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Nifty - Gay - College - Seducing A Nerd - Seducing A Nerd 2

Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2011 07:36:05 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Seducing A Nerd Chapter 2

Seducing a Nerd Chapter 2
by Mike Loggerman

Two days later, Bill called and asked me to drop by his room. When I got
there, he slid his hand down my shorts and felt my cock and balls. I stood
there as he stripped me naked and felt me all over. He fingered my ass and
I moaned. He said he loved that I let him have my body whenever he wanted.
He said he was horny for days and all he could think about was fucking
me. He took off his clothes and held his body tightly against mine. I got
on my knees and sucked his big hairy cock while I ran my hands over his
hairy inner thighs. I stood up and sucked his tits and licked his pits. He
tongue kissed me and I lay on the end of his bed while he slid his pulsing
cock inside me. I reached up and squeezed his nipples as he long dicked
me. I groaned and told him how much I loved feeling his cock in me. He
stroked my cock as he fucked me, and I shot my load on his stomach as he shot
his load in my ass.
We lay in bed together. I buried my face in his pits as his cum dripped
out of me. He said he loved being with me and wanted to be more than
occasional fuckers. I told him it could be a regular thing, but that he wasn't the
only guy I have sex with. He said he didn't mind as long as no one would
know he was fucking me and he could fuck me once or twice a day. I told
him I'd really like that, and rubbed my body against his. I asked him to
fuck me again, and I got on all fours while he slid his cock back in me from
behind. I loved feeling his dense bush pounding my ass. I squeezed my ass
around his cock and he shot his load in me. He said his roommate would
be back so I got dressed and left.
I got back to my room before Steve got back from the library. I got in the
shower to wash Bill's scent off me, and heard the door close. Steve was
back. Two minutes later, I heard the bathroom door open and Steve walked in
naked and got in the shower with me. He started soaping my back and ass,
and I felt his hard cock between my cheeks. He whispered in my ear that he
was hungry for me and slid his soapy cock up my ass. I moaned as he
thrust his enormous cock deep in my ass. He reached around me and stroked my
cock as he fucked me. I leaned against the wall as he thrust the full length
of his cock up into me. He moaned deeply as I felt his thick warm sperm
fill my insides. I turned around and washed his hairy pits and he tongue
kissed me. He said I was the best roommate a guy could have and that he
loved being inside me.
We got out of the shower and dressed, and went for dinner. When we sat at
the table, Bill joined us. They chatted like nothing was going on and I
wondered if they knew they were both fucking me. In public we never acted
like anything was going on between us. None of us wanted to arouse
suspicion from the other students. I left early to study. A few minutes later,
Steve came up and he studied as well.
When it was time for bed, Steve got undressed and asked if he could sleep
with me. I took off my clothes and motioned for him to get in bed with me.
We snuggled under the covers and he held me close to him. I enjoyed
feeling his very hairy body against mine. It wasn't long before I felt his
hard cock poking at my ass. I reached behind me and guided his cock to my
hole. He snuggled closer as I felt his cock slide inside me. He gently and
quietly fucked me and we fell asleep.
The next morning, Steve was lying on his back with his hands behind his
head. I started massaging his hairy armpits with my fingertips. His cock
was hard and I got on top of him and rode him until he shot his load inside
me. After he shot his load, he said he was thinking about how much he loved
sex with me. I told him it was special for me too.
Later that day, I saw Bill, and he asked me to meet him in the stairwell
between the sixth and seventh floors at midnight. I met him there, and he
said his roommate was in the room all day and he was horny, so he thought we
could do it in the stairwell. He said we would hear if the doors opened
and since we were between floors, we would have time to get dressed. He
slid his hand down the back of my shorts and started fingering my ass. I
pulled down his shorts and started sucking his big hairy cock. He turned me
around on the steps and pulled down my shorts. He slid his cock inside me
and fucked me as I knelt on the stairs. I was excited to be doing this in a
place where we could get caught. I lost myself in pleasure as I felt his
big cock sliding against my prostate as he thrust his cock deep inside me.
I could feel his pubes brushing against my smooth ass. A few minutes
later, I felt his warm cum flooding my insides. We got dressed and left.
One afternoon, I was in my room studying, and Steve was in class. I was
horny and hoped it was Bill, looking for a quick one in the stairwell. When
I opened the door, it was Todd, a skinny blond guy with a shaggy beard.
Todd was a skinny guy always dressed in jeans and sweatshirts. He asked if
Steve was around, but when I said he was gone, he asked if he could come in
and hang out with me for a while. I motioned for him to come in, and he
sat on my bed and stared, looking a little nervous.
He looked down and said he saw me in the stairwell with Bill a few nights
before and it really excited him, and he was wondering if we could do it
too. I was nervous because he saw us, and excited that he wanted to be with
me. He said he had a friend in high school who used to suck him but he
wanted to see what fucking was like.
I told Todd that I was attracted to hairy guys, and I'd have to see what
he looked like first. Without hesitating, he took off his sweatshirt,
revealing a blond hairy chest. I had him raise his arms and I licked his pits
and felt his chest. He slid off his jeans and briefs, revealing his long
hard cock, surrounded by a thick long blond bush. I had him turn around and
felt his hairy scrawny ass. I parted his hairy cheeks and licked his hole.
I was dripping precum as I rimmed him.
He sat back in my desk chair and I got on my knees and started sucking
him. It tasted of stale cum and sweat, telling me he didn't shower today. He
moaned as I blew him and I stood up and took off my clothes. I continued
sucking him and ran my fingers through his pubes. He reached around and
fingered my ass as I sucked him. We stood up and I tongue kissed him. He
kissed me hard.
I had him lie on my bed and I got on top of him and lowered myself onto
his throbbing cock. He moaned as he filled my ass with his manhood. He held
me tightly as I moved up and down his cock. He had me get off him and
had me lay on my back. He got between my legs and slid his thick hard cock
inside me, and tongue kissed me as he thrust his hard cock in and out of me.
He let out a deep groan, and filled me with his huge load of cum. I
wrapped my legs around him and held him there until he started to get soft.
We were both shaking and I thanked him for fucking me. I told him we
better get dressed because my roommate was coming home soon. He thanked me and
left. I took a quick shower just in time for Steve to get back from class.

Steve and I went down to dinner, and when we got back, he started to
study. I unzipped his pants and sucked his cock while he read his book. I
tried to get him to fuck me, but he said we could do it when we went to sleep.
I went to Bill's room, but he was gone, so I went looking for Todd. Todd
said being with me was all he could think about, and let me undress him and
enjoy feeling and tasting his hairy body. It wasn't long before I was on
all fours as he fucked me deep from behind. He kissed my neck and continued
fucking me until he shot his second load in me.
We lay in his bed a long time, feeling each other. He was afraid his
roommate would come back soon, so I got dressed and left. I showered when I got
back to my room while Steve kept studying.
When I came out of the shower, I lay naked in Steve's bed. He slid off his
clothes and got into bed with me. He fucked me twice and we fell asleep
in each other's arms.
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Nifty - Gay - College - Seducing A Nerd - Seducing A Nerd 2