and slippery, I started to move slightly to get better
feelings from the situation, but I guess I must have moved too much,
because with a snort Dad woke. He did not release his embrace though, just
slowly surfaced from sleep and started caressing my back. "Are you OK Tim"
he asked. "Yes Dad, I am" He must have felt my cock pressing on his leg as
he said "looks like we've both got stiffies again - feels great doesn't it"
I just replied "Yeah" but then added "why am I all wet Dad, have you peed".

He chuckled and said "no son its not pee", I gingerly replied "I wouldn't
mind if it was" Dad added "Really !" , "No" I said, Billy and I were
messing around in the pool showers and he peed on me first, so I did it to
him" Dad asked "did you like it then ?", "it felt nice", I replied.

Dad explained "what you can feel is called pre-come, it is a lubricant
which comes out of a man's cock when he is turned on". "Does it taste like
pee, I have tasted my own and Billy's" I said. "Nothing like it son, its
much sweeter". "Can I taste it Dad", he was silent for a moment and then
said "OK then, but take it straight from my cock".

I pushed back from our embrace an slid down slightly, I marvelled at his
wonderful cock and took it in both hands. I lowered my mouth over the end
and began licking off the lovely juice. After a short while Dad told me to
take the head into my mouth and suck out as much juice as I could. I
attacked with vigour and and he was soon panting, saying "I'm going to
come", I didn't know what he meant so just kept sucking and licking. With
an almighty shudder my mouth was suddenly filled with a bitter-salt thick
cream which I swallowed in gulps, without thinking.

When his paroxisms had subsided I continued to nurse my prize, lapping at
the juices which followed. "Would you like me to do that for you Tim" Dad
enquired. I did not answer, I just flipped around so that my crotch was
level with his face. I did not want to give up his lovely cock. He took
me in his mouth - wow what a fantastic feeling. He was rolling it around
his mouth and poking his tongue under my foreskin, I was in heaven. I
copied his actions, loving the feeling of my tongue moving inside Dad's
foreskin. Before long my body shuddered and my watery come ejaculated into
Dad's mouth. He washed my cock with his tongue for a while and then asked
me to return to the right way round. So I flipped around again and was
face to face with him. He took my face in his hands and kissed me on the
lips, our mouths parted and tongues searched. We broke for breath and Dad

"God, I do love you Timmy, you are more than I could ever have wished for",
but I really must pee...."me too Dad", I replied.

Dad went naked to the rivers edge, I followed. He stood for a moment and
then started to pee. As soon as he started I stepped in front of him, his
piss hitting my groin. Dad smiled and said "you really do like that, don't
you", I just nodded. Without any suggestion from me Dad started moving his
stream over my body, up to my nipples, my neck, I dipped suddenly and took
his golden stream into my mouth, he kept it directed there while I savoured
his taste. All too soon his flow subsided, I could then concentrate on
letting mine start. Without asking I directed my pee onto Dad's cock and
balls, he must have liked it because his cock started to rise. I kept my
flow directed there until it started to wane, at which point Dad dropped to
his knees and put his open mouth in front of my cock, he swallowed every
drop which entered his mouth. As the flow reduced to a dribble Dad put his
mouth right over my cock and sucked out all that remained. He stood,
looked into my eyes, kissed me briefly on the lips, then grabbed me and
toppled us both into the river.

We were frollicking in the river for quite a while, we had both gotten
semi-hard again and were grabbing and fondling each other. Suddenly we
were aware of someone on the bank, we looked over and saw my friend Billy
with his father (John), they were wearing shorts and carrying towels.

"Is this a private party, or can anyone join in" John said, Dad replied

"Come on in, the water is fabulous"

John and Billy could not have failed to see that we were naked, they may
have even seen our semi-stiff cocks, but joining into the spirit of the
occasion, they both shed their shorts.

I had seen Billy's hairless cock and balls many times, but I did not expect
to see that his Dad was also hairless. Dad and I both stared, it looked as
though he was starting to stiffen when he said "I shave" and dived in.
Billy had popped a hard-on before he managed to get into the water. Dad
caught my eye and gave me a wicked grin.

It wasn't long before we were all horsing around together. Dad had me on
his shoulders and the movement of his head against my cock gave me another
stiffie (it must have been deliberate because he made sure John saw it).
John said "If you're not careful he'll drill a hole into your neck", "I
don't mind, it feels kinda good" said Dad. John said "hot little fella,
that boy of yours. "Great isn't he" Dad replied with a big grin.

John asked "Do you think that Tim would like to sit on my shoulders now" "I
am sure that he would, and I think Billy might like to sit on mine
likewise" Billy grinned, Dad lifted him onto his shoulders whilst watching
me and John. The Dad's were waist deep in water, but as they charged
around, their stiff cocks were bouncing through the surface of the water.
My stiff cock was rubbing the back of John's neck and I could see that
Billy was in the same excited state.

The Dads came together face to face, on the pretext of trying to topple
their opponent, Billy and I grappled whilst our Dad's did the same below.
We all fell into a heap on the Bank, John had managed to turn his head as
we fell and had his face buried in my crotch.

Dad and Billy were watching as John opened his mouth and swallowed my cock
to the hilt. They were stroking each other, but I was in reach of Dad's
cock so took it in my mouth. John looked up and saw how things were
developing he started pistoning on my cock and I did the same to Dad. Dad
lifted Billy and began to lick all around his groin, he rolled him over and
buried his face into his arse, Billy was soon whimpering.

It was all too much for me and I shot my boy cum into John's mouth, Dad
soon followed and I swallowed the lot. During all this John was wanking
his cock, he said abruptly "Tim, I'm going to cum". I swivelled around and
took his cock into my mouth where he unloaded a massive load. I could not
swallow fast enough and it went everywhere.

We all rinsed off and sat on the bank. John told Dad that he had heard of
Billy and my exploits at the swimming pool (apparently, Billy had learned
his facination for piss from his father) and that when Billy told him that
we were coming to the camp, he agreed too. Dad said that he was not too
shocked by the piss games as he had played with his own for many years.
John confessed that he had introduced Billy to his passion of pee over a
period of years, to the point where Billy was as keen as him. John said
that their favourite place to have fun was in a public toilet by some woods
near their home. He said that they staged situations where they could
involve others.

John said that he would go in first and suss out the lie of the land, Billy
would follow and stand alongside his father at the urinals, he knew that if
his Dad started to piss, it was a signal for him. He would drop to his
knees and start to drink his fathers piss. This often led to others
joining in, if they couldn't piss, John would piss on their cock's as Billy
sucked them. They had often moved out into the woods and continued their
fun outdoors too.

John suggested that we had some four-way piss fun later but we had to find
a place to do it. I suggested the shower block. Dad said that it could
only work if we could be sure the others weren't around. Billy reminded us
of the father and son hike which was arranged for that evening. That would
leave the site empty. So we agreed to cook a joint evening meal and duck
out of the hike.

All through the day my mind was working over-time on the prospects the
evening offered, I kept sprouting hard-ons (much to Dad's amusement). Dad
had informed the scout-leader that we would not be joining in with the
evening activity, Billy's Dad had done likewise.

Early evening as most of the campers were preparing for their outing, we
were joined by Billy and John and started preparing for our evening meal.
The campsite cleared, and our cooking was underway. Dad suggested a swim
before the meal, with no hesitation we all shed what few clothes we were
wearing and moved naked to the river bank. Billy and I went straight in
hard-ons bobbing. Dad and John stood on the bank for a while to watch us,
both of them had stiff cocks by then. I decided to splash them to
encourage them in. Dad said "I expect to be soaked with something warmer
later", John smiled and said "Don't we all !", with that they both dived

I was suddenly aware of something warm engulfing my cock, it was Dad,
underwater. When he came up for air he kissed me on the lips, I returned
the pleasure. I heard Billy's voice saying "you've never kissed me like
that Dad", to which he did not reply he just moved in front of his son and
took him in his arms and commenced a passionate kiss.

"We ought to rescue dinner" Dad said, breaking from our embrace.

We moved slowly out of the water, Dad and I hand in hand, Billy and John
also. We all had stiff cocks. We dried off by the fire, helping each
other too. Dad suggested that we remain nude as it was a warm evening and
we had the fire also. We all liked the idea. Dad's cock was dripping
pre-cum, I could not resist it or allow it to go to waste, so every now and
then I would take his cock in my hand and lick off the juice. John
suggested to Billy that he should be doing that for his father also, he
promptly complied.

We sat around our fire, naked and ate our meal, we had been consuming large
amounts of water over the previous hour or so and the Dad's had been
consuming similar quantities of beer. I asked if Billy and I could have
some, Dad said "only after it has been processed", we all caught his
meaning and laughed. The meal was over and the pots washed. My bladder
was fit to explode.

"Who's for a shower then" John said. We all agreed that we couldn't have
left it much longer. After a brief discussion we decided to take a chance
and go to the showers nude, but take our towels. We headed for the shower
block enjoying our nakedness. On the way John suggested that we did not
all piss at once but try and hold some back to extend our pleasure. I
asked if I could go first because I was really uncomfortable. We entered
the block and went into the very basic communal shower. John had the idea
that he, Dad and Billy should kneel in front of me while I pee. I didn't
care, by then I was desperate.

As they were organising themselves my control went and I started pissing a
high pressure jet at the three of them, they were massaging my piss into
eachother. I kept moving my stream about, making sure that I was getting
them all over. They all had a taste but John wanted most he kept saying
"In my mouth, Tim", I moved closer and put my pissng cock just in front of
his mouth, he gulped down all I had to offer. At the same time as this
Billy got to his feet and started spraying his golden nectar all over my
Dad. Some was going on me too. Billy moved in closer on Dad and copied
what I had been doing with John. Dad was slurping at the fountain. Billy
and I had both finished and were being licked off by each other's father.

"Let's swap, I'm bursting" Dad said. We reversed places and did not have
to wait long before two hard man-cocks were unloading their bounty, in our
mouths, our hair, on our cocks - all over us. As the flows subsided, John
said "suck me Tim" so I took his cock in my mouth and received his final
dribbles, before getting to work on his throbbing member. I was fascinated
by his shaved body and was stroking around his pubic region, he responded
vigourously thrusting his cock forward.

Billy had commenced work on my Dad's cock and we were both giving the job
our full attention. John ghasped and pulled back, he shot his load into my
face and the second shot onto Dad's cock as Billy sucked him. This must
have been too much for Dad, he too stepped back, he blasted a load of cum
into Billy's mouth then turned to me for the final one. Our mouths and
faces were covered in come. Dad said "kiss Billy, Tim" I lent over and out
mouths connected, we were passing come back and forth and licking it off
each other. I felt a warm flow hitting our faces and realised that John
had started to pee again. We lapped and the piss hitting each others
faces. Dad stepped forward and a second stream started. Billy and I were
engulfed in piss and continued to kiss open mouthed throughout.

When the it was all over we showered and whilst soaping eachother up I
realised that I hadn't come. I worked my cock and Dad noticed. "do you
need to unload, son", "yes" I replied. John said "how about up Billy
arse", "I've been working on him but he is not ready for me yet - you try".
I did not know what to do, but John and Dad assisted, lined me up and told
me when to push. There was resistance at first but I was soon buried in to
my wispy pubes, "Move in and out" Dad said, I started and the feelings I
had just experienced multiplied. My movements became faster and faster and
with a grunt, I exploaded into Billy's arse. I hugged Billy to me and
stayed inside him for as long as I could.

Eventually we had to separate and John said "Maybe your Dad will do that
for me one day" Dad replied "No maybe about it, maybe tonight the Boys
should sleep in one tent and us in the other"

John laughed saying "if that's the case there won't be much sleeping done"

"That's the general idea" Dad said and kissed John on the mouth.

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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Father And Son Camp