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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Two Silver Daddies In Ketchikan - Two Silver Daddies In Ketchikan 1

Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 18:32:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Billy Jay Dee
Subject: Two Silver Daddies in Ketchikan

Two Silver Daddies in Ketchikan -- Part 1

By Billy Jay Dee

Tad was nervous and excited. I know because he told me so when we talked
on the phone. But, his rap at my hotel room door was prompt and on time.
I looked through the peephole because I wore nothing but a white dress
shirt with the cuffs unbuttoned in case someone ripped it off of me. Yeah,
an extremely tall, black haired man with a soft white beard stood in the
hall. As I opened the door I heard a sigh of relief and looked to see him
smiling nervously and excitedly.

He stepped into my room quickly, didn't even have time to pull his hands
from his coat pockets. "Hi, Dave." He whispered looking down at me. (I'm
6'1" and he is looking down at me!) "I brought Jeb with me."

Jeb jumped around the corner all smiles; bald and stocky. He looked like
one of those good old boys who meet at the coffee shop real early in the
morning to solve all the world's problems before they head off to their
blue collar jobs. (And that's exactly where I saw him when I went to
breakfast by myself the next morning.) Jeb rushed to shake my hand. His
fingers were thicker and more calloused than Tad's. That's always a good
sign in a top!

Inexperienced Tad had suggested bring Jeb along in case he couldn't
perform. I told Tad just getting naked with a "big boy" would make me
happy. Jeb was of the same opinion; we were going to have a good time.

A passed out beers and excused myself to use the bathroom.

When I came out, Jeb took a turn, stripping down to his shorts when he
returned. The three of sat around talking. Tad kept apologizing about his
lack of experience and bad back. Tad and Jeb discussed local gossip and
how the King Salmon run looked for this season. Tad reiterated about how
he'd passed up on a lot of opportunities for sex in his life and wasn't
going to do it anymore. We talked about our wives and girlfriends. I asked
about everyone's first man-on-man experience. Jeb proudly mentioned a girl
when he was 13 and a boy-cousin not too long after that. Tad dreamily told
of him and his best friend in their mid-twenties drinking beer in their
underwear. When Tad and his buddy discovered they were both sporting
hard-ons, things started happening. The twosome both came twice that
night. The story motivated Tad to start taking off his clothes and that
signaled Jeb and I to strip the bed and our bodies.

"Condoms and lube on the night stand!" I pointed out as I jumped into bed
with Jeb

"If I can get it up. I'll fuck you first and loosen you up for Jeb. He's
got a big dick. Jeb, ain't Dave a good lucking guy?"

Tad revealed a long white smooth body. Soft sparse black hairs covered his
round ball sack. His cock was soft, of reasonable thickness, but
unexcited. I started slurping on that cute little thing. Stocky Jeb knelt
beside the bed and began sucking my six inches energetically as he fondled
my big white ass. Tad was laid out in the bed now, supporting his back
with a pile of pillows.

Jeb and I had just started working the tools in front of us when poor Tad
let out a sigh, "I don't think I'm going to get hard boys."

Jeb laid off my dick and said, "No hurry Tad, we got all night."

I mumbled my support as I kept rolling his wiener around in my mouth. Jeb
was getting real frisky on my cock and ass.

"Why don't you get your ass up here. Let's do a daisy chain." I said to my
cock sucker.

"What's that?" Tad asked innocently.

"You suck my cock. I suck Dave's..." Jeb explained and then went back to
licking my shaft and nuzzling my balls.

"I spent the weekend with a handsome young friend and his new wife. He had
a pierced tongue! I started dreaming about them and me doing this." I

Jeb scooted his feet up against the pile of pillows and Tad went to work.
Jeb pulled my aroused cock straight down in order to feed his own face.
This was the first time I got to see Jeb's "weapon". It might only have
been 7 inches was it was thick! Tad felt he'd never be able to handle it.
But as I sucked on Tad's soft white dick, I started easing a finger into
his ass. Tad liked it. I worked up to two without lube and assured him he
could handle it with practice. (He hadn't had a cock up his ass since
college, 35 years ago.) Meanwhile Jeb was ramming two of his thick fingers
in and out of my ass.

"It still ain't working guys. Dave, I'll bet Jeb would love to fuck you."

"Can I?"

"Sure." I agreed eagerly

I crawled up Tad's torso and started making out with him. His lips were
soft and tongue tender. Jeb crawled up behind me, all lubed up and ready.
He took it real slow and gentle. I'll admit it hurt. But it had been so
long since I had gotten laid. I was in Heaven! Jeb was working on a slow
steady rhythm not too deep. We had all night long. I went back to sucking
and finger fucking Tad.

At some point Jeb's monster slipped out. He and I gasped. I thought it a
good time to use the rest room again.

When I returned to bed, Jeb said, "Buddy, get on your knees and hang your
ass over the bed this time, so I can fuck you standing up, this time!"

I assumed the position. Jeb resumed his without a whole lot of pain and
Tad scooted under me so we could sixty nine. Jeb went back to the slow
rhythmic strides. Tad was licking my dangling dick and telling us he could
taste precum. I bent to work on Tad's enraged cock. My salt-and-pepper
moustache couldn't reach that far. Tad's torso is long! Eventually he
turned crosswise to us so he could get a little. I scooped his hips up in
my arms and pulled his leaking to my lips. Jeb was starting to bang a
little harder now, slapping my mouth deeper onto Tad's crotch. But instead
of the sighs of delight I heard painful groans come from Tad's mouth. I
looked up to see his face pale and eyes scrunched in pain. His back was
killing him.

We decided on a break so Jeb could drop Tad of at his house and then he'd
be back. Jeb was back in minutes. We sat naked on the bed sipping on our
beers. We talked about other fellers in town that like to play. I
mentioned a desk clerk at the hotel, but Jeb hadn't known him. I pointed
out the mirror on the wall opposite the bed. Next thing you know, I'm on
all four again, ass over the bed, but this time we were gazing into the
mirror at ourselves. Jeb was smiling ear to ear. He was also fucking me
harder. My balls were getting smashed by the slamming of his sturdy
thighs. I put my shoulder into the mattress and reached back to pull them
out of harms range. His dry rod was ripping me a new one and the head of
his thick cock was rearranging my innards. I bit into a pillow to keep
from gasping in pain. I had been so long and I so needed it.

A native buddy of mine once confessed that he was good in the sack. That
he went at least 45 minutes of steady fucking before he came. He'd even
had a woman after her second orgasm if they could "be finished". I swore
I'd never say that to my buddy and I certainly wasn't going to say that to

Jeb kept at it. He kept telling me how good I was, how tight my hole was,
how much he was enjoying it. It was still painful, but I wasn't giving up.
However, after three rounds of fucking, my knees gave out and I fell face
first into the bed. I crawled to the head of the bed and told Jeb to lay
beside me. We started stroking our cocks and talking dirty. He told a few
stories. I told a few. I started retelling the tale of coffee every
morning with my best man before we were married. That did it for me.

"I'm going to cum," I gasped.

"Shoot on my ass," Jeb begged and rolled over on his side.

I slipped my slimy cock between the two offered ass cheeks and kept pumping
until I squirted into the small of his back and then pulled him tight
against me as I finished unloading. We fell asleep that way.

I woke about 1:45 with a need to drain some beer. When I returned, Jeb
appeared to be asleep. I was almost back to sleep when I woke to his hand
caressing my chest. It felt good, but I soon fell asleep. I wakened again
shortly to feel a finger easing its way up my wretched ass.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"I got a present for you."

I pulled the sheet off us and rolled on my side this time. Jeb began
poking around back there. My left hand guided him in. He began the slow
easy fucking again. But my bung hole was inflamed and raw from all the
previous fucking. There seemed to be only one solution. I grasped his
hips and on his next plunge I pushed my ass down on his charging monster.
The pain lasted a moment, but was shouted down by Jeb's cry of ecstasy. He
started fucking me seriously now. Harder than ever before and with
apparently more pleasure based on his cries to God and proclamations that
"This is great!" and "You've got a great ass!"

After a while of this my ass finally relaxed and started getting wet. He
began fucking with a steady, all-the-way-in roll of his hips followed by an
almost-out stroke. I pulled my cock free from being trapped between my
white thighs and let the head get forcibly stroked back and forth against
the sheet. I was getting close to cumming a second time that night when
Jeb let out a rebel yell and pulled my butt tight against his big belly.
He might have emptied a load into me but he was still full of praise and
thanks. It was 4:30. In two hours he had to meet the "good old boys" for
coffee and I had to get ready for work.

And that was just my first day in town!

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Two Silver Daddies In Ketchikan - Two Silver Daddies In Ketchikan 1