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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - An Svu Office Romance

Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 13:23:40 -0800 (PST)
From: John Brown <>
Subject: An SVU Office Romance (1)

Disclaimer: This story is based off of characters in the TV show, "Law and
Order: Special Victims Unit", but has no relationship with "Law and Order:
Special Victims Unit", its actors, the NBC network, Wolf Films Studios USA,
NBC Studios, Universal Television, NBC Universal Television Studio, and
Universal Media Studios.


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"Someone's got to go undercover," Captain Cragen said, "It would be better
if there were two guys, they would fit in better."

Nick Amaro jumped up, "Me and Stabler will go!" He's been waiting a long
time to get..closer.. to Detective Stabler.

"That's fine with me," Elliot Stabler responded, with a cute grin on his

              3 hours later...

       Nick and Elliot both got in character as a gay couple and headed
towards the gay bar where they would be doing some undercover work. The two
arrived at the gay bar, and took a seat at a booth. Throughout the night,
multiple guys would come up to them and ask for a threesome, but Stabler
politely denied. However, Amaro would have loved it! At one point, Nick
lunged in to kiss the other detective, but Stabler quickly pulled back.

"What's wrong, baby?" Nick asked, pretending to be in character.

"We're not actually gonna kiss 'n stuff, right?" Stabler responded.

"I think we should. Just so people know we're taken and stop hitting on

"Sounds fair, baby," Elliot said as he leaned in and kissed his
partner. Nick loved every second of it. The hot, muscular man's great blue
eyes were staring right at him. Nick decided he was going to take a
chance. He added a little tongue to their make-out session, and Elliot's
eyes opened in shock.

"ohh shit.." Detective Amaro thought. He thought he was going to get a
punch in the face from Stabler, but thats not what happened. Elliot closed
his eyes back and continued kissing his partner.

"Mmmmm..." Elliot moaned. He put his hand on Nick's face and pulled him
off. "Do you want to get out of here?" He asked. Nick was shock that his
partner was actually considering going a step further.

"Ughh..Ya. Sure," Nick responded, "Wait.. aren't we supposed to be catching
a rapist?"

"Well, I think we can... take a break."

Nick shrugged with agreement. Stabler grabbed his hand and pulled Nick out
the door. They made it back to the office.

"Back here?" Nick asked. He thought they would be pounding each other on a
bed by now.

"Well, there's no one here at this hour, and i thought we could have a
little fun in my office..." Elliot responded. This relieved Amaro, now he
was certain they would be having a VERY fun night.

       Elliot continued to pull Nick all the way to his desk in his
office, and he closed the shades, just to make sure no one would catch

"You ready, boy?" Elliot asked, with passion in his eyes. Nick was
definitely ready. He simply nodded, and Stabler pushed him over the desk
and ripped open his suit pants. This revealed Amaro's tight, brown
ass. Stabler forced his head between his partners behind, and Nick moaned
out in pleasure.

"Ugh.. ya, Lick me out," Amaro groaned. He had his partner's tongue going
in and out of his hairy, latin ass. He couldn't take it anymore. He needed
Stabler fat cock. "Please, give me your dick now! I'm ready." Nick yelled.

"Not so fast, boy," Elliot said, standing over Nick, "First you're going to
have to lick every inch of my body." Nick loved that Stabler called him
`boy'. It made him so hard. And now, he had to lick all over his body! This
was like a dream.

       Detective Amaro took off his master's jacket, but left his tie on
and his shirt unbuttoned, revealing Stabler's hairy chest and torso. He was
completely ripped and his pecs were huge and covered in light brown
hair. Nick jumped right in and began slurping at his partner's pink

"Ohh fuck yes, boy! Give me some more tongue. Come on. Show daddy what you
can do," Elliot said, ready to fuck this latino's brains out. Amaro moved
to the next nipple, and swirled his tongue around it. He then moved to the
muscular man's furry armpits and shoved his face in it, absorbing the
musky, manly scent. Stabler moaned. Nick then licked the detective's
treasure trail, which led down to his huge piece of man-meat.

"Now how about you take out that sword you're hiding?" Nick asked with a

"Yep." Stabler said as he unzipped his suit pants. "Time for me to teach
you a lesson about being part of SVU." He revealed his massive, 11-inch,
erect cock, hanging out from his pants from a bush of light brown hair.

"I can't wait any longer. Let's skip the blow job." Amaro told him, his
hole was aching to be filled with cum.

"Fine with me." Elliot said as he took off Nick's jacket, but nothing
else. He also turned around Nick's tie so he could tug on it during their
intense lovemaking.

       In one quick move, Stabler shoved his huge dick into the fit, latin
ass in front of him. Nick screamed in pain, but he was loving every second
of it.

"Come on, Stabler, give it to me harder! I've been bad, teach me a
lesson!!" Nick yelled out as his master, and partner, pounded him away.

"You like what daddy's giving you?" Elliot said as he moaned from the
pleasure of the latino's tight hole. He grabbed onto Nick's tie and pulled
it back with passion. He thrust into him harder, but Nick wanted even
more. He wanted his pussy destroyed by the man's huge dick.

"Ugh, fuck yes.. Harder!.. Harder!" Without touching his cock, the hot
latin man came all over the inside of his suit pants with three hot bursts
of cum, leaving a stain. "Ohh yess It feels so fucking good.." Nick groaned
in ecstasy.

       As Amaro came, his already tight ass tightened even more, leaving
Detective Stabler ready to cum.

"Ohh there it is.. Fuck yes.. there is is!!" Elliot said as he cummed five
ropes of warm man-juice into the hairy, latin asshole. "FUCK YESS BOY"
Stabler moaned as he pulled out and lifted up Amaro's muscular ass. The
detective shoved his face into the latino ass for the second time that
day. He slurped up every drop of his own cum, and then stretched over to
Amaro and shared it with him. The cum swirled around in both of their
mouths as they made out on Detective Stabler's desk. They both swallowed
their share of the warm juice.

"Next time, my ass needs a good pounding." Elliot said. Amaro winked at
him, and they both began to tidy up the office.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Please, send me feedback!

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - An Svu Office Romance