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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Men Over Thirty - Men Over Thirty 1

Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2007 14:02:27 EDT
Subject: Men Over Thirty

This is a fictional story about guys from an internet site I came across
one day called Men Over 30. a site dedicated to hot guy over thirty.
These are Real men ...

My story of course does not by any means reflect the sexual preference of
these hot guys... But looking at the site you never know


Men Over Thirty

I had been rumaging through the internet, as i always do. just looking at
porn. its what you do when you are single. and since im gay. like looking
at hot guys. Whether having sex or just posing. i ran across this page
one day call "Men Over" its funny how you come across a page after
linking for one page to another page and so on.had actually forgot where
i started from.

Anyways, my story entails some great connections made via the suite. And
the hot studs i had some good times with. and not only for theat site
alone. its linked to several other site. Some guys younger than 30 too.
needless to say my story begins when i linked onto the original page and
sent them an e-mail on how to hook up with these studs. i sent them a
picture on my 6ft 155 lb frame and waited to see if i could get some sort
of response.

(part 1)
Mark:- 36yr- 6ft 2- 205lb-

My first encounter was with Mark. He is a sexy redhead with a beefy hairy
body. i got an e-mail from Mark after my general e-mail to hook up with
some guys on the site. He said he liked my pic and wanted to see more. so
i got his personal e-mail and sent him a pic of my naked body. he
responded by saying he liked my thick cock. I have always been very proud
of my 7 inch cut cock, and was pleased that he liked it to. He said he
would be in my area on January 7th and wanted to get together. So i was
stoked that i may be gettin something from a hunk like himself.
Jan 7 came and i had cleaned the apartment awaiting the guys arrival. he
called at about 4 pm and asked if i wanted to have dinner or something.

"Sure Mark, That would be cool" I said
"Any good places around here to eat?" he asked

I gave him a local near the beach that he might like. We decided to meet
about 7PM and have dinner and coffee. When i got to the beach area it
took a while to find parking. so i hoped he would wait. I had to park
several blocks away and walk to the beach. When i got there the crowds
were worse than i had remembered. I got to the restaurant and found him
already sitting there having a drink. He saw me and waved.

"Sorry i'm late" I said as i sat down.
"Forgot how crowded this area is."
He smiled and said it was alright. "Just checkin out the guys as they
walk by"

We ate and chatted a bit about how he got into the page and so forth. He
said that one of his friends sent his picture to the site and they
followed up shortly after.

"I liked the pictures you had sent me" He said.
"That cock looks really suckable"
He reached under the table and groped my crotch. My dick immediately
began to respond. He leaned over and whispered in my ear. "Lets go fuck"

So needless to say we were outta there pretty fast. He dropped me off at
my car after we walked over to his which was nearby. We headed for his
hotel which was much closer than my house. We weren't in the room more
than a few seconds before he grabbed me and pushed me against the wall.
he was pulling at my clothes as he kissed me. I too was trying to get his
shirt off. after fumbling with clothes for a few moments Mark dropped to
his knees before me. he grabbed for my already hardening cock and shoved
it in his mouth. I instinctively grabbed at his head and held him to my
crotch. his expert tongue raking along the underside of my cock was doin
wonders for me. his great mouth felt great sliding up and down my dick.

"Yeah baby. Suck that cock man" I moaned.

He just mumbled over my dick. then i felt his hands reach around to my
ass and start to fiddle with it. His fingers began to rub at my ass ring.
It was feeling great as i relaxed my ass and let a digit slide into my

"Hmmmmm. Yes" I moaned.
"Do it Mark. Fuck my ass good"

Mark started to slide his finger in and out on my hole slowly. there was
a nice sensation that started to burn in my ass. I wanted him to fuck me
now. But i still needed to get on his cock. I reluctantly pulled him from
my raging cock. I was at full mast when his mouth slid off. My dick was
wet from his spit and dripping. I pulled him up and kissed him again. my
hand was roaming over his meaty hairy chest. i started to kiss his neck
and move my way southward. I licked his gorgeous furry chest, and pulled
on his nipples. He moaned lightly as my tongue ran across his hard
"Sweet man. bite on it stud"

I complied his request and clamped my mouth over on nipple. first licking
around it then biting down on it gently. His cock that i had grabbed
twitched in my hand. i began to stroke his cock slowly. feeling as it
responded to my touch. I felt his hand on my head and he was trying to
push me down to it. I released his nipple and my tongue dragged down his
torso. i left a trail of spit down his awesome body. Then i bent down a
reached his cock. it was already hard. i stroked it some more as i sat
down on the bed before him. I pulled him to me and placed his hard 6 inch
cock in my mouth. Slowly i slid down his length.

He Moaned " Uugghnnn"
In seconds i had every inch of him in my mouth. the delicious cock was
sliding in and out my suctioning lips. He held onto my head as he pumped
himself in my mouth.

"Goood sukkin you do with that mouth" he moaned.
I slid my tongue around his yummy cock as i slobbered on it. i felt all
the veins on it as he continued to fuk my mouth. his hips gently rocked
back and forth as i blew his dick. my hands reached back at his ass again
and rubbed his beefy cheeks. his balls slapped against me chin as he
drove himself all the way into my mouth.

"Aawwweee man. Your muth buddy.. God what a mouth"

My fingers pulled apart his cheeks to get to his asshole. I felt the fur
near the entrance and tickled it lightly. This caused him to thrust
harder in my mouth. I felt ever inch of him to his balls as he fucked my
hungry mouth. Mark was moaning as in slobbered over his cock and played
with his ass. I slid a digit in my mouth alongside his cock to wet it.
then proceeded to slip the finger into his ass. mark writhed on my finger
as i dug into his chute.

"Yes stud" he said
"Fuck my ass man, shove it in deep"

I then inserted another digit into his ass as he squirmed some more. my
tongue was drooling over his hard dick as he was literally fuckin my
mouth now. sliding in and out as i shoved my fingers in his man hole.
After several minutes of this he was begging me to fuck him. but i wanted
him to really get ready for me as i slid in yet a third digit into his
ass. He freaked and grabbed my head and slammed his cock into my mouth
hard. his balls hit my lower lip as he started to really fuck me. i let
my tongue out as he fucked my gullet and licked his balls at the same
time. His balls were small enough that i was able to slip one on my mouth
with his raging cock.

"Oooohhh God' he cried out.
"Gonna shoot my load man"

I opened wide as both his balls slid into my hungry mouth. my tongue
raked along his scrotum as he furious plowed my face to dump his cum into
my throat. i was furiously fucking his hot ass with my fingers. Then i
hit pay dirt as my fingers slammed into his prostate. my tongue digging
into his scrotum and raking along the underside of his pulled up ball

"Fuukkk Jesus man. here it comes"
He howled as his body tensed up and he erupted into my mouth. shot after
shot poured into me as he spasmed and jerked to deliver his cum into my
mouth. his ass had clamped down on my fingers as he shook. his cock
continued to pumped its load as my tongue still held on to his balls. I
swallowed down his sweet juice, not letting any of it escape. the taste
was delicious as it flowed down into my belly. his grip on my head eased
as he slowed himself after releasing his load. he was panting above me as
i began to feel his cock soften in my mouth. my tongue released his balls
and i slowly pulled from his ass.

"OOhhhh" He moaned as his ass released my hand.
"That was soo damn good stud"
"Yer mouth totally siphoned my cock. my balls feel empty'

I smiled as i let his soft cock fall from my lips. I was lickin the
remains from the head and tasting his nectar.
"Sweey cum Mark". I replied.

He let go of my head and had to sit down on the bed to collect himself.
his chest had beads of sweet on them. He smiled at me and lay down. i
looked up at the junction between his beefy thighs at his soft dick.
There was a dewey drop of cum on the tip of his dick.. i crawled between
his legs and licked his thighs. then placed the head of his cock back in
my mouth. i didn't want one drop to go to waste.
Besides. i wasn't done yet...


to be continued

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Men Over Thirty - Men Over Thirty 1