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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Rent Boi Roy - Rent Boi Roy 4

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Walking down the street Roy put out his hand grabbing hold of Benny's
saying, "I love you too Benny and I never want to be parted from you, so
let's just put today down to experience and look forward to the next
adventure which will be making another movie tomorrow."

That's the picture they painted walking hand in hand down the street,
happily in love no matter what hit them...

Once they got back home they showered and got into bed watching TV for a
while before dropping off to sleep wrapped in each other's arms. They were
up bright and early the next day making sure that they were clean in all
parts of their bodies before heading off to be picked up and taken to the
mansion, as they called their movie making studio.

The same car, same driver picked them up and drove them to the house were
once again Lou the movie boss was waiting for them. They were taken into
the studio straight off were Stan the cameraman was waiting for them. He
then began setting up the lighting and camera positions for the first

Lou began to explain the scenario to them, "Basically this film takes up
were you left off with your first movie. You will both be making out,
getting horny on the bed and be in a sixty-nine position when Joseph the
third actor comes in. He watches what you are doing and strips off so he
can join in the action. Stan will direct you from then on." He paused
before continuing.

"Joseph is of Mexican origin. I must warn you that he has a big cock and
by big I mean big as in ten inches and thick. I have told him to go gentle
with you guys and I'm sure you will be alright. This is why we are paying
you the extra money."

Stan took up were Lou left off, "After the daisy chain he will line you
both up side by side and methodically rim, finger and then fuck you both,
going from one to another before cumming all over your backs. Do you
understand all that?"

Both of them nodded their heads while being a bit scared at the thought of
such a big cock going into them. They both stripped off and got themselves
hard as Stan lined up the first shot of the movie. They still hadn't met
the Mexican with the big cock yet and wondered where he was.

Both of them did as they we're instructed and in fact began to get carried
away when they were in the sixty-niner position until Stan called a halt.
It was then that they met there co-star. He was about six feet two and
almost black. He had a bit of American Negro in him as well as Mexican. He
was already naked and had oil rubbed all over his body so that he literally
shone and glistened under the lights.

He introduced himself with a gentle handshake and spoke in a soft voice,
"Hi guys, I know I have a big cock but I'll try not to hurt you, although I
think that's what they want." He said nodding at Lou and Stan, "So it might
be best to yell now and again as if you're in pain just to please them."

Both nodded and he then asked for some help to get hard. They obliged by
both of them tackling his massive cock. Stan called us to hang on because
he wanted that on film so we relaxed and chatted like old friends. Joseph
was really a softy and explained that he too had got kicked out by his
parents when they found out he was gay, "I was lucky and got into the Porn
movie business almost right away. Except sometimes I have to do it with
women but I don't mind, I just think of the money."

By now Stan was ready, so they hardened each other up again, ready for
action. The daisy chain bit was good with Roy getting to suck Joseph's cock
first. He got quite excited running his tongue up and down his shaft before
taking as much as he could into his mouth.

Once again Stan yelled `cut' and they stopped to take a breather while he
set everything up for the fuck session. While he was doing that Lou
suggested lunch, telling us that his cook had the bar-b-que going and some
juicy steaks sizzling. He gave all three of us housecoats to wear and we
went out onto the patio for what was a great meal.

Stan after about forty-five minutes called them back into the studio, so
off they went. Joseph went to great pains to oil their butts and his cock
to lessen the pain. Under Stan's direction Benny and Roy squatted down on
all fours with their butts in the air. Joseph began rimming both of them
in turn and playing with their cocks and balls.

Finally Stan had set everything up for the fuck sessions. Once again
Joseph used a lot of KY before he slowly began to insert his massive cock
into Roy's ass. Being mainly a top Roy didn't think he would enjoy this,
but once the incredible pain had eased as he was being slowly entered, it
wasn't too bad. In fact Roy was beginning to enjoy it when it was Benny's
turn to take it up the ass.

Both guys made the right noises as if it hurt real bad and they also kissed
each other from time to time. Joseph slowly and methodically fucked them
both while reaching around to play with their cock and balls as well.

This went on for some considerable time as Stan tried different angles and
so on. Each time we stopped Joseph would anxiously ask if he was hurting
us. Benny with his cheeky grin informed him that he was enjoying it
immensely but he'd rather stick to his boyfriend in the future. Finally
they rolled over onto their backs as Joseph stood over them jacking off and
producing a mighty stream of cum which splattered all over their
bodies. Then it was the boys turn to Jack off lying on their backs, adding
to the sticky mess the boys were already in.

Stan finally called that it was a wrap and everyone applauded. Lou beaming
all over his face as he came up to congratulate all three on a great
job. It was then that they noticed it was getting dark outside and that
we'd been at it all day.

All three headed for the showers and washed each other carefully while
cheeky Benny asked Joseph, "How much are you being paid for today?"

Laughing Joseph told him, "I get two thousand pounds every time I perform.
My name on the DVD cover means money in the bank for these guys now that
I've made a name for myself."

He paused before asking, "How much is he paying you guys?"

When Benny told him six hundred quid he got mad saying, "That's no were
near enough for what you guys had to do today. Leave it with me and I'll
tell him he should pay you at least eight hundred for today. If the film
is edited right, Lou and his cohorts will make about a quarter of a million
out of that movie because it will go worldwide."

As soon as he was dressed he went looking for Lou and came back in about
ten minutes later, winked at us telling us it had all be fixed. He gave
both of the boys a kiss and a hug before leaving saying on the way out, "I
hope I get to do another movie with you guys, it was a pleasure you're both
great kids." This was followed by another kiss and a hug as he made his way
out the door.

True to his word when we approached Lou he handed us eight crisp brand new
one hundred pound notes which we readily accepted. He then said, "That was
great guys; I'd like to set up a sort of sequel to that movie. Stan and I
have just had a quick chat and we thought maybe for part two the both of
you could take on Joseph, sort of reverse the roles and we would do it
outside for something different. Anyway, I'll let Benny know when and if we
go ahead with that."

The whole concept of working with Joseph again sounded great and they told
Lou they would be very interested in doing something with Joseph
again. With handshakes all round we went outside to find our driver ready
and waiting to take us back into the city.

I was walking out just in front of Benny and he started laughing. Roy
asked him what was wrong and he said, "Looking at you from behind your
walking funny as if you still have Joseph's cock up your ass."

Laughing back Roy said, "Well it feels as if it's still up there, anyway
you're walking just the same way as I am."

Both started laughing like crazy and the poor driver couldn't make out what
was so funny. We never did explain it to him because he would never
understand anyway.

Just as they did last time they went to this rather posh steakhouse and had
a wonderful slap up meal which cost close to a hundred pounds, but was well
worth it. Just as they sat down Benny began to laugh again, almost falling
on the floor he was laughing so much, "what, what is it this time?"

Finally he was able to blurt out the words, "If wonder if we asked the
waiter for two cushions to sit on, if he would oblige us." Well that did
it, Roy began to giggle and laugh as well and both of them laughed so much
that other customers around them began to look and stare, so they calmed
down and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

It was getting quite late when they left to go home and Benny suggested
that they go round to Big Jimmy's and pay the rent while they still had the
cash. Jimmy wasn't in but one of his minders was and he took the cash
giving them a receipt at Benny's insistence just in case.

As they walked home from Big Jimmy's Benny remarked, "We do a lot of
walking and we can't drive because we're not old enough, so what if we go
to one of the charity shops and pick up a couple of cheap bicycles so we
can get around a bit quicker?" Roy thought that was a good idea and
suggested they should go and have a look tomorrow.

When they finally arrived home totally exhausted all they could do was
climb into bed and fall asleep right away.

Next morning Roy was awake first and looking at that angelic figure lying
next to him, he thought how lucky I am to have such a great guy as a
boyfriend. He was just about to get quietly out of bed without disturbing
his partner when a couple of hands went around his waist and pulled him
back onto the bed. The next thing he knew a pair of lips were making
contact with his own, slowly parting them so a smooth tongue could enter
his mouth.

The hands themselves began to roam over his naked body because they usually
slept without any clothes on. He heard a voice murmur I love you Roy and
felt his rapidly rising cock being slowly caressed. Benny then pulled away
from his lover's mouth, slowly traveling down his body until his mouth was
on the tip of his cock. He began to lick the opening, enjoying the taste
of the pre-cum before moving his mouth fully over him and moving down until
his lovers cock was in his mouth and down his throat.

Moaning softly Ron wallowed in the joy of having his boyfriend go down on
him and he was surprised that it took no time at all before he felt that he
was going to cum. Benny noticed it also and eased off a little, fully
intending to make this blow job last.

Roy lasted for about another ten minutes before blowing a big load down his
partner's throat. Once he went soft they began kissing again sharing Roy's
juice before he went down on Benny returning the favor. Benny lasted about
the same amount of time before shooting all he had into Roy's willing

Once again they began kissing and cuddling and before long Roy was hard
once again. Feeling the hard cock against his body, Benny rolled over onto
his back with his feet in the air. He didn't say anything; he just waited
for Roy to enter him which he did. Slowly at first until he was fully
inside him before slowly and methodically moving his cock in and out. The
look on Benny's face told him that everything he was doing was correct.

The look on Benny's face was one of sheer pleasure as Roy gradually
increased the tempo until he was fucking him long and hard. Of course that
kind of pace meant that the juice was rising and before long he was filling
his boyfriend's ass. Both boys had the look of complete contentment on
their faces as Roy collapsed on top of Benny their mouths eagerly finding
each other.

They remained like that for some time before both of them had to head to
the bathroom and being a caravan only one at a time could use it. Benny
went first and then Roy. Of course by this time both of them were hungry,
so Benny started cooking breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon and sausage
with toast and orange juice.

After they had eaten both boys cleared everything up and did the washing up
before tidying the caravan. Then they got ready to go down to the mall and
see if they could pick up some business. On the way they discussed their
finances, "While we did well doing the movie we will have to keep the money
flowing in, otherwise we'll run out." Benny said.

They arrived at the mall hanging around their usual spot but found no one
was around but a lot of security all over the place. Benny knew one of
them and asked him what was going on, "You'd better make yourself scarce
because we are supposed to escort off the premises any one hanging around
trying to pick up guys."

"We don't do anything like that." Benny protested.

"Come off it you're talking to me now, I know exactly what you do, hustling
older guys for blow jobs and getting paid for it. Well the management has
received complaints and we have strict orders to remove people like
yourself off the premises after taking your picture so that the next time
you come in here you will be noticed."

The next thing the boys knew they were facing a camera having mug shots
taken before being escorted out by two other security guys.

"What are we going to do now?" Roy asked.

"We'll have to go work the streets for now until we can think of something
else. If the malls closed then there will be more guys working the
streets, which will make it harder to make a living." Benny told him. "Come
on let's go and see if we can pick up some lunchtime trade."

They headed off back to the street they had been in the other night, but
when they arrived it was wall to wall guys waiting for customers, "This is
no fucking good, let's go home and rest and come back early tonight."

They were just about to leave when they spotted a little kid who couldn't
have been more than eight years old being pushed around by a couple of
older guys. It was obvious by their language and attitude that the kid was
trying to work their patch. Without waiting, Benny rushed in pushing the
guys out of the way and grabbing the kid by the arm telling him to come
with us. We'd see that he was all right.

He brought him back over to were Roy was and it was obvious the kid was not
only very young but also hungry and suffering from malnutrition.
Underneath his thin shirt and dirty shorts it was plain to see he wasn't in
the best shape. You could see his ribs showing through his skin which was a
pale yellowy color. His hair underneath the dirt appeared to be blonde,
plus he had no shoes on his feet which were filthy and cut.

He looked scared wondering what we were going to do to him and Benny put
his arm around him trying to stop the trembling, "Don't worry we won't hurt
you, let's see what we can do to help you. First what's your name?"

"Sammy, Sammy Kershaw." This thin shaky a bit squeaky replied.

"How old are you Sammy?"

"Eight and a half." Was the reply.

"Well you'd better come with us and we'll see what we can do to get you
something to eat, give you a bath and then see what we can do. Is that all
right with you?" Benny said.

"Er yes I suppose so."

"Well my name is Benny and this is Roy." We both smiled at him and got a
thin little grin back in return. With Sammy between us we headed off down
the road to our caravan. When we got there he looked in amazement at our
home saying, "This is a nice place you have."

"Yea we like it, now you hop into the shower and we'll cook you something
to eat. We will also see if we have any clothes which are now too small
for us but might do you." Benny told him. Roy showed him where the soap
and shampoo was and got him a clean towel out of the cupboard and left him
to it. Meanwhile Benny started cooking sausages, baked beans, canned
tomatoes and eggs.

We heard the shower door slide open and turning around we saw a thin frail
looking body standing naked before us, "In return for all this which of you
do I give a blow job to first?"

Both of us were amazed at the words coming out of his mouth, "We don't want
anything back in return, what makes you say things like that?" Roy asked

"Well normally when people are nice to me like this they want something in
return and it's usually sex. If you don't want a blow job who's going to
fuck me first?"

"Listen to me Sammy; we didn't bring you home to take advantage of you. We
brought you here because we care and want to help you." Benny said, "Anyway
you're far too young for that kind of thing anyway. Now we've found some
clothes for you. They will be a bit big but should do you until we can go
out and get you something better from one of the opportunity shops."

He put the clothes on we had spread out on the bed and we couldn't help but
laugh because they were far too big for his tiny frail body. He looked in
the mirror and began to laugh as well, "Now come and sit down and eat, you
look as if you haven't had a meal for a while." Benny said.

Sammy sat down at the table and wolfed down the food put before him along
with six slices of bread and butter and two glasses of milk. We both sat
and watched him but nobody spoke until he had finished and he leant back in
his chair, a contented look on his face.

"It looked like you needed that when did you last eat?" Roy asked

"Three days ago." Was the answer. Both of them wondered why he was still
alive being the state he was in. Benny than asked the big question, "What
about your parents were are they?"

Sammy hung his head down and said almost in a whisper, "They threw me out
about three months ago telling me that they never wanted me anyway and
certainly not a kid who was a fagot. Since then I've been on the streets
sleeping wherever I can and turning the odd trick, but because of my age a
lot of guys are too scared to go with me." He yawned and we suggested that
he lay down on our bed and have a sleep for a while which he readily did.

While Sammy slept the boys discussed what they were going to do with him,
"We can't just turn him back out onto the streets. He's far too young to be
out there on his own. Benny pointed out.

"I think we should try and look after him ourselves, except it won't be
easy financially for us especially when we can't get back into the mall."
Roy said. They discussed the pros and cons and went back and forward on
what to do. They decided that no matter what they couldn't let him go back
onto the streets.

"Firstly when he wakes up we will have to try and find out a bit more about
him, like were he's from, about his parents and his schooling as
well. Maybe he could go to school with you when you go on Monday, any way
that's up to him." After he had finished speaking Roy looked across at the
tiny almost elf like figure sleeping like a baby curled up in a ball. His
mouth slightly parted and his blonde hair falling across his forehead, "He
looks so angelic and peaceful we have no option but to look after him until
he is old enough to look after himself." Benny said.

He leaned across kissing Roy softly on the lips saying, "Gorgeous, I love
you so much, you're the best thing that ever happened to me and no matter
what happens we now have a young child to look after." He kissed him again
this time more forcefully and they began to open their mouths allowing each
other's tongues to do their stuff.

Both were getting hard so they pulled apart with some reluctance, not
wanting to wake young Sammy with the sounds of their love making. To get
their mind off sex they turned the TV on softly, cuddling with each other
as they sat and watched some soap opera. Neither of them were really
watching because they both were immersed in their own thoughts which
centered on Sammy.

It was quite late when Sammy finally began to stir and wake up. He sat up,
rubbed his eyes and looked around confused momentarily wondering where he
was, "Hello sleepy head, you had a good long sleep, how do you feel now?"
asked Roy.

"Pretty good, but I should be getting going and try to make some money

"You don't have to go anywhere, Roy and I have been talking and apart from
the fact that you're far too young to be out hustling on the streets, you
are more than welcome to stay here and we'll look after you."

There was silence for a while as Sammy took all that in, "But I need to pay
my way no matter what."

"Well you can keep the caravan neat and tidy, do things like washing up and
other general chores. How does that sound?" Benny said.

Sammy was silent for a while before nodding his head in agreement saying,
"Ok, let's give it a try. You guys are great for taking in a complete
stranger like this and are you sure you don't want to have sex with me in
return for what you have done?"

Benny with a hint of anger in his voice replied, "No we don't. Neither of
us are like that and we have no intensions of taking advantage of a young
kid like you, so get that idea out of your head right now,"

"We know how you feel because both of us have been through the same thing
only we were a bit older when we got thrown onto the streets." Roy
added. With all that settled plus the fact that it was getting late the two
boys began to get ready to go out and see if they could make some money,
"There is a single bunk at the other end of the caravan which will be your
bed and your area. Tomorrow we'll go and buy you some more clothes and
other toiletry stuff you might need but it is up to you to keep your own
space neat and tidy, understood?" Sammy nodded his head in agreement as
tears began to form in his eyes. He moved around the table getting between
the two boys putting his arms around them saying with a sob, "Nobody has
ever been this kind to me. My parents hated me from birth because they
didn't want me. I was a mistake and they were forever telling me this. They
threw me out because they thought I was gay and they were right anyway but
all they wanted was an excuse to get rid of me anyway.

I found I could make good money hustling older guys who liked young kids
but sometimes they were cruel and often refused to pay me, so if you want
me to go out and work I will. I don't like it and sometimes it hurts like
hell when they shove a big cock into me without any lube. I put up with
that even though I cry, but some of them like to make me cry anyway." By
now tears were rolling down his cheeks as he remembered some of the
terrible things which had happened to him.

Both Benny and Roy gave him a cuddle and he rested his head on Roy's chest,
a look of contentment coming over his face, Don't worry Sammy you'll never
have to put up with anything like ever again, we'll look after you and try
our best to keep you safe."

They sat together in silence for a while before Benny and Roy said they had
to go out and try and earn some money. They walked to one of the streets in
Birmingham known as a good pick up area. They got there and found the
street crowded with guys all there with the same purpose to pick up tricks.

The problem there was very little business because the police had parked a
patrol car with two officers in it right in the middle of the street. Any
potential customers once they spotted the car headed off without
stopping. They hung around for a while but it was obvious it was going to
be a waste of time. So they walked around to another street which was
sometimes a good pickup spot but the scene was the same with a police car
parked and a heap of guys just hanging around.

Benny said, "This is a waste of time lets go home and put this down to a
lost cause." While Roy agreed he was beginning to worry about were the next
money was going to come from, "What are we going to do especially when we
have an extra mouth to feed?"

"Don't worry lover something will turn up, it always does, even if we have
to go to the Salvation Army shelter for our meals for a while. The biggest
problem is paying Big Jimmy the rent."

That thought stopped both of them talking as they wondered what would
happen with their landlord. They arrived back at the caravan and found
Sammy asleep on their bed with the TV blaring out. He had obviously been
watching television and had fallen asleep.

He woke as we walked in rubbing his eyes asking why we were back so early.
They told him what was happening and Benny suggested that instead of
cooking they would walk down to the fish and chip shop to buy supper.

On the way they chatted about nothing in particular while Sammy looking
happy for what was possibly the first time in his life skipped ahead. He
then waited for them to catch up, moving between them and holding hands
with both of them.

They got the fish and chips and ate them while slowly walking back to the
caravan. Benny got some sheets and blankets out and made up Sammy's bed for
him. They watched television for a while and Roy made them hot
chocolate. When they had finished their drink Sammy made his way to the
other end of the van after kissing both of them goodnight and once again
thanking them for taking him in.

Once he was gone the two boys got ready for bed and once they were under
the covers they began to cuddle up and kiss each other. Benny began to get
the giggles and Roy asked him what was wrong, "I was just thinking, now
that we have a young kid staying with us we'll have to keep our love making
noises down to a minimum."

That got Roy giggling as well until they began kissing again but they
didn't take their lovemaking any further that night. They had both been
asleep for about three hours when they felt someone joining them in bed.

It was Sammy who moved between the two of them snuggling up to his new
parents. It certainly looked as if he hadn't woken up but was sleep
walking. The next morning that is how they all woke up, in the same
positions as they had been. Sammy when he woke looked around him wondering
where he was, "How did I get here when I went to sleep in my own bed?"

"We think you where sleep walking Sammy when you climbed in between us."
Benny explained.

"Sorry guys I can't remember any of that, Why didn't you put me back in my
own bed?"

"You looked so peaceful that we didn't want to disturb you and it was cozy
with all three of us in the one bed anyway." Roy said. They had cereal for
breakfast before the boys got ready heading down to the street to see if
they could pick up some lunch trade.

The situation was pretty much the same as the night before except the
police car had gone but there were few customers and a lot of guys waiting
in hope. They hung around for a couple of hours chatting with some of the
guys they knew and found out that some do-gooder politician was out to make
a name for himself by cleaning up the streets of prostitutes and fagots.
The general consensus was that in a couple of weeks' time it would be over
and they would be back to normal but until then they had live and eat.

After hanging around for more than two hours and getting nowhere they
decided to catch a bus and try one of the malls in one of the outer
suburbs. On the way they discussed how much cash they had and how much in
the bank, "We'll have enough for one month's rent and food and then we're
in trouble." Benny explained.

"Surely we'll get something happening before then, maybe Sol will come up
with another movie job." Roy said. They arrived at the new mall, one they
hadn't been to before and hung around the toilet block but nothing happened
or even looked like happening.

They were sitting on a bench when Big Jimmy came swaggering by. He saw the
guys and came over, "Hey man they kick you outta the city as well?" He
asked and the boys told him what was happening, "Yea man I heard dat, they
told me to fuck off too. Listen; if you wanna work off your rent you could
do some little deliveries for me if you like."

"What sort of deliveries?" Benny asked.

Laughing Big Jimmy said, "Oh just a few packages for me and collect a bit
of cash as well man, You know what I mean." He laughed and winked at us and
the boys realized right away that meant delivering drugs, a risky business
but if the worse happened they might have to take him up on his offer.

"We'll think about it Jimmy." Benny told him as he sauntered off, "I don't
really want to deliver the stuff he sells but it might be our only means of
survival." Benny said.

"I'm not too happy about it either so let's keep that as a last resort."
Was Roy's reply.

One guy did approach them but as soon as he started to talk to us two
security guys walked past and he took off, so once again it was a no
business day. Not long after that they took the bus back home picking up a
pizza on the way.

Back at the van they were amazed when they went in, the place was spotless
and everything had been put away and tidied up, Sammy had been very busy
while they had been out. They told him the bad news while they ate their
dinner and when the pizza had been polished off they had some ice cream and
tinned fruit which Sammy had found.

Roy raised the subject of school while they ate including Sammy as well as
himself, "I don't really think I should go back to school while business is
so slow but we should enroll you Sammy so that you get a good education."

Sammy wasn't too happy about that, telling the guys that the short time he
attended school he hated it and was bullied constantly. Benny spoke up
next saying, "I think the both of you should go to school and continue with
your education, after all Roy there is only barely enough work out there
and in any case only one of us needs to be out there in that case."

Both Sammy and Roy protested and the subject was left open on a wait and
see basis. After they had finished eating all three lay together on the big
bed watching TV. With Sammy placing himself in the middle once more,
snuggling up to both of the boys and enjoying the affection he was getting
from both guys, something he had never had in his life until now.

They watched an old movie until quite late before they kissed and hugged
Sammy. He headed to his own bed and the two boys got into their own
bed. Both of them were feeling pretty horny so once they thought Sammy was
asleep they made love for another couple of hours before falling asleep in
each other's arms.

It was close to five in the morning when once again Sammy made his way into
their bed and went back to sleep between the two of them. The guys didn't
mind because they knew he was starved of affection and they fully intended
to make that right.

To be continued...

Writer's corner.

In this chapter we met someone new in the shape of Sammy a young boy thrown
out because of his sexual preferences. He was lucky to be found and taken
under the wing of Benny and Roy who will I'm sure bring him up as if he was
their child. I certainly hope so.

Then we had the movie which turned out not to be quite as painful as they
thought, plus they got more money than they expected thanks to their
co-star Joseph. I feel certain that a second movie with this guy will
happen, don't you?

Most professions at some time or another have a recession and the rent boy
business is no exception. It is to be hoped that it doesn't go on too long
because neither of the boys want to become drug runners for big Jimmy if it
can be avoided.

Please let me know what you think of this chapter so that I know if I am on
the right track.



Editors Corner.

Well its great to have another awesome chapter for this great story. I
love the story line, especially knowing that in real life things like this

I am thrilled the boys found Sammy and have taken him in. No child,
especially one that is as young as he is deserves being left homeless and
on their own. I hope his parents rot in hell. The things this poor kid
had to endure just to be able to get some food to eat is enough to make me
sick. How can people do things like this? I know it is real life but it
kills me to read about it.

I am sure the boys will figure a way to get some cash and hopefully not
become drug runners.

Don't forget to write Trevor to let him know your thoughts about this
story, good or bad.

Until next time have an awesome day.


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