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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Tom Welling - Tom Welling 1

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 01:52:53 -0500
From: Alana Montgomery <>
Subject: The Man Who Loved Tom Welling

DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional and doesn't infer anything about
the sexuality of Tom Welling or any other parties involved. You must be
over 18 or convince someone successfully that you are. If you have any
comments, questions or suggestions, please email me at

The Man Who Loved Tom Welling
by Alana Montgomery

I was driving down Houston Street in my little red sedan while listening to
the radio. My name is Jack and I was driving to my apartment from work in
downtown San Antonio. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw my green
eyes sparkle. I am about 6'2" and 200 pounds. I am a masseuse at the Le
Chateau Hotel along the riverwalk. I keep in shape by going to the gym
three times week and jogging through the Plaza de Armas every lunch hour.
I ran my fingers through my ash brown hair as I was waiting at the
stoplight. When the light turned green, I drove out and was suddenly
broadsided by a green Land Rover.

The airbags deployed and my face rammed into the driver's one. A sudden
sensation of heat and force pressed against the side of my face. After the
shock wore off I stepped out of the car. I was so pissed, that bastard ran
a red light and totaled my car! I have only made 5 payments on it. Out of
the Land Rover stepped a tall man with short dark hair. As he walked
closer I realized who he was, it was Tom Welling. I remember hearing
reports that he was in town filming a movie. He stood only 12 inches from

"Are you alright", he asked me.

"You just rammed into my car! What the fuck do you think", I responded.

"At least you're still alive", Tom retorted.

"No thanks to you. You do know that repairs are not actually cheaper by
the dozen", I said.

"Very cute", he responded.

"I am downright cuddly", I retorted. As you can see I always have to have
the last word. We stared into each other's eyes. For some reason I
couldn't help but to be drawn to him. Of course I never watched Smallville
for the riveting dialogue, if you catch my drift.

"Isn't somebody going to call the police", he then said.

"I'll call the police then I will call my lawyer to see exactly how much I
can get out of you", I said. I then pulled out my phone and called the
police. After I hung up the phone I realized that I was going to loose my
job because the only bus service in my area was crappy. I loved my job and
without it I couldn't pay rent or any of my other bills. I would also owe
$17,000 to the car lot. All of this was too much for me to bare so I just
started crying. He wrapped me in his strong warm arms.

"It will be ok, with the insurance money you can buy a new car", Tom said.

"Hell new car! I will be able to afford a new life after I'm finished with
you in court", I said in a sarcastic tone.

"You're actually going to sue me", he asked.

"We'll see", I said as I nuzzled his neck.

"Um what are you doing", he asked in a very uneasy tone.

"It's not everyday I meet a sexy TV star. I should take full advantage of
it", I retorted.

"I have a better place in mind that you can take advantage", he said.

"Where, in the back booth at Tony Roma's", I asked sarcastically.

"My hotel room" he whispered into my ear.

Just then the police arrived and the accident was ruled Tom's fault. After
they left we both got in Tom's car and started driving to his hotel. This
is not going to be too bad of a day after all.


This is the end of Chapter I. I really hope you like this story and that
you stay tuned for the next installment(s). Comments and suggestions are
greatly appreciated and you can send those to
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Nifty - Gay - Celebrity - Tom Welling - Tom Welling 1