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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Rusty Models His Briefs - Rusty Models His Briefs 2

Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 10:51:12 -0400
Subject: "Rusty Models his Briefs" Chapter 2 A high school story

This is a story of two high school boys who are turned on by underwear and
other designer clothing. It's not my thing, but what the fuck? I'm just a
writer. You know the rules about age limits or being illegal to read this
kind of stuff so if you're not supposed to, or think you would be offended
don't read it. All characters in this story are played by people over 18.
Proof is on file.

               "Rusty Models his Briefs", Chapter 2

                      By: - Jesse Fonda

                     "Kevin learns to like dick"

"You probably know that your mom and I are having some problems. It
has nothing to do with you. You're our son and we'll both love you no
matter what, but we need some time to work things out. How would you like
to go to your Grandparent's farm for a few weeks to give us some alone time
to talk about stuff?"

Even though Kevin was only twelve he knew he wasn't really being asked
what he wanted. So he just answered, "Sure, that will be great. I love the

His Aunt Fran and his cousin Blake lived with his grandparents
too. Blake was fourteen, so at least he'd have someone around his age to
hang out with. It was a three-hour drive to the farm. Kevin's parents were
going to stay over night and leave for home after lunch the next day.

Blake's room had two single beds so Kevin got put in with him since it
would only be a few weeks. That night as Kevin was falling asleep, Blake
whispered, "Do you jack-off?"

Kevin had heard about it in school and he had tried it a few times but
he didn't do it as a regular thing like a few of his friends said they did,
so he answered "no."

"You care if I do?" Blake asked.

"No." Kevin answered again.

He listened for a while, to the sounds of his cousin spanking the
monkey, but although he was curious, he was so tired he soon fell asleep.

After all the good byes after lunch the next day, Blake and Kevin went
out to the barn and climbed up to the hay loft. "Don't you ever jack-off?"
Blake asked him as they lay back on an old quilt spread on the soft
hay. Kevin told him," I've sort of done it a few times but not that much
happens and my wrist gets tired so I just never got into it. Some of my
friends say they do it a lot but I don't.

"Maybe you're not doing it right." Blake told him. Didn't anyone ever
show you how?"

"No," Kevin replied. "Did someone show you how to do it?"

'Yea, There's this really cool guy who lives over on the old Bailey
farm. Steve, he's older and he's got a big one. He showed me and my buddy
Chuck how to do it. He jacked us too and let us jack him off. Chuck and me
have done other stuff with him too."

"What kind of other stuff?" Kevin asked.

"Umm, ya know, just other stuff. Maybe I'll tell ya later
sometime. You want me to jack you off or at least show you how?"

"Sure." Kevin answered. He was still curious about the whole thing and
wanted to see Blake do it too so he could see his dick. He had heard that
stuff squirts out but it never had for him and he was thinking that maybe
Blake might be able to do that.

"Ok, take your clothes off." Blake started to take his own t-shirt,
shoes, socks and Levis off. Kevin stripped too and soon both boys were
lying naked, side-by-side in the warm, slightly dusty air of the upper

Kevin had never seen another boy's hard dick before. He was pleased
that even though Blake was fourteen his cock wasn't that much larger than
his own. Blake had a lot more pubic hair though. It was darker and curlier
looking than the thin dark red peach fuzz that Kevin had. "You want me to
do yours first and then you can do mine?" Blake asked.

"Ok, just do it slow at first. I don't want you to pull it too hard."

Blake laughed and offered the palm of his hand to Kevin. "Spit in my
hand." Blake told him.

Kevin wondered if Blake had gone crazy but did as he was told. His
cousin then put the hand with the spit around Kevin's boner and slowly
stroked up and over the head. Kevin shivered with the sensation. 'Oh
shit. I was doing it wrong!' He thought to himself.

Blake slowly began to stroke Kevin's sensitive cock. Kevin watched at
first but then laid back and let the awesome sensations take over. It
didn't take long before he told Blake that something was happening. "It's
getting so good it almost hurts."

"You're getting ready to cum." Blake told him. Kevin tightened his
stomach and ass muscles. "Holy shit! Stop!" he said. Blake didn't stop and
a few seconds later Kevin had his first orgasm and watched as a little
watery, milky stuff sprayed out of the tip of his cock.

Blake kept stroking him until Kevin pulled away. He just couldn't stand
it any more.

Blake handed Kevin a crusty old rag and Kevin wiped up.

Then Blake lay back and said, "ok, my turn, gimme your hand."

Kevin held his hand in front of Blake's chin and Blake spit in it and
Kevin started to give his first hand-job. Kevin figured that Blake would
tell him if he was doing it wrong but Blake just moaned with pleasure every
once-in-a-while. At one point he did say "faster" and Kevin speeded things
up a bit until Blake groaned, "fuck, I'm gonna cum."

Kevin leaned forward and watched as thick, creamy cum oozed in globs
out of Blake's pee hole and down over his hand, dripping into Blake's dark
pubic hair.

"Shit! You did it good." Blake told him as he reached for the stiff
old rag and wiped up the cum. "Let's go do some shit and come back later
and we can do it again."

Later that afternoon Kevin made Blake cum again. Then Blake told Kevin
to do it himself so Blake could watch and be sure he could do it right.

After supper they started off to the barn again. Nanny told them in no
uncertain terms, "Don't you boys be lighting any matches, candles or
lanterns out in that old barn. It's full of dry hay and would go up like a
tinderbox. You hear?"

"Yes, Nanny, don't worry. We won't." Blake promised as they crossed
the porch that wrapped three sides of the old two storied, light gray

At first it seemed pitch black but some light came in between the old
board siding from the big light out in the farmyard. "Do you ever light any
thing out here?" Kevin asked. "Hell no! Any light in here you can see
through the spaces in the walls and someone could see in. Besides Nanny
would skin us alive and roast us over a slow fire in the old smoke house."

That night they both lay in bed jacking. Kevin came first and then
Blake told him to come over in his bed to finish him off too.

Over the next two days every time Blake came, Kevin's hand was wrapped
around his dick. Then Kevin jacked himself off as Blake watched. Then Kevin
got a big surprise in the hayloft when instead of just laying back Blake
leaned over and started sucking Kevin's hard dick. Blake sucked for a few
minutes then lay back and told Kevin to suck his dick.

Kevin was hesitant at first but then thought, 'it can't be that bad,
he sucked mine.' And he leaned over and sucked until Blake said, "Let me
cum in your mouth."

Kevin sat bolt upright and said, "Hell no! No way am I going to do

"Ok, asshole lay down and I'll suck yours and you can cum in my
mouth." Blake told him.

Kevin was amazed that Blake actually did it. Not just letting Kevin
cum in his mouth but swallowing it all. Even squeezing out the last drop
and licking it off the end of his softening cock

Then Kevin started sucking Blake again. This time when Blake said he
was ready to cum, Kevin braced himself to swallow but it wasn't as bad as
he thought it was going to be. It really didn't taste nearly as bad as he
thought it would. That night, in bed, they sucked each other again.

The next morning after they ate breakfast, Blake's friend Chuck showed
up looking for Blake, who introduced Kevin and then they headed to the
barn. When they were up in the hayloft Blake turned to Chuck and told him,
"Kev has a nice one and he likes to get sucked."

Kevin blushed but as the other two boys started to strip he joined
them and enjoyed being sucked off by Chuck as Blake watched and slowly
jacked his own cock. Then Kevin sucked Blake and then Chuck, sucking cum
from both boys. Taking note that Chuck was more of a squirter than Blake

After lunch Kevin did both boys and then let Chuck suck him again.

Later that afternoon they went back up to the loft and this time Blake
said to Kevin. "Chuck likes to get boned in the ass. You want to fuck him,

Kevin had a hard time even thinking about doing that. Blake had no
reservations and soon had Chuck bent over a hay bale, lots of spit rubbed
into Chuck's hole and a hard fourteen-year-old cock buried to the
balls. After Blake had cum, Kevin took a turn. His dick slid right in. It
felt so good it took almost no time before Kevin shot his small load of cum
into him.

That night, in bed Blake told Kevin he wanted to fuck him.

Chuck came over again the next day after lunch. This time Kevin had no
problem fucking Chuck's plump ass and because he wasn't as excited, he
fucked longer. Chuck told Kevin he was not bad at all and if he wanted, he
could do it anytime. Then Blake asked Kevin if he could bone him.

Kevin thought about it a little and told Blake, "Ok, but let Chuck fuck
you first. Then you can do it to me.

"Sure, won't be the first time." Blake laughed as he bent over the bale
of hay.

Chuck spit in his hand and got Blake's asshole ready then slid his fat
dick into him and fucked him hard. After Chuck came he collapsed onto
Blake's back. Blake told him, "fuck, man, you almost made me shoot!"

Then it was Kevin's turn. Blake got him ready with spit and some
fingering. "Just push out like you're takin' a shit." Blake told him. Since
Blake's dick wasn't as fat as Chuck's Kevin didn't have too much trouble
taking it but it did hurt some, and when Chuck wanted to fuck him too,
Kevin told him "no", but the next afternoon Kevin found himself bent over
the hay bale again.

First he took Blake and as he lay there trying to recover, Chuck
grabbed his hips and poked his fat dick in, hurting him and started fucking
him too. The pain soon went away and he was starting to enjoy it. Kevin was
starting to feel like he was going to cum when Chuck did first. Kevin was a
little disappointed as he lay back and jacked off.

The next afternoon Kevin was getting it. Blake went first again but
when Chuck was boning him Kevin jumped when he heard a deep voice he didn't
recognize say, "What the fuck are you boys doing to that kid? Knock it the
fuck off."

Chuck pulled out. He was shooting cum all over. Kevin jerked up and
turned to see a good-looking, older boy with dark curly hair coming up
through the loft opening. "You two get dressed and get the fuck out of
here. God dammit! You're a couple of dumb fucks! That poor kid probably
doesn't have a clue what you're up to."

Blake and Chuck fumbled all over trying to get their clothes on as
quickly as they could and took off down the steep stairs.

Kevin started to get dressed too. Blushing like crazy, sure that he was
in big trouble now. The guy had walked over to him while the others were
still pulling their clothes on and said, "I'm Steve Hartley. Who are you?"
Kevin stood, pulling up his white briefs and answered, "I'm Kevin, Kevin
Dolan. I'm Blake Simon's cousin. I'm just visiting my grandparents."

Steve put his hand out and Kevin took it and shook it. Steve was
smiling at him and he smiled back. "Did they hurt you?" Steve asked him.

"No. It hurt the first time a little but not much after that."

Kevin realized he was standing there talking to this older guy who had
just caught him with a cock in his ass, in his underwear. Standing there
with the guy fully dressed and turned even redder than he had been. He
started looking for his clothes.

"It's ok Kevin. Don't be embarrassed but if it would make you feel
better I'll get undressed too if you want. You don't need to worry about
getting caught either. I've done it with both those guys. I'm not going to
tell on you and neither will they."

Kevin remembered Blake telling him about a cool, older guy named
Steve. He relaxed a little.

By the time he finished talking he had his plaid shirt
unbuttoned. Kevin could see hints of dark hair on his chest. Then he pulled
the shirt out of his jeans, took it off, threw it aside then sat on the hay
bale and started removing his work boots and socks. He set them aside.

"You want to do the rest?" Steve asked as he leaned back on his hands.

"It took Kevin a few moments to catch up but then he grinned and said,

Kevin stepped over and undid Steve's belt, popped the snap open and
lowered the zipper. Steve raised his butt off the bale and Kevin wrestled
the faded denim Wranglers down Steve's legs to his ankles, and then pulled
them off over his large feet. Steve was tanned almost a walnut color from
the waist up. From there down he was paper white.

Steve was sitting there in dark blue and green plaid boxers, still
grinning and watching Kevin's eyes move up and down, taking in the sight of
his hard, lean body. When Kevin finally looked into his dark brown eyes
again he asked, "Do you like what you see? Do I meet with your approval?"

Kevin nodded. "Ah, yea. You're really handsome, and I like your tan."

"It's called a farmers tan. Just on the top, usually with a white band
at the hairline where my hat would be if I wore one." Steve laughed.

"And you're really cute, even with no tan. We need to get you out of
this barn while you're here and into the sun. You want to sit down so we
can talk?"

After Kevin got comfortable, Steve asked, "Have you been fucked much?"

Kevin wriggled, still embarrassed about talking about what Steve had
just caught him doing. "Umm, not too much. Blake did it first, then
yesterday they both did it, and then again today."

"Did they get you to suck them off too?"

"Yea." Kevin said to the floor in a small voice.

"Did you like any of it?"

"Yea" Kevin answered in the same small voice.

"How old are you Kevin?"

"I'm twelve. How old are you?" Kevin asked looking up again at Steve's

"I'm seventeen. Pretty old huh?"

"Not that old. Only 5 years older than me. Can you drive?"

"Yea, I can. I even have an old blue, pick-up truck. So I can go when
and where I want. If you want to go fishing some time we can just go."
Steve said as he again smiled down at Kevin.

"Wow! That would be awesome. I've never gone fishing. Can we go
tomorrow? I think my Poppy has a fishing pole. Maybe I can borrow it, but I
have to ask Nanny if I can go with you.

"I don't think that will be a problem. Your Nanny likes me. So does
your Poppy." Steve said with a chuckle.

"Can I ask you something, Steve?

"Sure Kev, ask away. If it's too personal I'll just tell you."

"You said you did stuff with Blake and Chuck. Was it, like sucking
and fucking?

"Yea. I started with Blake first. Just jerking off stuff. Then we
sucked. Blake introduced Chuck into our little circle after they slept over
together. Chuck already liked sucking dick. We probably did just that for a
few months. Then when I wasn't around Blake slipped the trouser snake to
Chuck. After taking Blake up his butt every time he turned around Chuck
wanted to go to a larger size. That's where I came in. Chuck liked it so
much Blake finally wanted to try it too. Chuck boned him a few times first
then I started banging him too.

"Blake told me you have a big one. Can I see it?" Kevin then asked.

"Why don't we go over and lay down on the quilt. It's more comfortable
and I'd like to check you out too."

Kevin hopped up and led the way. He was very aware of the boner in his
briefs. He lay down and Steve lay down next to him so they were facing each
other. Steve put his hand on Kevin's shoulder and slid it down to his
elbow. Then it was on Kevin's side. Steve stroked down to his hip, then
back up his side but under his arm this time. Steve rubbed Kevin's nipple
with the ball of his thumb. Kevin felt it harden into a little nub. Steve
leaned forward, moved his thumb and sucked the nub. Kevin shivered in

"Did either of those guys kiss you or stroke your skin?" Steve asked.

"No. Were they supposed to do that?"

"Well it's a lot nicer if you do. It's called foreplay. It helps to
get you into the mood for what comes later. You don't want to just bend
someone over and shove your dick in them."

"Oh!" Said Kevin. "That's more like what they did to me. They put some
spit on my asshole first though and stuck their fingers in me."

"Jesus! The little fuckers! I ought to do that to them next
time. Teach the mother fuckers a lesson."

"There are a lot better things to use than spit too. In fact there
should be some lube around here. Hold on a sec." Steve got up and walked
toward the wall. He reached back along the piled up hay bales and pulled
out a black bottle, shook it and came back. "There's plenty in here if we
need it." He said as he lay down again. Putting the bottle above their

"So, do you want to be kissed and have your skin stroked?"

Remembering the nipple sucking, Kevin answered, "Oh, yea. I want you
to do that. You can do whatever you want."

"Come here." Steve told Kevin, moving his arm under Kevin's head and
putting his hand on Kevin's back urging him to move so that he was lying
partially on top of Steve. Then with a hand on the back of Kevin's head he
nestled it into his neck. Steve turned his head slightly and
whispered. "You want to be more careful. I have a weakness for guys with
red hair, pretty green eyes and freckles. If I do whatever I really want,
you're going to get fucked again.

Kevin raised his head so that he could look into Steve's eyes. With a
tear glistening in his eye he said, "You won't hurt me will you? I'll do
whatever you want as long as you don't hurt me."

"I'll do everything I possibly can, not to hurt you. That's the last
thing I want to do. I want to make you happy but you asked if you could see
my big cock. Maybe you better check it out before we talk about me fucking

Kevin moved his hand down over Steve's hard chest, feeling the soft
hair as he did so. Then over Steve's flat washboard stomach to the
waistband of his shorts. He slipped his hand under the elastic and as he
found what he was looking for he sucked in his breath.

"Whoa, I didn't know they could get that big. Kevin said in an awed

"Yup, they can." Steve chuckled. "You have the proof in your hand."

Kevin moved away and down so that he could grab Steve's
waistband. Steve raised his butt and Kevin pulled his shorts down to his
knees. He sat there starring with his mouth open. The head was like a
baby's fist on the end of a baby's arm. It was huge. Kevin closed his mouth
and licked his lips.

When he at last looked back to Steve's face, it was split by a huge
grin. Steve sat up and pushed his boxers the rest of the way down and
off. Then he reached for Kevin's briefs and slipped them down to his
knees. Kevin turned and sat his butt down and Steve took the briefs off

"Damn! It's as cute as your little freckled button nose."

Actually Kevin had almost four inches. He was well on the way to the
seven inches that Rusty enjoyed so much.

Steve leaned in and gave Kevin a nice sucking. At one point he had
Kevin's entire dick in his mouth and licked his balls at the same
time. Then Steve settled back and kissed Kevin softly on the lips. Using
just the tip of his tongue to lick Kevin's lips until he opened his
mouth. Steve explored Kevin's sweet mouth and then let Kevin do the same
with his tongue. He's a fast learner Steve thought. It's going to a fine
few weeks while he's here.

Kevin let Steve kiss and lick nearly every square inch of his
body. Steve let Kevin reciprocate. Then it was time to get down to
business. Kevin did a pretty good job of sucking on the head and first few
inches of Steve's big boner. Steve maneuvered Kevin over him so that while
Kevin was working on his he could suck Kevin's. They brought each other
close to orgasm twice.

Kevin was on his back. Steve was between his legs holding them up when
Kevin first felt Steve's warm, wet tongue against his little brown-eyed
opening. Kevin couldn't hold still while Steve tongued and nibbled on his
ass lips. And he was really squirming when Steve started to tongue fuck
him. Steve looked up and asked Kevin for the lube.

As Kevin reached up to get it he told Steve, "Remember, you promised
not to hurt me if I let you."

"I remember, but you're not nearly ready yet. I need to get you
stretched more. I know you probably don't believe me but it will all go in
you. It will take time and you need to trust me but it's going to
work. Then we can do it again tomorrow when we go fishing."

Kevin's eyes popped open. "Oh!" he said, "is that what 'going
fishing' means?"

Steve looked up puzzled. Then he grinned and told Kevin, "No. Going
fishing means putting a worm on a hook tied with a line to your pole and
trying to catch a fish or fishes. Fucking while you're fishing is a
totally separate sport but you can do both at the same time." Then Kevin
felt him applying something cold and very slippery to his tight opening.

Steve eased his middle finger into Kevin and rubbed his prostate a
little and they slid it in as far as he could. He slipped it back out and
then gently pushed two fingers in. Both times Kevin pushed out and moaned a
little. He made sure to spend time massaging the kid's nut. Then Steve was
very careful as he slipped three fingers in and stretched him a little
more. Kevin moaned again as Steve pushed them in as far as he could and
twisted them first clockwise and then counter clockwise. He worked the
tight boy hole for several minutes until he was feeling no more
resistance. Kevin was relaxed and ready.

Steve moved up over the kid until he leaned down and kissed him
deeply. Kevin responded completely, putting his arms around Steve's back
and caressing him. Steve put his weight on Kevin. Kevin lifted his legs so
they were pulled back to the sides of his chest.

"You want me to fuck you baby?'

"Yes, Just be careful and stop right away if I tell you." Kevin
answered quietly.

"The hardest part will be pushing the head in. We'll go real slowly
with that. After that it'll be a piece of cake."

Steve rose up and rested on his forearms. "Kevin, reach down and put
it in the right place." When he felt it was and Kevin told him, "I'm ready"
he put a little pressure on Kevin's anal muscle. He felt Kevin begin to
open. The boy had pushed out and things were going along well.

"Go slow." Kevin whispered.

"I'm not going at all." Steve whispered back. "Just push against me
gently. I won't push at all. I'll just keep it steady.

Kevin felt himself slowly stretching more and more. When he thought it
was impossible to stretch any more the head of Steve's cock popped in along
with about two inches of the shaft.

"Oh dear Jesus!" he exclaimed.

"You ok baby? You want me to take it out?" Steve asked.

"No, just stay still. Don't push any more in yet. It's just that it
feels so big."

Steve waited. Then he felt Kevin push up and take about three more
inches into him. Then he stopped and waited again. "Be careful, the next
push might hurt. Be very gentle. If you feel pressure, stop and let me do
the next bit."

Kevin pushed again gently and then told Steve to do the next bit. It
was starting to hurt a little.

Steve changed the angle, pulled back a little, pushed in again the
same amount, changed the angle again and repeated the movement several
times and said, "Try it now Kevin."

Kevin pushed up again. He went very slowly. The pressure didn't feel
as bad so he pushed a little more. Something relaxed inside and about
another inch went in. Steve kissed him. "You did it baby." You have all but
a little bit." Steve kissed Kevin again and pushed the last inch or so in,
then stopped and held it.

Kevin barely sighed, "oh god. It's so big. It just feels so big. But
we did it. It's all inside me. All the way up inside me, God, it's feels so
big and it's all the way inside me. The whole thing is inside me."

Steve kissed him again and gave a slight push to prove that, yes, it
was all the way in.

"Do you still want me to fuck you or should I just keep the whole
thing inside you?" Steve asked with a chuckle.

"Oh yea, Steve do it. Fuck me. Just go slow at first.

Steve started very slowly, Just about two inches out, two inches
in. Five times, then slowly he increased the length of the strokes. Kevin
began to moan softly with a little oomph! each time it went back in all the

Steve kept it very gentle, very slow. This wasn't Chuck who could take
a 12" long, very fat dildo and loved to be fucked hard. Kevin was so sweet,
so gentle, so trusting. Steve wanted him to love it when it was over so
that he'd look forward to getting it again the next day. He didn't want him
to be too sore to do anything on the fishing trip.

"Steve," Kevin whispered. "It feels so good. Did you know it was going
to feel this good? Then Kevin gasped, "fuck!" Steve felt his ass spasm on
his cock. The little dude was cumming. Steve held it in all the way until
he was done and then started to slowly fuck him again.

"I came." Kevin whispered. "I know." Steve whispered back. "I'm going
to try to fuck you until you cum again."

It was almost 20 minutes. Steve had thought about every gross, boring,
tedious thing he could come up with to keep from cumming when Kevin gasped,
"fuck!" again and Steve pushed it in and held it. When the contractions on
his cock let up he was so close that he only took 6 more strokes, pushed it
in and came like he never had before.

He was watching Kevin. His eyes went wide and a big smile wreathed his
sweet face. Steve had no doubt that Kevin could feel the thick ropes of
cum being pumped deep into his tight ass.

Steve snuggled Kevin for maybe half an hour. They kissed and caressed
each other. Kevin confirmed that he loved Steve fucking him when he
asked. Steve told Kevin that it was the best time he ever had
fucking. Kevin was adamant about doing it again the next day while
fishing. Steve promised they would. Kevin also got a promise from Steve
that he'd let Kevin taste his cum.

He hated leaving the kid. He wished they could just stay in the hayloft
all night making love. Steve truly felt that it was making love. It wasn't
just a plain, out right fuck like he had with the other boys. This had been
really special. As special as he thought it was going to be when he first
saw the cute, auburn hired boy.

Before they left the barn Steve told Kevin not to tell Blake or Chuck
that he had been fucked. "Just let them think we jerked-off or sucked."

Steve walked up to the house with Kevin to get permission to go
fishing the next morning from Nanny. "I'll be done with the cows by
6:30. I'll pick Kevin up at 7, if that's ok."

" Sure," Nanny told him. "There's fishing poles in the shed. A young
fellow needs an older boy or man to teach him things like that. Too bad his
Poppy is too sick to take him and at home he doesn't get the chance cause
they live in the city but I know you'll teach him what he needs to know
about life. You've done a fine job teaching Blake the ropes Steve."

Steve tried not to look at Kevin but Kevin was fit to burst with
laughing. Nanny turned and caught him when he let out a snort. "Nothing
funny about it." Nanny said. "Give a man a fish and he eats for a
day. Teach him how to fish and he'll eat for life. Enough said. Get washed
up for supper."

Kevin said "Ok, I'll just walk Steve out to his truck. I'll be right
back, promise." While he watched Steve drive out he saw Blake walking in
the long drive. He must have been off sucking or fucking with Chuck, Kevin

                      TO BE CONTINUED

Special thanks to Kip of #Niftywriters chat room for all the fashion

This story is dedicated to the memories of Justin Case, Eric Draven and
Axl. Wherever you are guys, you are still remembered, missed and loved.

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