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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Making It Pay

Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2013 08:06:30 -0700
From: Mark James <>
Subject: Making It Pay by Mark James

Making It Pay by Mark James

I was hitchhiking on the highway outside of Palm Springs, CA.

I'm a stud. I'm not bragging I'm just stating a fact. I'm a good looking
guy, 6 feet tall with a long muscular, hairless body. My abs are awesome. I
have an 8 pack instead of a 6 pack with muscular corded oblique muscles. My
butt is awesome. My hair is black. I have a cut cock that is six inches
long and six inches in girth when erect with a bulbous head on my cock that
is 8 inches in girth at the base and about an inch and a half in length. I
have terrific sexual stamina.

I live in a small town. I have bedded all of the available women in my town
and a great many of the visitors. I have never had a problem getting pussy.
However one night I was in a nearby town at a bar looking to get laid and
got propositioned by a gay guy. I have nothing against gays; I just don't
swing that way. I was drunk and horny and he offered me $50.00 if he could
suck me off.

We went out to his car in the parking lot. I sat in the passenger seat and
he got in the drivers seat and handed me a $50.00 bill.

I said, "My name is Craig" and he told me his was Jerry.

He reached over and stroked my crotch. I was hard at once. Hell, a blow job
is a blow job. Plenty of women have sucked me off. He leaned toward me and
tried to kiss me.

I said, "Hey cocksucker, I said you could suck my cock, I'm not gay,
confine your mouth to sucking on my cock."

I unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them and my pants down to my ankles. My
cock stood at attention between my legs.

I put my hand behind his head and pulled him down to my cock and said,
"Suck me."

He licked on the head of my dick and took it in his mouth and sucked and
licked on just the head. His left hand reached down and started fondling my
balls. I pulled up my shirt to get it out of his way and he tried to stroke
my torso with his right hand.

He turned his head toward me and said, "Jesus, you have a beautiful
body. Can I feel it?

I said, "No you paid to suck my cock so get to it."

He turned his head back to my dick and started sucking about half way down
my shaft.

I pushed his head down with my hand so that he had to swallow me down to my
pubic hair and said, "Take it all fag. Deep throat me."

He took all of me for a few strokes, and then returned to sucking and
licking on the head of my cock.

I lay there and stroked my chest and abs while he sucked my dick.

He raised his head up from sucking me and said. "I'll give you another
$50.00 if you'll let me stroke and kiss your body.

I thought, "Hell this guy is made of money."

I said, "You can use your hands for $50.00, but if you want to use your
mouth and tongue it's going to cost you $100.00 and keep your mouth away
from my face. I'm not going to kiss you."

He said, "Yes sir." He reached in his pocket and pulled out a $100.00 bill
and handed it to me.

I pulled off my shirt so he could get what he wanted. He started stroking
my abs and chest. Everywhere his hand went his tongue followed. He loved
sucking on my nipples and kneading my stomach muscles. Then he used his
left hand to stroke my cock and used his right hand to stroke my torso.

He sat back in his seat and slid his pants and shorts down and started
jacking his dick with one hand and stroking my cock with the other.

I said, "I thought you wanted to suck my dick."

He looked at me with longing and said, "Make me."

I didn't even say anything; I just held up my hard and rubbed my thumb
against the tips of my first two fingers, the universal sign for money.

He brought out another $100.00 bill and handed it to me.

In a commanding voice, I said, "Eat me cocksucker."

He said, "No, I'm not queer, I don't suck cock"

I said, "I don't care whether you are queer or not, but you're going to
blow me." I reached over and grabbed his head and forced it toward my

He resisted and said, `Leave me alone, I'm not queer."

I grabbed his head with both of my hands and forced his head down on my
cock as he kept saying, NO, NO, NO.

But he stopped protesting as my cock touched his lips. He opened his mouth
wide and took my cock as I forced his head all the way down and held it
there. He was probably choking as I let him go and he took a breath and
came up the shaft of my cock with his lips. I grabbed his head and made him
deep throat me by forcing him up and down on my cock.

I stopped forcing him on my cock and let him continue to suck on his
own. He barely came up for air as he sucked.

I pulled him off my cock and said, "Yes you are a queer, aren't you? Well
I'm not going to let you suck my cock."

He said, "But I paid you."

I said, "Yeah but you aren't really a queer and I don't want you sucking my
cock if you don't want to." I reached down and pulled up my underwear over
my cock.

He said, "Please, I'm a queer. I'm a fucking fag and I love to suck cock.
Please let me suck your cock. You promised."

I said, "You aren't a very good cocksucker."

He said, "I am so. I'm a very good cocksucker. Please let me show you how
good I can suck your cock. Push that seat back and let me get between your
legs, I'll make you cum and you'll enjoy it."

I pushed the seat back; he slipped off his pants, got in the seat well and
slipped my pants off my ankles. Then he went down on my cock with a
vengeance, deep throating me all the time but going slow then fast varying
the tempo.

He really got me hot and bothered.

He let his hands wander all over my chest, stomach and legs. He worked his
hands under my butt and raised me up as he went down on my cock time after
time. I started squirming in my seat as I felt the cum rise up in my cock.

I wanted to grab his head and force it up and down on my dick, but I
refrained and let him go at his own pace. I kept holding off and holding
off, but finally I couldn't do so any longer and when he had my cock all
the way down his throat I shot my wad into his waiting mouth.

He swallowed everything I blew into his mouth and then took my cock out of
his mouth, milked it with his hand and licked up the residual cum from the
head oh my cock.

He laid his head on my stomach and said, "Thanks, I came when you did."

We put our clothes back on. He handed me $200.00 and asked if we could do
it again.

We exchanged phone numbers, I got out of the car and he drove away.

After making $450.00 for getting a blow job and spending 45 minutes of my
time, I knew I had a new business venture. Not everybody wants to be
dominated or have me role play, some gays just want to suck a hard cock and
take a nice load of cum from a good looking stud. It all adds to my bank
account. I now get $1,000.00 for letting guys do the same thing and a lot
more if they want other things. I didn't get any better I just got smarter.
These guys have money to burn and it's amazing to me what they will pay
when they are horny and hot.

I still make a lot of money from that guy and his friends and referrals.
Hitch hiking is how I meet new and generous people. This close to Palm
Springs a lot of rich gays travel on this road. Got to go, a Cadillac just
drove by and stopped.

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Making It Pay