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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Schoolboys In Tight Briefs - Schoolboys In Tight Briefs 1

Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 11:50:42 -0800 (PST)
From: d. caden <>


This story depicts boys engaging in sexual activity. If this offends you in
any way then stop reading NOW and go to another site! Equally; if the act
of downloading or viewing this kind of material contravenes any State,
Local or National laws then STOP reading now. I do not condone the harming
of other people by forcing them to indulge in acts against their will.
These incidents all relate to events that happened between innocent males
and none of us were hurt in any way as a result. In fact I will suggest
that we grew up with healthier minds, as a result of not being forced to
repress our natural sexual instincts.

The following stories are merely recollections of happy times from my
schooldays and I share them with you now, as a result of several
conversations with others who enjoy sexy briefs and shorts. If they excite
you, ( and I hope they do !) feel free to email me at the above address
and share your own experiences. If for whatever reason you don?t like them,
then please search this site for a story which is to your taste, as all
flames will be ignored.

Although I wasn't lucky enough to go to boarding school, I did go to an
all-boys school where there was plenty of opportunity to play with each
other. Most of the boys engaged in sexual activities, and why not? It
never did us any harm, and was only a natural way of expressing our high
teenage sex drives.

Although I remember quite a few of experiences, they did happen a couple of
years ago, and consequently it is often difficult to place them in any kind
of order, so I will relate them as I remember them. Such as the incident
when I was a First Year pupil and discovered that others shared my interest
regarding boys in their underwear.

We had a prefect system in our school, and they had the power to make rules
and enforce discipline in a number of areas, such as running in the
corridors and the wearing of school uniform, which at that time consisted
of white shirt, tie, black blazer and trousers with white pants underneath.
Most of the prefects just checked your shirt tie and trousers, but one or
two took it a bit further, and I was warned about Richard, who would often
carry out a uniform inspection on new boys and make them show their white
briefs as well. One day, on the way to school, one of my friends told me
"I was caught by that prefect Richard yesterday. It's true what they say
about him, he does like to look at new boys in their pants".

Intrigued, and not a little excited by this revelation, I asked him to go
into detail about what happened.

He told me, " I was in the sports hall, and apparently he often patrols
there to catch new boys. He said he needed to check my uniform, and took
me into the old store cupboard in the corner of the hall. He looked at my
shirt and trousers, then made me undo them and show my pants to prove that
they were white. When he saw they were, he put his hand down the front of
my trousers to touch them, and said they were nice and soft. Then he let me
go again".

The next lunchtime, we both made our way there, and played around enough to
attract Richard's attention. He duly ordered us to submit to a uniform
check, and took us into the store cupboard. This was a small room used for
storing chairs, and had a light inside and a door which could be locked
from the inside as well as out. Because of the location, teachers were
rarely found near the sports hall, except when lessons were going on there,
so we were not likely to be caught in the act.

Once inside, he made us take our blazers off and stand to attention in the
middle of the room. Then he checked our shirts, trousers and ties before
telling us he would need to see our underwear as well. Jamie and I looked
at each other knowingly before meekly complying, unzipping our black school
trousers and pulling them open to show him we were wearing regulation clean
white briefs. I don't think Jamie enjoyed it much, but I found myself
becoming excited by the way he examined us, and discreetly inched my
trousers down a little to give him a better view. This was the first time
that an older boy had shown an interest in looking at me while I was
undressed, and it felt kind of nice!

He pulled both of our trousers a little more open, and as I felt his
fingers so close to my sex, part of me wanted him to touch me down there,
and I subconsciously found myself pushing my hips against his hand. He
must have realised that I was enjoying it, because he suddenly told us both
to do our trousers back up and leave. We turned to go, but as Jamie
disappeared through the door, he asked me to stay back, so I obeyed,
wondering where this was going to lead.

After Jamie left, he locked the door again, and told me "I think you know
why you are still here. Your friend couldn't wait to go, but I think you
were enjoying that, perhaps I should check you again to make sure" and his
hand moved between my legs, his fingers closing on my testicles. For a
moment I was shocked to have him touch me so intimately, but as he held me
and feeling was replaced by a sense of pleasure, and I found myself unable
to move away as his hand moved higher.

At this point, we both knew it was a game, and I felt sure that the school
didn't know what he was up to. But he was good-looking, and I was also
becoming quite horny so I willingly stood there and let him feel me up,
then my heart started to beat faster as he went to my waist, and began to
unbutton my trousers.

He pulled them open again, and took another look, before softly telling me
"it would be easier if I could see them properly". In answer, I silently
pushed my trousers down over my hips and let them fall to my feet, then
held my shirt up over my waist so that I was exposing myself completely. I
stood there, while he walked round, inspecting me in my white underpants,
and liked it so much I felt my penis starting to swell inside my briefs!

He brushed his hand across the front, sending a thrill through me, but
unfortunately the bell went for end of break, and I quickly had to pull my
trousers back up in case I was late for lessons. However as he unlocked
the door and let me go, I knew that we would meet again, and so it came to
pass a few days later.

This time I was playing badminton after school, and had rather cheekily
chosen to wear a pair of blue and white briefs, fully knowing that they
would show through my silky white sports shorts and attract the prefects
attention! Sure enough, when the game finished Richard was waiting there
for me, "Caden, I want to see you in my room right now".

I dutifully followed him into the store cupboard, and waited while he
locked the door then returned to stand in front of me, "I think you are
breaking school rules concerning uniform" and his hand reached out to rest
on my thigh before moving slowly upward until it was between my legs. I
moved my legs apart inviting him to explore further, and he gently touched
my testicles through my shorts before saying "I want to see you in your
pants right now". I had been thinking of this moment for some time, and
the feeling that he wanted to take advantage of me suddenly filled me with

Without saying a word, my hands went to my waist, and I began to lower my
silky shorts. However, to his surprise, instead of just pulling them down
to my knees I began to undress completely, throwing my clothes on the
floor, and within 20 seconds I had stripped completely down to my little
cotton briefs in front of him! I had chosen them carefully; although they
were mainly virgin white they had navy blue trim round the waistband,
thighs and front opening.

I saw the matching look of pure lust on his face as he examined my near
naked body, and I think he could tell from the flushed look on my face that
I was willing to go further, because he suddenly moved his hand back
between my legs, slowly rubbing it up and down the front of my underpants.
I couldn't help responding to his touch, and soon my penis was rising to
erection, making a noticeable bulge. As he fondled me towards climax I
couldn't help noticing that the front of Richard's trousers was also
distended and that excited me further.

After a couple of minutes I could feel my orgasm approaching, and knowing
that we couldn't make a mess on the floor, I begged Richard to stop. But
he smiled and told me "I'm going to teach you not to wear coloured pants
again, I'm going to make you shoot your hot boy-sperm into them. Go on,
spunk into your briefs for me, do it now".

I was too far gone to resist, and he brought me off by squeezing my
throbbing shaft. I couldn't hold it back any longer, and stood on tiptoe as
I felt the hot sperm flooding out into my clean cotton briefs!

There was a big wet patch between my legs by the time I finished cumming.
Luckily I had a hanky to clean myself up before leaving the store cupboard,
but as I walked home, the wet and sticky feeling between my legs reminded
me of what I had just done.

Richard could see that I was a willing partner, so that wasn't the only
time it happened. Before he left the school I got to play with his cock as
well, and on one occasion, after he had wanked me off I took my pants off,
wrapped them round his stiff penis, and masturbated him until I had made
him cum in them, then I put them on again, getting a sense of heightened
pleasure from feeling his wet boy-juice coating my cock and balls!

If you would like to hear more of my adventures, let me know!

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Nifty - Gay - Highschool - Schoolboys In Tight Briefs - Schoolboys In Tight Briefs 1