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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - One Directions New Direction - One Directions New Direction 2

Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2012 18:18:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: Andrew Catral <>
Subject: One Direction's New Direction Part 2

One Direction's New Direction.


This is a work of fiction. The characters depicted here don't mean who they
are in real life. This is just a work of my imagination. The stories here
depict sex between an older guy and a younger guy, also non-consensual
sex. Also this story could contain unsafe sex. I am not promoting unsafe
sex. It's just here to tickle the imagination. There are lots of diseases
spreading like wildfire nowadays so barebacking is not the best option. An
unsafe sex isn't worthy of your life. Be safe! Do not do this in real
life. This is just fiction kiddos! F-I-C-T-I-O-N! OK! If you are not old
enough to read stories like this you know the drill.

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Shout out to Steve and Andy S! <3

Thank you to gaystoriesreader for editing my story c:

One Direction's New Direction : Part II

Just as Harry was thinking what was going to happen next, the door bursts
open and came in a familiar face to the boys. Andre Harell, the music
mogul, came in to the room with a smirk on his face. The boys were shocked
to see him inside and didn't know what was happening, or why he was there.

"Hmmm! Finally the One Direction boys! Ha Ha Ha!" He laughed heartily as he
instructed his men to bring the boys in front of him.

"The day I've been waiting for so long has finally come!" He added as he
stepped in front of the dark-haired boy Zayn, grabbed his face and started
inspecting it.

"What's going on? Why are you doing this?" asked Zayn to which Andre
responded with another laugh:

"My dear boy, the first time I laid eyes on you I've wanted to have you
boys and have these tight young hot bodies" said Andre while pulling Niall
closer, groping the young boy's crotch, making Niall squirm and try to take
the older man's hand off of him.

"Tss tsk boy, don't waste your time and energy trying to get away from me,
`cause whatever you do, I will still have you in any way I want!" Andre
laughed, squeezing Niall's crotch, making the boy shout in pain.

Andre then let Zayn go and grabbed Niall closer to him and whispered in the
boy's ear "Daddy's gonna break your virgin boy pussy, and since you're
behaving like a bad bad bad little naughty boy, tsss I may not be very
gentle... but nevertheless I know you'll love it and soon you'll be begging
for daddy to fuck your tight little smooth British ass" ending it by
licking Niall's ear.

Niall (shocked with what he heard) just stood there frozen, with tears
starting to fall from his eyes.

He started to whimper and said: "No. Please don't" softly, almost begging.

Andre turned towards his men and said "I know you could enjoy these boys,
but you know I'll take their cherries first! And I'll start with this
naughty naughty boy here!". Andre then pulled a still shocked Niall onto
the bed and started pulling the boy's clothes off.

The men took the four remaining One Direction boys and gathered around the
bed watching Andre undressing Niall.

"Watch your friend get his ass cherry popped, you'll have your turn so
watch closely" a man whispered to Harry, sending shivers down Harry's

By now, Niall was down to his tighty whities and Andre feasting on Niall's
pink nipples alternating between the two. Niall only gave a few groans
every now and then with Andre biting his nipples.

"Nooooo" Niall begged with a defeated voice as Andre started rubbing his
boy cock through his underwear.

"Hmmm nice package you have here, Niall. I hope you taste as good as you
look, boy!" Andre said revealing Niall's virgin boy cock.

Andre placed his hand to Niall's mouth and pushed it inside feeding Niall
his fingers and then he grabbed Niall's cock and started stroking it, using
the boy's own saliva. Being the horny teenager that he is, it didn't take
long for Niall to be fully hard. There were also soft moans that could be
heard coming from Niall's lips.

"Hmmm looks like pretty boy here likes having his boy cock stroked!" Andre
commented garnering a loud roar from the men gathered around them.

Around the bed, the other men already had their huge cocks out of their
pants and were stroking their throbbing eager cocks for young tight boy
pussies. Cries of "Yeah stroke that cock!" and "Make the bitch cum!" were
heard around the bed.

The man beside Liam then pulled the boy's pants down revealing the boxer
briefs Liam was wearing. He then pulled the underwear down a little just
below the boy's exposed balls and like what Andre was doing with Niall, he
started stroking Liam's boy cock to full mast. The other men beside and
behind Liam held him so that he wouldn't fall and also so that he wouldn't
be moving too much whilst he was being jerked off.

"Uhnnng noooo. Stooooopaaaaaaaah!" Liam moaned trying to make the man
stroking his boy cock to stop but obviously failing.

"Ooooh another one likes having his cock played with!" the man jerking
Liam's cock said. As if Liam's body knew that there is no more point with
fighting these men, his whole body looked like it just gave up from
resisting and accepted everything else the men wanted to do to him.

Seeing what their buddies were up to, the men holding the other 3 boys
started doing the same thing and in a few minutes all the One Direction
boys had their trousers pulled down to their knees along with their
underwear, and were having their boy cocks jerked off by the rough hands of
the men who captured them.

"Look at your friends, boy. Look at how they are enjoying having their
cocks played with. Watch them get jerked off while we jerk you and get you
off. Don't you like that huh boy? Get off, cum while watching your buddies
cum. I bet you do, looking at how hard your cock is!" said the man while
directing Harry's face towards the other boys who were in the same
situation that he was in.

Harry was struggling but the man holding him was bigger, taller and
muscular so he had no power over the men around them.

"Stop fighting, Harry boy. Look at Liam. See he's not fighting anymore
`cause he knows it would just amount to nothing. Just enjoy it baby and
we'll all have a great time! Ha Ha Ha!" said the man as he continued
jerking Harry's cock furiously producing some beads of precum.

Back to the bed with Andre who just started sucking on Niall's fully hard
cock, Niall was squirming around the bed with the new sensation his young
virgin cock was experiencing for the first time.

"Uhnnnnggg fuuuck" Niall moaned as Andre continued with feasting on
Niall's cock. Niall was so overwhelmed with this sensation that he didn't
notice or just didn't care enough that a finger was slowly poking his tight
virgin boy hole. Niall groaned suddenly when he felt something pushed past
through his asshole. "Whaaaaa?" Niall was brought back to reality as he
realized that something was inserted in his hole.

"Shhhh baby, just relax and take it. You'll love it" said Andre as he
inserted his whole finger deep inside Niall which made the boy scream
louder in pain of the finger penetrating his virgin hole.

"Aaaargh fuuuck! Pleaaaaaase take it oooooouuuuuuaaaaargh! NOOOOOO!"
pleaded Niall as Andre continued finger fucking his tight hole.

Niall was now almost uncontrollable on the bed that Andre was having a hard
time with finger fucking him, so he called for some of his men to help him
hold Niall down.

"Can somebody hold this bitch down?" Andre told his men. Not needing to be
told twice 5 men came forward and grabbed him - 2 held Niall's arms and the
other 2 went straight to Niall's smooth legs while the last man held
Niall's shoulders.

fighting and squirming, but the men holding him were far stronger and
bigger than him.

"Now that's better. Niall boy you can just carry on fighting and squirming,
but you'll still end up having daddy's big black hard cock up your tight
fuck chute. HaHaHaHaHa!!!!" Andre said to a scared looking Niall who was
looking helpless being held down by 5 strong men.

At this point, Niall was sobbing uncontrollably and Andre had enough of it.

"Tsss. Niall you're making this harder for yourself. You, you know how to
shut this bitch up." Andre said to the man holding Niall's shoulders. The
man (a strapping African stud) smiled knowingly and looked at Niall with
hunger in his eyes. He then grabbed Niall's face and held the boy's jaw
open and fed Niall his huge black man meat, straight to Niall's throat
making the boy gag and teary-eyed in the process.

"Yeeeeah. This is a hot mouth! Uhng yeah. Perfect for sucking cock! You
are a born cocksucker son!" the man announced making the men around the bed

"Oh yeeeaaaah! Take my cock kid. Suck it baby! Fucking suck it!" the man
said while continuing to face fuck Niall, his face now covered in drool due
to the large cock in his mouth.

"Yeah feed him that cock!"

"Fuck that kid's face!"

"Take it bitch!" were some of the cheers that could be heard inside the
room from the other men, cheering their mate, egging him on to continue
abusing Niall's cocksucking mouth.

Andre now positioned himself between Niall's spread legs after making sure
that he was able to at least loosen up Niall's hole a little bit to
accommodate his black monster cock of about 11" long and beer can
thick. Andre turned his face towards his men and asked them "Are you men
ready to see the first of five virgin boy pussy wrecking today?"
"Woooooohoooooo! Wreck that virgin boy pussy!" were the collective replied
screams of the men together with "Fuck him! Fuck that virgin ass!" and
"Fuck him hard! Wohoooo!" "I'll try not to disappoint men!" was Andre's
loud reply as he pointed his hard leaking cock in front of Niall's smooth
pink fuck chute. Andre leaned over and whispered in Niall's ear "Ready or
not, Niall, here I come!" as he pushed his big black man meat against
Niall's resisting fuck chute. Niall in turn could only groan having a huge
cock face fucking him. "C'mon, son! Open up for daddy! Open that boy cunt!
Give it to daddy, Niall! HeHeHe!" Andre kept pushing his cock head into
Niall's tight hot hole. Niall on the other hand was trying his best to
tighten his asshole to prevent Andre's huge cock from taking his virgin
hole. Aside from tightening his virgin boy hole, Niall still is struggling
trying to get away from the huge cock inside his mouth and wriggling from
the men holding him. By now, the men holding Niall's arms had taken his
hands and curled them and used it to jerk their cocks using the boy's
smooth warm hands for pleasuring themselves.

"C'mon Niall, Let daddy take that virgin hole. Your just making this cherry
popping sweeter for me with your hard resisting. HeHeHe!" Andre said. Andre
then bent down and bit Niall's large pink nipple while twisting the other
one making Niall groan in pain. Taking this opportunity to take Niall's
cherry, Andre pushed his throbbing cock past through Niall's unprepared
fuck chute. Niall's scream of pain was so loud despite having a huge cock
in his mouth sending shivers to the four other One Direction boys knowing
that they will be having the same fate as to what Niall was experiencing
right now.

The men around the room were boisterously cheering Andre on and was happily
waiting for their turn to have the boy's tight hot ass. "Fuck that boy cunt
Andre!" "Feed that boy that black cock!" were the cheers coming from the

Andre already able to insert half of his cock head inside Niall's still
resisting fuck chute couldn't wait for the boy to open up so he roughly
thrust his cock head inside Niall pushing past through Niall's tight anal
Andre as he was able to insert his whole cock head inside Niall's virgin
HOOOOOT! UHNNNG YES! YEEEEES!" screamed Andre once again thrusting more
inches of his 11" fat cock inside of Niall's hot velvety hole.

Niall even though just having almost half of Andre's beer can thick cock,
was feeling already more than full in his boy butt. As much as Niall wanted
to scream he couldn't, since his mouth was as full as his ass, so all that
could be heard is unintelligible moans and groans.

Andre still continuing his onslaught of thrusting more of his cock inside
Niall was enjoying breaking Niall's virgin hole. "Ooooooooh yeeeeeees! Take
my cock Niall! Take all of my cock! Aaaaaarggggh!" screamed Andre as he
roughly stabbed all of the remaining inches of his cock deep inside the boy
pussy of the wailing boy.

Nial,l now tired from struggling to get free from the men holding him and
at the same time the two cocks spitroasting him, just gave up and seemed to
just accept what was happening to his poor young body. "Ooooh Niall had
stopped struggling!" Andre announced again "looks like he has accepted his
fate as a boy pussy to men like us!" he added laughing.

Not thinking twice and taking advantage of the situation, Andre started
slowly fucking Niall just enjoying the velvety feel of Niall's freshly
popped cherry. "Uhnnn yeeeah! This boy pussy feels so good! Fuuuucking
great shit! Ooooooh guys, you will fucking enjoy this boy cunt!"

Andre wanting Niall to think he's loving getting the fucking he's having,
searched and poked Niall's prostate and started attacking the boy's
prostate and after a while Niall's boy cock started getting hard to its
full 8 inches. Niall shocked with the new sensation his young cock was
experiencing, couldn't believe he was getting off on the fucking his poor
boy pussy was having. "Look guys! Look who's having a woody! HaHaHa! Looks
like Niall here is loving having his boy hole fucked!" said one of the men
holding Niall's legs.

"You're loving this huh, boy? Do you love having your tight boy cunt
fucked?" teased Andre looking straight at Niall's confused eyes. Andre then
started pounding Niall's asshole furiously. By now the cock inside Niall's
mouth was taken off and Niall is now moaning loudly enough for the other
men in the room to hear which resorted to another cheer and catcalls from
the men.

Niall even though he was moaning from the pounding his hole was having was
thinking differently "Fuck what is happening to me? Why is my dick hard? Am
I liking this like what they said? No it can't be!" Niall confusedly
thought as Andre was now really pounding Niall's abused hole. Niall's body
is moving back and forth in synch with the fucking his poor abused body was

Back from the men watching the fucking Niall was having, Harry gasped as he
felt something wet trying to enter his virgin hole. "Sssssh baby. I'll just
get you ready for Andre's monster cock." The man behind Harry whispered and
then licking Harry's ear. "Uhnnnng!" Harry moaned as the man successfully
inserted the tip of his finger inside Harry's virgin hole and slowly finger
fucked him.

Zayn was having a different experience, the man beside him has his tongue
deep inside Zayn's and was French kissing Zayn to Zayn's horror. He had
never even thought of kissing another man so having this huge muscular
bearded man fighting tongues with him was just different to him. Aside from
this another bearded man was on his knees in front of him feasting on his
slowly stiffening boy cock. Zayn was getting tickled by the man's beard who
is sucking him and is getting harder as the man is playing with something
under his hairy balls. Zayn is now holding the man French kissing him for
support as he was almost losing his balance from the sucking he was

Niall is now on his knees getting fucked dog style by Andre Harell. Niall
who for the past minute was having a hard time trying not to cum couldn't
hold it any longer. "Oh oh fuck im gonna shoot! Shiiit! Oh my fucking good!
Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" Niall screamed. Hearing this, Andre flipped Niall and
placed him on top of him as he laid down on the bed. Niall was now
squatting with Andre continuously and furiously pummeling his hard cock
deep inside Niall who is now bent backwards with his hands supporting
him. With this position everyone on the room was having a good view of
Andre's black cock pounding in and out of Niall's smooth white ass. Niall's
cock is plopped hard on his abs with strings of precum visible on the boy's
defined abs.

The man beside Liam instructed him to cheer on his friend while getting
fucked. When Liam didn't respond and stayed mum, he tightened his grip on
the boy's cock which made him wince in pain. "I'll do it! Aaaaw! Please
don't hurt me! I'll do it!" begged Liam. "Ok, repeat what I'll say"
instructed the man. Liam started repeating the man which garnered another
cheer from the men. "Take it Niall" said Liam with no expression. This
irritated the man so he again stroked Liam's cock tighter and said "Is that
the way you cheer your friend? Fucking do it the right way, boy!". Liam
just nodded his head and did it the way the man wanted. "Open that pussy,
Niall! Take it like a man! I know you love it! Take that big fat black cock
up your tight virgin cunt!" Liam said more to the liking of not just the
man instructing him but to every other man inside the room. "Fuck him
harder, Andre! Fuck Niall. Pound that hole! Breed Niall's pussy! Make him
your bitch!" Liam reluctantly screamed. "Good Boy!" said the man beside
Liam "As a get to suck my cock! HaHaHa!" the man laughed as he
pushed Liam to his knees and fed Liam his leaking cock.

"Uhnng fuck! Shit! Noooo Pleeeeeassssee Stooop! Noooooooo!
Urrrrrrghhhhhhh!" Niall screamed as Andre furiously fucked his hot tight
ass. "Fuuuuck stop! Oh shit! Noo!
Im...gooonnnaa...cuuum... fuuuuuuuck...NOOOO! AAAAAAARRRGHHHHH!" Niall
screamed as he shot ropes and ropes of thick fresh boy juice in his abs
even hitting him in the face.

Andre on the other, feeling Niall's tight ass tighten even more around his
cock wasn't able to control his orgasm anymore. Niall suddenly felt Andre's
cock expand on his boy pussy and then shot warm cum coating his fuck chute
with cum for the very first time in his life. "Aaaaargh fuuuck! Im cumming
inside your tight pussy, bitch! Uhnnnng shiiiit! Im fucking breeding your
cunt, Niaaaaaaaall!" screamed Andre as he bred Niall's freshly fucked hole.

After his own and very first orgasm getting fucked, Niall collapsed with
his back on top of Andre. The crowd was giving catcalls and some were
clapping with the first deflowering of the One Direction Boys.

Louis was looking frozen at what he just witnessed. He couldn't believe
Niall came while getting fucked without even touching his cock and by the
way Niall came, which could easily be described as explosive, it looks like
Niall at some degree did enjoy getting his bum fucked. Louis thought.
Louis' toughts were interrupted when he heard his name being mentioned.
"Now get Louis here" Andre ordered as he saw Niall being grabbed by the men
who had been holding him down while he was getting fucked. Niall was
looking exhausted while the men holding him were looking like predators
ready to taste their prey. Louis panicked as the men beside him dragged him
to the bed beside Andre.

"Now now my boy, Louis. I guess it's your turn now!" Andre said while
holding his still raging hard on and waving it to Louis...

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - One Directions New Direction - One Directions New Direction 2