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Nifty - Gay - College - Dominated By Doug - Dominated By Doug 18

Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 20:25:53 EST
Subject: Dominated by Doug - Chapter 18

Dominated by Doug

Chapter 18


When Doug called me I was doing some homework. He told me to come to
his room and to be there in thirty minutes. I was to enter through the
bathroom and not make any noise when I opened the door to his room. Doug
told me to lock the door behind me and to wear nothing but a pair of
shorts. He didn't explain anything more to me, but being Doug, he didn't
have to. He knew I would do as I was ordered.

I waited the thirty minutes with my hard cock straining in the pair of
shorts I had put on for Doug. My book lay on the desk, untouched since
Doug had called. Further studying had been impossible after Doug's call.
The weather had turned from fall to winter and sitting there shirtless, the
cold had my nipples hard. I found myself playing with them, even pinching
them, the way Doug liked to do when he was fucking me. Finally, the thirty
minutes had passed and I shut the book. I got up, went through the
bathroom and carefully eased open the door to Doug's room. I stepped
inside and quickly locked the door behind me. I couldn't see into the main
room where Johnny and Doug kept their desks, but I could hear a low moan of
pleasure coming from that direction. I recognized Doug's voice
immediately. As I took a few steps closer to the other room, I could hear
the distinctive sound of somebody sucking cock. I felt a stab of jealousy
as I looked around the corner.

Doug was seated on his desk chair which he had turned around to face
the center of the bedroom. He was wearing nothing but a white t-shirt
which fit his chest snugly. His legs were spread and between them, on his
knees, was a blond guy, his head bobbing up and down on Doug's thick cock.
The guy was completely naked and I found myself admiring the muscle
definition in his shoulders and back as he worked on Doug's meat. His own
balls were hanging low beneath the muscular mounds of his beautiful ass
since his knees were spread on the tile floor. I watched them bounce as he
beat his own meat while sucking Doug.

I looked up as Doug rested a hand on the top of the guy's head, then
again let my gaze drink in the sight of the muscled stud sucking Doug's
cock. The guy's shoulder blades stood out from the position of his hands
on Doug's thighs and the movement of his body as he worked to suck Doug's
rod. The muscles in his forearms stood out, pushing the veins beneath the
skin to prominence. His biceps flexed and relaxed as he used his arms to
assist in his blowjob technique and I found myself impressed at the size of
his guns. He looked like he must be able to bench press an elephant, but
his muscles looked natural and proportionate, not over blown. His broad
shoulders tapered down to the small of his back and my eyes followed his
spine, clearly defined down the center, to where his body widened again,
beautifully forming his muscled butt. His ass was two perfect smooth
globes and I wondered for a second what it would be like to fuck him, to
slide my cock into the hole I couldn't quite see. I had yet to get my cock
into another guy's ass. I took a step further into the room and to the
side, getting a better look at the stud. His chest was well built, muscles
bulging in all the right places. Then I looked up and Doug caught my eye.
He gave me a wink.

Doug's fingers flexed on the top of the guy's head, holding his mouth
on his cock. "So, Clay," Doug said casually, "This is Shane. He'd say
hello, but he's got his mouth full right now." Shane acted as if he had
touched a live wire and immediately began to struggle, trying to pull his
mouth off Doug's cock, though by now I had already had a long look at him
in this compromising position.. Finally, Doug relented and let Shane's
head loose. Shane immediately pulled up and there was a wet popping noise
as Doug's cock sprang free of his mouth.

"What the fuck! You told me that no one would ever find out about
this..." Shane began, angrily, but Doug cut him off as Shane turned to look
at me.

"Quit whining, Shane. You've sucked my cock, what, twice? Big deal.
Clay here has swallowed more of my loads than you can count. So just

I was staring at the muscled stud on his knees in front of me. While
he had blond hair like Doug's, it was cut fairly short and tousled from
Doug's hands on his head. He had piercing blue eyes set in an incredibly
handsome face with a strong jawline. I couldn't believe that a guy as hot
looking as Shane was on his knees giving Doug head, but then I remembered
that I did the same thing for Doug and had always been included in the
"jock" group in high school and here at college and before Doug had bedded
more than my fair share of chicks. Shane's lips were slightly red and
puffy from the friction of Doug's cock against them. He also had about two
days worth of stubble on his face which made him look even sexier to me.
His cock was standing straight up, throbbing and about six and a half to
seven inches long. He had stopped stroking it, but he was obviously still
excited even though he had a worried and angry look on his face.

"Shane, I'd like you to meet Clay, my personal cocksucking, ass
licking, pussy boy." I felt myself go beet red with embarrassment at this
description, but made no effort to stop or correct Doug. Even in his own
compromised position, Shane's face lit up with a little grin.

"Damn," Shane said. "You mean he takes it up the ass, too?"

"He sure as hell does. And he absolutely loves it. You know my
roommate Johnny, right?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Well, ol' Clay here took both my cock and Johnny's up his tight
little pussy at the same time."

"No way!"

"I swear it. Clay here was a straight enough kinda guy, or at least
pretended to be, until I caught him eyeing me a little too openly one day.
Once I found out he was a fag, it took less than a day to pop both his

"Man, Doug, I'd love to get a crack at his ass! I've always wanted to
put my dick to a guy, but never had the chance."

"Yeah, I know, you are too busy sucking guys to fuck them," Doug said
with a laugh. Shane blushed for a moment and an angry look appeared again
on his face, but then died away. I could almost see the thoughts running
through his head. How could he protest? Then a determined look appeared
in his eyes and he gave it a try.

"That's not true. I've only sucked you and one other guy. I've never
had the chance to do anything more." He suddenly realized how that had
sounded. "Anything more like fuck another guy or get blown, that is," he

"Yeah? Well you're learning pretty quickly. You told me you didn't
swallow, remember? But you took my load the other day right down your
throat like a good little cocksucker. If you do a good job on me, maybe
I'll let you use Clay's holes." Doug looked up at me. "Clay, why don't
you help him."

I stripped off my shorts and saw Shane's eyes fasten on to my cock for
a second before Doug forcibly turned his head back to his hard cock. As I
dropped to my knees next to the sexy blond, I could feel the heat from his
body. I pressed against him some as I leaned in to take Doug's balls into
my mouth while Shane worked his shaft. It looked to me like Shane was
either a very fast learner or he had more experience than he was admitting.
He couldn't take Doug's length all the way, but he was getting a
respectable three quarters of it in his mouth. I felt Doug's hand in my
hair pulling me upwards. I could see that Doug had pulled Shane's mouth
off his cock.
"Why don't you boys play nice and kiss." He began to push our faces
together and just as our lips were about to meet, slid his thick cock
between them. My tongue lapped at the precum oozing from Doug's slit and
dueled with Shane's tongue at the same time. I had frenched kissed plenty
of guys, usually while I was on my back and they were pounding my ass. A
few had liked to take me from behind and twist my head around to shove
their tongues in my mouth while they fucked, but this was the first time I
had kissed a guy and sucked a third man's cock at the same time. Doug let
us work his cock together, moving our heads up and down the sides of his
shaft, licking and sucking on it. I watched Shane's face as we lapped at
Doug's rod. He was a handsome young stud. Any chick on campus would love
to have him in her bed, but here he was with me, on his knees, sucking cock
and french kissing me while he did it. He looked like he was kind of mad
by what Doug was doing to him and at my involvement in everything, but it
was clear that his hormones were in control. The sight of Shane's face so
close to mine and his reaction to Doug's control had my already hard cock
throbbing and leaking like crazy. Doug's grip on my hair tightened and he
pulled my head back. Then he aimed his dick between my lips. I let my
throat open and took Doug's cock all the way to the short hairs as I had
done so many times since that first night when Doug had taught me how to
suck cock.

"Holy shit," Shane said, watching as Doug's thick log disappeared
between my lips and just kept sliding deeper into me. "He sure knows how
to suck cock!" Shane moved a bit to the side of me to be able to watch the
rest of Doug's length penetrate my throat. I felt Shane's hand slide
across my shoulder and onto my throat. He squeezed as Doug slowly pumped
in and out, filling and emptying my throat. "Damn, man! I can feel your
cock making his throat swell up!"

"Yeah, Clay here was fucking born to take dick from any guy who is man
enough to give it to him." He set about proving that to Shane by
increasing the speed and force of his thrusts.

"Hell, I'll give it to him," Shane said.

"Not until I say you can, and certainly not until I've shot my load,
cocksucker. After that, we'll see." Doug was now standing and I was
taking his thrusts deep into my throat. I could see out of the corner of
my eye a look of lust and excitement on Shane's handsome face as he watched
me take it. After about two minutes, when my throat began to get sore,
Doug suddenly pulled out, turned, and sank his cock into Shane's mouth. I
watched as the jock took Doug's meat willingly, more and more sliding into
his mouth until Shane began to gag a bit. Doug pulled back, then grabbed
both sides of Shane's head and began to pump with more force. After just a
few strokes in and out, Doug arched his back and drove his cock more deeply
into Shane's mouth than he had before, raising up onto his toes as he did
so. Shane struggled, gagging and choking as Doug's cock penetrated his
throat. I watched from the side as Doug pumped his cum down the throat of
the muscular, blond jock on his knees next to me. I could see Shane's
throat muscles working to take Doug's seed to his belly. I glanced down at
that, admiring his tight six pack abs, when I felt a hand on my head again.

Doug pushed my head down until it was obvious what he wanted from me.
I lowered myself to my hands and knees, opened my mouth and let Shane's
cock slide in. I heard his muffled moan of pleasure around Doug's cock,
which was still plugging his mouth. Shane's cockhead and shaft were coated
with precum and I got a good taste of the college stud as I let the head
and then his shaft slide over my tongue. Wanting to do a good job and make
this sexy young man feel good, I let my throat open and took him all the
way. I heard him let out a sigh of pleasure. I realized that Doug was
sitting again, watching me suck off his new cocksucker. I reached up with
one hand and lightly stroked Shane's balls. His whole body twitched.

"Don't do that!" He ordered. "I don't want to shoot too soon. I want
this to last."

"First blow job, Shane?" Doug asked with a laugh.

"From a guy, yeah," Shane replied, and I felt him shudder with

"Well, Clay here is about the best you'll find. I've taught him well.
For that matter, he is much better than you are, but you're learning.
Pretty soon you'll be able to treat my dick as well as Clay is treating
yours right now. You might as well keep practicing." I was still working
Shane's cock with my lips and tongue, but wasn't touching his balls
anymore. They were already drawn up tightly to the base of his cock and I
didn't think he would be able to hold off shooting his load for much
longer. I could hear above me the sounds of Shane's mouth at work again on
Doug's cock. I slowed my pace, letting Shane ease back from the brink of
orgasm. I knew Doug well enough to know that he would want to cum at the
same time as Shane did. I worked Shane's thick prick slowly as Doug used
Shane's mouth with quick, forceful thrusts.

I heard Doug let out a moan which I recognized from past experience.
I angled my head and looked up Shane's broad chest to see Doug's cock
buried in his mouth. He was shooting his second load into Shane's mouth.
That was enough for Shane because just seconds later, I felt his cock throb
and he began to pump his juice into my throat. He let out a series of
muffled yelps as he came and I swallowed his cream as quickly as he
produced it. After a few more seconds, he slowly pulled his cock out from
between my lips, panting a bit from his exertion sucking Doug and shooting
his own load. I looked up and saw Doug lounging in the chair, watching us.
When he saw me looking at him, he gave me a wink.

My eyes drank in the sight of the two blond jocks naked in front of
me. While they were both muscular, lean and well built, Doug had an
indefinable quality to him that made him, at least in my eyes, much sexier.
Maybe it was just that Doug was sitting while Shane was on his knees, or
the fact that Doug had just shot tow load of cum down Shane's throat.
Still, Shane was hot, with a chest and arms that looked like he played
baseball and a tight, trim body. I realized that I was in my own small
slice of heaven with two toned, blond jocks with hard dicks just a few feet
away from me.

"Why don't we go into the other room and Clay can show you how good he
is at rimming?" Doug suggested.

"Damn! You mean this guy will lick my ass too? Shit! I would never
have picked him as a fag, much less a butt muncher." I thought Shane's
comment was a bit ironic, seeing as he had just sucked off Doug twice, but
kept silent. Shane jumped at the chance and was on his feet in seconds. I
looked at Doug who was wearing his sexy smirk on his face and rose to
follow Shane. When we got to the bed, he stopped, appearing unsure of what
to do. I decided to help him out.

"If you're not comfortable on your back, then just climb onto the bed
on your hands and knees and I can get behind you to show you how good my
tongue can feel."

"Get on the bed in position for doggie style? I don't think so. I
don't take it up the ass. There's gotta be a better way." Doug stepped
into the room and surveyed the situation.

"Clay, lay down on the bed on your back," Doug ordered. When I
complied, he told Shane to climb on the bed and sit on my face. Shane's
face lit up at the suggestion, and he eagerly climbed onto the bed and
positioned himself over my face. I let my tongue go to work, exploring his
hole and enjoying the way his body twitched and his moans of pleasure as I
worked my tongue into him. I let my hands run up and over his body,
feeling the taut muscles of his legs, his tight abs and even up to the
mounds of muscle that formed his impressive pecs. I gently squeezed his
nipples and was rewarded with another moan. I loved playing with this hot
jock's hard, tight body. I let my hands drop to his cock and balls and
began to play with them while I kept up the action with my tongue. He was
already rock hard from the rim job I was giving him and my hands on his
cock were almost more than he could take.

"You wanna try out his pussy, Shane?" Doug asked. "I can tell you, he
is a great fuck. Better than any chick you've ever had. Plus he likes a
good fuck to be rough and hard, so you don't have to treat him all nice and
tender like you do a girl."

"Hell yeah! I wanna fuck him now!"

"Go for it," Doug urged.

Shane quickly twisted around on the bed, until he was kneeling over me
between my legs. His manhood stood proudly at an angle, pointing toward
the ceiling. He grabbed my legs behind my knees and lifted them, pushing
them until he had me almost bent in two. My hole was now exposed for him.
I watched as Doug squeezed some lube onto his hand and let Shane take some
from him. Shane massaged the lube onto his staff and also spit on his
cockhead a few times, then leaned forward. As I felt the head of his cock
against my hole, Shane's blue eyes locked onto mine. He gave me a wicked
grin and pushed forward. I felt my hole stretch as he penetrated me and
let out a moan of pain and pleasure. I quickly adjusted to his invading
cock, having had so much practice with Doug and the other guys to whom Doug
offered my services.

At first Shane pounded into me like a madman, his hips driving his
cock deeply into me, yanking backwards and then drilling forward again.
After a few minutes of this brutal pounding, Shane's sweat was dripping
onto me. He leaned even more over top of me and his face moved closer and
closer. I just waited and soon enough his lips covered mine. I let his
tongue slide into my mouth as his hips slowed to a more leisurely pace. It
seemed he wanted to make his first fuck of another male last. He broke the
kiss and his mouth moved to my neck.

As Shane moved his head, I saw Doug watching us, the grin on his face
even broader. He was stroking his cock and covering it with the lube he
had put in his hand to share with Shane. I watched greased his rod
thoroughly. I knew immediately what he planned. Shane's ass was upturned
and Doug was going to take advantage of that. Wrapped up in the sensations
of the fucking he was giving me, Shane didn't even notice when Doug climbed
onto the bed. When Doug grabbed Shane's right wrist, then the left and
pinned them to the bed next to my head, he did take notice.

"What the fuck.....?" Shane began. He twisted and squirmed, but Doug
was a master of this. All Shane did was drive his cock into me from a
variety of angles as he struggled and the pleasurable stimulation to his
cock was only helping to defeat his resistance to Doug. I could tell the
moment that the head of Doug's tool found Shane's entrance because Shane
suddenly froze.

"Fuck is right, boy," Doug said quietly, his mouth close to Shane's
right ear. " I told you I was gonna fuck your ass the first time I let you
suck my cock. You didn't believe me. Told me it would never happen. But,
now's the time."

"No, Doug! I told you. I don't take it up the ass. You can't fuck
me!" With his cock still buried balls deep inside me and Doug on top of
him, controlling his movement, there was little Shane could do except voice
his protest.

"Now shhhhhhh. Just relax, Shane, and let it happen. I can't fuck
you? Yeah, right, boy. You also told me that you would never swallow
another man's cum, but when I told you that you swallow or you don't get my
meat, you agreed quickly enough. You've sucked my cum down your throat
three times already. Guys who swallow sperm take it up the ass. That's
just the way it is. Look at yourself, Shane. You've got your cock up
another guy's ass, but we both know you want it as much as Clay does. Now
be man enough to take it yourself - or should I say pussy enough."

Doug's cock must have begun to move forward into Shane's hole, which
was already well lubed with my spit, and started to stretch it wider than
it had ever been stretched because I watched Shane's eyes widen. I saw
tears form at the corners as Doug took Shane's virginity, but Shane's cock
stayed rock hard inside me and the tears didn't spill down his cheeks. I
felt his whole body being pressed even more tightly against me by Doug's
movement and he let out an agonized yell as Doug popped his cherry. Doug's
face appeared over Shane's shoulder and he gave me another wink and a smug
grin. The three of us held still for a moment and I watched Shane's face
as he began to accept what was happening to him. I had only been present
at one other male's loss of virginity - my own. Seeing it happen to Shane,
a jock who was in the process of fucking me was incredible.

Shane's yell apparently signaled the loss of his virginity because
Doug spoke again. "There boy, you took it all, nice and easy. Clay got
you all lubed up inside and out and I even added some to my big meat to
help ya. Feel it? Feel that big cock inside you? That's a real man in
your pussy boy." Shane had been moaning softly, with short whimpers mixed
in as he tried to allow his body to accommodate Doug's manhood. I could
see the reactions on his face as Doug spoke softly into his ear. When he
heard the word "pussy" Shane closed his eyes and I felt some of the tension
in his muscles relax. He was breathing hard, still trying to adjust when
Doug began to fuck.

Shane let out a series of whimpers as Doug's cock plundered his body,
but his own dick never softened. His breathing seemed to be controlled by
Doug's humping, his breath forced in and out of him in small gasps in
response to Doug's thrusting. Soon, he began to move with Doug, fucking me
again even as Doug fucked him. I squeezed his cock as hard as I could with
my ass muscles and Shane looked at me with what appeared to be gratitude on
his face. He had remained hard as a rock throughout his deflowering except
for a few seconds when the pain of Doug's initial penetration had coursed
through his body. Now Shane slowly began to fuck me again, trying to enjoy
having his cock up another male even as Doug did the same to him.

After a moment I realized that Shane was now the only one moving. He
was impaling himself backwards onto Doug's cock in order to be able to
still fuck forward into me. His cock was overruling his mind and body.
His need to cum overriding everything else. Soon he stiffened, his entire
body going taut and I felt his dick throbbing inside me as he shot his
load. He gasped and moaned as he came, then lowered his mouth to my neck
and sucked a bit as he shot the last of his load. When he had finished
cumming, he collapsed onto me. That was when Doug began to fuck in

Shane was caught in the contrasting afterglow of his orgasm and the
guilt of being fucked up the ass by another man, but there was nothing he
could do about it. Doug took his time, reaming out the muscular stud's ass
with long slow strokes. I felt Shane's cock, which had only partially
softened after his orgasm, become steely hard again inside me as Doug's
thick meat pounded his prostate. Doug increased his pace and soon I heard
him moan. He shot his third load of the evening into Shane, this time
claiming forever Shane's virginity, making his ass a pussy for Doug.

Shane let out a gasp as Doug pulled his cock out of him. He looked
down at me and began to pump again, harder, much harder, than he had
before. He seemed to have decided to take out his embarrassment,
humiliation and aggression by fucking me as hard as he could. After a few
moments, he pulled out and manhandled me onto my stomach. His cock roughly
stabbed into me again and he pumped even harder. Then Shane pulled at me
until I was up on my hands and knees taking it doggy style from him.

"Take it, bitch. Take my cock! Take it like the fucking slut that
you are!" I felt his hands on my back then he smacked my ass with his
right hand. With his left, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled my
head back. This gave me a glimpse of Doug sitting on Johnny's bed watching
as Shane fucked like a crazed man. Soon, the sensations overwhelmed him
and he came again, adding a second load of his cum to the one already
inside me.

Both of us were covered with sweat as Shane finally pulled free. I
moved forward, slowly and painfully, every muscle in my body aching. I
turned to see Shane, his cock at half mast and an look on his face of
embarrassment, anger and still a trace of arrogance. He might have taken
Doug's cock up his ass, but he had proved his manhood in me. He climbed
off the bed and looked at Doug.

"You bastard," he said, though his voice lacked conviction. "I told
you I didn't take it up the ass."

"Yeah? Well you seemed to do just fine and your ass felt great when
it squeezed my cock while you shot your load into Clay. Besides any fag
who sucks down another guy's load will take it up the ass, no matter what
they say. I told you that." Shane shot a look at Doug, then at me and
then walked into the other room, pulled on his clothes and left. I could
hear him muttering and cursing half under his breath as he did it. As the
door shut, Doug let out a chuckle. I looked over at him.

"That boy has needed his cherry busted for a long time. He loved it,
though he will probably never admit it. He's not quite like you, Clay."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, pretty much all guys have one thing in common. We all want
tons of sex, more than the chicks are usually willing to provide and
certainly in ways they wouldn't like. Even though all men have that in
common, there are different kinds of guys. First, there are guys like me
who were made, mentally and physically, to fuck. We fuck anyone who is
looks good to us, male or female. In fact, fucking another male, making
another guy, especially a jock like you or Shane, submit in the most
intimate fashion imaginable is a huge rush for real men like me. Then
there are guys who will only fuck women, the so called "straight" guys.
Finally, there are guys like Shane. He fucks chicks with the best of us,
but will sometimes give head to men like me just to get some action when he
is horny enough. Now he knows that in the right circumstances, he will
even take it up the ass." Doug looked at me. "He's not like you though.
I doubt anyone else will ever get up Shane's ass and it may be that even I
won't get it again. I could be wrong because I don't know him all that
well, but he sure never expected to play pussyboy for me tonight."

"Then there are guys like you. You need sex as much as the rest of
us, but you get off more on another guy's cock and cum than you do your
own. You have a great body and physically you could have plenty of chicks,
but mentally, it's a different story. You get off on taking cock as much
as I get off on giving it. I think that you and guys like you were put on
earth to take care of the needs of guys like me, Johnny, the twins and a
lot of the other guys you have let fuck you. I say a lot because there are
a couple of my frat brothers who have fucked you that have also felt my big
ol' meat slide up into them. So to my way of thinking, it boils down to
basically three types of males."

"First there are men, like me and Johnny. We fuck who we want, when
we want and how we want. Some men stick strictly with women, other men
will use males when they feel like it or want that extra rush of putting it
to another guy. Second, there are men who are basically straight, but will
take a cock now and then when they get horny enough, like Shane. Sometimes
they will get drunk, or pretend to get drunk so they can claim they don't
remember it later or pull some other lame shit like that. Maybe they will
just suck or maybe they will give up their ass like Shane did, but
basically they fuck women and just mess with guys when their hormones take
control of their brains. Third, there are boys like you who live to suck
the cum from the balls of real men and spread your legs for us."

"You're a cock slut, Clay. You're male, but still a cock slut. And
in some ways that's better than any female around because you will let us
real men, and even guys like Shane, do anything we want in order to get our
ball juice. Not only that, you will do just about anything yourself to get
cock. I know you drank my little bro's piss. Not many women would do
that, but you did because it was what he wanted. It made him happy and it
got you closer to your goal of getting his cum. You just have to have cock
and will do whatever it takes to get it - your mind is designed that way.

Of course, within those three basic groups there are a million
different varying degrees, depending on the individual. But we are still
at opposite ends of the spectrum. I fuck women and sometimes fags and
always will, you take cock up the ass and down the throat from men, and
always will." Doug paused and looked at me intently. "Since I taught you
to suck and took your cherry.....that's now pretty much the extent of your
sex life, isn't it?" I could only nod. I hadn't had a girlfriend, much
less fucked a woman for more than two months. I had been far too busy
getting loads of cum pumped down my throat and up my ass by Doug, his
little bro, his buddies, frat brothers and some other guys. "Yeah, I knew
that's the way it would be with you from the way you reacted that first
night. Not like Shane at all. You were so into it, so into taking my
cock, that I knew you'd soon be sniffing around any guy you could find."

"Just remember that when a real man decides he wants to use your mouth
or ass, then you give it to him willingly. No bullshit. No acting like
you don't like it, want it and need it. You just obey. Men like me don't
want some silly fag wasting our time pretending he's a real man. We want
you to submit and get on your knees or spread your legs. By doing so you
acknowledge your place in the order of things at the bottom of the pile and
our place at the top. You get your jollies and your nut with a man's cock
in you, and that's the way it should be." He glanced over at me. "Now get
outta here. Seth will be home soon and I'm sure he'll want a nice blow job
from you, boy." I grabbed my shorts, pulled them on and returned to my
room, where I sat thinking about Doug's take on the spectrum of male
sexuality. As Seth got home saw me still naked and moved towards me, one
hand pulling down his zipper, I realized that I liked my place in it.


Author's Note: I hope everyone has enjoyed the story. I know a lot of you
have been waiting a long time for another chapter of Doug's story and I
hope that I lived up to your expectations and it was worth the wait. I try
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