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Nifty - Gay - Camping - My Best Friends Dad

Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 14:41:06 -0500
Subject: My Best Friend's Dad

Growing up my family was immense divided, it was set when my brother and me
were very young, my mother would raise me and my father would raise my
brother each their own way. Because of this agreement I was not very close
with my dad what so ever. My dad always gave my brother everything he
wanted, but because my mom could not work due to a sickness I got next to
nothing because she would have to go through my father to get money and he
would say no. Needless to say I grew up yearning for a "father figure" that
was worth respect.

At a young age I began looking at men more than just "guys" as early
as the age of 8 I remember looking at men in pools trying to see their
cocks through their bathing suits etc. Around that same time me and an
older friend who at the time was around 11 started to "experiment". We
played with one another's cocks sucked one another off not really
understanding the enjoyment that was to come.

It was not until the summer before High school that I really begin to
understand what "sex" was. I lost my virginity to a girlfriend when I was
14, during that summer, it just did not do it for me. I still found myself
dreaming of sexual acts with older men, like my fathers age, trying to fill
that void I felt due to the division of my family.

In High School 80% of my friends were female, many of them coming from
families where the only male in their families was their father, quite the
opposite of me. Which is most likely what drew me to them. My best friend
through most of this we'll call "Christy" was one such friend, who had two
sisters and her mother, father being the only man in the house. Christy and
me became real close during High School, as well did her family, and me
including her dad.

Her family always made it clear that they liked me and I enjoyed them
a lot as well. Because her father had only daughters, when his buddies were
planning a Father son camping trip he felt left out. Feeling awkward he
asked Christy to ask me if I would go with him. My obvious answer was "of
course" (always thought he was hot)

We planned it all out and that Friday evening around 6pm we headed to
the campsite with the rest of the guys, it was about a one-hour boat ride
into the bay on an island one of the guys owned. We all picked an area to
pitch our tents and met around a fire around 9 to do the regular camp songs
etc. (remember I am 18 at this point and camp songs are not as exciting yet
were fun either way). Most of the Fathers by 11pm or so had had enough beer
to start getting funny and loud telling stories of past sexual experiences
etc. they went on and on about how they "banged that hot chick in high
school at our age" etc.

It was getting late and we planned on all going fishing early the
following morning so we all decided to hit the sac. As me and Rich
(Christy's dad) crawled into our tents he mentioned how hot it was (as it
was still around 30 Celsius that summer night) I agreed it was quite warm.
He asked if I minded if he took off his pants, because we were all wearing
pants to avoid bug bites. I was not opposed to the idea hoping to get a
glimpse of something interesting. Rich also took off his shirt, this is
what I saw: rich is about 6'2 football player build slight 40yr old guys
gut (huge turn on for me) and more hair than I had ever seen on a person
(another HUGE turn on). I could see the bulge in his Boxer-briefs, which
quite frankly nearly made me breathless. I assumed it was ok for me to
remove some clothing as well, so I stripped to my boxers as well.

All the tents were quite far from one another, for no other reason
than the island was rocky and hard to find flat areas to pitch them, so
talking freely was easy with no one close enough to hear. Rich started
talking about the campfire and all the guys bragging their victories of the
hot blond in High School and asked if I had done any HOT chicks at school.
I said a few, but noting memorable. He replied with some stories of his
high school days and all the chicks he banged. As he told me I noticed the
bulge in his boxers getting harder. He kept talking and some how worked his
way to asking me if I had ever got my dick sucked buy a guy. Not knowing
what to say I told him the truth, "yes a few times". Just as I said that I
noticed him "adjust" himself. He asked "BY WHO" is a semi-surprised voice.
So I told him about my friend when I was 8 and another friend when I was 14
(leaving out many in-between not knowing his reaction) he said something
along the lines of "oh that's cool" so I returned the question. He
hesitantly answered "yes a few too" so I asked who, he told me his buddy
and some random guys while working one their security systems (which he
installed for a living) I was BLOWN AWAY.

This was all followed by about 10 minutes of silence, and then he
cleared this throat. And asked "are you still into that?" excited but
scared I asked "why" and he asked if he could take off his boxers so of
course I replied with "only if I can to" which was basically YES I'M INTO

We both stripped buck ass naked, and my lord I nearly choked, in front
of me was Christy, my best friends, fathers 7" HARD cock, and his groin was
as hairy as the rest of him, right up the shaft of his cock which was
AWESOME. He played with it a little then asked if he could touch mine, HELL
YES I said :) so he did and I followed by stroking his. Hoping no one else
around could hear any of this.

About 2-3 minutes of stroking he slowly moved down and began to suck
my cock no words just actions, I was in heaven, mind you wanting to get at
his hot hairy meat stick. I quickly blew my load like an 18 year old does,
but also rushed to get my lips on his cock, amazed he actually swallowed my
cum, slowly went down on him, licking the head of his cock, then his hairy
shaft, moving down and sucking his balls then back up, up and down slowly
until he grabbed my head forcing his cock deep into my throat as he cam
more cum than I thought possible it overflowed all over his cock and I
slurped all that RIGHT up, when I looked up the smile on his face said it
all, and I hoped this would not be the last time we "played".

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Nifty - Gay - Camping - My Best Friends Dad