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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Bens Medical Exam

Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 23:32:57 +0800
From: Ben Ng <>
Subject: Ben's Medical Exam

Ben's Medical Exam

*** This is a fictional account of sexual acts between two
adult men. If this offends you, please stop reading. I'm not
really a doctor so the medical stuff may not be accurate. If
you like this story, feel free to email me at I appreciate constructive feedback. ***

I'm a doctor doing my intern at a university's health center.
I see all kinds of patients and it's a good place for me to
gain experience. Some cases are just bizarre, and occasional I
see some hot guys in my practice and I will take extra time to
examine them. Of course I can't ask them to strip and let me
examine their penises if they come in for a cold, but you will
be surprised how many hot jocks come in suspecting they have
STDs when they discover a rash in their groin. But it kind of
makes sense: hot jocks attract girls (and guys) and get more
sex, so their chances of getting STDs are higher. They are
also way more concerned about their penises than my other

So, being a gay doctor has its privileges; I get to see and
examine the cocks of a lot of hot studs. This is especially
true because this university is known to be a party school.
Sometimes I even see guys coming in drunk or stoned, who are
likely to have just been to a party. Probably a party with
wild unprotected sex, then they regret it in the morning, or
are afraid they caught AIDS or something. In other words,
young, dumb and full of cum. Tests for certain STDs involve
inserting a tube into the urethra, which can be very painful,
but a great deterrent for unprotected sex. I can't say I
exactly enjoy doing those tests, as you know for people with
STDs, it's not pretty down there. But, a lot of times these
guys are simply worried but not really having STDs, so I get
to play with—excuse me—examine them all I want.

It's cool that I get to see a lot of cocks, but after a while
you get desensitized. What really excite me are the physical
exams, which allow me to have extended time with my patients.
And these are usually the college jocks, freshmen who are
joining the football team, for example. The college has a
football team that has won several national titles over the
years, and has attracted football jocks from all over the
country. You know, those dumb jocks on football scholarships
who would otherwise never go to college. Sometimes they are so
dumb I want to bang my head against the wall, but there are
also several smart and handsome ones. The dumb ones would
probably believe me if I told them that doing back flips is
part of the physical exam. They will probably willingly give
me a semen sample. I can't say I'm not tempted to try.

Anyway, the hottest experience I had by far was Ben. He is one
hot jock. He's very big and muscular, yet with a baby face and
short, spiky black hair. He has this innocent look about him,
which is in stark contrast to his beefy body. He looks like a
kid with an adult body. A boy trapped in a man's body. Yum.
From the moment he walked into the examination room, I knew I
was going to have a lot of fun with him. While going through
his medical history, I was thinking of ways to get the most
out of him. Should I try to invent a reason to extract a semen
sample out of him? Or accidentally brush against his cock
while examining his testicles to make him hard? I'll probably
do a thorough prostate exam; it's less obvious that way. I'm
sure I can make him hard if I play with his prostate long
enough. Luckily he was the last case of the day so I can take
my time with him.

Ben was not much of a talker, but he was very compliant. Just
as football players learned to be obedient to their coaches,
they trust their doctors implicitly. There is something about
these guys that make them completely submit to authorities. If
the coach asks them to do fifty push-ups and run ten laps,
they are not going to ask why. They just do it. It suits me
well. So, when I informed him that the full body exam would
include an examination of the penis, testicles and the
prostate, he was completely ok with it. Not that there was any
surprise in that. But the way I was going to examine him would
probably be new to him. I bet no other doctor would be as
thorough as I was.

I wanted to see more of his naked body, so I asked him to take
off his clothes to be weighted. I told him he could strip down
to his boxers. He immediately took off his t-shirt, revealing
a broad chest and a nice six-pack. He has strong arms as well.
He calmly informed me that he was not wearing any underwear,
and proceeded to strip completely. There he was, just standing
there completely naked, in the middle of the examination room,
looking at me. No hesitation, no embarrassment. My cock
twitched in my pants. He had a thick, uncut cock, which was
four inches soft. There is a thick bush of black pubic hair
around it, and his balls were large and low hanging. I
resisted the urge to lick my lips as I looked at it. I took
his height and weight, then proceeded with the other tests.

Usually, we try to get the patients to strip to their boxers
so that they get used to being half-naked. It will be easier
for them to take off their underwear later on. Otherwise some
shy ones may take forever to strip. But Ben... he wasn't wearing
underwear and he was not afraid to show his package. He even
joked, "I knew I needed to strip anyway, why bother wearing
boxers?" I like that attitude.

So, the entire physical exam was done with him in the nude. I
checked his arms, chest, back, legs, the whole thing. I took
my time to do it, watching his cock and balls bounce around as
he got into various positions. I wanted to get to know more of
him so I did some small talk with him. Where are you from; how
long have you been playing football, and so on. He was
friendly and we had a nice chat.

When it came to his penis, I was extra thorough. Since he was
uncut, I talked to him about hygiene. I asked him if he
retracted his foreskin when he urinates or washes his penis.
He face turned red as he told me he didn't have a habit of
doing that. I informed him that infections may occur if he
didn't pull back his foreskin to clean it. He even candidly
told me sometimes after masturbation he would just pull up his
underwear without wiping the semen off. I joked that his
underwear would get crusty, and we both laughed. If he feels
secure enough to tell me his jerk off routines, I may have a
chance to go further with him.

"So, since we are on the topic of masturbation, how often do
you do it?" I asked casually.

"Oh, it depends. Usually once a day, but sometimes two or
three times a day, if I'm watching porn or jerking off with a
buddy. But if I get to have sex every day then I don't need to
jerk off." Wow, he is totally open with me. How hot is that?

"So you are sexually active, uh? Have you had unprotected sex

"I usually wear a condom, and I put one in my wallet just in
case, but there were a couple of times I didn't have my
emergency condom and I wasn't planned on doing it. So, yes."

"Then I better check for STDs. You never know."

"I don't think my girlfriend has STDs though."

"Are you 100% sure? And have you had sex with others before?"

"Well... I guess I'm not 100% sure, and yes, I have had sex with
others. There was a party after high school graduation, and it
just got out of hand and everyone started having sex with
everyone else."

"Wow, that's the kind of thing that can get you STDs."

"Yeah, I know. I was kind of worried about that too. But there
was this slut who said she was going to set a record by having
sex with every guy at the party, and who was going to object
to that?" He gave me a sheepish smile as he said it.

"Did you wear a condom at that time?"

"Yeah, I had my emergency condom that time, but a lot of guys
didn't and some of them caught something, so I was kind of
worried. I mean, condoms can break too, right?"

"Yes, that's right. We better get you tested. It's the
responsible thing to do, since you are also dating."

"Ok, let's do it."

"Alright, I'm going to swap your penis and do a test on the
common STDs, and I'm also going to need a semen sample." I
lied. There's no need to test his semen.

"A semen sample? Does it mean I have to jerk off here?"

"Yeah, but I'll give you some privacy if you like. But let's
worry about that later. I'm going to check your prostate

As I was examining his penis and testicles, I was sitting and
he was standing in front of me. I asked him to sit down on the
examination table and pull back his legs. Typically, a
prostate exam is done with the patient bending down or laying
on his side, so that the doctor doesn't get to see his penis,
but of course I want to see everything. He didn't even
hesitate, and immediately pulled back his legs and exposed his
anus to me. As I looked at it, I figured he was an ass virgin
since his hole was tightly closed. Inserting a finger in it
confirmed my suspicion. He was slightly uncomfortable and was
wincing. I told him to relax and push out, as if he was taking
a crap. As I located his prostate, I started massaging it. It
took me no time to find out that he was completely normal, but
I wanted to get his cock hard so I played with it some more.
His cock started twitching and expanding. His face reddened
and he mumbled "sorry".

"Don't worry about it. A lot of guys get erections when their
prostate is stimulated. Just let it be." He nodded and we both
looked at his penis growing from completely soft to rock hard
in about a minute. He was visibly embarrassed but he did not

"It looks like there is some swelling in your prostate and I'd
need to examine it more thoroughly. And I'll also need to
check your semen to make sure everything is ok." He nodded and
waited patiently while I rubbed his prostate over and over.
His cock pulsated every time I pushed against his prostate and
it was leaking precum. He let out a soft moan. I could tell he
was trying so hard to control his arousal, but it wasn't
working given the vigorous stimulation I was giving him. His
child-like face was in a combination of pleasure,
embarrassment, and control, which was extra sexy to me.

"I'm sorry, but if you keep on rubbing it, I'm afraid I'm
going to cum." He said softly.

"That's fine. We need a semen sample anyway."

"Ok, but where should I shoot into?"

"Hold on, I'll get you a cup." I reached over and got a cup
for his semen sample, then held it near the tip of his cock.
Since both of his hands were still holding his legs up, I used
my other hand to jerk him a few times, and he was immediately
shooting cum into the cup. As each load of cum shot out of his
cock, his whole body was in spasm, and he let out a loud moan.

At the very moment I touched his cock, his eyes widened, and
there was an expression of surprise on his face, but it
quickly turned into lust. I knew I shouldn't have touched him.
I knew I could lose my medical license over that, but seeing
this hot stud near climax was driving me crazy with lust. I
can only hope he is too dumb to realize it. As he made five or
six shots into the cup, I knew I had a winner. He was filling
the cup with so much cum that it was almost full. I gave him
some tissue to clean up.

"Wow, that's a lot of cum."

"Yeah, I know. My buddies and my girlfriend always say that."
I like that this guy is telling me that he messes around with
his buddies. It means I have a chance.

"Ok, I have everything I need to do the tests, and I have
finished the physical exam. Is there anything you want to ask

"Yeah. When will I know the results of the STD and semen

"Oh right. Can you come in the same time next week? The tests
will be ready by then."

"Sure. I have no class at this time."

"Alright, then. I guess I'll see you next week." I was going
to find a place to jerk off after this.

"Um... Are you going off work now?"

"Yeah, the health center closes at 4:30pm. I'll be finishing
up soon."

"Er... would you like to... hang out, grab a coffee or something?"
Oh my god, is he hitting on me? That would be too good to be
true! I was the youngest male doctor in the health center, and
some patients have been saying I was good looking. Is he on to
me? Is he gay?

"Sure, I'll just finish some paperwork, then I can meet you
out front. You can get dressed in the meantime." He face
lighted up immediately, and he quickly got dressed. When I
finished up and exited the building, Ben was right next to the
door, leaning against the wall. He had this naughty look on
his face, which told me he was expecting some action.

"So, where do you want to go? Shall we go grab some coffee, or
we skip that and go to my dorm?" Man, he was direct.

"How did you know I was interested?"

"Oh come on, your eyes were glued to my cock the whole time,
and semen test? Who would do a semen test for the physical?
You even jerked me. That was subtle, huh?" I guess he's not
that dumb. Damn.

"Guilty. So I guess you won't report me?"

"No, not if you come back to my dorm and have some fun with me
and my buddies."

"What do you guys have in mind?"

"Oh, I don't know. Some physical exams of our own? Anal

"From your tight ass hole, I'd say you haven't done any anal
probing before."

"True, we mostly just jerk off together. But who knows? This
may be your lucky day!" He gave me a wink and started walking
back to his dorm.
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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Bens Medical Exam