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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Nudist Camping - Nudist Camping 2

Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 20:13:03 -0500
From: JTC <>
Subject: Nudist Camping 2


Warning: The usual stuff applies here like if you're too young or don't
like to read gay stories.

The story is 100% fiction and is a figment of my imagination.

Please don't copy without my consent.

Remember this is fiction so in real life cover up.

Waking up with the sun shining brightly on this nice early June Saturday, I
lay in my sleeping bag just staring at the tent walls. The night before I
had my first experience with a guy and found it to be as enjoyable as any I
had with women over my years despite not having intercourse with Ben. He
was as tentative as I was at the beginning but soon got into it. It took
some nerve knowing I was sucking another guy's dick. It is a hard thing to
admit but I was attracted to him and the other gay guys I had meet since
coming to this great nudist park. I lay there in my thoughts and trying to
make sense of what was really going with me.

I rose and went to take a leak before using some mouthwash to rid the awful
taste in my mouth. I looked to see it was about 8:30, could hear the birds
chirping away and watched some squirrels playing near my small tent.
Reaching in my cooler, it was nothing but water with my drinks floating. I
found some orange juice to drink. While finishing the juice, I heard
someone coming in my direction. It was Ben with some stubble growing on
his tan face and his hair a mess.

"Wassup?" I asked.

"Just seeing if you were up."

"I have been up for a while."

He walked close to me. "Thanks for last night. I have to admit I enjoyed

"I enjoyed it as well. Any regrets?"

He smiled, "We didn't go further." He took a seat. "Nick, I have to admit
it was hot as hell with you."

"I feel the same way."

"You know I'm starting to wonder if maybe there's a hidden reason why I
have never been able to stay with a girl very long. The longest I've ever
dated one was two months. Then I get bored and break it off. I just
thought I was scared of getting too close."

I rubbed the stubble on my chin. "Maybe I'm in the same boat as you now
that you say that."

"Now I can hear people saying that my nudist lifestyle is changing me and
why I want get naked to see other guy's dicks. I love being nude and
always have. I've slept naked before puberty. Every chance I got growing
up I'd lose my clothes and run around the house buck naked when no one was
at home. I don't guess you could do that, huh?"

"Not growing up I couldn't or in college really. It was my second roommate
that slept nude so I gave it a try and have ever since. I run around my
small apartment naked at night a lot."

"Sweet! I really wanna get my own place next year so I can do the same
thing. My parents have the cash but for some fucking reason they don't
think I'm mature enough to handle living out on my own," Ben said. "So
you're a nudist as well I guess."

I laughed, "I am and more than I realized. I'll tell you one thing. I
will be back here whenever I can. There wasn't one thing I saw wrong with
what I've done at this point. This park has great potential."

Ben smiled, "It really does with work still ongoing. I'm glad to see other
guys close to my age enjoying this experience...Nick, do you want me to
make us some breakfast?"

"You don't have to. I did bring some cake donuts with me for my
breakfast," I replied. "You wanna just share them with me and help me eat
those since I did bring them with me?"

"Sure," Ben said.

I pulled out the donuts and grabbed more juice. I spread out an old tarp I
had brought rather than just sitting on the bare ground and grass. We ate
the donuts and juice while talking.

We just finished when we heard someone coming our way through the woods.
It was Darrin and Ian, the young guys who were camping near us.

"Someone please tell me you brought toilet paper," Ian said.

"I did," I said.

"We forgot," Darrin stated.

"I've got to take a shit in the worst way and don't want to go up to the
front," Ian said.

I found my roll and handed it to him. He headed off in the woods while
Darrin took a seat.

"Maybe next time, we'll remember to bring everything we need," Darrin

"So you will come back?" Ben asked.

"Oh yeah dude. We really haven't done much but it is so sweet out here.
Ian loves it too," Darrin replied.

"How long did you guys stay last night?" I asked.

"We left right after you did," Darrin said with Ian coming out of the

"Feel better?" Ben asked.

"Much better," Ian said and put the used paper in the trash. "It is weird
taking a shit in the woods. The only negative I've found so far."

"Darrin was just saying how much you loved it here," I commented while Ian
took a seat next to Darrin.

"I do. Darrin and I had the best fucking sex of our..." Ian said only to
have Darrin slap him.

"Ian that is private!" Darrin yelled.

"I don't see a thing wrong with it. You look to be in love. If I had a
girlfriend out here, no doubt we'd had sex," I said.

"See Darrin there's nothing wrong with us having sex," Ian said.

"I know that but you don't have to tell everyone," Darrin said.

"He makes a good point, Ian. I just assumed you did since you are
boyfriends," Ben said.

"Yeah, we're naked too," Ian stated with his arm now around Darrin.

"Dude, I hope you don't associate nudity with sex. It is a lifestyle and
has nothing to do whatsoever with sex. It is the freedom of being nude and
enjoying life," Ben said.

"You're right there," Darrin said. "You know I expected to get a few boners
but I haven't. Once you get used to it, it's no biggie."

"I expected to get a boner too," I admitted.

We continued to chat and wondered if the other four guys that we hung with
the night before were up and ready for the day. Our question was answered
when Harrison and Brad came up. They were sweaty.

"Great day for a nice long run," Harrison commented with sweat all over his
naked muscular body.

"So how was it running naked?" Ian asked.

"You know it was bad at all," Brad replied wiping his brow.

"How did you ever control your dick?" Ian asked.

"It wasn't too bad," Brad replied.

"He'll have bruises on his thighs though," Harrison said. "I don't know
about you guys but my sweaty hot ass is hitting that lake down there."

"So are we doing anything together?" Ben asked. "We talked about it last

"We'll drive or walk up to the beach. There were some people already
there," Harrison said. "See ya."

He and Brad headed to the lake. We could hear the splashing. They came
back soaking wet and headed to their site as did the rest so we could head
to swim at the beach at the main part of this new camp site. I gathered my
things and grabbed some sunscreen even though I survived without it and
could tell I was getting darker.

We drove to the beach and parked. There were maybe a few more people here
than yesterday but should be since it was a Saturday. I grabbed my stuff
before we headed to stake our claim on the manmade beach. I put down my
things and politely asked Ben to rub sunscreen on my back side meaning my
white ass. It was great to see a few families enjoying the beach together.
There were a few older people as well but it was mostly the younger
generation from about mid 40's down.

I rolled over to lay on my stomach. Ian was next to me and commented,
"Look that thing right there."

I looked and saw what he was talking about. A guy with gray hair and a
slight belly had one of the longest cut dicks I'd ever laid eyes on. "You
got that right."

"No wonder he's here," Ian said quietly while I saw a woman walk up to him
and grab his hand.

"Don't judge, Ian. He may enjoy this like we do."

"You're right," Ian said.

We were getting some sun. Harrison jumped up and took Brad by the hand.
"We're going for a swim if anyone else wants to."

Ben on the other side of me popped up. "I will." He ran and caught up
with them. Not longer after that, we were all in the water. Just as we
arrived, I saw Harrison tossing a boy about six or eight at the oldest up
in the air and watched the boy hit the water laughing.

"Again," the boy came up saying.

"Okay," Harrison said, lifted the boy and tossed him up again. The boy was
giggling and really enjoying himself. He was up out of the shallow water
and ready for another toss.

"Hey, you! Stop it!" I heard a deep voice behind me. I turned around to
see a man coming in the water as fast as he could.

"Daddy!" the boy yelled.

"Jonathan, you come with me, now!" the man said. "These guys could hurt

"Sir, he was laughing and having a good time," Harrison said with the boy
stuck between Harrison and his dad.

"I know your kind. Jonathan, you get out of the water right now like I

The boy didn't look real happy but did as he was told. The man walked out
to Harrison. "I better not see you touching my boy again. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," Harrison said.

"Excuse me but I saw everything," a lady said wading over. "I was watching
like any good mother would and saw what was happening. The big guy was
only throwing your boy in the air. I've never heard a kid laughing so much
and having a good time."

"I'm sorry and just assumed something I shouldn't have. You know how
things are today especially after reading about that football coach," the
guy said.

"Sir, I would never ever do anything inappropriate to a kid. I never even
thought about what you mentioned. He actually came up to me and saw us
having fun. I had thrown Brad off my shoulders in the deep end so he
wanted to try it."

The guy extended his wet hand, "Please forgive me. I feel like I owe you
more than an apology for my actions."

"I understand," Harrison said. "I'll take a beer if you got it."

"I have plenty. Stop by and get one as long as you're 21," the guy
said. "All of you old enough stop by too for me showing my ass today."

"I am and turned 21 last March. These guys will attest to that."

"I'll take you at your word like I should have from the beginning. Now
stop by. It will make me feel better."

I leaned over to the nice lady. "Thanks."

"It was no problem at all. He was getting accused of something that he
wasn't doing. Y'all have a good one," she said.

"Thanks!" Harrison said.

"Whoa that almost got really nasty," Casey said.

"It really did," Ian said.

We swam around and did stop by to take up the man's offer. After drinking
a cold one, we headed off to explore the trails. Ben led the way into the
woods with us behind him. With him leading, I got a nice view of his cute
dark ass. I shouldn't even be looking but I couldn't help myself at all.

We made it back to some cliffs like we had riding our bikes yesterday.

"How deep is it?" Harrison asked looking down.

"I've seen people jumping from here," Ben said.

The next thing I knew Harrison was off the side of the cliff into the
water. He went feet first and came up yelling for us to jump. Casey was
next followed by Ian. Now the rest of us stood and looked at each other
for the dare devils had gone first.

"No fucking way," Darrin stated. "My ass is staying here."

"I'm with ya," Rob said.

"Fuck it," I mumbled and headed to the ledge. I jumped forward and began
freefalling what I estimated to be about thirty feet. My feet hit the
refreshing water. I came up looking around to see Harrison, Ian and Casey
applauding me.

"I know Rob is chicken," Casey said in the water.

"Darrin is too and scared of heights," Ian said.

I looked to see Ben coming in our direction. He hit the water near us and
came up shaking his thick dark hair. "That wasn't bad at all," he said.
"Brad might do it but count the other ones out."

"Now how do we get back up there?" Harrison asked.

"I think maybe there's a trail around the corner," Ben said. We looked up
and saw Brad jumping. Harrison waited and gave him a big kiss for his
effort. We swam around and found the path that led back up to the top.

"Chicken shits," Harrison said once we saw the other two.

"I'll admit I am," Darrin said. "Ian will tell ya."

"I did," Ian said and wrapped his arm around Darrin's waist. "I still love
you though."

"Keep saying that and you'll be a great couple," Harrison said. "I tell
Brad that every morning when he finally wakes up."

We walked back and made it back to our vehicles. We talked about hanging
at the beach but decided to head back to camp. We separated and went to
our tents with plans to have dinner together that night with everyone
bringing their own stuff to Harrison's site.

Again, I checked my phone and saw nothing. I kicked back in my chair with
a cold one in my hand. It was peaceful again with a slight breeze blowing
to make the weather bearable. Never could I have fathomed meeting some
people and having a great time in doing so. I was resided to the fact I'd
be alone and enjoying things like I did everyday in my small apartment like
I had since I graduated college two years ago with a small interruption by
some nasty ass girl.

Since it was bring your own, I grabbed my hot dogs and buns along with a
fresh six pack of Bud Lite and went to find Ben. He was sitting in his
chair and asleep. I nudged him and about scared him half to death. He
gathered a few things since I had enough for both of us. We saw Ian and
Darrin coming our way and stopped to wait on the two young guys with Ian
having his phone stuck in his ear. He quickly hung up and ran back to
leave his phone at their tent.

"His mom was calling to check up on him," Darrin commented.

"I called my folks to tell them I was okay too but they could have cared
less," Ben stated while we waited.

"Fucking mom would not let me go," Ian said after he ran back.

"So what does she think of you and Darrin out here?" I asked.

"She's cool with it but Dad's not..."

"Your dad is a dick," Darrin stated.

"Tell me about it. He's not been the same since I came out," Ian stated
while we walked with our food. "He thinks one day I'll change."

"Darrin, what do your parents think?" Ben asked.

"Well... finally I think they're coming to terms with it. My dad and
brother laughed like crazy when I told them I was coming here," Darrin

We made it to the other guy's site. Harrison and Brad were sitting in
their chairs and enjoying a beer while Casey was back manning the grill
they had brought. I handed sat down my hot dogs and buns before pulling
out a beer to enjoy. I looked over and saw Ian's little ass bend over
taking out a beer.

"I'll be okay, Darrin. I promise I won't get drunk," Ian said.

"You said that graduation night and I had to drag your drunk ass home,"
Darrin said. "He thinks he can handle his stuff but he can't."

"Fuck you, bitch! I can handle my shit!" Ian growled with the beer in his

"Here now," Harrison said to be peacemaker. "We don't need the two little
hotties fighting."

"Tell me you and Brad don't argue," Ian said and opened the can.

"We do," Brad said. "It's just stupid shit too."

"Rob and I do too and almost broke up two months ago until those two sat us
down and hashed out our problems," Casey stated.

"It happens to all of us. Whatever you do let some girl take your shit
after you took her back," I commented.

"Now that is some shit right there and why my ass is gay," Ian stated.

"No, your little ass is gay because you like fucking guys instead of
girls," Harrison stated.

"I know that's right," Ian said. "But Darrin's the only guy I've ever

"Ah that is so sweet. You gave your cherries to each other," Rob said.

"We did," Darrin said and kissed each other. "It was so great as most of
you know."

"Amen there brother," Harrison said. "I was your age when I got my cherry
popped. I'll tell you right now Brad is not the only guy to fuck me."

"No shit, you were a little slut before I came along," Brad said.

"I was too," Rob stated. "You have to see what's out there before you
decide for sure. I do wish you two the best and hopes it works out in the
end for you."

"I do too," Ian stated.

Ben was sitting next to me while we took this all in. Finally Casey began
grilling the dogs and some chicken they had brought.

"You know it's a shame that tomorrow we all leave and go our separate
ways," Harrison said. "I really have enjoyed meeting you guys and hanging
out with you."

Casey turned, "Yeah, I agree."

"You know we could meet again here say Fourth of July weekend," Ben spoke
up. "I already have my spot reserved."

"Sweet," Harrison stated and took a drink. "It falls on a Wednesday, huh?"

"It does but I'm here from Tuesday to Sunday and would love to see all of
you again," Ben said.

"Dudes, I don't see why we can't at least come on Tuesday. If we have to
work we can go back and return Friday for the weekend," Harrison said.
"Hotties, you up for it?"

"We'll see what our folks say first but hell yeah I am," Darrin said.

"It won't be much longer before you won't be asking," Brad said. "After my
first year in college, I just told them where I was going and let them deal
with it."

"Awesome," Ian said. "I can't wait then. I'm so ready to get out from
under their control."

"Nick, what did you do since you were away from the orphanage during the
summer?" Harrison asked.

"I rented an apartment for the summer and just stayed around campus every
year. I did live with a buddy each summer," I replied.

"At least you didn't have to worry with someone telling you what to do,"
Casey said cooking near us.

"You know you say that but sometimes you wish you did. I'm luckier than
some of the others from the home. I know two guys that just can't make it
out there. They are nothing but druggies now. It is really sad since we
have no one to turn to when there is trouble or get in our face when we're
fucking up," I commented.

"He's right there. If any of us mess up, we can run home and have someone
there that loves us. I know I have and had that luxury," Harrison said.

"How?" Darrin asked.

"I was in a bad relationship with this guy. I did some shit I shouldn't
have and will leave it at that," Harrison said.

"He beat the shit out of a guy," Brad stated.

"Thanks a lot, asshole!" Harrison said. "I about went to jail for that shit
too. I've learned my lesson and did have my parents to lean on when I was
down in the dumps."

"Brad that was personal," Rob said. "Casey and I know but I don't think he
wanted everyone to know."

"It's cool," Harrison said.

We finally ate what Casey had grilled up. I was hungry so the hot dogs
tasted great and had two to fill me up while I was drinking. After we ate,
we just sat around drinking with Ian really not drinking much as the rest
of us were.

Just as the sun faded in the west over the lake, Ben quietly told me he was
ready to leave. I wasn't ready but did decide to go with him.

As we were walking, I asked, "Why are we leaving so soon?"

"I want to be with you and you alone if that is okay."

I smiled, "It's okay. Are you thinking we have something going here?"

"Ummm... maybe but it could be just a dream."

"Well, I hope we do because I really do like you a lot. Don't ask me why
but I do."

"Ain't weird how it has just happened. It was like we are destined to be
with each other."

"It's very weird," I said.

We made it to his tent site. We sat on the ground with him turning on a
small lantern. Ben leaned over and kissed me with so much passion.

"If you don't stop, we're going to end doing something we may regret," I
said after breaking the kiss.

"It'll be nothing I'll regret at all. You are so sexy and don't really
know it."

"I think you are as well. I love how your build and how hot you are. I
never thought I'd tell another guy he was hot."

"Me either but I like the sound of it," he said and leaned back over to
kiss me.

I grabbed and pulled him on top of me while we were really making out like
crazy. I could feel his dick getting hard between and loved feeling it.

"Man this is crazy," he said and continued. I reached up and loved feeling
his ass. It was different somewhat than any girl I had been with in that
fact it was just a little hairy. He broke the kiss and kissed my neck. He
moved down and sucked on my nipples that really excited me. He reached
down and grabbed my dick before leaning over and licking the head.

He started stroking my dick which grew to its full 8 and half hard inches.
He was lick my dick and playing with my balls before resuming to lick under
my hood.

"You are so at ease tonight," I commented.

"I am and love it too," he said.

"Feels great," I said and watched him open his mouth and begin going down
on my dick. I leaned back on my elbows and felt such great pleasure. He
was doing his best and was only taking just a little of me. He stopped and
kissed up my body until finding my lips.

I broke the kiss and said, "You were so great."

He smiled while I moved down to worship his chest. I sucked on his small
nipples and ran my tongue down his abs. I looked up and began licking his
dick all over. I sucked his nuts before opening my mouth to his nice 6
inches. He let out a deep sigh when my mouth covered the head. I was
sucking him while letting one hand roam his nice lower body.

"OOO Nick, yes baby," he moaned and was so relaxed.

I stopped for a moment. "Are you loving this?"

"I fucking love it dude," he said. I went back down and wanted to please
him as much as he had pleased me. I could smell his musk while his dick
was in my mouth. I tested my gag reflex and saw it wasn't happening so I
pulled back. I continued to suck and lick him before he grabbed me by the
arm. I found his soft lips and kissed him with such lust for him.

"Can I fuck you?" he asked.

I let the words sink in and did hear he wanted to fuck me. "Yes, I want
you to fuck me."

He took my hand and led me to his tent where he had a sleeping bag similar
to mine on top of a large air mattress. We kissed and stroked each other
while doing so. He leaned over and pulled out condoms and a packet of

"I see you are prepared," I commented.

"Well these have been here since I brought that girl. I hope they are
still good," he said.

"I'm sure they are. Ben, remember I've never been fucked. I hear it

"Nick, I promise I won't hurt you. If it hurt too much, we can just keep
sucking each other's dicks."

He opened the lube while I rolled over on my side. He stuck his finger up
to my ass and soon had it in my virgin ass. It was too bad at all. He
inserted another finger which was a little less pleasing. Then came a
third which tested my pain tolerance. I began doubting that I could take
his dick. "Nick, your ass is really tight."

"I know it is and for damn good reason too," I said. "So how do you want
to fuck me?"

"I guess maybe lay on your stomach," he answered.

I rolled over and looked behind to see him unrolling the condom onto his
hard dick. He pushed my legs apart and stuck his covered dick at my ass.
I felt great pressure and tried to allow him in me. I knew I had to push
out to allow him in me. He pulled back and put on more lube. He stuck his
dick back at my hole while I waited to push out. I pushed out and felt his
dick going in me.

"OOO fuck," I moaned.

"Does it hurt?"

"A little bit," I said but it did hurt.

He tried pushing in deeper and slipped out. Now we had to go through this
same routine again. This time it was easier but just as painful. I could
feel his dick sliding into my ass. He stopped and left his dick in me.
"I'm all the way in. Are you okay?"

"Just give me a minute," I strained to say. I was breathing hard and
hoping I could do this. After a minute or so, the pain begin to fade
somewhat. I turned my head, "Fuck me, Ben."

"OOO Nick, your ass is so fuckin hot, dude," Ben said.

"Go ahead and fuck me."

He starting fucking me slowly. It didn't hurt too much and started feeling
really good after a few pushes. The problem was he kept slipping out. I
suggested we changes positions. I got on my back and threw my feet against
his chest to allow him to fuck me. He applied more lube and went back in
me. The look on his face was one of pure delight.

I put my hands around his neck and could feel his dick moving in and out.
He was hitting the right spot and had me moaning. I heard his skin
slapping against mine while our breathing was loud. I couldn't believe I
was getting fucked and understood why girls moaned when I fucked them with
my big dick. Even his 6 inches had me moaning and saying `fuck yeah' with
every push.

He leaned over and kissed me before leaning back up.

"Fuck me harder, Ben. Fuck me!" I said.

"You like this as much as I do."

"I do," I said and could feel him starting to really fuck my ass. I was
astonished at how much I enjoyed getting fucked. It felt great once the
pain was gone.

He grunted, "OOO fuck, Nick!" I could feel his dick throbbing and knew he
was firing his load into the condom. He quivered all over and pulled out
of me. He collapsed right on top of me with his head on my shoulder.
"Fucking awesome."

He rolled off me while I began stroking my hard dick. It didn't take long
before I was cumming. It was a great orgasm and left me lifeless for a
moment until feeling his lips.

"How was it?" he asked.

"Better than I ever could imagined because I had the perfect guy fucking

"Yeah because my dick ain't very big. Your monster would have had me
screaming so loud everyone would have heard us."

I smiled and kissed his cheek, "Well, the night is still rather young."

"I guess it is," he said. He pulled me up from his mattress and kept hold
of my hand.

We sat down near the lantern after we both took a piss. "Man, I feel my
entire world has been turned upside down. Yeah I wanted to try having sex
with a guy. The only part is I didn't realize I fall for him," Ben said
with his hand on my knee.

"I've fallen for you too even before we had sex. I don't know what it was
but I felt that connection between us."

Ben dropped his head, "Please tell me this is not the end of us though."

"I really hope not. I've been disappointed before so many times if it is

"Dude, I'll make it happen if I have to come see you on weekends or
whatever the case."

"Ben, this is happening so fast let's go home and assess things before we
do anything irrational. Maybe we could start slow like coming here the
Fourth and seeing if the magic is still there."

"Yeah, it has been going so fast but it feels so damn right," he said.

"You have to consider the consequences way more than I do if something does

"Fuck, you're right there. You're so lucky. You can be with me and never
have to come out."

"That's what I was talking about but we need to admit to ourselves we are
bi. I really don't think we're gay though."

"Oh I agree there, dude. Those dudes are gay and would never touch a girl
whereas we would and have," Ben said.

"So let's agree to just wait before doing anything," I said.

"I agree with you. Do you think maybe being around those guys influenced
us any?"

"I don't think so since I wanted to do something with you if you were
willing. Something told me I had found the right guy that was willing to

"You did and I have been waiting as well," he laughed.

We sat together, talked and kissed. I stood, "Ben just for the sake of not
being caught, I'll sleep in my tent tonight."

"I understand. I've been told I snore like a freight train," he said. "Oh
be sure and put your stuff in your tent. It may rain later in the night."

I looked above and did see some dark clouds. "Thanks for the warning.
I'll see you tomorrow." I kissed him and walked back over to my tent.

I crawled in my tent and lay there thinking for a moment about what had
just happened. I have always enjoyed sex with women and never thought I
could find the same real enjoyment with a guy even though I was curious
about it. I did see gay stuff on the internet when I was home and bored
after the boredom of straight porn had set in. I also knew I was falling
for him but wasn't sure I'd feel the same way back at home and in my normal

Ben was right about it raining as it came a nice shower during the early
morning hours. I was prepared and had my stuff stored away in my SUV. It
also was nice since it would make packing up tomorrow quicker. I rose
about 9 and went out onto the wet ground in my bare feet.

I was sitting in my chair when Ben came walking up about 15 minutes later.

"See I told you it was gonna rain," he said.

"You did," I smiled. He walked over and kissed me.

"Thanks for last night. I think you are right. Let's see what happens.
However... I was wondering if you could come in two weeks to camp with me."

"I'll see what I can do but I'm pretty sure I can make it but I may be
running late on Friday."

"That doesn't matter as long as you show up. We can see how it goes then.
Get this. Darrin and Ian are coming for sure with the other four a maybe."

"Well then I might have to make definite plans," I said.

After I ate, we found the others down in the lake.

"Hey did anyone get wet last night?" Ben asked them.

"Our stuff did," Ian stated from the water.

"Just a little of our things did since we put it up every night to keep the
coons from getting in it," Casey replied. "You guys come on in."

Ben and I jumped in the water and swam out to them. We swam around and had
a great time with the sun back out with a little cooler weather. It was
Harrison's big idea for us to battle with their boyfriends on each other's
shoulders. Ben decided he was stronger and took me on his shoulders. It
was easy knocking off Darrin from Ian's shoulders. The real battle came
getting Brad from Harrison's big shoulders. I didn't succeed and ended up
taking both of us for a plunge.

We laid around in the sun with a few swimming. We were alone thus allowing
the other guys to freely show their affection. I wasn't ready to show mine
publicly to Ben. It was hot seeing them go at it especially the passion
Ian and Darrin showed each other. I really hoped they would make since
they were just too cute together.

Finally about four, I guess, we decided to call it a weekend.

"No one is to leave until we all say goodbye," Harrison said.

"I agree," Ben said.

I headed up and took down my tent. The worst part was finding my clothes
and putting them back on. If nothing else, I had the beginnings of a nice
overall tan like I so desired. It signaled the end of one hell of a trip.

We stood around at Harrison's and said goodbye with lots of hugs. The four
knew we were returning but still uncertain if they could. Walking back Ben
and I bid farewell to Ian and Darrin and would see them again soon.

The others were gone while Ben and I stood looking at each other. I looked
to see him smiling. I went over and hugged him while we were now fully

"Ben, it is just for a little while and then we'll see what happens."

Ben still smiling, "I know and it is probably best."

I got in my SUV and started out towards the entrance. This time a young
man waved at me as I left. I hated leaving but had come away knowing this
wouldn't be the last time I was there. I had made friends rather easily.
This place would always hold a special place for me since it is where I got
my cherry busted. I hoped it wouldn't be the last time I had a man in me
but I didn't know what would happen.


I really hope you enjoyed the second chapter. I loved hearing from the
ones that wrote me after the first chapter. It was great. If you want to
write me, please do so at I'd love to hear from you.

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