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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Rest Area Gloryhole

Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 18:45:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: HMH <>
Subject: Rest Area Gloryhole

DISCLAIMER: don't like it don't read it.

       At a rest stop I experienced my first gloryhole, and a few other
firsts. Here's what happened. About three years ago, I was driving home
from my vacation in the Florida Keys to my home in Michigan. Since I was
travelling alone I had to stop every now and then along the way to stretch
my legs, piss, and get some snacks. It was starting to get dark and I was
starting to doze off so I decided I would stop at the next rest stop. After
what seemed like forever I saw the sign and hit the exit, as I drove around
the winding road to the restrooms I noticed that there weren't any big rigs
in the lot and only three cars in the auto lot, mine, a black pickup with a
large bald man at the wheel, and a minivan carrying a man, a woman, and a
young boy of about twelve. When I walked towards the main building it was
all explained it all to me, it seems the state I was in decided to build a
new rest area a few miles farther down the road and to close this one down.
The closing was scheduled for today and the new one opened yesterday. I can
understand why they would want to replace this place the building looked
like it would fall down at the slightest breeze.

       Well since I was already here and I really had to go I decided to
piss and leave as quickly as possible I really didn't like the looks of the
guy in the black pick up. I entered the rest room and was immediately met
with the smell of rancid piss and body odor. I really felt bad for the
woman in the minivan if the ladies side was as bad as this one was. There
were only two stalls and the urinals had been knocked off the wall I had no
choice but to enter the only available stall. Once in the stall I undid my
belt and aimed my dick at the dirty bowl letting loose at least four cups
of coffee from the trip. On the wall in front of me was the usual bathroom
writing something about lonely hearted and farts, the writing was so old
and faded I couldn't make out the last word. I leaned in closer to read it
and that's when I noticed the two inch hole in the wall between stalls and
what I through that hole was shocking at first, the person in the stall
next to me was jacking off. I could clearly see his hand pumping his hard
cock up and down slowly like he wanted to savor the feel of it. The cock
was as big as mine and his balls were shaved I tried to look away but was
mesmerized by such a sight I had never seen another man beat off before. I
was strictly a straight man right up until my divorce. I haven't had sex
since then either, except with my hand like this guy was doing. I had seen
some bisexual videos on the internet and always got off watching them but
there was always a female present in the videos and I wacked off watching
her get banged so I thought.

       I was so hypnotized by the sight of that hand and cock I absently
had begun to stroke my own dick and I was starting to get hard. I heard a
whisper telling me I had a nice cock and if I put it through the hole in
the wall he would suck on me. I whispered back that I was straight and only
came in to piss but he whispered that any blowjob was a good blowjob and he
really wanted to suck on my cock to help him get off, explaining to me that
he needed to get off quickly because his ride was waiting outside for
him. I again said I was only here to piss and leave when he whispered back
asking me why I hadn't stopped playing with myself since our conversation
started. Well dammit I was horny, I hadn't had sex since long before my
divorce and you can only jack off so often before you need the real
thing. I reluctantly and cautiously slid my dick through the hole in the
wall and felt a smooth, warm hand wrap around my shaft and start to massage
my skin back and forth jacking me off slowly. I gritted my teeth at the
pleasure I was getting from this man's hand, he worked his hand as soft and
tender and any experienced woman would.
       "It's a nice cock. I'm going to suck you now." He whispered.

       I felt his hot wet tongue lick my shaft from top to bottom and then
from bottom to top, this man was pleasuring me better than any female lover
I had ever had his hot mouth wrapped around my cock head and his tongue
swirled around the tip for a while before diving down about half the length
of my rod and back up again to tease me with the tongue swirl again. After
about three or four tries he's had my whole member in his mouth and throat,
this intense deep throating I was getting was about to make me come.

       "I'm going to come." I whispered as I grabbed on the top of the
wall for support.

        He pulled his sweet hot mouth off my dick and begged me to wait. I
started to breathe heavily and thought it was too late to wait but I calmed
down enough to stifle the eruption his talented mouth almost caused.
       "Why?" I whispered.

       "Trust me." He responded.

       I had committed myself this far and hadn't been disappointed yet so
I continued to breathe slowly in and out calming myself down.

       "I'm ok now." I said.

       "This will be cold at first" He warned, and slathered my cock with
a gooey creamy type of lotion. The cold gooey stuff made me gasp inward
when he first put it on me causing a giggle from my anonymous lover.

       "Fuck my ass." He said as he plunged his tight hot rectum down on
my cock not giving me a chance to protest. His ass was so tight it actually
hurt my cock a bit until he relaxed his ass and started to slowly rock back
and forth on my dick.

       "I never..." was all I could get out before the pleasure of his ass
started working on my dick, he was sending waves of pleasure throughout my
entire body.

       "Fuck me please." He begged.

        I started to match his rocking with strokes of my own until we
were in perfect rhythm, my forward stroke met his backward movement with
perfect timing each time I would drive forward I would go deeper in his
ass. He was moaning and groaning with pleasure from the fucking and I was
moaning just as loud. I was so wrapped up in the moment that I barely heard
a car horn honking from outside.

       "Hurry and come in my ass, my ride is waiting." He begged.

       I started pumping harder and faster wanting to come so bad. I felt
his ass pulse and tighten around my cock as he announced that he was coming
and that was what sent me over the edge. I blasted the insides of his ass
with my come causing me to cry out in pleasure. My knees went weak and I
collapsed on the toilet seat in pure exhaustion and satisfaction.
       "Please stay in here a few minutes after I leave so my ride won't
get suspicious of what we were doing in here." He asked.

       "Ok." Was the only response I could give.

I decided to honor his request since the bald guy I had seen in that pickup
didn't look like the kind of guy who would understand or approve of what
just happened. But then I decided I wanted to at least see the man who I
just fucked, since it was my first time with a man I deserved to see him. I
cleaned up my cock the best I could with the paper in the stall, pulled up
my pants and walked slowly outside. I caught sight of the black pickup as
it was pulling back onto the four lane highway. Oh well I thought to myself
at least I will never forget the feeling of his mouth and ass wrapped
around my dick and I did have something new to fantasize about next time I
jacked off.

       I started towards my own car when I noticed the minivan backing out
of its space to leave, I smiled at the young boy in the back and realized
there were four people in that van now, just as the van was about to pull
away the face of a young teenage boy popped up in the back window and blew
me a kiss. Oh no, it couldn't have been.....

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Rest Area Gloryhole