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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - A Chance With Greyson - A Chance With Greyson 5

Date: Sun, 15 Sep 2013 16:04:28 +0800
From: Azwan Azwan <>
Subject: A Chance with Greyson Part 5

Disclaimer: This story is fiction and this not intended to imply anything
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal
knowledge about their private lives.

A Chance with Greyson V

I'm in a daze. The flashing lights are blinding me. I feel the butterflies
in my stomach wanting to get out. My knees are getting weak.

"Fuck off!" Andy roars to the intruding crowd but his 'plea' falls into
deaf ears.

He then grabs hold of my hand, as tight as he can, and pushes away the
crowd. My knees finally give way but Andy manages to hold me.

"Are you okay?" He whispers to my ear.

"I just want to get out of here." I reply weakly.

Then a large and strong man stands in front of us. His body is large enough
to shield us from the intruding crowd.

"Are you guys going to leave them alone or are we going to have a problem
here?" I recognize that voice.

No more flashing lights. No more disgusted looks. I hear mutters.

"What are you guys waiting for?" He asks sternly.

The crowd begin to disperse. I manage to get eye contact on one of them. I
feel his hatred deep inside of me. I flash him my middle finger.

The man turns to us. I was right. It's Rob.

"The car is right there." He points us to the black SUV.

"Thanks, Rob." I say.

He acknowledges by nodding his head.

When we enter the car, we're greeted by Greyson, who's seating in front
seat. There's a concerned look on his face.

"I saw what'd happened." His voice cracks a little. "I wanted to help but
I'm afraid that I'd make a bigger mess of things, especially with them
holding their phones and cameras. So, I told Rob to help you guys out."

Andy thanked Greyson. "I shudder to think of what would have happen to us
if he didn't come to the rescue." He continues.

Then it hit me. It's like a sudden electricity coming through my spine.

"We're screwed." My voice starts to crack again. "We'll be in the
news. We'll be under public scrutiny." I start to break down. "Andy, our
families. They'll know. They will never accept us. We're done for." Andy
hugs me. I hug him back. I'm bury my face on his chest as I let my tears
soak his shirt. "What are we going to do, Andy?" He stays silent.


I wake up, drenching in my own sweat. Yesterday, was no dream. I call out
for Andy and he acknowledges me from the bathroom. He walks up to me and
tells me that he has a plan for us. He wipes the tear off my face and
kisses both of my eyelids.

I give him the smile he claimed that's worth a million dollars. "Is Greyson
still in his hotel room?" Andy nods his head.

"Hold on. We need to come out with a new rule." I raise an eyebrow. "You
can't mouth kiss anybody except your boyfriend." He then gives me a wink.

I knock on Greyson's door.

"Grey. Shit- Michael. Argh. Whatever. You know who's this." The door opens
a little. Then someone forcefully grab me by the hand and pulls me inside.

I can't quite process I'm looking at right now. My jaw drops and my eyes
widen in disbelief.

In front of me is Rob. Greyson's burly bodyguard is naked. His eight inch
dark brown cock is pointing upwards. He has a great amount of black pubic
hair on the base of his dick. I look at the bed and I see Greyson naked,
his cock erect.

"Hey," Greyson says. "Up for a threesome? But you have to be the
middle. I'm not going to let 'Big' Rob over here to tear my asshole."

I look at Rob again. My eyes slowly drop to his eight inch cock.

"My asshole can't possibly accommodate something that big, can it?" I ask

Rob just smiles at me, it's as if he knows I'm already salivating for his

He places his hand on my head, instructing me get down on my knees and
start to worship that monster of a cock.

I'm fascinated at how big Rob's cock is. He's the biggest I'd ever seen in
my lifetime. I can't even wrap my hand around his cock. I open my mouth and
lean in, tasting my very first African-American cock.

"Mhmm" Rob is licking his lips. "Now I know where Greyson gets his sucking
techniques from." I continue sucking on his cock for 5 minutes before he
asked me to stop.

I lie down on the bed, excited and nervous as to what's going to happen.

"I think it's better if you're in a doggy position." Rob says. I nod my
head and assume to position.

My asshole is on display for Rob to see while I get to see Greyson's six
inch cock and marble-shaped balls up close.

Rob slides his huge cock up and down the entrance of my asshole, driving me
wild. Sounds of pleasure keep on escaping my lips. "I guess you're ready."
He then tries to push his cock inside but seems to have a resistant at the
entrance of my asshole. "You're not relaxed, enough. I thought you're
experienced at this?"

"I'm sorry, Rob," I say, "Your cock is just too big."

"You'll learn to take it." He replies. He then grabs my cock and starts to
jerking me off. Greyson smiles at me and gently slaps my face with his
cock. That somehow relaxes me. "I'm going in."

"Ow!" I yelp in pain.

His cockhead manages to breach the entrance and slowly put in two inches
inside of me. My ass feel like it's on fire. I open my mouth, gasping for
air but Greyson takes that as an opportunity to put his cock inside my

"I have to be calm." I told myself. I control my breathing and try to
follow the rhythm of Rob's trusts. After almost an eternity, Rob finally
manages to work all of his eight inch of cock inside of me. He then begins
to thrust his hips. With every minute passed, Rob fasten his pace and I've
started to enjoy the huge cock inside of me.

Twenty minutes into the fucking, and Rob still riding me like a mad
horse. He seems to have an unlimited amount of stamina. I, on the other
hand, am about to blow.

I guide Rob's hand to my dick. He knows what to do.

"Uhmm. Uhmm." I can't hold it much longer.

I stop bopping my head on Greyson's cock, but he takes over by placing both
of his hand on the each side of my head and facefuck me.

I'm holding the bed sheets tightly.

It's coming. Three, two, one...

Shot after shot of sticky white cum comes out of my cock with such powerful
force. Seeing me cum causes Greyson to reach his own climax. He pushes my
head towards his body until my nose touches his pubes. He holds my head in
place as he cums inside of my mouth.

It took Rob twenty more thrusts to finally reach his climax and when he
did, he slammed his eight inch shaft all the way inside of me. I could feel
every drop of cum flowing inside my ass.

After he'd recovered from his intense climax, he slowly takes out his
semi-erect cock out of me. Some of his cum escape from inside of me and
trickle down my butt crack.

"Your asshole has quite a big gap and not to mention it looks really red."
Greyson comments. I then feel something poking inside of me. "See, I can
place in three fingers inside without any difficulty!"

I then collapse on the bed, exhausted. Greyson lies beside as Rob excuses
himself to the bathroom. Greyson closes his eyes and leans in for a kiss
but I turn my head away causing him to kiss on my cheek instead.

"I'm sorry, Grey but we promise each other that we wouldn't kiss anyone
else besides each other." I say.

"Aww. You're guys are so sweet." He then places his finger on my lips. "I'm
going to miss kissing those lips. Besides, those lips are the first ones
that I kiss." Greyson points out the redness of my cheeks and smiles at me.

"Anyway, are you ever going to tell me that you're fooling around with your
bodyguard?" I ask, trying to change to another subject.

"It never came up!" He say in a high-pitched voice. We both laughed at his
voice breaking. He then continues, "Remember when I surprised you at your
house?" I nod my head. "Well, I asked him to accompany me by offering to
blow him off. He wanted to fuck me but I'd never let something that big
near my ass!" He says with a chuckle.


There's a frantic knock on the door. Greyson and I quickly dressed up
while Rob heads to the bathroom. I open the door and see visibly shaken
Andy. I ask him if he's alright.

"We're in the news." He says as he hands me the newspaper.

The newspaper headline reads: Two gay teenagers caught kissing in public!
Details inside.

"They're also interviewing the DJ who gave us the tickets to Greyson's
showcase. I think we have to get out of this country." He says almost

"Where to?"

"The States."

Before I could answer him, the telephone rings. Rob picks up. I see him
nodding a couple of times. He then yelled at the receiver before slamming
down the telephone's receiver.

"That was the media. They're asking about Greyson's involvement in all of
this bullshit." Rob says. "I think we have to leave too, Greyson."

Greyson nods his head and looks at me, "You need to leave with Andy to the
States or else you'll suffer here." I look at Greyson and then back to
Andy."But... But...We have no cash. I don't even have money to buy myself
lunch. How am I supposed to fork out for a plane ticket?"

"Here." Andy hands me a piece of paper. It looks like a plane ticket.

"Are you okay?" Andy asks me as he taps my shoulder a couple times.

"This is too much, Andy."

"Take this as your birthday gift. You've been there for me since we're 12
and this is one way for me to repay you. Please come with me. "

I'm still in a daze as to what to do. Should I accept his offer? I look at
deep in his eyes. There's nothing but sincerity in his eyes. My heart
pounds harder than normal. "Andy, I-'

Andy interrupts me. He places his hand on the side of my face and says, "In
a country where homosexuality is intolerable, this is no longer a place for
us to live in peace. We've to leave everything behind, which includes our
families. I don't think they'd cared about us now that they know their sons
are a couple of gay dudes, breaking their moral code and all that shit. We
got to leave now before this incident gets more attention than it already
has. Are you with me?"

I stare at his beautiful eyes again and kiss him.

America, here we come.


Author's note:

Hi guys. Azwan here. I hope you guys enjoyed this story. This chapter
serves as a bridge to A Chance with Greyson and That One Time with Asa
Butterfield. I've been meaning to publish this for some time now but I
didn't have the time to edit and proofread it until now. I'll move on to
creating a new series which may or may not feature a certain youtuber. If
you have any questions, reviews or just wanna say hi, you can email me at:

Finally, I'd like to say thank you for those who've been a fan of this
series. Keep 'em emails coming. I love reading them :)

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - A Chance With Greyson - A Chance With Greyson 5