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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Shaking Things Up - Shaking Things Up 1 2

Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2011 14:53:17 -0600
From: Leo Little <>
Subject: Shaking Things UP 1-2 Gay/Cleb

Shaking things up 1-2
L Little


I did this story about two maybe three weeks ago and sent it to
Nifty. Since then I had been requested to continue the story. So now this
story has chapters. This story has three chapters to it. Maybe more if you
the reader wants it to be continued. ALL comments, questions, and Ideas ARE


I don't own any part of the rights to the show Shake It Up . I do not know
anyone who works for the show. I don't know what gender the actors likes.
This IS 100% fiction and if any part is TRUE then it is just dumb luck. If
you are under 18 or it is agents the law where you are from or don't want
to read about boys under 18 having sex please leave now. If you are under
18 and still want to read then at least I gave out a warning. Now enjoy
the story.

Chapter 1
What is Going on

The Jones family just came back form the dentist just for a standard
cleaning. At the end Miss. Jones is not to happy. Both CE CE and Flynn have
two cavities. Miss Jones just shook her head.

"You know what guys. You are not allowed to have any sweets for a month.
No Sr. And don't try to sneak any ether because I will know" The mom said
as she put her purse down.

"How about pop" Flynn said as he sits down at the kitchen table.

"No Flynn that's a sweet" The mom said as she too sits down at the kitchen.

"Oh man" Flynn said

CE CE laughs and smiles as she grabs a pop from the fridg. The mom sees

"CE CE that goes for you too" the mom said.

Flynn now starts to laugh and get up from the chair. Flynn then walks into
his room while CE CE tries to explain that she needs it for Shake It
Up. The mom douse not buy it.

"You better get ready for the show" The mom said as she picks up her purse
and starts to walk to her room.

"This is unfair" CE CE said.

Just then CE CE came up with a idea. Fifteen minutes later the Jones family
left to go to the show. CE CE got out of the car and walked off without
saying good bye. The mom found a parking spot. Flynn and her got out of the
car to walk to the set. When they got there CE CE was already in the back
room. The Mom ran into the host Gary. She wanted to talk to him about CE CE
not having sugar for a month. When this was going on Flynn went up to Duse
and Ty.

"hay lil dude" Duse said "What are you doing here?"

"My mom need to talk to Gary what are you two doing here"

"Douse there have to be a resin"

Just then Tanka and Gunter showed up saying there ketch phrase. Tanka and
Gunter douse not care for CE CE, Rocky and their friends Ty and Duse but
strangely don't mind Flynn. As Flynn was waiting for his mom to come back
he seen Gunther was looking at Duse's ass but did not think nothing of it.

"What do you want you freaks?" Ty asked in a sly way.

"Aren't you nice" Tanka said in a sarcastic way

"You two should not stay here you are a destruction for us dancers" Gunter

"I thought you guys are going to be a destruction on what you two are
warring" Duse said

"You guys are just jellies because we know true fashion " Tanka said.

Just then Flynn's mom was finished talking to Gary and walking towards
Flynn. His mom just got called in so she needs a baby sitter.

"Ty and Duse I need you two to babysit Flynn tonight until 12. You think
you could do that"

"Sher Miss. Jones" Duse and Ty said.

Miss Jones took the boys back to her place.

"Now Flynn I want you to lesson to Duse and Ty and do what they say
tonight." His mom said

later that day the three of them had fun but soon it became 9pm and it was
Flynn's bed time. Flynn did not want to but thought if he did he might be
able to eat sweets sooner. Soon Flynn was in bed sleeping but later on that
night he woke up hearing weird sounds and Ty saying "give me your sweet boy
juse I want to drink every last drop." Then heard Duse saying

"Only if you put your big meat in by sweet boy pussy"

Flynn became confused on what Ty and Duse was talking about it. He did not
want to get out of bed and get in trouble to find out. It was morning and
still was wondering on what Duse and Ty was talking about. He did not want
to ask his mom thinking she might not know. As Flynn was ready for the day
CE CE came out of her room.

"Move it shrimp" CE CE said

"Whatever" Flynn said.

Soon it was noon and one of Flynn's friends came over. His name was
Henry. Flynn has many friends but Henry was his brainy friend that he tries
to make him normal like him. Henry douse not mind that Flynn was doing
this. In fact when he is with Flynn he fells save because Flynn is his only
friend and knows Flynn will have his back. Flynn wanted to talk to Henry
about what he heard last night because he had to know the answer. He wanted
to talk about it outside so his mom or sis don't butt in.

"We are going out to play ball mom" Flynn yelled out as he shut the door
behind him.

When Flynn and Henry was outside Flynn told him what he heard.

Henry scratched his head "Interesting I can't think what that could be for
some reason. I have to look it up."

"We could do that ooorrr we can spy on them tonight when they baby sit
me. I will ask if you can spend the night"

"Really you want me to spend the night with you. I never slept over at
anyone's house before"

"To let you know you don't really sleep at a sleep over we play video games
and pig out and yes I do after all you are my friend"

"Sound like fun"

Soon it was 6pm and Duse and Ty came over and Flynn's mom just
left. Remember you two you lesson to us because we are in charge. The four
of them played video games until it was time for for Flynn and Henry to go
to bed. They both did what they asked so they can put their plan into
action. They got ready for bed. Flynn took off his shorts and shirt off
reviling blue boxers and a white sleeveless t-shirt. Henry did the same and
he had the same thing but his boxers where green. They laid in Flynn's bed
just waiting for the sounds to come. It did not take long before they
started to hear the noises. Flynn slowly opened the door with Henry
behind. They saw a naked Ty and Duse on the floor. Ty was sucking Duse
dick and Flynn and Henry did not know why they were doing it. After a few
minuets Duse was saying the same thing he said the night before. Then Ty
said what he said last night too. Flynn and Henry looked at each other and
they started to fell funny down there. After Ty took Duse dick out of his
mouth and went behind Duse and licked his
ass. Soon it was wet to Ty's liking and stuck it in Duse's ass. Duse and
Ty got so much into it they did not see Flynn and Henry. The younger boys
being afrade to get caught went back to Flynn's room.

"They are having male to male intercourse to make them feel good and to be
in control." Henry said

"In English" Flynn said

"Having sex We can try it ourselves to see if it feels good to us." Henry

What Flynn did not know was Henry Liked him in more than as a friend. Henry
has feelings of love towards him. Since Henry was so smart he knows how to
jack off and how to have sex as well as what Flynn was saying on what he
heard. He knew Flynn would do something more fun to find out the answer. So
Henry pretended not to know the answer. At nights Henry will jack off
thinking of Flynn.

"Ok" Flynn said.

With that Flynn and Henry got naked.

"Why don't you sit on the bed and I will make you feel good" Henry said.

Flynn did what Henry said. Henry took of his glasses and got to work. He
started to jack Flynn off. Flynn felt so good he never knew you could play
with his dick. After awile Henry start to suck on Flynn's dick while
playing with his balls. This made Flynn go crazy loving the felling of his
dick being sucked.

"Mmmmmm this fells so great. Ooo I feel like I have to pee please stop
Henry I don't want to pee in your mouth." Flynn said.

Henry stopped and Flynn went to the bathroom with Henry behind him with
something in his hand. When Flynn went to the toilet nothing came
out. Henry handed Flynn a tube of KY jelly. Flynn looked at it.

"What's this for" Flynn asked

"That's to put your dick in me since we are here let's do it in here you
just sit on the toilet and I will do the rest."

With that that's what they did. Flynn was on the toilet wile Henry rubbed
the KY jelly onto Flynn's dick then went on top of Flynn facing him. Henry
grabbed Flynn's dick and aimed it for his hole. It went in Easley and went
to work. Henry was holding on Flynn's solders and bounced up and
down. This was feeling great for both boys. They both started to
moan. Flynn had that peeing felling again and told Henry about it.

"Just pee in my butt I don't care because I love you Flynn Jones with all
my heart" Henry said.

"I love you to man" Flynn said

They both started to kiss while having sex. Duse and Ty saw the whole thing
in the bathroom but was In a spot so they can't be seen.

"How come we don't kiss" Duse asked.

"Because we just fuck for fun let's leave these two alone." Ty said.

Duse and Ty left the younger boys alone. After Flynn and Henry had there
happy felling of a dry cum Henry was about to get up when Flynn stopped

"Do you really mean it that you love me" Flynn asked.

"With all my heart. I knew what you were talking about earlier and I know
you wanted to spy on Duse and Ty having sex. So I pretended I did not know
the answer. I think about you a lot. You are in my dreams. I felt safe when
I'm with you. I know you make fun of me at times but I know you do it In a
friendly way. You don't care if I'm smart. You are my first ever friend. No
one would even give me a chance to be there friend but you did. I wanted
you to feel good because you make me feel good and make me try to fit in."
Henry said as some tears come out.

"Wow you love me that much. I might have a lot of friends but I like you
the best and I do love you but I don't know if it's like a brother love or
more. You did make me feel good and I want to do the same thing what we
did. Like right now or next time. It's your choice." Flynn said.

Chapter 2 Give and Take

It has been close of being three weeks since Flynn and Henry seen Ty and
Duse having sex. As well as them soon becoming boyfriends. Out of the four
boys Ty claims to be strait but the three know that they are secretly
gay. Today was the first day of Thanksgiving brake and Flynn's little
Intestine is in Indiana for the week. Flynn was sad but he knew he would
see him before the Christmas. Flynn was once again being baby sat by Ty and
Duse and he thought maybe they had some ideas for a gift for Henry. Ty
being the smart ass spoke up.


"That's your answer to everything now these days. Here is what you get him
little dude. You give him what he always wants besides you."

"Well he has been talking about this new telescope that can do all this
stuff. But it's a lot of money"

Duse smiled and pulled out of a photo of the telescope that Henry wants
from his jacket.

"Is this it?"

"Yes that's it can you get it?"

"You are talking to Duse here I have everything besides drugs and
booze. That's my uncle. I have a Aunt that drives one of the trucks that
deliveries them. If one happens to be missing she can make it look like
they are all there."

"That's grate thank you"

With that Flynn hugged Duse. Wile the three start to play a video game in
Indiana Henry was at his older cuz Tom's and Tom's friend Bill was with
them they were playing Hold Em with poker chips just for fun. While
playing Henry was thinking on what to get his Stud. There is this new game
coming out but he only has enough money for the gifts for his mom, dad, and
the grab bag. There had to be a way to get the money. This was not the
first time Hennery got stuck on something. He doesn't ever get stuck but
when it douse it just eats at him. When the game was over it was time to
eat. While Henry's family and Bill was eating back in Chicago Flynn, Duse,
and Ty just finished a pizza and had beaten one of the games Ty came
with. They rested awhile before doing anything else. After they were well
rested Ty spoke up.

"So little dude we have about two hours before your mom comes home. What do
you want to do?"

Flynn smiled and then said "I want to see a show if you know what I mean"

Duse and Ty shook there heads and started to take of there cloths wile
Flynn sat on the couch. It did not take long for them to be naked and Duse
sucking away on Ty's dick. Wile Duse was sucking away Flynn was rubbing
himself and he to soon was naked. Ty was geting close of cuming and he
wants his seed into Duse's ass. Duse felt the throbbing of Ty's dick and
knew that Ty wants to cum up his ass. Duse was geting tyerd of being used
so Ty can get off. Duse wants more then just having sex. Shere Duse has a
'girlfriend' but it was all a act becuse his 'girlfriend' was really a
lesbian and she only told Duse. So they both kept on 'dating until she
finds the right girl. Duse went in the doggy poison and got ready for
geting fucked. Back in Indiana The family and Bill finished eating and Tom,
Henery and Bill went back to the bedroom to play some video games. When it
came to bed time the three of them got down to there boxers. The three
decided to sleep on the floor because there was no room for all three of
them on the bed. Henry thought that Bill was good looking but would not
and can not cheat. His heart belongs to Flynn Jones. Just thinking of
Flynn made him hard and it showed. When Tom got up to go to the bathroom
Bill moved in closer to Henry to the point there sides was touching. Bill
seen the bulge and he made a bold move by rubbing Henry's bone. This made
Henry promised him self he would stay in control but his hands did
something different. They pulls down his boxers reveling his 4' bone and
then Bill went down on sucking until Henry had his dry cum and he quickly
pulled up his boxers before Tom came back. Henry quickly felt guilty. Even
tho Flynn and Henry is a state apart they both asleep at the same time.

Flynn was the first one up he started to rub his 4' boner Just thinking of
Henry it did not take long before he had his dry cum. Then Flynn thought
about what would cum taste like. He did not want to ask Ty because he would
end up going to far. He don't want to use Duse just to find out. Duse is
tiered of having sex with out the real love. But a idea did come to him. He
remembered that the day he went to the Shake It Up set he seen Gunter
looking at Duse's butt. Maybe he is gay or at lest bi. Pulse if Gunter is
single maybe him and Duse can be boyfriends. Wile Flynn was planning on how
to see Gunter Henry woke up. Henry seen Bill still sleeping and he did not
see Tom. When he took the sheets off he seen his boxers where gone. He
remembered putting them on. He quickly thought of Bill. When Tom came back
he seen that Henry was awake. It was now or never to tell Tom.

"Tom" he whispered

"Yah" he whispered back

"What happened to my boxers?"

"Well Bill likes to collect boxers of boys he sucked so he must of sucked
you off."


"Was that your first time being sucked?"

Now Henry did not know if he should lie or tell the truth. He could never
lie and make it look like the truth. So he had no choice to tell it.

"No I have been sucked"

"Who was it?"

"A boy named Flynn and please don't tell anyone that well he is my
boyfriend that's right I am gay"

"Join the club so what are you going to give him for Christmas?"

"Your gay too?"

"Well Bi Bill is the gay one he's my bf sooo what are you getting him?"

Wile Henery was geting his wallet out he told him about the game and the
money problom. He then showed a photo of him with Flynn."

"Aww he is cute he is a lucky boy"

"I am that's lucky one"

Just then Bill woke up and looked at the two.

"Who is cute now?"

"Henery's boyfriend"

Then Henery showed the photo to Bill and he smiled.

"So what is he geting for Cristmas besides you?"

Henery explained the whole thing again and Bill sat and grabed his wallet
and gave him more then enuh for the game.

"I nevere do this you can ask Tom but Christmas is comming and this is for
the boxers I took."

Henery gave Bill a hug "Thank you"

Back in Chicago the rest of the Jones family are now up and ready for the
day. Flynn told his mom he will be at the park but really he is going to
see Gunter. He been to there home before and he remembered how to get
there. When he knocked on the door Gunter answerd the door in strangely in
normle pajamas.

"Hello Flynn can I help you"

"Well yes but I can also help you"

"What do you mean"

"Let's us talk in your room so no one can hear"

"You don't have to worry about that my mummy, daddy and Tinka went to the
airport to pick up grandma from the old countr. I told them I was not
felling good. Truth is she pinches my cheeks to hard and I did not want to
go. So come in and tell me what's up"

"As I said before I can help you out and you can help me out"

"Go on"

"I know you secretly like Duse but you are afrade that he will find out you
are gay."

"You know I am gay? No one knows that until now. Oh please little one don't
tell anyone. I will do anything"

"I am a kid and we see everything That grown ups and teenagers miss. I tell
you what if you keep my secret and do somthing elce for me I can get you
somthing but it will be a surprise."

"That sounds like a deal so what is the secret and what do you want?"

I want to tast your cum that's right I'm gay."

"Wow I don't fell alone anymore. So you want my gum but I don't have any"

"Not gum c u m cum you know the stuff that comes out of your dick when you
rub it and get that happy felling"

"Oh I call it the sticky so you want to tast it out of my dick or in my
sticky cup?"

"You tase your own stuff?"

"Yes it makes me get more of it and tastes good too. Don't you worry I wash
the cup every time."

Flynn thaught about it rather he should suck anther dick or not. He too did
not want to cheat. He thaught just rubbing someone's dick is not cheating
at all so he told Gunter he wanted to rub it. With that Gunter and Flynn
went to his bedroom and Gunter got the cup and he pulled down his pj
bottoms reveling his dick starting to bone up. It looked like the size of
Duse's 6'Gunter sat on the bed and so did Flynn. Flynn's shaky hand grabed
the harding boner and rubed it. Gunter moaned and his dick went to full
hard that turn out to be almost 9' Flenn was rubbing Gunter's dick faster
and faster until Gunter cant hold back any longer he quickly got up and
aimed his dick into the cup and 10 shots came out and it was so much it was
close of reching the top of the cup. Gunter handed the now worm cup to
Flynn and laid onto his bed. Flynn started to smell the cum and tuched
it. Flynn took a deep berth and let the cum slide down his moth . It was
little salty and sweet at the same time. Flynn thaught he could never
finnish the full thing and handed the cup to Gunter where he finished the
rest. Back in Indina Henery, Tom, and Bill just left the game store and
went to grab somthing to eat. It soon was geting close of being dinner and
they went back to Tom's. Wile in Chicago Duse droped off the telcope and
Flynn lead Duse up to the roof where Gunter was sitting at a table. The
table had a red cloth with a candle in the middle. The roof had white
Christmas lights near the door. The smell of pizza was hitting Duse in the
face. Duse did not know what is going on. He did not really care for Gunter
but it was more of his rudeness then looks. He knew that Flynn was up to
something but was still trying to find out what.

"I think you to should realy talk" Flynn said then left the two alone.

After 30 minuits they reallise they had a lot in common and rellized they
are pirfict for each other. They had there first kiss at midnight and for
the first time for both of them they felt the magic between them.

Chapter 3 coming soon
With out a reader named Andy that e mailed me first
on wanting me to continue there would not be a chapter 2.

Other Works of mine are ALL
in the gay aria and ALL 100%
fiction and if any part is TRUE then it's just dumb luck.

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Shaking Things Up - Shaking Things Up 1 2