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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - The Oil Rig

Date: Mon, 06 Dec 2004 15:39:20 +1100
From: james robinson <>
Subject: The Oil Rig.

This story is fictional and has never happened to my knowledge; the story
contains sex between men and youths. If you don't appreciate this type of
tale please don't read it, if you are underage then go no further and if it
is illegal where you reside, well it is your choice.
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                            The Oil Rig

The aircraft lowered through the cloud base as it approached the airport at
Galveston, I had been sent down from Stanco's head office to investigate
crew troubles out on the Gulf oilrigs. I was only 23 years old at the time
and wondered why they had sent me, a reasonably new employee, just out of
University where I studied Human Resource Management. I guess they thought
me being young and new to the game wouldn't have any preconceived ideas so
could look at the problems with an unbiased eye.

I'm Jim and as I said young and fit, I played football and swam as well as
running in the athletics, I could also hold my own at tennis playing A grade
in the state competitions. I was a sports freak and reveled in testing my
body to the limit in my activities. I'm 6foot tall and weigh in at 190 lbs
there isn't an ounce of fat on my frame, my hair is jet black cut short, I
have greenish/blue eyes which change color depending on my mood at the time.
I have a continuous tan as I spend as much time outdoors as possible through
my sport and swimming. When I strip my tan line is incredibly defined it
looks as though I'm wearing a pair of very see through white Speedo swim
trunks. I know a lot of guys watch me when I strip off and shower and a few
have propositioned me on occasions in the showers, steam rooms and change
rooms at the YMCA where I keep fit these days.

I just tell them that I'm not into male sex I'm into women in a big way, I
love ladies and have played the field in college but now I have a gorgeous
girl, Cindy, who I love deeply, she too is a sports nut and she models for a
living. We make heads turn when we are out together and I feel so proud that
she loves me as I love her. We share an apartment in New York right on
Central Park, looking out across the treetops; we jog together through the
park every morning even in the winter.

My reverie was jolted as the plane's tires screeched onto the concrete
tarmac and the roar of the engines in reverse thrust shook the airframe. I
came down to earth with the thump and looked out the windows as the airport
buildings flashed past the speeding plane. We slowed and turned off onto a
taxiway and approached the terminal where ground crew directed the pilot
where to park and the air bridge moved out to connect with the plane. A soft
thud told us we were connected as the hostess opened the cabin door,
passengers were standing up pulling their gear from the overhead luggage
compartments as the engines of the plane wound down and stopped.

A mass exodus began as they hurried off through the air bridge, I waited
till the scrum eased then pulled my brief case and laptop out of the
compartment then sauntered off through the concertina tunnel to enter the
terminal. I saw a guy holding up a sign with my name on it and I wandered
across to introduce myself, his name was Brett, he was about 18 or 19 years
old slim, straw blonde tousled hair and had the deepest blue eyes I'd ever
seen. If I had been gay I think I would have gone after him like a tiger, he
was drop dead cute, well as cute as a guy could be. I noticed he had a
respectable lump in his beige slacks as he stood there, we shook hands and
he led me to where the baggage console whirled around like a merry go round
all that was missing was the horses and stuff. We grabbed my suitcase and he
led me through the busy terminal down to the exit where he had a limo parked
waiting, the driver sitting in the front with the engine running. The
chauffer climbed out and took my cases putting them into the boot but I
retained my laptop with me in the car.

He opened the rear door and I climbed in as Brett followed me sitting next
to me in the plush leather seat, the driver jumped back in the front and the
car smoothly accelerated away into the traffic as I settled down relaxing in
the back. Brett looked at me and asked if I'd like a drink I nodded and
thanked him as he pressed a button opening a cabinet which turned out to be
a full bar, I asked for a bourbon and Coke he grinned and mixed one for me
adding some ice from the tiny fridge, I thanked him and he poured the rest
of the Coke into a glass and sipped it. I looked at him and said, " You
don't drink alcohol Brett, or is it that you don't drink during working

He grinned a lop sided but incredibly sexy grin and said, " No just not
while I'm working my Dad would kill me if he caught me drunk at work."

I looked at him one eyebrow raised and said, " Your Dad, who is your Dad?"

He grinned again and said, " He is the grand Poo Ba here he runs the whole
oil concern down here."

I looked at him and said, " You mean your Dad is Jack Reilly, the operations
Vice President?"

He nodded his head causing his hair to whisk about and said, " Yeah but
don't let that worry you I'm not the kind of guy to dob you in for anything
you do."

I grinned back at him and said, " Are you to be my guide and nanny while I'm
here Brett?"

He laughed and said, " It looks that way, will that be ok with you if I do

I grinned as I sipped the drink then nearly choked as I spluttered, " Gees
how much bourbon did you put in this drink? I nearly burnt my throat out its
that strong."

He blushed deep red and said, " I'm sorry Jim, I'm used to mixing my Dad's
bourbon he likes it strong."
I coughed again and took another sip but this one slid down much easier as I
said, " No it's ok Brett I'll get used to it but you might get me drunk
quickly with this potent brew."

He smiled and said, " That would be cool but I wouldn't tell on you if you
were drunk, I think you're a great guy, your not as stuck up as most head
office people who show up down here. They think their crap smells like

I grinned at him and took another sip rolling the strong mix around in my
mouth, I loved the smoky flavor of the bourbon and swallowed it feeling the
warmth spreading out through my body from my stomach. Brett sprawled back
into the deep seat and spread his lean muscled legs out straight his feet
just touching the seat on the other side of the cabin, he sighed and sipped
the Coke in his glass. My eyes cruised down the blue denim shirt to his flat
slim waist then saw the considerable mound of his genitals in the crotch of
his trousers. I noticed that his penis was sideways pointing towards me and
I could discern the shape of his knob through the light smooth cotton
material. I shook my head trying to erase the thoughts I was experiencing
from looking at this delightful young guy. I looked at him again to see he
was watching me looking at his bulge, he was blushing bright red then he
noticed me look at him he dropped his eyes to the floor.

I glanced back down his body to see him fold his hands across his groin
hiding his genitals but as he covered them I saw that his penis was bigger
and fuller, the lad was getting sexually aroused just from me looking at
him. I remembered how horny I was at his age and grinned to myself but I
felt my own cock begin to twitch as well. I lifted the laptop up and placed
it on my lap hiding my arousal as I opened it and switched it on, I typed in
the events so far then closed it again putting it on the floor as my tool
had subsided once again. I was in a quandary I'd never been excited by a guy
since I was about 13 years old when I had messed about with my cousins who
were older than I was.

They had stayed with us one Christmas and had shared my room and bed, the
elder boy was 16 his brother 14, they had taught me to jack off and we had
all sat on the bed jerking our little cocks frantically till we gooped out
our juice. I nearly fainted the first time I did it the feeling was so
awesome my whole body was on fire and it felt like my little balls were
trying to fire out of my hard little pecker. They both laughed at my
reaction as I lay there trembling like a leaf and they sat there eating
their cum happily. My older cousin reached across and scooped the small
dribble of semen I'd blown out onto my stomach; he then put it to his lips
and sensuously licked it off his fingers as he watched my face.

We messed about the whole time they were there but after two weeks they went
back home and I was left to jack off alone again, it was great fun while it
lasted but after they left I had a girl friend who was in my class at
school. I forgot about boys after that and loved to kiss and fondle girls
from then on. Once I had my first sex with a girl that ended any thought of
guys and my sexual desires concentrated on girls from then on, until now
suddenly I was feeling horny looking at Brett, I just couldn't believe what
was happening.

We reached the company owned condominiums, a block of twenty overlooking the
Gulf, and the limo pulled into the entrance, the driver jumped out opening
the door and we climbed out, he went to the trunk and pulled out my luggage
then carried the cases inside where Brett had the lift waiting, we stepped
in and the elevator whisked us up four floors then Brett led us to the unit
allocated to me for my stay. The driver placed my bags on the floor and
departed closing the door behind him, Brett took me around the comfortable
unit, a master bedroom with dressing room and en suite, a second smaller
bedroom, a large lounge room luxuriously furnished, a well designed kitchen
with an eating area then the bathroom, it contained a hot tub and the
biggest shower I'd ever seen, it was big enough for three or four people to
share the multiple shower heads. There was a separate toilet just outside
the bathroom

. I looked around at the lavish surroundings and said, " Gee Brett I could
get used to this luxury, and I thought my apartment in New York was nice but
this is unreal."

He laughed and said, " Yeah the company spares no expense does it? It shows
how much money there is in oil don't you think?"

I grinned nodding and said, " I'm going to feel lonely rattling around here
by myself, and I wish my girlfriend had come with me."

Brett's face showed a flash of disappointment at my mention of my
girlfriend, then he smiled again saying, " well Dad wanted me to sleep here
with you so I can help you find your way around and I'm going with you out
to the rigs as well. I hope you don't mind me sleeping here and keeping you
company Jim."

I smiled at him and said, " No Brett it will be a pleasure to share my time
with you I won't feel lonely with you around. I hope we can squeeze in some
fun between all the business while I'm here."

Brett nodded and said, " Yeah I'll be able to show you places to have fun
that's no problem Jim."

I decided to take a shower and remove the sweat from my travels so I grabbed
my gear from my suitcase put it on the bed while I stripped off my shoes,
socks, suit, shirt and tie and headed to the shower. Brett watched me
undress to my boxers his eyes taking in every inch of my body as he sat
there on the bed, his hands clasped on his lap, as his incredible blue eyes
missed nothing. I felt a shiver of pleasure run through me to know this
younger stud was studying my body, I stepped into the shower after dropping
my boxers to the floor, my semi turgid cock wagging as I moved. I turned on
the cold water first to cool my heated blood and I shivered as it blasted
onto my warm flesh, my semi erection wilted quickly and I turned on the hot
water to begin washing myself.

The feeling of my wet slippery soaped hands and fingers aroused me again and
I had to relieve the pressure so I began to jack off fast, I leant back
against the tiles and stropped my boner. My head thrown back as I became
excited, my soft moans echoed around the tiled room, as I got hornier and
hornier, my girlfriend featured in my fantasy then suddenly she had Brett
there with her as they fondled each other. She began to fade away like a
mist and then Brett was alone in my mind as he jerked his cock in unison
with me, I was too far gone to be worried about who was in my mind and my
groans got louder as my climax neared. My nuts exploded sending my juice
rocketing up through my urethra as I blew my load all over the shower
spraying the glass partition with thick cream, I bellowed out my joy and
nearly collapsed as I came.

I slowed my jacking to a gentle movement dragging the cum out of my rigid
cock, my glazed eyes staring vacantly into the bathroom unseeing, I missed
the sight of Brett jacking his cock watching me climax, he sprayed the
outside of the shower cubicle his thick pearly juice slowly drooling down
the glass. He finished and realized my sight was still blurred by lust and
the afterglow of my ejaculation then he tucked his cock away and hurried out
of the bathroom. I returned to earth and finished my shower then turned off
the water and opened the door stepping out onto the bath mat, I turned and
shut the shower door to see cum running down onto the tiled floor. I gaped
in wonder, had my cum flown over the top of the screen's glass walls? It
couldn't have I was facing to the side of the shower not the entrance, I
puzzled about it for a few seconds then I realized what had occurred Brett
must have been in there watching me, probably attracted by my groans and

He must have jacked off watching me, I felt annoyed at first and felt like
crap that he had watched me doing something that was very private, then I
remembered my cousins and how we had all masturbated together and enjoyed it
so much. I decided that he was still young and horny and if he got off
watching me jack off well that was ok it wasn't as if it was gay two guys
doing their own thing that way. I decided to say nothing about it and
sauntered into the bedroom my towel around my waist and rummaged in my case
to find a pair of clean boxers. I dropped my towel and bent over to pull on
my underwear my back to the door as I did it, I was lifting my foot to slip
one leg into the boxers when I caught a flash of movement in the mirror of
the dressing table. It was Brett standing in the door ogling my bare ass, as
I must have mooned him when I bent over, I could see him squeezing his cock
as he watched me. This guy was seriously horny; his hormones must be in
hyper drive.

I pulled on my boxers watching him in the mirror as he played with himself,
I turned suddenly and he stood there like a startled fawn caught in the
headlights, his hand wrapped around his turgid tool. The cloth of his
trousers bunched in his grip molded to the shape of his 6inch penis, a
slight damp spot visible where the tip was situated, he let go of his crotch
and fled from my sight. I hurried after him to find him in the second
bedroom lying on the bed his lithe body shaking as he bawled into the
pillow. I sat next to him and patted his shoulder tentatively saying, " It's
ok Brett I know you are young and felling horny. I'm not angry with you
little buddy, I just can't do things like that with you I have a
He mumbled sobbing into the pillow, " I'm so sorry Jim. SOB. I shouldn't
have been looking at you like that. SOB. It is so wrong. SOB. I hate myself
for doing it. SOB. I want to die. SOB. I'm so ashamed of ruining your time

I patted him again saying, " No don't say things like that Brett, I'd be so
proud to have you look at me like that if I was gay, you are a great looking
guy and you will find a friend one day who will love you completely. I am
honored that you think I'm worth looking at and that my body can excite you
is incredible."

He stopped sobbing and turned his red flushed face towards me as he said, "
Really you mean that Jim? You mean you aren't annoyed or disgusted by my
watching you?"

I nodded and ruffled his unruly hair then said, " Yes Brett, I mean every
word I said, if I was Gay or even Bi I would love to have you as my lover,
you really are an incredibly good looking guy with a great body."

He rolled onto his back and lay there his bloodshot whites contrasting with
the incredible blue irises as he gazed up at my smiling face, he sat up and
threw his arms around my neck and nuzzled into my throat as he said, "
Thanks dude, I feel so much better now I've got that out of my system. You
really are an awesome guy, I wish you were gay you could do what you liked
with me."

I squeezed him tight and pushed him gently away saying, " Well Brett I feel
ravenous where can we get a good feed around here?"

He wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and asked, " What do you feel
like hamburgers or something more up market?"

I thought for a second and asked, " Is there a good hamburger joint around
here, not a chain store type?"

He nodded and said, " Yeah Pat's Chuck Burgers down the block is great, real
hamburgers that taste like proper food."

I grinned and said, " Sounds like a plan I'd better get some clothes on and
we'll head out to fill our bellies."

I hurried up to my bedroom and threw on a pair of cargo shorts and a polo
shirt then slipped on my sandals, I returned to find Brett waiting at the
door, he'd changed too into a similar outfit, only he wore a nice tight t
shirt that showed off his budding torso. We left the condo together and
wandered down the block to an old-fashioned hamburger joint, what we called
a greasy spoon.

The aroma of cooking hamburgers filled our nostrils and the sound of
sizzling patties made our stomachs rumble as the hunger pangs set in, a
handsome young guy with an unusual accent showed us to a booth then a
waitress appeared and handed us a menu, she too had a similar accent to the
guy. Brett told me that Pat the owner was an Aussie guy who saw the
opportunity to set up a real hamburger café as the only ones here were under
the golden arches. He reckoned that once people tasted a proper hand made
fresh burger they would flock to his door, I must say it appeared to be
working the place was full we got the only empty table in the establishment.

We ordered our meal, I opted for a steak sandwich with the lot while Brett
asked for a Chuck burger without cheese, we sat there being entertained by a
young guy with a guitar singing Australian bush ballads, it was slightly
hard to follow due to his accent and the words that he used but the music
was sort of old worldly something like country and western but different. It
was like being in a foreign country as we listened to songs about
bushrangers, jumbucks and such, Brett understood quite a lot of the songs as
he came here quite frequently, and he translated the words into ones I
recognized. We enjoyed our meals and the unique entertainment provided by
the guy from Down Under, I even got to meet Patrick the man behind this
unique eatery. He was a man in his late fifties still looking very fit and
muscular but a really great person to know and he regaled us with his
memories of his homeland.

We dragged ourselves away from the café saying farewell to the owner and the
staff leaving a large tip for the staff. We wandered back towards the condo
when we passed an entertainment arcade filled with great game machines, ever
the kid at heart we entered and began to play a space invader type game
together. Time passed and we enjoyed the entertainment when a young boy
about 16years old came up, he looked destitute in his ragged clothes and
appeared as though he hadn't bathed in quite a while. He panhandled us
looking for the price of a feed Brett looked him up and down then smiled at
him and said, " You look like you sleep in a rubbish skip, would you like a
shower and a feed? If so come with us and I'll fix it for you."

The boy eyed him suspiciously then nodded and said, " Ok you look like a
nice guy, I think you will treat me ok."

I looked at Brett inquiringly but he indicated things were ok and we left
with the kid tagging along behind, we arrived at the condo and went up in
the lift, boy was the kid on the bugle, he badly needed a clean up. We
hurried into the apartment and Brett took him into the bathroom he told him
to strip off his filthy clothes and told him he'd wash them while he
showered. The boy jumped into the shower and turned on the water adjusting
the temperature then began washing his glabrous body, the water turned black
as it ran down the drain but after a couple of goes he was clean and glowing
pink. He turned off the shower and Brett handed him a towel, the boy thanked
him and began drying himself as Brett cracked a boner watching his cut young
body. He was painfully thin due to undernourishment, which caused his
musculature to be very prominent and his flat lower abdomen enhanced his
genitals causing them to really stand out proudly between his sharp
prominent hipbones.

The boy's hair, which had looked dark brown, was in fact honey blonde when
clean and his prominent pubic mound showed a sparse cluster of silky light
brown pubic hair above his slim uncut 6 inch penis which hung over a
surprisingly large round firm scrotum. The lad was quite handsome and Brett
thought he was gorgeous as he ogled the nude skinny body, the lad's long
slim legs ended with very large feet. Brett longed to make a move on the
lad, he asked him his name and the boy answered Dale as Brett bent down to
retrieve the filthy clothes lying on the floor. He put the bedraggled
clothes on the cabinet top and handed Dale a dry towel to wrap around his
slim waist to cover his sweet young privates, picking up the soiled clothing
again he directed Dale to go into the lounge and watch the TV while he put
the clothing in the washing machine.

I was slouched on the couch relaxed watching some mindless prattle on the
Oprah show, as Dale entered looking very cute in his towel and bare flesh,
he slumped into a chair opposite me and began watching the show. I glanced
at him and the way he sat legs sprawled out and legs apart I got an
uninterrupted view straight up between his thighs. I looked away quickly in
case he caught me staring and I felt my face heat up as I blushed. Brett had
taken the lad's clothes out to the laundry and stood there with the grungy
briefs up to his nose as he inhaled the aroma of youth. Brett was entranced
at the funky odor filling his olfactory zone, the bittersweet scent of cum,
piss and the stained ass area really turned him on.

He finally threw the briefs in with the bedraggled jeans, socks and t-shirt,
added the detergent and switched on the machine. The sound of water spraying
sounded as the washer began to fill and Brett wandered up into the lounge
joining us, Dale stared at him and saw his still almost erect cock bulging
out his pants and grinned at him knowingly. He surmised what had excited
Brett so much and his eyes watched every move he made until he sat down.
Brett looked at the boy and asked if he was hungry and Dale nodded his head
saying, " Yeah I haven't eaten since yesterday afternoon, I'm starving

Brett looked at me and said, " I think I'll go and get Dale a Chuck burger,
would you like me to get you anything Jim?"

I thought for a minute then realized we had no food in the condo so I said,
" Yeah we have to get something for dinner, maybe we could get some burgers
and reheat then later or maybe a pizza would be more practical to reheat."

Brett grinned and said, " Yeah a pizza sounds perfect I'll get two family
sized ones would you like any particular type?"

I said, " How about a Hawaiian and a Chicken Supreme they are both pretty

Brett nodded and looked at Dale questioningly the lad just grinned and said,
" I'm easy whatever you guys want I'll be with you."

Brett turned and headed for the door telling me the food was on the company
anyway, then he turned and asked, " Should I get a six pack or a bottle of
Bourbon and some Coke?"

I grinned widely and said, " Maybe both would be cool, is the company paying
for that as well?"

Brett laughed and said, " It surely is I'll just put on the chit when I go
into the office."

Dale and I sat there bored out of our brains at the mindless drivel on
afternoon television, I couldn't understand how women could allow the
stations to palm such crap onto them as supposed entertainment. I noticed
some movement out of the corner of my eye and glanced across to see Dale
playing with himself under the towel, I looked quickly away again and
realized the young guy had quite a log between his legs for his age. I began
to think maybe he sold himself on the streets to survive; I looked back at
him and said, " So tell me Dale how do you stay alive on the streets, what
do you live on?"

He turned bright red and looked at the floor before saying, " I do what ever
I have to do to get by dude."

I nodded but pressed on, " Yes I realize that but what do you have to do
apart from begging like you did with us? Do you rent yourself out for sex or

He looked straight at me and nodded his head then said, " Yeah some guys
want to pay me to give them head or suck them off, either way I earn bucks
doing it. I even let them have sex with me but that costs big bucks, like
$50 to take it up my ass or give them one. I don't get much of that though
because I'm too grotty and I stink a bit, but if I can have a good wash up
in the park or toilets then sometimes they want my body."

I looked at him as he frankly discussed what a sordid life he lived and I
was quite upset to actually meet one of the real street kids of our planet,
sure I had seen them begging in the streets and posing on street corners in
New York but I'd never met one and talked to him. Dale opened my eyes to the
tragedy of lost boys, I decided he could stay in our condo over night and I
would buy him some new clothes next morning. Maybe if he was cleaned up he
might be able to get a job in a takeaway food place or as a stock boy in a
supermarket. I asked him where his parents were and why they let him roam
the streets like this.

The lad began his story and it was horrifying to say the least, he had lived
with his parents in a loving home until his father died in a car crash, he
and his mother battled on but the money ran out and they couldn't afford to
keep up the house payments. His mother took to the bottle to drown her
sorrows and the bank foreclosed on the mortgage, they were put out on the
streets where at the tender age of 9, various men who fancied young chickens
used him. He soon learnt that his young body could earn some money and his
mother encouraged him by bringing home tricks, who fucked both of them or
just wanted to use him in front of his mother in a perverse way.

He ended up with his mother who now on drugs, was living with another drug
addicted guy, this man used the boy in every way possible while his out of
it mother lay there being used as a mattress as the guy fucked her son from
both ends. Eventually at 11 years of age he ran away after his mother died
of an overdose, after this occurred her paramour abused him dreadfully and
some of his drug addict friends. Now having learnt every trick a boy whore
needed to know he was a master little prostitute and enjoyed much popularity
until he reached full puberty. The arrival of hair on his body put off the
chicken hawks and he found he wasn't as popular any more. His life went
downhill from there, if that was possible but he now struggled to get enough
for food, his health suffered and he was desperate when he saw us walk out
of the burger café.

I wished I could do more to help him but as I was only here for a short time
it was impossible to do much for him, maybe Brett could take him under his
wing when I left, as I knew Brett was interested in the lad. I worried about
what would occur when Brett and I went out to the rigs on our inspection,
would the lad be ok living here on his own or would he be thrown out by the
cleaning people? I decided to discuss all this with Brett as soon as he
returned, I was prepared to leave him some money for food while we were gone
but it all depended on what Brett advised.

We sat there in silence, me in shock and he reliving the horrible events in
his miserable young life. The silence was broken by the sound of a key in
the lock and the door opened to admit Brett laden with Pizza boxes and bag
containing the alcohol. He hurried through to the kitchen and dumped the
stuff on the counter top there, he was gabbling away and appeared with a
Pizza box, which he put in front of Dale. The lad dived on it like a hungry
lion on a goat grabbing a slice and munching on it as if he was ravenous,
Brett grinned at him eating, his cheeks bulging with food as he masticated.
The speed at which the pizza evaporated was amazing it seemed like only
seconds and Dale was picking the crumbs from the empty box. Brett returned
with three cans of beer and we all cracked them open and took a deep
swallow, Dale exploded coughing as the beer went down the wrong way. He
turned purple as Brett whacked him on the bare back to dislodge anything in
his windpipe; he was soon ok again although his brown eyes were full of
tears after choking.

Brett and I laughed as the lad sat there trying to clear his throat as his
voice was very croaky after the choking fit, eventually he was able to talk
again and I began to fill Brett in on Dale's life, if you could call the
disgraceful mess that. Brett sat there with tears coursing down his cheeks
as he sat on the arm of the recliner the lad was sitting in, he placed his
arm around the slim shoulders of the lad and gave him a warm hug. Dale
rested his head on Brett's chest, as he snuggled into the warmth, he
obviously craved affection. Brett sat there stroking the lad's uncombed
hair. Dale hummed happily as Brett stroked him, I could see the towel
beginning to lift as the lad's cock began to erect.

I stood up and left the two on their own as I began to become a little
excited myself watching their affection being openly displayed, I couldn't
believe that their gay behavior could arouse me in this way. Was I beginning
to turn into a bisexual or even a gay guy? No I couldn't be like that, I
loved my girl friend Cindy how could I get aroused watching two guys getting
it on? All I knew was that my cock was standing hard and cramped in my
jocks, it was even oozing a little pre cum as it pulsed in it's cotton
covering, I could feel the dampness as it spread from the swollen knob.
I wandered up to the bedroom and flopped down onto the huge king sized bed,
I tossed off my polo shirt as I lay there trying to think my erection out of
existence but without success, if anything it got harder and bigger as I
heard moaning sounds from the lounge room. Someone was enjoying sex
obviously, and then I heard a gasping grunt as someone, it sounded like
Brett, lost it and blew his load. My hand fell on my swollen sausage as I
squeezed it then began to stroke myself erotically through my shorts, my
breathing sped up and perspiration broke out on my face as my blood pounded
through my arteries. I began to whimper quietly thinking I mustn't let the
guys hear me, I unzipped my shorts and fumbled out my rock hard tool
starting to jerk it hard and fast.

I was arching up off the bed in excitement as I jacked off, then with a moan
I felt my balls spasm and my juice flew up the throbbing shaft and spurted
out through my swollen urethra. Spasm after spasm wracked my climaxing body
as I vented my semen into the air to fall back all over my naked torso. Hot
cum splattered like gooey rain onto my bronzed flesh, it coated my tight
pectorals, my ribs and covered my abdomen with pearly white fluid as my
whole body quivered ecstatically. My strength ran out with the finish of my
ejaculation and my body collapsed back onto the mattress, I lay there
comatose my mind reeling under the after glow of a really tumultuous climax,
probably the greatest I could remember.

My eyes refocused finally to see both Brett and Dale naked standing on each
side of the bed watching me gasping like a floundering fish on the bed my
shorts round my ankles, my legs bent and spread wide still holding my spent
but throbbing tool. I blushed profusely and tried to cover up my genitals as
they bent down and climbed onto the bed with me, young Dale crawled to my
side and began to lick my thick cream off my chest. I winced and whined, "
Please don't Dale your tongue is driving me insane, stop, stop, oh fuck!
Please stop. I can't take the feeling."

He looked up at me but kept licking, his wet pink cum coated appendage
laving my sweaty cummy skin, Brett joined in kneeling on the other side
slurping around on my rigid abs, his tongue teasing my button navel and
licking the sticky mess from my happy trail. I began to writhe about on the
bed trying to evade their tongues as I pushed them away, my endeavors
useless they were cum hungry vampires my struggles seemed to excite them
even more as they sucked and licked me frantically. My body a mass of
exquisitely sensuous nerve endings, which were responding avidly to their
ministrations. I was lost in a complete fog of sensuous mind blowing
feelings as their wet warm tongues and nimble fingers covered my intensely
aroused body; I was bucking about as they played my body like a musical

My penis unbelievably still hard as steel bounced against my belly as they
worked around it constantly but not actually touching the trembling muscle,
I was nearly screaming for release again, my swollen balls filled once more
with a second load of my essence. They had me completely out of control but
securely under their influence as they tortured me incessantly. Dale moved
between my spread legs and slid his hands under the back of my thighs
lifting my legs up and back towards my head, I felt my ass cheeks opening as
they stretched. I whimpered again saying, " No please no, I can't do that
Dale I'm not gay. Brett tell him I can't do that with him."

Brett just bent to my face and pressed his warm wet lips to mine trying to
penetrate my lips with his cummy tongue, I shook my head pressing my lips
together as he demanded entry. Dale had me opened up fully and Brett grasped
my ankles pinning me down as the lad buried his cute face into my taught
upturned cleft, my body convulsed as I felt his lips and mouth touch my
virgin anal muscle. I fought against the imprisoning hands but I was unable
to free my ankles as Brett held me tightly, Dale was working hard on my
sphincter and I clenched it tightly forbidding his entry. Dale growled in
frustration and stuck his middle finger in his mouth then removed it
glistening with his saliva and I watched horrified but fascinated as he
brought it down to my little pucker.

I clenched tighter as I felt him touch the center of my gateway, the finger
tip poking hard into the tight muscle, suddenly he pushed harder and I felt
him overcome my power as he penetrated my anus. I groaned as the burning
pain surged through my body, the finger entered and he sank it fully up my
chute working it about searching for my prostate, which he soon located and
rubbed briskly. I moaned aloud and felt my whole body spasm my ass lips
relaxed as I gave in to the utter pleasure sensation of his fucking finger.
Brett bent over my head and pushed down to my belly where he tongued my now
flaccid cock, I began to erect immediately from the double stimulation.
Brett's boner was pressed to my face as he sucked on my cock, the incredible
sensations were arousing emotions I'd never felt before and I tentatively
licked the swollen cum tube of the cock pressed to my face.

Dale meanwhile had insinuated two fingers into my relaxing anal opening as
he spread the weakened muscle constantly by scissoring his digits, I was
moaning constantly as Dale worked on my back passage and Brett sucked my
cock. I opened my mouth and using my tongue steered Brett's pole into my
mouth muffling my moaning with his hot thick flesh. I couldn't believe I was
in a 69 with a gay guy while a second young guy was playing about in my ass,
my brain was in a state of flux it was totally confused by all that was
occurring as we lay locked together on the bed.

Dale moved about but I couldn't see him, I could only feel the movement
through the mattress, I felt him get closer to my ass, his warmth emanating
against me as I felt his thighs touch my spread ass cheeks. He pulled his
fingers from my twitching hole and then he dribbled something wet and warm
onto my hole, then I felt a hot knob against my ring I moaned out, " NO, NO,

Dale grunted and began pushing his knob back and forth over my trembling
entrance spreading the lubricant and gently poking the very tip of his tool
into my hole, I began to hyperventilate as my body spasmed, my balls were
bursting to unload into Brett's sucking mouth as Dale entered me smoothly,
burningly, stretching my rubbery ring open and slowly invading my virgin
chute. I shuddered and cried out as his penis spread my soft chute,
stretching me, the incredible sensation of something going the reverse way
to my normal excretions was mind bogglingly sensuous. His smooth helmet
contacted my prostate sending a surge of ecstasy through my body as it
rubbed across my swollen excited gland, I groaned loudly around Brett's tool
and Brett felt my cock swell in his mouth.

Dale began to root my back passage seriously driving in and out as Brett
sucked frantically on my cock, I forgot to suck Brett and let him loose from
my lips as I began to climb the mountain towards ejaculation. The screaming
surges of pleasure from my assaulted prostate took control of my being, as
Dale thundered back and forth like a teenaged pile driver, I felt my raging
nuts begin to tighten and contract as the cum load boiled up inside like
larva. Dale rammed hard into me his bony hips pressed tightly into my ass
cheeks as his young penis swelled larger deep in my guts, then with a squeal
and a shudder he began to unload his delightful deluge into my no longer
virginal channel. He triggered my climax and my volcanic eruption flooded
into Brett's mouth, I blew my pent up spoof in waves as my body pulsed again
and again.

Gees if I'd known gay sex was as hot as this I might have been turned long
ago, it was mind blowing and completely draining, totally unlike normal
hetero sex, I never knew a guy's ass was so incredibly sexy as I'd just
experienced. It must be absolutely jam-packed with nerves all waiting to be
stimulated by a fat male implement or other objects. I lay there in a
totally inert state and watched as Brett fed Dale his cock up the lad's
tight ass, I watched Dale's face as he took the tool in deep and the
expression of utter bliss that he assumed as Brett began to fuck him, his
eyes turned dreamy and a sweet little smile possessed his pink lips as he
arched pushing back holding his pert white ass cheeks wide to enable Brett
to enter fully. He was a picture of utter pleasure as his ass was reamed
then flooded with Brett's ejaculate, I could hear the wet squelching sound
as Brett fucked on while his cock erupted again and again trying to quench
the furnace like heat in Dale's tight rectum.

The two exhausted protagonists rolled onto their sides still coupled
together by Brett's tumescence, I could smell the raunchy odor of sex it
reeked assailing my nostrils and reawakening the sensations caused by Dale's
sex plunging in and out of my ass. I looked at Dale's flushed sweating face,
his eyes still glazed with lust as he lay there feeling Brett's prick
pulsing inside his slim body. I felt an uncontrollable urge to kiss the boy,
I couldn't believe the emotions I was experiencing under these unusual
circumstances, my mind was totally confused, reeling in a maze of strange,
totally unknown and normally abhorrent desires.

I had little or no control as I pressed my mouth to Dale's parted lips as he
panted for breath; he responded by pushing his fevered tongue into my
orifice, I responded automatically fencing with my own tongue as they danced
together. I tasted his saliva and explored every nook and cranny in his
slick mouth, as we both moaned softly. Brett reached around dale's shoulder
and began to stroke my hair and neck sensuously eliciting more moaning from
my confused but excited body. My cock responded to the stimulation and I
felt it growing, trapped and bent down against Dale's thigh it soon became
painfully inflated trying to raise upwards. I moved slightly and felt it
move and slide slowly rubbing firmly against the glabrous skin of the lad,
the feeling of his warm sweaty flesh on my rising tender helmet sent shivers
racing through me and our kiss became more impassioned, frantic in lust.

Dale looked into my eyes his lusting obvious as he said, " Oh Jim, I want
you in my ass, I want to feel your pole making wild love to my body, please
fuck me now with your awesome cock."

My last vestiges of normalcy fled as this sexy young man pleaded with me to
fuck him, I had the uncontrollable desire to embed my living muscle inside
his small ass, I wanted to feel his hot flesh encompass my tool and swallow
me deep into his love hole. Brett pulled out with a slurping sound as he
said, " Go for it Jim he is unbelievably hot and tight you will go nuts
fucking him, taste the utmost in sexual penetration, the ass of a young
male. You will never forget the feeling I guarantee it."

I shivered as my mind grasped the enormity of my next move to actually fuck
a male, something I had been brought up to believe was totally wrong,
disgusting and depraved. I had no control my sexual desires overruled my
common sense, I whispered croakily to Dale, " Roll over you little sex god
and I'll push my hard cock into your sweet hole."

Dale moaned happily and rolled over onto his side and pressed his warm ass
cheeks against my throbbing cock, he rubbed against my seductively saying, "
MMM that feels awesome Jim, your cock is much bigger than Brett's, his felt
great but I think yours will be feel awesomely sick in my butt."

I felt a surge of pride at his words, to hear him say my penis was bigger
than Brett's, a stupid reaction but completely uncontrollable, dale
maneuvered his bubble butt around as he grasped my pulsing prick till he had
my knob pressed against his sloppy cum filled hole. I could feel the slimy
deposit from Brett grease up my cock then effortlessly Dale pushed back onto
me and I felt his rubbery entrance opening and sucking my cock inside his
velvet slimy chute. I groaned at the incredible sensation as my 8inch cock
slid fully into the living sheath, Dale moaned as he wriggled to press his
cheeks firmly against my groin. I lay there enjoying the sensation as his
internal muscles rippled on my cock stimulating my dick without me moving, I
shuddered and the age old desire took control and I began to move in and out
sliding sensuously back and forth on his cum lubed rectum.

The utter bliss of our coupling sent my inhibitions flying as I reveled in
his body, I fucked the lad stupid ramming in and out as he squealed in
pleasure, his body thrusting back as I pushed in increasing the speed and
force as I slammed into his buffering buns. Our bodies frenziedly tensed,
every muscle screaming for complete fulfillment as we strained together,
groaning, sweating, thrusting, until I felt my climax rocketing into being,
my balls roiling my prick swelling stretching Dale and making him moan
louder until with one last incredible thrust I erupted deep inside his cum
filled guts. Dale's body bowed towards Brett as I thrust into him like a
battering ran and untouched his young boner spewed a load out onto Brett.
His body so excited he'd ejaculated purely by the stimulation of his
prostate, he was whimpering and gasping as I groaned from his sphincter's
strangling my spurting tool.

We collapsed covered in perspiration, a quivering mass of exhausted flesh,
gasping, shaking and delirious, our minds awhirl until sanity returned and I
realized what I had done. Shame clouded my mind as I pulled my cock from the
boy's behind, I rolled away from him and lay there feeling disgusted with
myself. Dale turned and looked at me wondering at my sudden withdrawal, a
puzzled hurt expression on his handsome face. He reached out his hand and I
brushed him away, he reacted as if I'd kicked him he flinched and his eyes
began to tear up as his bottom lip trembled. He said, " Have I done
something wrong Jim? Didn't you enjoy fucking me?"

I lay there full of remorse and self loathing as I castigated myself
mentally, how could I have indulged myself having sex with these two guys, I
wasn't gay I loved Cindy, my God what was I doing in this bed sharing my
body with two gay guys? The other side of me was thrilled at the great
sensations I had experienced how tight Dale's hot ass was, how I felt when a
cock was insinuated into my back passage and the incredible sensation of a
guy's tool rubbing back and forth over my love button. I was in a complete
mess as my sexuality raged back and forth. Dale had turned away from me and
was sobbing in Brett's arms from my unpleasant reaction to him after he
fucked me.

I lay there torturing myself but after a time my tightly closed eyes opened
and I saw the vision of young Dale's superb marble white ass cheeks glowing
beside me as he cuddled with Brett. My eyes drank in the sexy sight of his
firm muscled cheeks and the sight of my cum staining his perineum and
scrotum, he had one leg raised lying on Brett's hip opening his deep cleft
so that his little pink lips smiled out at me. I lost it again and my hand
reached out slowly as I tried to control myself but desire overpowered my
resistance and I felt the warm orb in my hand as I caressed him.

Dale rolled quickly off Brett and gasped as he realized I was fondling him
once more, I smiled uncertainly as he smiled happily, his smile lighting the
room, I said, " I'm sorry Dale I didn't mean to offend or hurt you but I'm
struggling with my sexuality right now. I have never had sex like this with
guys before, I have a girl friend back in New York and now I don't know just
where or what I am."

He stroked the side of my face so gently it was almost like a feather; he
looked into my eyes and said, " I'm sorry if I have caused you problems, I
didn't mean to make you doubt yourself I didn't know that you were

We lay there all three of us hugging, kissing, caressing and rubbing one
another, my body now excited and responding eagerly to the all the
stimulation. We played together for some time until eventually we tired and
fell into deep sleep.

Morning dawned finding three naked aroused guys still asleep on the bed
together, I awoke first and lay there feeling the warm bodies on each side,
my brain still half asleep I wondered where I was and who the third person
was sharing the bed. I thought Cindy was there but couldn't understand the
other body pressed against my back, then I felt the body move and felt the
hot pole wriggle in between my cheeks. My eyes flew open and I stared into
Dale's sleeping face everything crashed back into my mind, I was in bed with
Brett and Dale, we had all had sex together yesterday, Oh Gees what was I
going to do now? In my semi stupor I began to remember the thrill of having
sex with two males, my penis responding not only from my need to empty my
bladder but also the stirring in my loins as I regarded Dale's smooth young

I now realized my sexual preference had altered dramatically I now felt
pressing desires to feel my prong rubbing into the lad's tight ring and the
feel of Brett's cock moving and flexing against my crack made my anal muscle
twitch to feel him pushing into it. I was even having difficulty focusing on
Cindy, her face seemed to have faded somewhat, and I was having trouble
picturing her in my confused mind. I wriggled down the bed trying not to
wake my bedmates and found Dale's erect penis throbbing on his flat belly,
my lips touched the swollen crown I tasted sweat, piss, cum and an
indefinable tartness then realized it was my ass taste from his fucking me
last night. I slowly licked my way down his pulsing shaft till my lips were
crushing his fine soft pubic hair, Dale moved in his sleep sighing softly
and pushed into my mouth gently.

I sucked firmly and began to bob up and down on his now fully turgid cock,
Dale began to press into my mouth as he humped in his sleep, his voice
mumbling incoherently as he slept on dreaming goodness knows what. I felt
him swelling as his humping grew more urgent then he blew his sweet load
into my throat in spasm after spasm, his hands gripped my head from outside
the sheet. He was gasping loudly as he climaxed the sounds caused Brett to
stir in the bed then I heard his sleepy voice say, " What are you doing

Dale was unable to reply as he was climaxing, groaning and fucking my mouth;
Brett opened his eyes and saw my form under the sheet as he realized I was
giving the lad a head job. He laughed and poked me in the back of my neck
with his cock saying, " When you finish Dale off Jim you can give me one

I gurgled on Dale's foaming tool, and felt the boy slowing as his nuts
emptied out their night's production, Brett was watching the angelic lad's
face as he grimaced through the eruption. He bent across to kiss him and
Dale responded avidly. I sucked the lad till he was empty and his penis was
semi flaccid then I turned over to see Brett's rampant roger waving in the
breeze. The scent of male musk was intensified under the sheet my olfactory
nerves reveling in the aromas, I slowly ingested the pulsing muscle causing
Brett to groan loudly into Dale's mouth as they french kissed.

Brett was thrusting hard into my stretched mouth causing me to gag nearly
every time as his knob contacted the back of my throat, I was struggling to
take his cock, it was longer and thicker than young Dale's, but I endeavored
to swallow it a little more each thrust. I suddenly felt it enter my gullet
and I didn't gag so he pushed it as deep as he could and I kept swallowing,
my throat muscles teasing him while my tongue stroked his cum tube. Brett
was groaning loudly and gasping deep hissing breaths as he thrust back and
forth. Brett was close, his action speeding up, short thrusts very fast as
my tongue danced on his sensitive knob, he was whining uttering a high
pitched keening sound as he climbed the hill and his prick grew fatter in my
mouth until I felt the cock pulse his cum tube filled with his first
emission as it roared up the shaft to explode out drenching my orifice with
his salty bitter cream. I swallowed as fast as he fired and managed to take
the load without any escaping around his pulsing pole. I sucked him dry and
when he had wilted again I pulled off his cock and wriggled back up from
under the sheet.

I smiled in satisfaction at the success of my adventure under the covers and
looked down at my towering erection as it raised the sheet up, Dale lay
there ogling my erection and looked at me saying, " Can I take care of that
for you Jim? I feel that I owe you one after you blew me so well."

I nodded vehemently and he threw back the sheet exposing my boner to view as
it trembled vertically in the air, he got to his knees and moved down the
bed to straddle me hiding my erection from my view as he reached behind him
and began stroking me. Dale rose up and I could see my cock pulsing between
his spread thighs pointing at the apex where his ass was, then he slowly
lowered his taught body down until I felt his twitching hole mouthing at the
very tip of my knob. I gasped in pleasure as he opened and began the long
slow slide down my pole, the feeling of his furnace hot hole swallowing my
dick was excruciatingly erotic, I was panting heavily as sweat beaded on my
quivering body. Dale fully enveloped me and sat there his stretched cheeks
on my thighs as he wriggled about sending thrilling high voltage charges
through my senses.

I was in heaven, my cock buried deep inside the silken chute as the lad
worked his body about on my shaft; I could sense every minute movement
inside his bowels as his tiny muscles worked on my invading tool. I felt my
balls tightening rapidly in excitement, then Dale began to lift up sliding
silkily up my pulsing penis, he was drawing my cum up as he rose then he
dropped back squeezing me tightly with his anal muscle pushing my juice
down, up, down, up, down until with a scream I exploded into him. He groaned
as I bathed his tunnel with my man larva, he milked my cock with his body
dragging every drop from my boiling balls.

He finished milking me and lay on my torso his wet warm lips searching my
face tasting my salty sweat then finding my lips to kiss fervently. We lay
there joined as Brett began lapping at Dales filled hole licking the small
dribbles of our combined juices escaping around my cock. We finally
separated when the phone rang, I climbed out of bed after disentangling from
Dale picked up the receiver, and it was Brett's father asking if we were
ready to leave for the Rig inspection. I said give us half an hour and we'll
be waiting outside for the limo, he said, " Fine get that young lay about
son of mine out of bed and tell him to hurry himself or he's fired."

I looked at Brett and he just stuck his thumb up and winked at me while he
played with Dale's ass hole, sucking out as much juice as he could reach. I
hung up and told Brett to get moving he just laughed and said, " I'm still
having my high protein breakfast, hang on don't be impatient Jim don't take
any notice of my dad he is all talk."

I shrugged and said, " Well I'm heading for the shower I smell like a

I left the room and entered the en suite, did the necessary on the toilet to
empty out the deposits from last night then jumped under the shower after
adjusting the temperature I soaped up quickly paying close attention to my
groin and ass as I cleaned myself up. I left the shower to dry off as Brett
wandered in to use the toilet, the disgusting sound and stench drove me out
back to the bedroom after closing the door to trap the odor in there. Dale
lay on the bed still nude looking charmingly erotic with his smooth body
stretched out like a cat, but duty called I had to get dressed, I donned a
pair of denim 505's and a denim shirt, a pair of socks and some heavy safety
boots ready for the decks of the rigs we had to check out.

Brett sauntered out of the bathroom and wandered off to his bedroom to
dress, I sat chatting to Dale asking if he would be ok here on his own while
we went out to the rigs, he nodded and I said I'd stake him with enough
money to buy food while we were offshore. I suggested he go out today and
avoid the cleaners but that he could return in the evening and sleep there,
but as no one was supposed to be there the cleaners wouldn't worry him after
today so he would be safe as long as he didn't make too much noise. Dale
thanked me and pocketed the money I gave him, he was very appreciative as
he'd not known such kindness since his father died a tear ran down his cheek
as he looked up at me then he hugged me around the waist.

Brett and I left the apartment, after giving Dale a key, and we jumped into
the lift to ride down to the lobby, exiting the elevator we walked out
through the sliding doors to find the limo waiting at the curb. The driver
opened the door for us and then jumped in and headed off to the helipad, we
reached the port and climbed out hurried across to the waiting chopper
ducking down to avoid an unwanted haircut and climbed aboard the Bell
Ranger. With a mighty clattering roar we were airborne and climbing as we
swept across the murky waters, the flight out was ok as we could watch the
shrimp boats as they trawled about below. The first rig hove into sight and
we were soon descending onto the landing pad on the upper level, the chopper
landed with a gentle thump and we opened the door and bailed out to be
greeted by the rig manager.

The helicopter revved up and the down draught whistled about us as he lifted
off into the strangely coppery blue sky, I commented on the color of the sky
and the manager frowning said, " There is a storm warning out, we could
possibly be in for some dirty weather possibly even a hurricane if the low
pressure develops to that degree."

I said, " Oh gees I've never been in a hurricane before are these rigs ok in
those conditions?"

He said, " We usually evacuate when a really bad one comes through but if
its not too severe we maintain operations."

Chapter Two.

We stood there watching the chopper dwindle into the hazy distance, it
looked like a large dragonfly as it hurried towards the invisible land its
racketing sound dying with distance. I asked the rig manager what the
weather report had said and he replied that at the least we were in for some
very nasty weather in the not too distant future. The storm had hit Haiti
and done serious damage there and had belted Cuba as well, it was now poised
gathering strength over the warm ocean.

I hoped in a way that it would hit us so I could experience the strength of
a hurricane as long as the rig was safe, I was assured that these rigs were
designed to withstand the force of any normal hurricane. This made me feel
better as we would be ok if it hit us, I might get to see and feel the might
of a full tropical storm. We left the helipad and climbed down onto the deck
walking towards the large accommodation section of the rig, entering through
a hatchway not unlike those in a warship, a watertight steel door with large
locking levers that would snug it tight to the wall of the tower. Inside was
the hum of machinery as the generators whined powering the complex systems
of the rig.

The drill was working flat out on the deck as they delved ever deeper in
search of the elusive black gold; the riggers were all waiting to attach the
next section to the drill as it burrowed into the sea bottom. The rig stood
50 feet above the heaving waters as they curled and swirled about the
massive water filled support legs, the noise was enough to make conversation
difficult until we entered and climbed up into the box like section
containing the accommodation, office and control rooms. The manager showed
us a two berth cabin where we were to sleep and Brett and I dropped our
cases onto the two tier bunks as we argued jokingly about who would get
which bunk. We ended up tossing a coin and I lost so took the top bunk and
Brett got the lower one grinning gleefully at my loss.

We stowed our gear away in the drawers and Brett took me on a tour of the
tower, it was amazing at the gear packed into the area, the numerous rooms
containing machinery all working away supervised by an engineer or somebody
similar. We ended up in the control room on the top level, which overlooked
the whole rig and we watched the men maneuvering the new drill section onto
the drill. They worked like a well-oiled machine and soon the drill was
driving the new section down into the drill shaft. Everything seemed to work
like clockwork on the rig and I couldn't see any problems or discontent
amongst the workers on this rig. The men in the control room were busy at
their tasks and ignored our presence as we moved about watching them work.

Brett told me that they worked 3 weeks on board then had a week's leave, he
had heard that on some rigs there was a lot of discontent as the crews
wanted at least 2 weeks off after a shift. I thought that a bit excessive
and wondered if maybe we could change things to 4 weeks on and then 2 weeks
off, this would be more acceptable to management and maybe the men would go
for it. I would have a meeting with most of them this evening in the mess at
dinnertime and put this before them for discussion. Brett also told me that
sex on some rigs was causing a problem with some of the younger riggers
getting antsy about no women on board, they had begun to get horny and being
young virile guys in their prime they started to look at other guys' butts
in a worrying fashion, especially the older guys who had been working for
years on the rigs, they were used to the long periods without women and were
satisfied to jack off privately. Not so the younger studs they were boning
up all the time and were quite exhibitionists in relieving their inner
pressures. The older guys worked hard and relieved a lot of their tensions
on the deck but the younger ones couldn't work hard enough to say the same
their sex drive was much more insistent.

I wondered how we could relieve this problem, as we couldn't supply whores
on board to alleviate the urges, would working 4 weeks aggravate the sexual
troubles even more? I was in a quandary Brett just shrugged and said
laughing, " You are the expert I haven't a clue about how you can fix this
one. I suppose I could volunteer to be a sex slave on one rig that might fix
it there but what about all the others?"

I looked at him grinning like a Cheshire cat and nodded saying, " Ok Brett,
I'll suggest that to your old man and we'll see what he thinks about his son
being a sex whore for the riggers."

His smile vanished and he gawped at me then said, " Oh come on Jim you
wouldn't tell him, you know I was only joking. I couldn't take all these
horny studs' big cocks in my poor tight little hole, they would ream me out
till I was a very sloppy fuck."

I looked at him without a wink and said, " No you have really solved the
problem at least on one rig now I've got to find enough guys for the

Brett said, " Aw come on Jim, don't mess about I was joking is all, I'm not
a male whore you know that."

I looked at him dead pan again and replied, " You could have fooled me dude
the way you behaved at the condo with young Dale and me."

While we talked I'd been watching the sea and the swells seemed to be
increasing in size as the time passed, I said, " Brett I think the seas are
getting bigger what do you thing dude?"

Brett looked out and said, " Yeah for sure they are definitely further up
the pylons now, I think by at least 3 or 4 feet. That storm must be driving
the seas from way out there. Look at the windsock on the helipad, see it is
standing out stiff like Dale's dick and it's swinging about on the breeze

I nodded and said, " I think that storm has begun moving again and it might
be heading right for our neck of the woods."

Brett nodded and I saw his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed nervously, he
walked across to the barometer on the wall and looked at it, then he
adjusted the needle and tapped the glass, the live needle dropped
considerably from the set needle. He looked around at me a worried look on
his face and said, " I don't like the look of this Jim I think the forecast
might be wrong I think this storm has picked up a heap of power from the
tropical waters and is brewing up into a really bad hurricane and heading
right for us here in the Gulf."

He hurried to the phone and punched some buttons then he said, " Hi it's
Brett here is that you Dave?"

He then asked, " Have you got an update on that storm yet? I think it has
built into a really bad one."

" Oh you haven't anything new, well will you let us know when you have an
update? We are up in the control room."

" Thanks Dave. " and he hung up the phone.

We stood together watching the building seas, there was a supply boat
unloading at the rig and we watched it rising and falling on the swells as
the crane unloaded it. The boat was beginning to crunch heavily onto the
buffers, as it was pushed by the seas, we saw the skipper waving his arms
and the crew began to cast off the mooring ropes. The boat was getting away
from the rig before it received damage from the increasing pounding waves;
the boat motored away and turned to head back towards the shelter of her
port ashore. The seas were lifting her up then she vanished into the
deepening troughs as she struggled away from our sight, I hoped she and her
crew reached shore in one piece.

Brett opened a window in the control room and we could hear the wind had
picked up and was beginning to moan through the rigs upper works, the sky
had gone from a coppery blue to a greenish gray hue and racing clouds
appeared scudded across the evil looking sky. The seas now roiling as white
caps appeared on the breaking face of the waves, the ocean took on the same
sickly color as the sky. I was beginning to get nervous as the weather
changed so quickly and dramatically, Brett too was looking worried as he
drummed his fingers on the windowsill. The phone shrilled and he grabbed it
saying, " Hi Brett here."

He listened as his face turned pale, his knuckles whitened as he gripped the
phone, he looked at me with fear in his eyes and then hung up the phone. The
control room crew were all watching him as he swallowed twice then said, "
I'm sorry to say this but we are in the path of a powerful hurricane, a
category 5 with winds are gusting to 140 knots and it is heading straight
for us. We are stuck here the helicopters are being grounded due to the
danger. This storm has completely fooled the Hurricane watch bureau, they
have never seen a storm behave like this one."

I stood there rooted to the spot as Brett's face showed the gravity of the
situation, my mind was reeling at the news and I tried to picture what might
be in store for us out here on the exposed rig. I was both excited and
fearful at the thought of seeing Mother Nature expose her more aggressive
side, I had seen the film "The Perfect Storm" and wondered if we would see
those conditions out here on the Gulf. I hoped the seas wouldn't rise to the
size of those in the film, as they would completely engulf the rig.

The daylight began to fade as the cloud base increased, it was mid afternoon
and it was as if it was sundown. The lights on the rig came on and the
riggers below on the decks were told to knock off as the conditions
deteriorated rapidly, the drill was stopped and the crew filed back into the
tower as rain started to fall from the fat bilious gray clouds above us. The
light diminished further as the rain became heavier and soon we were only
just able to make out the lights on the rig outside through the slanting
wind driven deluge. The rig began to shudder as the wind increased in
velocity, the huge slavering seas building on the gale began to break and
spray thrashed up through the steel mesh of the drilling platform's floor. I
began to shiver even though it was warm inside the tower; Brett was standing
next to me his arm companionably across my trembling shoulders.

The manager appeared after checking all was secured below and ensuring all
the men were inside and safe, he came across and said, " I'm sorry guys
you've picked a bad time to come on board, but don't worry the rig is built
strongly and will survive this storm I'm sure."

I prayed that he was right as the wind howled growing stronger and the seas
lashed the decks of the rig, the whole structure was moving, swaying to the
impact of the growing wind and waves. The rain was bucketing down obscuring
our vision as the darkness descended over the area, only the faint lights of
the rig broke the incredible blackness. I began to feel real fear and Brett
was trying to lend me support, he after all had experienced quite a few
hurricanes since he had grown up down here. The blackness was suddenly torn
apart by the blinding flash of lightning, again and again the electrical
power of the storm lit up the sky like massive strobe lights.

The men in the control room told us that the evening meal was served and if
we were hungry we'd better go down to the mess hall and eat, I wasn't really
feeling hungry due to the worry about the weather. Brett said, " Come on Jim
it might take your mind off the storm, at least you can have a hot coffee."

We went down to the mess hall and joined the crew there, everyone was eating
hungrily and little conversation was being made, just the sound of cutlery
on crockery filled the room joining the cacophony of the howling wind
outside as it buffeted the rig. Brett picked up a tray and loaded it with
food and a couple of mugs of coffee bringing it to the table he had sat me
down at. I picked at the plate of food but enjoyed the coffee which really
hit the spot, Brett was chatting about the rig and the crew members,
pointing out the ones he considered hot numbers and I must say he had
impeccable taste in men, his choices were all really good looking, heavily
muscled young studs.

Chapter Three.

I noticed a few of the studs he pointed out were casting glances at our
table and I thought, gees I bet Brett has had it off with these guys at some
time or other. One young guy about 19 even winked at him from three tables
away, I saw him rubbing his crotch as he watched Brett then his eyes
traveled to me and he openly eyed me off and virtually stripped me with his
eyes. I forgot about the storm momentarily as I studied this perfect
specimen of manhood. He was tallish, tanned as you'd expect as he worked
outdoors all the time, centrally parted straw blonde hair, tousled and
boyish hanging down over his forehead and ears, startling blue/green eyes
with the longest almost white lashes. He had a square masculine jaw, wide
luscious lips and very white teeth, which contrasted beautifully with his
bronzed skin; a shortish slightly upturned nose completed the picture. He
sat there slouched back in his chair with his long muscular legs spread out
exposing his obviously well endowed groin as he surveyed Brett and I at his

Brett noticed his cheeky appraisal and nodded to him saying sotto voice to
me, " That is Leon, he is a real sex machine, he can fuck all night and cum
many, many times in the session. I think he might have the hots for you

I looked back at Leon and he winked provocatively at me them licked his full
lips erotically I looked quickly away as I felt that tingle deep in my
groin. I turned to Brett and said, " Oh gees he is so open about his
sexuality look at him Brett, he's damned outrageous."

Brett sniggered and squeezed my knee as he replied, " Yeah and everyone on
board knows how open and sexy he is too, and I think he's had just about
every attractive guy on the rig since he arrived 3 months ago. They all love
him and think he's an incredible stud, he certainly knows how to stir the
furnace with that big fat poker of his."

I glanced across at Leon again to see him openly fondling his bulge as he
grinned at me, he slowly stood up and walked slowly swaying his slim hips as
he walked towards our table, Brett elbowed me and said, " Oh boy here comes
the stud he's heading our way, get ready to be swept off your feet by him he
is unstoppable, if he wants you he'll get you sooner or later."

I said, " No way Brett, you know I'm not like that I only got involved with
you and Dale because you two got me so hot and horny, but I'm not gay I love
Cindy my girl friend back home."

Brett laughed and replied, " Well maybe but you're a long way from New York
right now and this heat will make you horny all the time at least it does me

Leon reached our table and I turned my head to see his erecting penis right
in front of my face as it bulged larger and fatter in his denims, he stood
there with his thumbs hooked in the belt loops with his fingers framing the
incredible mound of his immense genitals. I couldn't take my eyes away from
the taught stretched denim, I could see the thick pole twitching through the
stretched material as his heart beat pumped blood into the spongy muscle to
maintain his boner. I finally broke from the trance and lifted my gaze up
his muscled, perfectly proportioned torso to finally reach his stunning
eyes, which burnt with desire in his fresh young face. His lips were curved
up in a sensuous grin as he blinked, his white/blonde long lashes veiled his
eyes, and it was as if a cloud had covered the sun then the aqua orbs
reappeared gleaming once more. I was mesmerized as I sat there like a statue
then he lifted my hand from the table and clasped it as he shook hands
saying, " Hi there my name is Leon, I'm so glad to meet you, we don't often
get to see new faces out here, especially ones as handsome as you."

He turned to Brett and said, " Well Brett babe are you going to introduce
your silent friend to me or not, he seems to have swallowed his tongue for
some reason?"

Brett laughed and looked at my stunned expression then said, " Leon I'd like
to introduce Jim from Head Office in New York, he's here to look into the
men's problems regarding their leave and activities on the rig."

Leon still holding my hand in his strong grip smiled at me and said, " I'd
love to introduce you to some activities that I enjoy and I'm sure you will
find really entertaining. "

He grinned boyishly and squeezed my hand in his as I began to get a grip on
myself once more, I blushed crimson as he fondled my hand in his then he ran
his other hand across my shoulders caressingly feeling my muscles as he did
it. I shivered at his soft touch, his strong fingers softly moving over my
flesh sending tremors through my sweating body. I had completely forgotten
about the storm raging outside but a sudden shudder transmitted through the
structure drew my mind back to the norm.

The whole rig shuddered and a loud crash echoed through the tower, we turned
to look through the large windows and saw the drill had broken adrift inside
the tall gantry and was smashing back and forth in the wind and rising
breakers. The manager gasped and turned to the men asking for volunteers to
attempt to secure the gyrating drill, Leon and four other younger guys said
they would handle the problem. We stood there watching through the rain
lashed windows as they emerged donning their bright orange wet weather gear.
They moved through the slashing rain and spray from the breaking seas almost
bent double against the gale, I noticed that they had safety lines attached
to their heavy belts in case they were knocked down or hit by the huge
breakers now beginning to flood onto the drilling deck through the open mesh
of the steel decking.

The men gathered about the gantry and we could make out either ropes or wire
hawsers in the gloom, the deck floodlights almost useless in the conditions,
the workers were passing the lines around the thrashing broken drill. After
some time we saw the crazy gyrations slowing as the fastenings tightened and
restricted the movement soon it was held tightly and the men tied everything
off securely. They then turned to fight their way back to the accommodation
tower, slipping and falling in the water as the seas rose still higher under
the howling gale, they helped one another until they reached the security of
the entrance hatch.

We waited for about ten minutes then the brave lads walked in as we all
applauded their courage in very bad conditions. The whole structure was now
beginning to sway as the seas crashed against the rig's pylons; I began to
worry that maybe the whole massive construction was now in danger as the
hurricane approached our position. Leon came across his shirt and jeans
saturated even though he'd been wearing his wet weather gear; his clothing
clung to his muscular body like a second skin. I could make out his nipples
through his shirt and see the indentation of his navel between his prominent
abdominal muscles, an erotic sight if ever there was one.

He smiled at me as I devoured his taught muscular body and he knew I was
becoming aroused by the look on my face, I felt my penis stirring as I
studied his amazingly sensuous body. Leon sat down next to me as Brett asked
him to join us, I felt his damp knee press against my own as he sat down, my
cock bounced in my briefs at the contact, I couldn't believe I was becoming
aroused by another guy. I began to have serious doubts about my sexuality as
Leon began rubbing his knee against my thigh; my penis was rapidly hardening
till it began to hurt in my cramped position. I reached into my trousers and
eased my tumescent tool so it was now resting between my hip and the top of
my thigh.

Leon reached under the table and lightly fingered my cock; I shook like a
leaf as he did this, my cock pulsing to his touch. He smiled at me and
whispered, " Shit you are so hard, I hope that it is caused by your finding
me horny and wanting to have sex."

I was speechless, as my smaller head began to overrule my brain, my desires
smoldering began to flame as this hunk began to knead my genitals so
incredibly erotically, my cock was as hard as steel while my balls swelled
larger, filling with my seed. Brett was watching me closely smiling as I
lost my sensibilities, he could see the perspiration breaking out on my face
as my breathing rate increased markedly.

Leon leaned closer breathing into my ear and whispered, " Please Jim, let's
go up to your cabin now, I'm nearly creaming my jeans just sitting here
fondling you."

His warm breath in my ear turned me on and I nodded dazedly and began to
stand up, Leon let go my throbbing cock as I stood up, my trousers bulging
obscenely as my erection throbbed trying to escape it's confines. My shirt
dropped back down over my groin hiding the bulge from sight as I turned and
led the way through the mess room, Leon hot on my heels as we hurried
through the tables and chairs. I noticed a few guys watching us depart with
knowing expressions on their faces and I heard faintly someone saying that
it looked as though Leon had cracked another newby.

We walked towards the stairs to climb up to the next level when the lights
flickered a few times and I ignored them, my mind boiling with the thoughts
of Leon getting into bed with me. We reached the cabin allotted to Brett and
I and entered closing the door behind us, Leon began undoing my shirt as
soon as we entered he nearly ripped it off in his excitement to bare my
torso. He nuzzled my throat his moist soft lips teasing my flesh as he
kissed and nibbled, I was trembling uncontrolled as his hands fumbled with
my belt, the press stud then my zipper. I felt his strong hand pull my
zipper down freeing my cock inside my briefs as the heavy denim opened wide.
Leon gently pushed me back unto the bunk; I collapsed backwards as he
followed me down kissing and nibbling on my erect nipples. His hands grasped
my waist as he pulled me back onto the edge of the mattress and his body
pressed between my knees pushing my legs apart. I moaned softly as I tangled
my fingers in his soft blonde locks, holding his head to my chest as he
tormented my nipples.

My hips bucking under him driving my cock against his stomach, he pushed one
hand between our bodies and grasped my leaking log squeezing me causing my
pre cum to ooze out faster dampening my briefs and soaking into his damp
t-shirt. I was moaning my head rolling back and forth as ecstasy took
control of my senses; Leon was nipping my engorged nipples with his even
white teeth causing me to buck about beneath his muscular hard body. I could
feel my tender swollen knob rubbing over each individual muscle in his tight
six-pack, every now and then it would seem to jam into his navel momentarily
locking there until a further tremor of my writhing body would cause it to
spring free once more.

Leon sat back, leaving my body untouched momentarily, as he began to pull
his tight t-shirt off to expose his gorgeous torso, the hard mounds of his
bronzed pecs glistened in the lamplight his large soft penny sized nipples
standing proudly. My eyes drank in the incredible sight of this muscular
young stud, my brain reeling at the perfection exposed to my sight, the
broad muscled shoulders tapering down to a very small waist, which
disappeared into the waistband of his tight denims. The swelling mounds of
his incredible tight ass filled the jeans pulling the material tight on his
groin and exposing the shape of his hard penis straining across his left
hip. The long fat tube crushed against his flat lower abdomen by the tight
denim, the monster looked to be around 8 or 9 inches of powerful man meat, I
eagerly waited the unveiling of this man mystery as it bulged dramatically
in his jeans.

Leon sat on his heels watching my eyes as they fixed on his penis, he began
to cause it to throb as he tensed and relaxed it as I watched, he watched my
erection throbbing in my briefs and commented on the amount of juice I was
leaking, " You look like a leaking tap, your briefs are saturated."

He reached up and pulled my briefs down as I lifted my hips allowing him to
remove them, he pulled them from my feet and raised the sodden crotch to his
face as he inhaled the aroma of my body hot jocks. This sent a quiver racing
through me to see this gorgeous stud burying his handsome face in my
underwear and inhaling my odors, I nearly fainted when he pushed the
juice-laden cotton into his lips and began to suck the pre cum from the
stained material. He chewed and sucked on my briefs until he had removed all
the sweet juice then he dropped them to the floor and bent down to lick my
tight balls, laving the perspiration and sucking each nut into his hot

I opened my legs fully to allow him access to my straining gonads, and he
buried his face in the v of my crotch, his silken locks flowing across my
twitching dick tickling my aroused sensitive flesh. The sensation of his hot
wet orifice wrapping around my roiling nut was incredibly erotic, his active
tongue caressing my wrinkled velvet fleshy bag caused me to groan loudly.
The wind moaning about the rig drowned out my utterances of joy as the
hurricane neared our position, the rocking motion of the platform increased
unnoticed in our sexual bliss. Leon was now licking the smooth flesh between
my thighs and groin, I was bucking frantically trying to get him to suck my
pulsing cock, he continued his tonguing ignoring my straining leaking prick
as he pulled my ass cheeks open to lick into my deep crack.

I screamed sensuously as his inquisitive tongue delved deeply touching my
back entrance his wet tongue tip teasing my tightly muscled ring. He
maintained the pressure licking and probing my sphincter while I writhed
about hysterically, my brain whirling completely surrendering to the
sensations of his wet appendage on my puckered flesh. Leon succeeded in
opening me to his persistent invasion and I felt him enter my anus and his
tongue felt like a writhing snake as he tongued about in the depths of my
rectum. The wind dropped momentarily and I heard the sound of his jeans
being opened, the snap of the press stud then the zipper sliding quickly
down I knew he was about to plumb my depths with his fat young pole. His
tongue was pumping saliva into my ass as he stripped his jeans down his
muscular legs, he pulled his tongue from my clutching ring and I felt him
wriggle closer then the hot touch of his fat pre cum lubed knob nestled
against my wet palpitating hole.

I murmured to him unintelligibly as he leant into my crotch pushing
persuasively into my wet hole, my rubbery muscle began to stretch little by
little as the hot blunt oozing head slowly entered my hot steaming ass. I
groaned in pain momentarily as I was opened fully to his tool then the
elastic ring rolled over the raised edge of his spongy helmet and tightened
strangling around the shaft of his thick shaft. I looked up at his sweating
face to see the utter pleasure gleaming in his half closed eyes as he paused
awaiting my rectum to relax so he could ease more of his hot meat into my
body. I felt my tunnel quivering trying to expel the huge invader then I
felt calmer as I accepted its presence and my ring relaxed allowing Leon to
inch more of his great cock into my chute.

My body temperature rose as perspiration broke through my pores and we both
were soon covered in sheen of sweat as Leon filled my body to breaking point
with his sensuous rock hard penis. My face was on fire, the blood was pushed
to my head when Leon raised my legs up onto his broad shoulders and he began
to pump hard in and out of my slick ass, bending my body up and over in his
desire to penetrate me fully. I felt squeezed and compressed as my cock
erected hard on my abdomen, rubbing up and down from the force of his
frantic fucking. My breath was being driven from my lungs as he pounded into
me harder and faster, our sweat saturated bodies slick and shining in the
light over the bunk.

Leon threw his head back exposing his throat as he neared an explosive
climax, his pounding became more erratic and I felt my own nuts tightening
as he drove deeper ramming back and forth across my excited prostate. I
screamed out, " FUCKING HELL! I'm gunna fucking blow."
My balls hardened and cum flew from my cock covering my guts and chest as
Leon swelled in my guts and erupted flooding my bowels with a tidal wave of
thick hot sperm, spasm after spasm spray after spray coating my hot tunnel
with his strong frothing cum. He stayed rigid and arched into my guts as he
slowly came down and his ejaculation turned to a dribble as the final
quivers died in my body, he collapsed onto me squeezing my emission between
our hot sweaty torsos.

We lay pressed together gasping and quivering, our sweaty bodies glued by my
drying cum, our eyes closed as we enjoyed the bliss of an incredible sexual
union. I opened my eyes and the room was in darkness. I could faintly hear
raised voices in the area, I shook Leon and said, " The lights have gone
off, what do you think has happened?"

He opened his eyes kissed me and said, " I'm not sure but possibly the
generator has failed at least I hope that's all it is Jim."

We untangled ourselves and Leon grabbed his t- shirt drying and cleaning our
cummy torsos, then he stood up and walked to the heavy plate glass window
and looked out into the murky darkness. He turned to me and said, " The
storm has got a lot worse Jim, the seas are now higher and are covering the
drilling deck, I think maybe they have damaged the lower levels of the tower
and breached the steel walls of the plant and equipment area. I noticed the
whole tower and the rig were now swaying like a ship at sea as the huge
waves roared past the structure. I felt really scared and thought we may
well be soon caste into the howling storm as the rig broke up under the
continuous battering, I knew we would die if this happened, the human body
couldn't survive the trauma of hurricane without shelter.

The whole structure was resonating to the crashing boom, as the monster seas
broke against the outer wall of the tower, I saw a faint movement in the
darker doorway and Brett joined us in the room. He stumbled across to the
bunk and flopped down next to me and said, " Oh Jim, we are in trouble the
waves have opened the lower level of the accommodation tower, they have
flooded the generators and caused huge damage to the other equipment
including the air-conditioning system."

I peered at him in the gloom and asked, " Is the rig going to be able to
maintain its integrity under the battering it is receiving?"

Brett shrugged and said, " I don't know Jim, it will depend on how much
longer the storm lasts, and unfortunately all our communications are down as
the storm has destroyed the radio masts. We can't get any weather reports

I hugged Brett and Leon joined us on the bunk as we all tried to buffer our
emotions, Brett being the only one dressed felt out of place and we soon
fixed that problem, I thought if were going to die we might as well die
happy and having good sex. We stripped him off and all three of us kissed,
licked, hugged and fucked randomly, it was mind blowing, there were hands,
tongues, lips and fingers everywhere as we explored one another. Brett found
my ass was full of Leon's sweet cum so he proceeded to lick me out and eat
the juicy load, then he kissed me and passed some of the tasty juice to me
to taste. It was strong flavored but tasty and I rolled it about in my mouth
for a time before finally swallowing it.

The three of us had a great three way sex with everyone fucking each other
until we all climaxed then we lay there hugging together listening to the
storm screaming and buffeting the rig as it tried to drag and pummel it into
scrap metal. Hours passed and then the wind eased, the gloom began to
brighten and the three of us stood naked at the window watching the clouds
disperse. The seas dropped and we were able to see the metal mesh deck
littered with all sorts of trash left behind by the retreating waves, the
storm had finally passed our position and we were still alive, the rig
although damaged had bested the might of the hurricane and stood battered
but unbowed.

We dressed and wandered down the stairs to the lower decks till we reached
the main deck and we crept out onto the wet deck, there was damage
everywhere, even some of the mesh deck was torn up and bent upon itself. The
drill casing was gone and the snapped drill shaft hung desolately in the
air, sea weed was scattered about the deck and even some dead fish were
wedged into various places, driven there by the incredible force of the
mountainous seas. We looked up at the top of the tower to see the remains of
the radio tower bent and hanging over the edge of the tower, we knew that
would have to be fixed quickly so we could let the outside world know we had

The damage to the plant and equipment room had been caused when a weld had
given way and a steel plate had buckled allowing salt water to spray into
the area. The engineers were already in there cleaning up the mess and
hopefully the generators would soon be up and running again. A crew of men
appeared on the roof and began to sort out the tangled mess of the
transmission tower so they could isolate the radio cables from the twisted
steel, the cell phone transmitter had been swept completely away so it had
to be the radio we used for communications. I noticed that the rig was
listing to one side so the legs must have been damaged by the storm it was
going to be a massive task to get this platform operational again, but at
least nobody had been killed and the rig could be repaired.

Thinking back on the storm, I believe that the incredible sex had been
enhanced by the thoughts of impending death apart from Leon being the
hottest guy I'd ever met, and the hot three ways I also attributed to the
situation, it was mind blowing. I now was a confirmed male lover, I didn't
know what I'd tell my girl friend in New York but I would find sex with her
would be very bland the hard musculature of the male body was far more
arousing than the softer more voluptuous curves of the woman's. The feeling
of a hard male sex organ embedded inside my body or the feeling of a much
tighter male chute enfolding around my cock far surpassed the sloppy feel of
a female's fanny as I rooted her.

                             The End.

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