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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - The Hidden Book Of Secrets - The Hidden Book Of Secrets 46 49

Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 10:50:01 -0500
From: Leo Little <>
Subject: The Hidden Book of Secrets 46-49 gay/cleb

The Hidden Book of Secrets 46-49
By. L little

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with Sam.

Chapter 46

Wow just wow I can't think what else to say to that.

Entry 46

I was at the mall to buy a new skateboard when I saw two kids about my age
maybe little younger. They said hi to me and they said they knew me of
word of mouth. So that only means one thing they know what I do. They told
me they were Griffin Gluck and Connor Gibbs. We soon headed to one of their
houses and that's where the fun began. We were soon in the bedroom and
cloths where flying all over. Griffin and Connor was tag teeming on my
dick. Connor was sucking my dick while Griffin was sucking my balls. After
a while Griffin started to suck my dick and Connor was sucking my balls.
These two cute boys was great at sucking my dick and I was getting
extremely close of cuming. I wanted not to cum just yet, so I told them I
was about to cum. They soon got off of their knees and that's when we
started to make out. We went back and forth with each other. It soon became
their turn to get sucked so they put their dicks together and I started
sucking. As I was sucking them they began kissing each other. Their hands
moved all over each other's bodies. Soon they started to finger on anther
as I sucked them. I could tell they were getting close so I stopped
sucking them. We all soon ended up on the floor rimming each other. I was
rimming Griffin, Griffin was rimming Conner, and Conner was rimming
me. Conner's tuck was great and I believed he had his whole tong in my
hole. Once we were all nice and wet it was time for the fucking. The two
boys where soon fighting about who should fuck me first. They soon stopped
their fighting when I told them they both can fuck me at the same time. I
could tell they loved the idea. They laid down on to their backs and got
their dicks together. I soon slid my hole onto their dicks and started
fucking myself. As I was fucking myself they each grabbed hold of my dick
and jacked me off until I came. After seeing me cum they came too. They
were still dry but I did not care. We shared my cum and they just loved
it. They soon signed my book and gave me their info.

Chapter 47

That was a cute and hot entry and I can't wait to read more.

I was on a movie set once again and I seen three of my Disney celeb
friends. Those three where boyfriends Davis and Buddy who have been dating
for a year now and the cute modal dancer and actor Cameron Boyce. Well
Buddy is now on Nick but maybe Disney owns Nick. I already could tell this
is going to be a fun four way. We were on set of a big bedroom. Cameron
was playing a rich kid while Davis and Buddy was playing the help's
kids. The good thing was we had the whole set to ourselves for three hours
before they start shooting on the set. The rest of the crew and actors was
shooting at a location two hours away. Cameron had a great idea and told us
to wait until he gets back. While he was gone we talked about normal stuff
like have you seen this or that. Soon Cameron came back with a camera on a
tripod. We right away knew he wanted to do, but we did not know he had
something else planed. He told us he wanted to add a scene to the movie
that only we get to see. So after we talked on how it was going to go
Cameron set the record button. Video: It was just Cameron and I talking
when Buddy knocked on the door. I opened the door and Buddy with Davis
walks in. I closed the door and that's when Davis said "You wanted to see
us sir?" Cameron smiled and said "Yes as you know the power is out and my
friend and I wanted to see a move, but as you know there is no way to do
that. So we thought my friend and I could watch you do stuff." "What kind
of stuff sir" Buddy asked. "We want to see you two kiss each other" I
said. Buddy and Davis just looked at each other. "There is more we want to
see you two have sex. As we are horny boys and this is the closes to porn
we have." Cameron said. "So are you going to do this or do we have to tell
that you did not lesson to us" I asked. Buddy and Davis sighed and they got
closer to each other. They looked into each other's eyes and slowly started
to kiss. Cameron and I sat on the bed as we watch them kiss. I for one
already had a boner and I was just rubbing myself. I could Cameron too had
a boner as he was rubbing himself. "Get naked and suck each other" I
said. Soon that's what Davis and Henry did. Cameron and I soon had our
shorts and boxers around our lags as we jacked each other off. "Ok come
here and suck us now" Cameron said. Buddy and David stopped sucking each
other and came to us. Buddy started sucking Cameron while Davis was sucking
me. Cameron and I laid back as we were getting sucked. We each played with
the hair of the boy sucking us. Cameron turned towards me and I turned
towards him. We looked in each other's eyes and we started to kiss as we
being sucked. "Ok let's us fuck you now" I said. Soon I was fucking Davis
and Cameron was fucking Buddy. As I was fucking Davis I leaned him over so
we could kiss. Davis broke the kiss and said "Fuck me hard Sir." So that is
what I did. Cameron also was fucking buddy hard too as he made out with
Buddy. "Ok now you two fuck each other" I said. Buddy now fucking David as
Cameron and I sucked each other in a 69. Cameron stopped sucking me and
said "Fuck me, Fuck me hard." I stopped sucking him and I soon was fucking
Cameron as we made out. I also managed to suck Davis's dick as I was
fucking Cameron. Soon Buddy and I came and it was our turn to get
fucked. As Cameron was fucking me and Davis was fucking Buddy Cameron
managed to suck Buddy. The whole sex thing was soon over and Cameron and
Davis came. Cameron went to the cam to stop the rec. End of video

Chapter 48

That was a great entry I hope he left the video behind. I will look after
I'm done with the next entry.

Entry 48

Paul butcher has come over to talk about a TV deal. Well it was mostly his
manager, So Paul and I went up to my room to have some fun. I could tell
Paul was not ready for sexy fun once I closed the door. He was
hesitating right away. I just asked him what 360 game he wanted to
play. He felt relieved at that point. As we were playing and talking he
got little closer to me. I guess it takes him a while to get relaxed. As
we went on playing he told me he had not done this before. I just looked at
him and said playing video games with someone. He just laughed and said no
the sex thing. I smiled and told him it was ok and that he did not have to
do anything he did not wanted to. He became even more calmer when I told
him that. As we got even more onto the game he gave me a kiss on my
cheek. I of course gave him one back. Our knees where now touching at this
point and his hand was on my lag. I paused the game and looked at him when
I told him that he did not have to do this if he did not want to. He just
smiled and told me he wanted to. I did not want to do anything until he
wanted to not because he had to. So I asked him again and his answer was
kissing me on the lips. I decided to take it slow. As we kissed our hands
moved all over our body's. Soon our pants and boxers where down and I was
slowly jacking him off and he was doing the same thing to me. As we were
doing this we were kissing. As I was going to get ready to suck him when it
was time for Paul to go. He soon signed my book and gave me his info.

Chapter 49

That was a interesting one. Not a lot of sex but I understood it. I could
not find that video of Cameron, David, and Buddy with Sam. I so wanted to
know what Sam looks like and see the hot action. Well on to the next

Entry 49.

I was on a tv set and it looked very nice and soon I saw Ian Patrick and
Max Charles. They both smiled at me and we talked for a few before we went
off to their hideout. Ian started to kiss Max and I started to kiss
Max. Then Ian started to kiss me. We went back and forth like this for a
wile until Max said something. Did you know there is a story about us as
Max Wiver and Dick Buttkiss? It's called Strange Friends by this L Little
person. Also I never thought about the whole alien boy having a dick thing
before. Then Ian started to say something. Yah it was good and we wanted to
contact him what we were afraid to. I just smiled and shook my head as I
said I never heard the story and told them I would too be little afraid
contacting that Little person. We soon went back making out as our hands
touched all over. Soon our shirts where off and Ian started to suck on
Max's nipple. I started to suck on Max's other nipple. This made max
moan. As Ian and I was doing this I slid my hand in Max's pants and started
to rub his soft dick until it was hard. Max got disappointed once my hand
left his dick. I then reached my hand in Ian's paints as I made Ian's soft
dick hard. I soon put my other hand back in Max's paints. Now both of my
hands start to rub their dicks. They started moan even more. Ian and Max
quickly pulled down their pants with boxers. I got them closer together and
I soon was on my knees sucking them at the same time. Each of my hands was
on their asses and rubbing them. It did not take long after that they had
their dry cum. It soon was my turn as they pulled down my pants with
boxers. Ian was sucking my balls while Max was sucking my dick. This went
on for a while until Max was now sucking my balls and Ian sucking my
dick. They were great at sucking me. Soon I felt like I was going to cum
and I told Ian that. Max stopped sucking my balls and gave me a cup to cum
in. Once I got closer I told Ian and he got off my dick. It only took two
strokes to cum into the cup. After I was done cuming Max took the cup and
took a drink of my cum and then Ian finished it. The two of them soon
kissed each other to get more of my cum into their bellies. We soon had our
cloths back on and they signed my book with their info.

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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - The Hidden Book Of Secrets - The Hidden Book Of Secrets 46 49