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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Beckham And Ronaldo - Beckham And Ronaldo 1

Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 13:26:59 +0000
From: Carl Larsen <>
Subject: Beckham and Ronaldo

This story contains graphic gay sex.
It is a work of total fiction.

The characters involved are David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo. Neither of
these men are gay and neither of them have ever indulged in any of these
activities with another male person.

Two weeks since Cristiano Ronald had seen David Beckham and he missed
him. Missed him so much that he wanted to see him when he woke up and to be
the last thing he glimpsed before going to bed.

Most of all, right now, he wanted to fuck his arse onto the nearest
immovable object. He needed a good wank at the very least. He needed to
shoot a hot load now that he was so pumped with the hormones and
testosterone that surged through his body. His cock was fucking rigid.

His mobile rang and his frustration caused him to answer it without looking
who was making the call.

"Yes?" He couldn't quite keep his irritation out of his voice.

"Hello my little Fuck Mate."

"Becks." The irritation eased out as he listened to his lover's voice. "I
was just thinking about you."

"I can tell," the voice accent purred at the other end of the connection,
"you sound fucking horny Cris. Need a hand?"

"Oh fuck yes," Cristiano smiled, "I wish you were here."

"Bet you'd like a cock in you now! There is a parcel on the table by the
window Cris.'

Cris looked and Becks was right, there was a parcel on the table, waiting
just for him. He had no idea how it had got there. "Its here. Can I open

"Not yet, and don't shake it," Becks told him, anticipating what the
beautiful younger man would do. "Keep it with you and move the lounge chair
over in front of the full length mirror." On one of their more adventurous
phone calls last week Orli had described every inch of the room to Becks,
and what he wanted him to do to him on every surface. Cris complied,
already realising this was going to be one of 'those' conversations, one
that would make him cum at least twice, and eagerly pushed the chair in
front of the mirror. "I want you to be able to see what I want to do to
you. I want you to see everything"

Cris's breathing was already becoming shallow. During the last call he had
been so turned on my Becks' filthy talk.

"Open the parcel, but don't look in it yet." Cris did what he was
told. "Now put it on the floor beside the chair. Put the phone down and
strip for me Cris. Watch yourself in the mirror as you do. And Cris, if you
take too long I'll have to punish you for it. Don't touch yourself until
*I* tell you too."

He put the phone down, pulling his tee shirt over his head as he toed off
his shoes. Cristiano knew that his muscled body was admired and lusted over
by millions of gay men. He was fucking proud of his toned muscles and
washboard stomach. Becks was obsessed with it too, taking hours to worship
it with his eyes, fingers and tongue. He eased his CKs off with his jeans,
watching his hard eight and a half inch cock spring free in the mirror. It
was moist already. He groaned quietly at the sight, having to shake his
head to clear it before picking up the phone again.

Becks knew the moment he came back and started talking to him the minute
the phone was pressed back to his ear. "You didn't touch yourself did you

His lover had the ability to tell if he was lying simply by the sound of
his voice.

Cris stopped lying to him long ago to save himself the heartache. "No, I
didn't Becks."

"Pity," he could hear the smile through the phone line, "I would have
enjoyed punishing your fucking body." Cris licked his lips, suddenly
wishing he had disobeyed his order, and Becks' punishments were always an
experience not to be missed. Last time he had violently twisted his nipples
while verbally abusing him and spitting hard into his open mouth. He had
wanked over that memory last night.

"Sit Cris."

"Where are you Becks?"

"That's not important, are you hard?" He asked, voice dipping lower.

"Yes," Cristiano whimpered.

"Really hard?"


"Are all the veins hard? Is your piss slit getting wet?'

"Yes Becks! Yes!" His cock was fucking throbbing.

"Fuck yes! I love to see that slit getting wet for me. Bet you wish my
tongue was pushed in it right now! And are you facing the mirror?" an
affirmative noise, "put two fingers in your mouth Cris. Suck them for
me. And keep your eyes on the mirror."

He did, being sure to keep his eyes on the mirror as the two digits slipped
between his lips. He sucked, watching his cheeks hollow as he did. Cris
wondered if this was how he looked when he sucked Becks. No, Becks' cock
would make a much, much bigger bulge. The thought making him arch with

"It looks good doesn't it Cris? You always look hot with something in your
mouth. Whether it's your fingers, my cock or cum it doesn't matter. Fuck,
yeah, I love to see you when my cum is dripping from your mouth. I love to
fucking wank thinking of you like that. The way I kiss you and we get my
cum in both our mouths. Makes me fucking blow a load. Do you have any idea
how many people wank off over you Cris? Just think, all those men, wanking
over you."

Cris gasped around the fingers in his mouth, he hadn't thought it possible
to come from just Becks' voice, but if he kept on he was going to without
even touching himself. As if sensing the state of Cris's arousal Becks
stopped speaking for a moment and Cris took a few deep breaths around the
fingers in his mouth.

"Are they wet enough babe? You can take them out now, run them down you
neck, use your nails, only lightly though. I'm the only man who can make
marks on you. Touch your nipples for me. Are they hard? Eh? Are those
fucking nipples hard? If I were there I'd spit on the fuckers and suck them
into my mouth and twist them and bite them like I did that night you were
naughty. You nearly cum when I was working your tits. Are you still
watching the mirror Cris? Go on squeeze those fucking man nips for me. Good
and hard the way you like it."

Cris's eyes opened, he hadn't meant to close them but Becks' voice had
begun to lull him. He groaned at the sight he made, eyes heavy with lust, a
wet trail of his slimy spit now joining his mouth and the nipple he was
currently abusing.

Becks chuckled a little breathlessly, "Much better Cris, don't close those
pretty eyes of yours. I want them to watch everything I make you do."

"Those nipples nice and hard and wet now? Remember when I cum in your
armpit then licked all the cum and spat it on your nips? We covered them in
your cum and I licked it off? Now, you can take those fingers lower, down
your stomach, into your navel, onto your stomach. I love to hump my cock on
that belly. I love spending all fucking day worshiping your body. Keep
going, you can stroke your cock now, slowly first. Squeeze yourself a
little. Does it feel good Cris?"

"God yes," Cris whimpered, "don't stop Becks, please."

He could hear the smile in his voice. "Oh I don't intend to Cris. I don't
intend to." And he didn't.

Orli could listen to him all day, Becks knew just what to say to bring him
to the brink quickly, then made the tempo change and slow. "Squeeze the
base Cris, don't come yet babe." Orli made a needy sound that Becks
soothed. "I have something better coming for you Cris. Are your fingers
still wet?"

He wasn't sure but he was sure he made a noise that sounded like yes. "Good
Cris, now, open your arse up for me babe. Use one finger to start. It's
been a while, you're going to need to stretch well for what's coming."

The first finger penetrated him fairly easily. He watched it disappear into
his depths his eyes still trained on the mirror. "That feels so good Becks,
you should see this."

"I've seen it Cris, I love watching your fingers go into your body,
watching your hole expand and get ready for me. You fucking love it as
well. You love pushing your fingers into your hole. Almost as much as when
I put mine in you. Remember what it's like when I put my fingers in you and
spread them out? Now add a second finger."

He did, pulling the first out almost all the way out before pushing them
both in together. Cristiano fucked himself with both his fingers, panting
into the phone, listening as Becks' voice hitched on the other end.

"That's right, see if you can find your prostate Cris." Cristiano had to
lift his arse a little more on the seat, watching as the fingers searched
the walls inside him. "I'm thinking of how you fucking moan when my fingers
or cock find your prostate. Add the third finger if it makes it easier." It
did, his body rocketing with pleasure as he hit it. He cried into the
phone, the noises louder, his cock harder then before. He continued to rock
onto his fingers until Becks' insistent voice brought him back from the

"Take your fingers out Cris, lick them, taste yourself. Fuck, I wish I
could taste them. Now get your present out of the box and use the hand that
was in your arse."

Cris eagerly obeyed, letting the taste of himself ripple over his tongue
before he reached into the box, his hand closing over the object inside and
bringing it out.

He held in his hand the largest black vibrator he had ever seen.

"It's fucking nice isn't it Cris? Just because I'm not there doesn't mean
that part of me can't screw your arse. And guess what? I had it in me
before I sent it to you. I had it right up inside my arse. I was on my
fucking back with my legs up fucking it into my cunt. Made me shoot a huge
fucking load. Tasted so fucking good." Cris moaned, God, how long had Becks
been planning this.

"I have to get lube."

"You don't need fucking lube," Becks told him before he moved, "I didn't
used fucking lube when I fucked my arse with it. You can take it. Suck it
first if it makes you feel better Cris. Let me hear you get it wet, hear
you taste me on it."

He put the tip of it in his mouth, moving his tongue up and down it,
tasting Becks. He groaned, easing it further into his mouth, thinking of
how this had been in Becks. He could almost smell his beautiful lithe body
He watched his lips purse around it as he sucked, pulling it in until he
felt the length hit the back of his throat. Cris took a breath and
swallowed convulsively, taking it to the end. He could hear Becks on the
other end of the phone, his breathing deepening ever more. He imagined his
lover stroking his big hard cock as he took the imitation cock into his

"That's it Cris," Becks cooed, his voice husky with arousal, "deep throat
it the way you deep throat me. Watch it go in and out of your mouth, let it
fuck your lips babe. I bet you look so hot, sitting on that chair, your new
toy buried deep in your mouth."

And it did, Cris had to shift his hand so he could get the best view of the
vibrator coming in and out of his mouth. He ran his tongue against it,
wetting it, thinking entirely of how it was going to go into his arse at
any moment.

"Are you ready for it Cris, ready for it to fuck you, screw that beautiful
arse of yours?"

There was a muffled 'yes' as he pulled it from between his lips. He slipped
it down his body, positioning it at the tight ring of muscle, pressing the
tip against the opening. And he waited.

Becks seemed to be collecting himself at the other end of the
connection. "Now Cris. Push it in your cunt."

He pushed it, hissing as the width stretched him. It took time, Becks had
been right, it had been too long since he'd done this last and he was
tight. Both he and Becks were patient, Becks' voice whispering filthy into
his ear. The saliva helped to make the shaft slick, helping to ease it's
path into him. With one final moan the black vibrator was all the way
inside him. Cris moaned loudly as it buried itself completely.

"That's right Cris, let something from me fuck you. Do you imagine that
it's me?"

"It is you Becks," Orli whimpered, "Only you fuck me, I'm your whore
Becks. Will you love me?"

"Yes my whore, my little cunt slut, I'll love you, fuck you. What does it
feel like Babe?"

"Full," Cris gasped, "I'm so full of fucking Becks. Full of you."

"Switch it on Cris, I want to hear you hum."

Cris's eyes flicked to the mirror and he looked at himself, legs parted,
his arse hanging over the edge of the chair. The end of the vibrator could
be seen sticking out of him. He gasped at the wanton image he made. "I wish
you were here with me Becks," he whispered, flicking the end of the
vibrator, turning it on.

The gentle hum entered the air and the soft keening sound came from him.

"You sound so incredibly hot Cris. I love you like this, such a fucking
slut. Fuck yourself for me."

He did, pulling the vibrator almost the whole way out, listening as the hum
changed just slightly, and slamming it back in as forcibly as Becks always
did. Becks liked to fuck really hard and deep. Cris arched almost
completely off the chair. God that felt so good. He changed the angle a
little as he pulled it out, when he pushed it back in it rubbed against his
prostate and he couldn't help the scream that left his lips as his vision

"That's right, let me hear what this is doing to you. Scream for me slut."
Cris wailed as he slammed the vibrator into himself, so caught up in
everything he closed his eyes and imagined it was Becks inside him, that
tattooed sweating body fucking him senseless. For now, this would have to
do. The pace was hard and fast, Cris had already been horny enough before
now, and he knew this wasn't going to take long.

Becks could tell. "Come on slut, come for me."

At the soft words Cris's world exploded and he came. He fucking exploded
finally, crying out Becks name. He shot thick ropes of cum all over his
chest and then, eyes closed. He collapsed. He felt boneless, like he always
did after he and Becks had sex. Cris smiled slightly, enjoying the warm
sensation that washed over him. He could almost feel Becks licking away the
cum as he always did.

Wait a minute! Someone was licking the trail of cum from his chest.

He opened his eyes and looked down. Becks' lust filled eyes looked straight
back up at him.

"Becks, you're here." The lust filled man, his hair close cropped grinned
at him with Cris' cum coating his lips. He continued licking his essence
from him as he kneeled, naked, on the floor. When every drop of cum had
been licked up and swallowed he spoke.

"Yeah, I'm here, my muscly slut. Surprised?"

"Fuck yes!" He gasped as Becks' tongue grazed his hardening cock. Becks
always made him hard again seconds after he came.

"Ready for another go?"

"You know I fucking am. I always fucking am."

Becks watched, his face inches away, as he pulled the vibrator out of
Cristiano, the slithering and then the popping sound making them both
groan. Becks knelt between Cris' legs and, staring at him ran his tongue up
the side of the vibrator, then licked the head before sucking hard on
it. Cris watched, hypnotised.

"It fucking tastes like us. It's been in both our cunts."

Cris growled, reaching forward, letting the phone drop to the ground and
dragging Becks' head forward. He covered his mouth with his own, thrusting
his tongue in. The taste of his own cum and the taste of the vibrator were
still on Becks' tongue. Becks' hands founding his own rigid cock, squeezing
out some of his own pre cum before his hand slipped under Cris, his fingers
probing his arse.

He broke the kiss, gasping to in Cris's ear. "Fuck Cris, your still so
fucking open."

"So fuck your slut again. Fuck his cunt." Cris smiled, letting his tongue
curve in Becks' ear.

It was Becks' turn to growl and he grabbed Cris, roughly, by the hips,
flipping him onto the floor so that his knees were on the carpet, his arse
in his hands. His face pressed between the open arse cheeks and his tongue
rolled over and into Cris' open hole. He spat into it and forced his tongue
into it tasting his slut. "Oh fuck yes. I love eating your slut cunt out
and tasting your fucking juice. I am going to fuck you my little slut. And
you're going to love it." Cris groaned in reply, withering in Becks'
hold. "I'm going to fuck your cunt like a fucking animal."

He spat again on the hole and then entered him ruthlessly without pausing,
filling him, loving the feel of his tight lover around him. "I've missed
this Cris. Missed that deep tight slut tunnel. Missed making your fucking
moan when I fuck against your prostate."

"Becks!" The voice was breathless, he moaned, squeezing the cock inside
him, relishing in the warmth, the man that entered him. "Fuck me Becks,
make me forget that vibrator. Show me what a real man feels like."

Becks withdrew slightly, letting his lips graze the lobe of Cris's ear. "Oh
I will, slut. I'm going to ram this hot, hard cock so deep inside you till
you only know my fucking name. And when I'm fucking finished you're never
going to want anyone else." Becks slammed himself back into Cris's willing
body, relishing in the gasping scream that came from his lips.

Cris bit at the cushion of the chair, trying to keep from screaming too
loud yet wanting nothing more then to have the man behind him go faster,
harder. Something. He could feel his heavy balls slap the underside of his
arse with every stroke. Cris pushed back into him, squeezing his arse
muscles around the cock, matching his speed, feeling his need grow with
Becks'. He wanted to cum with him, he'd give anything to cum with him.

Suddenly Becks was moving him away from the chair. Cris had to put his
hands on the floor though their rhythm didn't change. Becks was whispering
in his ear as he pumped in and out, hips pistoning. It took Orli a few
moments to discern what he was saying. "Stand up with my dick inside you
Cris." And he dragged Cris up, the angle of the cock inside him changing
and forcing against his prostate. The manoeuvre that followed amazed
him. Cris found himself turned, and sitting on the chair, arse high, with
Becks still forced deep into him. His knees were on his chest and his arse
was so exposed.

Cris turned his head, his eyes connecting with his own in the mirror. He
gasped at the sight they made, at the vision of Becks' cock disappearing
between his cheeks, those long fingered hands gripping and bruising his
thighs as they moved together.

"Oh fuck Becks!"

"Yeah, that's what I thought. You look so fucking good Cris, I love to fuck
your cunt!" He spat hard into Cris's open mouth watching as his slut
swallowed the saliva. He spat again, again and again into the greedy mouth.

"Want me to be rough to my slut?"

"Fuck yes Becks. Treat me like a cheap slut!" Cris growled.

Becks withdrew his cock to the tip and gripped Cris's nipples between his
fingers. He twisted them roughly and slammed his cock back in making Cris
scream. As he twisted the hard sensitive flesh he slammed his arse
mercilessly, spitting into his mouth. He continued to twist one nipple
while his free hand slapped Cris's arse cheeks as he slammed him.

Then he moved, he lent down for a moment and Cris lost sight of his
face. "Suck on this for me slut."

The vibrator was slipped back into his mouth, which Cris sucked gratefully,
and pushed harder back into Becks' thrusts. Becks met him, slipping a hand
beneath Cris's body, watching in the mirror as it enclosed around Cris's
arse, feeling the groan shudder through his lover's body.

Cris sucked and lapped at the black vibrator that had been buried inside
him. He stared at the impassioned sweat soaked man who was fucking him. The
huge cock was riding his prostate in deep violent lunges and his own cock
was pumping precum onto his hot flesh. Becks pushed the vibrator into his
throat. then withdrew is and started to lick on it himself. His eyes were
frenzied as he felt Cris's arse wrapped tightly about his madly thrusting

"Know where this is going now Cris? Slut?"

"No. Tell me!" Cris could hardly speak.

"It's going in my cunt. I'm going to cum in you with this in my cunt!"

Cris hardly believed this but felt Becks push his cock hard into him and
hold the position as he spread his own legs. Gripping the back of the chair
with one hand he reached back and pressed the head of the vibrator against
his own arse. His mouth opened and he grunted as, in one long thrust he
smashed the thing deep inside him and stimulated his prostate. There was a
pause and then Cris heard the familiar hum as the vibrator started
massaging Becks deep inside.

"Now you fucking get my cum!" He pulled Cris's hair savagely and spat in
his mouth then gripped the chair again and started to pound him again.

It took just seconds for him to cum. Cris was in wonder looking up at that
wild frenzied face and hearing the obscene yells as a huge load of Becks'
cum filled his arse. He gripped his own cock and started wanking it
again. It was instantaneous. He fired his own hot load of cum up on Becks'
sweating chest. Becks carried on thrusting into him spending every drop of
his cum as he twisted Cris' nipples again.

"That felt so fucking good with my arse full. I need so fucking much in
me. You got any ideas slut? Want to push to the lmits?

Cris gasped and hissed.


..... But that wasn't the end of the story and a lot more is to happen

I hope that you enjoyed this story. If you would like to make comments or
suggestions I would like very much to hear from you. Conatct me ay

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Beckham And Ronaldo - Beckham And Ronaldo 1