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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - School Bathroom And Sex With Dinner

Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2012 01:25:01 +1030
From: ben brown <>
Subject: School Bathroom and sex with Dinner

School Bathroom and Sex with dinner
By: Ben Brown

WARNING: You MUST be 18+ to read this and ANY other Nifty story. IF you are
not allowed to read these types of stories where you are from please leave
now. IF you still want to read this story and you are NOT 18+ and or not
allowed to read this where you are from at least I warned you.

NOTE: This story involves sex between males aged 15/15/15. IF this type of
story is not your thing you are free to leave.
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School Bathroom and Sex with dinner

Me and Glen went straight to the toilet at school. We knew exactly what we were
going in there for. There were two stalls so we went into each one so no one would
know what we were up to. After we were in there we locked the doors and I slid
under the divider of the toilet.
Once there we started. I got to my knees and undid the button on Glen's pants and
slowly pulled them to the ground, Glen undid his shirt and tied it around the back
of him so it wouldn't get in the way while we were having fun. Glen was about the
same size as me, had blond hair and was very cute. As he stood there just in is
red underwear he looked fantastic.

I stood up so he could also undress me. He started with my shirt then he undid
my pants and let them fall to the ground. We were both now standing there in our
underwear and I could feel that my dick was getting harder by the second and I
could also see his getting hard. I rubbed Glen's dick through his undies and could
tell that he was loving it. I took both sides of his undies and slid them to his
ankles along with his shorts. He was now standing there with his dick pointing
straight at me. It was not like my dick when it got hard that pointed upwards but
it was still so hot.

My dick was now starting to hurt because my undies were getting tight so I pulled
them down as I once again knelt on the floor with Glen's dick in front of my face.
"Turn around," I said to Glen.

He did and I gently bent him over and spread his ass checks with my hands.
I was now looking into Glen's boy pussy .I leaned forward and slowly started
to lick his ass with my tongue. I could tell he was enjoing it because he started
to moan. With my tongue enjoing Glen's smooth ass I reached under his legs and
started to play with his cock and balls. After about five minutes I told him it
was his turn to do me.

I let go of his dick and stood up. Glen moved around so that I could sit on the
toilet while he played with me. Glen knelt down on the floor in front of me and
grabbed hold of my dick and started to jack me off. The feeling was fantastic,

He then went one step futher and placed his mouth over my dick and started to
suck it, which felt better than fantastic. With my hands on top of his head he
bobbed up and down on it taking all five inches of it into his mouth. We were
only in year five so our dicks were not the biggest yet, but we knew how to use
them. As he sucked he also played with my balls rolling them around in both of
his hands while controlling my dick with his mouth.

This was feeling fantastic.
"Glen stop." I said to him
"What's wrong?"

"I'm getting close."
When he stopped the feeling went away, but I said to Glen "I want you to lick my
asshole like I do yours."

"Yeah, OK," Glen said.

So I started to stand up but Glen said " I want to try something, I saw it on
one of my brother's videos."

We had found that Glen's brother has a couple of videos of boys doing each other,
I hadn't watched any of them because we only found them last week and hadn't
gotten the chance, but Glen had. I stayed sitting on the toilet.
"I want you to lift your legs up and hold them." I did what Glen told me to do
and I lifted my legs up and gave him the perfect view of my boy pussy.

"That's awesome," Glen said as he started to move closer to my ass. I could feel
him breathing on it, as he slowly stuck his tongue out and licked my pussy. This
position was fantastic, not the most comfortable but I clould see Glen's tongue
going up and down my pussy.

I jacked myself off at the same time and I was moaning quite loudly, hoping that
no one would hear me. As Glen got deeper into my ass he started to get his finger
and spread it wider so he could get as much of his tongue in as possible. I could
hear him licking my ass for a good ten minutes until he said his tongue was getting tired. He then did something that we have only done a few times, he slowly started to insert his finger in my pussy.

The feeling was great and as I jacked myself off I had the same feeling I did
before that I need to cum. But this time I didn't stop, I kept jacking myself
off as Glen finger-fucked me. Then my whole body started to shake, my dick got
harder and I couldn't stop myself from jacking off.
"Are you OK?" Glen asked me. I couldn't say a word.

"Your asshole just got real tight around my finger"

I couldn't stop myself and I had the best orgasm I had in the last few weeks. I
stopped pulling on my dick and Glen pulled his finger out of my ass. I sat there
for a few seconds getting control of my body back.

I stood up and Glen once again said that he wanted me to lick his boy pussy again
and get a finger up there. I knew there wasn't much of lunch-time to go so I
pulled my pants up and did my shirt up as Glen got into position and started on
himself. He stood there this time so I parted his ass cheeks and put my whole
face into his crack and started to lick him out again.

Someone must have heard the moans that I was making while Glen was finger-fucking
me because about a minute after I started to lick Glen I heard a door open to the
toilets, I pulled my face out of Glen's crack and we waited and hoped the boys
would go away. No such luck. One of the boys kicked the door of the stall making
it fly open. Here we were, Glen and me, Glen standing there with his shorts and
undies down around his ankles and shirt undone and tied back with a hard dick and
me kneeling behind him spreading his ass. The only good thing about this that the
way that we were standing no one outside of the stall could see my face.

Glen straight away grabbed his pants and undies and pulled them up saying "I was
trying to take a shit when he came in." Glen quickly shut the door and I went back
under the partition to the other stall. I could feel my heart racing, and the
funny thing was that my dick was rock hard. I don't know if it was because I was
eating out Glen but it may have been the thrill of the other people catching us.
We both ran out of the toilets and into the playground just as the bell to go
back into class rang, we were both in the same class and always sat next to each
other with Nick as well. The other boys that caught us were in the same year and
we hoped that they would not tell anyone what they saw, which they didn't and we
repaid him for that, which I'll tell you later!

The rest of the day went normally until that night.
That night me and Nick were going around to Glen's house to go up to Pizza Hut
and have dinner. Me and Nick turned up at the same time about 7pm and headed into
Glen's house. We got to the front door and knocked. Glen's brother opened the
door. Ben was the brother who had the videos of the guys doing each other.

"Hey guy's, what you up too?" he said

"Nothing much," we both said and he led us into the living room and said he was
going to take a shower.

We headed to Glen's room but found out that he was in the shower already. We sat
on Glen's bed and waited for about 10 minutes. Nick and me decided to go and scare
the crap out of Glen by jumping into the bathroon while he was taking a shower.
There was two doors to the bathroom so we took the one closest to Glen's room.
As we slowly opened the door we saw Glen drying off and had a good look at his
bum. We jumped in and yelled, scaring that crap out of him. He put his towel
around him, like we haven't seen that before, and he headed for his room.

As we were just about to leave the bathroom, Ben entered the room via the other
door. We stopped and the way the room was set out it was hard to see the other
door from the other. Ben was already naked and looked like he was out of breath,
his dick was semi hard and we could see that he had on his chest a large spray
of cum which was dripping to his cock. We stood there without moving so he wouldn't
see us, but then he did something that shocked all three of us. He turned around
and bent over so he could see his ass in the mirror, bent over, we could see that
he had something up his boy pussy. He reached around and pulled out a plastic dick
about 8 inches long.

"Oh yeah that feels so good, Glen," he was saying as he pulled it out. As the
dick slipped out of Ben's ass he stood up turned around looking into the mirror
and rubbed the dick on his chest covering it with his own cum. Once it was fully
covered he put it to his mouth and gave it a blow job right in front of us, while
he was saying "Oh Glen you are so good'.

By this stage his dick had once again become hard and he started to wank himself.
I looked at Glen and noticed that his dick was sticking out of the towel he had
on and was as hard as a rock. My dick was hard too but you couldn't see it. I
took my hand and grabbed the top of Glen's dick and as I did he jumped and this
caught the eye of his bother Ben. We all ran out and closed the door behind us .
We said to Glen to say through the door "sorry I didn't know you were in there I
need to brush my hair" .This gave us an excuse for all the noise that just happend. We could tell from Ben's voice he was a bit startled but he passed a brush through the door and locked it.
We walked into Glen's bedroom and sat on his bed thinking about what we had just
seen. By this stage mine and Glen's dicks had gone back to soft, Nick still had a
hard dick. As Glen got dressed Nick asked him "have you ever seen your brother do
that before."

"No," Glen replied.
"Do you think he saw us," I asked
"I hope not," Nick replied
"What if he did?" I said
"So what," Nick replied.
"So Glen have you done it with your brother, he seemed to say your name a few
"No," Glen said
"Would you?"
"I don't know, he's my older brother, he's 15 and I'm only 13."
"We'll if I had the chance I would, and I'm only 13," said Nick.
"So would I, " I said, "That looked awesome."
"Well if things happen, things happen. Let's eat," Glen said.

Glen was dressed by this stage and we wanted to get out of the house before Ben
got out of the shower so we didn't have to talk to him. We walked up to the Pizza
Hut and had the all you can eat meal deal, and had fun while eating our meals. As
we were eating we saw Ben walk into the restaurant, he saw us and waved, paid for
his meal and walked over to us and said hi.

"Your hair looks good Glen," he said, hoping he may get a reaction out of us, but
Glen said 'whatever ' as a smart ass little brother would do. He had some friends
that were sitting in a booth three from us, we all knew them from Ben's school,
Matt, Alex and John. They sat there laughing and throwing stuff at us and we did
the same it was good fun.
We had finished our dinner and the manager was looking at like he was saying "if
your done you can leave". We did and said to Ben and the boys we would see them

We left the place and one of the games that we used to play was to act as if we
were drunk and walk home. We did this and it was great. We got to Glen's street
which was a dead-end street so not many cars would come past. As we were playing
our drunk game me and Nick fell into the front yard that was dark and knowbody
could see us. The people that lived in the house were away. As me and Nick fell
into the yard I landed on top of him, I laid there looking at him and he threw
his arms around me and we started to kiss, the drunk game was now over and we
started a new game.

As we were kissing Nick's hands were all over my body rubbing my ass and my back.
I stopped and asked Glen if he wanted to have a go, of course he said yes. I
hopped off Nick and Glen got straight back on him and started to kiss, from where
I was standing this was so hot. I could feel my dick starting to get hard and
began to rub it. I wanted to have a go with Glen so I pulled the two apart and
planted a hugh kiss on Glen. Glen started to move down to my neck then chest and
then finally my pants. He undid the buttton and zipper, I lifed my ass so he
could pull them down to my ankles, with one tug he pulled both my pants and
undies down, but left them on. By this stage Nick had his pants down and was
working on his now semi hard dick.

As I lay there on my back looking up to the stars, Glen grabbed my dick and
slowly began to rub it while playing with my balls. "Suck me please" I said
and without hesitation he placed he mouth over my dick and began to suck. I
was in heaven having my best friend giving me a blow job while I could see in
the dim light Nick masturbating his dick.

"Hey what about me?" Nick said.
"Ok" was Glen's response, "one sec."

Glen gave me one more big suck as Nick sat down beside me and waited for Glen to
swap. About a minute later Glen took one last lick of my dick and swapped over
to Nick and started on him. The good thing was that as Glen was sucking Nick was
was at the same time giving me a hand job, not as good as a blow job but nice
just the same.
Glen let go of my dick and concentrated all his efforts on Nick. I took this
chance to roll over and ask 'who wants to get in?'.

Nick said I do, but as Glen got his mouth off Nicks dick he said that he waited
to be first. That was fair since he had been doing all the work so far. Glen stood
up and undid his pants and pulled them down. There we were, all three of us, young
teens, really no hair on our bodies, pants down, dicks standing to attention,
giving each other blow jobs and just about to get fucked in the ass by my best
friend in the middle of this front lawn. It was awesome.

Glen knelt down over the top of me, spread my cheeks and gave me a lick to get
me ready for the next thing. Once he had finished licking me out he moved up so
that his dick was just above my boy pussy. He slowly lowered himself and his dick
started to open up and move into my ass. I was laying there and I could feel Glen's
dick slipping though my cheeks and into my pussy, finally he was all the way in,
laying on top of me with his dick in me.

"Oh that feels so good," he said
"The grass is itchy on my dick," I said, "but don't stop."

He fucked me like this for a good three minutes. Then I felt Glen get a lot
heavier, I thought that he was pushing down on me, but as I turned around I
could now see Nick laying on top of Glen with his dick up his ass. We were in
our first threesome and Glen was the middle boy getting the best of both worlds,
having his dick up my ass while his ass was full of Nick's dick. This seemed to
last forever which was fantastic.

"I want to fuck someone," I said, "let's swap positions."
""OK" both of them said.

As Nick pulled his dick out of Glen's ass, he saw someone walking on the other
side of the street, he turned to us and said "Shhhh, someone is coming". Glen
pulled his cock out of me and we all quickly pulled up our pants and hid in the
garden to watch this person walk past. As the person got closer Glen realised it
was his brother Ben, and he was heading home. We had to think of something to
tell him why we weren't at home before him, so we waited until he got home and
we sneaked around the back and came in through the back door. As soon as we
stepped into the house Ben was standing there waitng for us.

"And where have your been," he said.
"We have been out the back talking."
"What about?"
"Um what we are going to do tomorrow after school."
"OK, mum's not home yet but she will be very soon."
"We're going to my room to talk more, Nick's mum will be here soon to pick these
two up."
"Ok, I'm going to watch TV."
We went straight in to Glen's room.

"Man that was lucky," I said.
"Sure was."
"Well what do you want to do until it's time to go?"
"Let's continue"
"We'll take our shirts off but leave our pants around our ankles, so if someone
comes in we can pull our pants up and say we were hot that is why we have our
shirts off."
"Yeah thatssounds good"
"We'll have to have a lookout though."
"I'll go first lookout," Nick said
So I laid on the bed with my shirt off and my pants around my ankles waiting for
Glen to get on top of me so we could have sex again. We were going to time each
other so we would all get the same amount of time, we had three minutes to do as
much as we could.

Glen laid on top of me, our bodies rubbing together with our dicks touching the
other one's dick. We were kissing as we moved our bodies, Glen started to move
down on me kissing my neck, my chest, my nipples, my belly and finally placing
my cock into his mouth, head going up and down. I started to moan but Nick told
me to be quiet. Glen finished with my dick and slowly worked his way back to my
mouth and we kisssed again, as we started to really get into it Nick said "Time's
up, my turn".

The good thing was that Glen now had to watch the door and me and Nick went for it.
Again I laid on the bed waiting for Nick to jump on me, my dick still hard and
waiting for the next boy. Nick got on top of me and I could feel his dick right
on mine, mine and Nick's dick were about the same size and cut, but Glen's dick
was a little smaller and uncut.

Nick likes to always kiss with a wide open mouth and get out tongues right in
there. I rolled over so I could have control this time, I went straight down to
his dick and suck it all. I could tell he was loving it by the look on his face,
as was I. I then told Nick to roll over so I could fuck his boy pussy, I was the
only one that hadn't had my dick up an ass tonight. He rolled over and he spread
his cheeks, I lined my cock up and pushed it into his boy pussy, the feeling was
great. I could tell that Glen was looking at us because he had the torch on my
ass as I moved my dick in and out of Nick. Three minutes goes quickly when your
fucking someone. Glen said "time up" and it was now my turn to watch the door
while Glen and Nick fucked each other right in front of me.

As I grabbed the torch off Glen and pulled my pants up I looked at the bed that
we were fucking on to see Nick waiting for the next pleasure. Glen hopped right
on top and started going for it. With the torch I could see Glen's ass going up
and down rubbing on Nick.

It was the lookout's job to look for anybody coming while telling a ghost story
as to cover ourselves if somebody came in. But I couldn't take my eyes off the
two boys fucking in front of me. Glen had the nicest little ass and Nick was just
so cute. When Glen went down on Nick and began to suck his cock Glen's ass was
just sticking in the air just waiting for a cock to go in it so I left the door,
took my pants off and began to get behind Glen and stick my dick into his ass. It
went in quite easy because I put some spit on my dick that worked as lube and
began to fuck his cute little ass like crazy, I was fucking him as he was giving a
head job to Nick. Another threesome and I think we are going to have a lot more of

I fucked him for more then the three minutes and Nick wanted to get in on the
action of fucking. Glen released Nick's dick and Glen laid face down on his bed.
At no time did my cock come out of his ass, I was stuck in him. Nick was now
behind me spreading my ass to insert his cock into me. I was now fucking and
getting fucked at the same time. I then had that feeling that I needed to cum
and I knew I was going to orgasm so I just kept on fucking and being fucked. I
could hear Glen moaning into the pillow and I was almost there. A couple more
thrusts from Nick which made me go deeper into Glen would do it.

"Oh I'm going to cum."
"Me too" said Nick from behind.

As I felt my dick get harder I felt Nick orgasm and cum in my ass. I reached
around to my ass and I could feel his cum all over it. Nick was very surprised
and as I pulled out of Glen he turned around to see what had just happened. He
was amazed, he asked if he could taste it Nick said yes so Glen grabbed his cock
and sucked every last bit of cum out of Nick's cock.

"What does it taste like?" I asked. He said nice and gave me a kiss and shared
the cum he had in his mouth, I then kissed Nick to let him taste his own boy
juice. Nick sat there and played with himself while I gave Glen a blow job to get
him to dry orgasm. As he orgasmed a voice came from the other room calling for
Nick and me, his mother was here to take us home. No one was watching the door
and if someone would have walked into the room at that moment there would have
been three teen boys, no shirts on, pants around their ankles and cum coming out
of all of us, either out of my ass or their mouths. But luckily it was just a call.
We all got dressed and headed outside to say goodbye.

This had been a fantastic day and night that had many surprises. And there is more
with Glens brother as well.
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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - School Bathroom And Sex With Dinner