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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Suck And Ride


Notice : Even though this story is written in "I" narrative, it is total fiction. Any similarity
between any character in this story and any real person is purely coincidental.

"Suck & Ride" by Avitar <>

It was a hot Saturday in late June. My friends and I had been water skiing and riding my Sea-Doo
all day at an area lake. My friends were Jerry and Bill, who owned a computer store and one of
their technicians, Terry. My ex-lover, James had worked for them until about a month ago. He
had decided he was being treated unfairly and quit. He became enraged when I wouldn't break
my friendship with Jerry and Bill. This incident caused us to go our separate ways. I was not as
heart broken as you might would think, in fact, I was relieved. We had been together for a year
and a half. He was wonderful sex but always had a chip on his shoulder about how everyone else
got the breaks in life instead of him.

It was around 6 pm, everyone was getting hungry. It was decided to go into town to a restaurant
instead of the usual sandwiches. I volunteered to stay behind to guard the campsite. Terry's car
are barely out of sight when a teenage boy walked up. I am usually not attracted to boys his age.
Even when I was in my teens, over 10 years ago, I was always attracted to guys a few years older
than myself. Now I like the late 20's to early 30's. The boy was quite handsome with dark wavy
hair. His chest was more skinny than developed. Surprisingly, he was wearing very faded jean
cut-offs rather than the baggy down to the knee type boys wear today. The fabric over the
generous mound in the front appeared more worn, probably from a lot of rubbing. The ass was
filled nicely. His eyes were dark brown. He appeared to have Hispanic blood but not fully.

"Hi, that your Sea-Doo?" he asked.
"Yes", I replied.
"Would you give me a ride on it?"
"I don't even know you, kid."
"My name's Tony," he offered.
"Mine's Larry".
I've been watching're really good on it," he said.
"Thanks,..........I don't let me people ride unless they're sixteen and I know how well they can
handle it."
"I only want to ride, not Drive,.....I don't know how, but I am sixteen", he added.
"Who are you with, here at the lake?" I questioned.
"My parents are camped in our Fifth Wheel Camper around the bend there," he answered.
"Guess we will have to get your parents permission then."
"Oh....." he responded looking dejected, "Guess I won't get to ride then", as he looked at the
ground and shifted nervously.
"Cause dad thinks they're too dangerous and he won't let me," he replied.
" want a coke or something?
"Sure, a coke" he replied.

I got him a coke and we sat around talking. The subject got around to riding again.

"Is there anything I can do to get a ride?" he asked desperately, "Anything!"
I laughed, "Kid, you need to be careful who you make offers like that to."
"Cause you might say it to Gay person and they might want to take advantage of you."
"Yeah, I know,...........................................are you gay", he boldly asked.
"Are you gay?" I responded.
"Nah, I got a girlfriend."
"Why did you ask me if I'm gay?"
"Cause I've been watching all afternoon and you guy's don't have any girls with you. That other
guy, the one driving the car, he acts and walks like a girl," he offered.
"I guess you're pretty observant...would it matter if I was gay?"
"Nah, I know all about'm." he responded.
"You do...tell me what all you know about gays."
"Well, .................I guess I don't really know that best friend told me about this guy
that sucks him off whenever he wants. He says it's much better than when his girlfriend does it to
"What about your girlfriend, has she ever blown you?" I asked.
"Nah, I tried to get her to but she just won't", he explained.

Now I knew what he wanted. He thought he could get me to let him ride if he let me suck him.
Sometimes the raging hormones of teenagers can make them very resourceful. I was amused by
this young man, but wanted to have a little fun with him first.

"Yeah, I can imagine that could be frustrating when your all horny. I really like to fuck guys in
the ass with my big cock more than sucking their little dicks."

Tony's face fell....he was crushed....all his hopes disappeared, "Guess I had better go", he
"No need to rush off, maybe we can work something out," I told him. The thought of actually
doing anything with him had only vaguely entered my mind.
"Really, what?" he asked.
" I could give you a ride for nothing", I told him.
"Really", his face brightened for a few seconds but faded quickly in disappointment. He had
achieved only half his goal.
"Or, just maybe we could work else something else out. I think I know what you want but you
will have to ask me. You're too young for me to proposition," I explained.
He sat chewing his lower lip, looking me directly in the eyes, "I guess I could let you suck me if
you give me a ride." I didn't know if the slight tremble in his voice was fear or excitement.
"Tony, that's a statement, that's not the same as asking, you have to ask straight out or it's no
He thought for a few seconds trying to find the right words, "Would you suck me and then give
me a ride?" He was trembling harder as he waited for my answer.

My logic told me he was too young, but my heart knew I had teased him beyond a point of no
return. It made me feel all warm inside knowing I was about to make this guy's wildest dreams
come true.
"Yes, I will!" I answered.
"REALLY", he said almost screaming. "Right now?"
"Where you wanna do it?" he exclaimed.
"Well, we could do in the camper on the back of my truck, but there's more room in my friends
motor home. Lets go."

Once we were in the motor home, I pulled the curtains. He was still trembling with the
excitement of the moment.

"Whata' I do?" he gasped.
"You start by getting out of those shorts."
"No problem," he said as he unbuttoned, pulled both shorts and briefs down to the floor and
stepped out of them. A huge grin was plastered all over his face. He was a very beautiful guy
except for his skinny chest. In a couple of years he would be near perfect. His hard cock was
approaching 6" and was about one and a quarter inches wide. At first I thought he was
circumcised since the head was the same color as the shaft. Then I noticed the little collar of skin
around the ridge of the head. I thought, he must keep the skin pulled back to look like other
boys. His nuts were typical teenager, not big but not small and hairless. He had a nice bush
above his cock with a faint trail beginning towards his navel. His cock throbbed with excitement,
I knew he wouldn't last long.

I dropped to my knees in front of him. His cock was standing straight up giving me easy access
to his balls. Without ceremony, I sucked both at once into my hot mouth. He gasped loudly as I
gently sucked and tongued. After a few seconds, I pulled off, going for the meat. I knew he was
going to blow any second. His hardness was just barely long enough to slide into my throat. I
made a few quick stokes to get him fully wet. I started to suck hard, ramming my face fully into
his crotch.

"Oh shit man, so fucking good..... Oh no.... you better stop.....I'm gonna cum", he rasped.
I sucked harder.
"Oh.......Oh........OH !!!! I'M CUMMING !!!!!
I felt the first jolt as it blasted the back of my mouth, then the second, and the third. My mouth
was flooded. I swallowed taking his cum and shooting rod into my throat. He was on his toes
trying to push deeper, his hands on my head to keep from falling, his legs were trembling. After
about a half a minute, I pulled off as he collapsed onto the floor.

"Oh shit man, I never felt so incredible in my whole life....that was better than fucking a girl" he
exclaimed and then added, "I can't believe you took my cum."
"Why not?" I asked.
"My friend told me the other guy took his but I didn't believe him. I tasted mine once, it was
totally gross."
"I guess some people just like, some learn to like it and others never do."
"Yeah, I guess so," he responded.
"Did you like your first blow job?" I asked.
"You bet your fucking ass I did. Thanks a lot, I've been wanting one for a long time."
"Was it better than you thought?"
"Hell yes !!!" was his reply.
"Glad you enjoyed it," I said.
"Can I have my ride now?" he asked, grinning from ear to ear.
"Sure, let's go".

As we were pulling away from shore, he pointed in a direction, asking me not to go that way so
his parents wouldn't see. I complied. We rode for about 20 minutes. I showed him how to do
180's and 360's. Then I took him back to shore. I knew he wanted more but I had a surprise for
I told him to get back on and drive it by himself.

"WOW !", he exclaimed as bounced onto the seat. He fell off the first couple of 180's he tried.
Soon he had the hang of it, riding like a pro. I felt good watching him doing something he had
wanted for a long time.

He had just arrived back at shore when Terry, Jerry and Bill returned. As we were walking back
to the campsite, Terry remarked, "New meat on the block".
"Shut Up Terry !" I warned.
"Yeah....Right," he shrieked as he swivelled away.

Tony looked at me saying he had better get back for dinner. He asked if he could return later. I
assured him he could if he kept his mouth shut about what had happened earlier. Not a problem,
was his answer.

Darkness had arrived. We all sat around chatting, but no Tony. I figured he had gotten into
trouble with his parents. Being exhausted from a day of hard skiing, everyone decided to turn in
for the night. The others were sleeping in the mobile and I in my truck camper. I was the last one
in. I was laying naked about to jack off when I heard a small knock on the camper shell. Tony
quickly crawled in when I opened the door.

"Sorry it took me....shit, you've got a big dick," he exclaimed.
"Not really, probably less than a couple inches longer than yours. In a couple of years, you'll be
about the same size."
"I know, I can hardly wait. Say, you think we can do it again and I can ride again tomorrow?"
"Sure, if you want."
"You bet" as he shucked his cut-offs.

I took a little more time licking and nibbling his body as I had earlier. He was moaning and
squirming. I had to tell him to keep his voice down. Finally, I began to suck his balls. He lifted
his ass to meet my mouth. I lifted his legs towards his chest, letting his sweet nuts slip from my
mouth and began my journey to his hole. Kissing, nibbling, licking my way slowly. He was in
ecstasy. My tongue found it's mark, probing his hole. Suddenly, he clamped his cheeks, bucking
downwards away from my tongue. I think he thought he was about to get dicked and panicked..
I went for his hard cock to get his mood back. He softly whimpered as the intensity of my
sucking increased. In less than 30 seconds, I felt his cock enlarging. This time he didn't ask me
stop. He grabbed my head and started to roughly fuck my face. He was hot, he wanted to ram
everything he could into my eager throat. His cock was lodged fully as his eruption flooded out,
wave after wave gushed. My face was buried deep into his groin, still he tried to push deeper. He
was gyrating, grinding, straining, anything to push deeper. There was nothing more to give, I had
it all.

After his breathing became normal, I felt his hand groping for my hard-on. He found it quickly,
squeezed lightly, stoked it a couple times.

"Want me to jack you off", he whispered.
"Sure....if you want do"

Nothing more was said as he started to slow stoke my aching cock. I never made it to climax. I
feel asleep.

A couple hours later, I awoke startled. It took a few seconds to realize where I was and what
was happening. Dick and balls were gently being rubbed on my face. I felt the wet lips sliding up
and down my straining cock. It was apparent he had never done this before.

"Suck it like a straw...move your tongue around on it," I hoarsely whispered. He complied.

He moved on top me in a 69 position. However, it was not his cock he rubbed against my lips. I
sucked in his nuts, savoring the taste of his flesh. He hunched forward, popping his balls from my
mouth. He settled back, gyrating his hips until my tongue found his hole. He pushed against me
as I probed harder. His hole relaxed, my tongue eased inside. He moaned, sucking harder. I was
in a dilemma, I knew I was about to blast - I should warn him but I didn't want to stop sucking
his sweet hole. Reason won over pleasure, I pulled away and warned him. He sucked harder, I
warned him again, he sucked still harder. His refusal to stop sent me over the edge. My body
became ridged, cock swelling, I erupted into his hot cavity. He gagged once, then again, his body
heaved. He bounced off me, heading for the door, my cock still spewing in the air. He barely got
his head out before he started to puke. He emptied his guts on the ground.

I grabbed a towel, wetting it from a water jug. When he had finished, I pulled him back and
cleaned his face.

"I'm sorry, I should have pulled out," I offered.
"I'm the one who didn't do very good," he retorted.
"You did great, why didn't you stop, you don't like the stuff," I asked.
"I figured if you could do it, I could at least try."

We talked for a few more minutes. He told me he had asked his parents to sleep outside in a tent.
This would make it easier for him to slip away after they went to sleep. He had waited for an
hour in the bushes close to our campsite. He didn't want my friends to know he wanted sex with
me. He said he had to get back before they missed him. As he slipped out the door, he inquired if
he could collect his ride in the morning. I told him he could.

The day dragged on, no Tony. I stayed close to shore the whole day, waiting. No Tony.

I was becoming concerned. Had the realization of what he had done given him pains of guilt?
Did his parents catch him when he came home? After much thought, I chose the latter option,
after all he didn't immediately run away and was concerned he hadn't done a good job.

Around 4 pm we broke camp and headed home. As we were leaving, I looked for a fifth wheel
camper. About a quarter mile down the road, I saw it. There was a man, woman and what
appeared to be a teenage boy and girl down by the waters edge. I was sure it was Tony as it
appeared he had turned to look. I couldn't be sure but it looked like he tried to give me a small
hand wave hidden by his body so his parents couldn't see.

Later that evening, I lay in my bed wondering about all that had happened.
I wondered if our sex would have a positive influence on his life.
I wondered what he would tell his best friend.
I wondered if he would suck his best friend's cock.
I wondered if his best friend would suck his dick.
I wondered if he was somewhere this very instant, jacking his cock and thinking of me sucking.
My nuts emptied as I wondered........

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Nifty - Gay - Camping - Suck And Ride