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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - A Chance With Greyson - A Chance With Greyson 3

Date: Wed, 8 Aug 2012 23:14:18 +0800
From: Azwan Azwan <>
Subject: A Chance with Greyson Part 3 (Gay male)

Disclaimer: This story is fiction and this not intended to imply anything
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal
knowledge about their private lives.

A Chance with Greyson
Part 3

I slouch on the comfy seat. I try to doze off but the surround sound of the
movie theatre is just too loud. I turn my head to the right. Andy's eyes
glue to the screen as he takes another bite of the chocolate bar. I look
back at the big screen, Michael Fassbender combing his hair in such
delicate manner. My mind wanders to another movie he made, the one he
showed his penis onscreen. What a long dick he has! I wonder if it was
photoshopped or if it's really is his dick. I'd love that inside me.

I'm starting to get hard.

I look at Andy again. He's still so engross with the movie. I slowly place
my hand on his lap and gently rub his thighs. My hand slowly makes its way
to his crotch. He shoot me a quizzically look but I continue rubbing his
dick through his shorts. He gets hard in a matter of seconds. That's my
Andy, I know him all too well.

I bite my lips as I sneak my right hand underneath his shorts. I feel
around his six inch uncircumcised boner. I give the tip of his dick a

He gasps.

I quickly put my finger on my lips. I don't want to get caught! I start to
move my hand up and down his dick. I feel his precum drip onto my
fingers. I instinctively move my forefinger to the tip of his dick and
swipe the precum off his slit. I then use it to lubricate the whole of his
shaft. I see Andy breathing very hard, trying his best to compose
himself. A slight moan escapes his lips. Thankfully, the surround sound of
the film manage to drown his voice but I still look around to make sure
nobody caught us.

I continue jerking him off, moving my hand up and down in a quicker
pace. His breathing is getting heavier, his dick seems to expand. He's
getting close. He jerks back a couple of times as cum starts to spurt out
of his dick. I could feel the stickiness of his cum on my hand. I take out
my hand out of his shorts and use a tissue to wipe off the cum off my hand.

He mouth out "Thank you" and smiles sweetly at me.

Now that's a date to remember.


The announcement was unexpected. Singaporean Enchancers over at Twitter are
still overwhelmed, including me. I don't know what to think.
#GreysonbacktoSingapore is now a trending topic .

It was just a few minutes ago that Greyson tweeted that he's coming back to
Singapore in 2 weeks' time to promote his new album. This makes me wonder
if that's an excuse to see me once again.

A shiver runs down my spine. Greyson sent me a 'Direct Message'! I can't
help that my heart beats a little faster when I read his message even after
having sex with him. Twice. I read his message:

Can you give me your home address? I wanna have our "date" at your place
this time ;)

Love Greyson

My hand trembles a little as I type out my home address and ask when and
what time will the dirty deed take place. He replies almost instantly. I
suspect he's stalking his followers again. He tells me the date and time.


There's a knock on my door. I look at the wall clock of my living
room. Right on time. I compose myself as I turn the knob on the door. I'm
greeted by a suspicious looking young man is at my door. He's wearing a
black trench coat, dark sunglasses, that cover almost half his face, and a
baseball cap. His hand is neatly tucked in the pocket of the trench coat.

"I'm sorry, I think you got th-"

He plants me a wet kiss on my lips. I felt this luscious lips before. I
slightly push him away and say,

"Greyson?" My eyebrow arched slightly.

He flashes a smile, a smile that made me fall in love with Greyson Chance,
"The one and only." He says.

I then hold him by the hand and lead him to my bedroom. Upon entering,
Greyson opens his mouth and say, "Why does it smells like peanut butter and

I sniff the air. "I don't smell any peanut butter." Then I see Greyson
giving me a sly smile as he takes out his sunglasses and cap and puts it on
top the television.

"Is that a shrine of me?" he ask jokingly, referring to a small space of
bedroom, where I hang posters of Greyson on the wall and place other
Greyson-related merchandise. The Mp3 player that he signed for me back at
the concert and the Polaroid he gave me are prominently displayed on the

He continues looking around my bedroom and sees a photo of Andy and I on
the bedside table.

"Who's that?" He asks as he picks it up. "He's cute."

Then it strikes me that on both of our previous encounters, I'd failed to
mention that I have a boyfriend.

"That's Anderson or Andy as I call him." I say nervously.

He traces the picture with his finger and asks, "Is he your boyfriend?"

My heart skips a beat. Now I'm thinking Greyson would give me a slap or two
and storm out of here.

I clear my throat and say, "Yes."

"Wow. Lucky you. He's a looker." His calmness surprises me. I ask him why
isn't he mad. "Both of us know that this is just a hook-up. So, I won't get
jealous or be mad if you can have a boyfriend." I let out a sigh of relief,
though I'm a bit disappointed that he refers this as a hook-up. "Does he
knows about me? About us having sex?" I shook my head, no. "That's a
pity. I'd love to have a threesome." I can see him grinning from ear to

Greyson instructs me to put a chair in the middle of the room. He tells me
to sit down.

"I know you're going to enjoy this bit." He throws his trench coat on the
floor and starts to slowly unbutton his shirt. My heartbeat pumps faster as
he reveals his beautiful smooth, pale skin. He moves closer and uses the
back of his hand to touch my face. My hands caress his still hairless body,
feeling every inch of his velvet skin.

He steps backwards, puts a finger on my thigh and guides along to my
shoulders as he saunters behind me. He leans in and whispers sweet nothings
to my ear. I can smell rose petals coming from his hair. His hands goes
underneath my shirt, electrifying me with his touch. He plays around with
my nipples as he gently bites the side of my neck. A moan escapes my
lips. I tilt my head slightly as he continues to bite my neck.

He pulls my shirt over my head and goes back to the front to face me. He
undo his jeans and, in a sexy manner, pulls it down along with his
briefs. His dick proudly stands in attention. It has grown bigger since the
last time I saw it. It now peaks at six inches, the same as Andy's, only a
little fatter. His pubes seem to be lesser, a sign that he trims his

He turns around and bends down, exposing his boypussy. The pink rosebud
looks intact and there's no strain of hair present. He playfully wiggles
his ass in front of me. I can't help but to use my finger and slide it up
and down his crack. Then he moves his ass closer to make contact with my
groin. He dances around, feeling the erection of my dick, still trap in my

He gets down on his knees and starts to unbuckle the belt of my jeans. He
pulls down my jeans and briefs. Finally, my boner can breathe. My dick is
already leaking precum but he doesn't hesitate to wrap his lips around
it. As he continues bopping his head up and down my five inch dick, I run
through his silky brown hair. I can't stop admiring this boy.

Greyson gives one final on my slit and gets up. His erect member is right
in front of my eyes. He pulls his foreskin back and insert his cock into my
open mouth. His dick has definitely gotten bigger. I can't swallow his
whole cock at first try like last time. I suck his cock slowly, taking an
inch at a time. After managing to take his whole cock inside my mouth, he
starts to thrust his hips in and out of my mouth, with his dick hitting the
back of my throat a few times.

"Fuck, I'm getting close." He says. "Do you want my cum?"

I look at him, still sucking his cock, and nod my head.

Then my bedroom door opens.

"Holy fuck!" Someone shouts.

Greyson pulls out his dick out of my mouth in a panic. Both of us turn our
heads to face the intruder.

It's Andy, with his jaw dropped to the floor, shocked. He looks at the
Greyson poster plastered on walls and look back again.

"Greyson Chance?" He finally asks. He glances at the poster again.

Greyson's face turns beet red. He nods his head slowly, ashamed.

I'm going to speak up. "Andy, it's not what-"

"Hold on." Andy interrupts. He then continues, "Can I join you guys?" He

Greyson and I look at each other.

"He's your boyfriend." Greyson finally says.

I wink at Andy, giving him the green light to join us. He starts to
undress. I see Greyson gawking at him, mesmerize by my boyfriend's

Andy pulls down his briefs and out springs his six inch boner.

"So how are we going to do this?" Andy asks.

I shrug my shoulders and asks Greyson if he has any suggestions.

"Well, I always wanted to try the spit roast." He says, "with me in the
middle." He then bows his head, embarrassed.

"I love that!" Andy says.

That brightens Greyson's face.

"I call shotgun on his ass!" I quickly say.

Greyson goes down all fours on my bed as Andy and I get down on our
knees. Andy positions himself in front of Greyson. I lubed up my dick and
align it towards Greyson's boypussy. "You ready Grey?" I ask.

"Uh huh." He replies.

I push my dick inside of him. Half of my dick goes through at one push. His
hole quickly tightens up around my dick. Greyson lifts his head up,
probably in a little bit of pain. Andy places his hand on Greyson's head
and guides his mouth to his dick.

Greyson's hole starts to loosen up. This makes me to push all of my dick
inside of him. "Mhmm." I hear Greyson moans as he continues sucking Andy's

Then I pull half of my dick out, only to push it all back in. I slowly pick
up my pace as I repeat this. Andy leans in and kisses me. I open my mouth
slightly to let his tongue in. I suck on his tongue a little before our
starts to twirl around each other.

The warmth of Greyson's insides and the passionate French kissing with Andy
get me into another level of sexual sensation. I feel like a beast has been
unleashed inside of me as I thrust my dick, balls deep, through Greyson's
boypussy harder and harder.

"Umpfh." Greyson cries as he continues bopping his head up and down Andy's
cock. He cries out again but it just makes me slap my dick into harder.

"Ah. Ah." I'm getting close. I hungrily push my tongue into Andy's mouth
and keep on twisting and turning around his tongue.

"Mhmm. Mhmm." Andy whimpers.

One more thrust.

I take out my dick as far as I can without slipping out of Greyson and
shove it back deep inside as fast and hard as possible. I quickly hold him
by the hips when his body jolts a little. Shots after shots of cum spurt
out of my dick and deep into his anal cavity.

I pull out my limp dick out of his sore boypussy and collapse beside him.

"My turn!" Andy exclaims.

"Wait!" Greyson says. "I want to try this too."

He then gets on top of my body in a 69 position. I open my mouth to let his
cock in. It's hard to breathe due to the position I'm in and his fat six
inch cock isn't helping. I struggled for a while but eventually manage to
breathe properly.

Greyson starts to jerk my dick off. He slowly sucks and licks my dick,
making it to bone up again. I see Andy lining behind Greyson, his cock in
his hand.

I notice he didn't put any lube. I hope that my cum inside Greyson's ass
provides enough lubrication for the fucking.

"Ahh!" Greyson shout out.

I suck Greyson's cock harder, trying to help him ease some of the pain.

"Hmpf." I hear Andy says. "Hmpf. Hmpf."

I use my tongue to circle around his cock and I lay still as Andy rhythmic
fuck helps his hips to push up and down my throat. I can taste his precum
sliding down my throat. It's a little salty. No longer the sweet nectar of
cum that I'd tasted before.

I hear Andy's balls slap onto Greyson's ass repeatedly. Andy can be a rough
fucker, I know that first hand and he's not letting up easy on Greyson,

Greyson stops sucking my dick and starts to jerk me off while using his
tongue to circle around my dickhead.

"Oh God." I say to myself.

Greyson takes a breather and says, "I'm-going-to-cum-" He then goes on to
sucking my dick. I feel his cock expanding in my mouth.

All of the sudden, I feel a pool of thick cum shoot down my throat. It
sends me shockwaves through my body causing me to explode my own brand of
cum in his mouth.

"Ahhh!" Andy cries as he slams his cock inside Greyson's hole.

Greyson's dick starts to get limp in my mouth. He pops out my dick out of
his mouth and lays on neatly-trimmed pubes. Andy pulls out his cock and cum
starts to flow out of Greyson's ass. I quickly wipe it off before it starts
to drip onto my hair. Greyson's boypussy looks bright red. Andy lays
beside me and kisses me tenderly. I then realize that Greyson is watching
and part my lips away from Andy's.

"Aww. It's okay. I don't mind you guys kissing in front of me." He says
sweetly. Andy smiles at Greyson, gives me a kiss on my forehead and says,
"Nah, dude, I respect you too much to do that in front of you."

The three of us cuddle together, embracing each other warm bodies until
it's time for Greyson to leave.


I follow Greyson to his car. He has his trench coat, sunglasses and cap put
on to avoid people, especially other Enchancers to recognize him.

"This is my ride." Greyson says as he places his hand on the hood of a
black SUV. I see Rob at the driver's seat of the car. I wave at him but he
ignores me completely. I turn to Greyson and asks if I will ever see him

He shrugs his shoulders.

"I still love you, you know?" I say.

"I know. But you should love Andy with all your heart. He deserves it." He
replies. I lower my gaze, ashamed. He's right.

"Besides, he's smart, not to mention, cute and darn right fit." He says
with a smile. "You can't get that type of guy with all that three qualities
together in Edmond, New York or LA." I give him a weak smile. "Thank you,

He gives me a quick kiss on the lips and pulls out a bullet necklace from
the pocket of his jeans. "I want you to have this." I'm sure Greyson can
see my eyes glisten. "You can put this on 'my shrine.' "

I hug him, feeling his body for, probably, the last time.

"It's time for me to go now." He says.

He opens the door and is about to enter when I speak out, "Grey, wait." He
looks at me. I don't know if I should ask him. Oh Hell. I look down on my
feet and ask, "Is there any other celebrities that's into this?"

He grins at me. "I heard rumors about Asa Butterfield."

"Asa Butterfield?!" I say, almost shouting. "How can I contact him?"

"By chance maybe?" He says. "Or you could write an erotic fantasy fiction
about him." We both laugh.

"Like it's going to happen." I say in between chuckles.

We hug for one last time and gives him one last kiss before he alights the
car and leaves.

Tears stream down my face as I look at the bullet necklace on my hand. I
give it a kiss and put it nicely on the shelf in between the Mp3 player and
Polaroid. Andy comes from behind and hugs me. His head resting on my

I turn around to face him and say what I should've said in a long time.

"I love you with all my heart, Anderson."

He gives me a smile and says he loves me too.

And we both kiss.


As promised, this was the final chapter of the series. Thank you for
reading the series and as always, feedbacks are always welcome. You can
send it through:

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - A Chance With Greyson - A Chance With Greyson 3