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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Kickin It And Dickin It

Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2012 23:53:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Crash Manning <>
Subject: Kickin it and Dickin it (celebrity, t/t)

Disclaimer: This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything
about the true sexuality of the celebrities or characters mentioned or any
personal knowledge about their private lives.

"Kickin' It and Dickin' It"

Milton and Jack were in the locker room of the dojo getting back into their
street clothes. Milton looked down at Jack's bare feet and couldn't help
but think they were cute. Milton would always steal glances at Jack when he
changed ever since Jack had joined the Wasabi Warriors. Milton was
especially excited today because Jack was going to be walking home with
him. They had planned a sleep over for that night. He had been thinking
about the sleepover all day. He had such a huge crush on Jack. He couldn't
tell anyone of course but every night he'd lay in bed naked jacking off to
pictures of Jack that he had secretly taken or downloaded from his

Milton would lay there in bed, his hand wrapped around his little pricklet,
jacking and stroking, moaning Jack's name, thinking about sucking Jack's,
presumably big dick. Then he'd cum all over his smooth bare chest and rub
it in and let it get all sticky. He had been doing that every single night
since the day he met Jack.

Jack was so incredibly cool! To Milton he was the coolest guy he had ever
met. Milton always had thought of himself as somewhat of a nerd, so the
fact that someone as cool as Jack would even talk to him just made him feel
so good. He had butterflies in his stomach just thinking about it. Jack was
just so cute and has a great personality, and amazing at martial arts. He
just oozed coolness! Even though Milton figured nothing sexual would ever
happen between them, just the fact that they were friends was enough for

They left the dojo and started walking to Milton's house. As they got
closer a bully that had been bullying Milton for a while now approached

The bully said, "Hey Milton. Who's your little boyfriend?"

"Hey man we don't need any trouble," Jack said.

"Milton, what did I tell you about bringing your loser friends around?"

Jack was getting angry and said, "Hey, you better watch it dude."


"C'mon Milton."

The bully pushed Milton on his chest and Milton stumbled back a bit.

Jack went right up in the bully's face and said, "Hey man, that's my friend
you're messing with."

"Oh yeah what are you gonna do about it pipsqueak?"

"Ooo you're asking for it now."

Jack jumped up and did a roundhouse kick and hit the bully in the face and
knocked him down. He sat on the bully's chest and punched him in the face
and said, "Are we done here?"

"Y-yeah yeah okay,we're done. I-I'm sorry."

"That's what I thought. Milton's one of my best friends. And If I hear you
been picking on him again, or if he even tells me you even look at him
funny, I'm gonna have to come find you and finish this. Do we have an
understanding here?"

"Yeah okay man. We do. I'm sorry."

"All right. Get out of here." The bully ran off.

There were two girls across that saw the whole thing and came over. They
said, "Wow that was amazing!"

"Yeah well you know. Just watching out for my buddy."

"Oh you're friends with Milton? We're his neighbors."

"Oh cool."

"So you're spending the night at Milton's tonight?"


"Oh. Cool. Well you know, we have a window that leads right into our
room. If you wanna sneak over tonight, I dunno, fool around maybe."

"All right cool."

The girls went back to their house. Milton walked up next to Jack and said,
"Hey thanks man. You really saved me back there."

"No problem buddy. Nobody messes with my friends."

They got to Milton's house. His parents weren't home yet so they were just
kickin' it in Milton's room. Jack looked around at Milton's room and
noticed a magazine on the floor by his bed with a picture of Ricky Weaver
on the cover. Jack chuckled a little to himself realizing his thoughts
about Milton might be true. But he didn't comment on it and just said,
"Nice room."

"Uh thanks. Sorry, I know its a little geeky."

"Hey man don't even sweat it. It's cool man."

"Why do you hang out with me Jack?"

"You're my friend. I like you."

"Really? I mean you're so cool. I don't know if you know this but you're
the coolest guy I ever met. I mean you're probably the coolest guy in
school! And I'm like the biggest geek in school."

"Hey man you know the whole geek, jock, skater and all that stuff, doesn't
even matter to me. If I like you, and we get along, you're my friend, no
matter what people label you."

"You probably get so many girls. I mean that was crazy with those girls

"Yeah you get used to it."

"Are you really gonna go over their tonight know, fool
around with them?"

"Nah man. I'm here for you tonight. We're spending time together. I ain't
gonna ditch a bro like that."

"Cool. But you don't have to stay with me. I'm sure you rather be with
those girls."

"Nah I've had plenty."

"See that's what I'm talking about! You're so cool! I bet you get girls
throwing themselves at you all the time!"

"I mean yeah kinda. I guess."

"Have you had sex before?"


"Wow really?"

"Yeah I think when I was 10 was the first time. I had it a few times since
then too."

"Wow when you were 10!"

"Yeah. What about you?

"Are you kidding me? I told you I'm a huge geek. You think anyone's gonna
be interested in me?"

"You'll find someone. I mean you're pretty attractive. Definitely not


"Hey if you ever need any help with girls just let me know."

"Well um see thats the thing."


"Well...well...I'm not interested in girls."

"Oh. Oh I see."

"Yeah. Um I hope you don't mind."

"No its cool. I mean I kinda figured anyway."

"You did?"

"Yeah I mean you're kind of effeminate. Sorry not trying to be offensive or
anything. I could just kinda tell. Plus I noticed the magazine down there
with that jerk Ricky Weaver on the cover."

"Oh...yeah sorry. I forgot to put that away. I know he's a jerk and all but
I still think he's hot. Gosh I sound like such a girl. I'm sorry. You
probably think I sound so gay now."

"Nah I told you I don't care about labels and all that. It's cool. So have
you ever been with any guys before?"

"No. I never even kissed a guy before!"

"What?! C'mon Milton you gotta at least kiss. That's like not even
considered first base anymore. Thats like in the dugout still. Making out
is so much fun man! I love it!"

"I wouldn't even know how. I just wish sometimes I had someone who could
teach me how so that when I finally do go out with a guy I'd know what to

Jack figured this was Milton's subtle way of asking him to teach him how to
kiss. He said, "Hey um I dunno..."

"Oh no I didn't mean that!"

Jack chuckled. "It's cool. Eh actually why not? It's just making out. Let's
do it."

"Wow! Really?!"

"Yeah. I mean you're kinda girly so I guess it wouldn't be too much of a
departure for me."

"Okay well just go easy on me. I never done this before."

"Okay. Just sorta stick your tongue out into my mouth and move it
around. I'll do it to you and you'll get it."


Jack put his hand down on Milton's thigh and leaned in and started kissing
him. When Milton felt Jack's tongue in his mouth he was overcome with a
feeling he had never had before and all the blood rushed to his dick and he
was extremely hard. He decided to copy Jack and let his tongue go inside
Jack's mouth and wiggled it around inside the way Jack was doing to
him. Soon enough the kissing became natural. The two boy's were making out
and Milton was really getting into it. He started wrapping his arms around
Jack and rubbing his hands up and down Jack's smooth back.

Jack had never made out with a boy before but with Milton it was starting
to feel really good. He didn't wanna admit to himself how much he liked it,
but his throbbing boner made it hard to ignore the pleasure he was
feeling. The way Milton was touching him running his fingertips up and down
his back was making him tingle all over. Jack pulled apart form the kiss.

He said, "Well there you go. Uh, thats how you kiss."

"Wow! Jack that was amazing! Oh my gosh! I got a boner! I'm sorry."

"It's cool man."

"Whoa! You got a boner too!"

"Yeah. You know the way you were touching me felt kinda good."

"I can do it some more!"

"I don't know Milton."

"Come on, you said it felt good right? It doesn't have to be 'gay.' You
said yourself you don't like labels right?"

"You know what? You're right. Let's just do what feels good. Just...don't
tell anyone."

"Can I take my shirt off?"

"Yeah sure. Let's just go all out. I don't even care anymore I'm so horny
at this point."

Milton slid his shirt off. His skin was so smooth and pale and his body was
so slim and curvy that he looked like a little girl. Jack let his hand
caress the boys smooth chest up and down. And then he leaned in for another
kiss and started making out and holding each other tighter, letting their
arms exploring each other's bodies. Milton's skin felt so baby soft. Even
softer than some of the girls Jack had been with. Jack had always liked
smooth soft skin and Milton's was the softest he ever felt. He let his
hands roam all over the boys smooth skinny body as they continued to
kiss. Jack decided he'd teach Milton a few other techniques. He started to
bite his bottom lip a bit and suck on it. Milton at first wanted to stop
but Jack said, "Just hold on you're gonna like this."

So they kissed some more and sure enough it started to feel good.

Milton pulled his pants and boxers down and let his dick out. He unzipped
Jack's pants and pulled them down a bit too. He hesitated a bit and he
looked up at Jack. Jack didn't protest so he continued. He pulled the
boxers down and let Jack's dick out. It looked amazing. He kissed down
Jack's chest. Down to his little patch of pubies. And he kissed the tip of
his dick. Jack said "Have you ever sucked a dick before Milton?'

"Yeah actually I have"

"I thought you said you never been with a boy before."

"Well thats cuz I wasn't supposed to say anything. But I sucked Brian
Donnnelly's dick before."

"Brian Donnelly? Really?"

"Yeah see we didn't make out or anything. Remember that time I dressed as a
cheerleader to help Jerry make that girl jealous? Well Brian Donnelly saw
me like that and I guess he thought I was a real girl and he asked me out."

"Oh yeah I heard about that."

"Yeah so I told him I was a boy but he said he'd still go out with me but I
had to wear the cheerleader outfit. He said he liked treating my like a
little girl. He said he wouldn't make out with me cuz that would be too
'gay' but he did let me suck his dick."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah it was so big and hairy!"

"Yeah you like big hairy dicks?"

"YES! I ate his cum it was so good! But then he never mentioned it again
after that."

"Well go ahead Milton. Brian might be too homophobic but I'm cool. Suck my
dick boy."


Milton got down and started sucking and slurping on Jack's 5 inch
boner. Jack leaned his head back and just enjoyed the feeling of being
sucked off. Milton let his hand rub up and down Jack's abs. He had always
dreamed of touching a boys abs, especially Jack's and now he finally had
them. It felt so good.

Jack said, "Oh fuck Milton that feels so good. Yeah suck my dick. Want me
to call you dirty names? The girls always like it when I call them sluts
and stuff like that."

Milton nodded his head.

"Ok yeah! Keep sucking my dick you little faggot."

Hearing Jack call him that made his whole body tingle all over.

Jack continued, "Yeah you like that. You like being called a little fuckin
faggot don't you?"

Milton sucked and slurped harder.

"Yeah suck my dick little gay boy. How long you been wanting this dick?"

Milton let Jack's dick slip out of his wet mouth and rub up against his
cheek. He said, "I've wanted your dick for so long Jack!"

"Yeah I bet you wanted this cock since the moment you met me."

"Oh yes!!"

"Fuck yeah you wanna swallow my cum gay boy?"

Milton shook his head 'no.'

"No," Jack asked confused.

"I want you to put it me Jack. I want you to fuck me!"

"Damn Milton you're a dirty boy aren't you?"

"Yes. I been wanting to have sex with you for so long Jack. I heard this
one girl talking with her friend about how hard you gave it to her. She
said you were pounding her so hard and made her whole body shake all
over. I want that feeling Jack! I want it so bad! I want you to fuck me
like there no tomorrow! I want you to fuck me like the little girly faggot
boy I am! I want you to make me your bitch! You're the hottest boy ever!
Your so perfect! You have no idea what a dream come true it is right now
just to be sucking on your dick! Please Jack please just fuck my tight
ass. It's real tight! It's like a girl's pussy I promise! I never had any
man inside me before and I want it to be you. I want you take my anal

"Fuck yeah you really want my cock don't you little gay boy!

"Yes I want it more than anything!"

"Bend over you little gay boy! I'm about to fuck the shit out of you

"Yeah do me rough Jack! Do me real rough like the slutty girls you fuck all
the time!"


Jack bent Milton over the bed and pulled the boys undies down revealing his
smooth white ass. It was nearly gleaming, he was so white! It was so round
and perfect; so soft and pale. Jack had never seen an ass so beautiful. So
small and tight. No girl he had ever fucked had an ass so nice and
round. His dick was harder than ever just looking at it. He spanked
Milton's tight little ass and then said, "Yeah you like that boy?"

"Oh yes master Jack I need it real bad!"

"Yeah spank that tight little ass. You been a real bad little faggot
haven't you? Been lusting over me. A straight skater boy."

"Yes I know you're a straight boy. I'm sorry. I'm just a horny little gay
boy. I get real turned on by hot straight sexy teenage boys like you."

"Yeah bet you wanna feel this big hot throbbing straight boy cock inside
your tight little gay boy ass don't you boy?"

"Yes Jack! Yes please I won't tell anyone I promise. Please put your
straight boy dick inside me."

"All right little faggot. You're lucky I'm doing you this favor. You better
not tell anyone or I'll have to use my martial arts on you."

"Yes I promise Jack."

"Good little faggot."

Jack shoved his throbbing boner inside Milton's tight little gay boy ass
and started thrusting inside him real rough and hard. Making Milton moan
and squeal. He said, "Oh yes fuck me Jack, fuck me! Oh yes fuck me!"

Jack was slamming inside him so hard making Milton's skinny little body
shake and quiver.

"Yeah you like that don't you? Just like I fuck my girls."

"Yes Jack! I'm just like a girl. Oh it feels so good!"

Jack gave three last hard thrusts inside Milton and groaned, "Yeah!"

Just knowing he was dominating Milton the little faggot fairy boy made him
so horny and turned on. It wasn't long before he was giving his final
thrust and he let all his jizz flow from his balls blasting inside Milton's
tight ass. Jack pushed in giving a few final thrust letting every last drop
of his teenage boy spunk inside Milton. Milton was just in ecstasy. His
eyes were rolled back and he just lay there filling Jack's jizz ooze inside
of him. Jack let his softening dick pull out of Milton's tight ass and
spanked the boys round ass once more. He said "Yeah you got a pretty nice
fuckable ass Milton."

"Thank you Jack. Anything for you big boy."

"So anytime I feel horny and I don't have a girl around I can use your

"Yes. Since your spending the night and you'll be sleeping in my bed if you
get horny again I guess ill have no choice but to let you fuck my ass

"Mmm I like the sound of that. I don't think were gonna be sleeping much
tonight at this sleep over."

"I like the sound of that."

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Kickin It And Dickin It