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Nifty - Gay - College - Dominated By Doug - Dominated By Doug 17

Date: Sun, 7 Apr 2002 19:59:24 EDT
Subject: Dominated by Doug 17

                      Dominated by Doug

                            Chapter 17



For the next two days after the night at Doug's fraternity house,
every muscle in my body ached, not to mention other parts of me. I made it
to my classes, though, and even managed to jerk off twice while reliving my
time with the guys. Friday evening, the girl I had been seeing called me
for a date, and since I was feeling better, I took her out to dinner and to
see a movie. We sat in the back row and had our hands all over each other
while the movie played. Back at her apartment we hit the sheets and while
I enjoyed the time with her, I found myself comparing what I was doing with
my other experiences. It was when I was thinking of Doug, his hot muscular
body covered in sweat and on top of me as he fucked, that I finally came.
That left me confused. I wasn't sure what I wanted or who I was sexually,
it seemed. Shooting my load without Doug's or some other hot man's cock
inside me seemed strange. The next morning's fuck went about the same.
Enjoyable and stimulating, but my were thoughts of Doug and the other guys
as I fucked the chick and I even found myself using the same type of
strokes that Doug liked best when he fucked me.

Later in the day, I stuffed all of my dirty laundry into a basket and
headed over to the dorm's laundry room. Since it was a nice Saturday and
around noon, I had the place to myself. I fed the machines quarters and
tried to study while they ran. My thoughts kept going back to the sex with
my girlfriend and the sex with the guys. I had to readjust my hard on
several times and was glad I was alone. The sociology book couldn't
compete for my attention with the activities of the last few days, so I
shut it and sat back, closing my eyes.

I had spent the last night with my chick and fucked her twice. Both
of us had enjoyed it and I had no difficulty performing. The thoughts
during sex with the guys and with Doug in particular were kind of normal, I
decided, after the things that had happened to me. I wondered about
putting a stop to everything I was doing with Doug and his frat brothers,
not to mention Johnny, Lyle, Seth and the other guys. In the bare laundry
room, the things I had been doing seemed beyond belief and unreal. As I
folded my laundry, I decided that there would be no more nights at the frat
house, or even with Doug. I grabbed the laundry basket and went back to my
dorm room. Seth was there, getting ready to head to the gym for a pick up
basketball game. I discreetly checked him out as he pulled on shorts and a
tank top, and while I still found him attractive, I decided that I wasn't
lusting after him and figured that was a good sign. We agreed to meet up
for dinner later that evening and he left.

I sat down at my desk and forced myself to work through the sociology
chapters. I was finishing when there was a knock on the bathroom door. I
yelled an invitation to come in and closed the book. When I turned around,
Doug stood there watching me. He wore only a pair of khaki shorts, even
though the weather had started to get colder. His arms were crossed over
his chest and my eyes involuntarily ran down his body from his eyes, along
his tapering chest and smooth skin of his slim waist where it disappeared
into the khaki shorts he wore. My eyes slid along the bulge of his crotch,
plainly visible even though he wasn't hard, and then down his muscular
legs. The leather anklet he wore was still in place and just seeing it
sent a thrill through me. I realized that my cock was getting hard from
looking at Doug and I looked him in the eye again. Doug met my gaze
steadily, that sexy smirk I knew so well playing around the corners of his

"So, Clay, got any plans for the afternoon?"

"Nope. Just finished the reading that I needed to get through for
Monday, so I am in good shape," I said.

"Yeah, that you are," Doug replied with a leering glance. I watched
as his eyes ran up and down my body. I was pleased with his reaction and
his comment about how I looked, but I took a breath and resolved to tell
him that nothing more was going to happen. He started to speak before I
had a chance to tell him anything.

"I was gonna grab a bite down at the Penny. Just a burger or
something. Thought you might be hungry. Wanna come with?" The question
wasn't what I was expecting and I found myself agreeing. I was hungry and
it was now afternoon, so why not? I told him that some food sounded good.
"Great. I'll get dressed," he said. "Come on over to my room while I get
ready or just meet me outside in two minutes."

"I need to lock up, so I'll meet you out front," I replied. I was
still sporting a pretty hard cock and didn't want to get up and show him
that. Remembering the way Mike, Doug's little brother, had treated me when
the tow of us had gone to the restaurant did nothing to help my condition,
but I had eaten in there often enough since that through sheer willpower I
figured I could bring my cock under control. But if I went with Doug to
his room, watching him dressing would test my new resolve in a way that was
more than I was ready to handle.

Just seeing Doug shirtless, with his muscled chest, his bunched
biceps, smooth skin and tight body had caused an involuntary reaction in me
that didn't jibe with my new resolution to end things with him and the
guys. Doug just said ok and disappeared. I threw on a light jacket and
grabbed my keys. Locking up, I turned and walked out to the sidewalk. A
minute later, Doug joined me, in jeans and a tight sweater. It seemed the
sweater was a second skin, molded to the mounds of his pecs and outlining
the muscle of his abs and arms. I could even see where his nipples, hard
from the cold I assumed, poked at the cotton material. I suppressed any
reaction and followed him down the sidewalk and across the street to the
Penny, which sat on the corner.

The Penny catered to the college crowd, of course, and you could get
decent food at cheap prices. As Doug pushed open the door, memories of
Mike and me again flashed through my mind, but I managed to push them away.
We grabbed a table and sat down. I was relieved that it wasn't the same
table at which Mike and I had sat.

"Pitcher of beer?" Doug asked.

"Yeah, sounds good."

When the waitress arrived, Doug ordered the beer and told her that we
still needed time to look over the menu. She left to get the beer and give
us some more time. I concentrated on the menu options for a minute and
made up my mind by the time she returned. Doug poured our beers and
ordered a burger while I got a club sandwich. The eyes of the waitress
spent a long time on Doug in his tight sweater. I had already noticed how
well it showed off his body and he looked like a million bucks, but then
again he always looked good. She gave him a smile then gave me one and I
noticed her eyes lingering on me too. I wasn't the picture of pure
masculine virility that Doug was, at least as far as I was concerned, but I
could hold my own. I felt my chest swell with pride at her unspoken
compliment. She announced that the food would be ready in five or ten
minutes and left the table, her eyes taking in the view of Doug one more

As she left, I realized that we were in an isolated corner of the
restaurant. It wasn't very crowded to begin with and there was no one
sitting within fifteen feet of us. I looked up at Doug, suddenly nervous,
but he was watching the figure of the waitress as she walked away and
taking a drink of beer. Finally he turned back to look at me. I picked up
my beer and took a swallow, unsure of myself. I wasn't nervous, but I also
wasn't sure what Doug would want to discuss. I readied myself to explain
my new position on things, but he asked me about classes and the
conversation drifted around school, sports, how our teams were doing and
general topics. Doug had always treated me as just one of the guys when we
were in public and he was doing the same today. As we paid the bill and
left, he told me I should come over to his room at some point to help him.
I agreed, of course.

On the way back to the dorm, Doug asked me if I had any plans for
later. I told him that I was going to meet Seth for dinner around 5:30 and
suggested he come along with us. He readily agreed and told me to call him
when we were ready. I shut the door to my dorm room and stretched out on
my bed. I realized that once again Doug had controlled the situation. I
was fairly certain he wasn't trying to do it on purpose. It was just Doug
being Doug. He had a way about him of being a natural leader. With me it
was maybe more pronounced than with other guys, but in any room, Doug was
usually the one in control just by being himself.

Doug expected me to follow his suggestions, obey him. There was
something different between us. He just seemed to have something inside
him that caused him to take charge. It had been enough for me not to bring
up my decision about our relationship, a point I had wanted to establish
quickly. Seth returned not too much later, waking me up from the nap I had
unexpectedly taken. He was sweaty from his basketball game and his shirt
and shorts clung to him. I looked away, not trusting myself. It was now
already 5 pm and almost dinner time. Seth told me he was going to take a
shower, then we could head over to the cafeteria. I told him Doug wanted
to come along and that I would call him.

Doug answered the phone on the second ring and I told him that Seth
was getting cleaned up and we would be ready to go at 5:30. We agreed to
meet outside the dorm cafeteria. At the appointed time, Seth and I locked
up our room and Doug and Johnny met us. We went to the cafeteria and got
as much food as we could since that was the only meal provided on weekends
on our meal cards. We talked about sports and school again, Seth telling
us about his basketball game as we ate. We took our time eating and
decided to head to a bar after dinner since none of us had dates for the
night. That was strange as among the four of us, normally at least Doug
and Johnny, if not Seth would be set up with a girl. I usually was in that
same group, until the events that had recently transpired with the guys.
About 7:30 we hit the bar and pitchers started disappearing rapidly. By
midnight we were plastered.

Laughing and stumbling a bit, we made our way back up the street to
the dorms. As we reached the entrance, I suddenly got worried that the
guys might be expecting me to provide the final entertainment of the night.
I was readying my speech on my new decision, but Doug and Johnny
disappeared around to their dorm entrance and Seth let us into our room.
The beer had done its job and I was feeling no pain. I chugged a large
glass of water and was out like a light as soon as I hit the bed.

The next morning I awoke to a pounding headache. The water had
helped, but not enough. I made my way to the bathroom and got rid of the
beer in me and filled myself with some more water. Doug appeared, looking
like he was hurting too. He suggested a jog to sweat out the alcohol and I
agreed. We decided to ask the other guys if they wanted to join us.
Johnny agreed while Seth just sleepily threw a pillow at me and told me to
get out. Four miles later I was feeling much better. We had taken a route
that took us by several places to get water which helped dramatically.
Seth was still asleep when I got back to the room. I tiptoed around,
trying not to disturb him and got my towel and supplies.

When I went into the bathroom, though, Johnny and Doug were already in
the showers. I was getting ready to go back to my room when Doug
unexpectedly pulled me into the shower. I managed to pull my towel from my
waist and hook it on a peg before I was between the two naked studs with
water pouring over me. They were both laughing as Doug grabbed me by the
shoulder and turned me to face him. Instead of being pushed to my knees,
something both he and Johnny had done to me in the shower before, I felt
his hand on my head, rubbing in shampoo. Johnny's hands were on my back,
soaping it. Before I knew it I was clean and sporting a hard cock, but
Doug just stepped back a bit while Johnny pushed me under the shower head
with a firm hand planted between my shoulder blades. When the soap was
rinsed off of me, they shut off the water.

Five minutes later, I was getting dressed in my room when the phone
rang. I answered quickly, but Seth still moaned at the noise. It was
Doug, telling me he was ready for me to come over and help him with the
physics problems. I grabbed my books.

I went through the bathroom and found the door to Johnny and Doug's
room unlocked. I knocked and was pushing it open even before I heard one
of them yell for me to enter. Neither of them was in the bedroom, so I
walked into the main room, where the desks were. Johnny was sitting at his
desk with his back to me. He had dressed only in a pair of white boxers,
and his dark skin shone in contrast to the white material. I stared at his
muscled back for a moment, mesmerized by the color contrast, the movement
of his muscles as he leaned forward to turn a page in his book and the
delineation of his shoulder blades as he stretched. His boxers had pulled
down enough for me to the see the top of the crack of his ass and I forced
my eyes away. Doug had turned his chair around and was leaning against the
back looking over his book on the desk, also shirtless. He twisted in his
chair to look at me.

Seeing Doug twisted in profile erased most of the resistance and
independence I had been building from my mind. His pecs stood out above
the flat muscles of his abs. At this angle his waist seemed no more than a
few inches around. He inhaled, filling his chest with air and the last
vestiges of my resolve dissipated. He gave me his characteristic cocky
smirk. My eyes shot back up from his crotch and abs to his face.

"So, Clay. How you feeling? Thanks for coming over to help out with
my physical problems."

I wasn't sure if the slip was a joke, a Freudian slip or just a
mistake until I thought I heard a slight chuckle from Johnny. I glanced at
him and it looked like he was laughing, but he hid it well enough that I
couldn't say for sure. I decided to try to claim the upper ground.

"Yeah, physics is a bitch," I said nonchalantly. "I read over the
problems you told me about though, Doug, and I have a pretty good handle on
them. You ready to study a bit?" I saw Johnny swivel in his chair to look
at me and was turned on by the profile of his bare chest too. His skin was
darker that Doug's, but he was no less sexy and attractive. The bunched
muscles in his arms and chest had me fighting my own stiffening cock,
trying not to let it betray me, but the sight of these two nearly naked
studs, just a few feet apart was more than I could handle. My cock grew
fully hard in my shorts, a fact that was lost on neither of them.

Doug picked up his chair, spun it around it was facing the desk
properly, and sat back down on it again, facing me. His legs were spread
to accommodate the back of the chair on which he rested his arms. I could
see through the slats that he was starting to get hard. Johnny then turned
his chair around and leaned back. I could see he too, was throwing wood.
As much as I had determined to put an end to any further activity with
these two studs, it collapsed at the sight of their smooth skin and barely
clothed muscular bodies. I simply stood there, my own cock blatantly
obvious, waiting to see what would happen.

Doug cleared his throat and I turned my attention from the dark
skinned Latino stud to the man who had taken my cherries and taught me how
to suck his cock, among so many other things. The sexy grin was on his
face, showing off his perfect white teeth. I watched as his eyes traveled
down my body and then back up to my eyes. When our gazes locked, he spoke.
"Seems to me that ol' Clay here looks a little warm, Johnny. Whaddya

"Definitely, Doug. He needs to strip off all those clothes and cool
off a bit."

I began to obey, but then stopped. I tried one last shot at
independence. I looked at Doug. "Doug, listen. I just... I can't...
This can't keep..." I didn't know what to say, but Doug apparently caught
my meaning.

"You think that you aren't gonna do just what we say anymore? More
importantly, what I say? Is that it? You think you aren't gonna get on
your knees and suck the cum out of my balls? Drain Johnny's? You think
that you are man enough to say no to us?" Doug laughed. "Well, Clay, I
wondered if there was ever gonna be even a bit of rebellion from you. I
was beginning to think that you didn't have any backbone at all. It is
good to see that you do. A guy built like you should have some spine, but
that doesn't change the one primary fact, now does it?" he asked.

I looked at him, confused by what he was saying, but not knowing how
to reply. Finally, I asked, "What fact?"

Doug's face broke into a broad grin. "The fact that you like sucking
cocks, Clay. You love getting on your knees and opening your mouth. You
get off on being fucked by a man. You especially get off on my cock and
Johnny here has filled me in on some of your activities with him when I
wasn't present. You get your jollies by doing whatever it takes to make
men cum, but you specially love my cock. No sense trying to deny it.
Johnny and I have both watched you shoot your wad too many times for that.
Hell, both of us have felt the way your tight little hole clamps down hard
on our cocks when you cum while getting fucked." He looked at me with a
smug look of satisfaction on his face at my inability to deny what he was

"I know something else, too. You like being made to feel like you are
forced to do all the nasty things that you do. Half of what gets you so
turned on is being made to obey orders from a man like me a real man who
knows what his cock is for and uses it. Someone like me who can put his
cock in a pussyboy like you, fuck you into submission and make you like it.
So quit trying to deny it and STRIP!" The tone of command cut through me
and I pulled off my shirt, then kicked off my loafers and slid out of my
jeans. Johnny stopped me while I was still wearing my boxers.

"That's enough for now, boy," he said. "We don't need to see your
dick. You might get off on seeing cock, among other things, but I don't."
He and Doug chuckled. "Your mouth is available and that's where we plan to
start. You can keep the rest covered until we decide it's time to plug
your pussy."

Hearing Johnny and Doug talking this way about me had two effects.
First, while I had thought I was beyond embarrassment, at least in front of
them, I found I was wrong. I could feel the flush in my cheeks as I
blushed. Second, I found my cock as hard as it had ever been in my life
and realized that I did like their dominant, even arrogant, attitudes and
the way they expected my obedience. The phrase "fuck you into submission"
kept bouncing around inside my head. That was exactly what Doug had
originally done to me. After that first time with him, after his first
fucking of my mouth and then my ass, so painful at first, I had willingly
submitted to anything he desired. I realized he was right, though. I got
a thrill from the way he took control of me.

"Get on your knees," Johnny ordered. I dropped to my knees on the
hard tile floor in the middle of the room and watched as they exchanged
smug grins of superiority. "You thinking what I'm thinking?" Johnny asked

"If it's what we talked about the other day, hell yes." I watched as
Doug stood, involuntarily admiring the way he moved, the way the muscles
tensed and relaxed in his body under his smooth tight skin. Doug walked to
his closet, rummaged for a few second then turned to me with a short piece
of thin leather in his hands. It looked like the lace from a boot. He
moved forward until he stood in front of me, only inches away. I couldn't
tear my eyes away from his crotch and his cock, now hard and clearly
outlined in the material of his shorts. Then he stepped behind me.

I looked over at Johnny, who had leaned back in his chair and spread
his legs wide. He began to rub the sizable bulge he was now sporting
through his boxers. Doug grabbed my wrists and looped the leather strap
around them, tying my hands behind me. I felt a sexual thrill run through
me as he tightened the knot. Doug was more right than I had realized.
Just giving up complete control to him like this was almost enough to make
me cum.

Doug moved back in front of me and told me to open his shorts. Using
my teeth, I got the button undone and then the zipper. I heard Johnny
laughing at me as I worked. Finally the shorts fell to his ankles and he
kicked them away. I used my teeth to grip the band of his striped boxers
and pulled them down. Doug's big cock slid up the left side of my face
when it popped free. I managed to pull his boxers down to his knees until
they too fell to his ankles. I raised up, straightening my back, and Doug
began to slap my face with his cock, at first just moving his hips to do
it, then grabbing the base of his cock with his hand and slapping me with
more force. He was leaking loads of precum and I felt it coating my lips,
cheeks, forehead and chin as his cock beat my face. The only sound in the
room was our breathing and the smacks of his cock against my face.

"You ever met such a fucking slut?" Doug asked. "He just kneels there
and lets another guy beat his face with his cock What a fag!" I heard the
scrape of a chair move and suddenly Johnny was standing next to Doug. He
dropped his own shorts and soon his cock was beating my face with Doug's.
I took the abuse and watched as their cocks slapped together now and then
as they did it. The sight was so sexy and the feeling of their cocks
against my cheeks, I thought I would cum. I moaned as Johnny's cock ran
across my lips and I licked my lips. He tasted salty and good. Doug did
the same next and I tasted him again too. I realized that Doug was right.
While Johnny's cock was great, it was Doug's that ruled my life. I wanted
him, his cock and his cum. He had fucked me into submission, both
physically and mentally, and my hard cock proved it.

"Stick out your tongue," Doug ordered. I obeyed and soon could taste
the precum of both studs as their cockheads slid across it. I lapped at
their dicks, trying to get more of their salty juice onto my tongue. As I
did it, I knew that all of my posturing, my defiance and the stand I
planned to make was nothing more than a dream. It was something I had
conjured in my mind. I wanted to be where I was, doing what I was doing.
As much as I hated to admit it even in my mind, I liked being the
cocksucker for these two men. I wanted them to use my mouth to get off. I
wanted them to use my body in any way that would make them feel good, make
them cum. Even though I wasn't aware of their plans at the time, I doubt I
would have resisted or complained even if I had known.

Doug was the first to grab my head and turn it towards him. This gave
him perfect access into my mouth and throat and he immediately speared me.
I felt his thick inches pumping into my gullet, stretching it, scraping
along as he made himself at home inside me. Doug used his hands to tip my
head back and I was able to look up his lean body and meet his eyes. The
smile on his face was one I had seen many times before, a combination of
lust, amusement, derision and superiority. He was using another guy's
mouth, my mouth, as a place to shoot his load and the arrogance on his face
just made me hornier. To my surprise, within just a minute or so, he let
out a loud moan from deep in his chest and pumped his seed into my mouth.
I swallowed it, not really as much because he expected me to, but because I
wanted more of him inside me. After all the loads I had sucked from his
balls, I knew I had swallowed billions of his sperm, but I still wanted
more. I realized he was right. I loved being speared with his cock, more
than any other guy's. Part of it was that he was the first, but more
important was that he was Doug. Swallowing his cum made me more like him, I

Doug let out a long shuddering breath and pulled his hips back. His
cock slid from my mouth, still mostly hard. Johnny wasted no time, turning
my head towards his crotch and taking the place that Doug had just vacated.
He immediately began a rough face fuck. I was choking on his cock as he
drove it deep into my throat, then yanked it back out of my head. He too
only lasted a minute or so before I tasted his hot, salty seed on my
tongue. His body twitched and spasmed as he came and looking up at his
face, I saw he had his eyes shut and a look of pure contentment on his
face. I was proud to be the one who had been able to put that look there.
Soon he pulled his cock free, leaving me with my mouth hanging open and
gasping for breath, the taste and smell of both studs' semen filling my

Johnny reached out and grabbed me by the hair. He pulled up and I
followed until I was on my feet. Johnny stepped around in front of me and
looked me up and down. I couldn't help myself and looked over his muscular
body too. He gave a snorting laugh.

"Look at you, fag. You got swollen lips, cum on your chin, your hands
tied behind your back and your cock is as hard as mine was just before I
shot my load down your throat!" He laughed again and began to walk to the
bedroom. Since he hadn't released his grip on my hair, I had no choice but
to follow him. He looked over at Doug, who had also come into the bedroom.
"We hadn't discussed exact arrangements. You want top or bottom?"

This had me confused. Johnny be a bottom? Or Doug!? I couldn't
believe what I was hearing. "I'm on top," Doug said.

"That figures," I thought. Then he said something cryptic. "I wanna
be the one to make this stretch too."

"Fair enough. Your fag," Johnny told him. Though I knew this
involved me, a picture of Doug, blond hair flashing and smooth white skin,
on top of Johnny, his dark skin shining with sweat flashed in my mind.
Johnny released me and I watched, almost breathless as he lay down on his
bed, on his back. His cock was hard, and still wet with my spit and some
of his cum. I had a brief flash of one other time he had been close to
this position. He had gotten on his back for a rim job. Instead of
spreading his legs though, he kept them together. I felt Doug grip my
shoulder and guide me forward, onto the bed. Just that contact was
electric and I awkwardly climbed onto the bed, unable to use my hands.
Doug held me up, but guided me around until I found myself straddling
Johnny on my knees, over his tight, trim abdomen. I watched as he slid his
hand down under me and I felt the head of his cock probing against my ass.
He lined himself up and announced to Doug that he was ready.

Doug's hands were suddenly on my shoulders and he roughly to push me
downward. Johnny's cock was still covered with my spit which helped. I
felt it stretching me and then sliding inside. Doug used brute force to
impale me on his roommate's cock. I watched Johnny moan in pleasure
beneath me, eyes closed. For a moment no one moved, then Johnny's eyes
flew open and he reached upwards. Wrapping his arms around me, he pulled
me downward until our chests were pressed together. At the same time, he
pushed me down his body and thrust his hips upward until his cheek was
against mine and I was fully impaled on his cock. I had never been held so
closely by Johnny and rubbed my cheeks against his, feeling the stubble on
his chin and cheeks. His breath was hot in my ear as he held me in place.
It was one of the most intimate moments I had ever had with him. I felt
him lowering his hips, pulling his cock partway out of me, then further
until the head barely remain inside me.

Then to my surprise I felt the bed move as Doug climbed onto it behind
me. He moved on top of me, climbing onto my back. I was sandwiched
between these two jocks, still not understanding exactly what was
happening. It felt good to have Doug's body pressed close against mine and
on top of me with Johnny under but also inside me. The contact was like an
electric current flowing through me. I moaned into Johnny's ear and let my
tongue slide into it. I had never had a chance to do anything like this
with him before.

While Doug would kiss me if we were in the right position, Johnny
never seemed to get involved beyond putting his cock in me. I let my
tongue roam his ear and heard him moan. I started to smile in pleasure
when I suddenly felt Doug move in closer. I started to panic, but Doug
just grabbed my wrists, still tied behind me, and moved into place with his
cock against my ass. I pulled my head upwards and looked down at Johnny.
His was wearing a wicked grin, his white teeth showing in the dark skin of
his handsome face. I felt Doug's cockhead lodge against my hole.

"This is gonna hurt, Clay, but that's life, at least for pussyboys
like you. Johnny and I are gonna love it," Doug said. "Now just try to
relax and it'll go a lot more easily. You should know that much already."
Doug began to push forward and I could do nothing to stop it. I was caught
between them, my wrists bound behind me, and they both were going to fuck
me at the same time! I twisted between them for a moment, trying to slide
free as Doug pushed in deeper, but realized that not only was it useless,
my movement was just helping him. I froze.

"That's better, pussyboy," Doug said. "Just let me in and you'll be
fine. You're gonna love this!" He sounded enthusiastic, but as he pushed
forward more and more, the pain increased. While I had taken a lot of
guys' cocks recently, most all of them friends of Doug's, this was more
than anything I had tried to accommodate. Finally, I felt the head of
Doug's cock move into me, my hole stretching more than I would have thought
possible. I groaned in pain, the stretch being almost more I could take,
but he was inside. Doug held still while my groaning continued. Through
the tears in my eyes I could see Johnny looking past me with a big grin on
his face.

"Damn! That feels fucking incredible!" Johnny said.

"Hell yes. How's our pussyboy doing?" Doug asked.

Johnny looked at my face. "Well, he's got tears in his eyes and looks
like he's hurting, but his cock is gonna poke through my abs, bro!"

"I knew he would love it. What a fucking pussy! He is just a hole.
You hear that Clay? You are a hole. I'm glad we found out why you were
put on this earth. You were born to be a pussy for real men like me and
Johnny." I could do nothing but groan again. The feeling of both of them
in me was almost too much to bear. Still, they both remained unmoving and
I felt myself beginning to adjust. It was just the slightest relaxation of
my hole around the two men's cocks inside me, but they must have noticed
some change too. With one smooth stroke, they slid the rest of their cocks
forward so that they both were cock to cock inside me.

My breathing was ragged as I tried to adjust to this new invasion. In
all the experiences I had with other guys, nothing had prepared me for
this. I was amazed that Johnny and Doug hadn't ripped me open. They gave
me about another minute or so to adjust.

"I'm ready to fuck this faggot, buddy," Johnny said. "How about you?"

"Fuck yes! Let's do it, man! Never felt another guy's rod against
mine like this." With that he pulled back slowly and then rammed into me.
I groaned and underneath me Johnny moaned in ecstasy.

"Hell yeah!" Johnny said. I thought they would fuck in some type of
rhythm, working together, but they didn't. Doug had already established
his tempo, long and fast strokes deep into me. Johnny began to fuck up
into me at a completely different pace. He used short jabs, working his
cock deeper and deeper into me with them, then slowly working his cock back
out in another series of jabs. I felt like my inside were being ripped out
and rammed in at the same time. My mind was spinning from the sensations,
unable to process the information. I had never felt so used before in all
my experiences with guys. Each of these men was using my hole however felt
best to him, but they were both doing it to me at the same time.

"Oh! Oh fucking christ! What...Oh god!" That was all I could manage
and heard both of them laugh at me. They began to fuck even harder,
apparently enjoying my discomfort. I couldn't even keep my body under
control. Still bound at the wrists and held by Johnny against his chest, I
was lost in both the pain and pleasure of having two men fucking my ass at
the same time. Both guys kept fucking, their cocks working in and out of
me. First Doug would be pounding hard, then suddenly it would be Johnny
ramming deep and fast into me. I realized that they were now playing off
each other. I was just a convenient hole that they could both use.

Sweat covered my body and I realized it wasn't only mine. Doug was
dripping onto me and my chest slipped and slid against Johnny's beneath me
as the force of their fucking moved my body back and forth. I felt
Johnny's hand grab the hair on the back of my head and pull it upwards
until I was looking at him, eye to eye. Suddenly he pushed my head down,
our lips meeting. Johnny's tongue slid between my lips, exploring my mouth
even as his cock explored my ass with Doug's. I couldn't believe this
dark, sultry stud was kissing me. I had actually dreamed about kissing
this handsome jock, but never expected it to happen. That combined with
the feeling of both studs fucking me was too much and I moaned as my cum
spurted onto Johnny's belly between us.

Johnny's tongue slid past my teeth and into my mouth. I felt the
stubble on his chin and cheeks rubbing against my face again as we moved
together on the bed. Doug was pounding me harder and I could feel his hot
breath on my neck. I could tell he was getting close. Even Doug couldn't
last long while fucking against another guy's cock, apparently. Johnny
tensed underneath me and broke the kiss. Looking up at me, he grabbed me
tightly and thrust upwards, impaling me on his cock. With a long moan and
a series of twitches, Johnny began to cum. I watched his teeth clench as
he pumped his seed into me.

Suddenly Doug grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head back. He
wrapped his arm around my throat and squeezed as he fucked into me. "Oh
fuck, John! I can feel you shooting your load," Doug said. He drove in
and out a few more times before he too began to cum. "Ahhh yeah, boy.
Take my fucking cum. Take it!!"

I looked again at Johnny. He was panting and moaning. Doug's arm
tightened as he came and for a second my air was cut off, then he finished
shooting and relaxed. I felt him collapse onto my back. Both guys were
still inside me, but I could feel them beginning to soften. I could feel
Doug's heart pounding in his chest on my back and we moved slightly each
time Johnny took a breath. After a few seconds, Doug pulled his cock out
of me. I felt him climb off the bed, then his hands at my wrists, untying
them. Johnny's cock was still inside me, so when my hands were free, I
pushed up from where I lay on Johnny's chest and looked down at him.
Johnny gave me a grin and began to hump up into me, his cock getting

"I'm not finished with you yet, faggot." He sat up suddenly and then
somehow rolled on forward until I was on my back with my feet in the air.
I heard Doug let out a laugh as he watched the move. Johnny began a slow
stroke inside me. His face was just a few inches above mine and a drop of
sweat fell from his chin onto my lips. I licked it up and he grinned. He
began to fuck harder. "Keep it tight, boy!"

I clamped down on his cock as much as I could. His cock rammed into
me easily, lubed by both his own cum and Doug's. I wrapped my legs around
his back and he seemed to like that. He let his lips cover mine and once
again I had his tongue in my mouth while his cock was up my ass. Johnny
was a muscular, athletic guy and he set about proving it. He rammed his
cock into me repeatedly. The whole bed shook with the force of his
fucking. I was groaning into his mouth as he ground his hips into me, his
cock stabbing in all directions inside me. He pulled his mouth off mine.

"You like that, don't ya, boy?"

"Oh, fuck yeah!" He grinned at me again.

"You're such a pussy, Clay. Such a fucking pussy." He pulled his
hips back then rammed his cock into me again. "You fucking fag! Take my
dick! Oh fuck yeah! I'm fucking you faggot. Fucking take my cock! I'm
gonna cum in you again, boy. Gonna fucking cum!" He pounded even harder,
fucking me furiously while he came. Finally, he finished shooting and
stopped moving. He was breathing hard, sweat covering his dark skin. I
was worn out and sore. Johnny pulled his cock out of me and sat back
against the head of the bed. He looked at me as I lowered my legs.

"You shot your wad on me, Clay. Clean it off."

Stiff and sore, I moved around until I was facing him. On my hands
and knees between his outstretched legs I leaned forward and licked my cum,
along with Johnny's sweat from his abs. He just laid there contentedly,
letting me work on him for a moment, before I felt his hand on the back of
my head. He pushed me down to his cock and I sucked him clean, tasting his
cum and Doug's mixed together. Finally he was satisfied and pushed my head
away. I leaned back and looked at him. His brown skin still shone with
sweat. The black hairs that sprouted in a line down from his navel were
matted down from where I had licked them clean. His chest expanded as he
took a deep breath and I felt my cock stirring in response. I looked up to
his face.

"Listen, Clay. I know you like getting fucked. You like sucking cock
too. If I mounted you again, you would just take it and let me cum in you.
Doug trained you that way. Personally, I didn't believe him when he told
me how he had fucked you that first time. You didn't look like a fag to
me, but you proved everything he said was true. What I don't get is how
you get off on it so much. You shot your wad on me while Doug and I were
fucking your brains out. What kind of man does that? I guess you really
are a pussyboy." He suddenly stood up. "I'm gonna take a shower too.
Strip the bed and put new sheets on it. Then you can take a shower too."
He gave me a look of superiority. "If you are good, maybe Doug and I will
feed you some more of our juice."

I watched as he grabbed a towel and disappeared into the bathroom. I
heard water running and realized that Doug was already showering. I slowly
pulled off the sheets and made up Johnny's bed. As I was finishing, Doug
came back into the room. He was naked, with his towel draped over his
shoulder. I watched him for a moment, taking in the way his body moved,
his muscles flexed, then went in to the bathroom. Johnny was shampooing
his hair as I turned on the shower head next to him. I stepped under the
spray and enjoyed the feel of the hot water on my skin. I quickly washed
my hair and cleaned up. Johnny turned off his shower and left me alone. I
finished rinsing off and shut off my own shower. As I was toweling dry I
heard Doug yell for me.

I wrapped my towel around my waist as I went into their room. Doug
was laying on his bed, still naked. He looked up at me as I walked in and
grinned. "I just got off the phone, Clay. The twins want a shot at you.
I told them no problem. They will be here about six this evening. Now
that you've done it once, I'm sure you can do it again." His grin got

"You mean they want" I trailed off. I couldn't say

"They wanna fuck you at the same time. Like Johnny and I just did,"
Doug supplied for me. Johnny walked in from the other room, wearing boxer
shorts. He just stared at me. "I told them it was no problem. That you
loved it. They've done chicks together, but never both done it to a guy
like you at the same time. So be in here ten minutes before six. You got
it?" I looked at Johnny and saw he was waiting to see what my reaction
would be. I hesitated for a second.

"Listen, Clay," Doug said. I looked back to him. He reached down and
grabbed his cock. "You want this again, dontcha?" I just nodded my head.
"Then you'll be here when I told you to be here. I plan to have it down
your throat while the twins do their thing."

"Yes sir," I replied.

Johnny just shook his head in disgust, flashed a knowing grin at Doug
and went to his desk. I went back to my room, climbed onto my bed and
slowly jerked off, my thoughts flashing from Doug's body and cock, to
Johnny's to memories of the twins. Regardless of my earlier resolve, I
knew that I was Doug's. I would do whatever he wanted.


Note: I plan to end the story here. If inspiration strikes (and I get the
time), I may write up the detail of Clay taking on all three guys, but have
no plans to do so at this point. Thanks for all the support from all those
who have written. I still plan to add to some of my other stories (all
posted on Nifty), so hopefully they will meet with your approval.
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