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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Good Luck Charlie Breakup Rebound

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011 02:42:15 -0400
From: Jesse
Subject: Good Luck Charlie Breakup Rebound

The following story is purely fictionaly, and in no way, implies any true
sexual orientation of the characters portrayed, or the actors who portray
them. The characters are borrowed from a television show, Disney's "Good
Luck Charlie," I've recently become aware of while being with some friends
of mine and their kids.

"Good Luck Charlie Breakup Rebound"

Spencer Walsh was frustrated. He'd tried to get back together with Teddy
Duncan so many times that he couldn't keep count any more. The wealthy,
good-looking young man had offered everything from simple "I'm sorry's," to
standing up in the middle of the school lunch room and shouting his
apologies in front of everyone in school, none to avail. Teddy had moved
on, going out with two or three other guys since their breakup. It was
freakin' screwed up!

       PJ Duncan was heartbroken. Skyler had left for New York, he'd gone
to be with her, only to be brough back to Denver by his dad, Bob. His
parents had been extremely gentle and lenient, considering that PJ had
hopped a plane for NY without telling anyone. Even his little bratty
brother, Gabe, who was usually pulling pranks and making smart remarks,
left him be. So as he tapped the order board of "Kwikkie Chikkie,"
listening to the drive-thru order being droned off, his mind wondered. If
only he could find someone who wouldn't leave him, someone who wouldn't get
his hopes up and then disappear. "Hey, dude, are you there?" Jerked from
his reverie, PJ blushed, realizing he'd not heard half the order. "I'm so
sorry, could you repeat that?" There was an extremely audible sigh, and
then a clippped reply, "just forget it!" Great, just what he needed,
another customer leaving the drive-thru to come inside and tell him how
stupid he was, but the two faces that met, one looking over the restaurant
counter and the other coming through the door, grew from surprised to
smiles. "Spenser! Hey, man, what's going on?" "Hey, PJ, good to see you."
"Hey, listen, I'm sorry about that with the drive-thru. I've not been
myself today." Spencer shrugged and smiled, "don't worry about it, man. So,
how long you been working here?" PJ blushed. He wasn't exactly proud of
having to work at the fastfood restaurant, but it was, at least, gas money
for driving," just a while. If you'll give me ten minutes, I'll be through
for the day."

       After a few more minutes, PJ came around the counter, shedding his
apron and hat, "so, what's new?" Spencer shrugged again, "Ah, you
know. Still tryin' to get your sister to listen to me. She doesn't know I
exist any more, though." PJ sat down next to the handsome young man," man,
you can't give up. If she's who you want, then keep trying." Spencer's face
broke into a dazzling smile. PJ was such a great guy, so caring and
concerned. That'd been one of the reasons Spencer had become such good
friends with him while he and PJ's sister, Teddy, were dating. "I don't
know, maybe it's time I move on. So, what's been going on with you?" At
this PJ slumped, "well, Skyler's gone to NY, so I don't really know what to
do anymore." He went on to explain the whole story to Spencer, about his
girlfriend, Skyler, leaving for New York City, his going after her, and
then having to come back home. "I just wish I could find somebody who won't
leave me. It seem's like any time I find someone that I really care for,
they leave. Even you left. You know, you and I were great friends while you
were dating Teddy, and now I hardly ever see you." Spencer again flashed
his dazzling smile as he looked at his blonde friend. This was another
thing he'd always liked about PJ. Pj had this childlike personality that
was so sincere and honest. "Well, why don't you and I start hanging out? In
fact, let's go." He jerked the young blonde up from the table and drug him
out to his sports car.

       The time together, driving, laughing and joking, and just talking
about life, did them both much more good than they would've ever
imagined. In fact, neither of them could remember the last time they'd had
such a great time. They were together so long, in fact, that they ended up
parked high above the city on a lookout, watching the sun set in their
rearview mirror and watching the lights of the city twinkle. PJ sat staring
out at the city, "You know, Skyler, never like stuff like this." Spencer
nodded, "I know, they always talk about women being the `romantic' ones,
but Teddy never wanted to do stuff like this. We always ended up hanging
out with her friend Ivy." He stared at the young blonde next to him. His
friend was in pain, a pain that he wanted so much to take away. He'd found
out while in the restaurant that PJ's girlfriend had just left a note one
day saying she was gone, and then PJ had ended up on the streets, trying to
make some money so he could live near her. PJ now sat with tears streaming
down his cheeks as he stared out the car window, mumbling, "I just wish I
could find somebody who`d love me for me, and then not leave.". Spencer
wanted to make his friend feel better, somehow, anyhow, so he did the only
thing he knew to do. He reached out and took PJ's hand. The blonde stared
at him hesitantly at first, but then allowed his hand to be pulled away and
encased by both of Spencer's.

       Spencer sat staring at his friend. He couldn't explain what it was
just yet, but there was something that attracted him to PJ, but how could
that be? He'd never looked at a guy like that before in his life! But there
was something, maybe it was the shock of dirty blonde hair, or the
twinkling eyes that attracted him to PJ. No, that wasn't it. Oh, the guys
was extremely cute, it wasn't that. It was more his personality, so loving
and caring, so genuine. So feeling his friend still crying, he pulled him
across the seat and into his arms. There was no hesitation this
time. Though both were of similar size, the blonde allowed himself to be
pulled and muscled into the arms of the brunette. He realized, however,
that Spencer wasn't just patting his shoulders or holding his hand any
more. He was kissing him! Spencer was kissing him on the cheeks and
forehead. The strange thing was that he liked it! He'd always compared
himself to the brunette hunk, wishing he could be and look more like
Spencer, but now he was kissing him! Spencer stopped momentarily, noticing
the stillness of his friend, "I'm sorry PJ, I over...," but he was cut
short by two lips being pressed to his.

       Heart beating nearly out of his chest, Spencer broke off the kiss
long enough to get out of the car, coming around the other side and pulling
PJ out. He brought the handsome blonde to his mouth again. PJ allowed his
arms to circle around Spencer's shoulders and pulled the boy as close as
was possible. They stayed locked for what seemed like hours, until finally
they broke apart, gasping for air. PJ couldn't believe his own audacity as
he began fumbling with Spencer's shirt buttons, but he decided that if he
was going to do this, he was going to do it right. Finally growing tired
with fumbling around in the dark, PJ ripped the shirt open, Spenser gasping
in surprise and the cool Denver autumn air. He was shocked at how PJ had
responded to this, and suddenly extremely turned on. He allowed PJ access
to his chest, relishing in the turn on of PJ suckling and nipping his
nipples and running his hands over Spencer's abs. Pushing PJ away for a
second, Spencer began tugging at his shirt, lifting it above the blonde's
head and tossing it onto the car hood. What he saw surprised him. The boy
was built! PJ'd always struck his as being a skinny, lanky guy, but
underneath he hid abs and not a bad chest, with a dusting of a blonde
treasure trail going down into his boxers.

       Though both of the young men were about the same height, it was
Spencer who took control. He pulled the blonde into his arms and began
laying gently down on the grass next the car, pulling PJ on top of him. PJ
immediately assumed his assault on Spencer's chest, working his way across
from pec to pec, and then feeling and licking each ab. Finding Spencer's
jeans button, he again ripped the cloth pieces apart. Spencer, allowed
himself to be raised from the ground so PJ could pull his jeans and boxers
down, revealing a stiff 7-incher at full attention. "If you get to see me,
I want the same priveledge." PJ blushed, but allowed his jeans and
underwear to be removed, his dick fully hard and stiff. He stood back,
shaking slightly. Was he really doing this? PJ was always the "nice guy,"
he'd even been told that by his parents. He stared at the tanned, athletic
hunk in front of him...yes he was! Practically running to each other, they
fell once more onto the grass, kissing, feeling, loving each other. As PJ
made his was down Spencer's body, he found his dick, engorged and stiff,
ready for his taking. He took the swollen shaft in his mouth. It was warm
and wasn't as hard to the tongue as it felt to the hands. All-in-all, it
was awesome! Beginning a rhythm, he started making his way up and down, up
and down. Spencer couldn't contain his moans and mumbles. "Oh good...PJ, oh
my g..." Finally, knowing his climax was near, he stopped PJ. PJ didn't
look hurt or bewildered, however. "I need you in me."

       Spencer needed no interpretation of PJ's meaning, nor did he lose
any time in answering his request. Pulling the slender legs with their
blonde hairs onto his shoulders, he found PJ's hole and began loosening
him. If PJ had enjoyed the fingers inside his hole, the feeling of
Spencer's cock pounding his ass drove him over the wall. He'd often
wondered what something like that would feel like. He actually had a few
friends at school who professed to being gay, but he'd never asked them
about something like that. But the feeling in him now wasn't pain. No,
Spencer was so gentle and loving, whispering PJ's name and "I love yous's"
the whole time. No, the feeling was sheer exctasy, Spenser's engorged cock
seeming to fill his whole insides. Spenser's rhythm seemed to last all
through the night, in and out, both young men sighing and moaning in
pleasure. Finally, reaching a point that he couldn't stop himself, Spencer
gave one more mighty plunge and exploded into PJ. Both cried out, seeming
to melt into one mass of flesh as their orgasm passed.

       Finding their clothes, the young men climbed back into the
car. PJ's whole countenance had changed. He'd gone from crying to a
brilliant smile that couldn't fade. "8:45, not as late as we thought."
Spencer pulled his friend into him, "PJ, I want you to know that I'll never
leave you. I can't change what's happened with Skyler, but I'll be here for
you." The blonde's smile broadened, "who's Skyler? I seem to have found the
greatest boyfriend in the world!" That evening the Duncans were more than a
little surprised when their son came practically skipping into the
house. "How was the day son? Did you hear from Skyler?" PJ smiled, "No,
I've decided that Skyler's gone, and I can't change that, but I can move
on." Amy Duncan blanched at her son, who just the night before had
practically cried himself to sleep. "So, I take you've found someone to
take her place?" The blonde's smile almost lit the room, "I've found
someone better!"

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Good Luck Charlie Breakup Rebound