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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Beckham And Ronaldo - Beckham And Ronaldo 2

Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2005 13:54:51 +0000
From: Carl Larsen <>
Subject: Beckham and Ronaldo 2

This story is a continuation of an encounter between Real Madrid player
David Beckham and Manchester United player Cristiano Ronaldo.

It is fantasy and pure fiction. Neither man is gay and neither man has
ever, or would ever, indulge in any of the activities portrayed.

This part of the story is stronger in nature than the first part. It
contains very strong language and some fairly extreme and sadistic sexual
activity between the two characters.

Beckham didn't pull his cock out of the man. The feeling of tight pulsing
arse around it was too good. He felt every beat of the wide-eyed breathless
Cristiano Ronaldo's heart through it.

He pushed his body further onto Cris making his own arse clench tighter
round the vibrator in his own arse. The tunnel gripped every fat hard inch
of it. There was no way that his cock was going to soften He grabbed Cris
by his dark hair and pulled his head up roughly. He kissed him savagely
leaving both their lips wet with saliva. Cris made a frantic noise of
appreciation. Becks grinned. He forced the bottom guy's mouth open and spat
into it. He spat hard!

Cris washed the saliva around his mouth and swallowed it hard.

'Fuck! You're a real horny slut! What are you?'

'A slut! Your slut!'

'I'm still hard in you. You feel how fucking hard I still am?' He pressed
in harder. 'What's that feel like? Feels good? Feel the head of my cock
shoved right in you? My cock in there and all my cum? I can feel all my cum
in there, all over my fucking cock. I'm pushing into it!'

'Fuck yes! I can feel it all in me. Best fucking thing I ever had!'

He looked at Becks' face. It looked aggressive and wild. His body was
sweating onto him. It felt good. It was David Beckham's body. Hard!
Perfect! Tattooed! Sweating! So many men wanted Beckham to screw them but
this was happening to him. Again!

'Lets see what your cum is like.' Becks pushed his hand between their
bodies into the slithering pools of Cris's thick cum on his chest. He
spread it over the man's hard pecs and nipples. He gathered some so it
coated his hand. 'Not going to waste this!'

Cris watched as Becks licked his hand clean. He ate like he was a starving
man. The taste of hot juice shot from that man beneath him. He ran his
tongue between his fingers, not missing a single drop of the stuff. His
eyes closed in his greed. He wanted more. His hand pushed between their
bodies again, gathering Cris's juice. Again he greedily licked his hand
clean but this time he didn't swallow. Holding Cris's mouth open with his
sticky hand he dribbled the cum onto the man's tongue.

'Eat it, you horny fucker! Let me see you eat it.'

He didn't need to give any orders. Cris washed it round his mouth before
swallowing it.

'Yeah! That's so fucking hot! I always like to see a man enjoying his own
jizz like that. I bet you always eat your cum when you toss off. I do!
Never waste a fucking drop of it. I lick every fucking drop. I lick my
hands clean then I watch the stuff dribbling down my chest and scoop it all
up. Yeah? Like that idea? My mouth full of my bollock cream? Too fucking
good to waste.'

Between words he was kissing Cristiano roughly and wetly.

'Got any more down there? Want me to milk your cock? See whether there's
any still oozing out?'

At that he reached between their bodies again and closed his fingers around
Cris's cock. It was sticky.

'Still hard! Good slut! Yeah, it's really wet. Plenty more in there.' He
squeezed the head of Cris's cock making the last oozings of his orgasm
cream out onto his fingers.'

He pushed his fingers into his mouth sucked the thick cream off them,
watching Cris staring at him, his eyes fixed on Becks' fingers and
mouth. As he did this Becks pushed into him deeper and harder into the
arse. His mouth full of saliva and Ronaldo cum he spat into Cris's mouth
again then hungrily kissed him again. Their sweating bodies were a single
knotted mass.

'My cock still feel good up you? Still feel hard buried up there in all my
cum juice?'

Cristiano didn't need to speak. He purred obscenely. He liked this
talk. This filthy hot talk.

'That vibrator is still right up me mate. Real deep up my arse. I've got my
ring tight around it. I keep squeezing it in my tunnel and it's pressing my
fucking prostate. Aww fuckkkkk yesssss!' He spat ferociously in Cris's open
mouth again, and again.

He lifted his body and pushed a hand back onto Cris' chest finding one of
his nipples. He closed his fingers round it and squeezed. Cris convulsed
and whimpered so Becks squeezed harder, twisting the hardness,
pulling. Cristiano closed his eyes enjoying the sensation that got stronger
as more pressure and twisting was administered. Cris lifted his chest,
pushing it against the fingers that were corkscrewing his nipple.

'Do mine! Work on my fucking tits. Come on!'

Cristiano spread a hand on the top's chest and felt his concrete hard left
nipple. He dug his fingers in and twisted it with force making Becks
wince. He softened the pressure.

'No! No, harder, you fucker, harder!'

He twisted harder and pulled and watched that face, that beautiful face
animate with delicious abuse. The eyes screwed shut, the mouth open, the
close-cropped head sweating. The eyes opened in a flash.

'Fucking harder. On both tits. Come on!'

Proving how demanding he was he spat on Cris's mouth again. Cris found the
other nipple. Watching the crazed man he twisted them both, one clockwise,
the other ant-clockwise. Harder. Harder!

'Fucking hell! You fucker! You fucking hot slut! Work my fucking tits!

Both men worked each other's hard yearning nipples. Twisting, pinching,

'My cock is so fucking hard again. Hard up your tight cunt mate! Come
on... work my fucking tits off.'

They writhed like beasts. They abused. Becks spat on his lover and thrust
himself ever deeper into the man's arse, pushing into his own cum and
making it slither up the length of his cockshaft. And when their nipples
could take no more they rested for a second gaining breath and swimming in
their perspiration.

Becks lifted slightly and ran a hand across his own sweaty pectorals
gathering sweat that flooded down it.

'Lets see you taste some more of my body juice. Want that?' It's like how
it is when I pull my fucking shirt off at the end of a match. Taste it! He
placed the palm of his hand on Cris's lips as the guy lapped at the wetness
and felt his head reel with the hot saltiness. He loved it.

'Mmmm. You need more, you slut!' More sweat was rubbed onto his hand and
fed to the dark haired man who was getting more and more keen on anything
that Becks possesses. The combined flavour of cum and sweat was making him

'Fuck! You fucking go for that don't you! What about this then? Yeah?'

He held up his arm. Cris could stare into his open armpit and lust on the
deepness and the sweat-wet hair. A trickle of sweat meandered down the side
of his body.

'Want to eat that? Want your tongue in there slut? I fucking love it when a
slut eats my pits out. But you know that! Remember when you sucked your cum
outa it?'

Becks lowered his pit onto the man's mouth. A tongue met it, lavished the
moistness, sucking on damp fur, nuzzling with latin lips. Tasting the
desired footballer's sweaty juice. The man pressed his pit harder on the
furious tongue, harder, groaning his pleasure as the tongue explored,
licked, probed, lapped and delved, drank, swallowed and teeth chewed and

'Eat that fucking pit. You fucking love it don't you! Fuckkkkk!''

He grabbed a handful of dark hair, pulling the head deeper into him. He
grunted and thrust his cock into the tunnel ever harder.

Cris ate like a lusted vulture. Loving the wet fur and taut
muscle. Pressing his face right in there so it was coated in pit
juice. Becks started to stab his cock in sharp jerks in and out of him,
along the tight walled tunnel, through the thick cum.

'Work your fucking tongue in there harder, eat my pit and I'll slam your
cunt harder!'

He withdrew to the tip and slammed back in. The crazed bottom screamed, his
face full of pit, sweat and saliva on his face, his hands on sweaty
shoulders, his deep tight arse full of footballer cock and cum.

Becks pulled his pit away and crashed his face onto Cristiano's, kissing
him with force and tasting his own sweat in the man's mouth. Cris responded
by tensing every muscle in his arse squeezing every inch of the rigid pole
that was lodged there. The walls of his tunnel gripping like a vice.

'Lets give your cunt another good fucking! Want that slut?'

The man grunted and squeezed his arse muscles ever harder. 'Answer me!' He
grabbed his hair and spat in his mouth again. 'Fucking answer me!'

'Yes! Fuck me. Hard! Fuck my arse off!'

'Good slut! You're gonna fucking get it! I need to get rid of this

The naked, crazed, horned-up footballer reached behind him and gripped the
base of the big vibrator. One long stroke. It was out! It was hurled across
the floor. Emptiness filled him.

'Fuck. That felt good sliding out of me. You could stick your fucking hand
up there. Stick your fucking slutty wrist up my cunt! Shit, you are gonna
get the arse-fucking of your life!'

He pushed Cristiano back into the chair, his arse at the edge, and lifted
his body with his engorged cock still rammed in. He lifted himself, he
arched his back. Cristiano gazed. What did he see?

Naked Beckham! Close cropped hair! Beautiful face consumed with
lust. Tattoos add tanned flesh shining where the light hit the sweat. Hard,
begging nipples. The trail of hair from his navel down to his dark blond
bush. Sweat. Sweat coating his hard body. Streaming down his chest. From
his pits. Over his nipples. Hard, naked, horned, crazed Beckham. Beckham
who was going to shoot even more cum into him. How many times had Cristiano
wanked over his pictures, shot huge loads over his chest, his face, into
his mouth? How many times had he pushed fingers into himself dreaming they
were HIS, or HIS tongue, or HIS cock? It had happened for real before, but
never like it was today!

'Fuck! I've never been so fucking horned up. Lets fucking look at you! Fuck
that chest! Lift your arms, spread the fuckers, let me see you muscly pits

Cristiano grinned. He knew the effect it would have. He knew it would make
the footballer fuck even harder! He spread his muscled sweating arms and
lifted them, gripping the back of the chair. There was his toned chest,
there were his pits full of dark sweat wet hair. Beckham's eyes narrowed.

'You horny fucker! He released one leg and pushed his hand into Cris's left
armpit, feeling wet dark hair. He pulled at it sharply then ran his hand
into it and licked it. He gripped Cris's ankles again!

'You ready for the hardest fuck you ever had?'

'Yes! In my cunt! Fuck the shit from my cunt!'

Beckham took a deep breath and pulled his cock out so only the head and the
dribbling slit were still inside the ring. For a few seconds, his cock
poised, his hands found his own nipples, which he rubbed and pinched
sharply. The man beneath waited for the onslaught to begin but he had to be
patient. Leaving his own nipples Beckham started to massage, then tweak
Cris's, his lust-filled face gazing across the man's face, chest and pits.

'You fucking horny slut! Open your fucking pits! Wider! Stretch your
fucking arms!'

He summoned up a reserve of saliva and, with his head lowered; he spat hard
directly into the bottom's right pit and then another load of spit in the
left pit. His hands dived into them rubbing the stuff into the sweaty
hair. The rubbing sensation made the man writhe beneath him but there was
more to come. In each hand he grabbed a tuft of wet hair and pulled
sharply. The dark haired beauty cried in pleasure as his back was dragged
off the chair, his body suspended by pit hair. The ever more crazed Beckham
started to shake him by them and the sight made his bollocks churn with
more hot juice ready to spurt out when summoned. He released the pits and
let the man fall back then he put his own right hand to his mouth and
licked off the wetness of pit sweat and his own spit. The left hand he gave
to Cristiano, pushing his fingers into a wide opened and hungry mouth. The
Portuguese beauty ate them like a ravenous beast.

'Did I tell you to put your fucking arms down? Lift the fuckers and grip
the back of the fucking chair. Leave them there while I fuck you! I want to
see your pits while I fuck your brains out.'

The man complied. He was stretched out, his muscles taut, the hardness of
his nipples accentuated, rivers of sweat running down his chest and his
cock, despite having shot two loads already, rigid and leaking.

Beckham paused for a moment. This was the kind of sex that he had always
dreamed about. A hot as hell man totally willing, totally into the same
kind of roughness and kink that he was. A hot as hell man with a fabulous
body, streaming in sweat, lying with his pits spread, his nipples solid and
his tight urging arse gripping the head of a cock.

'Open your mouth!'

Becks spat hard into the mouth and then gripped the man's ankles roughly,
lifting his legs high and spreading them wide.

'Gonna cum in you again slut! You ready for that?' He spat again.

'Yes! Yessss! Do me!'

Ronaldo's ring had tightened around the base of the cock. Some force would
push it through. Beckham's eyes narrowed and, in a hard lunge, he rammed
the whole length of his cock into the tunnel making his heavy bollocks slap
the body beneath. The tunnel clamped him as the prostate sent into
frenzy. He dived back into the flood of cum still left from his last
explosion. The cock withdrew to the tip again then he thrust it back, even
harder, determined to fuck hard, rough and fast.

Cristiano started yelling. Yelling loud his passion. Yelling as the huge
veiny titanium-hard dick smashed into his guts, forcing his tunnel walls
apart, smashing his prostate. Again. Again. Harder with every thrust. Sweat
splashed onto him from the fucking footballer who looked down on him with a
crazed expression, perched at the very edge of a colossal orgasm.

Becks spat on him with aggression as he hips powered his cock. Harder!

'Like that don't you! Fucking love a dick ramming that cunt! Your fucking
cunt was made for this. Made to be filled with dick cum!'

Harder! Harder!

'So much fucking cum in there already. Fuck! I'm gonna fill you again!' At
that he gripped the ankles even harder and pushed back the legs as far as
they would go, pushing the man's knees into his own sweating armpits,
smashing them into them.

Cristiano was lost in heaven now. He had craved fucking all his life; he
had been fucked a thousand times, but never with this power and aggression
and from such a man. Bathed in a sea of sweat he grunted, moaned, yelled,
gripped his arse muscles and craved ever more.

This pace couldn't go on could it? The smooth chest above him moved with
such speed as the cock rammed into his body. He could see Beckham
grimace. He knew that grimace. It was the expression on a man's face when
he is about to cum with intense power.

It was close. It was going to happen. Beckham was going to let himself
go. His bollocks old him it was inevitable as they started to pump their
cream up his shaft. He started to grunt loudly and obscenely as his face
twisted, his head was thrown back and his eyes screwed tight.

'I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your cunt. Shit! Shit Shit! I'm gonna cum in
your cunt!'

It exploded. He completely lost control. He started to yowl and grunt as
his sperm pushed up and out of his slit and fired great gobs into the man
beneath him. A jet of cum, and another. More, more, more!

Cristiano's body was totally dominated, totally in the possession of the
cropped headed man and his vast cock. He watched that face knowing that he
would never forget it. He felt that cock and knew no fuck would ever feel
this good again! He felt himself flooded with hot juice firing from that

Beckham was screaming as his body streamed with hot sweat. One more
lunge. One more spurt that would rip through his body! It came and he
shouted 'Fucking Hell!'

Breathless he opened his eyes. Looked at the man beneath him and down at
the root of his cock forced into the hole. He looked at Cristiano's
cock. Totally erect. Twitching. On the edge. Needing to explode.

'You horny slut! You fucking horny slut! Best fucking cunt fuck I ever
had!' In gratitude he spat down on the chest below him and, with a single
movement of his hops his ten inches slid out to freedom, dripping onto the
floor, slimy and shining in the light. He took it in his hand and wiped it
across Cris's arse cheeks. He looked at the man's face and then down at his
arse. This was too good to miss. He went down on his knees and gripped the
taut arse cheeks and drove his face between them, pressing his tongue deep
into the ravished hole. It had tightened instantaneously but he forced it
open allowing a stream of his own cum to ooze onto his tongue and into his
mouth. He lapped. He swallowed. He ate that man out, ate his own
juice. Cristiano was overwhelmed by this. This just got hotter and
hotter. He had to release and gripped his cock in his hands and started to

Becks looked up, his lips and chin streaming with juice.

'No you fucking don't! Got a better place for that cum than your hand.'

'I can't! I've gotta fucking cum. I can't hold back.'

In an instant Becks was up and had torn his hands from the boiling cock.

'On the floor! On the floor NOW! Get down there. On your fucking back.'

The shaking boiling man complied. A cushion was thrust under his head and
he lay, his hard nine inches leaking. Beckham placed a foot either side of
him and lowered himself, squatting down, his ring over the cock.

'Wanna fuck David Beckham?' His eyes were wild again. He reached and
gripped the cock, pressing it at his ring and.... then.... with no more
preparation sat on it hard allowing every inch to pierce his body. He felt
pain for a second and then the sheer fucking joy of a cock in his tunnel.

Cris was wild. This was amazing. His cock was deep in this man and about to

'You're fucking close mate! I can tell. Gonna ride you and make you shoot
in my Beckham cunt!'

He started to ride. Those hard hairy thighs powered him as he squat fucked
down on the man who was going to explode his load against his
prostate. Cristiano spread his arms as if trying to grip something. His
mouth opened to be met by a gob of spit and his eyes screwed.

He blew! He blew a huge load of cum into Beckham. He filled the man with
his juice.

Beckham sat squarely on him.

'That's so fucking hot in my cunt mate!'

....... And it goes on.

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Beckham And Ronaldo - Beckham And Ronaldo 2