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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Austin And Dez - Austin And Dez 2

Date: Tue, 17 Jan 2012 20:24:50 -0800 (PST)
From: Derek Cole <>
Subject: Austin and Dez 2 (M/M Celebrity)

Disclaimer: This is purely fiction, I do not know the characters personally
or their actual sexual orientations. If you're not old enough to read this
kind of stuff, don't. Otherwise, enjoy!

"You liked that didn't you, Dez?"

"Yeah, I did. I really liked it."

"I knew it. You're taking it again later. I see your hard again
though. Jerk off, Right now."

Dez did what he was told and started jacking off and quickly came again.

"Now eat it. Fast."

Dez slid his load in his mouth and swallowed. Austin laughed and headed for
the shower.

"Go home. I'll text you later. Go clean yourself off bitch."

Dez left and Austin showered, cleaning his cock and just washing all over
his body. He went back to his room and opened the file he had just
created. There it was, his first sex tape. Him controlling his friend.

After jumping out of the shower, Dez wrapped a towel around his lower half
and grabbed his phone. Hoping to see a text from Austin, he went to his
text messages and saw nothing. He put his phone down, shaved, and finished
drying himself. He dropped the towel and thought for a second, and then
grabbed his phone. He pointed it at the mirror and snapped a pic and sent
it to Austin.

Austin was drying himself off in his room when he heard his phone go
off. He dropped his towel , walking across his room in a pair of boxers and
grabbed his phone. He saw Dez's name scroll across the top of his phone. He
opened the text message and saw a picture of Dez, completely naked, holding
his semi hard dick. Austin closed the text and threw the phone on his bed
and went back to drying his hair.

Dez slowly got dressed, constantly checking his phone. As time went on and
nothing from Austin, he got completely dressed and went for his bed. He
laid in bed and put his phone right next to him, just in case Austin texted
him late during the night wanting to use him.

Austin laid in bed, staring at the ceiling thinking. His boxers were tented
and he really didn't want to jack himself off. He turned over and shoved
his boner into his bed.

"Fuck! That was a bad idea!"

But before he could roll back over he found himself hump his bed a
little. He pulled himself off his front side and went back to laying on his
back. He felt the tip of his dick and it was wet. Pre cum was leaking
through his boxers. He reached into his underwear and pulled out his dick
and started playing with his foreskin.

"Mmmmm....god that feels good."

His eyes rolled back and he started to stroke his dick. He was really
starting to enjoy it when his phone went off. He reached over and grabbed
it and saw another text from Dez. He opened it and it was another picture,
this time of Dez, laying in bed, dick hard. He stared at it for a minute
and then in came another message. He clicked on it and a video opened
up. He watched as Dez jerked his dick and then it happened.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum for you Austin."

Austin watched the video as 3 small blobs of cum landed on Dez's hand and
then he brought it up to his mouth and ate it.

"I wish you were here right now, bro."

The video ended. Austin threw his phone across his bed and rolled over. His
boner actually went away watching the video. He adjusted his boxers and
before he knew it, he was fast asleep.

Dez laid in bed and wondered why Austin wasn't responding to his dirty
texts. He too rolled over and went to bed, dick still hard and poking into
his bed.

The next morning Austin ran into the music store to try working on another
new song, even though he couldn't write a song to save his life. He sat at
the piano trying to think of something, but nothing was coming.

"Room full of cheer leaders, room full of cheer leaders..."

He kept trying to put himself in a happy place, but it wasn't working so
well. Then he heard the door open, looking up to see what he thought was
some help.

In walked Dez.

"Dude, you're alive. You didn't respond to anything I sent last night."

"I didn't know how to respond to that, dude. Sorry. I never knew you were
that horny."

Dez looked down and just walked towards the wall across from Austin. Austin
got up and walked over to him.

"I'm not mad or anything. I mean I was horny last night, I just didn't do
anything about it."

"Austin, I was ready for you! Why didn't you text me. We could have messed
around again."

Dez looked back at the wall and just shut his eyes, thinking to himself how
stupid he was. He felt Austin touch his back and felt his hand slide
down. It stopped at the top of his pants and he held his breath for a
second. Then it happened, Austin, in one quick movement, pulled his pants
down to his ankles. Dez didn't say a word. He stood there, waiting to see
what Austin was going to do.

Austin reached down and slowly took his pants off, without making a
sound. He set them on the piano bench and walked back over to Dez. Dez was
still standing there, one hand against the wall. Austin spit in his hand
and started to play with his dick, making it hard in no time. He started
playing with his foreskin, making his head ooze pre cum. He added a little
more spit and then grabbed Dez's ass. Dez responded and pushed his ass out
a little, and then he felt it. In one quick move Austin shoved his hard 7'
into Dez.

"Don't make a fucking sound."

Dez stood there as Austin grabbed his hips and went to town, fucking his
ass. Dez reached down and started to jerk off, feeling Austin's low hanging
balls slapping his ass.

"Don't enjoy yourself too much, this isn't going to last long. I'm cumming
as fast as I can. I've been fucking edging all morning, I need to nut."

Austin pounded away on Dez, and he could feel it coming to an end. He
quickened up his pace and he could hear Dez start to moan. He knew his
friend was going to cum again.

"Turn around, Dez. And get on your fucking knees."

Dez got on his knees and continued to jack off. Austin spit in his hand and
started to jack himself off. He looked down to see Dez, eyes closed and
mouth opened. Austin lowered himself down and slid his balls into Dez's

"Suck my balls dude. I need to fucking cum."

Dez played with his balls and Austin could feel his balls starting to
boil. His breathing picked up and he knew he was done.

"Open up, bro. You're swallowing."

Austin got right over Dez's mouth and stroked a few more times and then it
was over.

"Fuckkkk. I'm cumming. Swallow it for me. Take it."

8 Rockets of hot teen cum landed in Dez's mouth, hitting his lips and his
cheek as well. Dez swallowed it all and licked his lips, tasting all the
cum his friend left for him. Austin looked down and saw Dez was just about
to blow and grabbed a garbage can. He put it under Dez's cock just in
time. Out dribbled 5 blobs of cum, plopping to the bottom of the garbage

Dez looked up and saw Austin sliding back into his pants and sitting down
at the piano.

"So that's it, just going to pound me and then just sit there?"

"Dude, I don't know what you want from me. I don't know what I'm
doing. Yeah, I like fucking your ass and letting you suck my dick. I just
don't know what to do after that. I mean you're my bro, but I just don't
know right now."

"What do you mean? You just want my ass? You don't even text me back

"Dez, we're bros. We'll always talk, I just need to clear my mind right
now. I'll text you later."

Austin got up and left the room, and then the music shop. Dez looked out
the window and Austin disappeared into a crowd of people. He put his pants
back on and left, walking back to his house.

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Austin And Dez - Austin And Dez 2