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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Curious George Burgess Gets It - Curious George Burgess Gets It 1

Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 12:38:31 -0400
From: jasper adams <>
Subject: Curious George Burgess Gets It

For this little episode, disclaimer: obviously nothing contained in this
story at all should be interpreted as truth. Author claims no intimate
knowledge of the athlete starring in this seedy tale.


I've taken the liberty to organize some juicy pics of the starring athlete
in this little sordid tale. Can be found here on my new blog:

xoxo - jasper

> Curious George Burgess Gets it <

George Burgess - 6'5" of smooth, blond muscle - tentatively maneuvered his
way broad, beefy frame through the dark, nearly pitch-black corridor. Fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... what the bloody hell am I doing here?! The
21-year-old English rugby player cursed to himself, gripping tightly with
one hand the tiny towel barely, barely containing his full, perky, bubble
ass (and low-hanging balls next to a quickly hardening cock), while the
other hand guided him through the hallway, desperately feeling the dirty,
slick, black walls for an open door. Smells of sweat, ass, piss, and feet
reminded him of all and any locker room he's ever been in, but the faint,
muffled sounds... slapping, moaning, groaning, begging... screaming? Plus
the smell of lube... of cum... Burgess thought he was going to hurl when
the pungent smell of fresh and old cum, sweet and salty, bitter and sour,
hit him in the face when he first entered, but that sudden olfactory shock
quickly went away, leaving the horny jock with shivers and electricity
shooting from his toes to his cock to his nipples and finger tips.

Burgess felt his heart race, his breaths becoming shallower and
shallower. He no longer cared about the thick, viscous puddle of whatever
fluid he stepped his large, bare feet into a second ago (ugh... should've
worn the flip-flops, he cursed to himself at the time, stomach dropping, as
he felt his long toes immersed in the still-warm fluid... so much... so
thick... toes wriggling... cock... stiffening...), nor the similar slippery
substance his hand came in contact with while gripping an unlocked
doorknob. His uncut, British cock peaked out from under that tiny sliver of
a towel, engorged, angry, and swollen. But he didn't care about that
anymore either as he continued feeling his way into the dark, empty room. A
faint trace of flickering light peaked in from the ceiling of a neighboring
stall; Burgess noticed the walls dividing these stalls don't reach all the
way to the ceiling and spotted the lube dispenser and the bucket of condoms
(empty, save one or two) the check-in guy had told him about.

Trembling, Burgess lowered his muscular, worked-out frame onto the thin
wrestling mat on the ground, leaving the door wide open behind him. He
wanted it, he told himself. Yes, he needed it. After all this waiting,
wanting, he needed it. His cock is now raging hard - solid nine-inches of
rugby meat that looks even bigger and fatter ever since the young athlete
started shaving away all his pubes - desperate for the horny jock to
release it from the pitiful confines of the tiny, tiny towel. Burgess was
nearly hyperventilating with excitement as he knelt there, sitting back on
his bare ankles and feet, feeling his wet, cummy heels digging into his
fat, fat ass cheeks as he spotted a black necktie draped over the lube
dispenser. Shaking, trembling, the beefy Adonis reached for the tie and
positioned it around his eyes, blindfolding himself in the already
near-black room.

On the damp tie, Burgess could feel traces of whatever was left over from
its previous user (or users), the nasty, intoxicating smells of male sweat,
ejaculation, and perhaps even more. He inhaled these odors deeply as he
tightened the blindfold, his cock eagerly springing to full attention and
ridding the beautiful, innocent naked jock body of a pathetic towel that
really and truly did nothing even in sake of false modesty. Feeling sweat
pouring from his forehead and armpits already, Burgess leaned forward on
his elbows, tossing aside that damn towel, feeling the humid, hot air on
his bare, white ass, feeling the dead, still air against his sweaty, smooth
crack, his tiny, pink hole, quivering, begging and aching for... oh
god. The jock spread his beefy, tree-trunk legs as far apart as he could,
curled his sweaty, smelly, cum-covered jock toes, arched his back like he
saw in the pornos he just discovered and obsessed over earlier that week,
and lowered his head down on the ground, propping his forehead inches away
from the dirty, damp mat with his large, clasped hands that were shaking

The 21 year old could feel on his forearms, elbows, and knees what he now
understood and accepted as other men's semen, sweat and used lube, left
over from the previous inhabitants of that dark, dank cell. His long toes
flexed in anticipation, feeling the remnants of that cum puddle he stepped
in earlier between his toes. The boy-man could smell himself in the tight
quarters, smelling his own sweaty pits, his own sweaty ass crack, his
smelly feet, the familiar, sweet early traces of his own precum forming at
the head of his raging, untamable hard-on swinging between his smooth,
meaty thighs. He also smelled somebody else on his hand... from that cummy
doorknob. Oh please... oh god... please... don't do it, mate... don't do
it... Burgess begged himself to stop, but he couldn't. Oh god... His cock
and quivering hole was in total control of his senses and reasoning. The
rugby player stuck out his long tongue and obligingly licked the
bitter-sweet semen off of one finger, then lapping at the whole hand like a
golden retriever in heat, tasting and swallowing the thick, salty ejaculate
while shivering with dread and desperation, groaning, moaning... panting. A
thin stream of precum dripped from his monster cock like the beginnings of
a spider web as the rugby jock pushed his glorious mounds of ass higher and
higher in the thick air as he sucked on his cummy hand, his heavy, hairless
balls dangling next to his leaky cock...

[One week prior...]

"AW! Babe! What you doing?!" Burgess moaned in surprise, his body buckling,
toes flexing. His cock was buried deep in some random girl's wet, loose
pussy. The tall, blond jock was on his back, getting ridden by a girl in
reverse cowgirl, close to shooting a three-day load in the girl's twat when
he felt something invading his most tender, unknown and sensitive place.

"Relax, George..." The girl cooed, tightening her pussy around the jock's
monster cock, milking him with all her might, forcing a small pink vibrator
inside the jock's virgin hole with just her spit. She turned on the

"OW! Seriously... FUCK! UGHN! OH SHIT! OH SHIT! FUCK! OW!! UGHN!" Burgess'
boyish face flushed bright red, his whole body convulsing with a foreign
sensation. His muscular legs kicked wildly, spreading wide on the bed, hips
buckling, cock pounding in and out of the girl, feeling that vibrating
object push against something deep within. The man-boy was putty. Gripping
on to either side of the bed, Burgess begged as his ass relished the
vibrating toy's attentive invasion... building to the best orgasm of his
young life, cumming deep inside that devious girl's cunt. Screaming like a
little bitch himself, "OH GOD YES BABE! OH... FUCK YEAH!!!!"


"Again!? Fuck you, George," the same girl climbed off of the horny jock the
morning after. She had edged him to orgasm with a vibrator two more times
the night prior, each more explosive and toe-numbing for Burgess than the
previous. The girl was done with this shit. "Find your own cock to fuck
yourself with. Fag."

On her way out the door, she tweeted selfie shots* Burgess had sent her
prior to hooking up, two nude shots of the athlete posing and flexing in a
bathroom mirror, showing the athlete's chiseled body and fat cock (one
containing that cute mug of his...). She had heard from other fangirls
Burgess was a hot shag (not to mention fucking hot himself, or did they
maybe mean George's hot twin brother Tom?), but after fucking him so many
times with her small vibrator, she was done. What a freak...

*If unfamiliar with the infamous George Burgess nude pics, a quick Googling
session will no doubt prove to be enjoyable or see my blog post:


"How old are you anyway? ID?" The over-it check-in guy had to peel his
attention away from straight porn playing on his laptop. Burgess blushed
like a schoolboy and hesitantly handed his ID over, hoping he won't be
recognized. Luckily he was in San Francisco, not England nor
Australia... "21, huh? Cash only. You'll find condoms and lube inside."

"Thanks, mate..." Burgess, dying from embarrassment as he pulled his cap
down low over his clear, blue-green eyes, grabbed a locker key and towel
from the annoying attendant and headed inside.

Feeling all eyes on him, Burgess burned beet red. His adorable, boyish face
seemed incongruous with his beefy, 6'5" frame, packed with lean muscle from
years of sport and workout. This certainly caught the attention of everyone
in the locker room, lecherously watching this golden man-boy undress - a
gorgeous blond jock meekly stepping his large, size 15 feet out of his
flip-flops and unveiling his two mounds of solid man ass. One could hear a
pin drop, followed by sounds of jaws dropping as target signs formed on
Burgess' smooth, meaty, untouched ass. Heart pounding, the rugby jock
attempted to wrap an all-too-small towel around his waist... futilely, as
the bottoms of his ass cheeks and a hint of his low-hanging balls peaked
through now and again. The jock, finding it difficult to breathe, slammed
the locker door shut and rushed into the dark rooms. He felt his insides
quiver as all the eyes hungrily burned holes through his bare, muscular
back as he rushed off, ass and balls jiggling and bouncing under that tiny,
useless towel.


All black. Complete darkness. Burgess could at first only hear his own
heavy breathing; gradually, echoes from other stalls became much, much more
present. Groaning, panting, slapping, cursing,
screaming... begging... cumming... footsteps. Definitely wet, sloppy
footsteps, approaching from a faint distant and louder, and louder, and
suddenly no more. Oh god... oh god... oh god... Someone's here? Am I still
hard? Oh god... I'm... so hard...

The blond jock was covered in sweat. That bead of precum turned into a
thick string of clear rope dangling from his swollen cock, nearly reaching
the mat, as he froze in that delicious position, ass up, legs spread, face
down, heavy cock and balls swinging, flexing between those thick
thighs. Burgess felt his own exposed asshole tense and clench. This is
different from his imagination after a week of nonstop jerking off to gay
porn he found online, nasty, kinky porn he never knew existed until seven
days ago. Different... he couldn't tell you how. He was so hard,
regardless. More footsteps approaching... stopping. Burgess could feel
other men in other stalls, pounding to orgasmic conclusion... screams,
grunts, moans... More footsteps. Oh god... oh god... how many are there?!
Do... do... do any want me...?

The jock nearly jumped when he first felt a rough, hot hand on his left ass
cheek, stroking it, massaging it. Electricity shot through his body. He bit
down on his own arm, his body tensed up and frozen, feeling a man knead his
naked ass like dough, harder, and harder and harder. Sweat poured down from
Burgess' ass crack, forming a sweat river between the groove formed by his
thick muscles along his spine, trickling down to the back of his neck and
shoulders. A gasp almost escaped the virgin jock's throat when suddenly he
felt another hand. And another. Then Another. Then another. Hands
everywhere on his clenched and shaking body... groping his smooth, hot,
sweaty skin, feeling his hard biceps, broad shoulders, defined back, meaty
thighs, hard calves, fleshy, cummy feet and toes... The jock felt his
stomach drop and wanted to throw up as these hands violated every inch of
his lithe and defined muscles. "(Oh god...! Oh god...!)

Burgess thought he could lose it at any moment, but as soon as hands
gradually got replaced by hot, wet, greedy tongues, the blond jock purred
involuntarily like a bitch in heat. Tongues everywhere... violating every
curvature of his well-trained muscles, every nook and cranny of his back
and legs, between his cummy toes. Then, a tongue decisively found its way
to the blond athlete's most inner, private place, his cursed hole, tortured
and ruined by that cunt of a girl, and as soon as that probing tongue got
replaced by a hungry, sucking mouth, wet and hot, sucking, spitting on,
eating him out inside out, invading his dirty, begging shit hole, Burgess
felt his jock cum welling up, boiling in his heavy ball sacs. He felt the
old cum and new saliva between his dirty toes as he squeezed them tight,
clenching, sighing, moaning, anything, anything but screaming. He can't
scream. Not a sound. Not like this. With murmurs, low, gruff laughs, and
muffled voices suddenly everywhere around him, the muscle boy suddenly
heard a voice cry out like a girl getting her clit sucked and flicked to
orgasm, shrieking, high pitched yet guttural, desperate,
wild... uncontrollable like an animal: "UGHN! UGHN! UGHN!!!! OH!!!! UGHNN!

Burgess' entire body was buckling, shaking, trembling, sweating. The blond
jock cried out in shock, aghast and horrified, when he realized it was he
who had screamed a second prior, the bad, naughty muscle boy who had
squealed like a girl while prematurely shooting a massive load onto the mat
beneath him, hearing the splat, splat, splattering of thick, creamy jock
cum spraying out from his bursting cock onto the plastic, with a spurt hit
him squarely on the chin. Some hootin' and holler' rang through the cumming
jock's ears as he felt that unrelenting mouth and tongue continue to suck
and rim and invade his precious hole, cum dripping out still... UGHN! UGHN!
UGHN!!!... God... how many are watching?! Oh GOD... oh god... they want me?
How many...?

Feeling totally drained, his fingers and toes numbed from the unexpected
orgasm, Burgess felt a hand on his cummy chin, guiding his boyish face up
from the ground, forcing him to get on his hands like a dog. Something
rubbed against his thick, pouty red lips... something hard, greasy and
wet... something smelling like piss, cum and ass.

"UGHN!!!" Burgess yelped suddenly as a hand struck his bubbly, jiggling fat
ass. Oh god oh god oh god...! "The persistent hand struck again, and again,
and again. "UGHNN!! UGHN!!! GUHNN!!!" Burgess cursed to himself as someone
grabbed hold of his chin and shoved that greasy, hard pole into his opened,
grunting mouth. More laughing, cheers, even applause.

A pretty one, ain't he? Fuck, a beauty! Look at that ass - boy's begging
for it! How's his mouth? Hot. He any good at suckin'? Naw, he'll learn
though... Fuck look at them pouty lips... real pretty wrapped around that
cock of yours, man. Fuck yah, dude, fuck this boy's hot. A real hot
piece... fuck dude, a fine muscle bottom... Boy's begging for more ain't

Burgess was gagging, near vomiting. He couldn't avoid the taste and smell
of cum, ass, and lube on this massive cock, thick and long. He couldn't do
it... it's too big... too much... the sadistic laughter ringing all around
him. Oh god... oh god... how many guys are here...!?

Suddenly, the cock in his mouth was replaced by a palm and a command. Lick
it boy! Lick it clean! Like a trained pup, Burgess smelled something
familiar on the hand, and obediently licked off whatever was on that
palm... sweet, tangy... familiar. His own cum. More hootin' and hollerin'.

Boy loves his own cum! Fuck! Feed him more! Give the bitch what he wants!

Burgess felt a hand on his sensitive, still-hard cock and his still-heavy
balls, jerking him, pumping him, edging him for more... his jock cock was
so swollen and sore and aching, that invading mouth still making his toes
curl via his ass hole. Another hand fed him another palm full of cum... his
own... Oh god... did I shoot all this?! Fuck... oh god!!! I need to cum
again... oh god... I... I need to cum again...! OH GOD!


More sounds of splat, spat, splattering of cum. A bit less cum than the
first load, but Burgess felt it even more this second time. Electricity
shot through his ass hole to his fingertips down to his toes back through
his balls and out his cock. He knew it was coming, he wanted to cum like
that again so badly he was grinding his fat ass back onto the hungry guy's
face, hard and deep, feeling the man's scruffy, bearded face smashed in
deep between his juicy ass cheeks. Suddenly, the hootin' and hollerin'
turned into vicious orders...

Fuck! Boy shot his wad again! Shit man! Fuck him! Feed him! Breed that
pretty ass! Cum down his fuckin' throat! Fuck that pretty piece of jock
meat! Fuck that pretty face! Fuck that boy up!

Another cock was forced into the jock's open, panting mouth (Burgess gagged
since it was much, much fatter than the previous cock) ... and then
throat... mercilessly pummeling in and out of the virgin jock

Burgess had no time to react - crying, gagging, spit dribbling down his
chin - his ass was on fire. He screamed desperately and futilely with a fat
cock lodged in his throat, fucking his throat deep. He screamed silently,
gagging, trying not to vomit, panicking, his body in shock, every worked
out muscle trembling uncontrollably. Tears fell from his blindfolded eyes,
weeping... sobbing. The athlete thought he felt something deep inside him
snap and break. Painful. Violated. Broken... forever. The pain was... too
much... whoever... ughnnn... was forcing... ughnn! Ughnn!
Whatever... it... ughnn... is... oh god... oh god... I ... can't... take
it... can i?! fuck... they're all watching... oh god...!

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Curious George Burgess Gets It - Curious George Burgess Gets It 1