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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Tom D Goes For Gold - Tom D Goes For Gold 1

Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 15:26:36 +0100
From: Gary Cutter <>
Subject: TOM D GOES FOR GOLD - 1

WARNING: This story is homoerotic in content. This means that it may and
probably will involve male on male sex of various ages. Also note that my
characters do not wear condoms and that is because they are FICTIONAL.

All my stories (and parts thereof) are given SOLELY to Nifty for
distribution. If you wish to use anything of mine please ask me, it's only
common courtesy

Enjoy. If you have spare please donate a little cash to NIFTY. Keep NIFTY
free and keep NIFTY alive.

This is a TOM DALEY story, Young Tom is an Olympic hopeful for the UK and
is at present fourteen. This short story in no way attempts to portray his
true sexuality, actions or thoughts. It is FICTION. If Tom, his family or
friends read this and take offence then I apologise but then would ask why
they're cruising the Nifty Archive.

The characters in this story are make believe and based only in my
imagination. Thank you.

DEDICATED TO: Tom Daley. A star for the future... all the very best.


1 - Tom Visits


Taylor Datton

I met young Tom in the early part of the year whilst publicising my new
book on the ups and downs of swimming and diving, diving in particular. The
mundane things that really interest the general public: the ongoing urge to
go professiional, the pressures to use drugs and the management and
coaching pitfalls you can fall into. Generally a gossipy book and to be
perfectly honest more fiction than fact. It sold well and as a money man
that was pleasing. I was in my late twenties and a washup insofar I had
managed a back injury which had put paid to my career but after that and
when I was back on my feet I stooged along doing more writing with a sports
background and rattled off another couple of cheap and cheerfuls which got
a terrible panning but kept my publisher and myself happy enough. I was
trying a couple of more serious novels but now I had money and leeway, I
could relax a bit, take a bit of a break.

I came from quite a wealthy family and I'd worked my way through Uni
concentrating on my swimming and diving and done pretty well for
myself. I'd done all the area and county stuff and was of star status if
not quite top of the pack until my accident. So, it was down to early
reitirement and earning pocket money by writing crap books and putting
myself around a bit. My back injury resolved itself although I would never
dive again at least not to any great standard but I had my own house, I had
the occasional TV appearance and was good looking enough to attract a
scattering ot teeny wannabe sportsmen. Jeez, I even appeared a couple of
times as a 'pundit' on sports programmes which at least kept me in the
public eye. Some of the people especially the youngsters were more
attracted to my body than by my medals and that was fine by me, apart from
the odd back twinge I was as red blooded and healthy as the next man.

The second time I met Tom was on a television show, sports stars past,
present and future, you know the sort of thing. The oldsters dish out
advice and hoary old stories and the youngsters look vaguely
bewildered. Let's face it, they're the future and they know exactly where
they'd going... right.

I got talking to him and his chaperone after the programme and I sucked
away at some pretty dire fizzy wine whilst he enjoyed a Lemon Barley in
line with his image, the chaperone drifted away leaving his charge in
supposed safe hands and I studied the boy. He wasn't shy, far from it, he
was very outgoing, vibrant with energy as any future star will be. Short
dark hair with a pleasantly rounded face and of course much shorter than my
standard six feet. He was pleasant and believe me some of these kids are

'You still live in Plymouth, Taylor? He asked glancing around the company,
maybe on the lookout for his guardian angel, a rather tough looking girl
who seemed rather dyke-ish.

'Yeah, up by St Budeaux.'

'I hear you have a full sized pool. Well, it was in one of the sports

'Nah,' I laughed. 'It's normal house sized thing, nothing out of the
ordinary... good enough for the lads to splash around in and nicely private
if you know what I mean.'

He laughed so I assumed he knew what I meant, maybe a mistake there, never
assume with kids. Their thought processes are on a slightly different
wavelength to ours.

'We're on the long summer holiday soon, perhaps I could visit... chill
out,' he looked at me a bit like a much younger kid. I immediately
suspected he needed somwhere to let his hair down in a manner of speaking
and I was almost a neighbour. 'Depressurise a bit, you know.'

'You're always welcome, Tom.' I slid a card from my wallet and gave it to
him. 'Gimme a ring first just to make sure I'm not out making my fortune.'

'Fair enough,' he grinned. 'I have a pretty strict training regime but my
dad's taking me on holiday later in the summer but allowing me a fortnight
completely free of everything and I mean everything. I can stooge around
with my pals, do exactly what I like... even come and visit you.'

It was there and then I began to realise that he was after a little more
than a splash around in my pool. He wanted escape from the routine of
training and exercise and maybe the first stirrings of fame, he was
becoming a celebrity or would be and he would start losing control of his
privacy and his freedom. His best protection were his school pals and a boy
as popular and good looking (I had to add that) as he was had to have
pals. I wondered if anyone had achieved the pleasure of his body yet, he
was the age for it. Failing that he must have private pleasures, he was an
up and coming boy star not a monk. Perhaps he was told not to flog the
salami as it would detract from his performance at the pool. A load of
nonsense that is, having a wank now and then is as natural as sneezing, now
walking around with a steaming hardon... that detracts from performance
believe me. I'd often sighted a dishy opponent and had been put right off
my stroke imagining them without the speedos. I was more concerned getting
into the showers and changing room than winning whatever I was after.

'Well. I'll look for you,' I grinned imagining him laying around naked at
my secluded poolside and then what he might be willing to do, I maybe in my
late twenties but I had boyish good looks or so I was told. Tom on the
other hand was short but very compact and well muscled in a swimmer's way,
certainly no wimp even if a kid.

I liked him both as a person and a sex object, I could enjoy having him
splash around in my pool just as much as ogle him sunbathing, he was eye
candy extraordinaire. I wondered what my houseboy would make of him and I
suppose I'd better clarify that one. I had a student from the local Uni
staying with me and he was 'offically' my houseboy insofar he paid his way
by preparing my meals, keeping the place tidy and providing occasional
sex. How's that for blunt? His name was Luc and he was a Thai so no need
for a description there, he was nineteen but in common with most of his
countrymen he looked much younger and yeah, he was good sex. He'd probably
wet his knickers when he saw young Tom, Luc had a soft spot for teeny Brits
and that was around his rear. He had a hard spot as well but you can work
that one out.

Anyway, back to Tom. The party broke up and he promised to call on me, he
confided that spending some days 'away and out of it' was a turn on big
time as far as he was concerned and I really thought no more of it. He was
a nice lad and my life is full of them, he may call, he may not, time would

It was probably a week or so later and I was aware the long summer school
holiday had started, it was quite early one morning and I was sitting out
by my pool in the sun under a big shade and enjoying my first cup of tea of
the day, Luc was flitting around in the kitchen although I'd told him I
didn't want to eat. I heard the phone ring and minutes later Luc appeared
with the unit in his hand. 'It's a lad called Tom,' he handed it over and
lurked clearly intent on eavesdropping. I grinned at him and answered.

'Hello, Tom. Nice to hear from you.'

'Cheers, Taylor... can I come over for the day?' Straight to it, no messing

'Of course, Tom and it's Tay with friends.'

'Cheers,' he giggled. 'On my way... half an hour.' That was it, no messing
with this kid and that was for sure.

'That's the boy I told you about, Luc.'

'Sounds nice,' Luc smiled. 'Do you think he's ga...'

'I don't know,' I laughed. 'He's just a kid, he gets stressed out, he wants
somewhere to hide... end of story.'

'Mmm... touchy,' Luc giggled and walked back into the kitchen. 'Do you want
me to hide away when he comes?'

'Certainly not,' I looked up at the sky. It was going to be a hot one,
maybe too hot but we had the fans going in the open lounge so there was a
retreat. Of course there were also bedrooms but I was trying not to let my
imagination carry me away. The kid was after a nice quiet haven not a sex
scene, unfortunately. 'You might do a nude swim a bit later in the
day... you know.' I added as an afterthought.

'Always the bait and never the bride,' he giggled.

'Depends on his tastes,' I laughed.

I answered the front door bell some time later to find the boy himself on
the steps with his bike so I told him to park it in the reception which he
did. He was in disguise insofar as he had a baseball cap on with large
sunglasses other than that he was very much like any street kid of the day,
baggy t-shirt and long shorts pretty much the same as my swimmers. He had
trainers on without socks and gave me a happy grin once the door closed
shutting off the outside world. I don't know what was in his mind visiting
a much older man on his own (a man twice his fourteen years to be precise)
but I presumed he'd told someone where he'd be. He was delicious, I could
smell his faint sweat as he stood alongside me and was very tempted to take
him in my arms and slip my tongue into his throat but thought better of it.

'Come through,' I invited him into my lounge which was wide open to the
pool and he grinned.

'Great,' he actually glowed. 'Straight outa bed and into the pool.'

'Or the other way around,' I risked.

'Yeah,' he replied uncertainly.

'Cold juice or a cold fizzy can?'

'Juice,' he shuffled from foot to foot. 'Can I go out?'

'Of course you can,' I laughed. 'At least you won't need the shades and
cap.' We went out and he immediately stripped his shirt off displaying his
finely toned torso... have I used the phrase eye candy before?

'Juices, Luc,' I shouted being pretty sure my pal would be in the kitchen
and sure enough he appeared moments later with a big jug and glasses. Tom
took a double take when he saw the Thai youth, maybe Luc's skimpy thong did
it. Jeez, that Luc was such an exhibitionist, the dark blue pouch barely
covered his sizeable genitalia but not the stray pubics and the support at
the rear just disappeared leaving his tight little arse totally
visible. Poor Tom subsided into a chair and grabbed a glass eyes glued to
Luc as the Thai retreated to the kitchen.

'My houseboy,' I explained.

'Right,' Tom flushed and took a long swig at his juice. 'A bit bold isn't
he,' he ventured.

'He's only got the pouch on because we have a guest, he normally swims

'Really?' Tom grinned seeming to have recovered his cool. 'Bet that's a
sight for sore eyes.'

'Yeah,' I laughed. 'But only when everone else is bare arsed.


We sat there under the big sun brolly and in the end Tom had to ask if he
could swim and I told him to make himself at home. That's what the pool was
for and he promptly tugged his shorts off, to my dismay he had a pair of
speedos on but at least the shorts were gone. The speedos were more like
the old style swimming costume with one addition I only spotted when he
went into the water. He had a big TOM embroidered across his bottom, they
must have been his fun swimmers, no way would he be allowed to wear them in
competition. He was damn gorgeous especially as he frolicked in and out of
the pool, of course I joined him and we soon began to skylark and playing
around. He was a fun kid and just loved slipping and sliding against me and
I smirked as his playing got more and more puppyish or maybe adventurous
would be the better word.

In the end we had a belly to belly connection and I could feel his wet
tummy press against mine, I could also feel hardness at his groin. He may
be an innocent fourteen year old but he was hard and he clearly felt mine
against him as he broke free with a nervous giggle. A few minutes later he
was on my back trying to dunk me and I could feel his stiff boy meat
pressing against my back.

'Sorry,' he broke away red faced.

'No probs,' I dived down and went straight between his legs upending
him. As he went arse over tit I copped a good feel of his groin and had the
momentary pleasure of grasping his hardness.

'Willy grabber,' he screamed out laughing and the flood gates were open. He
went for me and this time I felt his hand quite definitely grab my own
hardness and it wasn't a brief grab. He broke away again and looked at
me. It was there, I knew it, I knew teeny desire when I saw it but I was
still cautious... then again, we had all day. We climbed from the pool and
collapsed into the plastic chair and I poured juice again. The ice cubes
had melted but it was till cool to the taste. Much better than that fizzy
stuff and far less sugar.

Luc poked his head from the kitchen but he was covered this time by an
apron. 'Dinner in half an hour,' he declared. 'Chicken, salad, new
potatoes... ice cream and mixed fruit.'

'Great,' I answered and looked at Tom. 'OK, Tom?'

'Great,' he echoed me and beamed with his eyes firmly fixed on Luc.

'Oiled Luc for afters,' I grinned.

'Bitch,' Luc flounced back into the kitchen and Tom just sat there with his
jaw resting on his knees.

'Is he... er?' He recovered quickly but baulked at asking the question.

'Upto you, Tom,' I was being brutally frank. He had shown an interest after

He laughed and for the moment the subject was closed but I had a foot in
the door. We stayed where we were, I knew he wasn't going to stand up and
risk going back into the water. Luc had aroused an interest and the boy was
hard. He was embarassed plain and simple, it was as easy as that.

'You're not overlooked here,' he looked around the pool and craned his head
to look further.

'No, that's why I like it. If Luc and I like to skinny dip we can, we have
no nosey neighbours.'

'Great,' he giggled. 'It's the most natural way to swim, I suppose.'

'It is,' I agreed.

Luc refreshed the fruit juice and then brought out the condiments and
cutlery, it seemed we were eating out in the fresh air which wasn't a bad
idea. I noted with a great deal of amusement that every time Luc returned
to the kitchen exposing his uncovered side basically his back side Tom's
head turned like a gun turret. I was beginning to think my young guest had
the hots for my houseboy which was not the way it was supposed to be. Luc
then served the main course and sat down with us to eat. All normal custom
and practice to coin a phrase but by now he had removed his apron and was
back to the rather skimpy thong.

'You could have put shorts on, Luc. We do have a guest.' I didn't mean it,
I was testing the waters and I struck oil to totally shambling up the

'Oh, I don't mind,' Tom burst out giving a sweet little blush. 'It's a nice
day,' he added a bit lamely.

'Ah, well. He's not too bad to look at ,' I grinned and Luc smiled back. I
was right, Luc was a looker, maybe just a little girly with his overlong
black hair and olive complexion. He obviously rang some bells with Tom as
the boy couldn't keep his eyes off him. Dropping my napkin proved that
under the table my young guest was firing on all cyclinders. He was lumpy
and fair sized lumpy at that as I saw from a quick glance.

'Thank you,' Luc camped.

'You're welcome,' Tom camped back.

We finished our meal and if anything it was getting hotter, far to hot to
sunbath but not to swim, it was a shared passion after all. Luc cleared
away and Tom rushed to help in spite of my protests, I think he just wanted
to be near Luc and I needed to do something about that. I needed to be
bold, faint heart never won fair lady and certainly never got inside a
teeny's knickers.

'I'm going for a lie down after this,' Luc called from the kitchen. 'Mad
dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.'

'Aaah...' Tom sounded disappointed. 'I thought he was going swimming.'

'You could always visit him in his room,' I suggested with a grin.

'Dunno about that,' Tom pulled a face and laughed.

'Right.' I made my decision. It was now or never. As I may have mentioned I
was a lot younger than I looked and on reflection I probably was slightly
underdeveloped physically. I was fair haired and lacked any chest hair and
I certainly didn't have a hairy bum or a carried away pubic bush although I
did have a treasure trail up to my belly. All in all I fancied I was pretty
youthful and even good looking. I had no shortage of teen admirers put it
that way so I quite comfidently tugged down my shorts and took a short run
and dived into the cool water.

I surfaced to see Tom standing there by the side looking uncertain and
certainly indecisive.

'Is it OK to skinnydip?' He asked in a hushed voice and glanced around

'Be bold, Tom. Be adventurous.' To my delight and relief he grabbed the
waist of his swimmers and before I had a chance to get a decent look he was
in the water. I had the briefest glimpses of his long and semi extended
dark skinned cock before he was in with me. I'd noticed he had a nice tight
dark almost black bush at the base of his dick but he was now brushing
against me trying to upset me. He jumped on me and dumped me once but as I
came to the surface I really went for it and grabbed for his groin and got
a handfull of thick boy meat.

'Perv,' he screamed out laughing his head and returned the grab and that
was it. This time when I finally trapped him against the side of the pool
our erections now fully hard pressed against each other and he made no
effort to pull free. 'Pervio,' he whispered as my hands clasped his taut
buttocks pulling him in even tighter. He squirmed against me making vague
fucking motions and I moulded those sweet buttocks of his. 'I know what you
want,' he grinned lopsidedly and made a pelvic thrust.

'I want your cock,' I muttered and brushed my lips against his ear.

'Really?' He squeaked. I think he'd made the assumption that |I was after
his bottom. Well, he was spot on but I didn't want to advertise that. The
way to a teeny's heart is through his stomach, his wallet or his penis... I
was taking the cheap route.

'Yeah, it's a nice one,' I reached in and guided it between my legs and
clamped on it's hot thickness.

'Aaaaah, Tay,' he slowly moved and I felt his knob under my balls as he
gently moved.

'When did you last cum?'

'I dunno,' he giggled. 'Last time I played around with my cousin,' he
admitted with after a pause.

'Today's a good day,' I whispered. 'We have all afternoon to ourselves.' I
ignored the cousin bit but it went into my filing system.

'What about Luc?'

'What about him,' I grinned. 'You can fuck him later if you want, he liked
little Brit boys.'

'I'm not all that little,' he gave a mock snarl and laughed. 'You'd know if
it was in you.'

'Promises, promises,' I murmured. He was leading with his jaw all the way
but it was a fine game. He probably thought he was being terribly smart but
he was following the same track that many other boys had trod in this
house. Luc had a genius for attracting mid teens and the house and pool did
the rest. Without spelling it out, they all went the course as the bookies
would say, they mostly arrived as virgins but very few left that way. Tom
was something special, he wasn't a street kid, he was something else,
something extra and I wanted him. If he had any energy left and if he
wanted a Thai takeaway he could have Luc as a bonus.

He was ready for something and that was for sure, he was squirming against
me and his stiffy was moving between my legs as he pumped away. 'It's
cooler in my bedroom.'

'I bet,' he sniggered and at last reached around me clasping my bum, we
were on my way.

'Come on Tom-Tom, you have a need.' I shuffled us both stuck together
towards the steps.

'Right, Tay-Tay,' he giggled and reached between us to grasp my cock. 'Now
that's a nice one,' his eyes dropped and we parted as we reached the steps.

'Grab a towel,' I threw him one from the small pile and he wrapped it
around his waist but not before I saw his hardness in all it's dark skinned
glory. Certainly not a giant but a good five incher which was perfectly
acceptable for a boy of his age. 'Come on.' He dutifully followed me as I
led off to my bedroom. Luc's was alongside but he'd be either asleep now or
listening with his ears glued to the wall. I did it when he had a boy with
him, so, why not.

It was a lot cooler in my room which overlooked the pool, I had the window
open hoping to catch any errant breezes but the air was still. Tom came
across and looked with me until I put an arm around him and guided him to
the bed.

'Not going to get carried away, are you,' he gulped but then smiled as I
dried his crotch paying particular attention to between his legs which he
parted reluctantly. I needed to keep the momentum going and went straight
for his mouth, I glued my lips to his and as he struggled and uselessly
flapped his arms around I kissed him long and hard and in the end he gave
up and wrapped his arms around me. As his mouth opened I slipped my tongue
in and then he started to react with me. The first and most inportant
hurdle was over.

You know, a shag is a shag and it's not too hard to force a smaller boy
onto his belly and pop his cherry but that's no way to go for anything
longstanding. It's also a good way to get the police cars on the doorstep
just for a bit of info. In the old days it would be just one's word against
another's but in this day and age and with DNA, you're brown bread from the
word go. I prefer the seduction anyway, the kissing route, the lips, the
titties the chest and then go south and this is what I did. He moaned and
groaned as I suckled on his nips and then lapped onto his tasty little six
pack grasping and moulding his very hard boy cock as he made vague pumping
motions upwards. He had smears of precum on his tip and as I squeezed him I
saw a little bubble of the pearly fluid ooze from his slit. He was ready, I
ducked my head and started to suck his erection tickling his heavy ballsac
as he gently pumped into my mouth. Of course my other hand wasn't idle,
that was under his soft bottom probing at his sweaty crack and finally
nudging at his sphincter.

'That's a no go area,' he muttered.

'I thought you wanted to make love.'

'I do,' he giggled. 'I thought you were going to let me,' he tried his
little orphan boy look but I'd seen it all before. The innocents who
couldn't melt butter in their mouths until they got themselves in you and
then shagged like animals, hopefully.

'OK but it goes both ways,' I warned him and withdrew a bit to recover my
lube which is conveniently parked under my pillow. I uncapped it and
smeared a handful over his hot cock and rubbed it in until he whined.

'You'll make me cum,' he groaned and tried to grab me.

'OK... take it easy,' I spread myself on my back and parted my legs. Would
he, wouldn't he. Was he a man or a mouse, boy or wimp.

He soon answered that question by leaping up and kneeling between my legs
and parting them. I thought for a horrible minute that he was a teeny Romeo
who had shagged half his school but it seemed not and stroked my belly and
thighs without any effort at actually doing anything. Perhaps he was
expecting a good old rear ender and here I was facing him, I raised my legs
slightly and I think he got the ideaI pulled a pillow down and crammed it
under my crotch elevating my bum and parted my legs as far as I could and
then he got the idea. I felt his slippery spike work into my crack and then
push up against my pucker.

'Jeez, Tay,' he moaned.

'You done this before, Tom?'

'No,' he croaked.

'OK, take if easy, Tom. Nice and easy.'

I felt him push harder and then I opened up and his slippery knob broached
me. I gasped as his thickness spread my ring and he was in. Poor bugger,
his frown of concentration had turned into a self satisfied grin as his
stiff meat slipped inside me and I clamped on his thrust. I grabbed his
strong thighs bringing him in as I felt his soft pubics nest just under my
nuts and then his tight belly mashed onto my own hardness as he almost lay
on me. I wrapped my legs around him and we kissed again as I transferred my
hands to his tight cheeks. Firm yet bouncy, he clenched his bottom as he
pushed in harder and then withdrew a little. He was on his way now, no more
tutorials and I lay back no doubt with my own silly grin in face as I felt
his remarkably thick cock move inside me. So hot and so hard and his body
was like a sculpted angel as he moved in and out barely touching me other
than at our point of joining.

'Taylor... Tay...' he moaned with pleasure as he ploughed into my bottom
and I felt him tense at every down stroke. He messily kissed me but still
his hips moved up and down. I could feel the faintest sheen of perspiration
as he started to go faster ramming into me with little grunts until the
inevitable. 'I'm cuming...' His cock seemed to swell and then the blessed
throbbing and pumping as he fed what seemed to be a veritable tsunami of
spunk. It was so hot and fluid that I squirmed under him. I never knew a
kid could cum that much but I felt it fill me and then it was outside me on
my tailbone and then he was done. I dropped my legs and he lay on me with s
lazy smile on his cheeky face. 'Wonderful,' he breathed and I lapped land
mouthed the side of his face before slipping my tongue into his eager
mouth. I do like hot and sweaty summer sex and by the looks of it, so did

I hugged him tightly stroking down his sweat soaked back and grasping those
tightly muscled cheeks. He pushed into his own mess and flexed his
bottom. 'You are so hard,' he giggled and ground his belly onto my

'Just showing my love, dear Tom.'

'Lust more like,' he laughed. He stared at me quite seriously. 'Was I
alright?' What a question and why do first timers always want reassurance.

'Perfect, baby,' I rolled to the side and he slipped free but then clung to
me like a baby as we grabbed the damp towels and cleaned up a bit. He and I
both knew there was a second round on it's way and I could see by his eyes
and expression that he was nervous but I think he was determined to go
through with it. He'd liked playing the top and he wanted more, he was also
smart enough to realise there was a small payment, he held my hardness and
squeezed it gently.

'It's enormous,' he whispered and squeezed harder watching a small globule
of precum ooze from it's tip. 'It's hungry,' he grinned.

'Indeedy.' I coaxed him onto his side so that he faced away from me. I
cuddled in and let him feel it between his legs. I was in no rush... well,
I was but we had all afternoon.

'My cousin, Sam arrives tonight. He's staying with us for two weeks.'

'How old is he?' I asked barely interested as I moved against his now
relaxed softness.

'Fourteen, same as me.'

'Really?' My interest perked.

'Really,' he laughed. 'He'd like it here.'

'Would he?' I laughed. 'Would he like this?' I gave a little push and my
hardness slipped up under him and he clamped his thighs tightly.

'I'd brief him first,' he whispered. 'We played around last time he stayed
but we never got this far.'

'Do you think he wants to?'

'I know he wants to,' he laughed. 'We talked about it all night but we
never did anything apart from a bit of sucky suck.'

'Well that's a good basis,' I grinned liking the story more and more as he
prattled on.

'I could try for an overnighter Friday or Saturday if I had him for a sorta
alibi or a chaperone.'

'Would your people stand for it?'

'Of course,' he was dismissive of his parents. 'On my two free weeks I get
to do exactly what I want after that it's back the the grind.'

'It's back tot he grind right now,' I laughed and moved in and out of his
clamped thighs, he lifted his upper leg slightly relaxing the pressure. I
grasped my hardness guiding and locating. I had been going for a bit of
rimming and fingering but he was willing to try so why not. I grabbed the
lube and smeared some onto my knob and then between his crack and he sighed
and I felt him relax and push out. Before he had time to change his mind I
pushed and he squeaked as I pentrated him in one short jab. As he struggled
just a little I held him tightly until I was in him properly and then lay
still with my raging hardon half in and half out of his incredible
tightness and heat.

'Jeez, that was quick,' he said in a quavery voice. 'It hurt a bit.'

'Alright now?'

'Yeah, rapist,' he wriggled his bottom and pushed out onto me. 'It's so
bloody fat.' I wasn't really but to a virgin I suppose it felt that way but
I was in him and giving him little licks and kisse as I worked my way in
until he was comfortable with the round of my belly in the small of his
back. 'Not as bad as I thought... Sammy will be a doddle after this.'

Oh, oh. Back to the cousin.

'How big is he down below,' I asked trying not to sound too enthusiastic, I
was quite happy with Tom calling around but a cousin wouldn't go amiss. Luc
wouldn't mind, that was for sure.

'Bit bigger than me. I like him though, I've always liked him. I thought we
were going to do it last time but we both bottled out... shame really.'

'This time you get to do it in safety, over here.'

'Once we sort you and that tasty Thai out,' he giggled.

'Well, you've got to pay for the room.' I whispered and rolled him onto his
belly parting his legs. I squirmed my way deeper intop his gut and began to
move in and out of his exquisitely firm and willing body. He was a natural
as he proved by pushing up into my thrusts after a few moments.

'I could get to like this,' he giggled and went one further wriggling
around like an eel as I went faster. He loved it, he seemed to like being
topped as much if not more than shagging but what the hell, it all comes
out in the end. 'Yeah, yeah... harder,' he pushed his muscular little
globes up hard but I rammed back harder driving him onto the bed pronging
him good. When I finally cum in him it came in a flood and I just lay there
jerking and filling his young body with my creamy essence. He pushed up
against me sealing us together as I felt myself still hard but drained.

''Fantastic,' I whispered and kissed the side of his neck.

'Messy,' he giggled and craned his head. 'I thought it was going to hurt,'
he sounded surprised. 'I just feel a bit sore but I'll get used to it,' he
laughed into the pillow. 'If I get to bring Sammy around, I get to do him,
you and Luc and you all do me, that's six heats.'

'Unless we all do it twice,' I laughed and slowly and carefully slipped
free from his tight arse. I might have woken a monster but a nice monster
and the next time I'd do him as he'd done me, the full frontal.

'What if I chat my dad up to come over for the weekend, can you stand it or
have you things to do?'

'Only you and Sam,' I grinned. 'You must let him know what the score is
though, no acting the vestal virgin when he gets here.'

'He'll know, I'll fix that,' he laughed. 'I gotta go to the bathroom.'

That was it, I'd cracked one of the best looking boys around. Poor Luc
would be jealous as he had no chance of Tom today. We still had time for a
second session this afternoon and that most certainly wouldn't include my
houseboy. Never mind, he'd do alright over the weekend if we could get it
fixed and from Tom's determination I'm sure it would happen.

'I'm hard again,' he whined standing at the bedroom door. 'It won't go

'Let Doctor Tay have a look at it. It probably wants a little kiss and

'Right,' he laughed and took a flying leap for the bed... we were off

                      To be continued
                             in Part 2

I have a small Zip of Tom for those who've never heard of him, of course
I'd like to see a few of him collecting a God or Silver inside the month
but time will tell.

I'm going to split Part 2 and let Tom tell his side of things and then
Sammy (or maybe the other way around) Stay tuned.

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