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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Me And The Bully - Me And The Bully 2

Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2009 14:59:02 +0000
From: simon jones <>
Subject: Me and the bully Part 2

Me and the Bully
Part 2

After finishing school I walked home with my best mate as we were chatting
about random stuff he then asked me "So why were you so happy today then?"
and I turned to him and said "Well you know the bully in the school?" and
he then said "What one there are many" and I said "Well the one who hangs
around the toilet area" and the then said "Oh yea I know him" and I then
said "Well this morning he came into the toilets after me and forced me to
suck his cock and then he fucked me"

My mate then stopped dead in his tracks and looked completely shocked and
said "No fucking way, What did you do?" and then I said "Well I did as he
said" and my friend said "Really why?" and I said "Well if I did not he was
going to fuck me up" and my mate looked curious and said "What was it like,
Did you enjoy it?"

I then thought to myself for a bit and carried on walking my friend
followed me and about twenty minutes of silence I said "Well I kind of did"
and he said "What you a faggot?" and I said "No I still like women its just
that it felt good I don't know why it just did for some reason" and he then
said "Well ill never let anyone fuck me up the arse" and I then laughed and
said "Well you never know what is around the corner do you" and he then
said "Well I defiantly know I will never let a guy fuck me" and I turned to
him and then said "Not even me?" and walked off

He rushed to catch up to me and then he laughed and said "Dude I am not the
faggot, I don't like the cock like you do" and I said "Well ill let you
fuck me then" and smirked and carried on walking, We did not chat about it
anymore and as we got outside my house I said "Well ill see you tomorrow
big boy" and smirked at him and walked down my driveway and into my house
as my friend walked off.

As I got into the house I saw my mother in the kitchen and she said "Hey
son how was your day?" and I turned to her and said "Very productive" and
she laughed and said "Do you want me to make you dinner?" I then said to
her "no thanks I don't feel like eating today, I had some food in school
ill be fine" and then she said "Ok if your sure" and I said "Yea I am fine"
and threw my bag down by the stairs and walked up to my room.

I got into my room and took off my school outfit and threw them onto the
back of my computer chair and opened up my wardrobe and got out some
clothes and turned on the computer and started to chat with some mates on
messenger, after a while of chatting about random stuff I logged off the
computer and moved onto my bed and watched some television.

After a few hours of watching some random cartoon shows and comedy's I
started to think about what happened in school and immediately got an erect
cock and could not help myself, so I grabbed my hard cock and started to
tug on it and after a while of wanking I exploded all my hot cum onto my
chest, I quickly grabbed the nearest towel and rubbed off the cum from my
chest and made sure that there was none on the bed sheets and lucky for me
there was not.

I then looked over at my clock and it read nine forty, I quickly checked
the television guide to see if there was any good programmes on which there
was not, so I turned off my television and decided to go to bed early

I got under my sheets and turned off all the lights and closed my curtains
in my room, I got to sleep eventually and dreamed about the fuck that the
bully gave me and could not stop thinking about it; eventually I got off to

The next morning I got up at six am which was a first for me, I got out of
my bed and went into the bathroom, I had a quick wash and cleaned my teeth
and put on some aftershave and then went back into my room and got my
school clothes from the back of my chair and put them on straight away,

I then went downstairs but nobody was awake yet, so I went into the kitchen
and made myself some cereal, I took the bowl into the living room and
turned on the television, but there was not much on so I turned it over to
the news channel and was randomly watching the news whilst eating my
cereal, I then heard someone coming down the stairs so I turned to see who
it was and it was my dad and I then said "Alright" and he turned and looked
at me and said "Yea you?" and I said "Not to bad thanks" he then went into
the kitchen and made himself some toast, After he had finished in there he
came into the living room with me and said "Oh son buy the way me and your
mom are going away for the weekend tonight so we will not be here when you
get back ok?" and I then said "Sure no problem"

I had just finished my cereal and took the bowl back into the kitchen, I
then looked at my watch and it read eight am, so I went back into the
living room and got my bag from near the stairs and said to my dad "Well I
am off to school, Have a good weekend and see you on Sunday" and my dad
then turned to me and said "Sure ok ill leave you some cash for the weekend
ok" and I said "Sure no problem see you later" and then I walked out of the
door and headed down my driveway and then my friend was coming up the road
and I shouted "Oi over here dickhead" and he looked at me and said "Alright
faggot lets get going"

We left my street and headed towards the school, we chatted on the way to
school about some random stuff, I knew my friend was trying to avoid
talking about what happened to me with the bully but I did not care, as we
got to the gates, we headed into the main hall and meet up with some of our
friends, and started to chat about games that we had recently played, I
turned to my friend and said "Hey I am going to go for a quick smoke before
we start, you want to come?" and he said "Nah I am good thanks ill see you

I then left the main hall and headed for the art building, I moved to the
back of the building and took out a cigarette and was about to spark it up
and then all of a sudden I heard footsteps, I thought that it was going to
be one of the teachers so I hid my cigarette behind me and as I did the
bully came around the corner, I was so thankful that it was not a teacher
so I took the fag from behind my back and started to smoke it and then he
said to me "Alright dude" and I said "Yea not to bad sexy" he laughed and
said "Can I borrow one of those fags?" so I took out another one from my
packet and handed it to him and then he said "Do you want to have some fun
again today?"

I looked at his face and said "Ok why not" he then said "Do you want to
ditch school and we can go somewhere else to have some fun?" and I said
"Yea good idea I have got a free house today you want to come over?" and he
looked at me and licked his lips and said "Dam right", So we moved towards
the back of the school and jumped over the fence before anyone could see
us, I then took him to my house and walked in and said "Wait here" so he
waited near the door and I shouted "HELLO ANYONE IN?" and I did not hear
any noise or voice so I assumed that nobody was home, So I walked back over
to the bully and grabbed his hand and said "Follow me" so I took him up the
stairs and into my room and said "Lets do it" he smiled and said "Sure

I then took off my clothes, and so did he, I grabbed him and threw him onto
the bed and said "do you want me to lick your arse?" and he looked confused
and said "Umm ok" so I turned him around on the bed and spread his butt
cheeks and took my tongue out and started to lick his arsehole, I knew that
he was enjoying this because I could hear him moaning slightly,

After a while of me doing this to him he said "Dam man that is so fucking
fantastic" and I said "I am glad you enjoy it" and he laughed, I then
carried on licking his arse, after a while I said to him "Do you want to
fuck me?" and he said "Dam yea" so I turned him around and started to suck
on his cock and he said "What are you doing? I thought u wanted me to fuck

I then said "Well I want to get your cock wet before you fuck my arse" and
he said "Ahh right ok" so I carried on sucking on his cock and after about
an hour I got off and said "Ok I think your wet enough now" So I got off
him and got onto the bed with my arse in the air and said "Do it" so he
grabbed his now rock hard cock and said "Ok"

He then pointed his cock towards my arse and shoved it into my arsehole
extremely fast and extremely hard, I could not help but scream and then he
said "Yea you like that don't you faggot" and I said "Yea" he then started
to fuck me harder and faster going in deeper and deeper, I could hear his
balls slapping against my arse this got me extremely horny so I grabbed my
own cock and started to wank whilst he was fucking me.

He then said "Do you like that you dirty faggot?" and I said "Yea I sure
do, I want it more give me all you got" and he then said "Dam right faggot
you my sex slave now" and he carried on going faster and faster I thought
he was near to cumming as I could feel his cock head getting bigger and
bigger in my arse.

I could hear him breathing deeper and deeper and then I said "I want you to
cum in my arse" he did not say anything, but carried on fucking me, after a
few minutes I heard him say "Here it comes" and then as soon as he said
that he exploded in my arse, I felt all of his warm hot creamy liquid spill
into my arse, I tried to contain it all but some of his cum was dripping
out of my arse.

He then took his cock out of my arse and to my surprise he got onto his
knees and licked the rest of the cum off my arse and said "Fucking hell man
you are the best" and I laughed and said "Thanks dude" I then turned around
and got his cock with my hand and sucked off the rest of the cum that was
on his cock and said "Dam that was so fucking good" and he said "Yea" and
had the biggest smile on his face, I then said "Lets get dressed" so we
both did and went back downstairs and into the living room where I got out
two joints and said "Here" and handed him one of the joints as we both
started to smoke them and get high I said to him "Hey do you want to do a
threesome sometime?" and he said "With who?" and I said "My mate im sure he
would love it" and he said "Sure why not" we carried on smoking and
watching the television for a few hours and then he said "Right I am off"
he then got up and I walked him to the front door and said "See you on
Monday and ill try and get my mate to get into the threesome with us" and
he said "Sure ok ill see you on Monday" he then left my house and I closed
the door behind him,

I then went back into the living room and started to think about how I was
going to get my mate to accept the three sum which I knew was going to be
hard to do, But not impossible.

Part 3: Can I get my mate to accept the three sum?

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Me And The Bully - Me And The Bully 2