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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Emmerdale Wankfest

Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 23:06:05 +0100
From: Craig Jackson <>
Subject: Emmerdale Wankfest, part 1

DISCLAIMER: Emmerdale is the property of ITV. This is just a story and has
no bearing on the lives of the actors who play the characters. It does not
represent real events.

If you have any comments or suggestions about this story, or would like to
chat about the characters, or make suggestions for future instalments, I
would love to hear from you by email.

Please get in touch and make your emails as detailed as possible. My email

Emmerdale Wankfest
By Craig Jackson

Carl King strode into the garage where Aaron worked wearing his best grey
suit and a tight fitting expensive white shirt. He said he had a piece of
machinery that needed servicing and that he wanted Aaron to sort it out
now. Aaron told him to 'fuck off' and shoved Carl, leaving an oily
handprint on his suit jacket.

'You're gonna regret that you little cunt,' said Carl menacingly, forcing
Aaron to the floor so that his face was level with Carl's bulging grey suit
trousers. Aaron slowly unzipped Carl's fly and was about to place his hand
inside when he was startled by a piercing noise....

'Fuck' screamed Aaron as he awoke from his deep sleep with a fright,
slamming his fist on his alarm clock.

He took a moment to realise that he was lying in bed alone and that his
head was thumping from all the beers he had last night. It was a hot
morning and he was sweating like mad.

Aaron ran his hand down his bare chest and onto his white CK boxers that he
had worn all day yesterday. He smiled to himself as he realised that his
cock was fully erect in his pants. Then he remembered his dream.

'For fuck's sake' he mumbled to himself. He hated his Mum's ex Carl King
more than anyone else in the world ... yet for some reason he kept having
filthy wet dreams about him. It was ever since that night last year when
his Mum was still with Carl and he'd stayed over their house. Aaron had a
massive fetish for armpits and Carl had come downstairs topless while
stretching. He had the most beautiful armpits, covered in thick blond
hair. On top of which he was only wearing a skimpy pair of black Armani
boxers and he clearly had an impressive bulge. Ever since that day Aaron
had been obsessed...

'Shit!' Aaron snapped himself out of his fantasy as he remembered that he
was supposed to be round his best mate Adam Barton's house right
now. Adam's parents and sisters were away for the weekend and Aaron had
said he'd go round for the day. The pair were planning a lads day in -
violent movies, pizza and beers. Aaron had said he'd be round by 11 but he
had slept in and it was 11.30 already.

Aaron leapt out of bed - there was no time to wank, let alone shower, so he
pushed his cock down in his pants. He couldn't be arsed to change them, and
he shoved on top the sweaty, pale blue Fred Perry t-shirt and navy Adidas
trackies he had been wearing yesterday. He didn't give a shit that he
looked a mess and was wearing sweaty and dirty clothes - he was only going
round Adam's after all.

He put his hand into his boxers to re-arrange his cock, which was semi by
now, and decided it was safe to leave. He pulled his hand out and sniffed
it. His balls were really sweaty and had a musky stench, but he had no time
to shower, so he rushed out the house and started briskly walking to

However, he needn't have bothered.... Adam was also really hungover and had
also woken up with massive hangover horn. However, he had forgotten that
his mate was coming round for the day and was currently laying on top of
his bed covers, butt naked, watching his favourite porn DVD,

Aaron arrived at Adam's and, as he expected, the door was locked. Adam had
told him where the spare key was and to let himself in, as he'd probably be
in the shower, so Aaron did just that and headed upstairs to look for his
mate. He ran upstairs and let himself straight into Adam's room and
couldn't believe the sight that met him. Adam was completely naked ... his
hairy, tanned chest was glistening with sweat, his left hand was running
through his thick black bush and his right hand was furiously wanking his
impressive cock. His meat was easily 8.5 inches, cut and fat as fuck. On
the TV screen a hot scally lad was spraying cum over some birds face. Aaron
spent a second taking in the amazing sight before Adam noticed him.

'Fucking hell!' shouted Adam, pulling his duvet over himself.

'Shit pal, I'm so sorry' said Aaron. 'You said to let myself in.'

Aaron's face had gone bright red: 'I'd completely forgotten you were coming
lad.... Just go downstairs for two secs I'll be straight down.' Aaron did
as he was told, trying to stop his own still semi cock from going hard for
a second time that morning.

Adam picked the sweaty black, Armani boxer-briefs he's worn all day
yesterday and all night in bed off the floor and pulled them on, pushing
down his boner inside them. He pulled on a sweaty white vest off the floor
and some black Nike footy shorts and when his cock had returned to its
floppy state he ran downstairs.

'You finish your wank then mate?' asked Aaron cheekily, as Adam came
downstairs into the living room.'

'Na didn't bother - sorry about that mate.'

'No worries at all,' laughed Aaron.

'Mate... I should probably go and shower and change,' said Adam 'I'm sweaty
as fuck and I'm wearing same pants and clothes as yesterday.'

'Na, don't bother lad,' replied Aaron. 'I ain't showered today either and
I'm wearing same pants and clothes as yesterday too. We're a couple of
scally lads having a day in... who gives a shit?'

'Sound pal,' says Adam, 'what we gonna do then?'

Aaron smiles to himself - he has a massive fetish for sweaty, dirty, rough
scally lads, so the thought of him and his best mate spending the day
lounging around, sweaty as fuck, in their dirty scally gear, is a massive
turn on for him.

Adam interrupts him from his momentary daydream, saying: 'I said, what we
gonna do?!'

'Well, I got us a couple of bacon sarnies on the way and 20 cans,' replies
Aaron. 'So how bout we start by eating those and playing some Xbox ... and,
as it's nearly noon, lets start on the beers - hair of the dog and all

'Nice one,' agrees Adam.

Three hours later, the lads are each on their sixth can and are already
pretty pissed. They've had enough Xbox so are now just chatting.

'I can't believe you bust me wanking lad!' laughs Adam 'You better not
store that in your wank bank!'

'No chance!' Laughs Aaron ' I prefer fit lads so you're safe!'

'Shut up' says Adam, chucking a cushion at his mate. 'Can't fucking believe
it - that was my first wank in three days and I never got to finish it!'

'Tell me about it,' says Aaron. 'I woke up in the middle of an amazing
filthy dream and then remembered I was supposed to be here so had to
abandon my wank - needn't have bothered!'

'Ha ha,' laughs Adam. 'So who was this filthy dream about then lad?'

Aaron goes red... 'Ah, it don't matter mate.'

Adam jumps on Aaron and starts tickling him.... 'Tell me or I wont stop

'Fuck off!' laughs Aaron. 'Stop it man .... Ok ok ... it was about Carl.'

'Carl?!? What the fuck? No way,' says Adam in shock. 'But you hate him!'

Yeah I know, says Aaron... but my cock don't.' Aaron flashes his mate a
dirty grin.

'Adam is drunkenly laughing. 'So what do you want to do with Carl then you
dirty cunt?'

'I dunno... reckon he has an enormous cock mate .. I'm usually a top only
kinda lad but I'd let him ruin my arse!'

'Whoa man!!! Too much information,' laughs Adam.

The lads are sitting on the sofa in the Barton's living room and they have
the lounge window wide open. However, they have no idea, but Alex Moss and
Andy Sudgen, the two farm hands, are working outside and stopped working
five minutes ago so they could listen to the lads' conversation through the
open window. Alex is in white Adidas trackies, a white vest and white ck
briefs. Andy is in tight, dark blue jeans and a tight white Lacoste polo
shirt, and black Hugo Boss boxer-briefs.

By now, Adam and Aaron have got out a bottle of Sambuca and some shot
glasses and are playing a card game. Every time one of them loses they have
to do a shot and answer a question completely honestly. Aaron loses first
off and does his shot and Adam tells him he has to reveal all of his secret

'For fucks sake man!' says Aaron. 'Cant you make it something else.'

'Na mate ...that's the game lad....' Laughs Adam.

'Ok,' agrees Aaron finally. 'No piss taking then .... Well, I love scally
lads ... um.. I got a massive thing for lads' pits ... cant beat a lad with
really hairy, sweaty pits ... I love lads with thick bushy pubes... I love
it when lads spit - even better if they spit on me... and, well the other
one don't matter...'

'Say it,' demands Adam.

'Ok... well ain't got a fetish for piss or 'owt but I love watching lads
piss when they are standing next to me at the urinal...'

'Fucking hell!' laughs Adam. 'You've got enough fetishes, ain't ya!' 'So
who've you watched pissing before then you dirty fucker?!'

'Um... well last night I stood next to Declan in the pub pissing,' slurs
Aaron drunkenly. That was fun - he had a really nice thick bush. And I once
watched that Cameron, Debbbie's fella... he had a surprisingly big knob!'

'Tell me about it,' laughs Adam. 'saw it last night... You'd have been in
heaven last night mate. I was in the pub at the cramped urinal in between
Cain and Cameron... I though I had a big knob man but they both had huge
floppy ones. Both had thick black bushes too. Cain's cock was a proper fat

Aaron gropes his crotch in his trackies, trying not to get hard at the
thought. They carry on the game and Adam loses the next one. He's already
pretty drunk but has to do another shot.

'Truth time!' laughs Aaron. 'What sex acts have you always secretly wanted
to try?'

'Dirty cunt! I love it!' laughs Adam. 'Well all your talk of pits I reckon
I'd quite like to have me pits licked to see what it's like... but the big
one is I've always wanted to try is to have a bird stick her tongue up my
ass... never found anyone dirty enough though!'

'What a gay boy!' whispers Alex to Andy laughing, as the pair continue
listening outside.

'Mmm' laughs Aaron. 'You cannot beat a good ass rimming!!!'

Really? Do you reckon that it matters that my ass is well hairy though
mate?' asks Adam nervously.

'Mate... that's even better!' laughs Aaron. 'What I would give to have a
nice hairy ass in my face right now fella! Reckon Carl has a right hairy
hole .... I'd love to rim that! Fuck I better shut up lad or I'm gonna get

By now both lads are completely smashed. Aaron loses the next game and
drunkenly dribbles his shot down his mouth pissing himself laughing. Adam
asks Aaron his next question - what his secret fantasies are.

Aaron is drunkenly laughing away... 'I got so many mate! ... but I guess my
main two are being caught wanking by a straight lad, or .... Fuck this
one's gonna sound so weird.'

'Just say it!' laughs Adam.

'Well I got this thing for getting muddy and seeing other lads get
muddy... so id love to have a mud wrestle with another lad.... Proper trash
each others kit and get filthy! Maybe even rip each others clothes off and
fuck in the mud.'

'Shit .... Never realised you were so dirty pal!' laughs Adam 'You should
go out on our farm ... plenty of mud there! So ... who would you want to be
the other lads in these fantasies then fella?'

'Well,' says Adam, thinking for a second. 'I'd love to be caught by
Carl... he would just humiliate me ... or otherwise that Jai fella from the
factory... reckon there's something well dirty about him... love to see how
he'd react. Reckon that would be hot.

'And for the mud wrestle.... well that David lad is just so clean and
innocent id love to wrestle him... get his tight suit and his perfect blond
hair filthy then fuck his pretty boy ass senseless... Otherwise, I'd love
to wrestle that lad who works on your farm, Alex. He is such a scally
lad. Don't tell a soul but I actually really fancy him mate. Id
deliberately lose and let him fuck me senseless.'

'You got shit taste,' laughs Adam 'the lads a right twat'.

Outside, Alex laughs and turns to Andy, saying: 'Who the man ay?! I'm
obviously a right gay pin up...although that Adam's asking for a fucking

Inside, Aaron stands up, his hand down the front of his trackies. 'That
booze is going right through me Adam,' he says, I'm gagging for a piss.'
With that, he heads upstairs to the bog.

Outside, Alex whispers to Andy: 'Wait there mate ... I got an idea...' He
sneaks in the back door and tiptoes upstairs without Adam hearing.

When upstairs, Alex spots Aaron in Adam's bedroom picking Adam's dirty
pants off the floor and sniffing them. Alex lets himself in the bedroom and
shuts the door

'Caught you ... you dirty perv!' laughs Alex.

'Shit,' says Aaron, drunkenly stumbling onto the bed. 'I weren't doing
anything man.'

'Alex laughs and stands over Aaron: 'Yeah you were - you were sniffing your
straight mates dirty pants.'

Alex picks the dirty white boxers off the floor and rubs them into Aarons

'Andy and me have been outside listening through the open lounge window for
the past hour to you pair of dirty cunts! So I know all your fantasies
lad,' whispers Alex menacingly. Looking down on Aaron he then gobs directly
into his face laughing.'

'That's disgusting man,' protests Aaron.

'Like I said,' laughs Alex. 'I know all your fantasies lad... so I know how
much you will have enjoyed that.'

Aaron wipes Alex's spit off his lips, trying not to get hard.

'Right gay boy,' says Alex menacingly in his Scouse drawl. ' I got a
proposal for you... I'm 100 per cent straight.... but I'm willing to piss
standing next to you now, like you said is your fantasy .. then later on
you and me can have a mud wrestle out on the farm. But there's one

'What?' asks Aaron, a little too eagerly.

'When you go back down you gotta trick that cunt Adam into doing something
gay, so I can film it and post it on the net,' smiles Alex.

'No way,' says Aaron firmly, 'he's my best mate.'

'So you ain't interested in getting these white trackies muddy,' whispers
Alex into Aaron's ear with a filthy grin on his face, 'or in watching me

'Na man...' says Aaron, resist off every urge in his body to say yes. 'I
ain't seling out my mate.'

'Fair enough says Alex, putting his arm up and pushing his hairy pit into
Aaron's face.

'Oh my god....' whispers Aaron, who is in sexual ecstasy sniffing in the
musky sweaty scent. 'You got a deal.'

'Nice one!' smiles Alex, high-fiveing Aaron and pulling him up off the bed
The pair head into the Barton's bathroom and Alex closes the door. Both
lads pull their trackies under their balls ready to piss.

'Whoa!' says Aaron when he sees Alex's cock - it is the biggest floppy cock
he's ever seen... chunky, long, uncut with a massive helmet, thick bushy
black pubes and massive balls. Aaron is absolutely mesmerised.

Both lads start pissing hard into the bog. However, Alex then takes Aaron
completely by surprise, by aiming his cock at Aaron for a second, splashing
his navy trackies with his piss.

'Fucking hell, you dirty bastard ... stop it,' moans Aaron.'

'Don't pretend you ain't enjoying this more than you've ever enjoyed
anything in your life gay boy,' replies Alex. He them spits again, this
time it lands on Aaron's pissing cock, which instantly goes semi hard while
still pissing.

'Nice to see that I'm so appealing,' whispers Alex into Aarons ear, while
putting a hand on the arse of Aaron's trackies. Both lads finish pissing
and shake their cocks dry and put them back into their trackies. However,
Aaron quite clearly has a fast growing boner bulging in the front of his.

'Right then lad' whispers Alex... 'Here's the plan of action... you smooth
that boner down... no staying up here for a sly wank... get downstairs and
find a way to get that jumped up little twat Adam horny... then you make
him do something gay. Get it?'

'Mate, I dunno, he's my best pal like,' says Aaron apprehensively.

Alex then takes him completely by surprise by roughly throwing him hard
against the bathroom door. Their trackies are touching and Alex is
breathing heavily into Aaron's face, making his cock stand even more erect
in his trackies.'

'Let me make this absolutely clear,' whisper Alex menacingly in Aaron's
ear. 'If you don't do it, then I will be taking you by surprise sometime
soon and beating the shit out of you. If you do it, then me and you are
gonna have the filthiest mud wrestle you could ever imagine....'

In case there is any doubt still in Aaron's mind, Alex squeezes Aaron's
boner in his trackies. Alex then turns round and bends over and .... Just
for about five seconds ... pulls a quick moony. Aaron takes in the sight of
Alex's perfect bubble butt, which has a light dusting of hair on it. Alex
flashes a filthy grin and says: 'Imagine covering that arse in mud lad...'

Aaron lets out a sigh, before mumbling 'Ok man, I'll do it.'

Alex gives him a light slap on his cheek and whispers 'good boy', before
leaving the bathroom and sneaking back outside.

When he sneaks back out the back door, Andy roughly grabs Alex, saying:
'Where the fuck have you been man? I thought they'd busted you. We are
meant to be working and we will be in serious trouble if we get caught.'

Alex gives off a dirty laugh: 'Worry not my friend... everything is
fine. And as for where I've been - all will be revealed soon lad.'

Meanwhile, upstairs Aaron is thinking of anything non-sexual he can to try
and get his cock down. After five minutes it's almost completely floppy
again and he heads downstairs. As he walks into the lounge, Adam is lying
on the couch with his hand down his footy shorts. He says: 'Finally lad!
Was beginning to think you'd got lost!'

'Sorry man,' laughs Aaron. 'I um... well to be honest with you I'm pretty
smashed and after I went for a piss my head felt fucked so I had a lie down
on your bed for 10 minutes lad - hope u don't mind!'

'No worries at all mate!,' laughs Adam, before adding: 'Why the fuck are
your trackies wet lad?!'

As the image of Alex filthily splashing piss on him comes into his brain,
Aaron has to quickly make up a lie: 'I'm so drunk I couldn't piss straight
and I splashed myself!,' he replies. Aaron then racks his brain over how he
can get his straight best mate feeling horny.

'Anyway Adam... what the fuck is your hand doing down your shorts?' he
smiles. 'I haven't caught you wanking for a second time in a day have I

'Na,' says Adam, laughing hysterically. 'Not at all mate, you know how it
is being a lad! Sometimes it's just comfy to keep a hand in your pants!!'

'Yeah I know man... I spend most of my life with my hand down my pants,'
laughs Aaron. 'Usually 'cos I'm wanking! Dunno what's wrong with me at the
moment - could wank for Britain!'

'Will you shut the fuck up!' laughs Adam. 'I told ya .., I ain't had a wank
for three days and was all set for a decent session this morning but had to
stop 'cos you walked in... so don't get me thinking bout it now!'

'Sorry mate,' says Aaron. 'If you're that desperate you can always fuck off
upstairs for one now if you like? I don't mind?'

Na, you're alright mate! ,' says Adam, changing the conversation.

'A few minutes later, Aaron tries again: 'So you know you were saying
earlier how you'd always wanted a bird to rim your ass mate?'

'Yeah lad,' says Adam nervously. 'But swear you wont tell anyone that -
it's a secret fantasy I've had for years I don't want getting out.'

Outside, Alex smiles to himself, phone in his hand set to video camera.

'Na, of course mate,' says Aaron, experiencing a pang of guilt. 'So anyway
... in your fantasy who from the village would you want to be the one doing

'Fuck man!' laughs Adam. 'I guess I'd have to go for that Eve bird - I get
the impression she's a right slag.'

'Nice,' says Aaron. 'And if you could be fucking another bird at the same

'Definitely that Victoria Sugden - Andy's sister,' smiles Adam. 'She is a
right fitty man ... I would seriously ruin her.'

Aaron winces knowing that Andy is listening outside and Andy whispers to
Alex I'll smack the fucking cunt too.'

'Fuck mate,' says Aaron.. desperately trying to turn Adam on. 'Can you
imagine the scene... you're banging Victoria against a wall and then that
Eve comes up behind you, gets down on her knees, and gently sticks her
delicate tongue up your hairy arse... deeper and deeper inside you.'

One look at Adam's bulging footy shorts and Aaron knows his plan has

'You twat mate!' says Adam. 'I'm pissed as anything anyway and then you say
something like that to me ... so obviously I'm now horned up lad! Gonna
have to go upstairs now and have that wank you mentioned.'

'Fuck it mate,' replies Aaron quickly. 'We're both pissed, I'm your best
mate lad, if you wanna wank, wank, I don't give a fuck.'

'I dunno man,' says Adam apprehensively.

'You know what man,' says Aaron, putting his plan into action. 'I'm only
saying this 'cos I'm wrecked ... but if you want a rim job that bad why
don't I just give you one now, 'cos no birds ever gonna do it. You could
just close your eyes and imagine its Eve? No-one would ever know, what you

Adam jumps up and storms up and into the kitchen. 'Fuck' thinks Aaron,
'I've scared him off'.

However, five minutes later Adam comes back into the lounge.

'Right mate here's the score,' he says mater of factly. 'If we do this we
never mention it again. And it's on the understanding that we are both
pissed as fuck and horny as fuck. Ok?'

'Yeah sound lad,' says Aaron, 'of course.'

'Cool,' says Adam. 'Well we've got a deal mate.'

'Nice one mate!' says Aaron enthusiastically.

With that, Adam slowly starts to peel down his footy shorts and pants. He
has his back to Aaron and soon Adam's toned and tanned arse - which is
absolutely covered in thick black hair - is in view. Aaron goes hard in his
trackies instantly as he has dreamed of this day for years. He gets down on
his knees and his face is level with Adam's bum. However, before he has a
chance to do anything the best mates are interupted by a loud clatter and a
Scouse voice shouting 'shit!'.

Adam pulls up his shorts and runs to the window to see what's going on. He
is met by the sight of Alex on his knees outside scrambling around trying
to find bits of his phone, which he has just dropped on the floor. Standing
next to him is a very guilty looking Andy.

'You pair, get the fuck in here now,' screams Adam out the window.

The two farm hands head through the front door into the lounge, where Adam
still has a semi bulging in his shorts and Aaron has a full boner poking
out of the top of his trackies.

When the pair are inside, Adam starts shouting at them: 'what the fuck were
you guys doing spying on us. It looked to me like Alex was filming us... If
you don't start talking now I'm gonna have words with my Dad the minute
he's back from his holiday and get the pair of you sacked.'

Cocky Scouser Alex then begins to show a side that nobody even thought he
had .... Sniffing away, fighting back tears and clearly getting emotional,
he says: 'Adam mate .... I think you're a top bloke. I was just minding my
own business and getting on with my work, but Andy made me stop working
'cos he wanted to snoop on your conversation. Then, when we saw you were
about to get your arse rimmed, Andy made me get my phone out to film you so
he could put it on the internet. 'I didn't want to, honestly, but I owe
him rent money and he said if I didn't do it he'd chuck me out of the

Andy just stands there dumbfounded, opened mouthed in complete shock,
desperate to defend himself but too taken aback to say a word.

When Adam looks away, Alex then reverts back to his usual form to flash
Aaron a dirty grin, and puts a finger to his lip urging Aaron not to drop
him in it.

Aaron is infuriated that Alex can be such a two faced, nasty piece of work
and is blaming everything on Andy, who is supposed to be his mate. However,
it all just makes Aaron fancy Alex even more and his cock goes even firmer
against his stomach, under his t-shirt. He nods to Alex indicating that he
won't say anything and Alex flashes an even filthier smile back. Aaron
can't take his eyes off Alex's beautiful thick lips.

Meanwhile, Andy starts pleading with Adam to believe his side of things:
'Alex is talking complete shit mate,' he pleads. 'You know me lad, I
wouldn't do something like that, it was all him, he's a complete cunt.'

Adam then completely flips out. Grabbing Andy roughly with two hands he
shoves him hard so he lands lying on his back on the lounge floor. Adam
stands over him and spits down onto his face.

'I thought I knew you Andy,' screams Adam, furious. 'But obviously I
don't. You're just a nasty piece of work who needs teaching a good lesson.

'Aaron, Alex, have you pair got any idea what we can do to get revenge on
this piece of shit?'

To be continued.

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Emmerdale Wankfest