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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Fucked By A Straight Guy

Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2011 21:01:39 +0000 (GMT)
From: Mitchel Mulder <>
Subject: Fucked by a Straight Guy

The following story is about two adult men having sex.

I finally arrived at the conference center, it was in the middle of
nowhere. I had to give a presentation tomorrow for the sales
representatives of our company. The doorman helped me move my things inside
and I followed him to one of the conference rooms. I set my stuff up for
tomorrow. On my way up to my room I saw that there were other conferences
and courses tomorrow morning. I checked if my company name was also
mentioned. Yep, it was, everything was organised as planned. The room was
comfortable and had WIFI. I checked my e-mail, there was nothing that
couldn't wait till I got back in the office. I checked some of my favorite
gay-sites, but I decided to wait till tonight, maybe do some camming or
chatting before turning in.

I was getting hungry so I decided to take a shower and go down to the
restaurant. The bathroom was super, big fluffy towels and a big mirror from
floor to ceiling. Once I was naked I checked out my body.

"Not bad, man, not bad at all." I said to my reflection. Four times a week
going to the gym really had paid off. Okay, I was 38 years old, but still
goodlooking. I ran my hand over my hairy chest, pinched my nipples and went
down over my flat stomach, following the trail of hair to my cock.
Something that I am proud of too! When hard it is a good 8 inch, veiny and
uncut. I cupped my balls, which I always shaved, they were smooth and
silky. My cock started to react. I withdrew my foreskin, wet my thumb and
ran it over the exposed head. My cock grew bigger, with my other hand I
gripped the base and started to stroke it to full erection. Just when I was
getting into it my stomach made a sound reminding me to have dinner. Well,
better wait till tonight then and I pictured myself laying naked on the bed
camming with another hot guy till we both shot our loads. I quickly
showered, put on some fresh briefs and changed in the typical business man
casual look: khaki chinos and a Ralph Lauren shirt.

I was quiet in the restaurant, there was only another group on the other
side. I ate my dinner, which was allright but nothing special. Luckily I
could go home tomorrow evening.

As it was still early, I decided to have drink at the bar.

The bar was dimly lit and coming out of the bright lobby I couldn't see
anything for a moment.

"What will it be, Sir", I heard a voice ask.

"A Scotch, please"

"A double?" the bartender asked.

"Yeah, why not, no ice please."

I sat down and looked around, I regretted that I ordered a double, I was
the only one in the bar. Just my lucky night.

In silence I sipped my Scotch, it felt like it was going straight to my
balls, making me horny as hell. I thought of taking it with me to my room,
get naked and open my cam, but then I heard a voice behind me asking if the
seat next to me was taken. I turned around. A guy, about my age, dressed in
a business suit and good looking smiled at me friendly.

I motioned that he could sit.

"Bill." He said and extended his hand.

A salesman I thought right away.

"Gary." I replied and shook his hand.

He ordered a double Scotch too, and asked me if I wanted another one.

"The company is paying!" he said.

"In that case, yeah why not."

"I guess you are here on business too?" Bill asked.

"Yes, for a sales presentation."

"Hey me too." He named the name of my company.

I smiled, "me too."

"Can't remember having you seen last year."

"No, that right, this is my first time." I replied.

"Normally I look forward to them, but not this year."

"Looking forward to them? That's something you don't hear very often." I

Bill leant a bit closer to me. "Not to the actual presentation itself, but
it gives you a change to get away from the wive and have fun for a night."
He gave me a wink and slapped me on my shoulder. "And all on the boss's
expenses! That's why I always arrive the night before. Last year I met a
lady at the hotelbar. Wow man, she was something, we things we did! Just
thinking back makes me hard again!"

There was a big grin on his face while he absent-mindly rubbed his crotch.

"But, fuck, this year?" He looked around the bar, "guess we won't get
lucky, hey!"

Again he slapped my shoulder, "too bad, man, since this is your first

He ordered another round, when the barkeeper left, he leant over to me and
started to talk about these evening in previous years. I could feel his
breath against my earlobe, every now and then he rubbed his crotch and if I
was not mistaken in this poor light I swear I saw his bulge growing. Maybe
it was because he was so close or the thought of him getting hard just a
few inches away from me, I was getting aroused myself.

"Damn, man, guess we have to use the old friend again!" He laughed, holding
up his right hand. "Luckely they have a porn channel here, not as good as
the real thing of course, but at least it's something."

"Is that free?" The moment I said it I knew how stupid it sounded.

"It all goes down the bill, but who cares, it's not that we have pay
ourselves. Relax, Gary, I know it's your first presentation, but that's the
way it goes. By the way, aren't your pants getting a bit tight?"

I looked down to my crotch, althought is was not that bright in here, my
pants were light and clearly you could see that I was hard.

"You're not the only one." Bill confided, "My fault, kept going on over
pussy and fucking. Guess it's time to get to our rooms and ease the

"Yeah, maybe you're right." I said, thinking which cam site I would try.

"Not sure which channel you have to have."

"Sorry?" I said.

"The porn channel." Bill said into my ear.

Again I felt his breath and a wave of pleasure went through my body.

"O, I think I pass, I mean being the first time in a hotel paid by the
company, I guess they go through the bill very carefully, don't want to
ruin it straight away." I answered.

"Don't worry." Bill said, "they won't, but if you are afraid of that, come
up to my room. Hey, watching it alone is no fun either, we can give
comments! Hope you're not shy, I mean I'll be watching it for a reason."

"No, not shy at all!" I smiled.

"Come on then, almost bursting out of my pants."

I followed him to his room, we had the same height, his shoulders were
broad, or maybe it was because of his jacket. I crossed my fingers hoping
that there would be something more than just a quick jack off. On the other
hand I did not dare to be too blunt, since Ihave to meet him again tomorrow
beside that, I didn't want any rumours going around at work.

Once inside his room, he switch on the TV, removed his jacket and tie and
sat back on the bed with his back against the board. He motioned me to come

I put my drink on the nightstand, kicked off my shoes and sat down to.

Bill flipped through the channel till he reached the right one. He clicked
on the first title, while he rubbed his cock through his slacks. Now in the
better light I could see that he was big and handsome. My cock only grew
harder just looking at his bulge.

The first ten minutes or so we didn't say anything, we just watch the TV. I
was getting bored, the camara only zoomed in on tits and pussies, the guys
you hardly saw.

"O Man, look at those! Hope you don't mind." With that he undid his belt
and opened his fly, his cock, still covered by the white cotton of his
briefs pushed outside, a big wet spot was on the right. He kept on
squeezing his cock through his briefs, making the wet spot only bigger. He
undid his shirt and with his other hand he moved up and down his smooth
stomach and chest.

My cock started to pulse in my pants, his body looked great and that bulge
was impressive.

He made some more remarks, then looked at me, "come on man, enjoy

I opened my trousers too and carressed my cock through my briefs.

"That feels better, hey."

"Sure does."

He got up from the bed and let his trousers drop to the floor, he kicked
them away, then removed his shirt. "Even better" he grinned.

I looked him over, shit, he really looked great, big muscular legs and
perfect round shoulders.

I followed his example, in only our briefs we laid down again, him watching
the TV and I watching him. His left hand moved to his right nipple and
started to pinch it. He slowly moaned as he kept squeezing his bulge. Then
pushed the elastic of his briefs behind his balls. His cock sprang free. It
was a nice fat cut one, his balls were hairy and full. He looked at my
crotch and gave a little nod.

I got my thumbs behing the elastic and took off my briefs completly.

"Hell yes!" he said, his briefs went off too.

He grinned at me before his gaze went back to the TV.

I justed wanted bent over and take his cock in my mouth, suck it all the
way in, lick his precum, let his balls roll around my hand, lick his
crack. I wanted to feel and taste this guy.

"You know it's been ages since I did this with another guy." Bill
started. "I mean jacking off together. In my teens we had circle

"You too?" I said, "guess all guys have those, seeing who can shoot the
biggest load, who has the biggest cock."

"Yeah, great times. Nowadays it's just a quick stroke under the shower,
back then we treated it as an art."

"I know what you mean." I replied. "We went pretty far back then. We
stroked eachother, even experienced with blow jobs."

"O, a nice blow job! So hard to find, my wife does it sometimes, she
doesn't like it, so when she does it is not very passionate."

We slowly stroked our cocks, every now and then I felt his eyes roaming my
body, when I looked back he smiled and looked to the screen again.

"Yeah, a nice blowjob." I said.

"Back then you ... did you blew a guy or did you get a blowjob?" he wanted
to know.

"Both, if you didn't do it you wouldn't get one, so yeah you had to do it,
you had to return the favour. It was no big deal."

"Wow, we never went that far. I would love to have one right now." He said
while looking me straight in my eyes.

Yes! I thought, but instead I said, "I don't know, man." I licked my lips
and I saw his eyes following the tip opf my tongue.

"Come on, no one has to know, please."

I bent over, then stopped, only a few inches away from his dripping cock. I
looked up to him. "As a rule you had to return the favour."

I saw him swallow, but then he smiled a bit and guided my head toward his

A drup of precum oozed out of his piss slit, with the tip of my tongue I
licked it off, he gave a loud moan as my tongue touched his head. I put my
lips on the head and opened my mouth, slowly I took him in, while I licked
his shaft.

"O fuck, that feels great!"

I felt his cock head touching the back of my throat, I had to open up wider
and took the last inches in too, till my nose was deeply burried in his
pubes. I bopped my head up and down, inhaling his scent as my nose went
into his pubes. He moaned loudly and I felt his hand going from my head to
my neck and shoulders. I took his hairy balls in my hand and started to
pull them.

"Oh, yes!"

With my index finger I touched his ass opening, for a second he stopped
moaning, but I kept on sucking and rolling his balls around, then he
continued moaning again and I ran my finger a bit further over his
opening. Precum kept coning out of his cock and I just loved it, I put a
bit of pessure on my finger so that I could feel the warmth of his ass.

<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;">&nbsp;</span>

"O man, this is getting to much!" He pushed his hips up.

I let go of his cock and got up. For a moment he looked puzzled. I laid
back and took my cock in my hand, waving it. I saw him hesitate. I reached
out to his nipple, squeezed it pulled him down.

"I don't know, never done it before."

"Just be careful with your teeth." I said.

At first he could only get my head of my cock in, but after a few seconds
he managed to get more in. He even pushed down my foreskin with his lips. I
lifted up my hips to get my cock all the way in, it made him gag, but he
kept on sucking. After a while he even played with my balls.

"Hang on." I said, I crawled under him with my face under his heavy balls.

"Mmmm" he said, "Just perfect." He took my cock back into his mouth and I
let out a moan as I felt the warmth of his mouth and tongue again. I
started to suck him too with his hairy balls resting on my forehead.

I changed from his cock to his balls, licking them and taking them one by
one in my mouth. Then I moved further, letting my tongue go through his
crack. O man, he tasted like heaven, I circled with my tongue around his
opening, which made him suck even harder. I pushed my tongue in, and to my
surprise he pushed his ass back in my face, driving my tongue further in.

"Wow, that's wonderful!" Bill moaned.

He let go of my cock and started to lick my balls. He moved further down, I
let out a sigh as I felt his tongue at my ass. First he licked around but
then his tongue pushed in too. Not as deep as I would have liked it, but
still it felt pretty good.

"Oh yeah I moaned, fuck me." I begged.

"You're sure? Isn't that really a gay thing?"

A gay thing? I thought, how you call having a cock in your mouth? Instead I
said, between his legs, "you never fucked your wife in the ass?"

"God, my wife would kill me if I only suggested it, but I always wanted it,
I mean with a woman. Have you been fucked before?"

"A woman, or a man, an ass is an ass. As I said as a teen we experimented a
bit more then only jacking off. Have any condoms with you?"

"Yeah, I do." He got them out of the drawer in the night stand. He opened
the package, I got on all fours and watch him as he put on the condom. I
turned around, he came behind me and I felt his cock poking me. I reached
between my legs and guided him to my hungry hole. I pushed back and he
thrusted forward.

"Easy!" I said, "give me a second." I took a deep breath and pushed back
again. Slowly I felt his big cock sliding into me, my cock got only harder
and was pushing against my belly.

"Jeez, that feels fucking awsome, so tight!"

"Yeah man, fuck me!" His cock filled me up.

He increased his speed, fucking me deeper and harder, His hands moved over
my back and to the side to my chest till he found my nipples. He pulled
hard on them. I cried out in pleasure. He pulled his cock out and rammed it
back in again. Wow, he sure knew how to fuck. His hand moved to my cock and
started to jack me in the same speed as his fucking.

I wanted this to last forever but I knew I was about to explode. I could
feel Jim reaching his climax soon too. His pounding became even faster, I
reached between my legs and pulled his hairy balls. He groaned loudly. My
cock exploded at the same time he filled the condom with his hot cum. He
kept on cumming and kept stroking my cock till the last drop.

I let myself fall on the bed right on the big wet spot of my cum. He laid
on top of me, still with his dick in my ass.

"Wow," he said, "even better than fucking a pussy."

His cock slipped out of me and he removed the condom.

I laid on my back watching him getting up and flush the condom through the
toilet. His semi hard cock, still wet with hus cum, swang back and forth as
he walked back to the bed.

"It was great" I said.

"Yeah, can't believe it actual happened."

"It did, and you know the rule, you have to return he favour."

I saw the panick in his eyes and had to laugh. "don't worry, just joking."

"Thanks." He said, "it sure was different than usual, but I liked it, liked
it a lot."

"Same here, man."

Bill watched me dress, while he remained naked on the bed.

"Well, see you tomorrow then." I said. I took one last look at his
beautiful body.

"Yes, see you tomorrow. What time do we finish? Maybe we can have a drink

"Fine with me. The presentation shouldn't take that much time." I said.

He walked me to the door and slapped my shoulder again.


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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Fucked By A Straight Guy