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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Metamorphosis Of Jeremiah Long - Metamorphosis Of Jeremiah Long 1

Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2013 20:51:08 +0000
From: David Lee <>
Subject: The Metamorphosis of Jeremiah Long - a new high school tale

The Metamorphosis of Jeremiah Long


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This is a new coming of age story of a sheltered young teen and his
awakening. If you're a long-time reader, you know it's likely to fit my
usual style. Comments are welcome, but don't expect them to influence the
direction of the story. Remember, as author I have control over it!

The Metamorphosis of Jeremiah Long, Chapter 1

Jeremiah awakened about 1:00 a.m. with a start and a satisfied smile on his
face. He felt relaxed and happy. It had been the best dream he could ever
remember having had. A boy he'd seen recently had been in it with him.
They had done things that made his young body sing.

Suddenly his elation turned to panic as he realized what had happened. He
had done a forbidden thing spilled precious seed. It must have been
the Devil's work! He hadn't meant to do it. Would God punish him for
something he did in his sleep? He figured he knew the answer he'd get from
Reverend Iverson even before he had the opportunity to ask. He would have
to confess, possibly before the whole board of elders, if he was going to
be sanctified with the other boys at the end of next month. He would be 14
in September, and it was supposed to be done at 13, the age of

At least he could hide the evidence from his mother. Pastor Iverson had
said that women needed to be shielded from anything involving male

Jeremiah had awakened quickly enough not to get anything on his sheets. He
could rinse out the pouch of his briefs and place them over the register to
dry. The stifling summer heat should keep the air conditioning running
frequently enough to do the job before morning.

He rummaged through his closet to find a tank top to put on before removing
his underwear. After all, a chaste Christian boy was never supposed to be
completely uncovered. That was against God's will too.

Tiptoeing to the bathroom, he used a bit of shampoo to remove all of the
sticky substance from his briefs. He rinsed them and squeezed out as much
water as he could. Now there shouldn't be any way for Mom to know.

He toyed with the idea of going back to bed naked from the waist down, but
decided it might lead to temptation. Though he wouldn't be sinning if he
kept his tank on, he might be enticed to touch himself. Once he did, he
wouldn't have the self-discipline to stop before he'd wasted more of the
essence of life.

After putting on fresh briefs, Jeremiah knelt beside his bed to beg God's
forgiveness. He pleaded with sincere tears in his eyes. He didn't want to
burn in Hell. He was just too weak to live up to what God demanded. He
prayed for strength and for a sign that God loved him despite his
propensity for sinning.

He got very drowsy trying to pray and soon pulled himself up into his bed
where he quickly went back to sleep. As he drifted off, he thought of the
disciples who couldn't stay awake to watch with Jesus one hour in the
Garden of Gethsemane. He also thought of the boy from his dream.


When he awakened again a few hours later, he was still sleepy. He knew the
alarm would go off any minute, so he might as well get up and have his
usual bowl of cereal before starting his paper route.

He dressed hastily, changing back to the dry, but chilly, briefs he'd taken
from the register and putting the others back in his drawer. He would
shower and put those on when his deliveries were finished. The cold
underwear felt kind of cool in another sense of the word!


Harry was pleased to see Jeremiah pulling up to the corner on his bike as
he neared the drop-site in his old pickup. The boy was one of the few his
age responsible enough to be consistently punctual. He was a joy, despite
the weird church he went to.

Harry was running a bit early, so he sat on the tailgate visiting with the
lad, helping him roll the papers and slip rubber bands around them. Since
rain wasn't in the forecast, they could dispense with using plastic bags.

Jeremiah gave the old man a big thanks and a cheery wave as he started on
his way. At about mid-point on his route, he saw a boy around his age who
waved to him. The boy was cute as well as friendly. He waved back and
smiled. It was cool to feel like he might be able to make a friend outside
of the limited group he knew from church. But it might also be unwise.
The boy in question looked a lot like the one in his dream.

He felt like he could use a friend in any event. There were only four
other boys his age at church and they all seemed to be holier than he was.
They would never have let themselves think of another boy as being cute.
Sometimes Jeremiah felt very alone.


By the time Jeremiah got home, his mother had left for work. On the table
was a note reminding him to study his math before he did anything else.
She wanted him to pass the mandatory examination with high marks so the
state wouldn't question her ability to home-school him. If he didn't do
well, he might be forced to go to a public school. He also needed to
succeed in his education lest some judge question whether his mother should
maintain full custody.

Sometimes Jeremiah wished the state WOULD step in. If he were in public
school he'd soon have the whole summer free of studies. Of course he'd
also be exposed to all sorts of evil even more than the stuff which
had invaded his mind ever since he'd started growing hair down there.


His math assignment done, He showered and put on the briefs he'd slept in,
jean shorts, and one of his best shirts. Then he made himself a lunch of
leftovers. As he ate, he decided he might as well face the music and make
his confession. He tidied up the kitchen and climbed on his bike again,
heading for the church this time.

Elvira, Pastor Bob Iverson's secretary, ushered Jeremiah into the
minister's study. Pastor Bob told him to take a seat and asked him how
things were going.

It took several minutes for Jeremiah to finally come clean about his night
emission. When he did, he didn't mention that there was another boy in his
dream. Pastor Iverson listened thoughtfully, only interrupting in an
attempt to gain more details. He'd heard this sort of confession from
other boys in the past. It was always a titillating experience. Today,
he'd keep the image of a naked Jeremiah spilling his seed in the woods, and
tonight he'd demand his marital rights at home!

"Will God forgive me?" Jeremiah asked as he finished his admission.

"Yes! God has revealed a mission to me and you can help. He will see your
good works and surely redeem your soul if you do everything I say."

Jeremiah was overjoyed at the news even though he had gone through periods
of questioning whether Pastor Bob Iverson knew the will of God as
completely as he claimed. A number of doubts had entered his mind
frequently in the past few months.

"The world is full of queers and perverts. You know how often I've
preached against them and their sins. God has shown me a way to save their
souls. If they refuse to come to Jesus, then the only alternative will be
to send them to jail for what they do. I need the help of a good looking
boy like you to accomplish the mission. You can be the bait to lure them."

"What will I have to do?" Jeremiah wondered aloud, a bit of apprehension in
his voice.

"There is a restroom in one of our parks where those types of sinners go
looking for sex. I need you to hang out there too. I'll put a microphone
device under your shirt so I can hear what they say to you when they see
your penis while you're at the urinal supposedly peeing."

"What will they do?"

"Oh, they'll admire it and ask if they can pet it or suck on it. You'll
play with it a little to make it hard to keep them interested."

"Isn't that kind of like enticing them toward perdition?"

"You are building a good vocabulary, young man! But to answer your
question, they'll only be enticed if they're evil, and those are the kind
of people we want to get. I'll record what they say and play it back to
them. If they don't convert, I'll give the tape to the police so they can
be arrested and sent to jail."

"I'm not sure. Is it okay to scare them into believing?"

"Of course! All the great old-time evangelists did that, even Billy
Graham. The authentic ones on TV used to, but the messages aren't like
that these days. Now it's all about feeling good, not the Hellfire and
damnation sermons which make sinners repent."

"When do I start and what should I tell Mom?"

"We'll start tomorrow afternoon and I'll call your mother tonight so she
knows you'll be helping me. We shouldn't tell her what we're doing; just
say it's mission work. It will be our secret!"



Wearing a wire and clad in the muscle shirt and tight shorts Pastor Iverson
had bought for him at the Goodwill, Jeremiah rode to the park with the
minister. He was both excited and apprehensive about his assignment. He
had reservations about being involved, but felt he must do it in order to
clear his soul of wrong-doing, or at least convince the minister that he
was pure enough to be sanctified. It was difficult being a boy. Girls
obviously had an easier time. Their bodies didn't produce precious seed.
Seed was such a burden sometimes.

Pastor Bob parked his old minivan in the lot where he could observe who
went in and out of the restroom. Jeremiah went in and stood at the urinal
nearest the toilet stall which had a hole in it about three feet from the
floor. Standing there with his dick out felt strange and became boring.
He noticed the details of the toilet from graffiti to spider webs while he
waited. He grew tired of that and focused on his penis, pulling his
foreskin back and studying it. Doing so made it grow hard and feel good.

About the time Jeremiah wanted to give up and leave, a man approximately 40
years of age came in to use the urinal next to him. After a few seconds,
the man turned to watch as Jeremiah rubbed his penis.

"That's a fine dick you have there, kid. If you were old enough, I'd make
it feel really good for you."

"I'm old enough," Jeremiah insisted.

"Nope, not by a long shot! I'm not risking my freedom for a few minutes of

No one else came in for the next half hour and Jeremiah felt silly with his
limp dick hanging out. A few minutes before he needed to leave, the boy
he'd seen on his paper route, who resembled the one who had inhabited his
dreams, came into the facility and stood at the next urinal. The boy's
penis became erect as he showed it off. Jeremiah's swelled again too.

"Nice," the boy complimented him in a whisper.

Jeremiah put his finger to his lips and pulled up his shirt to reveal the
wire. The boy nodded with a frown on his face, and Jeremiah hurried out
toward the van.

"You left too soon." the minister said disapprovingly. "That boy might
have become interested. I thought he was saying something, but it didn't
come through."

"I thought you were only after old perverts; besides, you said you needed
to get back to the church by 3:00 and it's 2:45 already."

"So it is! I won't have time to drive you to your house. Can you walk
there from here?"

"Sure; it's not too far and I can use the exercise to help keep those
dreams away."

"Good thinking, lad! You are going to be very useful to me uh, to God
and me."

As Jeremiah began his walk, he passed a park bench where the boy was
sitting, his bike propped against the back. He asked Jeremiah to sit down
and talk.

"How come you're not in school?" Jeremiah asked.

"We had the afternoon off because of teacher meetings. How about you?"

"I'm home schooled, so I can be out anytime I want."

"Are you still..." The boy asked pointing to Jeremiah's chest.

Jeremiah pulled up his shirt to show that the wire was gone.

"Thanks for warning me in there," the boys exclaimed. "What's going on?"

"It's kind of a secret mission."


"Well, I'll tell you a little. Reverend Iverson is trying to get the goods
on perverts, older men that is. He wants to bring them to Jesus."

"Hmm, that's kind of a strange way to go about it."

"I know. It even bothers me some, but I have to do what he says."


"Because I don't want God to punish me."

"Okay... I liked what I saw in there. You have a nice dick."

"Thanks, I guess. Yours is nicer than mine. I wish I were circumcised,
but we aren't supposed to be - so we're not like the Jesus killers."

"Jesus killers?"

"Yeah, you know, the Jews."

"Well wasn't Jesus a Jew too? I remember reading that he was circumcised
the eighth day in the temple."

"You know scripture?" Jeremiah's voice betrayed his incredulity.

"Hey lots of us go to church, but just not to weird ones."

"You saying I'm weird?"

"Not you; I'm just saying... Anyway, let's not argue religion. Can I see
your stuff again?"

"I don't know... I have to get home soon - before Mom does."

"I'll ride you on my bike. It's mostly downhill."

"Okay, I guess."

"You 'guess' a lot, Jeremiah! Come on, let me chain my bike to the rack
and I'll show you my secret place."

"Wait, how come you know my name and where I live and I don't know anything
about you?"

"I'm Jon," the boy said offering his hand. "I know your name, your phone
number, and where you live because it's on the card for us to call if our
paper isn't there in the morning."

"Oh yeah. It's nice to meet you, Jon," Jeremiah responded, shaking his

Jon led the way through a patch of underbrush. The boys had to partially
crawl to get to their destination. It was a small clearing surrounded by
lots of bushes. Part of the park had been preserved in a more natural
state to provide a habitat for small animals. It evidently served as a
harbor for other kinds of creatures, as evidenced by a pop can, a few
cigarette butts, and a small torn foil wrapper about 1 inches square
with the word "Trojan" on it.

Jeremiah knew in his heart that he shouldn't be doing this. It was
temptation and he should have run away the minute he recognized it. But
his curiosity had overcome his conscience. Until today, he'd never seen an
erect penis other than his own. The man in the restroom had had a really
big one, but it seemed rather ugly to him with its bulging veins and very
purple head. Jon's dick was awesome looking. The sight of it set his
loins on fire with lust.

Jon pulled off his shirt and laid it on the grass in case he wanted to use
it like a blanket later. He helped Jeremiah remove his, aware that the
latter was shaking.

"Are you scared?"

"A little."

"I won't hurt you."

"I know, but...."

"But what?"

"It's all so new to me! I've never done this before."

"You're gonna love it, and I hope we get to do it a lot!"

Jon lightly traced his fingers over Jeremiah's chest, teasing his left
nipple in the process. Jeremiah could feel the tingling clear to his
perineum (although he didn't yet know what it was called).

"Let me help you with these," Jon offered placing his thumbs under the
elastic waistband of Jeremiah's thin basketball shorts which were now
bulging obscenely.

"Uh, wait!" Jeremiah stammered.


"You first."

Jon removed his own shorts and underwear in one smooth move.

"There. What do you think?"

"You're beautiful! I mean, wow! It's so smooth and perfect. The tip is
so pink!"

"Well, don't I get to see too?"

Jeremiah pulled down his shorts, never taking his eyes off the object of
his desire as he did so. Jon moved slowly toward him, pulling their bodies
together in his embrace. At that moment, Jeremiah knew this was his
destiny. If the desire for another boy was the unforgivable sin, he was
bound for Hell with no reprieve. His shaking was no longer caused by fear,
but by sheer excitement.

They stepped back to admire and touch each other. Jeremiah was fascinated
by the silky plump head of Jon's penis while Jon was equally mesmerized by
Jeremiah's foreskin. He pushed it back to expose a perfectly shaped head.
When he did it a second time, a large drop of precum oozed from the slit.
Jon caught it on his index finger and touched it to his tongue. Jeremiah's
opened his mouth in astonishment.

"Haven't you ever tasted your precum?" Jon asked with a smile.


Jon milked another drop onto his finger and put it to Jeremiah's lips.
They opened to accept it. Jeremiah got brave and did the same with a
string of natural lube that was hanging from the tip of Jon's dick, tasting
it and then offering some to Jon. It was by far the naughtiest thing he
could ever remember doing and it excited him.

"Let's lie down. I want to have a closer look at your skin." Jon said.

When Jeremiah lay down on his back, Jon lay the opposite way on his side so
both could have a very close look indeed. Jon's only experience with
boy-sex to this point had been jacking off with a group of friends in a
circle at camp and occasionally with another school chum. He'd never
touched or smelled another guy's equipment.

This was great!

Since Jeremiah was more inexperienced, the present situation had an even
bigger impact on him. As he felt his foreskin being milked across his
sensitive glans, he couldn't hold back any longer. With a grunt, and a
gasp which bordered on a sob, he unloaded his seed for the second time in
38 hours. It landed on his abs, pooling in his navel.

Jon got up on his knees and pumped his cock until it spewed another load
beside Jeremiah's. Then he pulled a Kleenex from his pocket and wiped
Jeremiah's body.

Jeremiah was holding back his tears. He knew he had participated in
something that must be very wicked, but it had been so beautiful, like
heavenly light. Didn't the Bible call Lucifer an angel of light? Well,
he'd no doubt get to meet Lucifer after he died because he certainly was
now a fallen being too.

Jon sensed Jeremiah's internal turmoil because he was also conflicted in
his mind. He felt guilty for taking pleasure in fooling around with an
innocent boy. Yet Jeremiah had seemed eager to participate.

"I'd better get you home," he said with a slight smile.

Jeremiah nodded, not knowing what to say.

"You're a special guy and this was a very special thing for me," Jon
remarked, trying to show that he felt something beyond momentary lust.
"I've never touched another guy like we did."

Then Jon did something he hadn't planned to do. He took Jeremiah into his
arms and kissed him on the lips. Jeremiah's body stiffened for a split
second and then he melted into Jon's embrace. Their hearts throbbed as
one. It was a bonding moment that wouldn't be forgotten.


Although his mind was still in turmoil, Jeremiah had composed himself
pretty well before his mother came home. He had set out their plates and
silverware for dinner and started the charcoal grill so she could cook soon
after she arrived.

Mavis Long was pleased with her son's thoughtfulness. She assumed his
extra effort must be the result of being close to Pastor Iverson. What a
joy it was to have a true man of God leading their little congregation!

When it was bedtime, Jeremiah said his prayers as usual. He told God he
was sorry if he'd done wrong, but he couldn't understand why something so
wonderful was sinful. He asked God for a sign to let him know if he'd
committed the unpardonable sin or not. Then he went to sleep and didn't
awaken until his alarm went off just in time for him to get up for his
paper deliveries.

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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Metamorphosis Of Jeremiah Long - Metamorphosis Of Jeremiah Long 1