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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Dirty Closet Jock

Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 04:46:30 +0000
Subject: Dirty Closet Jock

Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction. The characters portrayed
within are either complete fantasy or based off of other persons but they do
not in any way depict or reflect on real persons. This story also depicts
minors (persons under the age of 18) engaging in sexual pleasure. However,
they do meet the local age of consent. With that said, if you are not of
legal age to view materials containing adult themes or sitiuations, such
material is illegal in your area, or homoerotic material offends you, then
please leave now and read no further.

"Dirty closet jock"
by TTUFrosh.

Chapter 1: Football Practice and Lockerroom

A couple more minutes and school would be out, at least for me. As a junior
I opted not to take a full load and took 6th period off. Most people always
thought that was because I wanted to get home sooner but they were wrong.
And I had deliberatly scheduled my PE class for 5th period, knowing that ALL
the sports teams had athletics during 6th period. And I do mean all. *RING*

Finally, class was over, but I didn't leave the locker room. It was friday,
and I always helped the football coach with practice tuesday through friday
(monday I helped the water polo and swim teams). Oh, my job was easy enough,
all I had to do was make sure there were clean sweat rags during practice in
case someone got to hot, keep the water jug full of cold water, and keep the
clean towels stocked for after practice. So I started checking the towels
and filling the water jug. A couple minutes later the locker room started
filling with guys from every sport our school had a team for. There were
guys from the wrestling team mingling with the football players and the
water polo guys. Our school never bothered trying to keep the teams from
mingling, it would have been too difficult. Anyways, I finished my tasks,
and waited on a bench near a certain set of lockers. Nearly 5 minutes later
(after I had seen quite a few bare asses and dangling cocks!) the guy I
wanted to see walked up to his locker.

His name was Evan Johnson. 17 years old and only a junior, but he was still
the hottest guy in school. I'm talking gorgeous. He was just under 6 foot
tall and weighed in at 195. He was well toned, absolutely no fat, and in one
word- perfect. Well, almost. He was straight. Everyone knew it. EVERY monday
he would brag to his friends about how he'd gotten into some girls pants
over the weekend. None of the girls from school. They were too preppy he
thought. He always found a girl from across town at the mall or something.
Everyone thought it was cool because in a way our school beat our cross town
rivals every weekend.

So anyways, Evan took a minute to say hi to his buddies before opening his
locker and pulling out his gear. He turned away from his friends
(coincidentally turning towards me; which is why I always sat here) stripped
off his shirt, and if I hadn't seen his hairless chest so many times already
I woulda sprung a boner right then and there. But luckily time and will
power kept that from happening. Next off came his mesh shorts. And he was
standing, facing me, in nothing but his very tight speedo. Oh did I mention,
he doesn't wear regular underwear? No, he wore speedos or nothing. Don't
know why, but god was it hot. Again, I'd seen this enough times to just
start getting hard. Finally, after glancing around and not seeing anyone (no
one EVER notices me when I'm in the locker room), he stripped those off and
stood stark naked. That did it and I couldn't control it, I popped a boner.
If I hadn't been wearing denim jean and a pair of boxer briefs, I probably
woulda shown something, but I didn't, thankfully.

Did I mention that no one ever notices me? Well today I was wrong because as
he slipped off his speedo and started to slip on his jock (which was a
metallic gold; for our school colors) he saw me looking at him and quickly
turned away his head. I couldn't help wondering why he had turned his head
and not just turned away, but hey, it made it easier for me to admire his
manhood. Which by the way was a good 5" soft. His balls didn't hang very
low, but there were a testament to perfection, being the biggest I'd ever
seen. Well, a not long after that he was fully dressed and heading out to
the field. Although I'd swear he glanced back in my direction a couple times
before actually leaving.

I suppose now would be a fine time to tell you about me. I'm 17 years old
and as I said, a junior in high school. I stand at 6 feet tall but only
weigh around 170 or so. I'm not all that physically active so I've got
little in the way of muscle. More personal details include: redish hair and
blue eyes, little hair on arms and legs, some pit hair, and a fair amount
around my cock and balls, and I have a 7.5" cut cock when hard.

So anyways, and hour passes and we all come shuffling back into the locker
room. Coach called practice a bit early because of the hot weather we were
having. All the other guys were quickly stripping and running to the
showers, ready to enjoy a cool shower before setting off for home. Since I
didn't do anything but sit on the bench watching Evan as closely and
carefully as possible, I didn't need to take a shower, and on normal days, I
wouldn't have. But I dunno, today seemed different somehow. So I went and
grabbed a towel, stripped and walked over to the showers.

We had two types of showers. We two huge communal shower rooms with shower
heads along the walls and a central shower.. uh... tower I guess is what
you'd call it. Then we had several shower stalls complete with opaque (non
see through) doors for those guys who were shy about baring it all. Normally
when I opt to shower here I choose to join the others in one of the communal
rooms, taking a shower head in the center so I can see all the naked guys I
want. But today I headed for a private stall. I hung my towel outside and
stepped into an empty shower, turned it on and began showering. If I'd been
paying attention I'd have heard the door open and someone come in, but I
didn't. I was fantasizing about Evan and what his hard cock must look like.
So when someone brushed against my ass I about near screamed. That's when
someone's hand reached around covering my mouth while the other hand pinched
my ass before moving around to play with my now flaccid cock and balls.

The mystery man leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "Meet me at my
locker when you're done." Then he left. But I was still shocked and
surprised. I knew that voice. It wasn't someone I knew to be gay. I was also
shocked when he touched my balls. Sure, I'm gay, but I was still a virgin.
Never been fucked, never been sucked, never been played with either!. So
anyways, I hurried my shower along, anxious to meet him soon.

After finishing I dressed in a hurry and about near ran over three guys
standing around (nude!) talking about sex or something. Arriving at his
locker I was glad to see that I had gotten there first. Couple minutes later
a hand brushes my ass and the guy says, "Hey, you're in my way. Move." But
while he's saying this he slips something into my hand then shoves me,
playfully, out of his way. Dismayed that my mystery man was rude to me I
start to leave the locker room. And as I step out I look at what was given
to me. It was a slip of paper with an address, time, and a message saying to
be there then. And it wasn't a home address either, it was a movie store. I
hadn't known what to expect but I certainly hadn't expected to be asked out!

Chapter 2: Meeting and Movies

That night I got to the movie store a few minutes early and saw someone
standing there. Oddly enough, it wasn't the football player who had given me
the paper. I thought I recognized the guy, but he was wearing a hoodie and
had the hood up. So I walked over to him and asked, "Waiting for someone?"

He pulled down the hood and I about near had a heartattack. It was him. The
muse behind many a jerk off, the guy who's face I dreamt of. Evan Johnson
was standing there. He started speaking but his voice was a bit low and was
breaking every now and again. "Yeah... kinda... I guess. Uh... I... would
you... like to go to a movie... or something? With me I mean?" I could hear
that he was a bit afraid I'd say no.

Fucking god! Evan was asking me out? Now it was my turn to stammer, "Yeah...
sure! I mean... that is if you really wanna."

He smiled and opened the door to the movie store, which I had thought was
closed because it looked dark inside. I found out after stepping in that the
windows were just very darkly tinted. Why? Because the only movies this
store rented were porno, which again, I hadn't known. He took me by the hand
and walked me to the back of the store where there was nothing but gay porn.
Walls of dvds and videos. Looking around for a bit, he picked one up and
took it to the counter. "Hey Bob, it okay if I take this one home for a
couple nights?" he asked the guy behind the counter.

An old guy looked up from his Playboy, checked the vid and said, "Bring it
back in two days or I'll have to charge you."

Evan smiled at him and nodded, before tucking the dvd under his shirt. He
practically drug me out while explaining that he worked there every now and
again so he was allowed free rentals for two nights. "Did you drive or
walk?" he asked me as we left the store.

"I walked here. No car yet."

"That's cool. I drove so we can stash this there for now and go get
something to eat and go see a movie in theatre first."

We walked down a small alley that lead to a nearby parking garage. Up a
flight of stairs and down the rows, he finally stopped at a brand new
Pontiac Firebird. "My uncle won this and gave it to me for my birthday. He
said it wasn't a proper car for his girls and that it was just to cool for
an old guy like him."

He opened the passenger door for me and then walked around to his side.
Tossing the movie into the back seat, he started the car and backed out. Out
the garage and down the street, he said he was heading for the local dollar
theatre. They were apparently showing some old scary movie that he liked. I
liked the idea because the theatre was small, never crowded, and completely
dark. Completely, not even lights along the aisles so you could see where
you were going. Plus it had a balcony so we could hide under there.

We got to the theatre, he paid for the tickets and we decided not to get any
snacks. I was hoping there wouldn't be much time for them anyway. As we
entered the theatre I took his hand and led him to the back row, under the
balcony. The back row wasn't normal seats, it was a long bench; originally
they were cheaper seats then the individual ones, but now the theatre no
longer care. So we sat on the bench and waited for the lights to dim, all
the while we talked, in hushed tones so no one overheard, about which of the
guys on the sports team we thought were hot. When it occured to me to ask,
"Why'd Jake come into my shower and give me that message? Why not just come
to me yourself?"

"Well, everyone knows that Jake is bi (this was news to me!). So if he gave
you the message and someone saw or saw him go into the shower with you, then
no one would really care. And besides... I wasn't so sure you would come and
I wasn't sure if you were... you know, gay. I kinda figured you might be
when I realised you were staring at me in the locker room, but still..."

"Ah, well that makes sense. So, how long have you been wanting to ask me
out? I've been dreaming of you for almost 3 years now. Back when we had
freshmen PE together. FYI, that was also the first time I saw your cock.
Remember when our class had the swim unit? Yeah, you tried to hide it, but
you didn't do so well."

Evan blushed at that before telling me, "Well, I've been thinking about you
for a few years as well, but being gay scared me so I tried to push it away.
I guess I'm starting to accept it now. And if I remember right, you weren't
very good at hiding YOUR cock during freshmen PE either!"

My turn to blush but I tried to make an excuse but it just came out as
sputters. And that was when the lights began to dim and the intro credits
and previews for movies that had already come out started rolling. I turned
toward the screen, or rather, I tried to, but Evan took that moment to grab
my shirt and pull me to him. Shocked I didn't really do anything till he
started kissing me and then my body took over. We must have frenched for at
least ten minutes. All the while we were exploring each others bodies with
our hands. His were a bit shaky and uncertain but mine quickly found his
cock and began to massage it till it was harder than rock. He broke away as
I was massaging his cock and quickly started reciprocating what I was doing.
It was complete heaven. Finally we both stopped and he grinned devilishly
before he pushed me back onto the bench and laid down on top of me. Our
crotches were grinding together while he was exploring my mouth with his
tongue. All the while he was actively grinding our crotches together, one
time nearly making me cum. And we continued to do this for the majority of
the movie, only taking a break now and again to breathe, though during those
break we were often nuzzling and kissing other parts of each others bodies.

As the lights came back on we stopped and stood up. Even through our jeans
it was abundantly clear we were both hard as can be. So we high tailed it
back to Evan's car and he drove us back to his place. It was almost 10:30.
"Come on in, both my parents work night jobs so they should be gone by now,"
he said as he lead me into his house giving me no chance to say no. He led
me to the kitchen and grabbed a few sodas and a few Smirnoff's "just for
fun." Then he led the way past the living room and up 2 sets of stairs to
the attic, which was where his bedroom was. "I could have a room downstairs
but I like this one better. It's not bigger really, but it's not boring and
I have more privacy for whatever," he said winking at me.

Across from a small two seater couch was a tv and dvd player. He popped the
dvd from the movie store in. I hadn't even seen him grab it from the car.
And he pulled me over to the couch. As the movie started I wasn't very
surprised to see he had picked a movie with two guys about our age standing
in a locker room full of hot football players. One guy wasn't on the team
but the other guy was. Both were naked except for the football player in his
yellow jock and pads and the other guy was wearing slightly ripped blue
briefs. It was practically a mirror image of the two of us. While I was
watching the video somehow Evan had gotten up and stripped quietly. The guys
on screen were making out while the other football players had formed a ring
around them. Evan coughed and I looked up to see him standing in a yellow
jock. Only a yellow jock. And he was holding a pair of, you guessed it,
ripped blue briefs. He threw them to me smiling his devilish smile and said,
"I've been saving these for you."

Chapter 3: Fucking and Sucking for the first time

All I could do was stare at the briefs I now held in my hands. I could tell
just from looking at them that they would fit me just fine. They were
probably a pair that Evan wore himself. That thought got my already hard
cock quivering. Add to that Evan was still standing in nothing but an all
revealing thin yellow jock. Evan smiled more before saying, "Like I said,
I've been interested and infatuated with you for years. I borrow that
video," he said nodding to the video I had been ignoring since he had
returned, "at least once I month. The guy reminds me of you so very much
that I can't stop watching it." As he was saying all this I continued to
blush deeper and deeper shades of read. Then his smile turned devilish
again, "So go on, get in costume. Maybe we'll act out some of the scenes. Or
make a few of our own."

Dear fucking god, I must have blushed deeper than any person in the history
of the world at that comment. But it kindled a fire in me. I stepped out of
the room and into the nearby bathroom. After closing the door, I stripped
out of my clothes standing around in only my boxers, my very tented boxers.
Quickly I stripped those off and slipped on Evan's blue briefs. Whatever
they were, they weren't your normal cotton briefs. They were made of a
silkier cloth. They felt so good against my cock and ass. But they were a
size small, I think. They definitely left nothing at all to the imagination.
Finally dressed properly for what promised to be a pleasureable evening, I
left the sanctuary of the bathroom and found my hunky and nearly nude
football player waiting for me near his weight bench. As I made my way
towards the bench, Evan stood up, revealing a hard on in his own costume. He
approached me and we quickly melted from a simple embrace to empassioned
kissing. Fully exploring each others throats and bodies we just stood there,
our cocks seperated by mere pieces of fabric. Eventually, while still making
out, Evan began to lead me to the bench, mimicing what was happening on the
video, which neither of us was watching.

As we reached the bench, he pushed me down onto it and began to fondle me
through the briefs. Finally he teased them off of me and I sat there, cock
rock hard at attention, waiting for whatever he would do to or ask of me.
But he asked nothing of me. What he did do was send me to pleasure heaven,
or perhaps hell, it was that pleasurable. He had in mere moments gone from
towering over me, to kneeling before me sucking my cock for the first time.
He imitated the video as best as he could, coming off my cock at the precise
moment the actor came of the other man's cock. A few short minutes later I
was about to cum, and he stopped. "Nooooo keep going," I moaned.

"Uh uh," he said. "You can't cum yet. We've got the whole evening and
possibly the whole weekend if we want. So you can't cum just yet."

Fine I decided. I won't cum yet. So I decided to become the agressor. I
sprang from the bench and knocked him over from his kneeling posistion.
Surprised that I would do that, he put up little fight when I reached down
and grabbed his cock and balls through the jock. Seizing the opportunity
that his surprise at this action created, I went down and buried my face in
his cloth covered crotch before I began to lick and suck his cock through
the jock strap. A couple minutes of this passed and he had started to buck
his hips ever few seconds. That decided me. I ripped that jock down his legs
letting his hard on spring to life, freed from its prison. I took his rock
hard cock in my mouth, I methodically caressed his shaft with my tongue
before I began to bob up and down the shaft, stopping at the top to suck
every several bobs. For probably 10 minutes I brought him ever closer to
climax, stopping for a few moments before each time when I felt the
tightening of his muscles and cock, the tightening that told me he was just
about to cum. The entire time he didn't stop moaning. Finally I removed
myself from my ministrations and travelled up his body, kissing, licking, or
sucking various places until I got to his mouth. And again we made out. And
we enjoyed it.

As we both mutually stopped kissing one another he began to stand and
something popped into my head. And I said to Evan, "Fuck me. Now. Here."

Evan's eyes nearly bulged from his head, "But.. I.. never... I didn't..." he
started stammering. He was trying to say he had never meant or intended for
it to go that far. He didn't want to press me into doing something I didn't
want to do. But I wasn't hearing any of it. I held up my hand in protest to
his protests, "I know. But I want you too. Please? I want you to pop my
cherry here and now."

Evan's jawed dropped and he started to stammer but finally gave up. "Okay,
but I've never fucked anyone before. I want you to tell me if I'm hurting

"Deal" I lied. I knew that most guys felt some pain when they had their
cherries taken. Or at least that's what I believed. And with a cock as large
as Evan had, I knew I'd be sore in the morning and tonight. I didn't care

So Dan lead me back to the bench, and he leaned me over the bench. Neither
of us had any condoms, but that was okay. Since we were virgins, there was
no chance of passing a disease to the other. Besides, other guys were always
saying bareback was best. After I was comfortably rested over the bench, ass
bare to Evan, he grabbed my ass and spread my cheeks and bit. He posistioned
his cock head against my hole and started to slowly push in. "Just do it," I
said. And he did. I don't think he meant to do it so hard or fast, but he
punched into my ass. Dear GOD! It hurt. I took nearly 9 hard inches of thick
cock, and he shoved the whole thing up my ass. But finally the pain began to
fade and he started fucking my ass. Slowly but with some encouragement he
began to move faster and rougher. As he neared climax I said, "Pull out. I
want to taste your cum. I want it on my chest and face. In my hair. And in
my mouth."

Evan smiled, I think he did at least, and he pulled out. Helping me roll
over he placed his cock over mine and began to jack off. Seconds later he
shot a load that covered me from cock to hair. Some went into my mouth,
other drops covered my chest. The next burst landed mostly on my face and
the next shot hit my chin and chest. The rest, another 6 shots(!), all
landed on my chest. I was literally covered in Evan's cum. I licked what I
could off my face smiling in the process before scooping off my chest what I
could and sucking it from my fingers. I'd tasted some of my own cum before
but his was much saltier and sweeter.

"Oh god! That felt SOO good!" Evan exclaimed before concern spread across
his face. "You aren't hurt are you?"

"No, I'm just fine. By the way, your cum is tasty. I wish I could get some
more tonight."

That was when Evan realised that he hadn't yet let me cum. "Well, since you
let m-me f-f-uck you, it's only fair that you f-f-f-fuck me," he stammered
as he started to turn around. I could easily hear that he was scared.

"No, you aren't ready for it. I'm not forcing you to do something because
you think you owe me." I said in a matter of fact voice. His face eased a
bit and he smiled. "Well, how do suppose I pay you back then?"

"Well, I liked what you were doing earlier!" I smiled as devilishly as I

"OH! Yeah!" He dropped to his knees and began a repetition of his earlier
task. This time he teased me nearly to climax five times. At the sixth time
I started to go to far and I knew I would shoot. He chose that moment to
slip off my cock and place his face right in the line of fire. And since I
couldn't stop myself I covered his face and hair in my cum. His dark hair
was nearly white and there were few places of skin showing on his face. Who
knew I had that much cum?

"Shit!" he exclaimed after licking off what he could.

"Let me help you," I said as I began to suck my own cum off of his face.

"Lets go shower, I'd really like to do that right now," Evan said.

With no arguments from me, he dragged me into the bathroom and turned the
shower on. We showered between impassioned kisses and embraces. We refrained
from any sexual contact, sure that there would be time enough in the future.
When we finished we stepped back into his room and I realised what time it

"Oh shit! My parents are gonna kill me!"

"Why not call them and say you were invited to stay the night at a friends?"

"I can't lie to them!"

"Who said it'd be a lie?" he grinned devilishly and I knew what he was
extending an invite for tonight and every night I wanted to stay after

"Well, I suppose that would work. Though I dunno, what ever could we do to
amuse ourselves?" I grinned as I dialed.

"I'm sure that we can think of a few things." He flashed his devilish grin
again. I doubted that we'd sleep much that night. And my doubts turned out
right, we didn't.


(So what do you think? Is it good? Bad? Neither? What could be better? I've
never written anything erotic, fiction or otherwise, so I have no
experience. I'm also a virgin so I had to improvise those parts based on
porns I've seen and stories I've read and fantasies I've fantasized. Well,
any comments, questions, and suggestions can be directed to Make sure to include something with "Dirty
Closet Jock" in the subject so that I know what it is about and don't
accidentally delete it. I look forward to comments from y'all)

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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Dirty Closet Jock