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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Underwear Swap

Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2013 20:27:47 -0600
From: b freemen <>
Subject: Underwear Swap


All the usual disclaimers apply. The story retells a day of history
mostly true, with a little bit of fiction. It depicts consenual
situations between two adult men. I was going to give character "x"
another name, but it just didn't seem right. You might have seen our
act in the 90's This is something that went on behind the scenes.

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I was a member of a large touring show band a good solid band; 1
lead male singer and 1 secondary female lead, and 3 back up singers.
I was a back-up singer and the buddy I'm talking about, whom I'll call
"x" was the male lead. Everyone wore light plain coloured pants
some tighter than others especially "X" who always wore white pants.

As close as everyone was, when we shut down for the night, we
either went out to a late night jazz bar or people went to their
rooms. Depending where we were we had to share
rooms; and other places we had our own single rooms; the sharing took
place about
50% of the time. It was those times, "X" and I would share a room.

We got along great but "X" was a fairly private and quiet
guy when not on the stage. We'd have a drink or 2 in the room, and watch TV
sometimes talking, but never about anything serious.
He almost ALWAYS slept late, and I was always up by 9 or at the latest 10.
Knowing he was a sound sleeper, I never worried about him catching me jerking
off which I did almost every morning when I woke up. I'd hook up for breakfast
on my own or with another band member; and he'd usually eat alone.

Infrequently, if there was a media call, or we had a special
rehearsal we'd be up at the same time and we'd cross each other's paths in the
washroom, or stepping into or out of the shower. Outside of
nakedness, it was never a big deal
leaving the washroom door open to piss, so we'd walk in on each other regularly
seeing our naked bodies, or our dicks hanging out of our underwear.

"X" never worked out but was in good shape. He sweated off a few pounds every
night I'm sure with his performance. He
was good looking, and had a good solid lightly hairy body. His cock was cut,
and hung down nicely over a pair of good sized balls. He had an
average light brown bush and hair
on his legs. Sometimes he wore boxers,
but much of the time especially when he performed, he'd wear this underwear
that was brightly coloured, stripes, designs, or just crazy looking he must
have had a suitcase full of them. it made him feel sexy (he said). I
always wore white underwear or boxers.

Sometimes, if it was mid-day I'd jerk off and just leave my sperm to
dry up on its own.

While he was mostly quiet, he wasn't a recluse; just a nice
gentle and warm man, with a genuine laugh, a dry sense of humour and a few
good stories. He'd pick up his guitar from time to time and plunk out a new
tune, or try to fit lyrics to music and I'd help him that from time to
time. I considered him a good friend.

One day we had a an impromptu promo shoot at the outdoor
venue we were performing at. We all got
there, did a quick set up, and with our full show attire on we did a 2 song
test, then were told to break for a few minutes. "X" ran to one of
two public washrooms to
have a dump when the director came over looking for him. I told her
where he was, and she took me

"Look" she said, "X" is wearing some crazy underwear that we
are picking up on screen. Get that guy changed and we'll see you 5

After a good giggle, I waited outside the door, and told him
what the director had just told me.

This was a quick interaction, but the memories of it stick
in my mind, then precipitated that evening's event.

He said, "no way, I'm not changing my underwear for her, and
hell, I didn't bring my bag, this was just supposed to be a quick promo.

Hell, I'll just go commando".

"No" I said, "Then they'll see your bush and the outline of
your an idea. I'm wearing
white underwear and we're about the same size.
Let's swap underwear, and then we'll swap back after the shoot".

As I was finishing my comment, someone yelled for us to get
back out there they were ready. "X"
looked at me with a "this is sort of weird" look...and I just said "I
know....and I don't think mine are completely clean either...another weird
look....not shit..but you know".

He groaned......"fine whatever'.

We both slipped into this closet of a washroom literally
bumping into each other getting our shoes and pants off. We both
slipped off our underwear and just
for a few seconds, we were standing in front of each other, naked from the waist
down, our dicks almost touching. We swapped underwear, holding it up in front
of each other's faces. He was going to smell it, but decided not to as he was
afraid he might not want to put it on.
We slipped on each other's underwear, then our pants and shoes, and out
we went heading up the stage.

No time to think
about it, just rushed up to the stage, did our numbers and forgot about
it. When we were done "X" was rushed
away for interviews and I just waited close to the washroom thinking
we were going
to swap back. But he was nowhere in
sight, so I decided to use the can myself.
It was just at that moment I realized I was wearing this guy's
underwear; my dick and balls were resting in the same pouch his had
been. I decided I needed to explore.

I slipped off my shoes and pants, then slipped off this
bright green-striped underwear and held it up in front of me. I
brought it to my nose for a sniff, and I
did get a slight hint of semen, and sweat.
No tread marks though. I decided
to give it a good rub all over my crotch and realized I was getting hard, so,
what else could I do: I used his underwear to jerk off, rubbing it all over my
own cock and bag; through my pubes, pumping my dick. My precum oozed
out into his underwear, and
while I started getting carried away and ready to shoot, I thought I better
shoot into my hand rather than his shorts just a last minute decision
though. Out it came good shot; it was
kind of cool I guess i had done some fantasizing about this guy he was well
known, sexy, and a friend...and...well, I had his underwear around my
cock. Fun.

I got up washed my hands, got dressed and when I pushed the
door open, there was "x" waiting right there, chatting with someone from the
press. He looked at me, and said "I'll be
right with you".

"Shit" I thought; "his underwear is still damp from my precum".
We'd never done anything sexual together, and we'd barely talked about
it....suddenly I'd be giving him his shorts with my precum in it.

He finished his conversation, and directed me into the
washroom to do the swap back. I decided
not to say anything and hope for the best.
Away we went for round 2, pants and shoes off, and then the underwear.

Head down, trying to do a quick swap, we
both slipped the shorts back on quickly.
At almost the same time, we both noticed the "dampness" on the fabric
surrounding our cocks. He was tucking his cock in, pointing it downwards and
said "what the fuck?"

Saving myself, I said "you're not the only one who feels
sexy when he's performing. Sometimes I get hard when I'm performing..and you
know...stuff leaks out. And hey, this
isn't the driest underwear either.
Surprisingly, he reach forward to feel it and of course that meant
feeling my cock and then he cupped my "guys" and said "holy cow, you're right".

His cupping started to get me hard. I blushed, but didn't ask him to stop. I
decided to reach forward and feel his cock too, and whaddya know....he was hard
too. We stared at each other while we
were groping each other and then he said in an incredibly sexy but
comedic voice..."I
told you that underwear is sexy".

He pulled me towards him so our underwear covered cocks were
pressing hard against each other. He
grabbed my ass and pulled me into him really hard; and I copied him. Our faces
were an inch from each other, and in that passionate moment, our tongues were
down each others throats; we were kissing and grinding our cocks
together. It was rough and hard, and within a couple of
minutes, we were both cumming in our own underwear. The semen out,
our tongues found their way
back into our own mouths but our foreheads remained touching sort of keeping
each other from falling over.

"Holy shit whatever that was, it was fantastic" i
whispered. I felt I needed to taste him and I sunk to my knees, pulled his
underwear under his balls and basically cleaned off his cock with my mouth. I
licked up the wad of semen in his underwear, licked his cock from base to tip
and stood up with this huge smile on my face.

"Is it clean"?

"Yeah I think so".

"I dunno about that, I think you better check."

A dirty devilish looked appeared on his face, and I
responded with something similar while I sunk back to my knees. This
time I sucked his semi-hard cock a
little longer, licked his pubes, down under, around and on his balls until he
was completely clean. What a trip that was.

"Okay, I think that's good", and he lifted me up and gave me
a quick peck on the lips.

We got dressed, him damp, me soaked with semen.

"Umm, I'm going to slip out first, you stay in here for 5
minutes...'cause you know'.

"Don't worry, I'm just going to savour this for a while".

Stepping out of the washroom still a little dazed, the whole
band was gathered together to go on a bus tour of the city, followed by a
barbecue at the sponsor's home which meant, no time to get back to the hotel
before the show. It was a hot day, so lots of perspiration throughout
conversation fun and food.

We loaded back in the bus and headed to the performance venue
and the guys headed straight to the showers; where there were only 2 shower
heads, so we hung out in the dressing room and took our respective turns,
washing off that sweat and smelling a little better. When I came
back to my bench, my underwear
was gone and replaced with "X"s green striped underwear but he was out of

I snickered thinking "you bugger", but quickly slipped them
and my pants on so no one would see I was wearing his shorts and away we went,
singing and moving and grooving with each other's (kind of dirty) underwear on.

Post show, a few of us went out for beer and a burger, but
"x" didn't join us. I was kind of interested to see what would happen when we
got back into the room. But we stayed out for a couple of hours drinking to the
point of a great buzz, and by the time I got back, "X" was sound asleep on his
bed, on top of the covers, still wearing my underwear.

For some reason, I decided it would be a good idea to get my
underwear back on and put his back on his body. As I walked over to him and
slipped my fingers goal to get each other's underwear off, but always finding
it necessary to keep our cocks eacher touching or grinding.

Exhausted, I just pinned him down on the carpet, cock to
cock, and started to grind hard. I was propped up a little staring down at him,
while we faux-struggled straining to laugh, and anxious to cum. We
both started grinding hard, our crotches
covered by underwear pressing harder and harder and I think it went into a
competition to see who would cum first.
Just as I reached the point of no return, he started cumming too; both
of us hard against each other, feeling the cum pulsing out of our dicks and
into our underwear for the 2nd time that day. And then, I collapsed
on top of him, and he pushed me off.

"Give me back my underwear you cum-shooting thief" he
said. Then he straddled me and yanked
off the underwear while I was trying to kick me legs around his body doing the
same. When both our shorts were off, he lunged himself on top of me, both our
naked semi-hard cocks together, and proceeded to rub his cum-soaked underwear
in my face. The smell of sweat and cum were a lot stronger than earlier that
day, and I really didn't want it on my face, but he made sure some of his semen
got wiped on my face and in my hair he called it gel.

Of course, while this was happening, I was getting hard
again and he noticed and his eyebrows raised with another huge sexy grin on his
face. "Ready again are we"?

I said no, `cause I was tired, but man I couldn't resist
the pleasure of it all. He started to
grind his cock, and his balls against me again and for about 30 seconds put his
face in my crotch, kissed my penis, and balls, licked it from stem to stern,
and give it one deep suck, then back up and lefted himself up so his cock would
be properly placed on mine.

We pushed hard into each other, and my god it felt so
good. I looked down between us to see
these two hairy cocks fighting and playing together, become best buddies. He
didn't let up, and in a few minutes, my 3rd cum shot oozed out of
the tip of my dick.

"Holy fuck. That is way better than jerking off. Any time
you want to swap underwear I'm happy to oblige" I said.

He lifted himself off me tell me had to go to sleep, then
straddled my body on his knees working his way up my body until his penis was
hanging over my head, I lifted my head up and gently kissed the head of his
dick. He didn't move, so I did it again,
then I sucked the head for a seconds, and then he fell into pushup stance, and
sunk his soft cock in my mouth which I took in with both of us laughing a
little. He took it out and dragged it upand across my face. Just when
he thought he was
getting up, I pulled him back so his cock and balls were on my face.
I gave them all a good lick and breathed in
the smell of mansex then let him go.

We gave a mutual `thanks', and crawled into our own beds and
fell promptly asleep.

The next morning, everything was back to normal. He slept
until 1, and I was out and about at 10.
For the rest of the tour, whenever we roomed together, we fooled around
a little but it was always in fun like the night before. We never
sucked each other off, but gave a
few sucks every now and then, mostly it was cock-to-cock and lots of
underwear swaps.

The end...sort of.

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Underwear Swap