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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Flynn Shakes It Up

Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2011 11:16:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: Crash Manning <>
Subject: Flynn Shakes it Up

Disclaimer: This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal
knowledge about their private lives.

"Flynn Shakes it Up"

       "Oh yeah Deuce suck my weenie! Mmm yes! Yes!"

Deuce had his hands wrapped around little Flynn's tiny boy ass and pushed
the kid's little boner deeper into his mouth. Deuce fingered Flynn as he
continued to suck hard making the little boy squeal in pleasure. He pulled
his fingers out and let Flynn's little willy out of his mouth and then
rubbed his smooth face on Flynn's weiner.

       Deuce said, "Yeah you like that don't you little guy?"

       "Yes Deuce! Yes! You make me feel so good!"

       "Ooo yeah little buddy. You gonna have a shaky little dry cum

       "Mmhmm! Make me shake stud!"

       "Ooo you know I love it when you call me a stud!"

       "You are a stud!"

Deuce was rubbing his head up under Flynn's little boy balls and his soft
hair was caressing them. He got up on his hands and knees and wrapped his
lips around Flynn's weenie. Flynn moaned and stretched his legs out to
Deuce's crotch and let his smooth little bare feet rub up against Deuce's 5
inch dick. He let the soft top of his foot caress Deuce's low hanging
balls. The thin patch of pubes felt so good on Flynn's soft feet. He put
Deuce's boner between the soles of his size 4 feet and stroked it up and

       "Damn yeah Flynn!! Stroke my cock good with those sweet little feet
of yours kid!"

As he was being jacked off with Flynn's tiny feet, Deuce took his hand and
stuck under Flynn's smooth round little boy ass. He squeezed the little
boy's supple ass cheeks then shoved his fingers in Flynn's tight boy pussy
once more. This time he was even more turned on and he rammed his fingers
deeper inside the little boy's hole. Flynn's tight little body began to
spasm and he moaned in his sweet young voice.

Deuce slowly let the boy's wiener slip out his mouth. He stood up on the
bed over Flynn who lay naked on the bed. Deuce jacked off staring down at
the sweet little boy who had just experienced a dry cum. Deuce jerked hard
and in no time he shot his load of teenage boy jizz all over Flynn's sweet
little face. Flynn licked his lips tasting Deuce's jizz.

Deuce lay next to Flynn and kissed him on the lips. He said, "That was
great kiddo. But hey I can't babysit you next weekend."

       "Aw why not?"

       "Some stupid family thing."

       "Oh. Well I guess I'll be sucking on Ty's cock instead."

       "Well Ty has a thing too."

       "What?! Well who's gonna babysit me?!"

       "I think CeCe is gonna get Gunther and Tinka again."

       "Aw lame! I mean I really like Gunther. He's so hot! And he's
obviously gay. But his stupid sister ruined everything last time."

       "Well maybe I can suggest to CeCe to just have Gunther babysit

       "Wow yeah! That will be cool Deuce!"

       "No problem little buddy. I know how much you love having sex with
your babysitters. So I'll help you out."

Deuce did in fact get CeCe to have just Gunther babysit. Flynn was so
excited for the night. He had been having sex with Deuce and Ty since he
was 5, but now he would finally get someone new. He still remembered the
first night Ty walked into his room naked with a boner. Ty didn't have to
do much persuading and soon Flynn was on his cock.

From then on Flynn had loved cock! Especially from older boys. He had
fooled around with his little friend Henry too of course, but Flynn loved
teenage cock the best! Teen dicks were so big and he liked that they had
hair and how HARD they got. Flynn had a crush on Gunther for a while now,
but he seemed to be attached to his sister at the hip, so Flynn rarely got
to see Gunther alone. Now Deuce had finally made it possible. Flynn was so
excited. He couldn't wait to see Gunther naked, and he was pretty confident
the night would end in sex. No teen boy could resist Flynn's adorable
little face. Even the supposedly straight ones, like Ty. Deuce was bi, and
horny as any teen boy, so he was easy.

Finally it was the night Gunther would be watching him. Flynn had been
waiting anxiously all week. Gunther arrived and was wearing some tight
sparkley clothes as usual. Flynn figured this should be easy.

All night Flynn had been giving subtle clues that he wanted Gunther to get
with him. Flynn came out to the living room in just his Iron Man underoos
and he sat in Gunther's lap. He could feel Gunther's boner as he pressed
against it with his little tush.

       Gunther said, "Uh hey little guy you had better get up off me."

       "Why? Is my little 8 year old booty making your teenage cock all

       Gunther moved Flynn off him and stood up. He said, "As a matter of
fact it is."

       "Are you getting turned on by my hot little body?"

       "You are being a very naughty little boy," Gunther said sternly.

       "Yes I;m very naughty! You know you wanna put that meat stick
inside my little boy hole."

       "Are you crazy little boy? You know what happens when two boys do
naked stuff together don't you?"

       "Well yeah. You make cummies duh!! Well when your older."

       "Know you silly little child. You'll both get deathly ill."

       "Are you kidding me?"

       "That's what my mom always told me."

       Flynn busted up laughing. He said, "You really believe that?"

       "Well of course. Why wouldn't I?"

       "She probably could tell you were gonna be gay so she told you that
to scare you."

       "What do you mean?"

       "I mean. Anyone who sees you can tell you have a love for dicks
just like me! So your mom just made that up about getting really sick to
keep you 'straight.'"

       "You are talking crazy little man."

       "Me and Deuce have sexy naked time all the time and nothing bad has
ever happened to us."

       "Deuce? That hot...I mean, CeCe's friend?"

       "You think he's hot? I knew it! You are gay!"

       "What is you mean by gay?"

       "I'll show you."

Flynn walked up close to Gunther. He unbuckled Gunther's pants and pulled
them down. He smiled when he saw the big bulge in Gunther's glittery
briefs, though the "briefs" looked more like panties.

Flynn took his little hands and started rubbing the bulge in Gunther's
briefs. He squeezed the hard boner with his small hand, feeling how big it
was. Flynn was crazy for big hard teenage dicks, and Gunther's was real
big. Bigger than Deuce's, bigger than Ty's, and of course bigger than

He looked up at Gunther, who just had a dirty horny look on his face.

       "Wow that feels really good Flynn. And I don't feel like I'm
getting sick!"

       "Of course you're not gonna get sick! Doing sexy stuff is the best
feeling ever! Especially when its with other boys! Cuz boys are the
horniest! So two boys together is perfect!"

       "Yeah I guess you're right."

       "Can I suck your big teenage cock?"

       "Okay! Go for it!"

Flynn put his face in between Gunther's legs and took the teen's thick
weiner in his hand and then stuck his cute little boy mouth around it. He
took as much of the giant cock as he could in his tiny little kid
mouth. Gunther loved the feeling of his huge cock sliding in and out of
Flynn's mouth. He thrust his big boner deeper inside Flynn's adorable
little face. Making the little boy gag on the giant 15 year old boy
cock. Flynn hungrily sucked harder. He let Gunther's cock plop out of his
sweet little mouth. He looked up at sexy Gunther and said, "Slap my pretty
little face with your ding dong, you big nasty teenage boy."

The way Flynn was talking really made Gunther horny. He was being powered
by pure lust at this point. He took his boner and slapped the little boy's
smooth face with it. It was a new thrilling feeling for Gunther to slap the
boy's face like that. All his life, Gunther had secret desires for boys. He
had always thought they were cute or sexy, and always dreamed about playing
"dicks" with other boys. But the fear his mother had instilled in him, kept
him from acting on those desires and he only dated girls. But now that
Flynn had opened his eyes to the world of gay sex, he loved it! He loved
being a horny gay boy!

Now there was nothing holding him back. His eyes were filled with horny gay
lust. Flynn looked up in his eyes and he knew there was no turning back
now. Gunther picked tiny little Flynn up in his arms. Flynn loved the
feeling of being over powered by the older boy and being picked up like a
toy. Gunther carried Flynn to the room and flung his tiny body on to the
bed. He got on the bed and tore off Flynn's tight undies, revealing the
kid's tiny, soft, smooth, naked body, with a little 3 inch peepee boner
sticking up straight like a nail. The sight of this naked little boy really
turned Gunther on. He was finally able to realize all his nasty horny
perverted desires. And he loved that he was about to do it with such a cute
little guy.

Flynn was insanely horny at this point. He had been waiting all night for
this. He could see the lust growing in Gunther's eyes, and it made his
weenie solid hard. He couldn't wait to be ravished by the big horny teenage
boy. Gunther stripped off his own clothes and got completely naked. He
jumped on the bed again and got on all fours over little Flynn. He hit his
big boner against Flynn's little kid dick. He banged their stiffies
together and he grabbed them both in his hand and squeezed them together
hard. Flynn was moaning and squealing. Gunther leaned down and kissed the
little boy. He loved kissing little Flynn. It was way better than any
kissing he had ever done with girls, which wasn't much since he was never
into it. The two just made out for several minutes, just enjoying each
other's horny kissing, while their hardy's continuously banged together.

Gunther laid down next to Flynn, and Flynn got on top of him. Gunther
wrapped his arms around Flynn's skinny little body. He rubbed his hands up
and down Flynn's small back down to the crack of his round supple boy
ass. Flynn let out a high pitch moan when Gunther let his finger slide
between Flynn's tight little boy crack. Both of their dickies were so hard
between their smooth naked bodies. Gunther was mad with lust and he threw
Flynn off of him so that the child was face down next to him. He got up and
looked at Flynn's tight little boy hole. He leaned in close and licked it
first to get it wet then stuck his tongue in the kid's boy pussy to make
the hole bigger. He got up and shoved his thick teenage boy cock inside of
Flynn's tight little gay boy hole. Flynn squealed and moaned louder now. He
always loved the feeling of a teenage boner entering his tight
pucker. Gunther shoved his hard cock deep inside the little boy. Thrusting
harder and getting deeper. Flynn loved every second of it and screamed, "Oh
yes Gunther! Fuck me! Fuck me so hard you big stud! Put that big hard
teenage cock inside my tight little 8 year old kid ass. Oh yeah baby! Oh
I've wanted this for so long. HARDER!"

Little Flynn's dirty talking made Gunther so horny. He slammed into the
kid's little hole harder. His hairy nuts slamming against the smooth smooth
little kid ass. It was all too much for Gunther. He had never had so much
horny gay feelings. The feeling of Flynn's tight little ass wrapped around
his meat stick made him feel incredible. He gave one big final thrust and
let his big hot creamy load of teenage jizz loose, with a loud grunt. And
Flynn moaned contently knowing he had been filled up with teen spunk.

Gunther pulled out and held tiny Flynn in his arms. He kissed the little
boy on his smooth neck. Flynn was quiet just enjoying the after glow of a
teenage fucking. He said, "That was great Gunther. I hope you can babysit
me more often."

       "Oh yeah I'll definitely be babysitters you as much as possible."

       "Well you'll have to leave room for Deuce and Ty as well. They have
fun like this with me too, when they babysit me."

       "Well you know they can always join us," he said with a wink.

       Flynn smiled wickedly, "Hmm...well that would really shake things

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Flynn Shakes It Up