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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Video Boys

Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 05:09:48 -0500
From: Ken James <>
Subject: Video Boys

It was just after dusk when Kevin left the house. As usual, he paused to
peer through the crack in the fence surrounding the back yard of the house
next door. The lights were on and he felt the familiar stirring in his
crotch. Kevin slipped silently through the gate and softly crossed the lawn.

Music was blaring from the TV in the den. Kevin cautiously peered through
the dining room window. Nobody was in the kitchen. Good. He moved closer so
he could see through the dining room and kitchen into the den.

The TV screen was showing a curly-haired blonde boy and four other teenagers
kneeling on a garage floor, jerking off. There was an old convertible behind
them. A younger-looking boy was standing in the car, beating his meat as he
watched the others. The camera zoomed in for close-ups as each boy shot his
wad in turn.

Kevin watched for a while, with his young cock straining against the fabric
of his jockstrap. It was always exciting, seeing all those different men
having sex on the screen. But it was time to move again. The TV was just a
sideshow and he was ready for the main attraction. Kevin slipped across the
patio and looked in the window.

The den had a high vaulted ceiling with dark wooden beams. The fireplace and
one wall were made of rough stone. The other walls were covered with wood
paneling. A big black couch extended along two walls. One of the walls
opposite the couch was dominated by a projection TV. A muscular young man
was leaning back on the couch, watching the television and stroking his long
hard cock.

The end of summer was approaching in Austin. Even after dark, the
temperature was well over ninety degrees. Kevin was dressed for jogging,
wearing running shoes, jockstrap and shorts. Tonight, he was wearing his
favorite pair of shorts, the tight skimpy ones made from fabric resembling a
Texas flag. He always liked the way his eighteen-year-old body looked in the
mirror when he was dressed for running, especially the way the thin fabric
bulged over his cock and cupped his ass cheeks.

Kevin reached inside his shorts and released his cock from the confining
jockstrap. His erect member strained against the flag fabric as he stared in
through the window. He rubbed his hands over the slick nylon covering his
bulge until he felt warm stickiness spreading inside his shorts.

It had started in early spring. Kevin had been in his yard, throwing a
Frisbee for Peaches, his German Shepherd, to chase. The Frisbee went over
the fence. The house next door was owned by a single man. His name,
according to the mailbox, was Dan Hansen. Kevin sometimes saw Dan working in
his yard. He was about thirty-five, six feet tall, and weighed 180 pounds.
He had slightly long curly black hair, dark skin, and a muscular, hairy

The Frisbee had been hard to find in the darkness of Dan's back yard. Kevin
finally located it under a bush beside the den window. He was starting to
leave when he heard a man exclaiming, "Fuck me! Fuck my ass real good!"

What the hell was that? Kevin dropped down behind the bush. There were more
gasps, groans and cries of "fuck me," but now there was also disco music
thumping along under the sex noises. Kevin rose cautiously to his knees and
looked through the branches of the bush. The lights were on and he could see
into the room.

There was only one person visible. Dan was kneeling on the floor in front of
the couch. He was stark naked and his seven-inch dick was sticking straight
up. Dan's left hand was caressing his balls while his right hand moved in
time with the music, jacking that big cock off while he stared at the

Kevin couldn't do anything but crouch by the window and stare. He'd always
looked forward to showering with his high school football team so he could
see the other boys naked. Now, this sight of raw man-sex was stirring
desires he'd never even suspected he possessed.

Dan finally groaned and shot a big load onto a towel on the floor. Then he
sat down with his back against the couch and started scooping his cum off
the towel and rubbing it over his stomach and chest. Dan closed his eyes and
let his head fall back onto the couch.

That broke the spell. Kevin took the Frisbee and went home. But he couldn't
stop thinking about Dan's naked body and spurting sex. That night, Kevin
couldn't go to sleep until he locked himself in the bathroom and jerked off.
He got up again after midnight, slipped into the back yard, and beat off
while staring over the fence at Dan's house.

A pattern was established over the next few months. Dan usually came home
around dusk. The way Dan was built, Kevin figured he went to the gym every
day after work. Whatever Dan did, it sure left him horny. Dan almost always
watched a porn tape and jacked off after he got home.

Kevin started running every day, right after sunset. If Dan was home, Kevin
would hide by the window and watch him masturbate. At first, he waited until
he saw Dan come and then hid behind the trees in the vacant lot across the
street to beat off. Excitement soon overcame caution and Kevin started
kneeling behind the bush with his shorts and jockstrap down around his
ankles, jerking his cock in time with Dan's strokes. He usually came within
moments of seeing the thick white juice spurting out of the man's swollen

By standing at the dining room window, Kevin could look through the kitchen
into the den and see the TV screen. Even on the big projection screen, the
picture was too small and he couldn't see anybody in the den, but it was
still wonderful. He'd never imagined men could do all those things to each

Tonight, Kevin was thinking about Dan and the figures on the VCR. He wanted
to do all the things he'd seen on the tapes, with Dan. Sometimes he thought
about just knocking on Dan's door and telling him everything, but he was
afraid the man would get mad about being watched.

Two weeks ago, disaster had almost struck. Dan's house was dark when Kevin
left home, so he went on with his run. When he returned to his place by the
window, he saw that Dan had brought another man home. They were sitting on
the couch smoking a joint.

"I'm going to put a tape on," Dan announced as he got up and moved toward
the TV. Kevin shrank back from the window.

"That's far out," Dan's companion answered, sounding rather stoned. He was a
muscular blonde, wearing a camouflage tank top and tight black parachute

Kevin waited until the tape had been playing for a couple of minutes before
returning to the window. He couldn't believe his luck. Dan had opened the
parachute pants to reveal an incredibly long, thick dick. "What horse did
you steal this thing from, Jeff?" he asked.

"So you like my dick, huh?" Jeff responded slowly. Dan started sucking the
giant member. It was so long that he could wrap both hands next to each
other around the shaft and still leave Jeff's cock head exposed.

After a while, Dan got up and disappeared through the door leading to the
front of the house. He came back a moment later, carrying towels and a tube
of lubricant. Dan stripped quickly and then peeled Jeff out of his tank top
and pants. Jeff lay on his back on the floor while Dan sucked and jerked
that horse dick to full size and stiffness. It took some time, and it was
obvious, even from six feet away, that Jeff's dick wasn't as stiff or firm
as Kevin's or Dan's swollen peckers.

It was still good enough for Dan. He smeared some grease on the fleshy tower
and sat on that massive motherfucker. Kevin could hardly believe his eyes.
It was taking Dan a while to slide all the way down Jeff's tool, but he was
making steady progress. Kevin had never seen a man take a dick that size on
the tapes.

Without realizing it, Kevin had torn off his shorts and jockstrap and moved
in front of the bush. With his blonde hair and light skin, he was clearly
visible through the window, but he didn't notice. He was only aware of the
men coupling on the floor in front of him and the fire in his own loins.

Dan was riding Jeff's cock like a cowboy on a bucking horse. The TV was
blaring "I can't wait any longer." Dan screamed and cum erupted from his
dick, splashing all over Jeff's face and chest.

As usual, Kevin had been beating his cock in time with Dan's. Suddenly he
realized he was shooting his load against the window glass. Several more
jets hit the glass before he got his hand cupped over his cock head. The cum
just wouldn't stop spurting out of his dick. He tried to wipe the window
with his free hand, but that just smeared the mess even worse. "Maybe I can
wipe it off with my jockstrap," he thought dizzily.

As he was staggering away from the window, holding his still-spurting cock
in one hand, Kevin's foot struck the cats' food dish. "CRASH - CLATTER -
CRUNCH !!!" To Kevin's already jangled nerves, it was as startling as if a
UFO had crashed into the patio cover. He jumped almost a foot and came down
on scattered cat food and the water dish. "CRUNCH - SPLASH!" He managed to
keep his balance, but his hand hit the broom leaning against the house.

Kevin had reached the gate before he remembered his shorts and jockstrap. Oh
shit! He dived to the ground, rolled behind a bush and looked out anxiously.
Nothing seemed to be happening at the house. The patio lights were still off
and nobody was opening a door or looking out the window. At least, not yet.
The TV was still blaring. Kevin rushed to the den window and grabbed his
clothes. Then he hesitated. He knew he should dress and leave, but he had to
have a quick look into the room first.

Dan was still impaled on Jeff's mammoth cock, but he was gradually lifting
himself off. Eventually, he pulled free and the donkey dick collapsed onto
its owner's belly. Dan stood up and walked over to the window. He thought he
saw something white behind one of the bushes at the edge of the patio. Was
there something smeared on the glass? He moved closer.

He felt a hand on his ankle and turned around. Jeff was smiling up at him.
"It felt real good fucking you," the blonde said.

Dan bent over to kiss him. "Thanks, Jeff. You fuck real good, too." When Dan
turned back to the window, there was nothing behind the bush.

Kevin was sure Dan had seen him when the man suddenly looked out the window.
Then he'd miraculously turned away. That gave Kevin a chance to leap up,
streak out of the yard, and run naked under the street light toward the
wooded area across the street. Car headlights flashed on his bare butt as he
reached the far edge of the road and plunged into the tall grass, but the
driver didn't slow down. Kevin hid in the trees and dressed quickly. No sign
of pursuit. He stepped into the street and started jogging away, not daring
to look back.

It was almost two weeks before Kevin worked up the nerve to venture into
Dan's back yard again. The television was blaring and Dan was masturbating,
just like before. Kevin had been afraid that Dan would close the curtains,
at least. Instead, it was almost like the man was putting on a show for
Peeping Toms. He stood up and strode around the room, beating his meat and
fingering his ass. As soon as Kevin freed his cock from his jockstrap, he
came in his shorts.

Dan must have seen the cum Kevin sprayed on the window. A lot of boy juice
had splashed on the patio, too. Maybe Dan figured that the cats had made the
mess. Maybe he didn't care if someone was watching . . .

That was last night. Now Kevin was pulling his flag shorts down to his knees
as he stared through the window. After working his dick for a long time, Dan
spread a towel on the floor and picked up the lubricant. He removed the cap
and squeezed the tube. Nothing came out. Dan dropped the tube, got up and
left the room, slowly stroking himself.

Kevin was trying to keep his hands away from his own throbbing dick. Dan had
left the VCR running, so he'd be back in a minute. Kevin was so horny he was
sure he'd shoot as soon as he saw Dan resume stroking that slick cock.

Suddenly, Kevin felt something looming over him. He looked around and
gasped. Dan was standing behind him.

"Hi, Mister Hansen." Kevin couldn't think of anything else to say. Dan
looked at the clothes bunched around Kevin's knees, then let his gaze drift
slowly upward. Kevin's cock was still sticking straight up and Dan stared at
it for a moment. Finally, he looked into the boy's eyes. They were filled
with a mixture of lust and fear.

"You've been watching me jerk off." It was a statement, not a question. "And
you've been doing it for a long time."

There was no sense in lying. "Yes, sir," Kevin responded.

Dan smiled slightly. "Stand up," he commanded. Kevin almost stumbled and Dan
caught him by the arm. "You got your rocks off while you were watching me,
didn't you?" Kevin nodded. Dan's smile grew broader. "Why don't you come in
and see everything close up?"

Kevin was having trouble speaking. He just nodded again.

"Get dressed," Dan said. "The back door's still locked and we have to go
around to the front." Kevin noticed that Dan was wearing sandals and shorts.
The outline of his cock was clearly visible through the thin fabric. It was
growing as Kevin watched.

"Sit down and make yourself comfortable," Dan said as they entered the den.
Kevin settled on the couch, still feeling nervous. "Want to smoke a joint?"
Dan asked.


Kevin hadn't bothered adjusting his jockstrap and his dick was sticking
straight up under his shorts. Dan returned and whistled at the sight of
Kevin's bulge. "That's quite a pole you've got in your tent," he said as he
sat down and lit the joint.

They watched the tape while they smoked. The plot, such as it was, seemed to
revolve around Brian, the blonde boy, and his friends finding parts for the
old convertible they'd bought. An older man helped Brian get a transmission,
then went home and fucked his lover in the shower. After that, one of
Brian's teenage friends got his ass fucked after being caught attempting to
steal car parts.

They finished the joint. Kevin's fear had long since evaporated. He felt
like he was floating in the air over the couch. The images on the screen
were unnaturally sharp and intense, as if he were part of the video. Now
Brian was in a garage, negotiating with the mechanic for car parts.

Kevin's attention floated back to his surroundings as he became aware of the
very real physical sensations in his crotch. Dan's hand was tracing the
outline of Kevin's cock under the flag shorts. Pre-cum was starting to soak
through the fabric. Dan removed Kevin's shoes, followed by the shorts and
jockstrap. It only took Dan a second to strip off his own shorts. Kevin
moved into Dan's arms and the two men's mouths locked in a kiss. The slight
roughness of Dan's beard against his face was startling but incredibly

Kevin felt his erection growing even harder as Dan's tongue darted against
his and he felt the pressure of the arms around him, the soft springiness of
the man's chest hair under his hands and the incredible sensation of their
stiff cocks rubbing together.

The voices from the TV brushed the edges of Kevin's consciousness:

"I really need this stuff, but I don't have enough to pay for all this. /
Maybe we can work out some kind of deal. You ever get it on with a guy? /
Well - a few times the gang and I beat off together. / Is that it? / Well, I
let some guy suck me once. / How'd that feel? OK? / Well - actually, it felt
kind of great. I don't think I've felt anything that feels better. / Well,
maybe we can start our little trade-off that way."

Dan moved off the couch to kneel in front of Kevin. He opened the boy's legs
and took the young penis in his mouth.

Kevin had never imagined that having his cock sucked would feel this good.
The mouth enveloping his shaft felt much better than his hand ever had, and
the tongue caressing his head and probing his cock-slit was driving him
wild. The action at his groin was mirrored on the screen, where the mechanic
was sucking Brian's incredibly large erection. Without warning, cum erupted
from Kevin's dick. Dan eagerly gulped it down, sucking and jacking the
throbbing tool until he had milked every drop.

TV: "Why don't you suck on mine while I suck on yours? / Gee, I dunno . . .
/ Feels good, don't it? / Yeah, but . . . / Feels good to do it, too. /
Well, I guess I could try."

In the video, Brian was holding the mechanic's dick gingerly in his hand and
grimacing as he gave it a few tentative licks. He was rapidly gaining
enthusiasm, but Kevin wasn't paying much attention. He was discovering for
himself how exciting it was to suck cock, especially when the cock was Dan's
big beautiful tool.

TV: "Ever fucked anyone before? / Not . . . What? Yeah, a chick a couple of
times. / Ever fucked a guy? A lot of guys think it's hotter than fucking a
chick. Want to try it? / Sure. / All right. Let's go for it."

Dan sat up and looked at Kevin. "How would you like to fuck me?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah!" Dan had brought a new tube of lubricant in with the joint. He
greased Kevin's cock and got down on his hands and knees in front of the TV.

Kevin stuck his dick into Dan's ass crack and pushed. Nothing happened. He
pushed harder, with no results. Dan reached between his legs, took Kevin's
cock, and guided it to his asshole. Suddenly, Kevin felt Dan's tight little
ring of anal muscles gripping his cock head. They caressed his pole as he
pushed forward.

Now he was all the way up Dan's ass. He'd never imagined anything could be
so hot and tight. Sliding his dick in and out of that man-hole was giving
him the best feeling he'd ever had. Kevin marveled at the sight of his poker
spreading Dan's buttocks. When he finally glanced up and the television in
front of him, he saw the mechanic on hands and knees on a car lift with
Brian fucking him from behind. The lift had been raised, so they were in
mid-air, screwing over the camera. "We look just like that," Kevin thought.

Dan was moaning with pleasure. "Let me turn over," he gasped. In a moment,
he was on his back with his ass sticking up in the air. Kevin didn't have
any trouble finding his way back in. Now he could see Dan jerking that
seven-inch dick, as well as watching his own cock piercing the man's

Kevin looked up to see Brian spraying cum all over the mechanic's back. That
did it. He started moaning and pumping man-juice up Dan's ass. When Dan felt
the hot liquid flooding his guts, his cock started spurting in time with
Kevin's thrusts.

Kevin collapsed on top of Dan. Brian's voice drifted down from the TV. "Have
you cum yet?" Apparently not, because he said, "I'll help you." Kevin
twisted his head to look up at the screen. The mechanic was kneeling over
Brian, who was on the floor sucking the man's dick.

"I'm getting cramped," Dan said. Kevin's now soft dick slipped out of Dan's
ass and the two lay on the floor in front of the couch. The mechanic was
shooting a load all over Brian's face.

Kevin turned away from the screen and buried his face in Dan's thick chest
hair. He was so happy to lie in Dan's muscular arms, feeling that wonderful
hard body against his and gazing into those deep brown eyes. The TV voices
continued in the background.

"You sure shoot a big load. / Well, when it's good, I always do. / Must have
been good, huh? / It sure was. / Then does that mean . . . / It means all
those parts are yours, and I hope you'll come back for some more. / Maybe I
can come back when I don't need any parts? / That would be even better."

That made Kevin laugh. "That's just what I was going to ask," he said. "Can
I come back some time and do some more of the things on the tapes?"

Kevin's dick was stiffening again. Dan wrapped his hand around it and
replied, "You sure can. Do you have any particular times and things in

"Would tomorrow be OK?" Kevin was fondling Dan's balls and watching the
man's member slowly swell. "I'd like to feel what it's like getting my ass
fucked. And there's a lot of other things on the tapes I saw through the
window that I'd like to try, too."

"Tomorrow would be great. You can come back whenever you want. And you'll
never have to sneak up to the window again, unless you feel like it."

They both laughed and held each other tighter. Their mouths locked into a
long kiss as the tape rolled on, totally unnoticed now.

Copyright (c) 2003 by Ken James

All characters are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual people is

This story depicts a world in which AIDS and other sexually transmitted
diseases are non-existent. In the real world, please practice safe sex.

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Nifty - Gay - Encounters - Video Boys