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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Shaking Things Up With Brother - Shaking Things Up With Brother 5 6

Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013 12:43:34 -0600
From: Leo Little <>
Subject: Shaking Things Up With Brother 5-6 gay/celeb

Shaking Things Up With Brother 5-6
By: L Little

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Chapter 5

It has been three weeks since Flynn, Henry, Logan, and Henry's brother had
sexy fun. None of the boys mind not having sex. Mostly because they could
easily get it and relationships where more important then sex 24/7. However
sometimes the boys get extremely horny and today was no exaction. While
Logan was almost done with work smiling at the girls but really looking at
the boys Flynn was at Henry's. His brother was there but the three horny
boys where not alone. To throw off any substations Henry's brother stood in
his room until his mom was gone. Henry and Flynn where in Henry's room on
the computer playing a game. After an hour the three boys where finally
alone. Flynn and Henry went into Henry's brother's room and shut the door
behind them. The three of them looked at each other with smiles on there
faces before cloths went flying. As Henry was kissing his brother Flynn was
on his knees making love to Henry's ass. Flynn was kissing all over his
lover's ass and soon was rimming him. Flynn then seen one of the dildos
they use and grabbed it to put it in Henry's ass. Flynn just left it in
there as Henry and his brother stopped kissing. Flynn and Henry's brother
where now kissing as Henry was making love to Flynn's ass. Just like Flynn
Henry was soon rimming Flynn. Henry found another dildo and put it in
Flynn's ass. Flynn and Henry's brother broke the kiss and soon all three of
them looked at each other.

They once again smiled and they were all taking turns kissing one
another. Soon Henry was on his knees kissing his brother's ass for a while
and then it was Flynn's turn to kiss the brother's ass. Soon Flynn and
Henry took turns rimming him and they each put a dildo in his ass. While
Flynn and Henry on their knees the brother turns around facing them. Flynn
and Henry quickly went to work sucking on the bigger dick and balls. Soon
the brother was getting close and they stopped sucking so their sexy fun
could last even longer. Henry and Flynn where now lying in bed in a way
that the brother was easily sucking both dicks. He knew the younger boys
where getting close so he stopped. He then went on his back where Flynn and
Henry where now his ass. Flynn and Henry pulled out the dilldos and the
brother put them in his mouth to suck on them. As he was sucking Flynn and
Henry took turns fucking him until they felt the feeling and they stopped.
The boys rested awhile before Flynn and Henry went into a 69 on their
sides. While they were sucking away the brother was moving the dildos in
and out of the younger boys. After a while Flynn and Henry stopped sucking
and went on their backs. The brother was closer to Flynn so he pulled out
the dildo from Flynn's ass and put in Henry's mouth. Flynn soon was in the
doggy stile with the older boy's dick in his ass. As Flynn was being fucked
he was kissing is lover's chest wile he sucked the dildo that was in his
ass. Soon Flynn was one again sucking on Henry's dick. Soon the brother
pulled out and Flynn was now on his back. It was now time for Henry's
turn. Just like Flynn Henry was in doggy stile to get fucked. The brother
took out the dildo and put it in Flynn's mouth. As Henry was being fucked
he kissed his lover's chest and was sucking his dick wile Flynn was sucking
on the dildo. The brother was getting close and pulled out. The younger
boys quickly went on their knees and waited for the cum. The brother jacked
off fast as he could and soon his cum hit the younger boys faces and into
their mouths. As they licked one anther off they jacked each other until
they had their dry cum. When the boys looked at the clock they seen the mom
would be home any minuet and quickly got dressed.

While that was happing there was just ten minutes left of Logan's shift. A
women and her son came up to him to place an order and to see if he could
babysit when he gets off. The boy was no other then the rich kid named John
that got Logan into getting dominated by younger boys in the first place.
Logan said he would gladly do it as he was soon getting off. Soon Logan was
at the John's house and his mom reminded him when goes to bed. Once she
left the two waited until it was safe.

"Remove my cloths at once
Logan and put them in my room.
And remember you are not allowed
to talk unless I say so. And you
can't touch your dick. Do you understand?"


"Then get to it."

Logan started with the shirt and worked his way down. John told him one
pice of clothing at a time. When John was just in his socks and boxers he
gave out another order.

"Take my socks off first. Then kiss my feet."

Logan took one sock at a time and started to kiss his feet until John told
him to stop. After 10 minuets John told him to stop and to move on to his
boxers. Once Logan took hold of John's boxers only to get his hands slapped
away. Logan looked up at John to find out what he should do.

"On second thought leave my boxers on. Now carry
my cloths and me into my room."

At this point Logan was getting hard and he soon climbed up the stairs and
went into John's room and waited for the next order.

"Put my cloths in the basket and don't put me down
until I say so."

While Logan was tossing the cloths in the basket he so wanted to slide one
of his hands into John's boxers but knew there was no way he could get away
with it. Logan soon waited for the next set of orders.

"Bring me to my mom's room."

Logan had no clue where this was going. Once in his mom's room John gave
out another order.

"Go to the nightstand bend down and close
your eyes."

So that is what Logan did and heard the sound of John opening the dower,
getting something out, and then closing it. Logan felt John move around
some more as he waited to hear John's voice.

"Once you get up you will open your eyes
and head back to my room."

Once they were back in John's room and once again John told Logan to close
his eyes and that is when John took out a big dildo. John told Logan to
open his eyes and Logan's eyes went big as he had no clue how John managed
to hide that thing. John soon gave out the next order.

"Put me down pull your pants with your boxers
down up to your ass. Then bend over onto my bed
facing my pillows."

Logan knew where this was going but never thought that the dildo was also a
vibrated dildo once it entered his ass and got turned on. Logan just waited
for the next order that quickly came.

"Pull up your boxers and pants and get back
on your knees and face me."

Once Logan did that he was given another order.

"Now it's time for you to take off my boxers
with your teeth."

As Logan did that he was getting harder once he saw John's dick for the
second time. He lifted John's lags first the left then the right. Now John
was completely naked. Once John was naked he gave out the next order.

"I know you like my dick. I could tell because
you have a bonnier. Now suck me until I get one."

Logan soon went to work sucking on John to give him a bonnier. Once he had
one it was already time for dinner.

"Carry me to the bottom of the stairs then get on your
hands and knees where I ride you like the dog you are
into the kitchen and then lay me onto the table."

Once on the main floor Logan enjoyed having a naked John on his back and
soon John was laying on the Kitchen table. John gave anther order.

"Set the oven for a frozen pizza. Then come
back and suck me some more."

As soon Logan set the oven he went by John to suck him more until the oven
went off. John looked at Logan and gave him another order.

"Put the pizza in and make me have my dry cum,
but suck me slow."

Logan soon put the pizza in the oven and started to suck slowly. While
Logan was sucking John placed his hands on top of Logan's head to get more
of his dick in Logan's mouth. Logan slowly sucked away and after lots of
moaning and fifteen minutes of sucking John had his dry cum. John looked at
the time and seen there was three minutes left until the pizza was done and
gave out the next order.

"Take me off the table sit me down and Wash the table.
Then get a plate out and take out a can of Mountain Dew out.
Then open it."

When Logan was done with all he been told, the pizza was done and Logan
took it out and let it cool before cutting it. While he was waiting John
gave out another order.

"Pull down your pants with your boxers and face
your ass towards me."

When Logan did John just grabbed the vibrating dilldo and moved it in and
out of Logan's ass. Logan has been fighting off moaning for a long time and
John knew this. John soon gave out another order.

"Turn around and let me see that dick
of yours."

Logan soon turns around reveling his boned up monster.

"I bet you could suck your own dick after dinner
you will suck your dick. Until then pull up your
boxers and pants and feed me."

Soon Logan was done cutting up the pizza and feeding John. Once again Logan
was on his hands and knees crawling with John on his back to the stairs and
then carried him up them. Once in John's room Logan began to suck himself
while John moved the dildo in and out of Logan's ass. Soon Logan was Cuming
in his mouth. While he was John gave out another order.

"Take all your cum I don't want to see a
drop fall out of your mouth. Then lay down
on the bed."

Once Logan had finished Cuming and had it all in his belly John quickly
took out the dildo out of Logan's ass and replaced it with his own. John
fucked Logan fast and hard as he could until he had his second dry cum.
John soon fell on top of Logan and rested for a while. Once he was fully
rested he gave out another order.

"Carry me to the bathroom I
need to pee."

Once in the bathroom John had an idea.

"Open your mouth and drink my pee. I
don't want to see a drop fall out."

Logan opened his mouth and covered John's dick as he peed. Logan quickly
drank the hot yellow liquid. Logan would never admit it to John but he
liked what he was doing. After John was all done peeing he gave out the
next order.

"Bring me back to room, put my boxers back on,
put my pjs on, and tuck me in."

Once Logan did all that John gave out the last order of the day.

"Shut the lights and shut the door then
clean up the dildo and put it back as I
am done with you."

It has. been thirty minutes since the last order and John's mom had come
home. Logan left that day with $40, a sore moth and ass, and cum and pee in
his belly.

Chapter 6

Two weeks later Flynn, Henry, and Logan where at Flynn's house by
themselves. Logan was watching Flynn wile Flynn's mom was on the midnight
shift and CC was at a sleep over. Henry happens to be sleeping over. The
three of them decided to eat dinner first before the sexy fun. As the boys
where eating they were watching a zombie movie. Once they were done eating
they let the food settle before they had their way with each other. Flynn
was sitting in the middle with his soon to be step brother on his left and
his boyfriend on his right. Flynn went back and forth kissing between the
two boys. Henry and Logan also where kissing each other. It did not take
them long to have their pants and boxers around their lags as they sucked
each other. Flynn was sucking on Henry, Henry was sucking on Logan, and
Logan was sucking on Flynn. They did this for five minute before they
changed up. Now Henry is sucking Flynn, Flynn is sucking Logan, and Logan
is back sucking on Henry. They done this for another five minutes before
changing it up again time. Logan was now sucking Flynn, Flynn was sucking
Henry, and Henry was sucking Logan. All three of them was getting close of
cuming when Henry's brother walked in with Henry's tooth brush. Logan just
froze as he had no clue who this was but Henry and Flynn knew who it
was. Henry's brother just quickly shut the door and spoke.

"Holy shit that's a huge dick.
How many asses that was in?"

"Not a lot but you can have it up yours
if you want."

"Oh I so do Henry, but right now I put your tooth brush
in your back that you left at home."

"So that's your bother."

"Yup and his ass nice and tight and a great sucker.
I learns everything from him and then tough Flynn."

"He sheer did."

Then Flynn and Henry gave each other a kiss. When Henry's brother came back
Henry spoke up.

"We will leave you two alone."

Then Flynn and Henry went to Flynn's room still with their boxers and pants
around there lags. As the two older boys looked at the young boy's asses
moving around Henry's brother spoke.

"They are so cute together."

"I know."

Once Flynn and Henry where in the bedroom they took their clothes off and
went on the bed to get into a 69. They sucked and sucked until they had
their dry cum. Henry smiled at Flynn as they kissed. Flynn lifted Henry's
lags and he soon was rimming him. Henry was once again moaning and soon
Flynn's three fingers went in Henry's ass. This made Henry moan even
more. Henry begged to have Flynn's full fist in him. Flynn knew Henry could
take it. As Flynn was fisting Henry nice and slow the two of them made
out. Soon Henry wanted Flynn's dick in him and that's what happened. As the
two made out and Henry getting fucked Flynn had his second dry cum. It was
now Henry's turn and just like him Flynn wanted the same treatment. Henry
rimmed, fingered, fist fucked, and fucked his sexy lover as they made out
and until Henry had has second dry cum. Both boys fell asleep on top of
each other.

Wile all that was happing in Flynn's room. Logan and Henry's brother was
69ing until they came. Logan was soon rimming Henry's brother but Henry's
brother just wanted that monster in him and cum in his ass. Logan just
smiled as he fucked Henry's brother hard. Henry's brother just moaned until
Logan came in his ass. It was soon Logan's turn to get fucked and he got
fucked hard and cumed in his ass. The older boys rested before checking on
the younger boys. Once they did they found Flynn and Henry sleeping. Logan
and Henry's brother went up to them to give them a kiss good night before
putting the covers over them. That day Logan and Henry's brother became


(Coming soon Wendell and Vinnie Wendell's First.
Since Buddy Handleson has now has his own show on
Nick called Wendell and Vinnie. And he is the star
of the show he my no longer be on
Disney's Shaking It Up.)

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Shaking Things Up With Brother - Shaking Things Up With Brother 5 6