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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Day At The Beach

Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 08:52:21 +1200
From: Tama Wise <>
Subject: "A Day at The Beach"

Chances are you came here for a reason, and your looking for this sorta
stuff. If for some reason you dont already know, the following story
includes description of sexual acts between guys. If that shit turns you
off, use your back button or close your browser. If not, your in the
right place.

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Dedicated to the People-Of-Color Sports Appreciation List, in the wake of
Eric Fonoimoana and Dain Blanton's Olympic victory over Brazil. This
story is fiction and I have no idea of either participants sexuality, or
aim to imply they are gay with this story.

Oh yeah. The guys in this story might not be using rubbers, but this
is a work of fiction. Practice safe sex.

Keep it real.

Anfernee "Wildstyle" Williamson of da Undaground Click.

Do not distribute or reproduce this document, all or in part, without
express permission of the author. (c) 27th September, 2000, Anfernee



That one memory still cut through all the others.

Together. Alone in a sea of people. The world watching as he held him closer
than he had ever.

Eric still couldn't shake what he had felt. The hot press of his body along
his. The strength of his embrace as they joined together on the sand. Bodies
tight, limbs all but tangled in an erotic embrace of lovers. For that one
moment, his mind buzzing, his body overwhelmed with what burned within his
mind and spirit, Eric had lost himself in Dains arms. His one and only
thought of his friend. After having won gold, he had been the only person he
had wanted to share it with. In his arms was the only place he had wanted to
celebrate the victory.

With the world watching on, the cameras trained on the only two people who
mattered, Eric had found himself hard pressed to remember. To pull himself
away from Dain in the excitement. To keep what little pretense they still
had. The thought had flashed briefly in his mind to forget it all. To take
the one thing that he most wanted in the world after a gold victory. Who
cared what the world thought. In that one memory, nothing else had existed,
or mattered. Only Dain.

The win faded slowly into the award ceremony. Slowly the crowds had faded.
Even the Olympics themselves. In these late days, Eric found that the buzz of
victory that day had begun to slowly fade. Still that one memory still cut
through all others. It was the one that he found himself thinking back over
the most whenever he had thought of the win.

Dain Blanton. His Olympic volleyball partner.

The word sounded right, but strange in that context. He'd heard the word used
so many times. So few in the context that he kept thinking of. Dain Blanton.
His partner in life.

Eric opened his eyes again onto the endless sea that seem to stretch before
him. The rumble of the surf that had accompanied his daydreams most of the
afternoon. The gentle caress of the sea breeze, and the salt on his lips.
Sheltered partly from the late summer sun under a makeshift tarpaulin that
they had rigged up from the back of the jeep. He let the soft breeze that
blew up off the surf, and what sun touched his scantly clad body flirt across
him in accompaniment to the thoughts that still occupied his mind. They were
as Dains hands in the tight embrace they had shared. His hard, long curves,
gentle slopes. They shared his arousal upwards nows as he had then.

Erics mind was lost in that one memory as the long figure he had been
watching strolled lazily up the beach. Still staring out into the endless
seas. Reliving that timeless moment again within his mind, as the strong
samoan felt it within his body. The soft pleasure that nature supplied with
the vividness of the image, touching his own long curves. Eric stared out at
the slow grace of Dains body as he walked up from the far end of the beach.
His own ways seeming almost as easy as the lethargic thoughts that soaked
Erics mind.

The samoan took in Dains body in gulps as he stood staring out across the
sea. Those long, athletic muscles. Dark. Strong. So sinuous and hard to the
eye, more so to the touch. The way that his white tank top hung in billows
from that tight body, the slope of his dark shoulders giving way to equally
smooth arms. A back that was hidden in tantalizing suggestion behind the soft
folds of his top. Falling down over what Eric knew from experience to be as
tight and hard an ass, hidden beneath black shorts that stopped near his
knees. The long, tempered curve of his calves.

Eric smiled as Dain turned to head back up towards him. 45 minutes alone was
long enough. Especially with the thoughts that had been drenching his mind
and body. He more than welcomed Dains return from his sojourn along the beach
line. He shook the context and image of his thoughts, but far less the

"Damn, you gonna sit there all day?"

Eric chuckled back at the call, Dain still some distance back, propping his
shades back on his short shaved head. Walking across the makeshift volleyball
court they had erected in the creamy white sands of the beach. Eric put his
hands behind his head, leaned back against the packs that he had stacked
behind him as a cushion.

"Why not? Its a nice day for it, ain't it?" Eric replied.

"Any days a nice day for you to lay on your ass," Dain shot back with a
smile. "You could have come along the beach with me."

"You find anything?"

Dain stopped near the tarpaulin, reached down for the water bottle just
inside the shade. "No, nothing other than endless, beautiful beach."

"You know if I was here for the view, I would have come along," Eric
supplied. He watched Dain drink heavily before he finally stopped. Passed the
bottle over to him.

"So when is a day away from volleyball NOT a day you can sit on your ass?"
the black chuckled.

Eric let the comment lay, his mind already filled with quick quips about
Dains preoccupation with his ass all of a sudden. He drunk, more thirsty than
he realized. Watching as Dain squatted near the shade of the tarpaulin,
looking back over the beach.

"Man, I'm glad we decided to get away for a bit," Dain said. "Its about time
we got a break."

"Not just for the rest either," replied Eric. He finally pulled himself up,
something that Dain turned to watch with a smile. He sat up under the shade,
smiling back. "Its nice to finally get some real time alone with you."

"You know that."

Eric smiled in reply to the warmth he saw looking down on him. The slow, easy
passage his eyes took across his body. Eric felt that buzz within him again
that had only just started to subside from his daydreams. He watched as Dain
looked him over slowly, a pretense in his gaze. Eric felt too clothed in even
his scant garments; a baggy, sleveless black tshirt, and loose, whitish
shorts with a faint island pattern. He felt an urge to strip. An urge to
press his lips against Dains. To fulfill the memory that had burned in his
mind. Complete what he had wish he could have done then.

"So your food had enough time to sink now," Dain stated bluntly. He stood up
all too quickly, leaving Erics erotic thoughts simmering in the afternoon
heat. "What about that game?"

"You don't want another one?" Eric asked, staring a look at Dain as he popped
his shades back down. "Ain't ten games enough for one day?"

"What? Afraid of loosing again?" the black was already scooping up the ball,
heading back over to the court in a forgone conclusion.

"Nah, I don't think Ill be the one loosing this time around," Eric said.

"You want to put your skills where you mouth is?" returned Dain. Eric hauled
himself to his feet, emerged out from under the tarpaulin. The heat of the
sun hit him almost instantly. There were a few things he didn't like doing
out in this sort of heat. This was one of them.

Dain was already warming up again after what had only been a few hours since
their last 'friendly' game. Eric couldn't remember the score, he didn't
really care what it was, it was probably already so far in Dains favor. He
knew that he was distracted, couldn't concentrate in that which faced him on
the court there. Alone. For the first time for longer than a day in who knew
how long. Eric was surprised Dain couldn't see it in him.

Or then maybe he did. Maybe that was his plan.

Eric knew the games, knew how good Dain was at putting on a face. Hiding what
he felt. The samoan wondered if he could up the stakes this time around.
Perhaps tip the arousal a little less against him. He knew how heavily he
felt it in his body, building like an unstoppable pressure within him as he
faced off against Dain set after set. Eric stripped his sleveless shirt up
off his athletic body. Knowing full well what a set or two out under this son
would do to his body. And what that would do to Dain.

"That ain't gonna help you, E," Dain shot as he stood, waiting. Eric smiled.

"Might help me more than you think."

"You gonna get on this court or what?" the black replied. "C'mon, I'm looking
forward to whupping your ass again."

There was that reference again. Eric smile quietly to himself as he headed
onto his side of the makeshift court. He could already feel the hard heat of
the sun against his muscles. The softer, feather like touch of the wind. He
adjusted his shades a little, cutting the glare from the afternoon light.
Eric placed himself center court, pulling the long legs of his shorts upwards
somewhat as he crouched a little, prepared for the serve.

Eric watched as Dain leaned back for the serve. Watched as his strong muscles
writhed with the motion, his tank top falling down about his chest and body.
The samoan knew he'd have to try a little better than he had of the last few
games if he was going to concentrate better this time around. He stared
upwards as the ball sailed across the deep blue sky. Launched himself quickly
into action as he placed himself. Hit the ball back. He kept his eyes on the
ball, as Dain shifted below, struck it back. Eric leapt quickly, spiking the
ball downward over the net as Dain came quickly under to save it. Sending it
back up over, too high for Eric to catch.

"You know you really are doing better with lunch and a rest," Dain joked as
Eric retrieved the ball. He caught that smile, saw how the sun was catching
his dark body.

"I ain't even warmed up yet."

"Love to see you warmed up, man," joked Dain. He was already positioning
himself in the center of the court, waiting for Erics serve.

Eric rose, hit the ball down hard. He watched it come down quick, as he moved
himself back towards the courts center. He watched as Dain moved to
intercept, returning the ball hard. An easy, graceful curve upwards, then
down, as the samoan returned the ball easily. The height and arc of the ball
gave him too long to stare back. Watch as Dain moved back under the ball.
Eric caught the few long moments of eternity. Staring down over Dains long
body as he stood poised. He tried to hide back his arousal at the sight,
concentrate against that which had caught him at the wrong moments to lose
the games he had against Dain.

Dain returned the ball easily, Eric stepping over to hit the white ball back
in reply. He began to feel the heat of the sand against his feet. Its
softness, like the breeze that touched across his athletic torso. The heat
that the sun was laying across his easy slopes. Eric could already begin to
feel the moisture against his brow in the brief exercise he had taken this
far. He tried to see any sign that Dain might be faltering. Noticing. Damn
him. The black kicked up a small shower of creamy white sand as he moved
quickly backwards, spiked downward.

Caught on his gaze of Dains body again, Eric stumbled back. He felt the soft
sand give way in a deep gouge as his weight shifted. He struck the ball back,
coming hard on his ass against the sand. The ball shooting off at an angle
beyond the net.

"Thats 2 nil, man," Dain said, standing hands casually on hips as he watched
Eric pick himself up. Then the ball. "When you gonna pick your game up a bit?
I'm not even feeling it yet."

"You think I am?"

"Your game looks like your feeling it," Dain replied. "Shoulda taken that
walk on the beach, stretch yourself out. Looks like you taking a bit of heat
too, and I don't mean the game."

Eric smiled somewhat as he moved back for his next serve. He started to
wonder exactly which part of him was taking the heat, that Dain had noticed.
His dick was already starting to feel some of what he felt and saw before
him. He was starting to feel the cling of the suns heat. He could still feel
the sand where it held against his body. Eric was already starting to resolve
with himself the fact he probably wasn't going to win this one either. Nature
was playing too cruelly against him, in far more ways than just the gradual
drop of wind.

The samoan prepared to serve, watching back at where Dain crouched somewhat.
Prepared for the ball. He saw the easy smile, the gaze he knew was falling
along his naked slopes. He was already taking some sheen of the sun, and
wondered if it was finally having some affect on his black friend.

Eric served the ball, as the pace of the game began to take a more easy
track. He managed to start scoring points, finally, after a few more against
him. Feeling as the game came to an almost treacle pace, like the long,
languishing embrace of the sun that was taking his body, and Dains. He could
see the golden darkness of Dains black body, under his baggy tank top. The
way that its stark white played against the tight darkness below. The
graceful gleam that the suns light played against his muscles. Eric felt the
same effects on his body, Dains eventual lack of attention for the game.

"I like how you look on court sometimes, E," Dain commented quietly, with a
smile. "All wet like that."

"You don't know the half of it," Eric replied as he got the ball again,
sending it back over to Dain for the serve. He'd long lost count of the
score. He wondered if Dain even knew what the totals were now. This game had
begun to descend slowly in the afternoon heat, as a heat beyond that of the
suns began to lick at their bodies.

Eric watched Dains muscles writhe as he went up for a far slower serve than
he was used to getting from the black. He moved just as slow in his heated
and aroused state, catching the ball too late again. Falling back down onto
the sand in a shower of whiteness that sprayed the beach upwards. He landed
again on his back, well underneath the net. Dain reached down a long arm to
assist him up. The samoan took his hand and pulled him down.

"What about we forget the damn game for a bit?" Eric asked, his smile wide.
Dain was already down on top of him, caught partly off guard as he thumped
down on the sand about him. "You know it always ends up in the same place."

"Yeah ... well if I remembered, you was on top last time," Dain smiled

"I was on top that time we won, remember?"

"Yeah I do."

"You remember how that felt?" Eric asked, his voice quiet. He put his hands
onto Dains tight black body, the black still on all fours over him.

"Felt as good as it always feels with you on top of me, E," he replied. "Like

"I was just thinking about that before," Eric explained. "About when we won
the gold. And we went down on the sand. In front of all those people."

"Hehe, yeah ..." Dains smile warmed his soul, as he recounted his memories

"How the only thing I wanted to do was to hold you. When we had just won. And
when I was in your arms, the only thing I wanted to do was kiss you."

Eric looked up at Dains face, the black already pulling off his shades. He
looked into those eyes, those soft eyes, like he had the first time they had
ended up together after a game. Erics mind was a storm of thoughts and
memories, caught on the erotic tension of having Dain over him. Shading him
somewhat from the suns light with his sweaty, dark body. The samoan felt
Dains hand on his body, finally, drawing all those memories to reality for a
pinpoint of a second. He felt the hot thrill through his body as Dain lowered
his mouth.

Kissed him softly.

"Something like that?"

Eric felt his manhood thumping upwards in the culmination of the foreplay
that had been the volleyball game before. At the touch of the mans hand
against him, his lips against his own. Dains lips felt firm, soft. Wet where
his own lips had already dried somewhat in the suns heat. He stared back up
at Dains easy expression, as he knelt over him.

"No," Eric replied finally. He put his arms up about Dains hot, wet body.
"Something like this."

The samoan pulled Dain down into his muscular embrace, locking his lips
against his own. His tongue already slipping into Dains mouth as he unleashed
the passion of the moment that had played out in his mind all afternoon. Eric
felt as if there, lost in the moist warmth of Dains lips, just for a second
he was back on Bondi Beach having just won that last game. Embraced with his
teammate in celebration. Ignoring the world as he recreated for the briefest
seconds the moment of that embrace. And finally kissed before the millions
watching. Celebrating his victory in the taste of Dains willing mouth.

Eric pulled the black harder along his body. Felt Dains arousal pressing
against his own as he came to rest between his legs. The soft sand beneath
them, like a bed to their lovemaking. The still hot suns rays that beat down
apon them the gentle sheets covering them. Eric felt Dains muscular arms dig
up about his body, shifting sand as he took him into his arms. Held his as
tightly as he held his lips in return. Their passion washing over them in
waves as they swum in the exotic pleasures of each others lips.

Breaking the kiss finally, Dain stared down on Erics eyes, smiling. "I think
you ready now, E," he said smoothly. "You know I like you better after you
had a few good hours to stew in your horny juices."

"You WERE making me suffer!"

"Course I was, you know theres only one thing I like more than a horny samoan
guy like you," Dain replied, kissing at Eric again softly as if to accentuate
his words. "Thats a horny samoan guy like you whose been holding out all
afternoon for a release."

"Way I feel it, I ain't the only one," Eric stated, still feeling the long
lump of Dains penis against his leg.

Dain pulled him up off the sand, the whiteness still clinging to both of
their darker, wet bodies. Gently speckling soft patterns across Dains dark
muscles, and his own, as Eric looked him over with a wanting eye. His shorts
already thrust harshly with the bulging erection within, Eric looked down at
Dains as the black lead him back under the tarpaulin. Taking him into the
shade, where the heat of their passion would more than rival the suns that
they were trying to escape in the height of their own.

Eric quickly returned to the one place he so wanted to be. Feeling Dains dark
arms come up about him again as they embraced again, laying along the towels
Eric had been sitting on earlier. He felt Dains arms around him, taking him
as his lips fell against his naked chest. Tongue and lips teasing against his
already hot torso. Tasting the sharp nibs of his nipples as Dain seemed to
feast with as much sexual hunger as Eric felt himself. The samoan thrust his
hips upwards against Dain as their foreplay continued. The rush of the sea
barely matching that which Eric felt building within him.

Almost wrenching Dains tank top off in his eagerness to be closer to him,
naked with him, Eric paused to let the black pull it up off himself. Eric
watched his dark, smooth curves come gently into view. His hands coming up
about Dains hard torso, tasting with his hands, the gentle caresses feeding
his hunger and hormones as they built within him. Eric lost himself for a
moment in his rich body. The tight athleticism of the Olympic athlete. Poised
muscle, rich and sinuous like a track runner, or swimmer. Smooth and athletic
under his stroking hands, as his palms ran slow tracks upwards to his strong

"This is what I wanted to do to you," Eric said quietly, his breath heavy
with his intoxication. "Right there on the sand. Fuck who was watching."

"I wanted it as much as you did. I know you could feel that."

Eric felt Dains hand wander down his tight stomach, and over his shorts. His
own hand coming down to Dains, as if in reply. Tugging the loose black mesh
down. So as to finally reveal the source of that long lump. Eric moaning
quietly as Dain pulled his own shorts gently down his legs. He helped, Dain
moving to work off his own properly, as the two finally joined naked
together. Leaving aside their shorts and undergarments to return to each
others muscular arms. The smooth brown of Erics body contrasting warmly
against Dains darker skin. The two long athletes embracing each other, their
sinuous limbs taking up about each other.

Feeling the rushing in his erection, Eric continued to thrust against Dain.
Projecting his wants and intentions. He saw the man come up on him briefly,
caught the full length of his dark body. His eyes catching on the lazy lean
of the blacks long cock. The thick patch of his pubic hair. Eric hands
reached greedily downward, brushing against that lengthy member as Dain moved
about beside him. His lean cock closer to where Eric had long desired it. His
own thick, shorter cock laying on his stomach, aching for the same attentions
as he rolled over onto Dain.

Eric thrilled as stared down on Dains long erection, mounting the black with
his legs either side of Dains head. He felt his own cock hanging freely, then
the touch of Dains hands as he placed them against his ass, encouraged him to
lie along his body better as his lips suddenly made contact with his thick,
uncut cock. Eric moved further downward, perhaps a little forgetting of his
heavy position atop his lover as he eagerly thrust his cock closer to the
warmth. He groaned loudly as Dains mouth fulfilled his wants, his hand gently
pulling his thick samoan cock straighter, so better to take his length

Eric spread Dains long, muscular thigh, propped them open as he quickly
embraced the blacks length with his fist. Felt the impassioned moans against
his already soaring cock. Pulling Dains firm erection up straight as he
slipped his mouth down over his cut head. Taking it into his mouth. Eric
reveled in the feeling of the mans cock, gently thrusting deeper. The same
salty taste that had come to his lips, borne of the seas winds all afternoon.
This one a far more sexual, soft salt. Welcomed lustfully as Eric felt
himself playing the continuation of that one Olympic moment over and over in
his head.

The athletic samoan gently fed more of his amply thick cock against Dains
mouth. Feeling at first the warmth of his mouth on his bulging shaft, then
against his heavy nuts as he slowly trailed them across Dains lips. Working
back and forth. Feeling the rush within him, and holding off every time as
the arousal of his lovemaking drew to peak again and again. Finding the task
of treating Dains long cock as equal difficult in the face of the stimulation
to his own. Moaning time again against his cock as he took it deeply into his
mouth. Speaking the slow, grateful words that he so much wanted to reply to
Dains attention.

At one point as his balls lay against Dains hot mouth, Eric locked his legs
there. Holding himself at that height as he concentrated more full on Dains
cock. The pleasure still filled his body, but the constant itch that his
friend scratched apon sucking him had waned ever so slightly as he held back
from the blacks simulations. He heard Dains breathless moans about his groin
as he drew his cock in and out of his mouth in the same long, full strokes of
Dains dicks length. Coming again over each long drag to his narrow head.
Feeling the tension surging within his lean length. Building within those
nuts as he felt and stroked Dain, sucked hard against his member.

Dain cried out, barely holding back as his cock surrendered his rich cum to
Erics mouth. The samoan drinking firmly of his prize. Equating it silently as
the gold medal he had won. He knew the taste of victory. It felt creamy and
thick within his mouth. Surging shot after shot. His volleyball partner
writhing powerfully beneath him.

Taking his chance as Dain lay gasping and spent, Eric reversed his position.
Taking place between Dains long, dark legs. He pulled his partner back into
his arms. Reliving the moment he had felt all afternoon as he joined with him
in celebration of their gold. The same position he had been in with Dain
those months before.

Only now seeking to fulfill what he hadn't been able to do before all those

"Oh yeah ... E ... I know you felt I wanted it as bad as you did then," Dain
managed, still breathless. "I just wanted to pull your uniform off in the

Eric pulled Dains long legs up about him as his cock moved downward. Wet with
the sucking Dain had given him. Slipping against Dains still wet crack,
sweaty in the heat of their passions and the sun above. He felt Dains
reaction as his thick head moved against his tight ass hole. Held there as
Eric guided himself better in his excitement.

"I wanted to do this to you so bad then," Eric sighed. "I'm so lucky to have
you. On the team. With me."

Dain remained quiet, breathing heavily, encouraging him further as Erics cock
snuck heavily against his ass. The samoan felt Dains strong arms up about
him, just like they had been that moment. His face as warm, as excited. Eric
interpreting it as the excitement of the win, yet still seeing the arousal
and sexual high that truly came at that moment. The two moments lost in his
mind together. Experiencing as one as he pushed gently, but firmly against
Dains ass.

"Yeah ... do me like you wanted to then, E. don't hold back. Show me how
excited you were to win that gold."

Eric felt his body tightening, Dains own beneath and around his. The hotness
everywhere, the hard feel of his dark muscles against his. His sexual center
already locking against Dains hole, seeking depths beyond. The mere nature of
Dains ass straining to hold back his advance, a mere difference in sizes,
where both desired the union more deeply than Erics own could go. Dain gasped
beneath him as Eric thrust a little more firmly, taking his head into the
tight, hot embrace of the blacks ass hole.

"Thats right, baby. Show me your gold."

Lost in the heat of the sun, the burning desires of his passion of Dain, Eric
thrust deeper. Hearing Dains pained moan, his almost immediate words to push
on dispute. Eric thrilled at the feeling of the crushing tightness as his
broad head popped within Dains ring, feeling it clench hard about him there.
The samoan worked with his powerful hips, pushing gradually, firmly, in a
long, slow, inevitable motion that sunk his hardness into Dains ass. His
thick balls coming to rest against his partners cheeks. The thick brush of
his bush joining a musky sweat to the smell of their sex.

Eric lay panting a few long moments, his eyes as wide as Dains, as he sat
pulsing inside his ass. His thick samoan cock gripped tightly within Dains
sexual embrace. His hot, sweaty body pressed along the length of his. Dark
and lighter, their skins lending smooth contrast. Their long, athletically
muscular bodies entwined deeply in an embrace shared only in the depths of
intimate love. Dains long legs splayed up about Erics body as he moved
gently, slowly within him.

Eric saw Dains eyes speaking exactly what he felt, wasting no time in doing
what he had so deeply long to do in the excitement of celebration. That
moment he had reenacted time and time again, countless nights since their
victory over Brazil. Eric began to thrust slowly in Dain, feeling the black
opening up gradually under him. Becoming accustomed all over again to the
size and poise of Erics thick cock. A task accepted so many times, so
willingly, as Eric began to work the length of his love within Dain.

Building more firmly, Eric began thrusting within Dains tightness.
Celebrating as deeply and passionately his victory then, as the feelings and
love he was now. Trying to portray in some small way sexually what he had
felt winning that gold. Alongside his best friend and lover. The excitement
then. That which he had wanted to do at that very moment as he lay within
Dains long, muscular arms. The joy of winning spilling over into a far
closer, sexual high in the passion of the moment.

Eric felt his cock running firmly within Dains tight hole. Feeling every
tightness, every clutch of his steaming ring. Looking down into Dains wide
face, the exclaiming expression of the pleasure he felt within him. His
muscular arms tight about his naked samoan body, joining them passionately as
lovers. The breathless gasps that joined Erics own as he thrust fully within
him. Feeling his thickness gliding smoothly to its broad, thick head, back
again along his veined, swollen length to nest his balls firmly against Dains
smooth, dark ass. The fire burning within his shorter cock just as great as
the pleasure within Dains body.

Eric kept his rhythmic, easy pace going within Dain. His moans joining with
his friends as he lowered to kiss at Dains hot neck. The motions and feel of
his body spoke the volumes his mouth didn't, as the black groaned powerfully
within his arms. Working gently about Eric, as his cock stroked firm, full
strokes within his tight ring. Eric pushed and moved through the hotness
within Dain, as the heat and passion of his body began to approach that which
he felt against his dick.

"Thats right baby, show me your stuff," Dain moaned, clawing at Erics brown,
muscled back. "Deeper ... ah yeah ... just there. Thats right, baby. don't
hold back."

Eric thrust his hips more fully against Dain as he felt his burning passion
erupting into something greater. There, lying in the shade of the burning
afternoon sun, he felt his needs growing. Taking Dains lips with his, tasting
as he tasted sexually the depths of his ass. Thrusting more needfully and
powerfully with the strength of his Olympic trained body. Two athletes locked
in the embrace of male love. Eric already correcting and fulfilling that one
moment in his mind, again for the countless time since its occurrence.

"C'mon, baby," Dain gasped. "Full me with your thick samoan cum. C'mon ..."

Eric felt the lights in his head explode as he became dizzied by the heat.
Overwhelmed by the sensations still creeping the length of his short, fat
dick. His pace slipped somewhat, his broader head saving him from slipping
out of his dark lovers ass. Eric moaned loudly as he thrust the few, full,
long last times to see the sensation to his head. Then explode outward from
his cock. Filling Dains ass with the effort of his lovemaking. Pulse after
pulse of thick, creamy cum, as he lay still poised and taut within Dains
muscular arms.

Eric gasped hard in his post orgasmic bliss. Waiting till his cock softened
slightly before chancing a slight tug to clear his big head from Dains ass.
His eyes met with his, saw the warm smile on his face. Felt Dains lips press
softly against his again, appreciative as the gentle whispers that caught his

"Every time feels as good as it did then," Dain said softly.

"Yeah, I know."

"Might not have had your lips on mine, E, but I relive the passion of that
moment every time we're together."

Eric smiled, feeling content along Dains long body. The soft curves accepting
his own as they lay together silently for a moment. Enjoying the gentle
breeze, the more soft heat of the afternoon sun. Eric celebrated that gold
victory every time he could with Dain. Now was no exception. He breathed
quietly as he basked in the sound of the surf, still crashing against the
beach. Finally speaking.

"This time, you be on top."

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