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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Cruising Park

Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 10:31:57 -0600
From: Aaron Zayne <>
Subject: Cruising Park

Cruising Park by Aaron Zayne

Pull my CJ 5 off the road and into the parking lot, we decided to go hiking
rather than head straight back to Denver. It had been a long weekend that
started with my cousins wedding and finished last night with a wicked
double fuck. My ass was still stretched and sore. Feeling nostalgic I
decided to take my partner Steve on a tour of an old cruising park nearby.

I use to hike this park when I was younger and still lived in the area.
Notorious for gay cruising, I had spent many hours wandering the twisty
trails that wind through the pines and down along the river. I can't count
the number of loads I took bent over under these trees getting my ass
filled by nameless studs. No words, we just approach, groped each others
cock and pull them out. One of us would drop down and start sucking. My
goal was to always end the encounter with their cock pumping cum up my ass.

I jumped out of the jeep instantly stripping down to my hiking boots. The
sun felt good on my meaty naked ass, I missed it. I often hike naked on the
mountain trails back home in Colorado. Many times I would take off with
nothing but backpack and boots hiking and camping the backwoods for days at
a time. Most of those who came across my naked 6' 230 pounds of hairy bear
muscle on the trail would just nod and say high, a few visit for a while
and a fair share ended up fucking me.

Steve was more hesitant. Not that he was ashamed; Steve was a stud, 190
pounds of lean muscle packed on a 6' 1" frame. His bush and chest shaved.
Big thighs from years of playing volley ball in Denver's Cheesman Park and
a curved 7.5 inch cock jutting up from his smooth balls. He was worried
about sunburn. After a little convincing we both took off down the trail,
hard cocks leading the way.

Just inside the gate we stopped for a few moments to enjoy a couple of
little twinks putting on a show. About 15 feet back in the pines a cute
little red head in a backwards ball cap was on his knees in front of a bald
black kid. Neither could have been more than 20 the only thing they wore
was flip-flops. More than likely both were students from one of the local
colleges in the area. We stood there for a few minutes admiring the gingers
enthusiastic cock sucking technique then moved deeper into the woods.

This place had once been a university research station. Back in the 50's
they planted thousands of pine trees around a huge observatory. It was a
perfect spot for star watching, secluded and 20 miles from the nearest
city. The observatory was abandoned in the early 80's. The dome remains but
the research building was torn down to the slab. Over the years kids had
painted satanic symbols and pentagrams on this old foundation. Locally
known as the Devils Circle.

The state took over in the 80's turning the research station into a nature
preserve. It's near a state park, even has a connecting trail but far
enough away the rangers rarely check it. It became a perfect cruising spot
for horny gay men looking for cock.

As we approached the old observatory Steve drops down and takes my hard 8"
cock in his mouth. He starts working his tongue and throat muscles milking
my dick juice, three of his fingers are stretching my well used hole. I
hold his head against my trimmed bush letting his talented mouth work me
over. "Suck it" I mutter staring down at his sexy blond buzzcut and muscled
back. He pops my prostate extra hard in response then pulls off my cock and
out of my ass at the same time.

Steve quickly stands up and kisses me driving his tongue into my open
mouth. I tongue back, tasting my cock juice. He pushes me against the wall
of the abandoned observatory, the concrete cutting into my back. We stand
there, our naked bodies writhing against each other for several minutes.
Steve strokes our cocks together using the ass froth on his fingers as lube.

He hooks his finger in the 2 gauge PA looped through my cockhead and pulls
me into the center of the pentagram.

I love that initial push, the wet cockhead rubbed against my waiting hole,
a pause then slow pressure. I yield, opening myself, pushing out, pushing
back, and inviting his cock. A slight chill runs through me as his head
enters I close my eyes, my mouth open moaning; I take a deep breath
savoring the moment. Another pause, a slight tremble as he places his hands
on my meaty muscled waist, I can smell his musty sweat and feel it dripping
on my back.

A long rope of cum runs out my cockhead as Steve pushes into me, passing
over my prostate and filling my fuck chute. The stubble of his shaved bush
brushing against my ass as he bottoms out buried in me. Grinding his hips,
he reaches around collecting the thick cock juice stringing off my PA then
brings it to my mouth, I greedily lick my cum off his fingers as he start
thrusting into my stretched hole.

My man deep fucked my raw hole for about 10 minutes working a sting of
pre-cum out of my cockhead nearly to the ground. I needed to feel his load
filling my ass.

Steve stops, holding his cock still inside me for several moments I can
feel his heart beat through the throbbing meat. He pulls my head back,
standing me up and starts tonguing my ear asking if I was ready for his
cum. He twists my right nipple, my balls start to tingle. I am physically
shaking as my nut starts pushing its way to the surface, like a whore I
thrust my ass back trying to fuck more of his cock into me, begging for it
"cum in me" I moan.

Steve grabs my rod running his fist from the head to the base just once.
Tensing, "Son of a bitch" I yell erupting thick gobs onto the concrete,
pumping my nut into the center of the pentagram five, six shots he starts
fisting my cock rapidly. My spasming fuck hole greedily milks his cock
throwing him over the edge. Three quick, hard thrusts then slams in deep
and unloads, his cum filling me. He moans in my ear wrapping his arms
around my waist pulling me tight, he fucks three massive shots then freezes
collapsing across my back, his cock buried in my ass three more hot pulses.
I can feel his cock expanding with each pump, my ass now filled with his
white hot treasure.

Steve's body heaves as he relaxes onto my muscled back, the rasp of his two
day chest stubble gently scratching me as our sweat runs down between us
mixing with the cum escaping around his slowly deflating cock, my ass used
and leaking.

We stays like this for several moments under the hot midday sun, cum
dripping from my cockhead, his dick gently pulsing inside me as we catch
our breath and come down from the wicked high.

Steve stands up and pulls out. Keeping me bent over with a hand on my back
he moves around, offering his cock for cleaning. I take his bone in my
mouth savoring the fuck slop coating his semi-hard tool. Reaching back over
me, Steve spreads my butt cheeks exposing my used hole. I feel another set
of hand on me pulling my ass meat apart. The stranger immediately drops to
his knees and starts licking at the cum and sweat between my ass cheeks. He
cleans under my nuts then moves to my leaking ass lips. His full beard
feels nice in my hairy crack.

I push out opening my hole, the flowing cum and ass butter are hungrily
gobbled up by the man kneeling behind me. He's now aggressively tongue
fucking me, searching my hole for more treasure. I stop sucking Steve's
hardening cock long enough to glance back between my legs. My new friend is
big man with a huge furry belly, thick thighs and a fat uncut beer can
cock. I grind my ass back onto the bears tongue craving his fat tool.

"Dude, fuck me", I moan before turning back to Steve's cock. I wanted this
bear to breed me and he knew it. Standing, he pulls my ass up slightly,
still needing to squat a bit to line his hard dick with my used hole. He
had to be at least 6' 6" and probably weighed close to 300 pounds. No
prelims, he shoved his fat cock up my ass balls deep, I felt his furry bush
and then he fucked!

Hard, fast and wild he grunted with each thrust, his powerful hands pulling
my ass up, using me to get off. I'm a big guy myself and not use to getting
man handled. "Wreck that fucking hole" Steve yells. The bear lets out one
long moan, lifting me off the ground and holding me on that fat tool as he
drained his nuts into me. One last grunt and he put me down, finished. My
ass lips didn't even try to close as he pulled out. Thick cum ran down my
leg adding to the collection in the pentagram.

"Don't waste that cum boy, this is a sweet hole." The bear hollered. I
dropped Steve's cock again. Glancing over my shoulder I notice the black
bald twink that we saw getting his knob sucked right inside the trailhead.
He was standing about 10 feet behind our group in nothing but flip-flops
fisting a truly magnificent cock. You wouldn't think such a little body
could support such a massive dick. He had a thick, black and veiny 10"
tool, straight as a lead pipe, poking out from a shaved crotch. He was
around 5' 6", a little pocket gay, with a tight muscled body and cut six
pack abs.

Our big bear friend smacked my ass and said "thanks guys" before wandering
off naked into the woods. The pocket gay tentatively took his place rubbing
his cock up and down my ass crack lubing that massive head with the bears
cum. I went back to sucking Steve as the twink gently slid his cock into my
wasted hole obviously accustomed to tighter entries.

The black boy started slowly fucking only half thrusting his big tool into
me. I reached back, grabbed his ass and pulled him balls deep into my chute
letting him know he wouldn't hurt me. I like it rough, hard and deep.
That's how he gave it to me pulling out till just the beasts head was left
in my ass lips then shoving the big rod back into me.

Steve leans in as the guy in my ass pulls forward over me, both thrusting
into my holes. They start making out while spit roasting me between their
cocks. They came within seconds of their lips meeting, Steve pulling back
till just the head of his cock was in my lips so I could savor his cum. The
black fucker burying his load as deep as his cock could reach up my hole.
They both pulled out leaving me empty.

Bending over Steve swallows the twinks cock. I squat down stretching my
tired legs, the cum freely runs out of my swollen cunt, reaching back I
collected a handful of the fresh fuck from my ass lips and bring the tasty
mess to my mouth licking fingers while fisting my cock. I shoot another
load into the pentagram while watching my partner clean my fuck slim off
the black cock that had just breed me.

We wander naked back to the jeep and started our long trip home.


Cruising Park is a continuation of the following two stories.

Let me know if you like this. I appreciate reader's comments, it makes it a
lot more fun for. Contact me at or
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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Cruising Park