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Subject: REPOST to fix format: ROOMMATES (m/m cons; college; 1st time)
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 1996 09:18:28 UTC

On the first posting of this series January 11-13, 1996, some new servers
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repost, somehow the formatting got "glommuxed" where the lines were to
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       The alarm's sharp ring was an abrasive intrusion. Alan opened one
eye and squinted across the room. Kevin stirred and rolled from his bed
and stumbled to his chest of drawers at the foot of his bed to turn it off.
Alan's jangled nerves smoothed with the silence that followed. Kevin
leaned against the chest of drawers, his forehead resting against the flat
top of the chest. Alan thought again how ridiculous Kevin looked in that
oversized tee shirt he slept in, its sleeves to his elbows and the tail
almost, but not quite covering his butt which curved distinctly outward in
a shapely but muscular prominence with the sharp, dividing cleft
disappearing under the long tail of the tee shirt.

       Kevin, his back to Alan, pulled the tee shirt over his head and
tossed it to his bed, the complex musculature of his back dimpling and
squirming beneath his smooth tanned skin. Alan watched him unobserved.
Kevin was only five feet ten and probably only weighed a hundred and sixty.
He was slender from the back without appearing skinny--his limbs and
torso were well filled out and carried a well defined but smooth
musculature and graceful as well, almost like a ballet dancer. His nude
body was, from the rear, almost pretty with its smooth, rosy tan skin,
slender waist flaring attractively to wider shoulders. Well proportioned,
shapely legs with nicely curved calves and perfectly sized and shaped
thighs rising to narrow hips and a high, rounded ass that most women he
knew would envy. Alan knew, however, that looks were deceiving. Anyone
who perceived Kevin to be a pretty boy had made a serious mistake. Kevin
was in top physical condition and his shapely body was firm with little
body fat, and Alan knew to his chagrin that Kevin was a black belt in three
major oriental martial arts.

       He recalled fleetingly the time he'd tried to intimidate him,
shortly after they became roommates. Alan had him by almost an inch and
maybe ten pounds, and he sported a classic Greek athlete's physique, with
well defined muscles. In a pique of anger over some matter he couldn't
remember now, he'd pushed Kevin and taken a swing only to find himself a
second later on his back, his wrist in Kevin's grasp and Kevin's foot on
his throat.

       He held his breath now as Kevin moved toward the middle of the
room. Although he had a deep and rather wide chest, his pectoral muscles,
while firm and well-defined, didn't bunch and and bulge but lay rounded
into two distinct but relatively flat, firm mounds only faintly corded.
His stomach, flat and hard, showed a well-conditioned, but smoothed-out
ripple effect. But this was the major surprise: his cock was truly superb!
About six inches long in peaceful repose, Alan had seen Kevin one morning
with a piss-hard that must've made it seven and a half inches long and
almost perfectly proportionate in circumference. It was straight and rosy
tan like the rest of his skin. The circumcised head of his cock only a
slightly darker healthy pink. His light blond thatch of curling pubic hair
was short and sparse with a barely discernible line of blond hair rising up
the middle of his belly to just past his navel where it dissipated into
hairlessness on his chest. Alan would never say it aloud, but he thought,
in the secrecy of his own mind, that it was the most beautiful cock and
genetalia he'd ever seen, although - all due modesty aside - there may have
those that would have put Alan's cock in the running without embarrassment
and with real expectation of winning the contest. Nevertheless, it niggled
at his mind that he'd been looking for excuses lately to see Kevin nude.

       Kevin wrapped a towel around his waist and left the room for the
showers. Alan stretched again and got of bed. He was sleeping in a pair
of boxers, but he took them off and slipped on a clean pair of jockey
briefs to wear under his jeans. Two minutes later he was out of the room
and on his way to the cafeteria. He didn't know whether Kevin would make
it in time to have breakfast with him or not before the nine o'clock class.

       He thought again how surprising it was that they'd become such good
friends. When he'd brought his things into the room back in August, Kevin
had been propped up on his bed reading a book. With clothes on, he was
nice looking, but his size and build were entirely unprepossessing. In his
glasses, he looked young and bookish. "What a sissy-looking wuss," Alan
had thought with disappointment when he first saw him. But Kevin wasn't a
math major or an engineering student or a computer sciences major. Like
Alan, he was an English major and they had very similar tastes in writers
and writing styles. They'd become good friends and over the last seven
months had developed that ability to communicate fully and clearly with a
glance, a tone of voice, a couple of words that only very good friends
develop over a usually longer period of time.

       Kevin joined him at breakfast after Alan had eaten and was on his
second cup of coffee.

       "Look, Al, I'm not gonna study tonight. I need a break. You want
to go down to Marty's with me for a burger and a few beers about six?"

       "Yeah. Sounds good. I could use the break, too."


       They came stumbling into their room about eleven, more than three
sheets to the wind. They had fought each other for first place at their
half bath's toilet, and Kevin had won. He peed for what seemed like five
minutes, and then Alan peed for an equally long time. Kevin rinsed his
face and head in an attempt to clear his head while Alan peed. Alan had
already stripped to his briefs and they were around his thighs as he peed.
Kevin glanced surreptitiously from the lavatory to Alan's uncovered pubes
with something more than idle curiosity, taking in Alan's muscular body,
his large, straight, circumcised cock, and his dark hair and classic good

       He dried his face vigorously and felt somewhat clearer of head.
When he returned to the bedroom, he stripped out of his clothes and was
taking off his briefs when, in a drunken dance, his feet became tangled in
them and he hopped around the room trying to keep from falling. Alan had
taken off his briefs and was standing naked with his sleeping boxers in
hand when Kevin hopped near him in a ludicrous picture of uncoordinated
drunkenness. Alan grabbed his arm to keep him from falling, and Kevin
grabbed Alan's arm in a futile attempt to steady himself. But it was too
late. They both fell in a heap, Alan on top of Kevin.

       "Get off me, you big cow!" Kevin shouted.

       "Big cow! You klutz! I was trying to keep you from falling!"

       Kevin pushed at him and, in some magical movement, had reversed the
position and sat atop Alan, straddling his hips and holding his wrists to
the floor. He was laughing in drunken triumph, and Alan couldn't help but
laugh at his helpless situation.

       But their laughter dwindled and died as Kevin became conscious of
Alan's genitals and pubic hair pressing into his buttocks and Alan became
conscious of Kevin's testicles and his large, meaty cock laying across his
stomach, the opening at its tip staring at him seductively. Kevin looked
solemnly into Alan's eyes, and Alan returned his gaze with the same
solemnity. Still holding Alan's wrists, Kevin lowered his mouth to Alan's
and kissed him.

       Probably it would have never happened if Kevin had been just a
little more sober and carrying his normal inhibitions, and probably Alan,
had he not been just the littlest bit drunk, would not have yielded his
lips and returned the kiss. Kevin slid his arms under Alan's arms across
his upper back and cupped the back of his head with his palms. His lips
opened against Alan's, and Alan instinctively responded by opening his own
lips. Their tongues began to stroke one another and explore the depths of
each other's mouths.

       Kevin stretched out atop Alan's supine body. Alan felt Kevin's
cock becoming hot and hard against his lower belly, and his own member
began to swell and lengthen in response. He discovered with some dismay
and embarrassment that his arms were wrapped around Kevin, one hand behind
his waist and the other on his buttocks, stroking and pressing Kevin's
pelvis to his own body. Kevin raised his head from Alan's lips and again
looked at him solemnly. He must have perceived some assent, for he again
kissed Alan deeply and began to slide and wriggle his own body down the
length of Alan's body, kissing his neck and chest and flicking each of
Alan's erect nipples with his tongue.

       Alan was now acutely aware of Kevin's hardening cock rubbing
against his own erection as Kevin kept sliding down the length of his body.
Now he was between his legs and his lips and tongue were pressing into his
navel. He was kissing his pubic hair, and then Kevin's head was poised
above Alan's throbbing shaft. Kevin glanced up Alan's body and looked at
him inquiringly, his moistened lips parted, a question in his eyes. To his
amazement, Alan felt himself nod.

       There was a small pearl drop of semen standing on Alan's slightly
swollen lips of the opening at the tip of Alan's cock, and Kevin
experimentally touched it with his tongue. It had a pleasantly clean,
salty sweet taste. He held the base of Alan's erection within a ring of
his thumb and forefinger. He opened his mouth and covered the swollen head
of Alan's cock with his mouth, swirling his smooth wet tongue around the
circumference and across the top of the smooth, sensitive skin. He began
to slide his lips down the swollen, hard flesh. He couldn't figure out
where to put his tongue, but when he accidentally stroked the swollen
vessel on underside of Alan's cock with it and felt the hard flesh flex in
his mouth in response, he began to stroke firmly with his tongue as his
lips slid lower. His nose was in Alan's thick pubic growth and he inhaled
Alan's musky male scent as the swollen head of his cock throbbed in the
back of his mouth. He slid his lips back up and licked the smooth skin of
Alan's cock head again and began to slip his lips lower. Involuntarily,
Alan thrust forward, and after a few more strokes they developed a
synchronous rhythm. Alan's hands were in his hair, stroking and grasping
as Kevin's lips and tongue stroked up and down the wetly gleaming shaft.
Alan's hips rose from the floor and thrust deeply. Kevin could feel the
throbbing shaft of steel hard but warmly yielding flesh in his mouth
lengthen and become harder and he sucked firmly and urgently, his tongue
stroking the length of the engorged vessel on the underside. Alan's cock
throbbed insistently against his tongue and the back of his mouth and began
to jerk spasmodically.

       "Ohh! Kevin, I'm sorry. I'm coming. I can't help it. Aagh!
Here it is! I'm coming now!"

       Kevin felt his mouth flooded with a hot spurting stream of thick
semen, and he had no choice but to swallow rapidly. Uh-oh, he thought, I'm
in trouble! Never thought I'd like it so much! He began to suck and
swallow more greedily until he had gotten the last traces.

       Afterwards Kevin lay on the floor, his face turned away. What was
he to do now? He didn't think he could bear to see Alan look at him with
scorn. "I know," he thought. "I'll keep on being drunk and pass out."

       Kevin stumbled to his feet staggered to his bed. "Come on, ol' Al.
Whachu doin' ona floor? Heeheeheehee. Musta fall down. Betta get up, ol'
Al." He tumbled into bed face down and immediately began to make deep
breathing and snoring sounds. After a few minutes he heard Alan get up
from the floor, approach his bed, sit on the edge, touch his shoulder and
shake in an attempt to arouse him. Finally, Alan gave up and covered him
with a spread. Alan stood silently by Kevin's bed for a minute or so
before walking back across the room. Kevin heard his bed squeak as he got
in. Kevin lay awake for several hours, his mind atumble with guilt, self
loathing, and memories of what he'd done and of how much he'd liked it.


       When Alan awoke, Kevin's bed was empty and he'd left the room. He
got up, showered and dressed hastily, and ran to the cafeteria. There he
was! But when he got through the cafeteria line he was gone. When he got
back to their room after class, Kevin's bed was made up but no Kevin. He
waited up until one in the morning but no Kevin.

       The next morning he left a note on Kevin's unslept on pillow.
"Kev: We've got to talk. Please meet me in the room at five this pm!
Alan." He didn't know whether Kevin would be there, but he had to talk to

       When he entered the room that afternoon, Kevin was there. He was
packing his things. Kevin didn't look at him.

       "What's going on, Kev."

       "I'm moving out."

       "Why? Did I do something?"

       "No. I did." He sat down at his desk. He was wearing his glasses
instead of contacts and looked younger and more vulnerable. Dressed in a
long sleeved denim shirt and pleated khakis, he also looked quite handsome
- almost pretty, in fact - and one would never have taken him as the owner
of the biggest and most beautiful cock on campus. He looked Alan in the
eye and assumed a seriousness he seldom showed. "Look, Alan. I've tried
out every story I can think of, and everything flunks. I remember what
happened night before last. I was drunk but not that drunk, although I
really don't think any of it would've come about if we hadn't been just a
little drunk. But, anyway, I remember. I haven't been in class since.
I've been with Dr. Chatham, the school crisis counselor, a lot. I-I told
him what he happened, Alan. But don't worry. Everything's confidential.
He said what, uh, what happened isn't all that uncommon and not to make
more of it than it is, but that doesn't cut any ice."

       He stopped and his face became a mixture of misery and defiance,
and his eyes brimmed over and tears rolled down his cheeks. "Fact is,
Alan, I liked it! There! That's out, at least. But I know how you must
feel after living together for seven months. I promise, though, I've never
done that with anyone else before, and I'd never thought of you that way!"
He stopped and grinned a little through his misery. "Well, maybe once or
twice. But anyway, I'm getting out. Wouldn't want to put that kind of
pressure on you . . . or me." He stood up and started putting things into
his duffel.

       Alan backed up and locked the door. Kevin looked at him curiously.
Alan leaned back against the door and looked at Kevin.

       "I wasn't that drunk, either. But I thought you'd passed out. I
was very frustrated. Very, very frustrated, Kev. That's what I wanted to
talk to you about." He moved to Kevin's bed and sat on stacked clothing,
looking up at him earnestly. "I-I liked it, too, Kevin. I've never done
it before, either. And I never thought of you that way." He grinned
mischievously at Kevin. "Well, maybe eight or ten times." He held up his
hands at Kevin's startled expression. "Point is, Kev, it was only half
done. I-I wanted to, uh, to do you. To help you come. I-I wanted your
big cock in my mouth the way mine was in yours. And you passed out on me.
You don't need to move out, Kev. I don't hate or despise you. It's not
just you. It's me, too."

       Kevin reached out his hand and brushed the backs of fingers against
Alan's cheek. Alan looked up at him, his eyes swimming with uncertainty.
Kevin's hands moved to Alan's hair and his fingers combed through it as he
stepped forward. Alan put his face into Kevin's stomach and wrapped his
arms around his waist, pulling him tightly to him.

       After a moment he stood and slowly unbuttoned Kevin's shirt and
slipped it from his shoulders letting it drop in a puddle behind him.
Kevin was not wearing a tee shirt, and Alan's hands moved over his
shoulders and down his chest and stomach. As his fingers fumbled with the
button on the waistband of the khakis and undid it, Kevin stopped him with
his hands and pulled Alan's rugby shirt over his head. His arms went
around him and stroked the bare skin of his back and his clothed buttocks.
Alan pressed forward and kissed him, then stepped back.

       Alan's fingers again found Kevin's fly and unzipped it. Kevin's
trousers fell to the floor around his feet, and he stepped out of them.
Alan stooped and pulled his loafers and socks from his feet. He stepped
back and looked. Kevin stood before him clad only in his low-rise jockey
briefs. His graceful body, clear, rosy tan skin, a line of blond hair
rising out of the briefs and running up the center of Kevin's stomach to
just above his navel. Alan took in the bulging crotch of Kevin's briefs,
and he thought that he could see the outline of Kevin's magnificent cock
beneath the thin cotton jersey.

       Kevin undid Alan's jeans, pulled them to his knees, and pushed him
back into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. He knelt and pulled
Alan's sneakers and socks from his feet, and then he pulled the jeans over
his feet and tossed them to a nearby chair. Kevin's fingers lightly
touched the confined genitals concealed in the pouch of his briefs. Alan
felt his own cock stir and begin to stiffen.

       "No. Wait." Alan stood up and walked over to his own bed and
threw the spread back over the foot of the frame. He came back to Kevin
and slowly drew his jockey briefs down to and over his feet. He stood and
removed his own briefs. They stood, thus, face to face and drunk in each
other's body with their eyes. Alan stepped closer and embraced Kevin
pulling his body tightly against him. Although he was slightly taller,
Kevin's legs were somewhat longer, and their genitals were approximately
the same distance from the floor. They ground their pelvises against each
other, their cocks swinging, bumping, stroking and ultimately caressing one
another. Alan kissed him, opening his lips, and Kevin returned the kiss
with open mouth and searching tongue.

       Kevin's hands were on his ass, squeezing and stroking. He moved
his own hands lower on Kevin's back, stroking the firm, meaty buttocks and
squeezing softly. He wanted to feel like the other night and lifted Kevin
a few inches from the floor. "Wrap your legs around me," Alan whispered.
Kevin put his arms around his neck, and Alan felt him spread his legs and,
holding on to Alan's neck, he lifted his legs and locked them behind Alan's
buttocks. Alan looked down between their bodies and saw Kevin's cock and
swollen testicles against his soft, curling pubic hair. Kevin was more
than half hard. Alan placed his hands on the taut buttocks and lifted and
pulled Kevin against him. His own cock was hard, and the length of it was
pressing into Kevin's spread cleft. Still holding Kevin, Alan walked
awkwardly to his bed and lay Kevin against the head board, in a
half-reclining, half-sitting position.

       Alan sat on the edge of the bed and placed the notch of his thumb
and hand around the base of Kevin's large, almost erect cock and cupped and
stroked his testicles with the other three fingers. He leaned forward and
kissed Kevin deeply again and then moved his lips down to his neck and
shoulders and chest. He kissed and licked Kevin's hard nipples and slipped
lower to his stomach, kissing his navel and running his tongue around the
indention. Lower still, and his lips were in the soft, curling blond pubic
thatch. He inhaled Kevin's musky, male scent with a sigh of satisfaction.
Reaching down he coaxed Kevin's legs apart and crawled between them.

       Poised above the now fully erect cock, he continued to hold it in
the circle of his thumb and forefinger. As had Kevin two nights earlier,
Alan glanced up at Kevin, and Kevin, belatedly remembering Alan's nod of
assent, gave the same returning assent to Alan. Alan licked the dewdrop of
semen from the opening at the tip of Kevin's cock and raised his head
savoring the salty sweetness. He looked at the swelling flesh of Kevin's
cock, the most perfectly shaped Alan had ever seen, the small veins faintly
visible beneath the soft sheathing skin. He opened his lips widely and
lowered his head, enclosing the smooth head of his cock in his mouth and
licking the expanse of sensitive skin in wet, circular motions and softly
across the highly sensitive lips of the opening at the tip of his cock.

       His lips slid lower and his tongue stroked firmly the hard ridge of
channeling on the underside of the large shaft. He could take no more than
three-fourths its length into his mouth, and drew back to the smooth,
swollen head of Kevin's cock, sucking firmly and licking wetly. Kevin was
watching closely as the encircling mouth slid down his hard, glisteningly
wet shaft, this time to within an inch of the base. As Alan slid back up
its length, licked and sank down the hard flesh again, Kevin involuntarily
flexed his buttocks, thrusting himself slightly into Alan's mouth. This
time he could feel Alan's nose and lips pressing firmly into his pubic hair
and pelvic mound. He moved his hands to Alan's head and stroked his hair
before grasping two handfuls of the dark curls.

       Like Kevin, Alan was amazed at how much he enjoyed what he was
doing, the feel of the hard cock in his mouth, against his tongue and the
smooth cockhead pressing into the back of his mouth and throat. When he
succeeded in capturing the whole length into his oral cavity, he felt
proud, and when he felt Kevin's hands in his hair and his hips thrusting in
synchronous, contrapuntal rhythm to the movements of his head, he grew more
aroused and sucked and licked with greater abandon. After a few
minutes--all too soon, they both thought--Kevin felt an ache in
his loins, and Alan felt the cock between his lips harden and throb more
insistently and prepared himself for what he knew was coming.

       "Ahh! Al, I'm coming. I can feel it coming. Alan, I can't stop
it. Please stop it, Al. No! Don't stop! Keep sucking hard. Yeah, like
that! Suck my cock! Get ready! Are you ready? Ughh! Unghh! Yeah, I'm

       The large cock spasmed and jerked against Alan's tongue and he felt
a jet stream of hot, spurting come splash against the back of his mouth and
flood his stroking tongue in a seemingly never-ending ejaculation. It had
a rich taste - slightly salty and slightly sweet with a protein laden
flavor. It was like nectar! Alan moaned softly in serendipitous
fulfillment as he swallowed rapidly and sucked harder, stroking Kevin's
stomach and pubic hair with one hand and stroking and gently squeezing his
smooth, hairless testicles with the other. Alan sucked him dry and
continued to nurse on the softening flesh, now fully enclosed and being
gently laved and massaged with Alan's greedy tongue. Finally, he allowed
it to slip from his lips with a wet sound of released suction. He rolled
over and lay on his back next to Kevin, his cheek against Kevin's naked

       "Ahhh, Al, that was good - great! But don't get too relaxed,
because I want you in me, too!"


       Ben walked into the room, shaking his head puzzled.

       "What's wrong?" David saw the tiny vertical line between Ben's
eyes and the shake of his head.

       Ben continued to shake his head in bafflement, frowning. "That's
the third or fourth time in the last couple of weeks that I've gone down
the hall to Al's and Kev's room and the doors been locked. They've been
inside every time, and every time they've had a reason not to come to the
door. 'I'm in the john,' Al yelled a minute ago. Last time it was 'Al's
got ear plugs in and is studying. I'm under threat of death if I let
anyone in.' I'm beginning to think its me they don't want to see. I can't
understand it. I don't think I've done anything, and we've all been best
buddies since day one."

       David looked at Ben quietly, again noting despite himself how
good-looking he was in his blue-eyed Nordic blondness, standing there in
his blue oxford cloth shorts and flip-flops. David reassured him quietly,
"I'm positive its not you, Ben. Its happened to me once, too, and to Scott
at the other end of the hall. Probably just got behind on the books and
are having to cram to catch up."

       David knew he was lying and had a pretty good idea what was going
on behind the locked door. He'd opened the door and come into the room the
one time they'd not locked it. It was a couple weeks ago about eleven
o'clock. He'd seen them stagger in and shut the door behind them. A few
minutes later, he'd opened the door without knocking and had seen Kev
sucking Alan's cock and Alan with his eyes closed in beatific ecstasy, his
hands holding handfuls of Kevin's hair and his hips thrusting back and
forth in lustful abandon as his cock slid in and out of Kevin's sucking
mouth. His own thoughts caused him to loose his train of thought and his
cock stirred at the memory. He shook his head to clear the remembered
images from his mind.

       "Don't give it another thought, old buddy." David got up from his
desk wearing only his low-cut white briefs, and began doing push-ups to
distract his body's reaction to the memory.

       Ben watched him with something more than mild curiosity. It had
been a little bit of a problem at the beginning but was increasingly
severe. David was one of the best looking guys Ben had ever seen, and he
caught himself more and more watching him, admiringly, as he was now.
David was probably . . . what? One-fourth black and, hmmm, five-eighths
white, because Ben knew from an earlier conversation that he was one-eighth
Cherokee. The combination had produced a striking appearance. It was
obvious that he had negro blood. His darkness made that clear to any
observer, although his black hair curled lightly rather than kinky. But
his cheekbones were high and prominent, his nose long and straight, though
slightly flaring at his nostrils, and his lips full but relatively thin for
a quadroon. He was a basketball player and had a great athlete's body.
Ben watched him, now, doing push-ups, back muscles dimpling, bunching and
rippling with the movement. High, prominent buttocks, muscular legs and
arms. He had very little body hair, a little on his legs and less on his
arms. Ben remembered the many times he'd seen him completely naked. His
pubic thatch was black and loosely curling above a really magnificent cock
- not that it was all that huge, contrary to legend, but that it was large
and extremely well shaped with a light reddish brown color and a full, rosy
brown glans. He glanced now at the bulge in the David's briefs as he got
up from his twenty-five push-ups and then looked quickly away lest he be
discovered in his unseemly examination.

       But David had not been ignorant of the examination. The erotic
images of Kevin and Alan that had been haunting his thoughts and fantasies
for two weeks impelled him now.

       "I think I'll take a shower. You had yours tonight?"

       "No. Wait a minute and I'll go down the hall with you."

       They were the only ones on the floor in the communal shower. At
one time it had been an open, eight head barracks style shower, but in
recent years the school had erected partitions between the shower heads,
leaving them still open in front. Ben went to one of the stalls, and David
took the one opposite. He covertly watched Ben as he showered. He
couldn't help wondering if it was his own African heritage that made Ben's
difference so attractive. He had the healthy, slightly tanned northern
European skin that David associated with his image of Vikings. His hair
was just a little darker than white, and his pubic hair was just a little
darker than that on his head. It grew to a peak in the middle and trailed
an almost imperceptible thin line to just above his navel. Ben had a good,
well proportioned body, although he was not really an athlete.

       But Ben was conducting his own covert examination. As David soaped
his genital area with his hands, Ben felt shame as he imagined his own
hands doing the soaping, handling, squeezing and sliding over the fleshy
cock, testicles and the lightly curling black hair of his pubes. As he
genitals stirred, and his shaft began to lengthen, he turned his back to
David to soap his front.

       David looked at him from the rear. Meaty but very shapely ass,
narrow waist flaring slightly to proportionately broader upper rib cage and
shoulders. He had noticed his cock swelling slightly and thought he knew
what had caused Ben to turn toward the wall.

       Back in their room, David surreptitiously locked the door as he
closed it, remembering how he'd walked in to see Kevin and Alan without
their being aware of it the one time they'd not locked their door. David
really didn't know if anything was going to happen and was not sure that he
wanted anything to happen, but his preoccupation with the remembered images
of Kevin and Alan had him highly sensitized to the possibilities.

       David did not dress for bed but continued to move around the room
naked, performing little preparatory tasks for sleep and for class the next
day. Ben was anxious not to make a big thing of either his or David's
nakedness, and so he followed suit and continued to do his little night
time tasks without dressing as well.

       David began to feel slightly predatory (although he was not sure to
what end) as he continued to do little things to put pressure on Ben. At
one point, as Ben was sitting naked at his study desk making a "to do"
list, David walked over to show him a photograph of his younger brother
that he'd found under a stack a papers. He stood directly in front of Ben
as Ben looked at the photo of the good looking sixteen year old boy. Ben
tried his best to appear unconcerned as he handled the photo, but his
fingers trembled slightly. David was so close that he could smell the
musky scent of his sexual maleness and see the individual hairs of his
pubic area. The shaft of David's full, fleshy cock was extended but not at
all stiff and his testicle sac hung as if full but nonetheless in relaxed
looseness. Ben casually crossed his legs to conceal his lengthening cock.

       Ben also moved about stretching to put things on shelves, stooping
to retrieve items from the floor, lifting and leaning. Once when he picked
up a heavy box to move it, David took note of his back and shoulder muscles
bunching and dimpling and his stomach muscles as they flexed to reveal a
rippling structure. The light blond hair of his pubic area was tightly
curled but looked as soft as mohair. The circumcised head of his cock was
a pink fleshy color, only slightly darker than the skin of shaft.

       David asked Ben to help him move his chest, and as they strained
together, side by side, their naked hips and thighs brushed together.

       Again, as they were listening to a late night talk show discussing
gays in the military, Ben asked David what he thought of the subject.

       "Hell, I don't know. I do know that I don't go along with gay
bashing. They make their own choices and have that right, at least
socially and politically, and I think what they decide to do sexually is
their own business and everyone else ought to leave them alone." Ben
looked at him with solemn curiosity as he talked and nodded his head in
slow agreement.

       Finally, they'd delayed things until after midnight and it was time
to go to bed. Ben put on his robe to go down the hall to the water
fountain and was curious to find the door locked when he left the room.
When he returned, he quietly turned the latch to relock it before shutting
it behind him.

       Both David and Ben were restless after turning out the lights.
They continued to talk awhile in the darkness. As their conversation
dwindled, both of them continued to turn restlessly in their beds.
Finally, after about an hour, David fell into a fitful sleep in which he
dreamed about Kevin and Alan and what he'd seen. He was awakened at about
two thirty, he'd guess, by a warm hand on his bare shoulder.


       It was Ben. "Yeah, Ben?"

       "I can't sleep. I don't know what's wrong. I can't sleep and I
can't stay in bed. I think I'm horny."

       "Yeah? Me, too." His voice bespoke his curiosity at what was
expected of him.

       "Uh, yeah, but, uh, what has me sort of keyed up is, uh . . . you."

       David considered this silently for a few moments, and then gambling
that he understood, he reached over and turned on his bedside lamp to its
dimmest setting. He looked solemnly and speculatively at Ben standing next
to his bed in boxer shorts. Silently, he raised the corner of his sheet in

       Ben hesitated a moment and then quietly slid in beside him,
touching him alongside the entire length of the right side of his body
before turning slightly in place to his left side. Leaning on his left
elbow, Ben propped his head in his left hand and looked at Dave almost
fearfully. David turned his head and returned his look, curiously, almost

       Hesitantly, Ben's right hand moved under the sheet to David's left
hip. David did not stiffen or move away, and, encouraged, Ben's hand slid
softly across the oxford fabric of David's boxers to the bulge of his
genitals. Still David did not move away. Ben squeezed slightly and felt
David's penis stir ever so slightly. Hesitantly, hopefully, he moved his
hand to the opening of the boxers and slid it into the opening. He felt
the pleasant raspy coarseness of David's pubic hair as it scratched his
palm. Gingerly, almost fearfully, he moved his hand lower to the bare skin
of David's genitals. He lay his hand on David's cock, grasped it and
squeezed softly. Keeping his grasp on the round tube of flesh with his
thumb and forefinger, he moved the last three fingers of his hand to
David's testicles, stroking them and then cupping and squeezing them

       He could feel David's cock swelling and stiffening. As it
lengthened, he grasped it with all five fingers and pulled it through the
opening in the boxers. He suddenly sat up and crossed his legs Indian
fashion, facing David's hips. His movement caused the sheet to fall back
and bunch around David's hips, and he tossed it over the foot of the bed.
He drank in with his eyes what was unveiled - David's light cafe au lait
skin and the rippling stomach muscles, his firm, fleshy pectorals, his long
athletic legs, but most of all the rapidly hardening cock in the grasp of
his own hand.

       He suddenly felt an urgency to see more. Releasing David's cock
from his grasp, he tugged at the boxers. David raised his hips from the
bed and they slid down his legs. As he leaned to pull them over his feet,
David said, "You, too." Ben stopped and looked at David. David's eyes
were heavy with desire, too. Ben got off the bed, removed David's boxers
and slid his own to the floor. Ben resumed his cross legged position at
David's left hip and visually feasted. Strangely, Ben could see David's
bathing suit marks where the skin of his pelvic region was almost
imperceptibly lighter than his torso and upper thighs.

       But it was the beautiful dark tan cock, bulging scrotum and curling
black pubic hair that held his attention. With his right hand, he squeezed
the pouch of testicles softly while, with his left, he ran his fingers
through the pubic hair. Completing his byplay, he grasped the half erect
penis in his right hand again and began to move it in a masturbating motion
up and down. David's cock quickly became rampantly erect.

       "Ahhh, yes," Ben sighed softly, "this is what I have wanted to do."
David's cock was warm in his hand, and he could feel its palpitations as
his own hand stroked rhythmically. He felt a touch high on his thigh. He
looked down at the dark hand sliding across his much paler skin. He was,
by this time, fully erect. David scooted down in the bed slightly so that
he could reach the pale, swollen cock. Ben looked down at David's hand
alternately grasping, squeezing and stroking his cock. He looked at David,
hopefully, gratefully, and David looked at him solemnly and nodded. "Yeah,
Ben. Me, too."

       Suddenly David half set up, released Ben's still rising shaft, put
his hand on his far shoulder and pulled him back into a reclining position
beside him. They lay facing one another, their hands stroking each other's
hips and pelvic area. David, almost fearfully, leaned forward and
approached Ben's lips with his own. Ben was stiff and unresponsive at the
first touch, and David almost drew back, but then Ben's lips yielded and
returned the pressure. Ben opened his lips against David's and tentatively
touched the closure with his tongue. David immediately opened his own lips
to the request for admittance, and Ben's tongue slid into his mouth where
his and David's tongues stroked one another as they continued to kiss
deeply. Ben slid closer to David and put his arm around him, stroking his
firm, fleshy butt urgently. He felt David's hand sliding down his rib cage
and behind him to find its destination on his own ass. Their bodies were
now molded to one another from chest to knee as they continued to kiss

       Ben felt an unnameable urge as they kissed, but before he could act
upon it, David's lips broke from his, and David rolled him to his back and
lay on top of him. Ben felt David's erection against his own, and then
David was rapidly sliding down his body, kissing and nipping lightly as he
slid between his legs. David's lips were pressed against the softly
curling blond hair of his pubis, and then they were poised above his hard,
throbbing cock. David looked at him questioningly, and Ben responded
eagerly, "Yes, Dave, yes! And then me, you."

       David placed his lips over the smooth, gleaming helmet of Ben's
glans penis and licked in warm, wet circular motions around and over its
sensitive skin. Ben watched as David slid his lips lower and lower until
his cock was buried in David's mouth, and David's lips and nose were
pressed into his pubic hair. The feel of David's tongue as it stroked up
and down on the throbbing tube on the underside of Ben's cock was
exquisite. His hands went to David's head and grasped two handfuls of
tight curls.

       David was almost dizzy with fulfillment. What had been troubling
his mind and making his body restless for days was almost complete. Ben's
beautiful white cock throbbed against his stroking tongue and his cockhead
pressed into the back of his mouth. He slid his lips up the now saliva
slick shaft and licked lingeringly over the entire surface of the head and
then moved his lips back down. Ben thrust with his hips and aided the full
penetration. Soon their rhythm was established as David's lips and tongue
stroked up and down and Ben's hips thrust slightly in and out. The unnamed
longing that had filled Ben all night had attacked his endurance, and after
just a few minutes, he felt a slight aching jab in his loins and his cock
lengthened and hardened. David was alerted by Ben's deeper thrust and his
tightened grasp on his hair.

       "Dave! I-I'm coming. Can't take it out. Can't stop it! Can't
hold it! Yes! Here it comes! Aaghh!"

       David heard Ben's words with anticipation and dread, never having
done it before. He sucked with greater abandon and felt Ben's cock spasm
and begin jerking and his mouth was filled with a forceful, pulsating
stream of hot semen. David swallowed rapidly, savoring the salty sweet
taste, and after the orgasm was finished, he continued to suck and lick,
receiving the last traces of the ejaculation, until Ben's cock softened in
his mouth. He released it from his lips with the soft, wet slurping sound
of released suction.

       No sooner had he released Ben's cock from his lips than Ben was
pulling him up beside him, kissing him deeply and tasting his own come in
David's mouth. Without preamble but with intense urgency, Ben crawled
between David's thighs, looked longingly at David's hard flesh and covered
the engorged cockhead with his lips. He licked the broad cockhead wetly
and thoroughly and slid his lips down the shaft, stroking the underside
with tongue and lips. He pressed his nose and lips into David's pubes and
inhaled the musky male odor he'd smelled earlier tonight and that had acted
as an aphrodisiac upon him the remainder of the night.

       David watched as Ben's lips slid up his wetly gleaming cock. There
was a time that David would have believed that he would feel triumphant at
the sight of the blond head in his lap, avidly sucking his milk chocolate
flesh, but those concerns were far from his mind now. His dark tan hand
was combing through Ben's blond curls, and his hips were gently thrusting
in and out Ben's lips as Ben rode the hard cock up and down against his
tongue and gliding lips.

       Ben loved it. He had not imagined this earlier, thinking that he
was looking for only tactile contact with his hands, but now he knew what
he had wanted for months now. David's hard cock sliding between his lips
and against his stroking tongue, filling him, satisfying some deep yearning
heretofore unacknowledged!

       He felt David's cock harden and press into the back of his mouth.
First, it throbbed insistently, then spasmed and then began to jerk in his

       "Unghh! Ben, I coming! Big load!"

       Ben's mouth was flooded a copious, spurting stream of hot, salty
sweet come which he swallowed rapidly and savored in his mouth. David felt
hot tears on his skin and pubic area as Ben wept in fulfillment.

       Afterwards, David asked him, "Were you crying? Did I hurt you?"

       "N-no. It was just so wonderful. I loved it. All of it!"

       "Me, too. Ben, just tell me though! Was your chocolate milk shake
as good as my vanilla milk shake?"

       Ben laughed and hugged him tightly before kissing him deeply.
"Better. I'm sure it was better."


       That night as Ben and David were exploring new dimensions of their
relationship, so were Alan and Kevin.

       They had explored almost every realm of their new sexual
relationship and had come to realize that it was important to complete an
understanding of the possibilities into which they entered in order that
they could put it into the perspective of something to be developed more
slowly and understandingly. At this time, however, they had difficulty in
focusing on anything other each other and what they were doing together.

       "I'm afraid people may have begun to start wondering about us,"
Kevin said as they sent Ben from their locked door. "That's the third time
he's been down here this week and found the door locked."

       They were in bed, naked of course, and had just completed the act
of mutual fellatio to which the French had given the descriptive name of
"soixante-neuf." Now as they kissed one another deeply each of them tasted
their own semen mixed with the other's as their tongues stroked.

       "I know. I'm sorry about Ben. He's a good friend. Dave, too.
Maybe we need to plan something with them to reestablish contact. Supper
tomorrow night?" Tomorrow was Friday and that would give them opportunity
for a long leisurely dinner and night out since they could sleep late
Saturday morning.

       They got up and slipped on tee shirts and sweatpants and hit their
books for about three hours. They heard the sounds of dormitory life
diminish as the hours became late. Kevin got up to go down the hall to the
water fountain. He was shaking his head in puzzled questioning when he

       "I saw light coming from beneath the door of Ben's and David's room
and stopped to ask them about dinner tomorrow night, but their door was

       "Well, Kev, we lock our door, too."

       Kevin smiled at Alan. "Yeah, but that's different. We're . . ."
He stopped suddenly, and he and Alan raised their eyebrows to one another
in sudden speculation.

       As they got ready for bed, they went about the ritual that had
become almost habitual over the last two weeks - that of disrobing one
another. They invariably ended up, if not actually engaging in sex, in
kissing deeply and stroking in hidden places. Tonight, as Alan stroked his
butt while they kissed, Kevin felt Alan's fingers between his cleft. He
bucked slightly against the inquiring fingers, and something that had been
in his mind for several days came to fruition in purposeful intent. As
Alan's hand continued to explore and brush across his anus, he grasped and
stroked Alan's penis to an erection. Kevin broke away from their embrace.

       "Alan, I want to try something new. You interested?"

       Alan, of course, was interested, and he looked questioningly at
Kevin. Kevin went into the half-bath and returned with a tube of vaseline
in his hand. "I want you to fuck me in the ass. Will you?"

       Alan's cock became more erect at the thought, but he was doubtful.
"Kevin, I . . . Won't I hurt you?"

       "I don't think so. Not much anyway. It couldn't be all that much
different from a girl losing her virginity. People do it a lot, I

       "Well, okay. If you're sure."

       Kevin spread the lubricating gel on Alan's cock generously and then
got to his knees and elbows on his bed. Alan got into position behind him.
He watched what he was doing closely as he took a generous amount of the
gel on his fingers and spread it around and into the pink puckered area of
Kevin's sphincter.

       Kevin felt the heat of Alan's cock as it approached his ass and
intruded in the spread cleft of his buttocks. Alan's cockhead pressed
against the sphincter. "Are you sure, Kev?" Alan asked. Kevin's only
answer was to rock back slight and increase the pressure of imminent entry.
Alan pressed forward, and surprisingly, as Kevin relaxed the muscles of his
tight sphincter, his cock slid rather easily into the tight warmth of
Kevin's ass. His full entry was effected in one slow stroke and he
hesitated as his pubic hair crushed against the smooth skin of Kevin's

       Kevin had grunted slightly at the unfamiliar feeling of being
filled from the rear and the slight pain of initial entry. But with Alan
fully buried in him, he rocked back and forth slightly, groaning softly
with increasing pleasure. "Fuck me, Alan. It feels sooo goood! Fuck me!"

       Alan withdrew to his glans and slid back in fully. Kevin's
sphincter muscle squeezed and relaxed, stimulating Alan's cock with intense
physical pleasure. He began a rhythmical thrusting in and out and Kevin
rocked back and forth in contrapuntal synchronization. As the pleasure
became even more intense, Alan leaned forward and kissed Kevin's back,
continuing to thrust. He reached under Kevin's kneeling body and stroked
his stomach and pubic area. He fancied he could feel his cock filling
Kevin but knew it was probably only the spasmodic tightening of Kevin's
stomach muscles in rhythm with the thrusts inward. He grasped and stroked
Kevin's cock.

       The pleasure increased and Alan felt his cock harden and the
familiar increase of the ache of pressure in his loins. "I'm coming, Kev.
Oh, baby! Am I ever coming!" He thrust forward, burying himself deeply in
Kevin's warmth, and stiffened as he cock began to jerk and pump a copious,
pulsating stream of come in Kevin's bowels. Kevin felt his insides being
filled with warmth as Alan ejaculated and wiggled his buttocks against Alan
encouraging even more. As Alan completed his ejaculation, Kevin dropped
flat to his stomach on the bed, Alan atop him, his softening cock still
buried, and they lay thus for several minutes as they regained their
breathing, pulse and sexual equilibrium.

       "Uhmmm-umm, good," Kevin moaned softly in satiated satisfaction.

       "Yeah," Alan agreed, kissing the back of Kevin's neck. "Uh, Kev?"


       "Uh, do you, uh, think you can, uh, do me tonight? Or do I have to

       "Oh, I think I can manage."

       And so he could. A few minutes later, as Alan spread the
lubricant, on Kevin's hard penis, he almost had second thoughts. Kevin was
enough larger that he had some concern for the possibility of physical
pain, but his desire to experience what Kevin had experienced and to bring
to Kevin the same intense pleasure that Kevin had given him was so great
that he suppressed his trepidation. As he assumed his position on hands
and elbows and Kevin spread the vaseline in his crevice and around his
sphincter, however, Kevin himself expressed some fear.

       "Look, Alan, I-I'm maybe a little bit too big. I don't want to
hurt you."

       "Please, Kev, I want it."

       Kevin placed himself between Alan's legs and guided his large, hard
cock to what now appeared to be a tiny opening. At the entrance, he
hesitated and then gently thrust forward. There was resistance and he

       "No, Kevin. Please! Do it. I want it."

       Kevin thrust with more force and succeeded in making entry.
"Unghh!" Alan grunted, and Kevin stopped again. "No, no. Please. I'm
okay," Alan pleaded. Kevin pressed, and now that the entry was made, his
hard penis slid in much more easily. Alan's ring of sphincter muscle
tightened and relaxed spasmodically, bringing intense pleasure to Kevin.
Alan was making sounds of mixed discomfort and pleasure. "Ungh! Ohhh.
Yes! Ungh! All of it, Kev. I want all of your beautiful cock inside me!
Ungh! Oh, yeahhh." Finally Kevin was fully imbedded. They began the same
rhythm of thrusting and rocking, as Kevin fucked Alan with more and more
abandon and Alan eagerly received it with as much abandon. Kevin was now
over Alan's back, embracing his waist and chest, his hands moving rapidly
over the chest and nipples and stomach and pubis of his lover as he thrust
back and forth with increasing speed and force and his cock sliding in and
out of the tight enclosure as Alan's sphincter muscle alternately tightened
and relaxed massaging his hardness to the point of almost unbearable
ecstasy. He held back his orgasm as long as possible in order to prolong
the experience. Alan was now almost babbling, "Oh, oh, oh. Yes, yes, yes.
Oh, baby, your filling me up. Fill me up. Oh, ahhh. Kevin, I love it! I
love your cock in me! Fuck me. Ohhh, Kev, fuck me!"

       Finally, Kevin could hold back no longer. His cock stiffened and
seemed to swell, and he felt a familiar jabbing ache in his loins. As he
rammed his rock hard penis into Alan's rectum, his semen, so long under the
pressure of his delay, shot forth into Alan in forceful spurts.

       "Ahhhh, Al there it is. I'm coming."

       "Yes! Yes! I can feel it splashing hot inside me. Ohhhh! I want
your come in me! Ahhh, Kev you're filling me up."

       Finally, the ejaculation was complete and Kevin withdrew and held
Alan in arms as Alan kissed him in passionate fulfillment. During the
night, however, they both felt their sheets becoming wet with semen and got
up and showered together, washing the come from one another's buttocks,
genitals and thighs.


       Kevin was in the cafeteria eating breakfast with Kyle Bishop, one
of the dorm jocks, and waiting for Alan before having his second cup of
coffee. He saw Alan enter the cafeteria, look around and give him a wave
before heading over. As he approached, Kevin possessively took note of his
dark haired handsomeness, sultry brown eyes, clear skin and his athletic
physiques. He remembered their love-making the night before and was
stunned by the sudden wave of tenderness that washed over him. He had to
remember where he was in order to restrain himself from getting up and
meeting him with an embrace and kiss.

       Alan approached with a carefully slow, rolling gate. Kyle grinned
at him, "Whatsa matter, Al? You walk like you've got a corn cob up your

       Alan smiled superficially at him. "Well, not exactly a corn cob,
Kyle. But how did you know what that was like? Is this something you do
often with corn cobs?"

       Kyle laughed in appreciation, and Kevin couldn't stop himself from
joining in, as much because of how closely Kyle had come to the truth as
for Alan's wit. After Kyle had left them and Alan had gotten his
breakfast, Kevin whispered, "I'm sore, too. I could hardly walk at first
this morning."

       "There's only solution," Alan whispered back. "Practice! What say
we skip class and go back to the room."

       "Love to, but can't. I'm game for a nooner though."

       "Noon it is. Did you see David or Ben about supper?"

       "Yeah. Its on. Seven o'clock. That okay?"

       "Yeah. That'll give us about six hours."


       "Not bragging, just stating facts."

       They did, in fact, spend about two hours in slow, leisurely sexual
petting and foreplay and then comfortably and slowly fucked each other in
the ass before taking a couple of hours' nap.

* * *

       They drove over to Lyme in Kevin's Mercedes. One of the
principal's in a large New York investment banking firm had been the best
friend of Kevin's father and had given him a key to his lodge and asked to
him to check on it periodically.

       "He comes up for a month in the summer and couple of times to ski
in the winter. Someone does all the yard work and house maintenance, but
Walt wanted someone he knew to check on things."

       Kevin's mother and father had been killed in a plane crash when he
was eleven, and there was only a very elderly, remote grandmother. Kevin
was the sole beneficiary of a trust fund valued at over a two hundred
million dollars of a Fortune 100 company's common stock and half again as
much in other investments, and, since he had few demands upon it, it kept
growing in value at the rate of about seven and a half million a year. In
fact all of them except Ben were from wealthy families. Alan's father was
the managing partner of one of the major New York law firms, and David's
mother was an enormously popular singer and actress. David's father had
been a quarter Cherokee, a quarter black, half white pro football star who
had killed himself within a year after his career was ended by a mangled
knee. Ben's father was a country doctor in North Carolina, and in other
company he doubtless would have been considered well off.

       After an excellent meal at the Lyme Inn, they drove a few miles
into the New Hampshire mountains to the lodge of Kevin's godfather. It was
pseudo rustic with all the amenities - large great room with fireplace and
bar, three bedrooms with king-sized beds and private baths, a large gourmet
kitchen and dining area, a swimming pool and a quaint gazebo with hot tub.

       "I've come up a couple of Saturdays to study during finals but
really haven't been here much otherwise. Really should though. Its real
nice and I have an open okay to use it anytime I like."

       They toured the house and grounds. The pool was closed, but they
discovered that the hot tub was active.

       Alan said, "I sure wouldn't mind sitting in that hot tub for a

       Kevin looked at him quickly and grinned. "Me, either. Want to
give it a try? It should only take about half an hour for it to get hot."

       "I'm game," David answered, and Ben nodded. Kevin turned the
heater on and they returned to the house. A fire was set, and Kevin turned
on the starter. It was soon burning cozily.

       "Look. If you guys would like, we can stay here tonight instead of
going back to the dorm, especially since tomorrow's Saturday and no
classes. I'll drive down to Lyme to the convenience store and get some
eggs and bacon and stuff for breakfast."

       David and Ben shot each other quick inquiring looks and nodded in
assent together.

       Kevin led Ben and David to one of the large bedrooms which would be
theirs for the night. Kevin checked the sheets and found the bed fully
dressed with fresh sheets and blankets. He and Alan checked out the master
bedroom and found it also prepared for guests. In the master bedroom,
there was a big entertainment center with a giant screen TV and a locked
cabinet beneath it. Kevin tried the small key on the ring his dad's friend
had given him. The cabinet was stocked with a large collection of
videocassettes, most of them apparently pornographic.

       "Hey guys! I think we've found some entertainment. We'll take a
watch when I get back, okay."

       Alan wanted to ride down with him in case there was any difficulty
on the mountain road. On the way back after stocking up on groceries,
Kevin said wistfully, "This is great. I wish it were just you and I,

       "We'll be able to do anything we want tonight, Al."

       "Yeah, but I'd like to do the hot tub without clothes. Sure would
help my tender ass hole."

       "Hmmm. That's right. Look, I don't see why we shouldn't. They're
guys and they're our friends."

       "Yeah," Alan muttered, "but can I keep my hands off you and my dick

       The hot tub was ready when they returned. They stored the
groceries, and Kevin turned to David and Ben, "Look none of us have any
trunks, so if its just the same to you, we'll do the hot tub in the

       David and Ben looked at each other and nodded in agreement.

       As they undressed in their room, Alan said to Kevin, "Have you
noticed how David and Ben glance each other and cue each other on every
decision that's been made tonight?"

       "You and I do the same thing, Al."

       "Yeah, now. But I don't think we did before we were . . ."

       "Lovers?" Kevin asked when Al hesitated. "That's okay, Alan.
That's how I think of us, too. I have to keep reminding myself to say
'roommate' and 'best friend' to other people."

       "Am I your best friend, Kev?"

       "You have been since about a week after we started rooming
together. That's . . . that's part of what makes all this so complete.
But, look, Al, I've been wondering. Do you think Dave and Ben are, uh, you
know, making it together? Like us?"

       Alan was stopped short by the thought, but it made a lot of other
things fit together. Their silent glances at one another. How solicitous
they were of another. "You know, Kev, that may just be it."

       "Let's watch them, Al, and see. Oh, I don't mean spy, but watch
how they act with that thought in mind."

       "Well, what's it to us if they are?"

       "Nothing, really, but it may be handy information to have."

       They met in the great room, towels wrapped around their waists.
"We'd better run for hot tub, fellas," David said, "its really chilly out

       They were in such a hurry to get into the swirling hot water that
they barely had a chance to catch more than a glimpse of each other's
nakedness, but once in the tub with its underwater lights, they fairly
openly sized up everyone in the distortion of the clear bubbling water.
The three white boys - or at least Kevin and Alan - were probably most
intrigued by David's skin, the color of double cream milk chocolate, but
they failed to understand that David found them unique as well. He was
most impressed by Kevin's large penis, clearly the champ of the crowd.

       Alan had tried several different positions but none were what he
had hoped. Finally, he threw caution to the winds and spreading his legs
and hooking his heels over the ledge, he placed his anus about six or eight
inches from one of the jets. He smiled in satisfaction and nodded to Kevin
who, shortly afterwards, took a similar position in front of another jet.

       "What's with you guys?" Ben asked, "got the red ass about
something?" He giggled at his own wit.

       "Yeah, you might say that," Alan replied. "But, see here, you
ought to try this. Its nice."

       David and Ben, curious, tried it and smiled. "It is good," Ben
conceded. "Kinda erotic, but it sure does feel good."

       "Erotic? How so?" Kevin hadn't realized until that moment that it

       "Oh, I don't know, but it just feels good." He looked at David
inquiringly and smiled when David gave him a smile of agreement.

       Afterwards, they all went back into the master bedroom, and Kevin
displayed the erotic film collection. They were in their underwear, now,
all white jockey briefs except David who sported white low slung, contour
pouch bikinis. They took some cassettes to the bed and looked through
them. They agreed on two cassettes and put one in. It was two guys and
one girl, all very attractive. In their own minds, however, they were
somewhat more interested in the guys and their genitals than in the woman.
Most of the scenes were of various scenarios of two on one. In one, they
lay in a circle and one guy ate the girl's pussy while she sucked the other
guy's cock. The thing was that the other guy was sucking the first guy's
cock. They were propped up four across the king sized bed, and Ben was the
first to casually put a pillow in his lap.

       Alan had been looking through the other cassettes they had brought
from the cabinet, and when the first tape was done, he said, "Here's one
that says 'Walt and Keith'. Let's look at that one." Kevin wanted to
protest, but he acceded, feeling only a little bit ashamed at his invasion
of his friend's privacy.

       The "Walt" of the title was obviously Kevin's friend. The film had
been shot in this very room. Keith was a young seventeen or eighteen year
old. Kevin didn't tell anyone it was his second cousin, the grandson of
his grandmother's brother. He watched curiously.

       Walt and Keith came in the pool door in dripping wet swim trunks.
Walt caught Keith by the arm and kissed him tenderly. Keith placed his
hand down the front of Walt's swim trunks. Walt pulled the trunks down
Keith's legs and he stepped out. Keith pulled Walt's trunks off, too, and
they stood naked admiring each other. Both were well built although Walt
was in his mid to late forties and had a few grey hairs. He sat Keith on
the edge of the bed and brought the fresh, young penis to an erection by
manipulation, and then he sucked him off to ejaculation. Keith then pulled
Walt on to the bed and crawled between his legs and sucked Walt until he
was rampantly erect. Then he withdrew and admired the beautiful cock,
perhaps as large as Kevin's. He then sucked in earnest until Walt came in
his mouth. They then lay on bed and kissed for a while, handling each
other lovingly. There were zoom shots and the camera moved to various
angles, so Kevin concluded that there had to have been a photographer.
He'd thought at first that the camcorder was set up on a tri-pod.

       As the movie concluded, they all had pillows in their laps. Ben's
hand, however, had unobtrusively slid under David's pillow.

       Kevin thought for a moment, then risked it. "You guys have got
something going, haven't you?"

       "No more than you and Alan," David replied. "Hell, Kevin, you and
Alan have been living behind locked doors for a couple weeks. But there
was one time you didn't lock your door. About two, two and a half weeks
ago, you guys came in pissed. I came down twenty minutes or so afterwards
and came in. The door wasn't locked. You guys need to be careful about
that! Kevin, you were sucking Alan's cock with such concentration that you
weren't aware of anything else. And, Alan, you were so close to
ejaculation, the building could have fallen and you wouldn't have noticed."

       Alan and Ben were both stunned, but Kevin remained calm. He even
smiled a little and shook his head.

       Ben said, "Alan and Kevin! Dave, do you know what you're talking
about?" But one look at Alan's pale face and then the rising flush was
enough to confirm it.

       Kevin, sure now of David's and Ben's relationship, was not so
concerned, and he started laughing softly. "How long, Dave? How long have
you and Ben been getting it on?"

       "Couple of days." David didn't much want to talk now. Somehow he
felt he'd betrayed something. He wished he'd kept his mouth shut.

       Ben had raised his knees toward his chest and was hugging the
pillow in his lap.

       "I'm sorry, Ben. I should have kept my mouth shut," David said.

       "Don't worry, Ben. Alan and I obviously aren't going to tell
anyone." Kevin said.

       "Its not just that. In a funny sort of way I don't feel ashamed.
A part of me doesn't mind other people knowing. Its just that I've hardly
had a chance to get used to it myself, and now others know before I even
understand it myself." All of them were silent at that. Each of them
could identify with what Ben was saying.

       Kevin said, "Listen, Ben, you, too, David. I want to get something
straight. Dave, that night was the first time for either Alan or me. I
don't know, maybe I'd had subconscious thoughts. But they didn't emerge
until that night. We were both a little drunk. Afterwards, I was
miserable. As much because I really had enjoyed it as because of what it
told me about myself, but most of all because of what I was afraid Alan
would think of me. I didn't go to class for two days and I hid from Alan.
I must've spent hours talking to Dr. Chatham about what had happened. I
even thought about killing myself." He saw Alan's stricken look and
reached across and stroked his cheek affectionately. "I was packing to
move out two days later when Alan came in. He told me he didn't hate me,
that he'd enjoyed it, too, and that he wanted to keep on with it. So we've
kept on with it. I know that sexually I feel more complete than I ever
have with any woman. . . . And Alan doesn't know it because I haven't told
him, yet. And, I should have, Al, I'm sorry. But I love him - not just as
sexual partner but as my best friend and not just as my best friend but as
my sexual partner."

       "Kev, I . . ." Alan turned toward Kevin and kissed him deeply, not
caring about the witnesses. "I-I love you, but I've been afraid to tell
you because I was afraid of what you'd think of me."

       "So, look, you guys," Kevin's voice was cracking with suppressed
feelings, "why don't you just go into your room for a while. Alan and I
have got some things to sort out."

       Ben and David left quietly, touched and wondering.

       When they had left, Kevin looked at Alan. "Is it true, Al, or did
you just feel you had to say that to help me out?"

       Alan embraced him and kissed his brimming eyes softly. "Its true,
Kev. I think I've loved you that way since we became friends. I used to
think that if I could just touch you or find some way to be near you, you
know? Just lay with you and be close, that'd be enough, but I know now
what I was really longing for. Do you realize how improbably fortunate we
were to get assigned to the same room and to circumstances work together as
they did?"

       "Yeah. I feel so happy and lucky. . . . Of course, you know we've
got to make love, don't you? How will it be, sucking or fucking?"

       "I want it to be that like that first night, only I want to give
voice to what was in my mind and heart."

       They got up and Alan removed his underwear and stood with it in his
hand. Kevin removed his briefs but got his foot caught and began to hop
about the room. Passing Alan, Alan grasped his arm and Kevin clutched at
Alan's arm. They fell to the floor in a heap, Alan atop Kevin.

       "Get off me, you big cow!"

       "Big cow! You klutz! I was trying to keep you from falling!"

       Kevin pushed at him and, in some magical movement, had reversed the
position and sat atop Alan, straddling his hips and holding his wrists to
the floor. He was laughing softly and lovingly, and Alan laughed at his
helpless situation but in the joy of sure knowledge, now.

       Slowly, their laughter died as Kevin became conscious of Alan's
pubic hair and hardening penis pressing into his buttocks and as Alan gazed
lovingly, possessively at Kevin's testicles and his large, beautiful penis
laying across his stomach. Kevin looked solemnly into Alan's eyes, and
Alan returned his gaze with the same solemnity. Still holding Alan's
wrists, Kevin lowered his face to Alan's and kissed him.

       Alan yielded his lips and then began to return the kiss. Kevin
slid his arms under Alan's arms across his upper back and cupped the back
of his head with his palms. His lips opened against Alan's, and Alan
opened his in eager response. Their tongues began to stroke one another.

       As Kevin moved to stretch on top of Alan's supine body, Alan
stopped him. "No, Kev, what I wanted to say is this. Please don't move.
I've seen you naked all year, and I've wanted to touch your penis and now
there it is laying on my stomach, staring me in the eye. Please, may I
touch it."

       "Yeah," Kevin said thrusting his hips towards him. "I'd like

       Alan reached out and touched Kevin's large penis and stroked it
softly. He placed his hands on Kevin's ass and pulled him up his body
until Kevin was actually astride his chest, Kevin's knees pressing into his
armpits. Alan reached into the nearby lounge chair for a couple of throw
pillows and placed them under his head. "Kevin, I want you in my mouth. I
know you may despise me for it, but I want it so much I can't keep silent
about it."

       "I won't despise you, Al. I'd like it." Alan grasped it and began
to move the skin back forth in his gentle fist. When it was fully erect,
he raised his head from the pillows and pulled Kevin's hips toward his
lips. Kevin's taste and scent were, of course, intimately familiar to
Alan, but he put himself back two and half weeks earlier when it was still
uncharted territory. There was small drop of semen on the pouting,
reddened lips at the opening on tip of Kevin's cockhead, and Alan removed
it with his tongue and rolled it on his tongue and lips.

       "Nectar," he whispered, and then, pulling Kevin's buttocks toward
him he took the head of Kevin's cock into his mouth sucking and licked
wetly and pulled Kevin into his salivating mouth. Kevin raised himself
erect on his knees and grasped handfuls of Alan's hair and began to thrust
in and out.

       "Oh, to think it might have been this way!" he groaned as Alan's
tongue stroked the bulge beneath his penis. Alan sucked harder, and
Kevin's cock got longer and harder and seemed to swell to fill Alan's

       "Alan, I'm gonna come!" And Alan sucked harder, pulling Kevin to
him as delicious jets of sweet come flooded his mouth. Alan continued to
nurse on the softening penis and pulled all traces of come from Kevin.

       Afterwards, Kevin lay atop Alan and slid down his body toward a
position between Alan's legs, kissing and flicking each erect nipple with
his tongue.

       Alan's hardening penis rubbed against Kevin's stomach as Kevin kept
sliding down the length of his body. Now he was between his legs and his
lips and tongue were pressing into his navel. He was kissing his pubic
hair, and then his head was poised above his erect penis. Kevin glanced up
Alan's body and looked at him inquiringly. Alan assented with an eager

       There was a small pearl of semen standing at the mouth of the
urethra at the tip of Alan's cock, and Kevin experimentally touched it with
his tongue. It had a pleasantly clean, salty sweet taste. He held the
base of Alan's erection within a ring of his thumb and forefinger. He
opened his mouth and covered Alan's smooth, gleaming cockhead with his
mouth, swirling his smooth wet tongue around the circumference and across
the top of the smooth, sensitive skin. He began to slide his lips down the
swollen, hard flesh. He stroked the underside of Alan's penis with his
tongue and felt the hard flesh flex in his mouth in response as his lips
slid lower. His nose was in Alan's thick pubic growth and he inhaled his
musky male scent as the head of Alan's cock throbbed urgently in the back
of his mouth, pressing against his throat. He slid his lips back up and
greedily swirled his tongue over and around the head of Alan's cock again
and began to slip his moist lips lower. Involuntarily, Alan thrust
forward, and after a few more strokes they developed a synchronous rhythm.
Alan's hands were in his hair, stroking and grasping as Kevin's lips and
tongue stroked up and down the wetly gleaming shaft. Alan's hips rose from
the floor and thrust deeply. Kevin could feel the flesh in his mouth
lengthen and become harder. It throbbed insistently and began jerk

       "Kevin, I'm coming. I can't help it. Aagh! Here it is! I'm
coming now!"

       Kevin felt his mouth flooded with a hot spurting stream of thick
semen, and he swallowed eagerly and rapidly and continued to suck and
swallow greedily until he had gotten the last traces.

       Afterwards, as they lay in bed in each other's arms, Alan said,
"That's the way it should have been. That's what I wanted it but was too
scared to follow through on. If I had, you wouldn't have been so ashamed
and suffered so much for that two days."

       "Shhhh. Its okay. It was all worth it for this."

       Before they fell asleep that night, they had a long serious
discussion and, coming to agreement on the subject, they fell asleep in a
tangled embrace.


       At breakfast the following morning, Kevin broached the subject.

       "Look, we've all just finished mid-terms and don't have anything
pressing. Why don't we stay up this weekend? Walt said he'd like me and
my friends to use this place."

       Dave and Ben looked at one another and nodded in agreement. "Suits
us," Ben said.

       "Uh, one other thing," Kevin said. "We know that you two have been
getting it on with each other. Wait! Let me finish. Its okay. As you've
guessed, so have Alan and I. What we've been thinking is why don't we swap
up this weekend. Neither of one of us has been with anyone but each other,
and both of us would like to try both of you."

       Dave had been shocked at the suggestion, but as Kevin continued, he
became intrigued and looked inquiringly at Ben. Ben had a gleam in his
eye. He smiled at Dave and nodded.

       "But what about you and Alan. Don't you guys have something

       "Yeah," said Alan, smiling tenderly at Kevin. "But we've talked
about this and both of us understand and agree. This won't change what we
have between us."

       "But who? How?" asked Ben.

       "We'll draw straws this morning and then swap out this afternoon.
Alan and I will be together tonight and you guys probably want to do the

       Kevin and Ben drew each other, and they retired to the master
bedroom while Dave and Alan went into the room where Ben and Dave had
stayed the night before.

       Ben and Kevin, behind the closed door of the master bedroom, looked
at one another. They were about the same size and build and coloring and
found that intriguing. Both of them were barefooted and wearing their
slacks and tee shirts. They moved close to one another uncertainly and

       Then Kevin smiled at Ben. "Hell, we know what's going to happen.
Why are we waiting?" Relieved, Ben smiled in response. Kevin stepped
close and pulled Ben's tee shirt over his head, and Ben mimicked the rite.
Kevin undid the clasp at the waistband of Ben's trousers and slid the
zipper down. Ben's loose fitting trousers dropped around his feet and he
stepped out of them. Kevin gazed at his body and genitals approvingly, and
Ben stepped close to him. Undoing the waistband and sliding the zipper of
Kevin's trousers down, the fly of Kevin's hip huggers flapped open
revealing his pubic growth. Ben knelt and began to slide them over his
hips. As Kevin's penis was exposed to Ben's sight, his eyes grew large and
he whispered, "Gosh!" and pushed the trousers to the floor.

       Kevin's cock was swollen and lengthened to its full size in
anticipation but had not become erect. Ben reverently lifted a hand to
touch it and stroke it, and it moved beneath his touch. Hypnotized he
leaned toward it and pressed his face against Kevin's genitals and pubic
growth. Grasping the shaft of the large cock with one hand he lifted it to
his waiting lips. He captured the still soft flesh in his lips and licked
and sucked as he moved his lips to the base and pressed his lips against
Kevin's pelvis. He felt it becoming hard in mouth as he slid his sucking
lips back to the end of the shaft. He removed it from his mouth and,
holding it in both hands, examined its length.

       "Awesome!" he breathed, looking up at Kevin. He licked his lips
and slid them over the helmeted head of Kevin's beautifully erect cock and
licked wetly and slowly over its entire surface. Still holding it in his
hand, he again removed Kevin's wetly gleaming cock from his mouth and
rubbed the cockhead against his lips. He opened his mouth and his tongue
snaked out to lick the tiny pouting lips of the small opening of Kevin's
urethra at the tip of his cock and then he gently caressed the area just
under the cockhead with his smooth, wet tongue, tickling gently. Kevin's
cock jerked once and a small stream of come dropped onto Ben's tongue
before Kevin tightened his muscles to suppress premature ejaculation. Ben
licked the minispurt of semen from Kevin's urethra and sucked the small
amount at the tip from the hard flesh. His lips slid forward and engulfed
the whole length. Kevin's hands were on his head, and Ben avidly moved his
lips up and down the large shaft, squeezing and stroking Kevin's firm,
round ass as he did so.

       Kevin rapidly turned his body around so that he lay on his side
next to Ben, his face in close proximity to Ben's swollen cock. Ben
momentarily lost Kevin's cock from between his lips in the maneuver but
greedily recaptured it as he sucked hungrily on the wonderfully beautiful
flesh. Kevin captured Ben's now stiffly swollen shaft between his lips and
sucked the 6-1/2" cock into his throat. Hands around the other's buttocks,
squeezing and caressing, lips and tongue voraciously sucking and stroking,
pelvises thrusting their cocks passionately as their cocks sought the
deepest recesses of the other's throat, their eyes squeezed shut in the
passion of the moment, they did not hear the door open as Dave and Alan
entered the room.

       Dave took up a position behind Kevin and Alan behind Ben.
Lubricating their rampantly erect cocks with KY jelly, they lay on their
sides and nudged their cockheads into the crevice of the two asses before
them. Kevin's and Ben's eyes sprang open as each spied what was afoot
behind his "soixante-neuf" partner. As the hard cocks sought, found and
then penetrated their anuses, they began to buck more widely at the double
assault. The room was filled with heavy breathing, grunts of passion and
delight, the slurpy squishing sound as cocks pumped at insatiable anal and
oral orifices. Ben was the first to feel the hot cum churning from his
deepest pleasure point up through the seminal channel in his testicles and
into his cock as it spilled in violent jets into Kevin's mouth. As if it
were a signal, Kevin came copiously into Ben's throat and Alan and Dave
spilled hot semen deep into the bowels of their two partners.

       Finally sated, the four lay back in a tangle of bodies and limbs,
breathing in gasps and feebly stroking the flesh nearest them as the room
was filled with the passionate odors of sweat and semen.


       Kevin drove up to the large, rambling four story Victorian house
with a sense of anticipation. School was out, and he had the whole summer
before him. No better way to start than a couple of weeks at Uncle
Daniel's summer place in Hyannisport. He'd never been much for family
gatherings, but he'd approached this one with a sense of anticipation, and
his grandmother was pleased at his patent enthusiasm.

       Uncle Daniel, his grandmother's brother, did this every June. His
descendants and grandmother's descendants under one roof for four days.
Over thirty people. But he'd arranged things nicely. He knew it would be
crowded, even in Uncle Daniel's twenty-eight room house, and he'd suggested
to grandmother that she assign him and Keith to an out of the way fourth
floor bedroom that they'd used as children. She was so pleased with his
enthusiasm for the gathering that not only had she complied, she'd had the
room painted and refurnished at her own expense. Kevin silently
acknowledged the usefulness of wealth in matters of comfort and

       . . . And other things as well. He'd felt somewhat sheepish about
hiring the private investigation agency and had warded off curiosity and
explanations of his request by doubling the quoted fee and hinting at a
potential retainer. The PI had obviously looked into him and his
background before the appointment because, at their first meeting, he'd
fawned over Kevin, and his three hundred million dollar net worth, to an
embarrassing extent.

       After the introductions and small talk for a few minutes, Kevin
posed the engagement. He wanted a report on the sex lives and medical
history of three people. Walter O'Herlihey, his godfather and investment
manager and also the owner of the mountain lodge in New Hampshire. Keith
Dunstan, his second cousin. And Jonathan Boudoin, a young English
professor at his school. When the PI had displayed curiosity, he'd simply
stated that he would double the fee for the added service of no questions.

       "Mr. Axelrod, I want to know sexual preferences, specific
encounters, health condition and, specifically, HIV status, venereal
diseases, frequency of encounters and, if possible, identities of

       Axelrod had looked at him curiously and had opened his mouth to
question him and then closed it.

       He'd gotten the final report this morning before driving up to
Hyannisport and found it interesting. Walt was divorced (he knew that) and
was a discreet bisexual. His male encounters were relatively infrequent,
monogamous and tended to be long lasting. He was HIV negative and venereal
disease clean. Axelrod noted that he had tests quarterly, probably because
of his infrequent homosexual encounters. He had two names, one of them

       Keith apparently had had only the one homosexual relationship with
Walt. He had a girl friend at the University of Virginia and he'd been
having regular sex with her for six months. Also free of HIV and venereal

       Professor Boudoin he'd thrown in on a whim. He apparently had
little or no sex life. He was extremely shy and spent most of his time
teaching, preparing to teach, reading and writing. No HIV or venereal
disease testing, and Axelrod had cleverly arranged a test at school a week
or so before under innocent circumstances. He was, as expected, disease

       There was more, and Kevin expected to study the entire report, but
that was the essential information for his immediate purposes.

* * *

       His grandmother came on to the veranda to meet him as exited the
car and the servants commandeered his luggage.

       "Kevin! I hope your drive up was pleasant."

       "Yes, ma'am, thanks," he said, stooping to kiss her on the cheek.
"Am I the last one?"

       "Oh, no. About the middle. Your roommate, Keith, isn't here yet.
Some of your cousins are at the pool."

       "Good! I'll change and join them."

       As he climbed the four flights of stairs to his room, he examined
the layout. Apparently, he and Keith were the sole occupants of the fourth
floor at this point. He was pleased but decided that it really didn't
matter since there were only two bedrooms on opposite sides of the house.
The remainder of the fourth floor was taken up with a large game and TV
room and several storage rooms. He remembered playing there as a child,
the storage rooms were filled with furniture, some of it antique, and boxes
and steamer trunks stacked floor to ceiling with narrow pathways winding
through the densely packed rooms.

       He was pleased with what his grandmother had done to the room he
would be occupying. It was quite large with a sitting area at one end and
sleeping at the other, separated by folding French doors. There was a
spacious dual sink bath with a shower and jacuzzi that made Kevin's
imagination race with the possibilities. The sleeping area had been
outfitted with new furniture. Two canopied queen-sized beds with a dark
blue and ivory motif, and two matching highboys and wardrobes. A ceiling
fan in both the sleeping area and the sitting area promised to keep the
warm air stirring. Kevin turned the fans on and directed the servants as
his bags were unpacked and his clothing put away in one of the highboys and
one of the wardrobes.

       When the servants had left, he stripped and changed into a new
sunburst bathing suit. He examined himself in a floor length mirror on the
back of the door of his wardrobe. He approved of some of the changes that
had been wrought in his physique. Alan and Dave had gotten him and Ben
into working out with them at the school training facility. While Kevin
had been in good shape and muscular, he'd never had go-get'em, bona fide
macho muscles, but the weight lifting and squash had built just the right
amount of bulk and had added chiseled definition. He'd gained about ten
pounds without adding any girth in embarrassing places. Stooping, he
pushed his swimming trunks to his feet and took stock. His waist was still
flat and narrow, but his pectorals, shoulders, arms and legs rippled with
corded muscles. He looked with satisfaction at the muscle fibers in his
chest and shoulders beneath his smooth, tan skin and the hard curves and
chiseled definition of his biceps and forearms and his thighs and calves.

       His cock hadn't needed any exercise, of course, but he was pleased
that he had been using the tanning bed at Walt's mountain lodge in the
nude. There were no tan lines, his pelvis and buttocks being as tan as his
torso and limbs. He stood sideways to the mirror and examined his
buttocks: not bigger, but firmer and more muscular. He pulled his trunks
up and tucked his penis and testicles into the swim suit liner in such a
way that it was casually and evidently displayed without permitting the
charge of unseemliness. He liked the baggy, volley length fit if the
trunks. The drape set of the bulge of his genitals while appearing to try
to hide them.

       Before going down to the pool, on impulsive inspiration, he turned
down the bed across from his and poured a large glass of water over the
sheets in the middle of the bed and remade the bed.

       He was greeted warmly by his cousins, first and second, at the
pool. Some of them had dates and he was introduced around. He noticed
some of the girls, including some of his cousins, eyeing him speculatively.
He joined in a game of water tag for several minutes and enjoyed the
physical activity. His seventeen year old first cousin, named Kieran but
known to all as Kiwi, played competitively but still looked to Kevin as his
idol as he had since Kevin was fifteen. Kevin was impressed at how much
he'd grown and was vaguely surprised that he would be a senior at Groton
next year.

       When they finished their game, Kevin climbed from the pool and
stood dripping as he dried his torso. The water had, as expected, made the
thin supplex nylon of his loose fitting trunks more transparent and they
clung to him revealingly.

       He saw that Keith had arrived and sat with his sister, Margaret.
He walked over to greet him and stood before them to chat. He saw that
Margaret could hardly tear her eyes from the outline of his genitals
beneath thin wet fabric and kept glancing back to it.

       "So! Meg! You graduated from Wellesley this year. What're you
going to be doing now?"

       "Paris! The Sorbonne for a year. How is Dartmouth?"

       "Great! I love it."

       "Keith? UVA? I wish you would've come to Dartmouth with me."

       "Great. But, I dunno, I sort of wish I'd gone to Dartmouth, too.
I love the country up there. I've even thought of trying to transfer.
What do you think of my chances?"

       "I dunno. I know some guys who have, but I don't think it's that
easy. How were your grades at UVA?"

       "Three six."

       "Gee, that's great." He decided he wouldn't mention his own three
eight unless directly asked. "I'll bet they'd take you in a heartbeat with
that and what with Uncle Daniel's being an alumnus and having been a
trustee of the Tuck Foundation."

       "I might give it try." At that moment his own eyes lit upon
Kevin's crotch, and he froze transfixed. He looked up at Kevin and met
Kevin's solemn stare looking down at him. Keith blushed deeply at having
been caught looking and captivated.

       About that time, one of the servants came and told all the cousins
that supper was ready on the back lawn.

       After supper there was a band and dancing for the younger crowd.
Kevin stayed until about eleven. He'd never had a chance to change from
his swim trunks, and most of the girls wanted to dance with him. Some of
them, including some of his cousins, pressed closely against his pelvis.

       Before going upstairs, he walked over to Keith. "Well, Keith, I
guess you know that we're roomies on the fourth floor. Is your stuff

       "Should be, but I haven't checked yet. You going up? I'll be up
in a minute to check things out."

       When Keith arrived, Kevin had just stepped from the shower and was
drying off. Keith's eyes dropped to his exposed male nakedness and quickly
glanced away. "Gosh!" he thought, "What a body! Where did he ever get
that?" Kevin was aware of Keith's embarrassed interest and decided to
leave himself uncovered since he usually slept nude anyhow. They carried
on small talk about common friends' activities and their own plans for the
summer. Keith kept glancing surreptitiously at Kevin's nakedness and was
becoming more and more nervous and preoccupied.

       Finally, Keith stripped to his briefs and went into the bathroom to
shower. The comforters had been removed from their beds and the covers had
been turned back for sleep. It was a warm night, and Kevin turned back the
blanket over the foot rail of his bed and slipped between the sheets. When
Keith emerged from the bathroom, a towel around his waist, Kevin was
propped up and reading a novel.

       Keith glanced at him and walked over. "What're you reading?"

       "New Pat Conroy novel. It's great."

       "I wondered if you still wore glasses. I haven't seen you wearing
them tonight."

       "Started wearing contacts, but my eyes were getting tired and I
took them out." Kevin took stock of Keith as he lingered at the side of
his bed. "Good looking," he thought, "Has the family fairness, but a
little darker than me. Built very much like me pre-weight lifting. Good
shape and slender without being skinny. Hmmm! Not badly hung either!"

       Keith removed his towel and hung it on the bathroom door knob and
walked across to his bed. Kevin covertly examined Keith's nicely sized,
good looking cock as he walked across to his own bed. He pretended to
read, awaiting with nervousness the unfolding of events.

       Keith slipped beneath the turned down covers and almost immediately
jumped out of bed.

       "Geez. My bed's wet!"


       "Yeah. Oh, hell! Everyone will have gone to the servants'
quarters. How'd my bed get wet?"

       "Must've been an accident while they were preparing the room and no
one knew about it. Is it very wet?"

       "Yeah! Come see."

       Kevin got out of bed and walked across. Keith was so preoccupied
that he didn't even glance at Kevin's nudity. Kevin felt the bed.

       "Gosh! It's really wet." He bent over to smell it. "Doesn't
smell. I think it's just water."

       Keith had not even thought to wonder about the source of the
wetness, but Kevin's remark focused his attention on that issue.

       "Gee," he said plaintively. "I can't sleep on that. What am I
going to do?"

       "Well, you can share with me. They're queen sized beds and there's
plenty of room. They can dry it and change linens tomorrow."

       "You don't mind?"

       "No, but bring your pillows. I usually sleep on two."

       Keith retrieved his pillows and slipped into the other side of
Kevin's bed. Kevin continued to read for a few minutes and then pretended
to fall asleep, letting the book drop to his stomach.

       A few minutes after that, Keith spoke softly, "Kev? You awake?"
Kevin continued to breath deeply and regularly. Keith slipped from his
side of the bed and tiptoed around to Kevin and gently removed his glasses
and book and placed them on the bedside table. He hesitated a moment and
then his fingers lightly stroked Kevin's chest and stomach, relishing the
hardness of the musculature. Keith softly touch the sheet covering Kevin's
cock and balls, and Kevin had to restrain himself not to react to the
touch. Emboldened, Keith lightly wrapped his fingers around the large
fleshy member and softly stroked. Kevin allowed it to swell and lengthen
to the state of a half-erection. He looked through his lashes at Keith's
profile. His lips were parted and slightly slack, and his eyes were
drooping with desire. His own cock had become almost fully erect as he
covertly handled Kevin. After a moment, he frowned, shook his head as if
to clear it and returned to his side of the bed and slipped between the

       Kevin was acutely aware of Keith's tossing and turning as he tried
to sleep. He slid down to a more or less supine position, his shoulders
and head slightly raised by the stacked pillows, and thought about Keith's
touching him and his continued pretense of sleep during the episode. He
concluded that he had mishandled it. Keith's actions had clearly displayed
something more than mere curiosity, and since Keith's experience with other
males was limited, he probably had not a single thought of seduction in his
head. Kevin decided that if Keith did anything to invite reciprocity, he
would, indeed, reciprocate. With that decision, he further decided that
some prevenient reciprocity was in order, and he purposefully began
alternately to tighten and relax his prostate muscles. As his cock swelled
and began to become erect through this autoerotic exercise which he
accomplished without ever touching his own cock, he moaned softly as if in
the midst of an erotic dream and slightly rotated his pelvis in an almost
imperceptible thrusting motion.

       Keith turned his head at Kevin's muted moan and saw Kevin moving
his legs and hips restlessly. Then in the soft light from Kevin's bedside
table he saw the sheet rising into a small tent supported by his
impressively swelling and hardening male member. Almost by irresistible
impulse Keith turned to his side toward Kevin and edged closer. Slowly his
hand slid across the crisp sheet to Kevin's naked hip and into his lightly
curling pubes. The tips of his fingers lightly brushed the bare skin of
the now fully erect cock and lightly grasped it and slid the skin tightly
back down the shaft.

       "Keith?" Keith froze motionless for a moment and then looked at
him. Kevin was looking at him and smiling. His expression was almost

       "I was dreaming about you, and then I woke up and there you were.
It was a wonderful way to awaken. Keith, are you just toying with me? Are
you really interested or are you merely curious?"

       Keith took a deep breath and then committed himself. "Both, I

       "Wonderful!" Kevin whispered. He tossed the covering sheet to the
foot of the bed and turned to his side, facing Keith. His right hand
reached for Keith's cock and grasped it, stroking with his fingers. Keith
gasped, and his grasp on Kevin's swollen shaft became tighter, as he began
to stroke back and forth. Keith felt extremely excited holding Kevin's
huge cock. It was warm and throbbing in his hand. He'd never seen, much
less held such a large, beautiful cock. Walt's was awesome, and that was
what had caused Keith to succumb to his advances when he was seventeen, but
Kevin established new standards.

       He stopped stroking and grasped it around the base in the ring of
his thumb and forefinger and looked closely at it. The blond, curling
pubic hair was soft and grew to a peak in the middle trailing a thinning
line up to and past his navel. The shaft itself was a fresh, deep tan,
perfectly straight without curve or hook. The helmeted cockhead was a
slightly darker hue of the same color and was large, and the full swollen
curve of the corona flared gracefully around the bottom edge of the corona
of the cockhead. Keith stroked Kevin's testicles with his middle, ring and
little fingers, still holding the shaft around its base with his thumb and
forefinger. Like his own, Kevin's scrotum was a hairless and smooth pink
skin, and the testicles were a large, evenly matched egg shape. "Yes,"
Keith thought, "Walt's is nice, but Kevin's cock is magnificent." Keith
moved all five fingers to the erect member and grasped and stroked. "It
must be seven and half inches or better," Keith thought, "and just the
right circumference for male anatomical perfection." He desperately wanted
it in his mouth and wondered if Kevin's expectations included having
fellatio performed on him. "Well, there's only way to find out. Can't
stop myself now!"

       Keith felt himself salivating and licked his lips wetly. He pushed
Kevin gently on to his back and crawled between his legs. As he settled
himself on his stomach his head above the rampant erect, he glanced up at
Kevin's face and found him looking solemnly and expectantly at him. He
looked back at the beautiful penis and a little, glimmering drop of semen
that had formed on the dark pink lips of Kevin's urethra. He lowered his
lips and covered the small opening at the tip of Kevin's cock, wetly
licking and sucking the pre-ejaculation semen into his mouth, savoring the
rich, sweet flavor. Opening his lips wider he covered the helmet-shaped
cockhead and licked wetly over and around, moaning softly at the
satisfaction of entry. Since he had always been able to take Walt's entire
length, he felt that he'd be able also to take Kevin's, but he began to
form doubts as his lips wetly descended the shaft, and he felt the
throbbing head of Kevin's cock his the back of his mouth and the closure of
his throat with more than inch left. Nevertheless, he plunged his lips
downward, swallowed to open his throat, and was pleased when the swollen
head of Kevin's cock moved past the barrier and his lips pressed against
Kevin's pubes and his nose was buried in the softly curling blond pubic

       Keith pressed his tongue against the swollen tube traveling the
length of Kevin's shaft along the underside. He cut his eyes up Kevin's
stomach and chest and saw him looking at him, his mouth slightly open, his
tongue moistening his full lips and his eyes heavy-lidded. Keith slid his
lips back up the shaft, licking and stroking the underside with his wet,
lusting tongue. At the apex he paused, licking and sucking the head. He
felt Kevin's hands in his hair stroking and grasping, and plunge downward
again to be met with a slight thrusting motion of Kevin's hips. Kevin's
active participation ignited him and he began to suck harder, plunging his
lips and tongue up and down the hard cock. Kevin was now thrusting in and
out in perfect rhythm. It occurred to Keith that this was obviously not
the first time that Kevin had had his cock sucked.

       Kevin was consumed with the pleasure of having his desire
fulfilled. Keith's hands and fingers were stroking his testicles, combing
his pubic thatch, stroking his stomach, chest, hips and inner thighs. He
watched as his throbbing shaft thrust in and out of his cousin's wet,
greedy mouth. The erotic effect of the sight triggered an ache in his
loins and his cock lengthened and hardened.

       "Unhhh! I'm gonna come Keith. Aaghh! You want off? Or do you
want it all? Aaghh! Too late! I'm coming. Ahhh! Yes! Suck it, Keith!
Yeah, that's right. Press your tongue there! Ahhh, suck it!. Suck. Yes,
YES, YESSS! Aaghh!"

       If Keith could have answered, he would have begged for all of it.
He wanted to taste Kevin's come. He sucked harder as he felt the cock in
his mouth jerk and spasm and one long, extended spurt after the other shot
forcefully into his mouth. "Uhmmmm. Yeah. That's right. All of it. I
want it all. Ahhh, Kevin, fill me up." He thought - he hoped! - that
Kevin would never stop coming. There must have been more than a fourth of
cup of the male nectar. "Ohhh, so good! Tastes as good as he looks.
Ahhh, Kevin, where have you been all my life? Why couldn't we done this
for years." He continued to suck as Kevin's cock relaxed and became
softer. Finally - reluctantly - he let it slip from his lips with a wet,
slurping sound and began to lick his testicles and around the crevices of
his inner thighs.

       He climbed back up the bed to lay on his back beside Kevin as they
both sought to regain their equilibrium. After a few minutes, Kevin turned
on his side to face Keith and looked at him, eyes closed and traces of
semen on his wet lips. Kevin propped himself on his elbow and lowered his
lips to Keith's. Keith's eyes opened, startled, at the touch of Kevin's
lips and then his mouth opened to admit Kevin's tongue and their tongues
stroked each other.

       Kevin straddled him and continued to kiss him, Then he moved down
and sucked his nipples and kissed his chest and stomach, pausing to run his
tongue around the indentation of his navel. With one knee he moved Keith's
thighs apart and crawled between. He raised his head and gazed at Keith's
genitals, the light brown pubic thatch, sparse, almost adolescent. But
there was nothing adolescent about his genitals: his cock was not as large
as Kevin's but, nevertheless, larger than average and also perfectly
shaped. He stroked it and the smooth, hairless testicles with trembling
fingers and lowered his lips to cover the cockhead. As he proceeded, Keith
realized that Kevin was an accomplished cocksucker. As he plunged his lips
and tongue up and down Keith's throbbing shaft, he brought Keith to higher
levels of sexual ecstasy than he had ever known, and when Keith ejaculated
copiously into his eager mouth he greedily licked and swallowed every drop.

       Afterwards, as they lay satiated in each other's arms, Keith asked
lazily, "Kevin, do you think this qualifies as incest?"

       Kevin giggled. "I don't think so. We're second cousins, not
first. But, anyway, who cares."

       "I sure don't. I'm so glad. I never expected anything like this
when I drove up today. Will you be staying long?"

       "Probably longer than I'd planned, anyway."

       Eventually they untangled themselves from each other and slept.
When Kevin awoke during the night, however, he found that Keith was asleep
on his side facing him and his hand on Kevin's genitals grasping them
lightly but possessively. He placed his hand on top of Keith's and pressed
his hand to his sex, eliciting from Keith an instinctive tighter squeeze.
He fell asleep again.

       When Kevin awoke in the morning, it was to discover Keith between
his legs casually but diligently sucking his soft but swollen cock. It
quickly became rampantly erect, and Keith became more excited and avid in
his attentions as Kevin began to participate fully. Neither was aware of
their door opening and the shocked face of their young cousin Kiwi. Kiwi
retreated to the hallway but continued to watch his cousins through the
cracked door. He was strangely aroused and put his hand down the waistband
of his shorts and stroked himself as he watched. He could tell when Kevin
ejaculated from his and Keith's breathing and the other sounds they made
and from the way Kevin's hips rose from the bed at climax, and he was
surprised and intensely excited to see Keith sucking and swallowing avidly.
He imagined Kevin's cock in his mouth and his shooting off as he stroked
himself, and he ejaculated in his shorts. He crept silently back to his
own room on the third floor bemused and troubled by the thought of new


       Kevin's stay with his Grand Uncle eventually turned into almost a
month as he and Keith explored their new sexual relationship fully. A few
days after the family reunion had ended and everyone else had left, he and
Keith were in the house alone. It was the house servants' day off, and
Uncle Daniel had gone out of town for a few days. Kevin and Keith were
supposed to have played tennis, but it had rained and they had stayed in.

       Keith was propped on his bed reading a book, and Kevin prowled
restlessly around the fourth floor. Returning to their room, he stood for
a moment looking at Keith and then went into the bathroom and returned a
moment later. He disrobed and walked over to the side of Keith's bed.
Keith looked up at him and smiled, and, laying the book on the bedside
table, he moved over to make room for Kevin. Keith laid his hand on
Kevin's genitals and stroked softly, but Kevin stopped him.



       Putting aside subtlety, Kevin plunged straight to the point. "I
want you to fuck me in the ass."

       Keith was startled by the straightforwardness and intrigued at the
request. He'd thought about the same thing with the roles reversed, but
he'd never done it and wasn't sure how to broach the subject.

       "I-uh, okay. I-I've thought about it, too, - uh, you screwing me,
I mean - but was afraid to say anything. I'd love to fuck you, Kev, but I
want you in me afterward. Okay?"

       "Yeah, but, Keith, if you've never done it, it may hurt. I-I'm,
uh, fairly big, you know."

       "Yeah, I know. Do I ever know! But I want to try it, okay?"

       "Okay, but I'll give you another chance to change your mind before

       Kevin produced the jar of vaseline he'd retrieved from the
bathroom. Keith had wiggled out of his blue jeans and underwear and was
naked. Kevin smeared Keith's hardening cock with the KY jelly and handed
the jar to Keith as he turned to his stomach and assumed a position on his
elbows and knees.

       "You need to spread a lot of lubricant on the opening," he

       Keith took a large glob on his fingers and spread it on the pink
puckered opening. He was becoming more excited as they made their
preparations. Curiously, he inserted a finger into the sphincter to
lubricate that part of the passage and felt the ring of muscle tighten.

       "Now get on your knees behind me and between my legs. Yeah, that's
right. Okay now put the head of your cock on the opening. Yeah. Now
wiggle the end into the opening. Ahhhh. Yeah. Now, push."

       Keith complied with each instruction and was surprised how easily
his lubricated shaft made entry. He watched the hard shaft slide into
Kevin and felt his pelvis pushing against the smooth buttocks. The passage
was warm and tight, and partially withdrew and thrust forward again.

       "Unnghhh. Yeah, that's it." Kevin pushed backwards against him.
After a couple of more strokes, they established a rhythm of thrusting and
pushing, and Keith felt the passage constricting and relaxing around the
length of his cock.

       "Oh! Oh! Oh! Yeah!" Keith's eyes were closed in prolonged ecstasy
as he thrust in and out, his hands on Kevin's buttocks and hips.

       Kevin was also in ecstasy, feeling Keith's member fill him and then
withdraw only to slide in again. His sphincter muscle constantly squeezed
Keith's throbbing cock and then relaxed caressingly. He murmured
continuously, "Yeahhh. Yeah. That's it Keith. Ohhh, babe. I love your
cock. Yeah. All of it. I want it all. Unnghhhh! Aaghhh! Oh, yes!
Fuck me, fill me!

       After about five minutes of continuous stroking and thrusting,
Keith felt himself lengthen and harder and felt a persistent stabbing in
his loins.

       "Ungh. Aaghhhh! Oh, Kev, baby, I'm gonna come. Here! Now! Feel
it? Oh, boy, its a big load. Unghhh! Unghh! Ungh! Ahhhhh, yeah."

       Kevin felt the forceful jets of spurting semen being ejaculated
into him and loved it.

       Afterward, Keith insisted that Kevin fulfill his promise. He
stroked and sucked Kevin's wonderfully magic cock until it was throbbingly
erect and then lubricated it generously. After coating Keith's anus
generously, Kevin positioned himself behind Keith and spread his smooth
cheeks further apart with his fingers. He pushed and encountered initial
resistance as Keith instinctively tightened his sphincter.

       "Just relax, Keith," Kevin instructed, stroking the meaty buttocks.
Keith complied, and Kevin held his cheeks open, stroking them softly and
pushed, gaining entry. Continuing to push he saw the head of his cock

       Keith was grunting and making noises as the huge member entered
him. "Unnghh! Oh! Wait, wait! No, go ahead. Ahhhh! Easy. Yes, that's
right. Oh oh oh oh oh oh ahhhhhh! Yeah. Now give it to me. All of it.
Oh, yeah. I feel your hair on my butt and your balls slapping against
mine. Oh, please don't take it out. Oh, okay, as long as you put it back.
Yeah, like that. Ahhh, Kev, I love your big cock in my ass. Yeah, that's
right. In and out. Ohhh, ahhhhh. Kev, you're filling me up. Yeah,
faster, that's right. Fuck me hard! Oh oh oh oh oh
ohohohohuhuhuhuhunnghhhh! Ahhh, yeah come inside me. Oh, I can feel in my
belly. Ahh, yeah, its hot and splashing inside. Aaghhhhhh!"


       It had been a great four weeks, but finally Keith had had to leave.
He had an interview with admissions at Dartmouth on his application to
transfer, and then he was going to England with his grandfather for three

       Kevin went to his grandmother's estate in Westchester County and
began to map his strategy for his planned encounter with Walt. However,
the best laid plans of mice and men, etc. When he called Walt's office for
an appointment, he found that Walt was out of the country for two months
for meetings with clients in Europe and Australia and would not return
until after school had started in the fall.

       A deep sense of frustration overwhelmed him and turned into a sort
of a depression. He moped around his grandmother's house for several days,
uninterested in anything that was going on and spending most of his time
laying in the sun by the pool or reading. His grandmother tried several
gambits to arouse his interest, but all failed.

       Finally, in desparation, she asked her grand nephew, Kiwi, to come
up for a few days. She announced the arrival to Kevin and was delighted
when his eyes lit in interest.

       "Kieran? The sixteen year-old?" His memory reconstructed the
handsome, fresh-faced young cousin's image. "Well, okay. Maybe we can
play tennis or go out on the boat or something."

       Kevin's grandmother was delighted that Kevin was eager to make a
warm welcome to Kiwi. They discussed at length during breakfast where he
should sleep.

       "I thought it would be better if he stayed in the guest room," his
grandmother said.

       "No. I don't think so," Kevin said. "It's much too formal for a
sixteen year old."

       "But where, then? The third floor rooms are so musty. And it's
lonely up there."

       "Yes, but, look! Why don't I move up there, too. If I chip in,
I'm sure Agnes and Simon and I can get it thoroughly cleaned and aired. He
can have the room on the east side and I'll take the one on the north. We
can shut the others off."

       "But if you shut the others off, that will give you only the
connecting bath."

       "Well, we can manage, I'm sure. I share a bath with eight guys at
Dartmouth and I'm sure that Kiwi is no better off at Groton."

       "Well . . . They are much nicer and larger rooms, and each of them
does have a large king-sized bed. But you know the elevator groans when it
goes to the third floor. I've really got to get that repairman out here.
But until I do, I don't think you should use it beyond the second floor."

       "For crying out loud, grandmother. Neither of us needs elevators,
and if you or anyone else does, a little groaning doesn't hurt."

       Finally she'd agreed, and Kevin and the servants had worked rapidly
and efficiently in dusting, vacuuming, mopping, washing windows, changing
sheets, setting out fresh plants, and generally making the seldom used
third floor rooms into most commodious quarters.

       Kieran arrive that afternoon, just in time for the servants to
unpack his bags and hang his clothes before supper. He didn't see Kevin at
all until dinner, and he was quite shy around him, seldom speaking unless
directly addressed.

       "I'm afraid we're sharing a bath, Kiwi, hope you don't mind?"

       "N-no, Kevin. I'm used to it."

       "Fine. I think I'll turn in early, but would you like to take a
swim with me before turning in?"

       "Uh, s-sure."

       Kevin chose to wear his unlined, white speedo, and when he arrive
at poolside, he was surprised to find that Kiwi was wearing a sheer tan
colored one, even skimpier cut that his. He was preparing to dive from the
low board when Kevin arrived, and Kevin stood quietly watching him as he
stood at the end of the board. "Quite a nicely set up sixteen year old,"
he thought. Indeed, Kiwi was slender but well built with sleek, youthful
muscles and little of the coltishnish one might expect. His shoulders were
broad and square, his pectorals were well filled out and his waist was
slender. He did not have the skinny legs of youth, but had quite shapely
and muscular calves and thighs. His tan was deep and closely matched the
color of the tan speedo which his butt and genital basket filled out very

       When he finally dived, it was a difficult one and quite expertly
executed. Kevin clapped admiringly as Kiwi emerged and swam quietly to the
latter and began to climb from the pool. His applause dwindled as he saw
Kiwi's genitals and pubes clearly revealed by the wet, unlined speedo.

       "Excellently done," Kevin murmured. "Where did you learn to do

       "Oh, I dive competively at school and in tournaments," Kiwi
blushed. "Do you dive?"

       "I'm afraid not as well as you," Kevin demurred, "but watch and
tell me what I do wrong."

       Kiwi watched his older cousin as he walked to the end of the board,
drinking in the perfectly built, tanned and graceful body and taking note
of the line of hair that rose from his pubes to his navel about two inches
above his suit. The dive was simple but quite well done.

       "I don't have any suggestions for improvement," Kiwi said as Kevin
climed from the pool. "I . . ." He was silenced by the clear, virtually
unobstructed picture of the blond pubes, the long and large cock and the
hairless testicles that were revealed beneath the wet, unlined nylon of the
swim suit. The both stood silently, facing one another and taking in the
other's body, until they broke their eyes away.

       "Thanks," Kevin said. "Think I'll swim a few laps and go to bed."

       They both swam for about twenty minutes, and then together left the
pool and climbed the stairs to their third floor rooms. Kevin deferred to
Kiwi for the first shower. After he had finished his shower and while
Kevin was taking his, Kiwi quietly came back into the bathroom to brush his
teeth as Kevin was nearing completion. He was naked.

       When the shower spray stopped and the plastic curtain parted as
Kevin dryed himself, he was startled but pleased to fined Kiwi across the
bath in front of the lavatory before the the mirror vigorously brushing his
teeth. He was tanned all over and muscularly slender. His legs were
hairless except for the blond fuzz that had not yet curled into a more
adult growth. The cleft that divided the plump muscular cheeks of his ass
was absolutely tantalizing to Kevin. To make matters worse, his butt moved
teasingly from side to side with the vigor of the brushing, and in the
mirror Kevin could see glimpses of his cock as it swung back and forth as
well. He dried himself absently as he observed the sixteen year old body,
being unaware that Kiwi was himself watching Kevin's uncovered maleness as
he dried himself.

       Kiwi met Kevin's eyes in the mirror. "Good shower?" he asked.

       "Yeah. Hot. Relaxing. . . . So, how's school? You are at Groton
aren't you?"

       "Yeah. It's fine. Dartmouth?"

       "Great! Yeah, great."

       "I understand that Keith is transferring from UVA to Dartmouth."

       "Yeah, I think. Where are you thinking about going?"

       "I might go to Dartmouth if I can get in. What do you think?"



       "You won't have any trouble. I think you'd like it. I don't know
anyone who doesn't."

       "Are you and Keith going to room together?"

       "I already have a room mate, but I'm thinking of buying a house or
maybe an apartment building. If I do, maybe we'll all live together."

       Kiwi had turned while they talked and he half stood, half sat on
the lavatory counter while they talked. Kevin felt his eyes drawn time and
again to his cock. The pubes were just beyond adolescent - sparse and
lightly curling without much length - sort of flat against his pelvis. But
there was nothing adolescent about his cock and balls. The cock must have
been almost six inches in repose and Kevin guessed that it would reach past
six and a half when erect. His balls were hairless as all males in the
Quinlan family seemed to be and were full and egg-sized. He felt his own
cock swelling and lengthening as they stood facing one another.

       "Would you like to suck it?"

       Kevin was not sure he'd heard correctly. "What?"

       "Would you like to suck my cock, Kevin? Don't bother to act
surprised. I saw you Keith at grandfather's last month."

       "Uh, wha- . . . I mean, what did you see?"

       "You sucking Keith's cock and Keith sucking yours. And I know
that's the reason that we're on the third floor here, too. You wanted us
to be together without anyone else around, didn't you? Do you want to suck
me first or would you rather I suck you first?"

       "Kiwi, wha- . . . Well, hell. What do you think about either of

       "I think I'd like to suck you first, but I've never done it and I'm
afraid that you won't like it."

       "I'm sure I'd love it. But if youv'e never gone down on a guy, has
anyone ever gone down you?"

       "Nope. I'm a virgin. No sucking, no fucking. But I haven't been
able to get you out of my mind or what I saw you Keith doing. I've thought
about it for a month, and I know that's what I want, too. . . . Both ways!"

       Kevin didn't know whether to be turned of or turned off by Kiwi's
directness. In some ways he found it exciting but in other ways . . .
Well, maybe some of the excitement was in the chase . . . the seduction.

       In the meantime, he'd finished drying off. Standing for a moment
in the tub-shower combination, he looked at Kiwi, half sitting, half
leaning on the counter, stepped out of the tub, walked over, knelt before
Kiwi's cock, placed his hands on the tight young ass, leaned forward and
slurped the entire thing into his now salivating mouth, sucking with some
ferocity in response to the directness of the moment. The young cock
quickly hardened and filled his mouth. Kiwi placed his hands on the back
of his head, slipped down from the counter to plant his feet firmly on the
floor and began to buck urgently, thrusting his virgin cock into and out of
Kevin's fiercely sucking mouth. Kevin was struck by how fresh tasting the
young flesh was, but then wondered if it was just his imagination fed by
the knowledge of Kiwi's virginity. His young cousin's lack of experience
was no impediment, however. He was expertly fucking Kevin's greedy mouth,
and soon Kevin felt the hard, young cock become like iron and extend itself
even further into his throat before beginning to spasm wildly and spurt
forceful jets of come into his gullet. He swallowed rapidly lest any
escape, squeezing the tight, round buttocks and pulling him to his face
urgently. After perhaps eighteen or twenty mighty ejaculations, Kiwi's
cock began to exhaust its supply of male nectar and gradually softened.
Kevin nursed at the tube of flesh until it was completely devoid of the
last traces of semen and pulled back, detaching his mouth with a slurping
pop of released suction.

       Sitting back on his heels, he looked up at the heavy lidded gaze of
the young ex-virgin and asked, "Is that what you'd had in mind?"

       "Half of it, anyway," Kiwi replied hoarsely. Bending, he grasped
Kevin's hand, pulled him to his feet, and taking him in tow, led him to his
turned down king-sized bed, half coaxing him, half forcing him on to the
mattress. Kiwi crawled between Kevin's splayed thighs on his hands and
knees. Lifting Kevin's half-erect shaft with his fingers, he stroked it to
full erection. Then, bending his head, he took the cockhead between his
lips, licking around the smooth skin of head of the beautiful cock
luxuriantly. As Kevin raised his hands to Kiwi's hair and began to stroke
with loving ardor, Kiwi sank onto the throbbing stiffness of Kevin's cock
and began to move his lips, tongue and mouth up and down intently. Within
minutes, Kevin felt the familiar ache in his loins and began to pump
endless streams of come into his cousin's mouth. Kiwi swallowed happily,
humming and grunting with satisfaction.

       Afterwards, they lay in a satiated embrace, and Kevin said
sleepily, "I think its going to be good August after all."

       When Kiwi left three weeks afterwards for Groton, he'd learned all
the positions, techniques and variations that Kevin knew or could invent
and had, himself, invented a few that even Kevin marvelled at.


       Jonathan Boudoin finished reading the short story for the second
time and sat thinking. Quite well done! Quite well done, indeed. Maybe
even brilliant. He sat thinking about what he knew of the student who had
written it. Kevin Quinlan. Sophomore. Very bright, but quiet. Jonathan
attached a physical image to the name. Blond. Large, widely spaced blue
eyes with extraordinarily thick, long lashes. Horned rim glasses. Very
young looking. Could be a sophomore in high school rather than a sophomore
in college. Jonathan had only seen him in those stylishly baggy trousers
and oversized shirts all the kids seemed to go in for, and he'd been left
with the impression of average size, maybe on the slender side.

       But no doubt about it. The kid could write. There was grace in
the language, even poetry, and technically the construction of the story
was excellent, but what really set it apart was the reality of the
characters. The story was named "Strawman," and it was about a young man
in college who doubts his manhood and what he goes through internally in
dealing with the doubts. It was very subtly done with hints of homosexual
orientation but nothing overt and with a which- door-is-the-tiger-behind
twist at the ending.

       Jonathan went to his computer which was tied into the college
network and zapped a letter to Kevin:


       "I've read your story three times. It's excellent. You got an A+.
I'd like to meet with you Friday at 2pm. Can you make it?

                                          Jonathan Boudoin"

       Within minutes his computer zapmail "boing" sounded. Jonathan
opened the program and read the reply.

       "Professor Boudoin:

       "Thanks for the compliments. I'll be in your office at 2pm on

                                          Kevin Quinlan"

       Jonathan wandered restlessly around his bungalow and finally
decided to shower and go to bed. He stripped and went into his bathroom.
He stopped and stared at himself in the mirror before entering the shower.
Who was he to characterize Kevin Quinlan for his ability to pass for a high
school sophomore? At twenty-eight he could still pass for a college
sophomore himself. He'd tried wearing his wavy, dust colored hair short,
but that made him look even younger, and he now wore it a little over his
collar. Didn't make any difference, however. He still looked like a
student himself. He smiled and shook his head when he realized that he was
still wearing his glasses. Round and rimless in another futile effort to
add years. He took them off. Big, round, widely spaced hazel eyes.
Innocence personified. He looked at his face again. Oval -- kind of
egg-shaped -- that his mother still referred to as "pretty" to his

       He examined his body. The body that had been the source of so much
concern to him. He recalled Kevin Quinlan's short story. It had hit him
hard. The main character's concern for his sexual identity and his trying
to cope with it. He recalled his own concerns as a college freshman, how
he'd had a kind of crush on his room mate, Peter, and how he'd
surreptitiously watched him as he dressed or undressed or moved about the
room in various states of nudity or near nudity. Just as he'd been
fascinated by guys in the locker room at phys ed in high school. His
infatuation with Peter had ultimately resulted in an awkward advance and a
harsh rebuff. He'd become convinced that he was abnormal, had wondered if
he was gay, had become frightened of women and fear of failure with them.
At nineteen he'd decided to remain celibate rather than ever have his fears

       And he had. It hadn't been that easy, either. He periodically had
nocturnal emissions, sometimes to dreams of women and sometimes to dreams
of males. When he was nineteen, his body had had those long graceful lines
that he thought of as effeminate, and he'd worked hard to build it into
more masculine lines, with very good muscle definition, slender waist,
rippling stomach muscles and deep, wide chest. He still had that
prominent, round, fleshy ass, though. More muscled now than then, but,
still, awfully "pretty" for a guy. Muscular legs though, and good arms.
Not gigantic, but muscular with clean, masculine lines. His genitals
certainly weren't unmasculine. He had a straight, very masculine penis,
six inches relaxed and over seven when erect with full hairless testicles
hanging below. Enough, but not too much pelvic hair. He handled his penis
and examined its fullly exposed helmeted head of his circumcised . As it
began to swell, he let it go and stepped into the shower. He'd be damned
if he would become addicted to self-stimulation.

       On Friday, just after he'd gotten back to his office from lunch,
there was a knock on his door.

       "Come in," he called.

       The door opened and Kevin Quinlan stepped in. He seemed a little
nervous to Jonathan. "Professor Boudoin." He was pleased that Kevin
pronounced correctly -- "Bowden" not "Boodoing."

       "Hi, Kevin, have a seat. Tea?" At Kevin's nod, he poured two cups
of Earl Grey and sat back.

       "I wanted to talk to you about your short story. It was really
extraordinarily good. I think you could sell it. I'd like to send it to a
friend of mine who's a senior editor at Random House and to a friend at
Atlantic Monthly."

       Kevin flushed with pleasure at the compliment, but he became pale
as Jonathan stated his plans for publication. He was silent for a minute
as he sipped his tea and gathered his thoughts. Jonathan looked at him
over the rim of his cup. Gosh, he thought, he really does look young and
vulnerable. Wonder if he has any of the same anguish I felt at that age?
Still feel but can now conceal, he corrected his own thought.

       "Gosh, Dr. Boudoin, I really appreciate it, but I really don't
think its publishable."

       "I do, Kevin. Very much so."

       "Well, I-I d-don't think I'd want it published."

       "Why? You could probably make five thousand dollars if it's
accepted by Atlantic, more if it appears in a Random House anthology."

       Kevin looked startled. "Uh, thanks, but I d-don't really need the
money. Uh, I just wouldn't want anyone reading it and examining some
thoughts and things are really pretty private."

       Aha! Well. "I think understand, Kevin. A lot of writers feel
that way at first. I've written some things myself that I'm not sure I'd
like anyone -- well, not just anyone -- to read. But that's
something you'll have to overcome if want to be a writer."

       "Well, I'm not really sure that I will be a writer. I really like
to write, but I'm not sure that I'll try to make it a career."

       "What are your career plans, Kevin."

       "Don't really have them firmed up yet. Maybe investment banking or
law. . . . Maybe teaching."

       "Kevin, your short story. Is it too autobiographical?"

       Kevin blushed deeply, and then looked him in the eye turning pale.
"Yes, sir. It is."

       "And you don't want anyone -- especially people close to you,
family and friends -- to know about your inner doubts and where
you're vulnerable?"

       "Yes, sir. That's right," Kevin said resolutely, blushing again.

       "That's okay, Kevin. I understand. I have -- had some of
the same doubts when I was your age." Kevin heard the hurried change of
verb tense but didn't react. "Well!" Jonathan continued, "you'll just have
to duplicate the excellence of that piece in something that's not that
close to the quick."

       "I'd like to try that," Kevin smiled.

       "Good! But I'm going to keep a copy of "Strawman." I won't do
anything with it without your permission. Just want to make sure that it
doesn't get lost or destroyed."

       They left the English Department offices together and walked across
campus. On impulse, Jonathan asked, "Have plans for supper? I was going
over to the gym to work out and then eat."

       "No, sir. I'd like company for supper and appreciate your asking.
I usually workout on Friday afternoons, too, so I'll walk over with you if
you don't mind."

       "Good! Got your togs?"

       "They're in a locker at the gym."

       Kevin's locker was at the other end from Jonathan's, and when he
joined him as he was shutting and locking his own locker, Jonathan was
startled by the transformation. Without the oversized slacks and shirt and
dressed out in gym shorts, Kevin presented an altogether different
appearance. His flat rippling stomach muscles and muscular chest and
shoulders and limbs were certainly not suspected to be hiding under all
that cloth. Gosh, Jonathan thought, and look at that bulge in his gym

       First they ran five miles and then assisted each other as they ran
through two repetitions of their weight lifting programs. Kevin was
lifting even more than Jonathan, to Jonathan's surprise and slight dismay.
They retired to the locker room, flushed and sweating heavily.

       "Steam?" Kevin asked.

       "Sure. See you in the steam room when I get out of these."

       He was there a minute or two before Kevin. He was in for an even
bigger surprise when Kevin entered the steam room, a towel over his
shoulders and otherwise naked. He had the largest and perhaps the most
attractive penis, Jonathan had ever seen. He looked quickly away glad for
the steam that partially hid his examination from Kevin's eyes and covered
his blush by the already rosy skin he had from the heat. As he looked
away, he missed Kevin's examination of his own genitals and the pleased
expression that passed over his face.

       At supper that night, they both had a New York strip and talked
about a variety of subjects. He guessed when Kevin talked about living
with his grandmother in Westchester County that Kevin came from family
wealth. It developed that his parents had been killed when Kevin was
younger, and he'd grown up living with his grandmother.

       Kevin talked about how he loved to cook. Pasta was his hobby. He
missed it because he didn't have a kitchen.

       "Tell you what," Jonathan said somewhat expansively over his second
glass of wine, "you cook and I'll furnish the kitchen and the ingredients
at my house tomorrow."

       "Gee, great! Deal!" Kevin replied. He pulled out a note pad,
wrote the ingredients down and handed the list to Jonathan. "I'll bring
the wine."

       At four o'clock on Saturday afternoon, Jonathan had the ingredients
laid out in his kitchen and was experiencing grave misgivings as he awaited
Kevin. He hadn't had anyone to his house since he'd begun teaching there
last year. And to top it off, he'd awakened last night from a dream of
Kevin naked in the locker room and had had an erection. He'd gotten up and
watched a movie on video until he could go back to sleep. He wasn't at all
sure about having Kevin over.

       Kevin arrived about that time with two bottles of wine, a Chianti
Classico Gold Label, very expensive. Jonathan wondered if Kevin was
wealthy in his own right.

       The meal was a pasta with a light cream sauce with a lot of garlic
and white pepper and mushrooms and prociutto and was truly delicious. They
drank both bottles of wine and Jonathan's doubts about inviting Kevin over
had evaporated in the expansiveness of the meal and the wine. Jonathan
seldom smoked, but after a good meal he occasionally enjoyed a cigarette.
With Kevin's permission, he lit one.

       "So, Kevin. Where did you go to high school?"

       "Groton. Four years."

       "Did you always want to go to college here, or was that a late

       "Well, my dad went here and other members of my family. I guess I
always sort of assumed that I'd come here. What about you? How did you
end up teaching here?"

       "Well, I was at Oxford for two years after undergraduate school,
and then I got my Ph.D. at Stanford. I taught classes there during the
last two years, also. The dean was a graduate here and had connections,
and he got me an interview. Funny. I almost came to undergraduate school
here. Kind of wish I had."

       "Where did you go?"

       "Yale." He became pensive and his eyes flinched at a memory.
"Kevin, you seemed to think your short story was too personal to want
people you know to read it. Want to talk about it?"

       "Yeah. I guess. Well," and here he blushed, "I've, uh, never
particularly enjoyed sex with women. Oh, it's a release, but it has never
set me off on a hot pursuit like it seems to some of the other guys.
Anyhow, last year I went through a couple of things that set me to
wondering about myself, and that story came out of that whole experience.
It's just something I'd just as soon not share with people I don't know."

       "Yeah. I think I understand that. Want to tell me about the
things last year?"

       "Uh, well, it was just some things that made me wonder about
myself, uh, involving my roommate . . ."

       "Did you, uh, have a sexual experience with him?"

       Kevin's face flamed. "Yeah," he said softly.

       "Kevin, I'm not the best one to talk about this, but I don't think
that it's all that uncommon. I, uh, had a sort of similar experience when
I was a freshman. It was my roommate, too, but it turned out differently.
I was only eighteen, and I'd had, uh, similar feelings to those you
expressed. I think I had sort of a crush on him and I'd spent almost a
year with him in some fairly intimate situations. Oh, nothing sexual, but,
you know, common to the way college roommates live. Anyway, I, uh, think
that I must've misread some innocent remarks and, uh, other things. One
night, we were both a little drunk, and we got into a situation where, uh,
I made a, uh, sort of, uh, advance. Anyway he got very shocked and let me
know that he didn't go in for 'that sort of thing'. I'd never felt so
humiliated, and, frankly, I became convinced that I must be a 'queer', and
I'd never wanted that. I decided that if I was oriented that way, at least
I didn't have to give in. And I never have. I, uh, I've been celibate
ever since."

       Kevin had listened with interest and, at the end, with amazement.
"What happened with your roommate? Did he move out or did you?"

       Jonathan was looking at the floor pensively with a look of pained
memory. "I did. The next day. I avoided him after that. He tried to
call me, and I didn't talk to him. He wrote me several letters. Twenty or
so. I've never opened them. A couple of times he tried to corner me
coming out of class. Once I ran, and the other time I hid when I saw him.
He's even written me over the years, but I've never read the letters."

       "You talk like you still have them. You didn't throw them away?"

       Jonathan blushed. "No. I've tried. Once I did, but I retrieved
them from the garbage can when the collectors came around. I don't know.
As painful as it was, there was still something attached to the experience
that I didn't want to throw away." He looked quickly at Kevin. "You must
think I'm a real nut case."

       "No. . . . I just think its kind of sad. Someday you ought to read
the letters. There might be a surprise in them."

       Jonathan looked at Kevin quizzically and then change directions.
"I take it that you didn't have the same sort of experience."

       Kevin was slow to respond. "No. I didn't. It almost was but

       Jonathan looked questioning but politely did not press.

       "Similar kind of beginning. And we were both kind of drunk. I,
uh, made an advance, and it wasn't rejected. Afterwards, I was ashamed and
was convinced that he'd hate me and have nothing but contempt for me. I
tried to move out, but he caught me in the act of packing. Turns out he'd
had the same thoughts and didn't hate or despise me, and, uh, I guess it
worked out well."

       Jonathan felt a sharp stab of envy. "Are you two still, uh, you
know . . .?"

       Kevin smiled. "Well, yeah, I guess so. We're roommates this year,

       "Kevin, do you consider yourself gay?"

       Kevin paled a little at the direct question, but gamely tried to
answer. "Funny thing is I don't. I know that must sound crazy after what
I've said about women and all. I can't even explain it myself. I just
don't think of myself that way. I don't know, maybe I am. I've thought
about it a lot. That's the story I wrote. I really feel that I'm straight
but that somehow that straight person is a fraud . . . a strawman."

       About that time they both smelled something burning and ran into
the kitchen. Kevin had left the eye on under the skillet he'd used to
saute the mushrooms in olive oil, and it was smoking. He picked it up
hurriedly without a potholder and immediately gave a yelp of pain and
dropped it. It spilled a half-cup of smoking olive oil on his trousers,
and he again yelped.

       Horrified, Jonathan saw the spreading, steaming grease stain on the
left leg and crotch of Kevin's trousers. "Quick. Kevin, get them off!"
Jonathan shouted.

       Kevin fumbled hurriedly and ineffectively at the belt buckle, and
Jonathan knocked his hand out of the way and unfastened the buckle and the
closure at the waistband and unzipped them and pulled them hurriedly to the

       "Are you burnt?"

       "Hsssss! Yeah!"


       "Ohhh! On my knee and, uh, thigh."

       "Sit down! I'll get some ice."

       Jonathan got the ice container from the freezer and brought it
over. "Where? Quick! Show me. If we get ice on it soon enough, it may
not blister."

       Kevin pointed to his knee, and Jonathan placed ice on it and said,
"Here! Hold this there. Where else?"

       Kevin pointed to his inner thigh, high up. Suddenly, Jonathan
became aware of Kevin's unclad state. He was wearing heather grey bikini
briefs of the contoured style, cut and sewed to provide a distinct pouch
for the genitals, pushing them slightly up and out. Jonathan thought he
saw a grease stain on the pouch but brushed the thought aside and held a
cube of ice to the angry red splotch on Kevin's soft skinned inner thigh.
The backs of his fingers brushed the bulge of the bikini briefs' pouch, but
Jonathan held the ice steadily on the burn. He looked at Kevin and saw him

       "Anywhere else?"

       Kevin blushed.

       "Kevin! Anywhere else?"

       Kevin nodded, his face flaming.

       "Where? Come on, Kevin, where?"

       "My b-, uh, testicles."

       Jonathan felt his own face flame. "For God's sake, Kevin! And I
thought I was bashful. Well, you'd better get some ice on it. Take your
briefs off!" Jonathan removed the ice from the knee and inner thigh.

       Kevin stood and pulled the briefs down to his ankles, stepped out
of them and then reseated himself.

       Jonathan shoved the ice container to him. "Here. Put some ice on
the burn and hold it!" He replaced the ice in his hands on Kevin's knee
and inner thigh, as Kevin held an ice cube to his testicles.

       "Anywhere else?"

       "No. That's it."

       Now that the crisis was over, Jonathan suddenly became aware of
their condition. Kevin sitting on the kitchen chair, naked from the waist
down, his shirt rolled up around his chest, he, Jonathan, holding ice to
his knee and groin and Kevin holding ice to his balls. Jonathan looked
openly at the genitals, Kevin's extremely alluring, large cock, the curling
blond pubic hair and the full testicles, now drawing up under the coldness
of the ice.

       Half hysterical with the tension of the spilled hot oil and the
burn and the unclad state of Kevin's genitals near his hand and before his
face as he knelt, Jonathan began to giggle and then laugh uncontrollably.
Kevin must have shared Jonathan's hysteria because he joined in the
laughter, and it slowly built until they howled with loud guffaws and tears
rolled down their faces.

       Finally, Jonathan got up, threw some cold water on his face and
dried it. He looked at Kevin sitting almost naked in the chair and
compulsively snickered again. He sobered and looked at Kevin again.

       "Here we were, talking soberly about our insecure sexual identities
with intellectual objectivity, and five minutes later your sitting naked in
my kitchen and I'm on my knees in front of you." Jonathan giggled again,
and Kevin joined him in another short spurt of giggles.

       "Are you okay?" Jonathan asked.

       "Yeah, I think so. Ice helps. Thanks."

       "You think you can wear anything?"

       "Uh, I'd rather not. Still pretty tender." He giggled again
compulsively, and Jonathan joined in and then sobered with a deliberate
exercise of will.

       "Okay. You can stay here. In the guest room. It's never been
used." He showed him into the guest room and pulled the shades lest a
passer-by look in and see the young man, naked from the waist down, moving
about the bedroom. He got some sheets from the linen closet, and he and
Kevin made up the queen-sized rice bed. Jonathan showed him the shower and
left him alone.

       Jonathan showered first and retired to his bedroom. He heard the
shower start again, and unbidden there flashed an image of Kevin, naked
under the spray. He listened as the shower stopped and Kevin gargled,
turned out the light and shut the door. Jonathan tossed restlessly in his
king-sized bed, unable to sleep. Images of Kevin's beautiful large cock,
his full testicles and the soft blond thatch of pubic hair swam before him.
He remembered how the line of blond hair trailed up from the thicker growth
over his flat abdomen and navel and then dissipated into a golden fuzz on
his ridged belly. He dozed and then awakened again with the images in his
mind and an erection. Unable to sleep, he tossed restlessly, his mind
groggy from the images and imagination beginning to intrude insistently.

       Finally, about three in the morning, he arose from his bed, naked,
and tiptoed into the guest room. Kevin had left a lamp turned on low, and
it glowed softly in the corner. Jonathan looked at him, his eyes closed in
sleep and his long, thick lashes against his cheek. How young and innocent
he looked! Driven by a compulsion he could scarce credit, he found himself
going to the opposite side of the bed and slipping quietly between the
sheets. I'll just lay here awhile, he thought to himself, and then get up
and go back to my bed. He lay on his side looking at the sleeping profile
and becoming more conscious of the proximity of the naked body in bed next
to him. He edged cautiously toward Kevin and about a foot away reached out
his hand delicately and touched his naked hip. Kevin didn't stir, and
emboldened he slid his fingers over the bare skin until they touched the
soft growth of hair and moved down until they touched the soft flesh of
Kevin's cock, large and full even when relaxed. Jonathan hesitated,
tempted but fearful. Almost against his will, he gently wrapped his
fingers around the large cock, lifted it and softly squeezed, slightly
drawing the skin back from the head and then back up. Kevin's cock swelled
and stiffened noticeably, and he moved slightly in his sleep, thrusting
almost imperceptibly against Jonathan's hand. Jonathan stealthily withdrew
his hand, slid out of bed, and tiptoed from the room. Perhaps his guilt
and nervousness made him imagine it, but he thought for moment that he
heard Kevin inquiringly utter "Jonathan?" as he turned into the hall.

       The next morning when Kevin awakened, Jonathan had left a note for
him. "Kevin: Had some work at the office. Make yourself at home and fix
yourself some breakfast. Thanks for cooking dinner last night. It was
delicious. Jonathan." He'd left out some sweet rolls, English muffins,
bagels, eggs and cereal, evidently inviting Kevin to take his choice.
Kevin poured himself a bowl of cereal and put the other things back in the
refrigerator. As he ate, he thought contemplatively about the night
before. Had Jonathan come to his room, even been in his bed? Or was it
just a part of the dream he'd been having before he awoke at the soft sound
of what sounded like a body running into a piece of furniture or a door
frame? Jonathan hadn't said anything last night about going to his office
so early, and his early departure before Kevin's rising tended to be
consistent with his wanting to avoid Kevin. On the other hand he may have
simply been embarrassed at Kevin's spilling the hot oil and the events that
followed, or maybe he just hadn't remembered that he had work to do at his
office this morning.


       The next day in class Jonathan engaged the class in dialogue
concerning the comparable writing styles, first, of Henry James and
Robertson Davies, and then, of Peter Taylor and Hemingway. A few of the
class were able to engage in repartee with Jonathan up to a point, but none
could stay in the fray as long as Kevin. After class, Kevin stopped to
speak to Jonathan.

       "Great class, Professor Boudoin."

       "Yes, Kevin, I thought it was very interesting, too. I appreciate
your participation. Look, I'd like you to write another story. One you
wouldn't mind others reading."

       Kevin blushed. "I'll give it a try, sir."

       "Good. Let me know if I can be of help. Otherwise, I'll check
with you in a couple of weeks to see how you're coming."

       That night as he and Alan were eating dinner at Sally's Sneakers,
Kevin saw Jonathan across the dining room with an older woman. He looked
up as Kevin spotted him, saw him and nodded. Later, Kevin went to the
men's room and took the lone remaining urinal next to Jonathan. Jonathan
looked out of the corner of his eye and saw it was Kevin. He flushed

       "Good evening, Kevin."

       "Hello, Professor Boudoin."

       As Jonathan finished, Kevin saw him cut his eyes to his cock and
then quickly away. Kevin decided to be rather overt in watching Jonathan
as he shook his penis to rid it of the last vestiges of urine. It was a
handsome member, actually. Almost as large as Kevin's if not equally
large. Jonathan belatedly became aware of Kevin's observation and blushed
deeply, quickly putting his cock back in his pants. Kevin casually turned
his eyes to the wall before him and shook his own, rather longer than

       Kevin thought Jonathan rather more formal than was his practice
with him during class on Wednesday and Friday, and he returned the same
formality. On Friday afternoon, Kevin stayed rather longer than necessary
in the gym, remembering Jonathan's stated habit of working out on Friday
afternoons. He'd dallied rather longer over the stationary bicycle and
step machine than was likely to escape notice from some of the other
regulars and was about to begin his run, when Jonathan came in, stretched
and began his run. Kevin joined him on the second lap, and they ran the
remainder of their five miles side by side.

       As they walked down for a couple of laps, Kevin asked, "Want some
help on your weight sets?"

       "Thanks. We'll swap out, okay?"

       In the locker room, Jonathan skipped the steam and went directly to
the shower. Kevin joined him a couple of minutes later. Jonathan
deliberately avoided looking at Kevin as they showered.

       "Do you have plans for dinner, Professor Boudoin?"

       Startled and unprepared, Jonathan stammered, "Uh, n-no. I mean . .
. That is . . ."

       Cutting through the awkwardness, Kevin continued, "Good! I'd enjoy
your company if you will." Jonathan had no graceful way out other to
accept graciously.

       During dinner, Kevin told Jonathan that his grandmother had sent
him two tickets for the O'Neill revival in Boston the following weekend and
had reserved a suite in one of the grand old hotels for him.

       "If you don't have any other plans and if you like O'Neill, I'd
enjoy having you go down with me," he told Jonathan.

       Jonathan hesitated too long to decline without obviously concocting
an excuse and, besides, he did like O'Neill.

       "Thanks, Kevin. I'd enjoy that very much."

       Jonathan was surprised and interested when Kevin picked him up in
his Mercedes on Friday at noon.

       They were silent until they were about ten miles down the
interstate. "Kevin, you said you didn't need the money from what you might
make if your short story were published, but I guess I didn't fully
comprehend what you were telling me then."

       Kevin looked startled and puzzled, and then his bewilderment
vanished as he comprehended and he blushed. "You mean the car."

       "Yeah. Are you really rich?"

       "Uh, yeah, I guess so."

       "Fairly rich, filthy rich or obscenely rich?"

       Kevin cut his eyes to him, grinning and blushing at the same time.
"Uh, I guess 'obscenely' would be apt. My parents were killed in a car
wreck when I was sixteen. My mother was an only child of 'despicably rich'
parents, and my father was one of two children of fairly obscenely rich
parents. He was also chairman of the board of Luciana Corporation."
Luciana Corporation was the family holding company. It was fairly famous
among moneyed families.

       "Oh," Jonathan acknowledged, "those Quinlans. Uh, how much do you

       Kevin blushed and stammered, "Not all that much of my own. Most of
it is in trust for me."

       "How much, Kevin?"

       "Uh, about three hundred million."

       Jonathan whistled softly. "Kevin, don't ever expect me to pick up
a tab."

       Kevin chuckled. The exchange had cleared the air, and they chatted
in good camaraderie for the remainder of the drive.

       The suite only had one bedroom, contrary to what Kevin had
anticipated, and the single bedroom had only a king-sized bed.

       "I don't know what grandmother was doing. I know she expected me
to bring a date. I'm not sure what she thought would come of that. I'll
call the desk and see if they can change it out."

       They couldn't, although they could swap it out for a single bedroom
with two queen-sized beds. Kevin raised his eyebrows inquiringly to
Jonathan. Jonathan shrugged his shoulders, "Might as well keep the one we

       They ate dinner in the hotel dining room and saw STRANGE INTERLUDE
that night and then went to a pub near the Harvard campus. When they got
back to the hotel, Jonathan showered first and was propped up on the bed in
his boxers watching television when Kevin emerged from the bath, a towel
around his waist. Jonathan took hasty note of Kevin's excellent physique,
his shapely buttocks and the protrusion under the terry cloth at his groin.
Kevin took the towel off, hung it on a door knob, and walked across the
room to his duffel. Jonathan tried to be casual as he watched the large
cock and full testicles swing rhythmically as he walked. Kevin slipped on
a large oversized tee shirt that came about midway down the cleft of his
buttocks and came toward the bed.

       "You want to turn back the spread?"

       "Sure." Jonathan arose and together they removed the heavy quilted
bed covering.

       "Want breakfast sent up here in the morning?"

       "That'd be great. Luxurious!"

       They consulted together over the menu and ended up ordering the
largest of the breakfasts available. Fruit juice, melon, bacon, omelettes,
waffles, breakfast rolls and coffee. They requested service for nine
o'clock and hung the order card on the outside doorknob.

       "Mind if I leave a light on the other side of the room. I'll turn
it low. I don't like it too dark."

       Jonathan recalled that the lamp had been on on the bedside table in
Kevin's room last Saturday night when he surreptiously entered. "No.
That's fine."

       Kevin yawned and stretched, thrusting his arms into the air. The
movement caused his tee shirt to hike up, revealing his blond pubic hair,
his beautiful (Jonathan had come to think of it as "beautiful") cock and
his large testicles.

       "I'm sleepier than I realized. Stayed up 'til two thirty last
night working on a short story for this really tough English prof."

       Jonathan smiled. "Glad to hear you're doing it."

       Kevin fell asleep pretty quickly, but Jonathan lay in wakefulness
for some time. He was acutely conscious of the almost naked body of Kevin
next to him. He recalled the madness of last Saturday night when he'd
crawled into bed next to Kevin and had touched him. He hadn't awakened
then, and he appeared to be sleeping more deeply now. Dared he? As if
under an irresistible compulsion, he edged closer to Kevin and turned to
his side facing him. His hand cautiously, softly touched a naked hip.
Kevin continued to breath deeply. Slowly, he slid his fingers into the
soft, curling pubic growth and then south. His fingers touched the warm
soft flesh of Kevin's cock, swollen large even in its flaccid state as the
young man slept. He looked at Kevin and was stunned to see his eyes open
watching him solemnly. Jonathan's heart leapt into his mouth with fear.

       "I'd hoped you would have some interest, Jonathan, but I'd almost
given up. I promise you that you won't find any rejection from me in this

       Kevin placed his hand on top of Jonathan's and pressed it softly to
his genitals. Jonathan's rapid heartbeat changed from one arising from
fear to one arising from excitement. He squeezed the soft warm flesh
gently, and Kevin arched his hips slightly against his hand and then turned
to his side facing Jonathan. He placed one hand across Jonathan's shoulder
and pulled him closer. He moved his head toward Jonathan's and kissed him
softly. Jonathan stiffened and then yielded, opening his lips to Kevin's
wet tongue. Kevin's hand moved lower on Jonathan's back and slid beneath
the waistband of his boxers and boldly stroked his firm round buttocks.
Sitting up, he tossed the covers over the foot of the bed, got to his knees
beside Jonathan and pulled the oversized tee shirt over his head, tossing
it to the floor beside the bed. He looked down at Jonathan, lying on his
back in the white boxers. Taking hold of the waistband in both hands, he
pulled and Jonathan raised his hips to free the fabric to be pulled over
his feet and sent to join the tee shirt on the floor.

       Jonathan lay naked looking openly for the first time at Kevin's
body and genitals. Kevin, at the same time, drank in Jonathan with his
eyes. His body was muscular and well proportioned. His penis was, indeed,
for all intents and purposes as long as Kevin's if not quite as large
around. His pubic hair was a thickly curling chestnut growing in a small
vaguely shaped, diverse vee above his genital basket.

       "Beautiful," Kevin whispered. He pushed Jonathan's thighs apart
and crawled over his leg to assume a position on his hands and knees
between them, his head poised above the genitals. He wanted to kiss
Jonathan's stomach and thighs and testicles, but he recalled that Jonathan
had said than he'd been celibate since he was a freshman in college, ten
years earlier, and realized that he'd better not. Jonathan's extreme
excitement had set him to shivering and had resulted perversely in his not
forming an erection. Kevin smiled reassuringly up Jonathan's belly and
chest into his eyes and lifted the large cock in his hand. He looked at
the full, uncircumcised cock. Although still flaccid, there was a drop of
semen standing on the slightly swollen lips of the urethra at the tip of
Jonathan's cock. Kevin touched it with his tongue and licked it away.
Again he licked the sensitive lips of the opening at the tip of Jonathan's
cock and then the broad expanse of the smooth, tightly engorged cockhead.
Covering it with his mouth, his wet, swirling tongue licked around and
across the smooth skin of the cockhead, and he took the soft flesh entirely
within his mouth and licked and sucked with a longing desire. Jonathan's
flesh began to swell and harden rapidly. Kevin slid his lips up the wetly
gleaming shaft and plunged downward again, as he moaned softly in
satisfaction at the swelling erection. Involuntarily, Jonathan arched his
hips and thrust his cock into Kevin's descending mouth. Kevin pressed his
tongue to the large vessel on the underside of Jonathan's cock and sucked
firmly, holding the base in the ring of his thumb and forefinger and
stroking the this pelvic growth with his other hand. His nose and lips
pressed into the soft curls and he inhaled Jonathan's musky male scent.
Jonathan had his hands in Kevin's hair, combing it in his fingers with
frenzied movements as he thrust rapidly. Kevin felt Jonathan's throbbing
cock lengthen and harden and throb against his tongue, and he sucked
harder, stroking the large vessel firmly.

       "Ohohohohohohoh. Kevin, let go. I'm gonna come. Let go. Aaghh!
Too late. I'm sorry. Aaghh!"

       Kevin felt the flesh spasm against his tongue, and one forceful jet
after another shot into his mouth in the longest sequence of spurts he'd
ever received. He swallowed the rich, salty sweetness greedily and
continued to suck the softening flesh until he was certain that he'd gotten
it all, and only then did he let slip from his mouth with soft, slurping
sound of released suction.

       Kevin lay between Jonathan's legs with his head on his hip as
Jonathan's breathing returned to normal. He felt Jonathan's hand stroking
his head softly.

       "I'd thought that the time had passed me by and I'd never
experience that," Jonathan said quietly.

       "Did you like it?" Kevin asked.

       Jonathan sat up and, grasping Kevin under his arms, pulled him up
to lie beside him. "Like it! That doesn't begin to describe it. I loved
it! I felt that my whole being was inside you! . . . But tell me. Is it,
uh, usual to ejaculate in the partner's mouth?"

       "Yeah, I think so. That's part of the enjoyment. It really tastes
good, once the first shock is over, but its not required."

       "Oh, but I want to. I want to suck your big beautiful cock all the
way into my mouth, and I want to feel you ejaculate across my tongue and
taste your semen and then have it all in my belly. Oh, gosh! I can hardly
believe that I'm talking that way or that it's really going to happen at

       He sat up beside Kevin and feasted on him with his eyes. What a
beautiful body! And no one would ever guess it from seeing Kevin clothed
because his was the kind of body that, though appearing average, was
perfection in its highest and best realization of normality which was as
good a definition for "classic" as Jonathan knew. He traced his fingers
over Kevin's cheek bone and jaw line.

       "Are you aware of how beautiful your eyes are?" Jonathan asked.
Kevin blushed and closed his eyes, his long, thick lashes laying against
the lower rim of the socket.

       Jonathan continued to follow the contours with this fingers. The
muscular shoulders and the muscled but not muscle-bound arms. His chest
was smooth and his pectorals perfectly proportioned to his size and body
type. Jonathan leaned forward and kissed and sucked at the near nipple.
He laid his palm flat against his flat stomach, feeling the hard ripples of
muscle beneath the warm skin. He ran his finger down the line of blond
hair to the navel and stopped to kiss the depression. His finger continued
to follow the line of hair to the soft blond curls and he ran his fingers
and palm through it and over it.

       His hand grasped the swollen but still soft cock and lifted it as
he examined it closely and then cradled Kevin's swollen testicles, feeling
the smooth hairless skin and the heavy, egg- shaped glands warm in his
hand. Jonathan stroked the large cock softly and it began to harden. He
climbed between Kevin's thighs and lay on his stomach, still holding it.
It stared at it, mesmerized. A small drop of semen oozed out of the
opening at the tip of Kevin's cock and stood glistening on the lips of the
opening as Jonathan watched. He licked it and savored its taste with a
look of a concentration and then smiled up at Kevin approvingly. He opened
his mouth and covered the large swollen cockhead with his lips, licking
slowly and luxuriously. How often he'd done this in his imagination! But
the actual doing of it was excruciatingly satisfying. "Mmmmmmmmmmm,
oohhmmmmmmmm," he moaned as his lips slid down the now fully erect flesh
and his tongue stroked and pressed against the swollen vessel on the
underside of it. Kevin thrust slightly, and then he grasped Jonathan's
head and held it as he lifted his hips from the bed and slowly entered the
warm wet lips with his full length. Jonathan slid his lips back up the
swollen shaft, licked lavishly over and around the head and slid his moist
lips and searching tongue back down. He hadn't quit moaning and sighing
audibly as he sucked. After three or four minutes, Kevin, who had been
thrusting and withdrawing in cooperation with Jonathan's movements, began
to breath heavily and moan as well.

       "Jonathan! I'm about to come. Do you want to move your mouth from
it?" Jonathan's head shook negatively as Kevin's cock filled his mouth.

       "Okay, then. Get ready . . . Ungh! Aaaghhhh! Unh, here it comes.
Yes! Suck it, Jon, suck it hard."

       Jonathan had felt the throbbing of Kevin's cock, and he was
prepared when it jerked and spasmed in his mouth, flooding his tongue and
mouth with a spurting streams of semen. He swallowed rapidly and sucked
voraciously as a starving man might do over a good meal after long fasting.
He continued sucking and swallowing until Kevin's shaft began to soften
inside his mouth, and then he reluctantly released it from the suction of
his mouth.

       Afterward, as they lay in a close embrace, Jonathan said, "Kevin,
I've never felt so satiated, but I can't wait for more."

       "We've got all weekend, Jonathan, and we'll both try to get our
fill of each other."

       The next morning, the bellman let himself in after two knocks and
entered the bedroom with the breakfast cart. He smirked as he spied the
two young men in bed together but studiously didn't react, and Kevin, half
angry at the man's presumption, got out of bed naked and walked across to
the dresser to remove a ten dollar bill from his wallet and hand it to the
man who was now staring mesmerized by Kevin's beautiful cock and faint
pungent odor of dried semen emanating from Kevin's genitals. Jonathan
watched the little by-play and perversely got out of bed to walk naked to
the breakfast cart and leaned over Kevin, his cock brushing Kevin's
buttocks, to examine the morning meal. The bellman was overcome with
confusion and almost ran from the room. Jonathan and Kevin laughed softly
together at the reaction and moved into an embrace and long kiss.

       "'Mornin', lover," Kevin said.

       Jonathan blushed, pleased, and responded, "'Mornin', lover."


       They returned from Boston late Sunday night after a great weekend
of culture and sex. Kevin let Jonathan out and went in to the house with
him. They kissed long and lovingly, and Kevin departed.

       Jonathan undressed and then stood nude in his study, looking
contemplatively at wood box on one of his book shelves. He took it into
his bedroom and propped up on the bed. He opened the box and removed a
stack of letters from it. He arranged them in the order of their dates,
and slit the envelopes of all of them before he opened the first and began
to read.

       What he read stunned him with surprise.

       When they next got together, Jonathan told Kevin of what he had
found and showed the letters to Kevin.

       "Pete Delaware was the roommate? Jonathan! I'm impressed. Even
more so since he's so in love with you."

       "In love with me!"

       "Surely, you realized that!"

       "No! He's just sorry for having hurt my feelings."

       "Jonathan, you'd better read these letters again. I can tell you
what the missing letter said. It said right out that he loved you and had
for the last ten years."

       Jonathan was silent for several minutes. They were at Walt's house
in the mountains for the weekend, and a fire was burning and crackling in
the fireplace. "What do you think I should do, Kevin?"

       "I think you should see him. Go to San Francisco during the
Christmas holidays. Look, Jonathan. I know that we are good loving
friends and we've been good for each other. I hope we will keep on being
that and more if Pete will have that kind of relationship. But you know
that we're not soul mates. Pete is yours, and I haven't found mine yet."

* * *

       This marks the end of one segment of Kevin's and Jonathan's
adventure into the development of relationships. I am wondering, should we
read Pete Delaware's ten year correspondence to Jonathan. Should I pursue
the development of Jonathan's further relations with Pete Delaware?

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