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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Curious Japanese Boy Satisfied

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000 07:33:18 PDT
From: andy macdonald <>
Subject: Curious-Japanese-Boy

               Curious Japanese Boy Satisfied.
                      by Andy Macdonald

I was a young British guy in Japan, a foreigner, a gaijan. To the Japanese
people I suppose I must have seemed a bit exotic, taller than they were,
blond hair instead of their ubiquitous black, slant eyes. Tanned skin. To
me, the Japanese were very beautiful and spoke a language about which I
knew nothing. However, I did find some similarities which required
absolutely no translation! Young Oriental guys just have to be the best
fucks around. I should know, I've fucked a whole lot of them!

They're constructed in a perfect combination: seductive, almond-shaped
eyes, with deep brown or black irises, beautiful, smooth, usually
virtually hairless olive or tanned skin. Nice slim waist, firm, pert
buttocks. Small, very kissable mouths. And most of all, hidden in a
deep, exciting asscrack, those tight almost hairless little assholes.

And man, do those Oriental guys know how to fuck! They might act all
shy and sweet in public, but get them alone and naked, and man oh man
they sure know how to satisfy a guy, shagging like a wild animal.

That night I was out on the hunt. A prowling, hunting male looking to
satisfy the sexual hunger that had lain dormant for several days now,
flaring into a needful lust every time I saw a polite, bowing, cute
young Japanese male, especially if I happened to be behind him when he

I searched out a club in Tokyo, a club recommended to me by one of
my friends in New York. He had said it was a place to meet guys, to talk
and drink and probably more . . much more.

When I entered the club, I soon found myself surrounded by a group of
curious young Japanese guys who crowded round me and talked and laughed
among themselves. These young men, none of whom appeared older than 19,
spoke rapid-fire Japanese, smoked incessantly, and drank a lot. They
jostled and postured. Cuffed each other and watched the new arrivals
with a keen interest.

When I walked in, they paused momentarily and crowded around me. One
asked me if I wanted a drink. I nodded and he quickly returned with a
beer. They started talking again, only this time, the talk was mixed
with laughter and gestures. I wondered if they were laughing at me or
whether they found me as attractive as I most certainly found just about
every one of them. I decided to stick around and find out.

My decision had proven to be a good one, as one of the guys, really cute
looking, came up to me and asked me to dance. We sauntered out on to the
floor where he started gyrating to the techno music blaring from the
sound system. In the flashing lights he glowed. His movements were
both graceful and provocative at the same time, like a sinuous wild cat.
Meanwhile, his friends continued to tease him from the side of the floor
about the young British guy - me.

If only I had been able to understand their remarks. Were they teasing
him because they believed that British men have bigger cocks than
Japanese men? Were they laughing at my apparent awkwardness in Japan
because I'm much taller and blonde? I didn't know. I did know that they
were curious.

The music changed to a slow song. He became oblivious to his friends and
instead decided to concentrate on me. He grabbed me and held me.
Finally, I had a chance to relax for a moment. I revelled in his hot,
young body, hard with muscle and clamped to mine as we moved to the
rhythm of the music. He smelled fresh, young, and sexy in total contrast
to what I would have expected of this young whore-boy - for that is what
I was sure that he must be. His face was that of a cheeky teen-ager.

I closed my eyes and imagined him naked: so vulnerable to my raging,
ravishing plans. So pink and white with black hair and slanting, mocking
eyes. I imagined him spread out and available on my hotel bed, looking
up at me and anxiously awaiting my gaijan approaches. I almost came in
my pants at the thought, I was sure I would never get to be so lucky.
Instead, I concentrated on dancing with him.

Soon, the music changed again. He was rejoined by his friends. The guys
gossiped and teased me with their smiles, many of them trying to flirt with
despite the fact that we hadn't got a common language. They pointed at me
and mimed indecently. My partner brought me close to his
little group of friends as if to show me off to them. They nodded and
asked him questions. He giggled and gave coy replies and then jerked my
hand in the direction of the dance floor, where we remained until the
bar closed.

When we went to collect our coats, I assumed I would be returning to my
hotel alone. But No! - my cute young friend in his tight t-shirt and skin
hugging blue jeans stood on tip-toe and whispered in my ear:

"You -- make love?"

What more could I say? I had already undressed and fucked him mentally,
fucked him like a wild animal.

Yes," I muttered, thinking about the effect these smart, sexy, beautiful
young men had on me and what I adore to do to them . . . . . . .

I like to start off licking and sucking their chests. I do this for
about 10 minutes until the nipples are hard and erect and the guy is
starting to groan in ecstasy Then I move down to the private area, and
start sniffing and licking their too. At this point the young man
usually starts groaning and panting REALLY loudly and enthusiastically -
realising that he is in for an unusually good time.

Once he is nice and horny, probably oozing a little sticky pre-cum, I
gently persuade my oriental mini-hunk to start sucking my cock. I've
found that it's worth warming them up first by sucking their little
nipples and slobbering on their sexual equipment, and it certainly makes
it a more memorable experience.

I really don't like doing this to Western guys with their big, hairy
groins - YUK! But those Oriental guys . . . . there's nothing I love
more than sniffing around their beautiful hot, musky pricks and

Whilst the cute little guy sucks my cock, I like to watch as my wicked
weapon goes in and out of his beautiful little mouth, framed by his
exotic-looking face and those amazing eyes staring up at me... Every guy
is different, but I've never had an Oriental guy that wasn't an amazing
cock-sucker It seems to be natural instinct or something, but all of them
that I have tried seem to be expert at pleasing another man with their
mouths. Around this time I start stroking and massaging the guy's cock
with my hands, then I grope up and down his hot, steamy asscrack,
gliding my finger-tips over his cute little entrance. I Insert a finger
into the guy's hole, moving them in and out of his sweat-soaked ring.
First I feel it try to resist the impertinent invader, then my finger
gains an entrance and I feel the hot ring of muscle spasm and grip as
the jolts of pleasure shoot through his cute young body. All the while
he's continuing to suck my cock like a starved calf.

By now, the Oriental guy is usually getting close to his orgasm, and I
make sure to ease off the sexual stimulation I'm giving his eager body.
Soon it will be time to shove my long, fat cock into his little Oriental
man-cunt. Due to all my careful preparation there is usually no problem
in easily inserting my member inside right up to it's full length,
despite the Oriental guy's really petite hole. The guys just start
moaning and thrashing around as I repeatedly pummel into their tight,
nearly hairless assholes. I like to fuck them deep and hard with my long
shaft stuck in right up to my balls. Most of the cute wide-eyed
cock-slaves have cum by now, and I usually can't control myself from
cumming also. Most of the time they want me to keep going, so I switch
round and into a 69 position so that we can both get back to sucking
each other's equipment again until my cock has recovered, then I fuck
them a second time. Once just isn't enough for me when I've got a hot
and horny little oriental guy to suck and fuck with.

. . . . . ."Good." said my sex-catch of the evening as he ground his
pert little ass up against my bulging crotch. I
couldn't believe it. I was going to get to fuck this gorgeous example of
cute Japanese youth? Unbelievable. He really seemed to want me? Too
much. Was I going to ruin this guy for other Japanese men with my big
British cock forging up his tight little ass? I didn't even know his
name. All I knew was that he was unbelievable sexy and he wanted me to
go home with him.

Once outside the bar, he hailed a taxi. We piled into the back seat and
drove through the brightly lit Tokyo night. He leaned over and rested
his head on my shoulder. I smelt him. Smelt his sweat and his young
maleness and my cock surged inside my underpants.

The car stopped. He paid the driver and bid him goodbye. Then grabbed me
by the hand and led me up to his place, a small one-room studio

"Kiss me...." he said. I did. He didn't quit. I didn't mind.

We had barely got inside and shut the door when he dragged off his
t-shirt and wriggled out of his skin-tight jeans, standing in front of
me left with just a skimpy pair of white cotton briefs.

I was in shock as he was more beautiful than I had ever dreamed. White
skin, a perfectly shaped, muscled chest without a wisp of hair, tiny,
pointy nipples, dark brown and contrasting with the pure white skin
around them. A perfect small ass whose pertness was sort of emphasised
by the tight white cotton of his underwear and beautiful long, muscled
legs. He was obviously a randy little guy, too, his prick jutted
out from his cotton briefs like a samuri sword. Stiff as a rod.
Altogether he was the picture of perfection. His short, shiny black hair
him look like the cutest male mannequin. I couldn't stop admiring him. He
sat down on the futon.

"You -- make love?"


I sat next to him and started to kiss him and caress him. But he didn't
seem to want that. Instead, he wanted to have a good close look at what
he'd managed to captured from the club. He was obviously very curious.
He needed badly to check out my equipment, to see if that story about
Western endowment was true! He unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it back
off my shoulders.

"Ahhhh," he breathed in delight as he stood on tip-toes and rubbed his
face across my chest, delving his nose into my armpits and breathing
excitedly. Then he attacked my slacks. Taking hold of the zipper he
eased it down, rubbing his hands over my engorged cock as he did so.

"It feel -- soooo biiiig," he sighed.

He opened up my flies and eased my slacks down over my hips, then gripped
the waistband of my boxers and slid them down over my hips. He sat back and
gazed in rapture as my eager cock sprang erect, thwacking against my taut

"Is true" he breathed, "Oh I want -- I need -- I must have"

"He rubbed his fingers through my luxuriant blond bush,

"Yessss," he hissed.

Shivers went up my spine. "I'm really going to fuck the living hell out
of this beautiful mini-hunk of a guy... and he obviously wants it so

Now I took the initiative, shoving him back onto the futon and rolling
him over onto his back. I put my head between his legs and smelt around
his sexy crotch, then I started to lick his cock. The hard muscle of his
thighs enveloped me. He tasted the way he smelt -- innocent, yet
sensual. He clawed the back of my neck and purred deep within his throat
like a contented cat. I suctioned his cute 6 inches, working my lips
tightly up and down the veined shaft. I licked his cute little ball sack,
knowing that his tight gonads were filled with Japanese semen. Spunk
that would lance its way out through his rigid prick.

Suddenly he withdrew his rampant organ from my mouth and spun round and
worked his pretty little bum crack onto my frantic cock, he slid up and
down like a randy bitch and I felt the anxious head of my weapon graze
over the muscled rose-bud of his asshole. He felt it too and wriggled
and maneuvered until my penis was centered on the entrance to his
love-tunnel. He graunched backwards and impaled himself on to the
invader, now he had my cock in his hand, guiding it, steadying it so
that it would impale into his itching asshole. He was indicating that I
should make love to him. I lunged into him. Inside, he was soft and
silky. He pulled himself close to me, then, as I eased my cock outwards,
he quickly ejected it and spun round and fell back onto the bed, somehow
managing to drag me down on top of him. Now I was frantic with lust, my
cock had felt the gripping, heated power of his cute little ass, it was
desperate to return and plunder this sexy target. He dug his nails into
my back like an ally-cat. I concentrated on pleasing him, with each
stroke, I felt myself closer to coming. He moved with me.

"Faster...." he whispered. "Faster . . Harder . . . Fuck me . . .
F u u u c k M e e e"

I closed my eyes and pounded him. Images of him lying beneath me
screaming silently raced through my head. "I am taking advantage of him.
This isn't right..." Yet, I continued to pound him while he breathed
deeply and rode out the storm with me, thrusting his ass up to meet my
frantic downward lunges. We were moving together like a pistoning
machine in the primitive fuck-movements that would lead to our
inevitable orgasms.

I thrust ever deeper until, with my leg muscles shaking, my whole body
rigid with desire, I jetted and jolted my Western semen deep within his
eager, thrashing young body. I pulled out--exhausted and sweating. He
was smiling, a satisfied looking smile. I took him in my arms and held
him a moment. He wriggled free, went over to his table and found a

"You -- want ?" He asked.

I refused. I was out of breath.

He dragged deeply and then exhaled a plume of blue smoke. His smoking
was somehow sexy and mysterious. He finished the cigarette and ground it
out in the crystal ashtray.

"You do again?"

How could I refuse? I couldn't. I thought that he had been satisfied but
obviously some curiosity remained. I was spent and sweating, yet I
wanted him. He started kissing me. Now that there were no clothes to
remove it made everything seem less awkward. Nothing to come between us.
He grabbed my cock. I tried to pull back. My mind wasn't allowing my
body to do what it wanted. He pushed me back on his futon and mounted

Oh Yessssss! There I was, knees on either side of his buttocks, hands
spreading his ass to get a better look at my cock which was completely
embedded balls-deep and unmoving in his anus. I was simply enjoying the
pulsations of his butt. Those spasms somehow managed to squeeze the
entire length of my hard cock from its base (surrounded by the muscled
ring of his distended anus) to the tip of my throbbing penis buried in
his intestines. I wasn't looking at anything in particular when I rolled
my head back inhaling the sweet odor of sex-musk and sweat that flooded
through the thick air of the room. His small cute buttocks pushed up and
back, twisting slightly to bend my cock at the root, again gripping my
shaft so tight my eyes popped open. God, just feeling his ass as he
fucked my cock so sweetly was awesome. How these Japanese guys could

I ploughed his ass-furrow and did my level best to hold back so that I could
enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime FUCK. He was grunting pretty regularly
now... about every third time he raised his bottom to push my cock into
his ass a low groan escaped his lips. And God Bless his gorgeous ass, each
time he pushed back, I was treated to a cock-squeezing from his
intestinal canal. Reaching up to his hair, I gripped it and dragged his
head back and started to ride that ass, slowly pulling out a little and
plunging back in pushing his anus inward as I stuck my cock in to the
root. Now those grunts were a lot more frequent, matching my cock's
descent into his body. I had half the length of my prick sunk in on the
outstroke and all of the seven inches driven in at the pause. You see, I
like to wait for a few seconds when my cock is completely buried in a
guy's bum to savor the involuntary little embraces of love....I could
feel the muscle ridges of his ass caress my cockhead on it passage back
and forth.

The heat of his bum was awesome and the sweat, running down in streams
off my chest lubed my cock each time I managed to forcibly pull out of
his gripping ass. Oh Wow! for a moment I thought he might just rip my
cock off at the root and leave it stuck up his rear!

Suddenly, I was powerless, possessed by my lust, yet, it felt right, I
was in control of the situation, for it had been he who had taken my
cock in his hands and started to play with it and then jumped on top of
me and slid it into himself. I tried to slow down a bit, but I was
already gone on this wild ride and I figured it was best to enjoy it.
All too soon, he started to moan and jerk. I felt myself about to come
as well. Suddenly, he screamed and collapsed head-first onto the futon.
I grabbed him by the waist and held him. He was sweating and spent. I
jammed my cock even deeper, if that was possible, held it deep within
him and felt the jolts of spunk spasm out of my marauding penis and deep
into his gorgeous young male body. Then I pulled back slowly and he eased
himself off of me. We lay together on his futon for several moments
without saying a word.

I fell into a deep sleep but later woke to hear:

"I want you again,"

He crawled into my arms. I kissed him. He kissed back and started to dig
his nails into my chest and stomach. Soon, he had my cock in his mouth.
I was in heaven. his tongue rolled over the head of my cock. I wanted to
come, but held back, not knowing if he would be revolted if I were to
come in his mouth. Gently, I pushed him back. He then climbed on top of
me and started to fuck his tight little asshole on me again. This time,
slowly. He was tired. I held him as he worked himself up and down on me.
He started to come. I felt him tighten and twitch. I rubbed his back. He
moaned. I grabbed him tightly and came hard. We melted together. I
pulled out. We were spent. Exhausted.

In a moment, He looked over towards me and said, "Again?"

"No. Too tired."

"Oh. You go home now?"


I found my clothing quickly. My legs were like rubber bands and the rest
of me ached, but felt somehow like Superman. It was 5 AM. Tokyo was
still bright with neon lights and teeming with cars and people. I hailed
a taxi and returned to my hotel. On the way up the elevator, I suddenly
realized that I had no name to go with the memory of that cute young
face and that pert little fuck-body. But I was sure that I had provided
some satisfaction.

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Curious Japanese Boy Satisfied