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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Big Dick Daddy

Date: Sat, 4 Jan 2003 14:27:35 -0800 (PST)
From: WMC <>
Subject: Big Dick Daddy

       This is another of my true adventures. It contains consensual sex
between adult males. I retain all rights to it except for those I give up
to the Nifty Archive for posting it online. If you would like to post it
to another free site please ask my permission first. If your site is a
pay-to-read site then forget it (unless you'd like to pay me for it).

As always, comments and hot chat welcomed. Enjoy!

                      BIG DICK DADDY
                             by WMC

       It was early in the fall of 1986. I was 32 years old and on my way
to Ft. Lauderdale to interview for a job. I had gotten a late start on the
drive and it was getting near midnight when I got onto a long turnpike in
central Florida that headed south to the Miami-Ft. Lauderdale area. I had
to piss like crazy when I finally came upon a new looking, well-lighted
service station and rest stop on an island between the four lanes.

       I burst through the glass doors and hurriedly rushed into the
restroom at a pace that surely gave away my dire straits to even the most
casual observer. It was antiseptic in its cleanliness and the highly
polished fixtures gleamed under the harsh fluorescent lighting. I had
needed this piss for so long that I could feel how drawn up my dick and
balls were from the strain of holding it in. I whipped my withered looking
flesh out the fly of my cut-offs and waited for relief to come.

       While waiting for whatever muscles are responsible for clamping
your bladder off to relax and let the intermittent spurts form into a
steady flow I was joined by an older man who seemed to pause for a moment
and look me over. He was a thick-set, paunchy man in his late50s/early 60s
who stood three or four inches shorter than I, putting him at about 5'
9-or-10". I found him a little too narrow through the shoulders to have
what I think of as a burly build but he was a substantial man nonetheless.
His face was not what you could call strikingly handsome either, but was
still attractive and was certainly imbued with the warmth and kindness that
I am often drawn to as a fan of older men.

He was dressed in typical retiree tourist garb - a rust colored
button-up shirt open to the second button showing a handsome tuft of long,
silvery chest hair and plaid, olive-green Bermuda shorts that barely
revealed his knees. Rolled up in one of his thick hands was a little
tabloid-sized paper or newsletter.

       He took his place at the third urinal from my left as I watched
from the corner of my eye. He didn't position himself the way most men do,
all hunkered up to the fixture like they're scared to death somebody might
see what they're holding, but at a surprising distance that more than
accommodated the protrusion of his paunchy girth.

His free hand unzipped the fly of his baggy shorts with all the slow
deliberateness of a skilled striptease and parted his fly, then he bent
slightly at the waist. I've always loved the way some older men do this
when fishing their dicks out of their pants. As he straightened up my jaw
almost hit the top of the urinal when I saw what he fed through his
"c"-shaped thumb and index finger. It was without question the fattest
dick I have ever laid eyes on before or since!

I'm talking f-a-t here! It was hands down fatter than my hard-on. I
started getting erect instantly but couldn't take my furtive gaze off of it
as he laid the head down in the bottom of his fly and, both hands then
free, proceeded to open his paper and read. He seemed engrossed in
whatever it was and I felt a little bolder about witnessing his impressive

He was cut but with more skin to spare than most of us cut guys have
bunched up behind the head, which was almost as dark colored as his shirt
and looked to be between the size of a small and medium lime. The thick
corona flared majestically as it seemed to hold the skin of his shaft back
off of the wide, meaty glans and I lusted after the way his urethra parted
it into twin bulbs. The weight of it and about another inch of ruddy
looking shaft tugged downward on the flimsy fabric pulling his fly into a
teardrop shape. After a few seconds lag time, he noisily flooded his
urinal with a gusher of piss as thick as a ballpoint pen.

I was becoming hopelessly hard as I watched, cutting off the flow of
my urine that had never really even managed to get a good start before, and
especially after, he followed me in. I hunkered up to my urinal trying to
hide my firm condition but resolutely kept his display in my field of

"You've got a nice one, too," he commented without raising his eyes
from his paper.

"Pardon me?" I replied somewhat flustered.

"I said you've got a nice one, too. How about backing up a little so
I can see it again?" his deep voice spoke in a hushed tone that still
reverberated on the tile.

I backed up some and turned to give him a good look. My dick was
raging hard as I watched him hold the paper to his hip in one hand while
his other took hold of his monster and began milking out the last few
spurts. He looked directly at my full-on erection.

A warm smile formed on his lips as he continued to milk his hefty
member and said, "My RV is parked outside if you'd like to have a little
show and tell."

"Damn! Look at that thing!" I exclaimed, "I'd be a fool to say no!
But please, mister (I ran my hand up and down my rock hard shaft)...I
need you to put it away for now so I can finish what I came in here to do."

He laughed, flashing a perfect set of pearly whites, and said, "I'll
wait for you outside."

I managed to empty my bladder, but only after going and sitting on
the toilet for fear someone else might wander in to see me standing with my
hard-on in full view. I left the men's room to find he was waiting for me
right outside the doors and we walked in the night air to his RV making
idle conversation as though we might have been traveling together. I saw
Michigan plates on it figured him to be a retired autoworker, which he
confirmed. As soon as we were inside he immediately unzipped his shorts
and put his magnificent, manly organ right back on display for me.

"I assume from the way you were staring at it in there that you like
what you saw. No sense being shy about it in here, I guess," he said with
a charmingly confident air.

"No, I guess not," I confirmed with a smile as my erection started
visibly growing in my shorts, "I can't imagine how big that must get when
it's hard!"

"How `bout we get nekkid and you can see for yourself," he said as he
reached for my waist and unbuttoned the top button of my cut-offs.

I finished the job for him and shucked them off. Then I took off my
shirt and stood totally naked in front of him.

He reached for my hard-on, then stopped just short and asked, "Do you
mind if I...?"

"I'd be disappointed if you didn't," I encouraged.

He wrapped his large, rough hand around my shaft and gave it a good

"Mmmmm," he moaned, "very nice!"

I saw his dick start to show the first signs of inflation, pulsing
and thickening beyond my wildest dreams. My own pulse was starting to
pound in lust as I started unbuttoning his shirt. His hand started sliding
up and down my length and then he paused. His mouth opened slightly then
closed again without a word.

"What?" I stopped and asked.

"It's see, I'm a married man...I don't get to play
with another man's dick very often. That' got a real
nice one," he stammered as he examined how much the length of my dick
overflowed his hand.

"It doesn't look like very much to me next to that!" I confessed as I
pointed at his then fully hard sausage.

"Oh," he said looking down at himself, "Yeah, it's a big ol' ugly
thing, isn't it?"

"Ugly?" I asked as I reciprocated and felt his incredible heft in my
hand for the first time, "Like hell! It's the most beautiful thing in the
world to me at this moment."

"I guess I've sort of grown into it now," he said patting his
beautiful paunch, "but it was a source of embarrassment to me as a

"I'll bet your wife must feel like the luckiest woman on the planet
though," I replied noting his wedding band.

"Well," he said with a hint of modesty, "I have to admit that she
does manage to get around on it pretty damn good...for a gal I mean.
That's her."

I looked at the picture he pointed to and was amazed at what a petite
figure she cut next to his stocky frame. My eyes went back and forth
between their photo and his whopping dick. He watched my face as I
reconciled the size of his wife against the size of his fuck tool.

His laugh was loud and hardy as he peeled his shirt off and gave me
my first look at his grandfatherly girth. His shorts, just as you often
see on a man his age, were fastened well up on his gut. What a vision he
was, though! His well-tanned chest was thick, though not so broad, and
much hairier than his round belly, which seemed to stand out with pride
over that...I'm sorry but there are simply no other words to describe
it...that unbelievably fat dick!

I dropped to my knees before him and undid the button of his
Bermudas. They fell to his feet and revealed the pair of bull-balls that
perfectly complemented his corpulent member. I was speechless as I sank my
fingers into his wiry bush and slowly traced them down over the bulging
contours of the huge nuts that strained his leathery bag downward. I
pushed his hulking erection up against his semi-hairy underbelly and kissed
them. A breathy moan escaped him as he placed one of his thick hands on
the back of my head.

"Wow! You are every inch a man, aren't you?" I said in admiration as
I aimed his bulky organ at my face and stared into the gaping hole recessed
in its meaty head.

He smiled down at me as he placed his hands on his hips and watched
me appreciatively run my hands over his spectacular endowment. I sat back
on my haunches with my hands on my knees and heard him chuckle as he set
the fleshy cannon in motion, making it bob in a lusty display of sexual

"Lucky for me you happened in when you did," I gleefully commented.

"Well, it was really no accident," he said while I resumed fondling
his magnificent equipment, "I was in the store when I saw you run in
through the door and disappear into the toilet. You reminded me of
someone...a terrific guy I used to fool around with in the I
decided to put it out there where you could get a look and see what
happened. I figured the worst that could happen is you wouldn't notice me
and would leave without a word when you were done."

"Trust me, this thing couldn't go unnoticed by anyone," I said in
shameless fascination with the hulking thickness of his beautifully shaped
organ, "When a man like you goes fishing with bait like this and he'll
catch something every time."

"A man like me?" he asked.

"Of course," I said as I ran my hands up over his cute, round belly,
"The first thing that caught my eye about you was you. You're one very
handsome and distinguished looking gent."

I started tongue fucking his deep, lightly furred navel. He groaned
in response and pressed my face to his belly. I could feel his substantial
meat glancing off my chest and it caused my erection to jump each time it
made contact with me.

       He released me and sat on the 2 person sleeping berth behind him.
He rested back on his elbows and spread his thighs, seductively displaying
his masculine attributes. It's beauty was not only that it seemed to
possess length and girth in equal amounts but also the way its slight
upward curvature let it snuggle up against his beach ball-like gut,
allowing the plump head to kiss his navel. His crack was all but obscured
by the weighty testicles that tumbled down between his surprisingly toned
thighs, barely permitting me to see it disappear into the cushion.

       I positioned myself between his legs and inhaled his manly scent.
After collecting a sufficient pool of saliva on my tongue I opened my mouth
and began bathing the ample scrotum that strained low before me. His balls
were far too large to take them both in my mouth but I was perfectly happy
to suck just one of them. His breath quickened and he tensed slightly
before relaxing into it.

       "Sorry, nobody's ever done that with my balls before," he
sheepishly confessed.

       "Mmmm...I'd do this with them whenever you wanted, if I could," I
said, almost child-like in my earnestness.

       "You'd be a busy boy then `cause now that I know how good it feels
I'd want it all the time," he replied with great satisfaction beaming in
his kind face.

       I resumed alternately sucking on his great, Brazil nut-shaped balls
in anticipation of the milky load they would soon bestow. He encouraged me
with the excited tones in which he commented on the show I was giving him.
The wiry hair that rose up around his full bag tickled my lips and was an
annoyance to my tongue, but I refused to let it deter me.

        At last I turned my attention to his straining hard-on. I
grabbed it around the thick base and stood it away from his belly to study
its oddly beautiful shape. On its underside was a thick vein, itself as
wide as some of the skinnier dicks I've had, flanked by two barrel-like
fleshy expanses. All in all it looked like a horny Mother Nature had
squeezed three dicks together the day she hung him. It was nearly as thick
from top to bottom as it was from side to side and the massive head
promised to be a mouthful on its own.

After thoroughly licking my lips I opened wide and sank my mouth down
on it to test my conjecture. The tremendous width of it tugged my lips
into an oval as they rode up and over the flare of his corona, which I
could not completely manage to avoid with my teeth. I had been correct. I
held still and savored the fullness of it in my mouth as I ran a hand up
and down his exposed length.

Feeling more adventurous I started pushing my lips farther down on
the thick shaft. I'm sure it was less than two more inches before the
bruiser was poised to enter my throat. But, it being far too fat for that,
I was satisfied to let it stuff my mouth to overflowing. I looked into his
eyes and slowly turned my head this way and that, pausing each time to give
him a nice long look at the way his corpulence stretched my lips.

"Jeez!" he said with a smile as his eyes closed tight.

       There was ample room to get my hand around what I couldn't fit into
my mouth and my thumb and middle finger barely met around its jaw-splitting
girth. Unable to control my lust I began battering my gullet against the
bluntness of the head as his magnificent organ plumped in my mouth from my
firm grasp.

       I slid off of it and pressed it to his firm underbelly with my
lips, smothering the bulky beast with child-like kisses while he watched in
utter contentment. I aimed it at my face once more and began slowly
smearing my nose with his free-flowing pre-cum, allowing him to enjoy the
way the head of his dick dwarfed it.

       "Beautiful!" he sighed enthusiastically.

       "Very!" I replied as I pressed my lips to it in another kiss and
slowly tongued his salty ooze from the gaping urethra.

       I could almost feel the intensity of his gaze as he watched me
worship his incredible tool. He slowly started hunching his hips upward,
causing my distended lips to glide up and down over the massive, rubbery

       "Will used to love for me to do this to him," he reminisced.

       I pulled off of his fuck-ready meat and asked, "Your Navy friend?"

       "Yes," he confirmed as I placed my mouth on him once more, "Do you

       "I'd love to," I replied with enthusiasm.

       I stood and saw him light up when he saw my incredibly rigid state.

       "You've sure got Will beat in this department!" he exclaimed as he
sat upright and took my hard dick in his strong right hand.

       He scooted forward to the edge of the berth and started hungrily
licking the head of my leaking member. His hand squeezed the base of it
and my glans ballooned against his slightly parted lips while my pre-cum
flowed onto his busy tongue. The head of his colossally thick organ
cleared the crest of his beautiful belly and I could see it bobbing in
pleasure underneath as he tasted me. He then stopped and stretched out
length-wise in the berth.

       "Climb aboard and let's suck each other's tongue," he instructed
with a smile as he patted his firm, manly paunch.

       I stood still, mesmerized by the incredibly masculine, aged beef
stretched out before me. The thickness of his compact frame made me dizzy
with lust. I hungered to taste the large, brown nipples that jutted up
proudly from his barrel chest. With deliberate slowness I crawled into the
bunk with him and positioned myself on top, our hard dicks snugly
sandwiched between our bellies and my nuts nestled in the warmth of his
generously oversized scrotum. Placing my hands on his thick shoulders I
leaned into him and began nibbling his grandfatherly jowls.

       "Daddy's handsome boy," he sighed into my ear as he wrapped his
surprisingly strong arms around me.

       I don't know how handsome I am, but I sure couldn't argue with
being pegged as `Daddy's boy' when he took my head in his strong, square
hands and pressed my lips to his. A shock ran through me as his thick
tongue filled my mouth and I sucked it as I instinctively hunched my
hard-on against his. He hunched against me as well and moaned in lusty

       After he let me up for air I crawled off of him and hunkered down
far enough to get my mouth on one of his nipples. The thick patch of
silver hair that rode high up on his chest left them mostly exposed and,
but for a few strays, hairless. Fully erect his areolas were at least the
size of a quarter with thick nubs that rose proudly from their centers. I
licked it slowly then took the nub between my teeth and lightly tugged on
it. He arched his back as the tension built inside him and his beautiful
member strained up into the air above his belly.

       I crawled back up onto his hefty frame, straddling his hips again,
and reached back to position his fat hard-on at my hole. As I eased back
onto its meaty head it pried my cheeks apart like a small fist. I began
clenching my sphincter on it as I pressed my mouth to his for another long,
passionate kiss and hunched my erection into his firm gut.

        Quite unexpectedly the sensory overload I was experiencing from
his intense masculinity triggered a jolting orgasm in me and I gushed a
copious load between our sweating bellies.

       "Oh, GOD! I'm so sorry! It's been a while since I've been with
anyone and I'm afraid I got a bit carried away," I said as I rolled off of
him, blushing beet red.

"It's ok, it's ok," he reassured me with a laugh as he pressed my
face to his chest.

He scooped my load off of his round stomach and smeared it over his
thick pole. I quickly scooted down next to it and began licking it clean.
The odor of my butt and cum was thick in the air and my dick sprang to life
again almost immediately as I tasted myself on him. He chuckled
contentedly as he ran his thick fingers through my hair.

I wanted his load and I wanted it badly by that time. He spread his
thighs for me and I positioned myself between them to give him the show of
his life. It was important to me that he witnessed the intensity of my
attraction to him without obstruction.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his heavy organ and stood it up
off of his belly, aiming it at my face and lavishing him with praise for
the way its magnificent girth filled my grip.

"I guess it is kind of thick," he said with a hint of pride in his

"No, mine is kind of thick," I replied as I strengthened my grip on
his, "This thing goes way past `kind-of-thick' into the `big-fat'

With that I began running my tongue over the head like I used to do
with an ice cream cone as a child. His delight with my display was
apparent in his deep, lust-filled moans. He positioned the other pillow
behind him to give him a better view and placed his thick left hand on the
back of my head as I started slowly sliding my mouth up and down over his
lip-stretching glans. To an observer it would have looked like he was
using me to masturbate himself.

After several minute of worshipping the big, rubbery head I began
trying to touch my lips to the hand I had kept wrapped around his base.
When I finally managed it he violently triggered my gag reflex and I
quickly pulled off of it.

My nose was running and my eyes were watering as I slid my hand up
and down his saliva coated pole and said, "Damn! This thing really takes
some getting used to!"

He flashed his beautiful smile at me as he smeared his delicious
pre-come over the glistening head with his thick index finger and then
pushed the slimy digit into my mouth.

"This is so much better than I imagined it would be," he said with
considerable contentment in his voice, "I figured because it's so late that
if I got you in here at all it would be just a quick suck-off and a
pleased-to-meet-you. I hope you're not in such a hurry."

"Truthfully I am," I replied, "but I'd be stupid not to change my
plans for a man like you!"

His thick chest heaved in a sigh of relief as he guided my head back
to his substantial meat and said, "Good! Then let's have some fun."

I couldn't speak my agreement with my mouth full of his jaw-splitting
tool but I'm sure he sensed it in the passion I applied to it. After a few
minutes of battering the back of my throat against the bluntness of his
huge, hard dick head I stretched out on top of him for another of his fiery
hot kisses and sank my dick into the warmth of his still sagging scrotum.
I clumsily maneuvered my hand between us to pull his balls up on top of my
hard-on and started gently fucking into his perineum, the head easily
slipping into his sweaty butt crack.

His eyes rolled back in his head as he whispered, "Oh, yeah! That
hits the spot!"

He enjoyed this for quite a while before he said, "I've got to suck

I rolled off of him onto my back and watched as he hungrily took more
than half of my dick into his mouth. I had just shot a load of cum on him
not ten minutes before but already I could feel my balls drawing up from
his oral ministrations. His eyes closed and I could see him getting in
touch with distant memories as his head slowly bobbed up and down on me.

Suddenly he took me from his mouth and scrambled around until his
legs were on either side of me, his ass spread wide and his huge balls
bouncing and swaying in my face. I scooted down in the bed until his
hard-on was touching my chin. He reached back with one hand and guided it
into my tight-fitting mouth then proceeded to engulf my straining erection
once more.

We sixty-nined like this for the longest time, him pistoning his club
of a dick into my overstuffed mouth while his big, hairy balls rolled and
bounced on my face. Meanwhile he voraciously dined on my rock-hard organ,
sucking me for all he was worth as he squeezed my balls and fingered my
crack. I reached my arms around his beefy thighs and sank my hands into
the firmness of his ass cheeks, occasionally parting them and running a
finger over his puckered hole.

This got him particularly hot and his passion reached a new level.
His suction on my dick became almost painful as he fed his whopping tool
into my engorged mouth with renewed vigor. The sensory overload got the
better of me and I came in him so forcefully I thought I might black out.

I could feel the surprising size of each throbbing spurt as my balls
discharged another voluminous load in his mouth and I could hear him
swallowing in that noisy way you do when your mouth is stuffed with an
erupting dick. He continued gently sucking me as my erection began to
subside and, when I was completely flaccid, rolled off of me onto his back
with his feet up next to my head and his arms folded over his thick chest.

I raised my head enough to get a look at his face. His eyes were
closed and his heartwarming smile displayed his utter contentment. I
slipped my hand under the crook of his hairy leg and wrapped it around his
bull balls, which were still hanging quite loose. I then slid my hand up
onto his straining erection, marveling once more at its incredible
thickness as I pulled it away from his beautiful belly. I slowly
masturbated him in the afterglow of my orgasm and then began working my
hand over his saliva coated glans. I pulled the fat stalk away from him
until its spring-like tension was fully cocked and let it return to his gut
with a noisy thud, causing him to giggle like a kid at a sleepover.

I looked at my watch. Just over 45 minutes had elapsed during which
he had caused me to orgasm twice to his none. I began to feel challenged.
Just what would it take for me to trigger his majestic cum cannon into
giving up what awaited me in those huge balls?

"I've never been with a man who had such stamina as you," I said in
admiration as I continued running my hand over his inspirational hardness
and sagging scrotum.

"It comes with age," he softly replied, "I was a hair trigger at your
age. I'm lucky these days if I can get my nut before I wear the other
person plumb out. I know it's getting late and I understand if you need to
leave. It's been a wonderful time for me and I won't feel cheated."

"But I would," I replied with a smile, "I can imagine I might never
get another opportunity in my life to experience a man like you...(I
gently fondled his low hanging balls) so handsome and so-o-o-o hu-u-ung!
I'd never forgive myself if I left here without tasting your load. I'm
prepared to give it all night if that's what it takes."

He propped himself up on his elbows and watched my hand manipulating
his king-sized genitals.

"Then so am I," he said with a confident smile.

With that he stretched out and tugged his ample nut sac up onto his
hairy thighs. I changed direction in the bed, snuggled up under his thick
arm and, with my left hand, resumed massaging his uncommonly large package
as I hungrily nursed the big, dark brown nipple offered me by his heaving
chest. His left hand stroked my back as he placed his right one on the
back of my head and gently pressed me to his breast.

"Yeah, baby," he hissed, "that's getting Daddy all steamed up. It's
just right."

My arousal jumped up a notch at his approving signal. I resisted the
temptation to apply greater intensity to my work in favor of increasing my
dedication and stamina. I was enjoying it every bit as much as he was so
why rush a good thing?

He sighed as he reached down with his right hand and guided mine down
his fat shaft onto his bulging sac, moaning as I began gently squeezing it
and running my hand over his egg-sized testicles. The salty taste of his
nipple was intoxicating as I worked my tongue over its fully erect nub. I
felt myself becoming erect once more as he tightly squeezed my body against

I threw my leg over him rolled up onto his manly bulk, breaking out
in chills as my balls nestled into the warmth of his plump bag. He put his
arms behind his head and I proceeded to alternately work both of his large
areolas with my mouth, pinching one as I ardently sucked the other, back
and forth until they began to show signs of rawness. This elicited gasps
of pleasure from him and he ground his lead pipe of a dick into the
firmness of my own modest belly.

I sat upright on him and scooted my dick up next to his. What a
sight! We were comparable in length so I know he had to be in the 7"
range, but his girth was clearly unmatched by any dick I've ever had my
hands on before or since - and I've had my hands on some thick ones.
Enough men have measured me that I know the head of my dick is 1
inches long and goes a tad over 5 inches around. His dwarfed mine. The
difference was as stark to me as ping pong ball next to a softball.

A shiver ran up my spine as I laid my dick on his and squeezed them
together, his incredible thickness holding my hand in the shape of a
capital "C". I started slowly jacking us off and showering him with praise
on the vast and beautiful corpulence of his enormous member.

"Oh-h-h-h, keep that up for a while," he said in a breathy tone,
"What a wonderful sensation it is!"

I had to agree. Moreover, I found it especially exciting to be the
junior partner in this masturbatory coupling. We had been playing for more
than an hour by that time and the longer our session went on the more awed
I became of his incomparable endowment and stamina.

"I've heard a lot of guys boast about having a pussy splitter, but
you have the only dick I've ever seen that looks like it really could," I
said with genuine admiration.

"Well, I did once overhear my wife tell a friend of hers that if I
waited until it was as hard as you've got it right now to put it in her it
felt like child birth in reverse," he said with a grin that belied his
prior modesty.

I burst out laughing and said, "She's got quite a way with words!"

"Oh, these women will surprise you with the things they talk about,"
he fired back, "Later in the same gab session they got around to their
favorite positions. Glenda didn't even have to think about it. She popped
right up and said doggy-style. When her friend asked why she said she
loved the feel of my balls slapping her clit."

I thought about what balls the size of his slapping my ass must feel
like and leaned into him again to nibble on his grandfatherly jowls once
more. He wrapped his arms around me and locked his hands together, holding
me in a fierce bear hug.

"That does sound nice," I whispered, "Did you ever let on that you
had heard her say these things?"

"Not in so many words," he said in a tone of fondness, "But the next
time I got her on all-fours you'd better believe I gave her the
ball-slapping fuck of her life."

These details of his sex life were getting me extremely hard and
horny. I rolled off of him and shamelessly gawked at the majesty of his
genitals, visualizing them delivering that fuck to the diminutive woman
beside him in the picture.

I slid my hand under his balls and tugged them up onto his shaft and
waggled the bulky package in my smiling face as I exclaimed, "The win-n-ner
and still cham-peen!" then sank my mouth down over his fat, drooling knob.

He laughed as he laid his hand on the back of my head and gently
humped his bona fide pussy splitter into my gullet. I was determined to
get his load this time. He bucked with measured accuracy while I squeezed,
jacked and sucked him till my jaws were long past aching. His delicious
pre-cum flowed profusely into my engorged orifice but his balls still
showed no sign of retracting and finally I could suppress my gag reflex no
more. His final probing thrust caused me to reel up off of his rigid meat
once again with my eyes watering, my nose running and my own spittle
streaming down my chin. Bested again!

I couldn't help showing my frustration. I gritted my teeth and
noisily slapped his dick, by then nearly inflexibly hard with a few choice
veins appearing swollen near bursting, against my face.

"I'm sorry," he said, "The problem is me, not you. You've given me
the best head tonight I've ever had. I've never seen anyone put as much
into it as you. That alone would eventually push me over the edge if we
kept it up so I would definitely like to see you stay. But it's after
1:30, so if you have to leave I just want you to know that I understand and
still feel like you've given me a memory to last a lifetime."

"You really are too good to be true," I commented with a laugh then
reassured him, "I said `if it takes all night' knowing full well what those
words mean."

He smiled and put an arm behind his head. With his other hand he
stood his rock-hard meat up at its base and said, "Talk about too good to
be true! Well, what next, Cap'n?"

I stroked his firm, round belly and brushed my hands over his erect
nipples as I said, "To be perfectly honest my throat's gotten a bit sore
from my repeated efforts to swallow you. If I can manage take you up my
ass I know I can get you off and I'd sure love to have one of your
`ball-slapping fucks' to remember you by. Mind if I sit on your dick and
let it stretch me out for one?"

"Hop on!" he said, grinning ear-to-ear as he set his hulking hard-on
in motion.

Suddenly that jolt of reality set in, like when you took your first
ride on a rollercoaster as a kid and heard the spill-bar lock down in your
lap. No turning back.

"Have you ever assfucked anyone before?" I asked, pointlessly
indulging my second thoughts.

"Yes. I've come across a few asses I could fit in before," he
assured me.

I looked over at the picture again and couldn't help asking, "Her?"

He smiled and shook his head no.

"She's a great sport, though, and did give it the old college try."

"What happened...if you don't mind my asking, that is?"

"Not at all. We were fucking like rabbits one night..."

"Doggy-style?" I couldn't resist interrupting.

"Yes, as a matter of fact," he replied with a grin, "Anyway, I got a
little carried away with my strokes and my dick slipped out of her pussy."

My mind's eye is seeing the story unfold in Technicolor with his
vivid recollection and no-holds-barred manner of speech. Words like
`penis' and `erection' just didn't do justice to the slab of dick he was
still wagging under my transfixed stare.

"I took a blind stab at trying to stick it back in her, but this
thing (he patted his belly) had taken a pretty good growth spurt by that
time. Long story short, the head of my dick rode all the way up her ass
crack and I felt her shiver when it slid over her butthole.

"Do that again she says. So I backed off and let it slide back down
over it. Same thing (he imitated her shiver). I think I might be ready to
let you try to buttfuck me again, she says. I poked my dick at her butt a
few times and gave her a chance to back down but she starts pushing back at
it," he continued, clearly enjoying my rapt attention and even looking a
little dreamy-eyed himself.

He made a thumb's up sign with his meaty fist and said, "By then I
had her snatch juicing like crazy so I poked this up it a few times and
then pushed it in her ass to try loosening her up. While I worked on her
ass with my thumb I took a few more pokes in her cunt to get a fresh coat
of lube on my dick. I pulled `em both out and lined my dick up at her
asshole. I tried and tried to get in but it was still not receptive."

"Not surprising," I commented.

"Why?" he asked.

"Well, lay your thumb on the head of your dick for me," I said.

We both laughed at how small his fat thumb looked against the vast
expense of his dickhead.

"Now, granted that's really thick as thumbs go," I said as I laid my
much smaller thumb on his, "but it lacks a little getting somebody ready
for the likes of this (I traced my thumb and middle finger down opposite
sides of his blood engorged cock to emphasize its colossal girth)."

"I see what you mean," he said with some amusement, then continued,
"Anyway, I kept at it until I got about this much in (he slid his hand up
his shaft until only maybe three quarters of the head showed). I felt her
tense up and stopped right away. It's starting to go in, she says in short
gasps, don't stop now."

"So what did you do?" I eagerly asked.

"I gotta tell you," he resumed, "the little bit I did get in felt so
good I came very close to shoving in the rest (he slid his hand back down
the shaft for emphasis). But I could hear the pain she was trying to hide
and then I thought about the way this thing looks in her pussy...I just
couldn't go through with it."

"Well," I said with a smile, "I'm sure it won't be easy but I feel
like I'm up for the challenge."

With that said I put my mouth down over the head and let my saliva
drool as freely as possible. I then slipped a finger in my mouth with it
and got it good and wet before sticking it in my asshole and working it

"Mind if I help?" he asked offering me his thumb, which was as thick
as some dicks I've played with.

I released the head of his dick from my mouth and started sucking his
thumb instead. I felt quite vulnerable looking down at his glistening
hard-on with my ass in the air and his thumb in my mouth. He only added to
it when he started sliding it in and out through my wet lips. I wriggled
around to give him better access to my asshole and took his huge cockhead
back in my mouth just as he pushed his thumb inside me. The sensation was

As soon as I felt ready I reached back and eased his thumb out of me.
I then swung a leg over him and straddled his hips, easing my parted cheeks
back onto the head of his pussy-splitting monster. I reached back and held
it steady as I ground my butt against it until it broke through my outer
ring. The work of getting him in was almost exhausting but I stubbornly
persisted until I felt my inner ring clamp down behind the flange of his
corona. I had done was in! I gave myself a few seconds to bask
in the glory of one job accomplished and also allow my sphincter to stop
struggling against his unyielding girth.

"That's my boy," he said with a pat on my butt, "Now, let yourself
relax on it."

I tried to inch down a little further on its bulk but an unavoidable
orgasm came on with jolting force. With the mere split second that I had
to pick a course of action I quickly fell into him, trapping my dick
between our bellies, and spewed a load that seemed bigger than my usual

"Oh! God! Your dick is making me cum!" I blurted.

He smiled at me and started grinding his belly into mine, causing me
to slide around on his warm paunch and slip back on his dick another inch
or two during the distraction.

I could hear myself spewing filthy talk in the manner of his story as
I successfully made my way down the rest of his shaft to take on his
challenging base. I could hear it, but I had no awareness of me saying it.
All I could see was his handsome masculinity, all I could feel was his
massive hard-on inside me, all I could smell was the musky scent of his
sex, and all I could taste was what remained in my mouth of his flavorful
pre-cum. For the next several minutes it seemed all that existed in the
world was me, him and his sexual magnificence.

I tried to sit upright on his lap but found his girth to be too much
of a shock to my guts at first. I gave it another minute and then fought
my way up, feeling him achieve slightly deeper penetration in the process.
He twitched his dick in me a few times and I caught my breath.

"Did you feel that?" he asked with a wry smile.

"Feel what?" I managed to stammer out.

He laughed as he scooped up some of my cum on his fingers and poked
them in my mouth.

I filled with pride as I then saw him scoop up some more and put it
in his mouth. I began to wriggle around on his fat fuck club and felt it
tenderizing my distended chute. I have no idea how long it took but
eventually I was able to start gently bouncing on it and soon thereafter
grinding my burning hole farther down on its base.

"Oh-h-h-h! Careful!" he cautioned, "You're as tight as a sausage
casing up there. Just a little more of that and I'll blow my load without
even getting to take you for a ride on it."

"Sorry," I said as I held perfectly still.

"I'll need a few minutes more to get control over my gland, then we
can switch to doggy-style and slap balls," he reasoned.

       "After you start fucking me would you try not to lose your load in
my ass?" I asked, "I'd really like to take it in my mouth. I'm dying to
taste you!"

       "Alright, then," he said, "I've got a folding chair under here.
We'll back it up to the table and you can bend over it while I fuck you.
When I feel you're going to make me come I'll pinch off the base and pull
out. You turn around and sit in it as quick as you can and I should be
able to get most of it in your mouth. I might end up shooting a little on
your face too but most of it will get in your mouth."

       "Great," I confirmed, "Whenever you've got it under control I'm
ready for you."

       He closed his eyes and drifted away for several minutes, then
suddenly swatted my impaled butt and said, "Let's slap some balls!"

       I dragged my ass up and off of his rigid pole and climbed off the
bunk to let him up. He quickly arranged everything and soon I was bent
over the booth-like table with his fat glans poised at my burning hole. He
pushed with his hips and I welcomed him in. It was a surprisingly
effortless re-entry and the sensation of his mighty thickness slipping up
inside me was intensely thrilling. Suddenly I felt his large, warm sac
snuggle up to my balls and another shiver ran up my spine.

       Once he was acclimated to the tightness of my grip on his throbbing
erection he began slowly working it in and out. The strokes were very
short at first but as he built steam they became longer and longer until he
was utilizing his entire shaft. The gentle slap of those magnificent
bull-balls on mine was mesmerizing and as his strokes became more forceful
so did the force with which they landed on me. His length was just enough
to stuff the tremendous girth of his cockhead up past my rectum completely
into my colon and I began to give up my sense of self to his incredible
sexual power.

       Filthy talk began to fly from both our mouths as he skillfully
drilled my clutching hole with full, steady strokes guaranteed to land his
big, swaying bag against me with hypnotic rhythm. When he felt himself
approaching orgasm he would place his thick hands on my shoulders and
slowly pull himself balls-deep into me, holding still until he had regained
control and leaving me to deal with the discomfort of the colossal girth of
his base. I would seize each and every one of these opportunities to reach
back through my legs and massage his huge scrotum, maybe three times the
size of mine, as it came to rest against me. I shamelessly praised the
power and potency of his substantial endowment.

       My mind was reeling from the pleasurable pain of his overwhelming
dimensions and I found myself wishing this fuck would never end on the one
hand and hoping I could survive it on the other. My guts felt like mush
from his metered thrusting but I couldn't resist pushing back into him to
intensify the impact of his majestic prong and low-hanging nuts. He fucked
with such authority that I was powerless to fight my self-sacrificing
desire to please him more than any other person he had honored with a ride
on his incomparable dick. I fought through the pain and coordinated the
clutching of my ass muscles with the relentless probing of its pulverizing

       Just when I thought his balls must be getting sore from their
forceful blows he announced his impending orgasm and suddenly withdrew his
hard-on from my well churned bowels. I spun around and sat my burning ass
onto the cool metal of the folding chair with my mouth open as wide as
possible to give him an easy target at which aim his load. To my surprise,
however, he stuffed the huge ass coated head in it before releasing his
sperm. I recoiled at first from the malodorous appendage but he slipped a
hand behind my head and held me firmly on it as he flooded my mouth with
one copious spurt after another of his tasty seed.

"Oh-h-h-h! Thank you!" he exclaimed

I quickly gave in to the taste of my ass on his enormous member and
eagerly stuffed my mouth with as much of the pulsing beast as I could
accommodate. I wrapped one hand around the base and gently squeezed his
discharging balls with the other as I greedily gulped down his generous

When I sensed his orgasm was subsiding I started bobbing my head on
his dick and sucking out the remnants of his ejaculate, eyes closed and
totally devoted to his sexual virility. I reached around his hips and
started kneading his fleshy butt cheeks as I sucked him, slipping a finger
in his deep crack and massaging his puckered hole. He sighed and gently
stroked the back of my head.

"I can't remember when I've ever had such a gut wrenching orgasm!" he
declared with a bit of a confused laugh, "This is definitely the hottest
man sex I've had! You're incredible!"

I swelled with pride as his beautiful tool deflated in my suctioning
mouth until I was able to sink my lips down into his pubic bush and my chin
disappeared into his sweating scrotum. I found myself unexpectedly turned
on by the thought of sucking it clean for him. Pulling off of it I pushed
him back a step so I could get on my knees to finish the job. Finally,
applying maximum suction on his then totally limp member, I pulled back and
noisily released it from my mouth.

"Ouch!" he gasped

"I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" I asked.

"Don't worry. It was the good kind of hurt," he assured me with a

"Believe me, I know all about that after tonight," I said before
tenderly kissing the head of his still drooling cock.

His huge, manly balls once more hung loose and low in his bulging sac
and I cradled them in my right hand. Sweat rolled down them and I pressed
my tongue to them for a taste. Soon I found myself with one of the giant
orbs in my mouth and the other resting on my chin, his fat dick lying on my
cheek. Sucking that one clean of his sweat I then switched to the other
and nuzzled my nose once more into the thick base of the magnificent
appendage that had first captivated me more than two hours earlier.
Finally I released it and hugged my face to his wonderfully masculine
belly, tongue fucking its deep navel. I felt it shake against me as he
chuckled in approval.

He helped me to my feet and completely surprised me by driving his
thick tongue into my mouth, swirling it in the tart mixture of cum and ass
sex that still permeated my taste buds.

"Thank you so much for the incredible sex. I'll never forget this
night. But if I don't leave now I might end up trying to figure out how to
get you away from your wife and into my life for keeps," I said only half

"Well, we can't have that, can we?" he replied with a laugh, "Have a
safe journey and know for sure that I will never forget this night either."

We hugged again and then I was out his door walking in the humid
Florida night air to my car, still feeling his mighty appendage in my ass
and tasting his potent sex on my lips. To this day, whenever I pull into a
rest area and see an RV with Michigan license plates I can't help checking
to see who the driver is. No luck to date, but I still thank my lucky
stars for those two precious hours in 1986 when I was blessed to have
encountered the man of my dreams, if only briefly.

                             THE END

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