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Nifty - Gay - College - Dominated By Doug - Dominated By Doug 14

Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2001 13:13:29 EST
Subject: Dominated by Doug - Chapter 14

Dominated by Doug

Chapter 14


Lyle stepped up to the bed where I knelt, now completely naked. Josh
had quickly washed up at the sink and some back over to join us. I glanced
at him as he watched Lyle move and saw a look of desire and submission in
his face. It was clear that Lyle ruled this dorm room. Lyle stepped back
and sat on the edge of Josh's bed. His hard cock stuck up in the air
nearly pointing straight at the ceiling. I felt my mouth water. I wanted
to suck this stud again. Lyle looked at both of us.

"OK, fag boys. I think you'd look good on your knees with your mouths
on my cock and balls. Don't you?"

Neither of us hesitated. I dropped to my knees next to Lyle's right
leg as Josh did the same next to Lyle's left. I went for the head of his
cock with my mouth and bumped my forehead against Josh's. We both jerked
our heads back and Lyle laughed.

"All right, all right," he said. "Clay, you start as cocksucker and
Josh, you get to be ball licker." I eagerly slipped my mouth over his
meat, feeling its throbbing heat as I sank lower onto it. Josh wasted no
time moving his head and mouth under mine and engulfing Lyle's hairy balls.
Lyle let out a long, low moan of pleasure.

"Damn!" he said. "Two fucking pussyboys to use. I've been wanting to
try something like this for awhile. Had two chicks before, but you faggots
really know how to treat my dick right. Suck it deep, Clay. Use your
tongue more, Josh. Ahhhhhh!"

I had pushed down until Lyle's cockhead hit the back of my throat.
Obeying his command, I tilted my head some for better access into my throat
and felt Lyle's hand on the back of my head. I had made the adjustment in
the nick of time since Lyle roughly shoved my head down, his cock pumping
into my throat. I choked a bit, but that just seemed to make him hotter.
Lyle laid back on the bed and I ran my eyes up along his body. The curves
of muscle along his abs and across his chest were a major turn on for me
and I put extra effort into getting my nose down to his pubes. As I did
so, my chin bumped Josh's head, but neither of us stopped what we were
doing. Then I felt Lyle's leg as he stretched it out between my knees. He
pushed his shin against my hard cock and I moaned around his shaft. I felt
Josh moving next to me and realized that he was now humping his cock
against Lyle's other leg. I raised my eyes again to Lyle's face. He was
watching me suck his cock.

"Go ahead, doggie," Lyle told me. "Hump my leg. I like to see you
fags get your jollies while working to get my load." I needed no further
encouragement and began to rub my cock against his hairy shin. I couldn't
believe how good it felt with his cock in my mouth and my own against his
leg. Lyle had now grabbed a fistful of my hair and was using it to drag my
mouth up and down his cock. I made no effort to resist, wanting to please
this hot stud. Josh was slurping at Lyle's sac, making as much noise as I
was on his cock. I watched as Lyle used his other hand to grab Josh by the
hair. He pulled the handsome stud's face off his balls and up next to
mine. At the same time, he pulled my mouth up to the head of his cock.
Josh's lips met mine with Lyle's cockhead between them. We were french
kissing and lapping up Lyle's precum at the same time. Lyle moaned again
at the stimulation both our mouths gave him.

"Fuck yeah! This is the way it should always be!" I looked again at
the hot muscular body stretched above me on the bed. Damn, this stud was
fucking built! I reached over with my right hand and found Josh's cock.
He was hard again and I began to stroke him lightly. Josh moaned into my
mouth in appreciation, but didn't grab my dick. We began to run our mouths
up and down the sides of Lyle's shaft, our tongues dueling as we did it.
Lyle was moaning steadily now, one hand on the top of each of our heads.
He let us continue this attention for a few minutes before I felt his fist
grab my hair again. He pulled my head until I was looking at his face and
did the same to Josh. Both of use were panting a bit.

"So, I've got my fag here." Lyle looked at Josh. "And we've got a guy
who's been my fag's pussyboy." Lyle grinned and looked at me. I didn't
even blush. Hell, Josh had fucked me up the ass just moments before, so I
was in no position to deny it. Besides, something about hearing this hot
stud describe me as his fag's pussyboy made my cock throb.

"Shit," I thought. "Being a cocksucker was low, but being a
cocksucker's fuckboy was even lower. Still, being called the lowest of the
low only got me more excited." I wondered briefly about what Doug had made
me into and how he had done it. I knew he was still working on the end
result. Where and what would I be by the end of the school year? Lyle
brought me back to the present.

"So, Clay. You've been fucked by my faggot. You ready for a real
man's cock now?" He was looking at me with a mix of derision and lust on
his face.

"Yes, please, Lyle. I want you to fuck me."

"Yeah, I know you do, bitch. Josh, you can watch the show." Josh
leaned back a bit and Lyle used his grip on my hair to pull me up his body.
I climbed onto the bed, straddling his hips with my knees. Lyle scooted
back on the bed as I did so to make himself more comforatble and give me
room to work. Fortunately, not only was my ass lubed with Josh's cum, but
Lyle's cock was well covered with spit, because before I knew it, Lyle
reached up, putting his hands on my shoulders. Then he roughly shoved me
down. Josh must have been guiding Lyle's cock because it rammed into me in
one rough stab. My head snapped back involuntarily as I groaned in both
pain and pleasure. Lyle's cock was thicker than Josh's and stretched me
wider, but having no choice, I took it. I felt my ass settle against his
scratchy pubes and managed to look down at the man who had just made me
fuck myself on his dick. He was watching me with a big grin now on his

"Get to work, faggot. Ride me good!"

I obeyed, raising myself up the length of Lyle's throbbing cock,
feeling its fullness leaving me before allowing gravity to pull me back
down. Using the muscles in my legs, I managed to set up a pace that seemed
to please the dark haired stud who was relaxing, even lounging, on his back
as I worked his dick with my boypussy. I watched as he put his hands
behind his head. His biceps flexed and I could see the hair in his pits as
he settled onto the bed. The sight of his muscles and his attitude made my
cock throb. It looked like he was just resting as I worked his cock faster
with my ass, squeezing it the way Doug had taught me. For several minutes,
Lyle seemed completely at ease. He was watching me, obviously enjoying the
sight of me straining to work his cock and please him.

The muscles in my legs were tiring as I pumped my entire body up and
down to work the length of his cock with my ass. Then his breathing
started to speed up and I saw some sweat glistening on his chest as it
began to expand and contract more quickly. Just watching the way his chest
filled with air gave me a second wind. I moved even faster and Lyle let me
continue for a few more moments before he took me by surprise. Grabbing me
by the waist, he rolled me to one side and onto my back. Now he was on his
knees between my legs which he pushed into the air. I felt hands on my
head as Josh turned my face towards him. Josh was now kneeling on the bed
and his hard cock was ready. He wasted no time sliding it between my lips.
Again I found myself taking cock at both ends at once.

"Yeah, Josh, make this faggot suck you while I treat his pussy right.
This fucking slut can't get enough cock, even from pussyboys like you."
Josh didn't comment, just started to fuck my mouth, holding my head in
place. The angle was bad and I felt myself choking on his cock, but he
ignored that.

"Yeah, he was a hot fuck, Lyle," Josh said.

"I wondered which one of you would come out on top, boy. I was glad
to see you taking this slut like a dog when I came in. But don't think
that means you are any better than a pussyboy yourself, faggot. You are
still my personal fucking cocksucker and fucktoy."

"I know," Josh said softly, his cock roughly fucking my mouth.

Lyle's thrusts were coming harder and faster now and he ordered Josh
to match his pace. It was all I could do to deal with the cocks that were
now pounding me without mercy. "Fucking pussy. Take my big dick, bitch.
Feel it inside you, boy. Oh, fuck! That's it! Milk my cock you slut.
Milk it good and make me cum!" Lyle was nearly in a frenzy now. I was
using every trick I knew on both Lyle's cock and Josh's, wanting to make
these studs cum. I didn't know how much longer I could take the pounding,
but knew it wouldn't stop until they unloaded their cum into me.

"Yeah, fucking squeeze it, faggot!" Lyle said. "You want my load in
you, dontcha, bitch?" he asked. It sounded like he had his teeth clenched
and I wished I could see his face, but there was no chance of that with
Josh down my throat. Suddenly Josh's body stiffened and I felt his cock
expand. He let out a series of gasps as he shot his load into my mouth.

"That's it pussyboy. Fill this slut with your cum. I'm gonna sperm
him here in a second too. Just a bit more. Keep it tight, faggot!" Lyle
ordered, punctuating it with a slap to my ass. I immediately tightened my
ass again and heard Lyle moan in appreciation. His pistoning cock pulled
completely out of me, then forced its way back inside. I relaxed my ass to
make it easier on both of us, but another hard slap had me tighten again
for him.

"Keep it tight, cunt!" Lyle demanded. "I wanna feel my cockhead
splitting you open each time, you dumb fuck!" I obeyed, dealing with the
friction of his cockhead forcing open my hole again and again. I moaned
around Josh's softening cock as Lyle's thrusts, on top of the fucking Josh
had given me, became almost too much to bear. Josh pulled out of my mouth
and released my head. I turned to look at Lyle as he rammed into me
completely lost in his fucking. I saw his jaws clenched, the muscles in
his neck and chest standing out and he rammed in brutally and held his cock
there. I watched as the cords in his neck stood out and I could feel his
pulse racing in his throbbing cock in the second before he shot his load.

Lyle let out almost a shout as his cock exploded. "Fucking take it
bitch! Take my cum, you cock slut! Fuck yeah! Ah! Ah! Ah!" I saw Lyle's
eyes close with pure pleasure as he emptied his balls into me. His
handsome face was tight and his lips pulled back in a grimace of pleasure
as he came, showing his clenched teeth. Finally, the last spurt of cum
left his body and entered mine. Lyle let out the breath he had been
holding and I admired again the tight abs and broad shoulders of the man on
top of me and inside me. Lyle let his head drop forward, eyes still closed
as I watched. Then he opened them and gave me a grin.

"Nice job, pussyboy. You are a good fucking hole for my cock." Lyle
pulled back, his withdrawing cock leaving me feeling empty. Josh was now
sitting on the other bed, having just watched Lyle fill me with cum. I
looked over at him and saw he was idly playing with his meat. It was
getting hard again and I wondered if I would be taking yet another load of
his cum. But Lyle had other plans.

"Get up and get dressed, faggot. We've had our fun with you, so you
can get your pussy back home. I'm sure you will find cock there to fill
it." Lyle climbed off the bed and sat down on the other bed next to Josh.
As I watched, he reached out and pulled Josh's head to his crotch. I
watched as Lyle's cock disappeared into Josh's unresisting mouth before I
stood and began to pull on my clothes. Lyle didn't even look at me as I
slipped out of the door into the hall. I made my way back to my dorm.


The rest of the week passed quickly with Doug allowing me to suck him
several mornings and taking me once from behind after my morning shower,
bent over one of the sinks in the bathroom. I had gotten up late, my
Friday morning class having been canceled and thought I had the place to
myself. I had just finished brushing my teeth when I heard the door to
Doug's room open. I was surprised because by that time everyone should
have been in class. Doug sauntered into the bathroom, giving me a grin
when he saw me. I felt my cock begin to stiffen under the towel I had
around my waist. Doug's hard on was obvious in his boxers though it was
also obvious he had been up for awhile.

Doug stepped up behind me. I looked at him in the mirror. He stared
at me, a smirk playing on his lips before he suddenly closed the remaining
distance between us, pressing his hard cock against my ass. Our eyes met
in the mirror as his hand reached around me and pulled at the towel. It
dropped to the floor and I watched as Doug rested his chin on my left
shoulder and looked down the front of my body.

"Hard just at the sight of me, huh, Clay? I'm hard too. Got a nice
surprise for you. Was gonna put it to you when I found out my class had
been canceled and I got back here, but figured I would wait until you were
all squeaky clean." His hand was now rubbing up against my ass as he
pulled down the front of his boxers. I felt his stiff cock spring up along
my ass cheek, a trail of precum marking its path. I watched my eyes widen
in the mirror over the sink. He couldn't be planning to fuck me right
here! Anybody could walk in if they had blown off class! I watched as
Doug pulled his chin off my shoulder and looked down at his cock. He spit
on it about a half dozen times.

Not giving me time to even protest, he jammed his cock against my
hole. Our eyes met in the mirror and when they did, Doug took me with one
brutal stroke. The smirk on his lips grew as he saw my panic at being
fucked up the ass in the middle of the communal bathroom. He was also
obviously enjoying my submission to his probing cock. He knew he had me as
soon as his cock penetrated me. Hell, he had me when he walked into the

Bending me over the sink a bit, Doug began to fuck, taking his time
and using long slow strokes. I could tell he knew I was worried about
someone walking into the bathroom and was making this fuck last as long as
possible. There were still four guys who shared the bathroom that didn't
know Doug had made me his slut, and he was obviously enjoying my
discomfort. Doug put a hand between my shoulder blades and pushed me
forward until my face was against the mirror. I turned my head before my
nose hit so that my left cheek was against the cold glass. I felt Doug's
tongue and lips on my ear and felt my cock throbbing against the cold
porcelain of the sink. Doug's thrusts began to get faster and I could tell
that he was on his way to cumming.

He slowed his pace again and let me straighten up a bit so that I
could see him again in the mirror. His face looked so fucking sexy that I
forgot all about where we were. The view of his face in the mirror was
different from the way I could normally watch him fuck me and I felt myself
lost in his eyes. With his cock moving in and out of me, he reached around
body, grabbed my nipples with both hands and twisted. His lips and then
his teeth scraped at the back of my neck. I could feel it was going to be
too much.

"I'm gonna cum, Sir!"

"Not until I do, faggot," he ordered, and his fingers squeezed harder
on my nipples. "You take my cum first, you pussyboy, before you shoot your
wad." With a major effort of will, I managed to hold back my cum.
Fortunately, Doug was now ready himself. With a low moan and a deep
thrust, Doug unloaded into me. I erupted seconds later, spraying the sink
and mirror with my cum. Doug let out a chuckle and roughly yanked his cock
out of me. He stepped back, leaving me grasping the sink to remain upright
and panting from the forceful fuck he had given me. I looked up again to
meet his eyes in the mirror.

"That was a great surprise, Doug. Thank you sir," I said. I found I
really meant it. I had liked being taken by Doug, even with the
possibility of someone walking in on us. Hell, I liked it even more
because of that. It further established his authority over me by using me
sexually in a public place. Looking at Doug I could tell that he knew what
I was thinking.

"That wasn't the surprise," Doug said and turned away. He turned on
the shower and ignored my questions about what he had meant. Sweaty now
again myself, I jumped into the shower next to Doug, trying to find out
more, but he stopped my questions by forcing me to my knees and filling my
mouth with his cock. I took it still soft and felt it grow and harden in
my mouth. Doug gave my face a quick fucking as the water sprayed on us. I
swallowed his thick salty cum with pleasure. When he had finished, he
rinsed off and left the shower. I heard him go back to his room and shut
the door behind him. Still wondering what he had meant, I went and dressed
and made my way to class, discreetly checking out all of the hot guys I
passed as I walked.


I made my way through class without too much problem. I noticed
myself checking out more good looking guys that were in my classes and that
I passed in the hallways. It seemed a couple of them might have been doing
the same thing, but I figured it was my imagination. I realized that I was
spending more time looking at muscled chests and tight abs than I was tits,
but I couldn't help myself. Finally the bell ending the last class rang
and I was finished for the day. I sat at my desk for a second, pretending
to straighten my books as two hot young men who sat just in front of me got
up, walked past my desk and headed to the door. Both had lean, firm bodies
and their tight jeans showed off their buns. I found myself wanting to
bury my face between them and spend some time licking their holes,
listening to them moan in pleasure. Suddenly I snapped out of my daydream
and looked around. Most everyone had left and I realized that my cock was
now hard. Awkwardly, I adjusted it in my boxers before getting up to leave
the classroom.

I got back to the dorm and headed up the street to my entry. I could
see lights on in Doug and Johnny's room and wondered what they were doing.
I stifled that thought before I was hard again and went to check my mail.
I climbed back up the steps from the common room downstairs and reached my
door. I opened it with my key and as I stepped inside, I heard the door
behind me open. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Doug in the doorway.
He was framed by the light from the window in his room behind him. His
broad shoulders were bare, as was the rest of his upper body. Shadows
played on the rippled muscles in his chest, arms and abdomen. I turned to
face him, blood pumping into my cock.

Doug said nothing. He simply stared at me for a few moments. I was
unsure what to do. The sight of his smooth skin and bare chest had me
transfixed. I couldn't have turned away even if the fire alarm had
sounded. Doug's eyes traveled down my body, then back up to my face. Our
eyes met.

"Be in my room in 3 minutes. Boxers only." Doug stepped back and let
his door swing closed.

As soon as he was gone from view, I could move again. I stepped into
my own dorm room and shut my door, flipping the lock. Three minutes. I
had one instant of indecision. Did I really want to go to his room and let
him do to me all the things he wanted? He would put his cock in my mouth,
up my ass. He would shoot his sperm on my face and in my mouth, at the
least. He would make me lick his ass, suck his balls. He would make me
lick the sweat from his skin. I would leave full of his cum. Those
thoughts got my cock rock hard and it ruled my reasoning and my actions. I
pulled at my sweatshirt and got it over my head. Dumping it on the floor,
I kicked off my shoes and socks, then unbuttoned my 501's. I let them drop
on the floor as well. My cock was pushing out against the cotton material
of my boxers as I went to the door the led into the bathroom. I opened it
and peeked inside. No one was there.

I stepped across the small hallway and knocked on the door to Doug's
room. It was opened a few seconds later by a bare chested Johnny. The
sight of his dark skin, firm chest and tight abs made me even hornier. His
dark good looks had been a major source of my fantasies when I jerked off
at night. He stepped back, letting me into the bedroom. Doug was in the
next room, sitting in his desk chair with a book open in front of him. He
was stripped down to a pair of boxer shorts. The sight of so much prime
naked male flesh had my cock leaking precum, making an obvious wet spot in
my own underwear.

"Hey Doug, the fag's here," Johnny called as he shut the door. I was
too far gone to care if anyone overheard that statement. I felt Johnny's
hand between grab the back of my neck, and he guided me into the room where
Doug sat. Doug slowly turned his upper body to look at me. This made the
muscles in his chest and abs ripple and my knees almost felt weak. God,
this stud was so well put together! I didn't care what he did to me as
long as I got to touch that incredible body, suck it and lick it. Johnny's
hand on my neck was also electric. The sight of his darker body, trim and
muscular and hard also played in my mind. I wanted both of these studs. I
wanted them in me. It seemed that Doug had been right. Making him and his
incredibly sexy Latino roommate shoot their wads was the whole purpose of
my existence.

"Right on time, fag. You are getting better at taking orders." Doug
looked at Johnny. "Whatcha in the mood for, roomie? You can have first
crack at him, if ya want." Doug turned back to the book on his desk that
he was studying. I felt Johnny's hand tighten on the back of my neck and
he began to pull me back into the bedroom.

"Come on, boy. I feel like pumping out a load of cum or two. Your
mouth looks like the perfect place for the first one."

I felt my face redden even though I thought I was long past feeling
embarrassed about what I did with these guys. Hell, I had swallowed
Johnny's cum before. I could even admit to myself now that I liked the way
he tasted. The Latino stud was a real fox too. I watched the muscles in
his lean brown body flex and tense as he used his strength to push me onto
his bed. As I submitted to his sexual desires, I drank in the sight of his
trim body with my eyes. I had never seen any model in any magazine that
looked any better.

I ended up on my back with Johnny standing over me next to the bed.
He was wearing a pair of sweat pants and his hard cock was clearly visible
through the material. Without wasting any words, he yanked them down and
kicked them off on the floor. He was wearing no underwear and his cock
snapped up against his tight belly. Johnny simply climbed on top of me on
the bed, straddling my chest with his knees. His cock waved above my face
as he moved. His balls rubbed my nose and lips.

"Lick 'em!"

I let my tongue snake out of my mouth and tease his sac. I was heard
him moan. Johhny rubbed his balls and his shaft all over my face, getting
my cheeks and forehead wet with his precum. I continued to work on him,
lapping at his hairy balls, sucking them into my mouth, then licking the
stretch of skin between his balls and his hole. I felt Johnny shudder over
top of me as the tip of my tongue touched his hole. For a second I had a
flash in my mind of my own cock, slowly sliding into his tight hole, but he
pushed downward on my face, reminding me of my job. I tongued his crack
and his hole, eliciting deep moans of pleasure from Johnny's chest. When
he had pushed me onto the bed, Johnny had pinned my arms under his shins,
so I couldn't feel his hot body with my hands the way I wanted, but I was
content where I was.

"Fuck yeah! Lick out my hole, boy. Damn! You are a great asslicker,
faggot. Bet you never thought you'd be licking out guys' holes and getting
off on it." He rubbed his crack up and down my face. I kept up the tongue
action, knowing how much it seemed to turn on every guy. Before long,
Johnny pulled back and the head of his cock slid along my lips. He had
been leaking precum like crazy and coated my lips with it. I licked it up
as he watched.

"Damn, fagboy. Doug sure has made you into a complete cock-slut.
You'll do anything for what comes out of a man's balls, won't ya? Specially
what comes out of mine and Doug's." I mumbled a yes. "Yeah, I know you
will, boy. Well open wide, pussylips. Time to start swallowing my meat."
With his right hand, Johnny grabbed the base of his dark cock and used that
leverage to push the head between my lips. I accepted it meekly. This was
the reason I was in this room and on this bed - to take cock, be it
Johnny's or Doug's, any way they wanted to give it. Johnny let out a
satisfied "Yeahhhh," as his cock slid deeper into my mouth.

I knew that he liked a lot of tongue action on the head of his dick,
at least until he came. I set to work, lapping at his piss slit, tasting
the precum oozing from it. Johnny began thrusting with his hips now,
driving his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth each time. It was a bad
angle for him to take my throat, but I knew that he wouldn't care. A
minute later he used brute force to get the head of his cock into my
throat. I watched, my eyes watering as he leaned forward, putting his
hands on the metal bar that made up the head board of the bed. This let
him drive his cock straight down into my throat regardless of the angle.

I had no choice but to take his fucking of my mouth. His hips were
moving like a machine. This stud wanted to get off and get off now.
Choking with each of his deep thrusts, I felt tears dripping down my cheeks
from the force of his fuck. As drops of sweat began to form on Johnny's
chest I felt him twitch. He drove in deep and with a yell, began to shoot
his load into my mouth. I could see his ab muscles tighten each time his
cock throbbed in my mouth. His cum was shooting in thick spurts, against
my tongue, against the roof of my mouth. Johnny then pulled back and out
of my mouth and I looked at his cockhead against the side of my nose before
he shot another stream of white sperm across my eye and up onto and past my
forehead. He let out a loud sigh.

"Sounds like you went for a quick one, bud," Doug commented from the
other room. "Mind if I cut in for a while?" Johnny was still panting with

"Gimme a second to catch my breath and we'll switch," Johnny replied.

I felt Johhny's cum dripping into my hair, but my arms were still
pinned by under his shins. His chest heaved as he caught his breath and I
watched him above me. The taste of his hot cum filled my mouth and I
swallowed again to try and clear it. Johnny's cum tasted good, but for me,
nobody tasted better than Doug. Doug came through the doorway into the
bedroom and looked at us. I heard him chuckle.

"Look at this. Fucking cum faced faggot."

"You've said often enough that he is just a cum dump, buddy." Johnny
chuckled as well. "Figured his face was as good as his mouth. Besides, I
like shooting my jizz on another dude's face. How could any guy be so
fucking low they would take that?"

"Know whatcha mean, bro. I like it too. Matter of fact, next to
pumping my cum into this pussyboy, the best thing is covering his faggot
face with it. We need to both blow a couple loads on those smooth cheeks
at the same time. Why don't you give me a while with him and I'll give you
a shout when it's time to mark him as our property again."

"Our property, Doug?" Johnny asked.

"Hell, buddy, we've shared beers, food, clothes, a dorm room and even
chicks. Why not this faggot? This boy was put on this earth to take
dicks, especially our dicks, and he needs it all the time. We both should
use him whenever we want." I wasn't surprised by Doug's statement. He had
shared me with other men before, including Johnny, but now he was
explicitly making me Johnny's sex toy as well as his own. I didn't mind
and wouldn't complain if I did. First, Doug had completely taken control
of my will as far as sex was concerned, and Johnny was pure sex himself.
My cock stayed throbbed, but I knew better than to touch it without Doug's

Doug walked into the bedroom as Johnny grabbed a towel and went into
the bathroom. Doug closed the door behind his roommate and turned to look
at me. I was naked on the bed and I am sure my face was flushed from
sucking off the hot Latin stud. Looking at the young blond god who had
made me into the cocksucker that I was had my cock leaking precum like a
fountain. Doug crossed his arms over his chest and stared at me. I
watched his eyes run up and down my body, assessing me like a piece of
meat. I forced myself to keep my hands at my side, knowing he would be
angry if I touched my cock without his permission. Finally his eyes
settled back on my face.

"I think you should suck me off before we take you on your errand,
faggot. I told you there was a surprise."


Author's Note: I have told those who have written to me that there would be
at least one last chapter. I find it necessary to break the chapter into
two. Thanks to all who have written, you are responsible for this chapter
and what more may come. Depending on the response to this, I may continue

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