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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - The Straight Man

Date: Thu, 4 Nov 2010 13:21:09 +0530
From: Wohi wohanvi <>
Subject: The Straight Man

The Straight Man
Wohi Wohanvi

(This story is dedicated to my friend VDG)

This story contains scenes of men having sex with other men. Readers who
find that offensive should not read the story; neither should those who are
not 18 years of age yet. Characters in the based are not based on real
life characters and the plot is purely fictional. The characters do not
practice safe sex as the story is set in times when safe sex was not
considered essential for health. Readers of the story should know that
unsafe sex is dangerous and can be lethal and are advised to always
practice safe sex.

The author would be grateful for your feedback at


The reason for becoming a member of the health club of a fancy hotel was
not just to avail its excellent facilities but also to cruise for men
staying in the hotel. They came from all parts of the world and if things
clicked, there was no problem about finding a place!

This turned out to be a smart thing to do and worth the membership and the
monthly bills I paid; I got my share of men who were willing to have me in
their rooms for a couple of hours of fun and occasionally a repeat of the
same again next day.

I usually hung around the lobby spotting a likely candidate and then
pursuing him. If it didn't work I would go for a swim and try there.
Finally there was the sauna where quite often men interested in other men
lounged around though many of them were old men who were willing to pay for
their pleasure. Once or twice, I was approached by them.

That day I was sitting in the lobby when I spotted him. He was sitting
alone on a table as if waiting for someone. I walked past him but he
didn't look up from his newspaper. He was dressed in a close fitting black
shirt. He had rolled the sleeves and I could see hairy, well developed
forearms and shapely strong hands. One of the shirt buttons was undone
revealing a nice hairy chest. He was about 35, well built and looked
stylish and arrogant. I sat on a chair in the lobby from where I could see
him. He didn't seem to be interested in men but one never knows.

People were coming and going. My man would occasionally look up and then
return to his newspaper. Once or twice he looked at his watch. Not once
did he glance in my direction. And then one of the lifts opened and a
couple came out. He was about 48, overweight and looked like a rich
businessman who had forgotten how to relax. His wife was about 45. She
too was overweight with a huge bosom. She wore a tight blouse and a sari
that clung to her figure. She was over made up and wore dark glasses. She
looked bored and didn't say anything to her husband who was talking all the

They came and stood in the lobby. The husband was obviously going
somewhere alone, while she was probably going to meet her friends or go
shopping on her own. The husband waved her goodbye and went out in a
hurry. She stood there for a moment and then began to walk slowly back to
the lifts and stood next to them.

I saw my man stand up and walk to the reception. He was more than 6 feet
tall and had long legs. He had a narrow waist and broad shoulders and an
easy relaxed walk. He looked absolutely gorgeous. He went to the
reception and got the key to his room and walked towards the lifts. He
nodded to the woman and they both got into the lift as it arrived. Before
the door closed I saw her speak to him. So it was all arranged, I thought.

I shrugged my shoulders and sighed with resignation. I decided to forget
about the man and his afternoon date and go for a swim. As I changed into
my swimming trunk I found myself imagining the overweight woman in bed with
my man. By now they would both be naked and in bed. He would have mounted
her by now and drilling her hole, her fat thighs on his shoulders. I
started imaging myself in her place. The man would have an intense
expression in his eyes as he fucked me.

I began to get hard and then shook my hands, took a cold shower and went to
the swimming pool. There weren't too many people swimming. Some were
resting on the reclining chairs, a few white people trying to tan
themselves. I began to swim. The water was pleasantly cool and smelled
fresh. After my swim I came out and sat on the bench looking at other
swimmers but didn't see anyone interesting.

I dozed off. When I opened my eyes, I realized that it was getting late.
I decided to go home but just then spotted the man and the woman come out
towards the pool and sit down on a table nearby. He was wearing a bathrobe
and had sandals on. It was obvious what they had been doing. He looked
relaxed and satisfied. She hadn't recovered from the vigorous workout she
had been given. Her face was flushed and her mouth looked a little puffed,
the lipstick a little smudged. Her hair also looked as if they had been
brushed hastily. She kept looking at him. She had taken off her dark
glasses and her eyes were shining. I could tell she wanted him again. I
didn't blame her.

She looked at her watch and got up abruptly to leave. He got up too and
after she was gone, took off his robe and came to stand on the edge of the
pool, right in front of me. He had a great physique; broad shoulders
tapering to a narrow waist, a bubble butt and powerful but shapely thighs
covered with hair. He turned around and our eyes met briefly. He then
dived into the pool and started swimming. I decided to stay and watched
him swim gracefully. Once or twice he came out to catch his breath and my
eyes were riveted to his wet body. I wanted him badly.

Eventually he came out and again stood close to me. I looked at his torso
and then my eyes were fixed on the bulge in his swimming trunks trying to
imagine how big he was. The man caught me looking and after a sheepish
look he glanced between his legs wondering if he had exposed himself
unknowingly. He then turned, put on his robe and started walking back to
the dressing room and the showers. I got up and followed.

There was just another person in the bathroom. I could hear the shower so
a few others were in the cubicles. The man paused and then taking a towel
with him walked towards a cubicle. He glanced at me casually before going
in. After a moment I saw his wet trunks appear on the glass partition and
then the sound of the shower. I knew he was naked.

I don't know what came over me; I had never done something like that
before. I walked up to his cubicle, opened the door (no one latches the
doors) and stepped in.

He was standing under the shower facing me. He looked magnificent: Hairy
chest, the hair tapering to a line and then reaching down to a trimmed bush
of curly black hair. His cock was cut and seemed semi hard. He was
rubbing his torso when he saw me and stopped. His mouth opened but he
didn't say anything. I think he was too stunned by my behaviour to react.
Taking advantage of the moment I quickly took a step and bending, took his
cock in my mouth and sucked it quickly, letting my tongue go round the
exposed head. Before he could react, I got up and came out of the cubicle.

My heart was thumping and my face felt hot. I quickly went into the
dressing area and put on my clothes. Without waiting for the man to
return, I came out and stood in the corridor. My heart was still thumping
and my hands shook a little. I replayed that half minute many time in my

I waited for the man to come out. He certainly took his time but
eventually he came out and started to walk away without looking at me.
Abruptly he stopped and looked back at me. He walked back slowly up to me
and looked straight into my eyes. In an expressionless voice he asked in
english, "Would you like to come up to my room and finish what you
started?" He spoke English with an accent that suggest either an Afghan or
an Iranian origin.

I stopped breathing and felt blood rushing to my face. I just stared at
him not saying anything. And then regaining my senses, I smiled and
nodded. He began to walk and I followed. Collecting his key from the desk
we both walked towards the lift and stood waiting for the next lift without
saying anything. When the lift came we got in and still without saying
anything rode to the fifth floor. I followed him out and walked to his

When inside he turned to me and said in a matter of fact way, "I am
straight but won't mind a blowjob from a nice looking young man like you.
But that is all and nothing else. Okay?"

Without saying anything, I started undressing myself. He first tried to
stop me but then shrugged his shoulders and signalled me to go ahead. I
think he was curious to see me naked. Meanwhile, he took his trousers off
along with his briefs and with the black shirt unbuttoned, propped himself
on his bed, spreading his legs. He began playing with his cock.

I took off all my clothes, just to show off my smooth, supple and shapely
body that I was quite proud off. My pubes were artistically trimmed and I
had a black string tied around my waist that most people found very sexy.

The man on the bed was certainly looking impressed and stared at my body
admiringly. I climbed the bed and sat between his legs on my knees,
opening my thighs wide. He looked at my cock that was beginning to get
hard. He may not have been gay but he certainly showed interest in a man's
body. Also his cock was beginning to get hard.

I took his cock in my hand and putting my fingers around it, began to
stroke it gently. It got hard very quickly and in front of my eyes became
huge. It was so thick I could barely hold it in my hand; it was certainly
one of longest I had come across. He looked at his own with some pride and
asked me what I thought of it. In reply, I bent and took it in my mouth
and closing my eyes, began to suck it very gently, using my tongue to lick
the head. I had to open my mouth almost to the limit to accommodate the
abnormally thick cock that was now rock hard.

Taking it out from my mouth I said, "Are women able to take it?"

He smiled broadly and said, "They love it and want it again and again. I
fucked a woman this afternoon. I did it twice and she wanted it a third
time but her husband was coming back and so we didn't do it". He signalled
me to continue. Hungrily I started sucking it again. It felt so good in
my mouth and I took as much into my mouth as I could. I must have done it
right for him because he began to moan and placed his hand on the back of
my head, making me take more of his cock in.

After five minutes my jaw began to ache a little. Suddenly he asked me to
stop and took his saliva covered cock out of my mouth. I looked at him
questioningly wondering what he wanted; he didn't seem to be close to
climax. He asked me to lie on my back. I got excited thinking he was
going to fuck me. He then sat on my chest, putting his weight on his knees
and put his cock near my mouth. When I opened it, he shoved it in and
began fucking my mouth moving his pelvis back and forth. His body towered
over me, his thick, tight balls next to my chin.

He continued like that for a long time. My cock was now hard and I was
stroking it. He placed his hands on bed and continued to fuck my mouth.
He seemed to be enjoying it; he would do it very gently, making me swallow
the entire cock and then do it at a faster speed.

He was all man and had a really hard and powerful body. Lying under him I
felt I was serving him. He used my mouth just like an orifice. But the
rock hard phallus seemed to have a will of its own, fucking my mouth
relentlessly, trying to go as deep as I could take. To make him get more
pleasure, I gripped the shaft tightly with my lips.

I placed my hands on his hard and muscular ass and could feel its muscles
flexing as he moved it back and forth. I began stroking his body with my
hands, realizing how firm and strong it was. I was now wishing he would
fuck me instead but knew he would reject my request.

And then once again he took out his cock from my mouth and lay flat on the
bed. He propped himself on his elbow and looked at me with an
expressionless face. I looked back not knowing what he had in mind.

"Can I try fucking your ass? I have never done it with a man and want to
know if there is a difference. Do you mind?"

I told him I would love to take him inside me. I then got up and brought a
packet of condoms and a tube of lube that I always carried with me. He
smiled and said, "You are prepared". I rolled a condom on him as he looked
on, his hands under his head. I then took out some lube on my hand and
using two of my fingers, lubed my hole deeply and thoroughly. I wasn't
taking any chances with that monster.

I told him I would sit on his cock and that would be the least painful for
me. He told me to do what I needed to. He kept lying with his cock
pointing towards the ceiling, looking like an animal about to attack. His
thighs looked strong enough to carry some of my weight. I straddled facing
him and with my hand placed his cock on my hole. My weight was on my
knees. I began to lower myself slowly on his thick cock. He was watching
his cock with concentration. I lowered myself a little more and felt the
head stretch my hole without actually going in. I lowered myself a little
more and felt my hole stretched to its limit trying to accommodate the
thick girth of his cock. And then, it began sliding into me. I felt a
twinge of pain but didn't flinch and continued to impale myself on his

Soon I felt the wiry hair of his bush prick my ass and knew the whole cock
was inside me. It felt huge but also wonderful. My face registered the
mixture of surrender, discomfort and sexual pleasure that one has when
being fucked: head thrown back, eyes glazed, a slight frown and a half open
mouth. It is a turn on for the person who is fucking. The man recognized
it immediately and looked satisfied. His face showed the pleasure his cock
felt being inside a hot, tight pussy.

He clenched his teeth , jutted his jaw out and moaned with deep pleasure.
He also put his hands around my waist and jerked his pelvis upwards, making
his cock deeper into me. I raised myself slightly and then sat again, my
chute massaging his monstrous cock gripped tightly by my pussy. The cock
still felt huge but the pleasure factor had now doubled and my hole was now
the centre sending pulses of pleasure to the rest of my body. That I was
the first man for him made the experience more erotic.

We continued like that and he got more comfortable with his cock being
inside a man rather than a woman and began fucking me by moving his cock
inside me, jerking his body upwards. After a couple of minutes he frowned
and paused and then holding my legs by ankles, spread them wide and sat up,
his cock buried inside me. He looked at his cock fitting into my pussy and
then started fucking me again. I could see he was more familiar with that
position and felt more in control of the person under him. There was
nothing awkward about his movements; he was a natural.

He fucked me with powerful strokes, his thick and long shaft sliding in and
out of my fully stretched hole. His face showed concentration and he was
obviously enjoying himself. His strokes were slow but rammed the last inch
quickly, making me cry every time he slammed it in.

He had tremendous stamina and continued to fuck me hard with no signs of
coming close to a climax. I loved every stroke and my cock was now really
hard and leaking pre cum. I could see his chest close to mine and my cock
was getting massaged by the friction between our bodies. My pussy had
yielded sufficiently for me not to feel uncomfortable with that monstrous
shaft moving in and out of it and I had surrendered to the powerful hard

At a point I asked him if he would now like to mount me from behind. He
frowned and looked puzzled for a moment as he paused. He then understood
and nodded eagerly. Slowly he took out his cock from my hole. I turned
around, placing a couple of pillows under me, offering him my exposed ass.
I felt him spread my ass cheeks and then felt the cock at my entrance. He
then slid it in and soon he was fucking me hard from behind. With his
hands, he spread my legs, making space for his body to fit in between as he
drilled me without a pause.

He felt more in control and was now fucking me really hard. It felt great
to be in the arms of a man with a strong, firm and beautiful body with his
hard cock inside you. This was turning out to be a great afternoon. I
wanted him to go on and on. His cock was going very deep and touching me
in a way that wanted me to come every time his cock went into me and I felt
I was about to.

And then he increased his pace, his cock moving in and out rapidly and with
a cry, he rammed his cock in for the final time and jerking his body,
emptied his load inside me. He pushed very hard, his cock going as deep as
he could and then with a shudder, lay still.

Unceremoniously he got up almost immediately -- something that suggested
he was straight -- and went to the bathroom to wash himself. I kept
lying down in the same position, my ass raised, feeling deliciously
exhausted after the beating my hole had taken. I felt him return and lie
next to me without touching me. He lit a cigarette and smoked quietly for
a while and then told me he enjoyed fucking a man and wondered why he
hadn't done it before.

I turned around and smiling at him said, "You can always start now, if you
get time from women". He found that funny and laughed. One of his teeth
was a little crocked and made his smile attractive. I noticed that a few
of his hair were gray.

He looked at me and then asked if I liked women and when I shook my head,
he just shrugged and said he could not live without them. He said he liked
variety and that is why he hadn't married. He travelled a lot and found
willing women everywhere. I wasn't surprised to learn that and told him he
would find it even easier to find men. He smiled and turned towards me but
didn't say anything. He began to play with his cock. I looked at him and
said, "If you feel like using it again, I could help you with that".

He stopped and smiled, "Why don't you?"

I reached out and held his cock that was now soft. Looking at it one could
not imagine what it was like minutes ago. I began caressing it and soon it
began to respond. I got up and making him lie on his back, began sucking
his cock that had already grown bigger. Another five minutes and it
retained its original massive size, while in my mouth.

I removed my mouth and looked at the hard cock wet with my saliva and
pointing towards the ceiling. I asked him, "How does it feel now?" He
smiled and told me it felt great and he was ready to use it on me again.

I turned on my side, reached for the packet of condoms and tossed it to
him. He asked me to do it for him. I sat and then removing the foil,
rolled it on his rigid phallus. The condom didn't quite reach the base of
his cock. Lubricating my hole once again, I turned on my right side, away
from him and told him to come behind me. I then lifted my left leg, with
my hand under my knee and bent it towards my shoulder.

I felt the man come close and place the tip of his cock at the entrance to
my pussy and push. The thick cock slid in smoothly, my bent leg making my
hole more accessible. He groaned his appreciation and said, "This is

He then started fucking me slowly. Both his hands were free and he placed
one around my waist, pulling me to him. This was the first time he
actually touched me. His closeness was intoxicating and the moving cock
made me moan loudly with pleasure that obviously turned him on and he
gripped my waist more tightly and continued to fuck.

After some time, he got more excited and turning me on my stomach, without
taking his cock out, placed both his hands under my arms and holding me
tight, began slamming his cock in my pussy roughly. He then began pinching
my nipples hard that made me wince. This was getting a little rough, I
thought and then he bit my shoulder. I became an object to be used. He
was now a little ruthless, pounding me mercilessly. I felt a little
ashamed to find myself enjoying being treated like that and found my hard
cock oozing pre cum and getting ready to discharge.

I knew the frenzy wouldn't last long and soon he was shouting loudly,
shooting cum into me, again and again and then was still, panting. I felt
violated and bruised but didn't want him to move and keep his cock inside
me. For a moment I thought he would do that but again, he took out his
still hard cock out without any consideration for me and went into the
bathroom. I lay there, uncovered and feeling content, my legs still spread
wide, my hard-fucked hole exposed.

He came back and looking at his watch told me he was meeting a lady in an
hour's time and needed to freshen up. I immediately started putting my
clothes on and was soon ready to leave. He was still naked and was
probably going to shower after I left.

I was too proud to ask him if we could meet again; he made it easier by
asking, "Would you like to come again?" I shrugged my shoulders and told
him if he wished me to.

"Can you come and see me tonight, about ten?" he suggested. I asked him to
confirm it on phone and gave him my mobile number and my name. I told him
I lived not far from his hotel and could be here in fifteen minutes. He
noted it down and nodded and promised to call me before nine thirty.

"And now I must rest a little before my lady friend comes", he winked and
smiled. Smiling back I told him I was sure he would recover by then. I
then left and came home, took a hot shower and lay down in bed, reliving
the intense sex I had had in the afternoon.

I must have slept because when I opened my eyes, the room was dark. It had
gold a little cold. I switched on the light and saw it was past 8pm. I
got up and ate something and made some tea. Around nine thirty my mobile
rang. I recognized the voice, "It is me. Do you want to come, please?" I
asked him when and he told me he was free now and I could come anytime and
that he would be in his room. I got dressed and realized I had left the
lube and the condoms in the hotel room. I took some more from my drawer
and reached the hotel a little before ten.

Nothing happened when I knocked on the door. I waited and then knocked
again. The door opened. Obviously he was having a shower. He was wet
under the bathrobe. He invited me in and closed the door and asked me to
sit down and wait till he got ready. I asked him with a straight face if
we were going out somewhere. He paused and frowned, "No. Why do you ask?"

"Why are you bothering to get ready then? Why don't you just take off your
robe and it will be fine", I said, opening my shirt buttons. He laughed
and came back and stood in front of me and opened the belt, showing his
sexy body and a cock that was soft. I took it in my hand and told him it
looked innocent. He laughed and told me I should have seen it an hour ago.

"It was happy serving my lady friend. I fucked her twice. Again she didn't
have time for more". I asked if it was the same lady he had met in the
afternoon and he told me it was someone different, the daughter of one of
his clients. She was about 40 and unmarried. She likes getting screwed a
lot. "Once I fucked her six times in the night. She meets other men too.
But she likes me. If you want, we can both fuck her", he offered. I told
him I was happy being with him.

His cock was getting rapidly hard. He said, "It is nice to have a man
after fucking a woman". I didn't at all mind being that man. I told him I
was happy to be with him. By now he was rock hard and I began sucking him,
drawing him close to me as he stood with his hands on his waist, pushing
his pelvis forward.

We were soon in bed, both naked and I continued sucking him as he lay
there, reclining with his hands under his head, not participating at all.
I put one of my hands under his balls and began caressing and exploring the
region gently. He didn't mind and spread his legs a little. I moved my
tongue to the shaft and then down to his balls. I then tried to get my
tongue between his crack and he stopped me. I told him he would enjoy
being rimmed if he would let me. After some hesitation he turned on his
side and opening his leg, I parted his muscular ass cheeks and put my hot
tongue on his hole. He jerked his body but when I continued to lick that
region, he tried to relax and soon he was groaning loudly, assisting me by
opening his legs wider. As I rimmed him, my hand gripped his rigid cock
that was leaking and stroked it.

He then stopped and in a voice thick with lust, announced he was going to
fuck me now. I lay with the pillow under my ass and supporting my bent
legs by placing my hands under the knees, I made my pussy available for
him. He put a condom on and placing the head of his erect cock on my hole,
pushed. He hadn't used any lubricant and the friction made me wince but he
continued till the entire length was swallowed by my pussy, holding it
tight. He was looking at his cock going into me and was probably getting
turned on by the sight of his thick shaft going inside my fully stretched

He fucked me for a long time without changing the position. My raised legs
started getting tired and so I placed them around his waist. He continued
without a pause. After fifteen minutes I started feeling a little tired.
He paused, looked into my eyes and asked me if I was tired. I told him I
was. He just smiled and told me he wasn't ready yet and continued to drill
me. My hole felt sore and it seemed it will be permanently open after this

He continued. His cock could have been made of steel. He then lifted one
of my legs and placed it on his shoulder and carried on, slowly and
steadily. I had already ejaculated, without even touching myself and now
wanted his to stop. My pussy felt pulverized and his cock seemed to have
grown in size. I was sore. Eventually after more than half an hour he
showed signs of reaching his climax and after two minutes of fucking me
really hard, he exploded inside me, crying out aloud. He stopped moving
but his body kept jerking as he emptied himself.

He collapsed on me, breathing hard but unlike previous times, he didn't get
up and stayed there with his cock buried into me. I put my hands on his
buttocks holding him there. He was looking at me with no expression in his
dark eyes and appeared relaxed.

It was after a good five minutes that he finally got up from me, taking out
his now semi hard cock. My hole felt wide open and empty. He returned
from the bathroom and lay next to me and told me it was good. He then
asked me if I wanted some vodka. He got up and returned with a bottle and
two tumblers and we sipped neat vodka. After the third glass I told him I
was getting a little high and must now leave.

He looked at me for a long time without saying anything. Then he placed
his hand on my thigh and said, "Do you want to spend the night with me?" I
couldn't believe it. A part of me wanted to say I had had enough but of
course there is no such thing as too much sex and I agreed.

He fucked me twice; once in the middle of the night, waking me and then
once in the morning when it was bright. For a straight man, he was doing
alright. I left after seven telling him I had to go to office. He told me
he would call me again in the evening. He had work during the day and a
date in the evening with a woman. He called again at about 9 pm and I
spent the next night too with him. He was leaving the next morning.

In the morning we shook hands and he hugged me. He said he will call me
once he reached home but of course he didn't. This happens. I still
remember him -- the straight man who enjoyed sex with a man after he had
fucked a woman. I never found his name; nor his nationality.


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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - The Straight Man